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What are your MAJOR PET PEEVES while DRIVING?

What things do other drivers do that piss you the fuck off? No matter how simple or complex. What makes you want to get out of your car and start wagging your finger at bitches?

I want to see if the things that piss me off are *truly* legitimate grievances, and this will help me decide if I am just too sensitive.

by Good little Germanreply 13605/22/2020

I hate it when poor people, in rusted out shitboxes, drive slow in the fast lane.

by Good little Germanreply 110/29/2015

My two biggest pet peeves: left lane abusers (who use the left lane as a traveling lane) & assholes who don't use their turn signals.

by Good little Germanreply 210/29/2015

Other drivers.

by Good little Germanreply 310/29/2015

People who accelerate to get in front of you, then slow down.

by Good little Germanreply 410/29/2015

Pedestrians who start walking across the street as soon as the left turn signal appears and the "Do not walk" sign is still on. This causes cars to miss the left turn and they get the walk signal just as they finish crossing the street.

by Good little Germanreply 510/29/2015

Driving without lights on when it's raining.

by Good little Germanreply 610/29/2015

People who are in an adjoining lane but behind you who speed up when they see you signal to enter their lane. Suddenly it is an emergency that you not get in front of them. Also people getting onto a crowded freeway who rush as far as they can along the shoulder and merge when they cannot get any further. I agree with R4 too. All three are examples of selfishness.

by Good little Germanreply 710/29/2015

People who won't get out of the off ramp lane when other cars are leaving the ramp to merge onto the highway. People who won't let people merge off the ramp forcing them to speed up or slow down to merge onto the highway. I have a lot of ramp related pet peeves.

by Good little Germanreply 810/29/2015

People who treat the highway like a video game-- you know the ones, always in some Nissan or Ford sports car, zipping back and forth between lanes, cutting in front of cars to switch lanes and then cutting back, as if getting there 5 minutes earlier is worth risking everyone's life.

I want them to die in a giant grease fire.

by Good little Germanreply 910/29/2015

Drivers who don't pull over for sirens and lights, so they drive for a mile with a fire truck riding their bumper even as everyone else on the road is pulled over. There are always two idiots on the road. They should have their licenses snatched away and cut in half.

Last time this happened, I pulled over right away. Other drivers followed, except for the driver behind me who was irritated that I pulled over and slowed her down. She made a big show of speeding up around me... with an ambulance behind her. I watched her drive for half a mile (with plenty of places to pull over) up a hill before she finally, finally did. It's not like she couldn't hear or see the procession of emergency vehicles. Bitch had a rear view mirror and a car fill of kids too.

So I'm driving again and she PULLS IN FRONT OF ME from the shoulder with no lights and almost hits me. Waits until I'm 6 inches behind her and pulls into the road without warning. In front of a police station. And drives slowly. I honked.

by Good little Germanreply 1010/29/2015

Elderly drivers. One almost killed me last week. Don't be old.

by Good little Germanreply 1110/29/2015

I'd beat about the head and shoulders, R10. You're a better man than I.

by Good little Germanreply 1210/29/2015

In the same vein as R10: when an emergency vehicle is going by and I pull over and the car behind me pulls over, but then pulls out fast after the emergency vehicle goes by. Drives me nuts.

by Good little Germanreply 1310/29/2015

Stuck behind a truck on a long up hill. You can't get into the pass lane because all the other cars behind you see the truck and are moving into the pass lane. Even if you slow down to put some space between you and the truck, so you could speed up and pass if you could get into the pass lane. But then the cars behind you just move into the pass lane even more.

You really need a powerful car to get out of this situation.

by Good little Germanreply 1410/29/2015

"Let me cut in front of you instead behind you where there is plenty of room, so I can slam on my brakes to make my turn!"

Also, the jockeying for position after an emergency vehicle passes by. It's not an opportunity to get ahead. Just pull over and be grateful that you're not in the ambulance (yet).

by Good little Germanreply 1510/29/2015

You honk that horn miss thang @ r10

by Good little Germanreply 1610/29/2015

When the cunt behind me rides my bumper and honks her horn the second the light turns green. Fuck you, frau...don't blame me when you can't drag your lazy ass out of bed and out the house on time.

by Good little Germanreply 1710/29/2015

People who drive too fast for conditions. If there is ice or two inches of water on the road, dumbass, you shouldn't be going 65.

by Good little Germanreply 1810/29/2015

People who drive erratically and don't maintain their speed on a freeway. It's really annoying when you're trying to use cruise control and they're constantly slowing down and speeding up. And it's usually because they're distracted (on the phone, dealing with passengers, etc.)

by Good little Germanreply 1910/29/2015

Actually the worst are the people who drive fast in fog. Are you even using your eyes when you drive?

by Good little Germanreply 2010/29/2015

People who sit and sit and sit at an intersection I'm approaching. There's no traffic light. There are no cars in front of me. There are no cars behind me. They sit and sit and wait for me to get close to the intersection. Then they pull out in front of me.

by Good little Germanreply 2110/29/2015

Oh good -- I am not OP but now I know I am not too sensitive.

by Good little Germanreply 2210/29/2015

Illegals who drive the speed limit

by Good little Germanreply 2310/29/2015

Last week I saw someone in front of me pull over to the side of the highway, put their car in reverse, and back up because they drove past their exit.

That's not how this works; that's not how any of this works.

by Good little Germanreply 2410/29/2015

The assholes who drive with a phone tucked under their (multiple) chins, arguing with someone while trying to turn, without signals of course, and cutting across two lanes causing several other cars to screech to a halt or be smashed. That exact thing has happened to me three times in the last two weeks. Always fucking delivery drivers.

by Good little Germanreply 2510/29/2015

R24, my mother did this a few times. As a 12 year old I was yelling at her not to do this and though we would die.

This is also the woman who was driving so fast on I-90 that the police helicopter spotted us and had cars waiting at the highway exit to pull her over. My younger sister, not quite a teen yet, was also with us. Thankfully this was the 80's, so my mother playing dumb and saying she thought the 90 in the I-90 was the speed limit worked, so she just got off with a ticket and a lecture.

If that happened today, we probably would have been shot full of holes.

by Good little Germanreply 2610/29/2015

I second the driving too fast for conditions gripe. It's not some fucking test of manhood to be the speediest truck on the (ice coated, ungrated) freeway, chump. Studded tires or no, I'll be sure to wave as I pass you in the ditch two miles up. Until then, stop touching my bumper.

by Good little Germanreply 2710/29/2015

Left lane abusers. Seriously, fuck off and die. You are not citizen patrol.

People who don't know how to merge, or the rules at a 4-way stop sign. These things are not complicated.

Also people who stop to turn but don't have the decency to move over just a little so the people behind them can go around. That's just straight up assholery.

And this is probably a mostly NYC thing, but people who pull over right next to a car that's already double parked or some similar obstruction, thus ensuring you are stuck behind them. The garbage collectors are notorious for this. Rather than pull over into, for example, a space free of cars because of a hydrant, they stay right in the middle of the road for several minutes at a time and hold up blocks of traffic. Or they stop right next to a Con Ed truck. I swear it's a game to them--how many commuters can we fuck over today?

by Good little Germanreply 2810/29/2015

Tailgaters, especially those who are on your ass when you slow down because there's a red light up ahead. Why are some people in such a hurry to get to an intersection where they'll have to slam on their brakes. It wastes gas, too.

by Good little Germanreply 2910/29/2015

R28 - it's passive aggression. People who hate hate hate their lives (moms often. It's true. They leave full diapers at the beach, on restaurant tables as a Fuck You) or jobs (delivery drivers, garbage men) feel they have earned a right to dish out a bit of push back, which makes no sense. They figure since the world owes them something, why not make a withdrawal now and then? The ambulance with sirens and the fire truck honking behind me can wait until I'm good and ready to pull over.

Unsurprisingly, people who are able to be happy are consistently base-level considerate as a way of being.

by Good little Germanreply 3010/29/2015

Idiots who don't pull over for emergency vehicles even though they have the opportunity to do so and instead just sit in the middle of the street as if they are parked. I mean it is one thing if you are stopped at an intersection or in heavy traffic but these numbnuts just STOP WITH NOTHING AROUND THEM and plenty of curb they could pull over to.

by Good little Germanreply 3110/29/2015

Drivers that start changing lanes erratically and without signals when they see a slow moving vehicle up ahead. I love when they almost obliterate each other because of their reckless lane changes.

I also *HATE* when slow moving trucks use any lane but the far right lane, causing the above. The assholes are getting paid to drive the thing, they can at least use the correct lane.

by Good little Germanreply 3210/29/2015

People who stop an entire car length from the stop line at a red light (or leave an entire car length behind the car in front of them).

by Good little Germanreply 3310/29/2015

My "favorite" new phenomenon:

The drivers in front of you who brake first, and THEN put on their turn signals.

by Good little Germanreply 3410/29/2015

People who don't signal.

People who cut you off.

People who cut you off when there's no one behind you.

Tailgaters. Women are the worst offenders. They're the ones who drive the closest where I'm actually scared of getting into an accident.

People who were are behind you in a merging lane who get the brilliant idea they want to get in front of you at the last second. Not on my watch!

People who double park in the street when there's an empty parking space or driveway nearby. How lazy are these people?

Slow drivers. At least have the courtesy to stay in the right lane.

by Good little Germanreply 3510/29/2015

Drivers who think because they want to drive faster than the speed limit I need to get out their way.

You don't have some god given right to go faster than the speed limit because you are in the left lane.

by Good little Germanreply 3610/29/2015

Nothing tops the "Pittsburgh Left" - when the person opposite you at a 4 way intersection turns left the moment the light turns green without a left turn light, usually without a signaling. Apparently yielding the right of way to oncoming traffic is not in their DNA. Not letting them do it results in obscene gestures and honking.

Lesser peeves:

People who pull out in front of you from a cross street when there is really no time for them to do it without you slamming on your brakes to avoid hitting them. Usually there is nobody behind you for hundreds of feet, and the offender proceeds to drive 10 miles under the speed limit.

People who signal turns AFTER they start turning.

People who stop at the end of an on ramp, even if they can merge right in with no obstructions in sight.

by Good little Germanreply 3710/29/2015

R36 = Morty Seinfeld

by Good little Germanreply 3810/29/2015

Can't believe I'm the first to mention this. It's my number one peeve.

People who pull up to the right of a line of cars at an intersection in order to blast past everyone before their right lane merges on the other side.

LA drivers are notorious for this.

by Good little Germanreply 3910/29/2015

NO, R36, as my neighbor, the traffic cop says:

Follow "Rules of the Road," which CLEARLY states that ALL traffic stays to the right.

You get into the left lane for two reasons, and two reasons ONLY: (1) you're about to make a left turn, and; (2) you're PASSING someone.

And if you're NOT about to make a left turn, and if you're NOT passing someone, GET THE F OUT OF THE G-D LEFT LANE!

GOD, how I HATE the self-appointed "Junior Police." And then everyone wonders why there's so much "road rage."

by Good little Germanreply 4010/29/2015

R40, were you referring to me at R39?

You mean to tell me that you and your "traffic cop" neighbor believe it's perfectly okay for someone in the right lane, which is clearly marked with sinage indicating that it will disappear and merge into the left directly after intersection, to bolt ahead of the line of cars waiting to move through the second the light changes?

by Good little Germanreply 4110/29/2015

The thing that drives me nuts (more nuts than anything) is when you're trying to move into an exit lane, with a limited opening between cars and a limited amount of time to make your move, and the fucking driver you're trying to squeeze in front of SPEEDS UP in order to block you! I mean, is there some legitimate reason why a grown-ass adult would do this?

It just seems pathological that someone would deliberately try to screw another person like that, especially since there is absolutely no benefit in doing so. A fairly high percentage of drivers are guilty of this, too.

I also hate when folks don't signal before turning, but that's an honest oversight in most cases. In my area, undocumented Mexicans (especially women) are notorious for this.

by Good little Germanreply 4210/29/2015

R40 clearly directed his traffic cop advice toward R36

by Good little Germanreply 4310/29/2015

One word: Tailgaters. When Murder is allowed one day of the year, per "The Purge", they will be the first people I go after. Total scumbags.

by Good little Germanreply 4410/29/2015

Tailgating. You're riding my bumper, and if the car ahead of me has to slam on their brakes, I'm toast.

by Good little Germanreply 4510/29/2015

[quote]You mean to tell me that you and your "traffic cop" neighbor believe it's perfectly okay for someone in the right lane, which is clearly marked with sinage indicating that it will disappear and merge into the left directly after intersection, to bolt ahead of the line of cars waiting to move through the second the light changes?

I don't really have a problem with this move, as long as it can be executed safely. If both drivers are stopped at the same light, there is no right-of-way issue. And speeding up to get ahead is a very common tactic when merging.

Lawfully speaking, the driver whose lane is ending is responsible for signaling his intention to merge and then merging when it is safe.

by Good little Germanreply 4610/29/2015

[quote]You don't have some god given right to go faster than the speed limit because you are in the left lane.

Actually, you're exactly wrong about this.

by Good little Germanreply 4710/29/2015

R42, it sounds like you're one of those drivers who wait until the last second to move into the lane you're supposed to be in to exit. If I see a driver like this I purposely block them. I did it just earlier this week. Not only did she wait until the last minute to try and exit, she could have pulled behind me to make it. But no, she had to try and cut me off too, so I blocked her. It was fun watching her continue driving while I exited.

by Good little Germanreply 4810/29/2015

Plenty of assholes lurking to have fun watching R48 zipped into a body bag when his hall monitor routine backfires on that fateful day...

by Good little Germanreply 4910/29/2015

People who don't know the rules of who goes first at a four-way stop. Everybody just sits there, and finally, I just say to myself, "Well, if nobody is going to move, I'm going to."

Also, people who have no clue as to how to use a roundabout. How to get off and on without causing an accident. Sometimes, it's just hysterical to watch. Not funny if it's at rush hour.

by Good little Germanreply 5010/29/2015

Hire a driver. All of this frustration goes away.

by Good little Germanreply 5110/29/2015

R11 Where do you live? My father's 91 and still driving. Might have been him.

Another vote for drivers who can't be bothered to signal.

Constantly having to honk at drivers who are so engrossed in texting and their mobiles that they don't notice that the light changed to green 5 fucking minutes ago.

by Good little Germanreply 5210/29/2015

R49, don't think I'm not prepared for any confrontations. People should be careful who the they mess with. I'm a gay who can kick some ass. And have.

by Good little Germanreply 5310/29/2015

R40 and R47 - That's just wrong. Laws vary by state. I think Michigan is the only state in which the left lane can only be used for passing. There really isn't one set of rules.

I suggest you re-read my post. At no point did I say you can or should plant yourself in the left lane.

If traffic is moving at the speed limit there is no need to pass.

If traffic in the right lane(s) is moving at less than the speed limit and you move into the left lane to pass a slower moving vehicle it isn't illegal to pass at the speed limit. Even if the car behind you wants to go faster. Then when you get in front of the slower moving vehicle you move back to the right lane. Letting the asshole who insists upon driving faster than the speed limit pass you.

But you aren't require to slow down and get back into the right lane before passing the slower vehicle because the car behind you wants to pass at faster than the speed limit.

by Good little Germanreply 5410/29/2015

R53: there is always a bigger fish.

by Good little Germanreply 5510/29/2015

Going over two-lane roads in the mountains there is always some old geezer in a baseball cap driving his RV at least 20 miles under the speed limit. Dozens of cars are backed up behind him. He drives past 10 turnouts without pulling over to let the cars behind him pass. Finally he reaches a passing lane. He then speeds up to 20 miles over the speed limit so no one can pass him. The passing lane ends and he goes back to driving 20 under and no none can pass him.

by Good little Germanreply 5610/29/2015

People who don't pay attention to the speed limit. They'll go 40mph when it's posted 50 and then when it goes down to 30mph they still go 40. Also when the left lane is closed 1 mile ahead and everyone else is moving over to the right, they think they can speed up and cut in further ahead which leads to backups as people let them in.

by Good little Germanreply 5710/29/2015

When your back seat passenger is not so fresh as a Daisy.

by Good little Germanreply 5810/29/2015

[quote]But you aren't require to slow down and get back into the right lane before passing the slower vehicle because the car behind you wants to pass at faster than the speed limit.

Who is arguing this? I was arguing your statement that "You don't have some god given right to go faster than the speed limit because you are in the left lane." Because actually, you do have the right to go faster than the speed limit in the left hand lane -- in order to pass.

In fact, if you're obstructing the use of a passing lane by sitting there at exactly the speed limit, you're probably the one breaking the law. That's definitely illegal in Massachusetts.

Back to driving school for you, son.

by Good little Germanreply 5910/29/2015

[quote][R49], don't think I'm not prepared for any confrontations. People should be careful who the they mess with. I'm a gay who can kick some ass. And have.

I'm pretty sure R49 was calling out the fact that your behavior is a driving hazard that increases the odds of an accident. Although it is interesting that you misinterpreted his response as something that required a primitive, chest-thumping affirmation of your own masculinity.

by Good little Germanreply 6010/29/2015

Drivers who are afraid of the highway yet refuse to stop using the highway. They get on and instead of doing 100kms slow everyone down while they're doing 60kms.

People in city streets who block parking lot entrances instead of stopping behind the entrance making it easier for cars to enter the parking lot.

by Good little Germanreply 6110/30/2015

R59 is an idiot. When passing a vehicle you are still restricted by the speed limit. There is no stupid law that exist that says you can go over the speed limit to pass another vehicle.

by Good little Germanreply 6210/30/2015

R62, no, you're wrong. And an idiot. Most states have laws that say "normal speed of traffic" stays in right lane and passing only in left, without reference to the speed limit. That's because if everyone in both lanes goes the speed limit, NO ONE CAN PASS! You'd think this would be fucking obvious but apparently there are a lot of stupid drivers out there.

By the way, research shows left lane clogging causes more and more serious accidents than speeding. Which is one reason why for example Germany, with higher speed limits but stricter enforcement of passing lanes, has lower accident and fatality rates. So not only are you an idiot, you're a dangerous idiot.

Offsite Link
by Good little Germanreply 6310/30/2015

Driving slow in the left lane. Including those texting (illegal), talking on the cell phone. Also those fucking semi's that drive in the fast lane and can't keep up, expecially on hills.

by Good little Germanreply 6410/30/2015

R63, you are even dumber than your post at R59. You are an embarrassment. Nowhere does it say you can go above the speed limit because other drivers are. The speed limit is the maximum speed you are to drive.

by Good little Germanreply 6510/30/2015

R65, you can brag all you want about what a good driver you are for not exceeding the speed limit, but if you are in the left lane and you are not passing, you are also violating a traffic law. And guess what--your violation is way more dangerous.

by Good little Germanreply 6610/30/2015

R66, give it a rest. You have absolutely no clue what you are talking about.

by Good little Germanreply 6710/30/2015

People who do not understand the concept of Alternate Merge.

These people need to die.

by Good little Germanreply 6810/30/2015

R65 / R66 are being pussies with all their back and forth.

But I will add that while I understand that the left lane is a passing lane, I am NOT going to pull into a right lane if it causes me to have to go slower.

If I'm already going 75 or 80, and you expect me to slow down to 65 or whatever because YOU need to go even faster, then you can go fuck yourself.

by Good little Germanreply 6910/30/2015

People who have to be right at all costs. They'll go back and forth arguing over something that nobody fucking cares about just so they can have the last word and be right. Not about driving but appropriate to this thread.

by Good little Germanreply 7010/30/2015

[quote]There is no stupid law that exist that says you can go over the speed limit to pass another vehicle.

How about I post the exact laws that prove that you're incorrect, R62? We can start with Minnesota's HF108 law, which was passed in 2009.

[quote][bold]Increased speed limit when passing.[/bold]Notwithstanding subdivision 2, the speed limit is increased by ten miles per hour over the posted speed limit when the driver: (1) is on a two-lane highway having one lane for each direction of travel; (2) is on a highway with a posted speed limit that is equal to or higher than 55 miles per hour; (3) is overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction of travel; and (4) meets the requirements in section 169.18.

I will create a new post for each law that I find, so that you can examine the links yourself. But this first link, below, is special.

Offsite Link
by Good little Germanreply 7110/30/2015

Wyoming: "Speeding while passing among new state laws"

Care to comment, R62?

Offsite Link
by Good little Germanreply 7210/30/2015

someone here has serious psychological issues.

too bad you'll never find someone who will love you - but really, it's pretty clear why.

by Good little Germanreply 7310/30/2015

Montana ...

[quote][bold]Montana Code 61-8-303. Speed restrictions.[/bold] (2) A vehicle subject to the speed limits imposed in subsection (1) traveling on a two-lane road may exceed the speed limits imposed in subsection (1) by 10 miles an hour in order to overtake and pass a vehicle and return safely to the right-hand lane.

What was that, R62?

You were saying that "there is no stupid law that exist that says you can go over the speed limit to pass another vehicle."

Offsite Link
by Good little Germanreply 7410/30/2015

Nice try, R73. But that dog won't hunt.

I recommend that you refrain from acting like a total dick and speaking in absolute terms about a topic when you have no clue what you're talking about.

Don't feel too embarrassed though. This is only the internet, none of us know you in your real life. But we all know someone like you.

by Good little Germanreply 7510/30/2015

Washington state ...

[quote][bold]RCW 46.61.425. Minimum speed regulation — Passing slow moving vehicle.[/bold] (1) No person shall drive a motor vehicle at such a slow speed as to impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic except when reduced speed is necessary for safe operation or in compliance with law: PROVIDED, That a person following a vehicle driving at less than the legal maximum speed and desiring to pass such vehicle may exceed the speed limit, subject to the provisions of RCW 46.61.120 on highways having only one lane of traffic in each direction, at only such a speed and for only such a distance as is necessary to complete the pass with a reasonable margin of safety.

But according to R62, R63 is an embarrassment. "You are an embarrassment. Nowhere does it say you can go above the speed limit because other drivers are (sic). The speed limit is the maximum speed you are to drive."

But why is R63 an embarrassment, when R62 is the dummy who can't even fact check himself on the internet?

Offsite Link
by Good little Germanreply 7610/30/2015

R69, as long as you are PASSING the vehicles to your right, you're fine being in the left lane. However, if you're treating the left lane as a travel lane on the assumption that it's OK as long as you're going a little faster, then you're in the wrong. When you are done passing, move over so other cars can pass you. If you're doing it properly, you don't have to slow down. If you're forcing other drivers to slow down and pass you on the right, you're in the wrong and you are a hazard on the road. If someone is tailgating you while you're passing, they're wrong. But you should still move over once you're done passing.

by Good little Germanreply 7710/30/2015

All of you left lane people are stupid. As soon as people get onto a freeway, they immediately gravitate towards the left lanes. Like sheep.

Here in LA, where traffic is a nightmare, I find that if I stay in the right lane, I get to my destination MUCH more quickly. It easily shaves a good half hour off my drive-home commute.

by Good little Germanreply 7810/30/2015

Pulling (darting) out in front of me after staring and giving it some thought (when absolutely nobody else is on the road. It's Sunday. You don't have to be anywhere asshole).

Not signaling. I'm not convinced all these people have busted signal lights. Just a case of oblivious entitlement.

Stopping in the middle of the road when emergency vehicles are flashing with sirens (instead of pulling the fuck over like EVERYONE ELSE).

Speeding up to get ahead of emergency vehicles instead of pulling over like EVERYONE ELSE. The people who do this aren't even "illegals" or "FOBs" who are bright enough to do as others do. I got a look at some. Without fail they're white and middle aged in an SUV.

People who circle round and round in the parking lot to get a "good" spot near the front of the grocery store, wasting time and gas. These geniuses don't understand basic cost / benefit analysis. Last week I popped into the grocery liquor store and after I shopped, stood in line and came back out, this same genius was circling round and round with hungry eyes for a primo parking spot. Never fails. WTF maybe they have mobility issues? I see people doing this whichever town I'm in.

Tourists driving on narrow scenic roads. Pull over.

Double parkers need to be swallowed by sinkholes.

by Good little Germanreply 7910/30/2015

When some jackass is zipping in and out of rush-hour traffic at breakneck speeds like he was at Daytona or something; the type of driver you brace yourself for if you see him approaching in your rear-view mirror. If you don't have the patience to deal with L.A. traffic, then take the frickin' train!

Thank God this Darwin contender had the decency to only take himself out this morning (quite spectacularly, I might add...check out where he ended up)

Offsite Link
by Good little Germanreply 8010/30/2015

Armenian. What a surprise!

by Good little Germanreply 8110/30/2015

[quote]The deceased was 20-year-old Richard Pananian.

Told ya.

RIP rowdy boy.

by Good little Germanreply 8210/30/2015

common in my area, people that want to change lanes in heavy traffic slow down almost to a complete stop waiting for a space in the lane they want, slowing down everyone behind them. It drives me insane.

by Good little Germanreply 8310/30/2015

Driving while Asian.

by Good little Germanreply 8410/30/2015

Turn signal on for mile after mile. For fuck's sake---pay attention!!

by Good little Germanreply 8510/30/2015

Not paying attention to the HUGE signs indicating that the lane ends, driving obliviously along until the lane ends, and then appearing utterly shocked the lane ends, panicking and trying to "merge" in without any signaling or any real attempt to "merge".

Similarly: Sitting in an "EXIT ONLY" lane right up until the exit, and then deciding you're in the wrong lane and suddenly want to get over.

by Good little Germanreply 8610/30/2015

And we wonder where road rage comes from.

by Good little Germanreply 8710/30/2015

Unnecessary honking ... when idiots don't realize you can't turn (on a red or green) because pedestrians are walking (but they can't see the pedestrians). Or, if you change lanes in front of someone (with plenty of room) and they honk because it's THEIR LANE! That's actually how I got in an accident when I was 23...and rolled my car over. Some cunt honked at me when I merged in front of him/her on a highway I had never been on before in Portland- and I swerved back the other way...not realizing the highway was curving the opposite way - and I flew off the side of the road. Since those ubiquitous rental Ford Taurus' do not handle well...there wasn't much I could do. I hope that cunt who honked for no reason gets an incurable case of anal / vaginal warts.

Also, bike riders doing dumb shit - like flying through reds, etc.. bothers me more than other drivers. At least drivers have rules to obey. Many bike riders seem blissfully ignorant.

by Good little Germanreply 8810/30/2015

Motorcycles who go 80 between lanes of heavy traffic

by Good little Germanreply 8910/30/2015

I hate all other drivers.

Pet peeves. I drive an old Honda Civic that isn't too comfortable over 65 mph (maybe 70) . I stick to the slow lane and go speed limit or 5mph above. If somebody comes up and rides my bumper, particularly if it's a big, expensive car (one time it was a Hummer), I slow down to about 45mph. Not abruptly. Incrementally. Get off my ass. If it's your exit coming up in 2 miles, go around me. I don't know what they think I'll do when they climb up my bumper. Oh sure, I'll speed up. Otherwise you'll crush my car because you really want that.

My mother is the worst driver ever. Her driving skills are okay, her manners are horrible. I must be the only person alive with a senior citizen parent who angled to travel to a family dinner in someone else's car because I'm too slow (read - speed limit or 5 mph above). Last time I drove with her, she was on a four lane service road in Northern Virginia, a very busy strip. Got partway up a turn, realized she didn't want the turn, and yanked the car back into the right line without signalling, totally abruptly. When I'M driving with her, I'm totally used to her saying - "the exit is - now wait, no, you're fine, stay where you are - oh, damn it - it's right here - go go!" and I'm supposed to cut across two lanes of rush hour traffic. Well, SHE would. On the occasion when she aborted the turn, a cop pulled us over, saw on her license she was a senior citizen, and said "Ma'am, should I be concerned?" I wanted to yell "She's driven like that all her life!"

by Good little Germanreply 9010/30/2015

BLESS YOU, R78. I've been doing the same thing for DECADES now here in the metropolitan Chicago area.

by Good little Germanreply 9110/30/2015

What happened to loudmouth R62?

by Good little Germanreply 9210/31/2015

R62 is busy causing a massive pileup somewhere by forcing drivers to pass him on the right. He's the George Zimmerman of highway patrol.

by Good little Germanreply 9310/31/2015

I get anxious and claustrophobic in traffic jams. I check the traffic on my phone before getting on the interstate to avoid them, I will also take a much longer route to go around them.

by Good little Germanreply 9410/31/2015

r62 is in the Israeli officer thread, berating goyim.

by Good little Germanreply 9510/31/2015

Yeah, R94 - google maps and all the active traffic GPS things are the best. I finally ditched my old gps since I realized my phone was 100x better. (I was a little slow). ,

by Good little Germanreply 9610/31/2015

Crossing over lines that you're not supposed to. Worst: From the carpool lanes into the regular lanes other than where it's designated. It's fricking double double yellow line! And of course most of them do it without signalling. Second worst: crossing over a single white (unbroken) line to merge in or out, or over the gore point on a freeway exit.

by Good little Germanreply 9710/31/2015

People in front of you who drive very slowly the whole time (like 10 miles below the speed limit), only to speed up when the light is just about to turn red, leaving you stuck at the light. You know what I'm talking about.

by Good little Germanreply 9810/31/2015

People who don't know how to do a proper zipper merge but insist on stopping right at the beginning of the merge point to "wait their turn" instead of using the full length of the merge lane to get to the actual merge point where, you know, you merge. This is a big cause of traffic jams.

I believe the person who first mentioned not being able to speed in the left lane to pass someone was talking about traffic on a multi-lane road in which one side traveling in the same direction has multiple lanes. The laws about speeding up to pass someone on the right are for roads in which there are a total of two lanes going in opposite directions. Those laws wouldn't apply in a situation in which you were on the interstate, meaning you can't speed up to 10mph over the posted limit because you're using the left lane when the left lane is going in the same direction anyway. That's a fundamental misreading of the law if that's your interpretation.

by Good little Germanreply 9911/01/2015

Why isn't there a national driving code? With the extensive interstate travel in the U.S., it's ridiculous that each state gets to institute its own specific laws.

by Good little Germanreply 10011/01/2015

people who pull out in front of you then turn in front of you shortly after.

by Good little Germanreply 10111/01/2015

people who drive naked

by Good little Germanreply 10211/01/2015

R100 needs the comforting federal government to tell her how to live every minute of her life.

by Good little Germanreply 10311/01/2015

People in the right turn lane with a sign clearly stating "red turn on red" with no traffic coming will sit until the light turns green to go. Drives me up a fucking wall.

by Good little Germanreply 10411/01/2015

Other drivers who don't appreciate that this is a Rental Truck and the brakes smell like fire and I'm scared to death and GIVE ME SOME FUCKING ROOM I only drive a Neon.

by Good little Germanreply 10511/01/2015

Fuck off, R103. There's something to be said about consistency. Put down your right-wing "small government" Kool-Aid and join the modern world for a moment.

by Good little Germanreply 10611/01/2015

When you can visibly see someone holding a cellphone to their ear while driving (I live where this is still legal) and they are driving at about half the speed they think they are because they are distracted. I'd love to listen in on some of these conversations to know if they are worth holding up traffic and causing an accident.

by Good little Germanreply 10711/01/2015

Every idiot woman (pardon the redundancy) today HAS to be on the phone when she drives.

This misbegotten breed of blood drippers are endangering every other life on the road.

Can't something be done? Is it too late to revoke female drivers' licenses and other mistaken attempts to grant them undeserved "equality"?

And of course when you mix their sex with other dehumanizing traits, well, we live in streets of madness!

by Good little Germanreply 10811/01/2015

Women drivers are clueless. Men drivers are aggressive. I can deal with cluelessness better than a maniac.

by Good little Germanreply 10911/02/2015

Tailgating. Especially by people not familiar with my neck of the woods (tourists).

I go the speed limit at night with my high beams on in certain parts of the region because I know that deer and skunk and raccoon are all over the place. Get off my ass. I am saving you a huge deductible for collision. And possibly, saving you from a DUI when the cops come. (Nighttime drivers in these parts are often incapacitated. Yippee.)

by Good little Germanreply 11011/02/2015

I live in a town of about 100K people, where all the towns around us are tiny -- like, 500 people tiny. Because of a university and medical center and all sorts of amenities, people from those small towns flock to our city... then proceed to cause all sorts of traffic problems. They walk across highways at a leisurely pace because they don't realize that I-70 is different than the little two-lane County Highway 43 that passes for a "Main Street" in their town. They don't know how to turn left if there's more than one left-turn lane, roads with more than four lanes scare them into doing stupid things, and they consistently wind up going the wrong way, especially on off- or on-ramps.

So, basically, small town rednecks are my major pet peeve.

by Good little Germanreply 11111/02/2015

R111--Yes! When I lived in a tiny town on a job (3 months) most of the locals only drove in the town that had exactly one streetlight. But if they needed to go to the hospital, it meant driving on the interstate for 30 miles. These people had no business driving.

We all need to repeat this mantra every day before we get behind the wheel: Driving is not a right. It is a privilege. And with that privilege comes the understanding that if you are not skilled at driving, you need to keep your car off the road.

One of my best friends has 2 PhDs and sucks at driving. He knows this, and calls Uber. Thanks.

by Good little Germanreply 11211/02/2015

Guys driving company trucks who should have been at the job 30 minutes ago but still haven't arrived because they're doing 40 in a 60 and there's 20 cars lines up behind them simply because they want to take their time getting to the job.

by Good little Germanreply 11311/02/2015

R100/106 is obviously unfamiliar with the dozens of transportation and highway Acts imposing Federal regulations on the states, not to mention the myriad of regulations from the Department of Transportation. There's a whole department just for highways (see link). Just how much more cost and meddling do you want?


Offsite Link
by Good little Germanreply 11411/02/2015

people who jack off while they're driving. you can always tell whose doing it. pisses me off cause i want to get in there with em and suck em off.

by Good little Germanreply 11511/02/2015

men who cum too quickly

by Good little Germanreply 11611/02/2015

I loathe the bitches who see everyone pulled into a single lane next to a sign that clearly indicates a lane closure ahead. They'll zip past everyone and pull in quickly in front of someone who's too king to make them wait. I pull my car between the lanes and make them have to work for it if they want to go around. Recently a guy passed me on the right in which he had to pull into the ditch--fucked up his wheels on the concrete and it served him right. HAHAHA

by Good little Germanreply 11711/02/2015

I hate, hate, HATE people who need to merge INTO the lane I'm in who are either right behind me, or in the next lane and also behind me, who then speed up to try and get in front of me at the last second. I can usually see the fuckers coming and speed up to cut them off. It's a zipper, people!

by Good little Germanreply 11806/20/2016

People who developed under the speed limit and then turn without using thier blinker OR rolling through a stop sign.

by Good little Germanreply 11906/20/2016

People who *drive under the speed limit

by Good little Germanreply 12006/20/2016

Is R119 drunk?

by Good little Germanreply 12106/20/2016

People who think that stopping behind me when im stopped at a stop sign means that they dont have to actually stop at the stop sign themselves.

by Good little Germanreply 12206/20/2016

Top peeve of all time:

Driver in front of you goes under the speed limit for a ways, toodling along because they're on the phone or whatever. Then a light turns yellow and they FLOOR it, getting through the light and leaving you at the red.


by Good little Germanreply 12306/20/2016

People who pull out in front of you when there is a mile of empty lane behind you. It's like a game of chicken for them. Drivers who don't immediately pull over and stop for emergency vehicles and the ones who keep driving thru the intersectection daring said emergency vehicles to beat them to it. Kinda like people racing trains at crossings. And I'm always thinking that it is one of their dearly loved ones who is waiting for that emergency vehicle.

by Good little Germanreply 12406/20/2016

And I think it's deplorable that emergency vehicles can be held liable in an accident because of...

by Good little Germanreply 12506/20/2016

That's what they he for abusing the bells & whistles to get to their Taco Bell a minute faster

by Good little Germanreply 12606/20/2016

Nothing brings out potential road rage like someone tailgating me, I don't normally poke a long when driving. I usually am speeding but people are still tailgating me and won't pass even when they can. If it didn't make your insurance rates go up, I would buy a junker and just slam on my brakes.

by Good little Germanreply 12706/20/2016

R127, that's my fantasy: buy a junker then drive around aimlessly waiting for someone to piss me off so I can crash into them or cause an accident for them somehow.

by Good little Germanreply 12806/20/2016

Then, we will all laugh at you after your spine snaps in two

by Good little Germanreply 12906/20/2016

[quote]Nothing brings out potential road rage like someone tailgating me, I don't normally poke a long when driving. I usually am speeding but people are still tailgating me and won't pass even when they can. If it didn't make your insurance rates go up, I would buy a junker and just slam on my brakes.

And the tailgaters fall into 2 categories, inbred exurbanite young males in trucks bigger than any human really needs to own and bleached blondes in 5 year old Focuses or Malibus yacking on their cellphone while hovering 6 inches from your rear bumper. While the former might be more intimidating, the latter are infinitely more dangerous.

While the tailgaters scare me it's the "I'm not merging from the lane that's ending soon until the last possible fucking minute" that piss me off the most because they're really the cause of the backup they're trying to avoid.

by Good little Germanreply 13006/21/2016

And when you slow down or brake check the tailgaters they honk at you like you're the one doing something wrong.

by Good little Germanreply 13106/21/2016

People who pull out in front of me then immediately turn off.

by Good little Germanreply 13206/22/2016

This one might be NYC specific, but assholes who try to steal parking spots after you move for alternate side parking. There is almost always some jerk who does this. Everyone moves to the side so the street cleaner can pass, and the asshole follows behind the street cleaner and tries to steal a parking spot before people have moved back into it.

by Good little Germanreply 13306/22/2016

I ❤️ R128. I always want to buy a Road Warrior-esque blown out Dodge Power Wagon and go to town righting traffic wrongs.

by Good little Germanreply 13406/22/2016

I hate the tailgaters who are up my ass when I can't go any faster because we are in a long line of cars. You do see there is a truck in front of me, right, fucker? I guess they think if they crawl up my ass the traffic in front will miraculously clear up

by Good little Germanreply 13506/22/2016

Agreed R135. Then they pass you and slam on their brakes. Dafuq?

by Good little Germanreply 13605/22/2020
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