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Let's discuss lower/working class and other ignorant Americans.

Why do they think the way they do and often against their own interests in a political sense? Why are they concentrated in the Southeast? Is there hope for the gays among them? Has good nutrition given them some length of bone?

by H.reply 28Last Wednesday at 1:20 PM

The Pentagon has given them the impression that they can be relied on as an employer of last resort, as well as a vehicle of upward mobility, if only we continue to spend more than the rest of the world combined on our military. In that sense, anyway, they are not voting against their interests. It has been carefully calculated how to spread Pentagon dollars to give this result.

by H.reply 109/27/2015

they think the rich run the system for their own benefit, and that this will never change. and their rich (Republicans) are more likely to throw them the occasional bone than Democrat rich in the big cities.

Cynicism therefore creates the notion that there is nothing to be gained. That and the plain truth that people with memories of the country before the New Deal are all dead, so they have no idea what America was really like without liberal power.

by H.reply 209/27/2015

THey are also unorganized. The working class people of olden time were politically engaged because unions, service clubs, mutual aid societies, and immigrant cultural assocations all got involved in interpreting politics to them. The political parties were active in every neighborhood and everyone knew who their precinct captains were. Furthermore, journalism was not an ideological desert of conservative orthodoxy. Now they get their "interpretations" from corporate owned news and corporate advertising, and, worst of all, from politicized churches. They think they know more about politics than any generation previous, when in fact they know less.

by H.reply 309/27/2015

And let's not forget that everything the INTELLECTUAL class knows about the lower and working classes comes from the same biased corporate owned sources, ones with a vested interest in making them distrust the people. Namely, if you distrust the people, then you will blame them for your political failures rather than criminal manipulation of a privatized voting system. They are trying this same strategy in Canada right noww.

by H.reply 409/27/2015

They are also physically unattractive. Let's not forget that.

by H.reply 509/27/2015

It would be nice to have more people who voted for the interest of the whole society rather than for their own interest . I don't get the denigration of people who less selfishly look beyond their own interests.

by H.reply 609/27/2015

Don't sell the other parts of the country short -- I'm currently living in Pennsyltucky.

by H.reply 709/27/2015

We need to get rid of the secret ballot R6. Everyone should take resonsibility for their votes and their votes should be published. Not only is it the only REAL check on fraud, it would force people to think about what the hell they are doing. The very first fruit of the secret ballot adopted by Americans was Jim Crow. Lincoln was not elected by secret ballot.

by H.reply 809/27/2015

[quote] They are also physically unattractive. Let's not forget that.

Has good nutrition given them some length of bone?

by H.reply 909/27/2015

Poor people irk me.

by H.reply 1009/27/2015

[quote] Poor people irk me.

And they're not good looking either.

by H.reply 1109/27/2015

they are bible thumping jackasses who stupidly believe in the tea party and don't vote. if they do it's always against their own interests.

by H.reply 1209/27/2015

Lots of poverty and ingrained ignorance.

by H.reply 1309/27/2015


by H.reply 1409/29/2015

The lower/working class and other ignorant Americans?

The ones who liberated Dauchau?

Jews are the truly stupid ones.

by H.reply 1509/30/2015

Part of the American dream has always been aspirational.

Some have hypothesized that working class people who support policies which favor the wealthy do so as part of that aspiration - someday that could be me.

by H.reply 1609/30/2015

They LOVE Yankee Candles.

by H.reply 1709/30/2015

Anti Semite troll blocked. Ah,... nice!

by H.reply 1809/30/2015

Unless you're independently wealthy, you're just working class in an office. Stop kidding yourselves, assimilationist queens.

by H.reply 1909/30/2015

I'm poor but I'm not ignorant, just ugly.

by H.reply 2009/30/2015

R19, yeah, everyone here is the working poor. two steps from destitution.

by H.reply 2109/30/2015


by H.reply 2209/30/2015


by H.reply 2309/30/2015

All Americans can be divided into two categories: those who believe in science and math and who therefore support 9/11 Truth - OR - those who are ignorant and deceived or wicked and deceiving, who support lies and propaganda.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth has produced an attractive 50-page pamphlet that proves that 9/11 was an inside job. It's worth a modest amount of your time and money to learn the irrefutable facts behind the biggest crime in modern American history.

Offsite Link
by H.reply 2409/30/2015

"An attractive fifty page pamphlet."

ATTRACTIVE...oh, my sides.

by H.reply 2509/30/2015

Thanks for then link, Shirl. I left my donation in the Denver International as instructed. When can I pet Ben Vereen?

by H.reply 2609/30/2015


Wow. What a pompous ass.

by H.reply 2709/30/2015

OP, maybe work on yourself and your disdain for your fellow man.

by H.reply 28Last Wednesday at 1:20 PM
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