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Classic Hollywood

Currently TCM is showing Dick Cavett's interview with Kate Hepburn. She was such a tremendous actress and had a fascinating presence! Watching this interview made me wonder if we have - presently - any movie stars today with similar talent and regard? I couldn't think anyone who comes close? Can you?

by Anonymous reply 905/24/2020

I thought she was a bit of an asshole with her feet up on the coffee table. like bossy dyke.

by Anonymous reply 108/07/2015

People like R1 are the reason we can't have fascinating people anymore.

by Anonymous reply 208/07/2015

I love Hepburn & O'Toole in "The Lion In Winter" - scenery chewing at its best! And a young, beautiful Timothy Dalton just for good measure

by Anonymous reply 308/07/2015

R3 Now Kate was awesome in that flick, she had serious command and presence/O'Toole was "her" equal. Good script helps as well..

by Anonymous reply 408/07/2015

Kate Hepburn had an irritating voice and a rhythmic pattern to her speech that she used no matter what role she was playing. Did it sometimes work for her in certain roles? Yes. But many roles you just wanted to reach up to that screen and slap her cross-eyed. I've seen the Cavett interview and it was one of those times I just wanted her to shut up.

by Anonymous reply 508/07/2015

Women today in Hollywood in general are not groomed and polished up like they were back in the classic Hollywood days. Those with star quality back then had contracts that kept them around long enough to build up a body of work and a chance for the audience to love them. These days, the women stars are here today and gone tomorrow because talent is rarely required from them --unless they are Meryl Streep.

by Anonymous reply 608/07/2015

Not this again.......... Virtually everyone who started their film career before WWII could be considered mannered and often a bit affected like Hepburn. Her accent came from Bryn Mawr. No one really broke this mold until perhaps John Garfield in the late 30s, who reflected the influence of The Group theater. Some people had a an easy going style that was mannered w/o seeming so, e.g. Spencer Tracy or Humphrey Bogart, but actors basically got typed and fell into roles and the diction that came with them.

To her credit, Hepburn always played what could be considered independent women and was something more than a run of the mill leading lady. These days, actors aren't taken seriously unless they play a variety of parts. Hepburn wouldn't have done so well. Her modern analogue would be Streep who, in a way, is very mannered, in terms of the technical sometimes easy to mock quality of her presentations.

by Anonymous reply 708/07/2015

I miss glamour. I miss the transatlantic accent. Bitches talk like trash now and get famous for it. It's BS.

by Anonymous reply 805/24/2020

As to whether any of today's actors rise to the level of Hepburn and her contemporaries: Nope.


by Anonymous reply 905/24/2020
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