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My 600 Lb Life OMG!!!

I feel sorry for these people

Everyone lives in a single wide trailer. ( Decor , don't get me started)

No one works including the extended family who enables the massively obese one.

They all eat fast food all the time.

Who is paying for all this surgery?? Who is paying their expenses ? We are with taxes !!!

Margaret Sanger had some good observations.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 60004/25/2019

Actually, their insurance companies pay for the surgery.

One episode had a fat bitch who said she was fine with her weight, and her family taking care of her.

She had the surgery and refused to lose weight.

There are people dying to have this surgery, she got it and did not appreciate it.

The new season starts this week. As a fatty myself I'll be watching and feeling grateful for not being [bold]that[/bold]

by Lynn Redgrave reply 101/03/2015

R1, are you talking about the bitch that moved to Houston to be closer to her doctor? She had a son and her husband was the one taking care of her. She had the surgery but tried to claim that the surgery didn't work. What this bitch failed to do was eat properly and exercise. She was such a bitch to try to blame her doctor when he kept telling her she needed to eat properly and start moving around.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 201/03/2015

Is there a link to something that you forgot to post OP?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 301/03/2015

What ever happened to Billy Robbins, the star of the tv show "Half-Ton Teen?" He was 800 pounds due to the loving care of his enabling, smothering mother who brought cartloads of food to her practically immobile "baby boy", who would lie around all day in bed playing video games. The relationship of those two was one of the sickest I've even seen on one of those types of shows. He was 18 or 19 and had the maturity of a nine year old, according to one doctor. I think she was being generous; when he didn't get his way he'd cry like a five year old. He had surgery to slice off the gobs of fat, but seemed unwilling to change his diet. There were two specials about him; I got the impression that the network could see he was hopeless and didn't want to continue to do anything more on his sad, sick existence.

On the first "Half-Ton Teen" special, there was another huge teenager, an African-American boy. He wanted the weight loss surgery, but he had to get down to a certain weight to do it. At the end of the special he was cursing the doctor who told him he had to stick to a diet if he wanted the surgery (he was still overeating). He seemed like a hopeless case, too.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 401/03/2015

Google seems to work for the rest of us, R3.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 501/03/2015

Do you remember the Trapper John episode where Shirley Hemphill plays an obese woman getting an new, experimental, gastric bypass surgery? She couldn't have any food before the surgery and they discovered a bucket of fried chicken in her bed. I sound like a racist DL troll, making shit up but I swear I saw this. Even as a 9 year old, I knew it was wrong.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 601/03/2015

I was being evaluated for the surgery in 2014 -- gastric sleeve. I was finished with the psych workup, was well on the way of losing 10% weight to prove I could follow a strict diet, and had my primary care sign off on the physical. I was scheduled for surgery in late January. Then, I was notified by my insurer (BCBS-VT) that my employer's plan would not cover bariatric surgery in 2015. Sucks.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 701/03/2015

Apparently it was from 1983 so I was 7. The episode was called "Fat Chance" and it was "stomach stapling".

by Lynn Redgrave reply 801/03/2015

Obese or not, there seem to be a lot of younger men that have doting mothers to the point of weird obsessions.

I kinda wonder about them.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 901/03/2015

"Do you remember the Trapper John episode where Shirley Hemphill plays an obese woman getting an new, experimental, gastric bypass surgery? She couldn't have any food before the surgery and they discovered a bucket of fried chicken in her bed."

In that Half-Ton Teen special I was talking about the show had scenes in the obese African-American boy's home; one scene showed a BURGER in his bed! I don't think he was trying to hide it, it was just THERE. He WAS hiding candy bars somewhere, I think. Anyway, he seemed unwilling to change his eating habits. I don't know if he ever had the surgery or not, but it seems unlikely, considering how he couldn't stop eating junk food

by Lynn Redgrave reply 1001/03/2015


Here is the episode I was referring to

by Lynn Redgrave reply 1101/03/2015

Why are the psychologists all over anorexia, but not these people?

They're compulsively eating their lives away, but the only doctors offering them a solution are the bariatric surgeons.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 1201/03/2015

I feel society is enabling these folks, seat belt extenders, 6X shirts and end the end a customer superized coffin .

You did not see this many uber obese people back in the 60s and 70s. It started to creep up in the 80s. I think the processed food we eat has gone up in consumption.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 1301/03/2015

R13, It's the super entitled mentality of these 350 lb plus Trolls. One Troll always bragged about how much liquor he could drink, and yes he drove until he lost his vehicle. A cold was an excuse to increase his daily fifth of vodka. Anyone who ate anything healthy was told, "I hate that shit."

The Troll said when Obamacare kicked in, he would be given priority in getting special medical care to help him lose weight. I relayed the story of a man I knew who was repeatedly hospitalized, as the doctor knew it was the only way to keep him away from fast food competition binges with his younger wife. At least he had unlimited savings and insurance.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 1401/03/2015

All I can say that if there is ever a natural or man made disaster these folks will be he first to meet their maker. I think about that every time I get on a train plane or bus and strategically avoid sitting close to them if they could impact my egress in an emergency. They cant move, they do not have the strength to run etc.

I would venture to say most of these folks have no metabolic or genetic component to their massive obesity. It's usually more cultural, growing up and living in a white trash or ghetto atmosphere where fast food and sedentary lifestyles are the norm. And having family members who enable them.

I think you can be healthy and moderately overweight, but this goes waaaay beyond that.

I agree with R13, society enables these folks by simply accommodating their size. They all cry and feel bad about themselves yadda yadda but when they pull into the KFC drive thru they consciously made the decision to do that. No one forced them.

We do end up paying for this as a society with SSI and Disability on the rise for all the disorders associated with morbid obesity.

I watched that show, maybe 5% of people take ownership and actually overcome. The other 95% refuse to follow the medical directions and fail and belly ache about it.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 1501/04/2015

Notice that families of the morbidly obese are also fat. All are poor, living on junk food.

In only one case did a wife also go for surgery.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 1601/04/2015

Speaking of insurance, Medicare now pays for sex reassignment surgery. A 74-year-old male Army Veteran sued the government.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 1701/04/2015

A man in Brooklyn was so large they had to remove a portion of his house to get him to the ambulance. He appeared on a talk show. Had the surgery, gained weight back. IIRC later lived in a Rockaway nursing home and died. Anyone remember him?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 1801/04/2015

There but for the grace of Dog, go I.

I can easily imagine myself sitting at a table that is covered in fast food and drink. I can easily imagine myself eating it all and then crying for more.

I feel like a bottomless pit most of the time. I can never get enough food or drink.

But.... I stopped doing that to myself. In fact, I have gone from 300 to 200 lbs in the last few years mostly by, as Saffy advised Eddie: "eat less and move more," pushing myself away from the table and walking outside for at least 3 miles a night.

I credit shows like "My 600 Lb Life" with my turnaround.

I feel great empathy for all the people on these shows.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 1901/04/2015

That's the bitch R2. At the end of the episode she as siting on her bed pontificating about her spiritual journey.

I remember that episode R6. Especially when they begin the surgery and start seeing all the food in her stomach and they have to close her up again.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 2001/04/2015

[quote]Why are the psychologists all over anorexia, but not these people?

Exactly R12.

If you're anorexic or bulimic you have a mental disorder and need help. If you're very fat you're lazy and greedy and need to suffer to lose your weight.

I used to overeat when I was sad, then I learned to control my depression and started overeating when I was angry. It took me years to get my anger under control and thus stop overeating.

I still have a lot of weight to lose--100 pounds--but I don't eat when I get angry because I don't allow myself to get angry anymore.

And I had to do this myself because I got zero help from my doctor.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 2101/04/2015

I blame their family member enablers just as much as the obese. The people are too fat to even move! Soooooo… how about not running over to them with fried foods and chips and soda and giving them healthier food? It's not like they're gonna get up and get the bad food themselves. They may balk at it at first but eventually they'll have no choice to eat it or starve.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 2201/04/2015

"If you're anorexic or bulimic you have a mental disorder and need help. If you're very fat you're lazy and greedy and need to suffer to lose your weight."

Exactly. So why aren't psychologists all over this behavior - is it because medical insurances will pay for therapy and inpatient clinics for anorexia, but offer nothing for eating yourself to death but bariatric surgery?

If so, why? Is it the because therapy and psych meds aren't effective for people who eat themselves to death, or are medical insurances run by idiots who think like R13 and R15, who just want these "entitled" people to vanish? And they don't vanish, they stay home and make prisoners of their families.

PS: I automatically dismiss the ideas of anyone who uses "entitled" as a pejorative term. In my long life, every single person I've encountered who uses that word that way, is a moron who thinks their prejudices are profound insights.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 2301/04/2015

R19, why do you feel like a bottomless pit? What do you think has caused your compulsion with food? I ask this as a serious question, I have a young family member who I deeply care about who I am afraid seems just like this, and everyone is trying to prevent this from taking over their lives and health, but it seems as if this compulsion is there no matter what is said or done. What would you do as an adult, to help a young you?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 2401/04/2015

The fault with obese people is families who buy the food. If it's not in the house, it can't be eaten.

The rules for Food Stamps/EBT are not strict enough. Too many of the allowable foods have no nutritional value. The food manufacturers lobby keep junk on the approved list.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 2501/04/2015

R18. His name was Mike Hebranko. He was featured on a show about some obesity clinic in Queens, N.Y. In his time he lost and regained hundreds of pounds. He was a fat ingrate who treated the medics who transported him to the clinic like dirt. His back hurt and he yelled and bitched about how rough they were treating him. He complained that no one had a wheelchair big enough to take him to the clinic "with dignity".

Richard Simmons actually came to visit him in clinic and blamed his wife for enabling him to regain so much weight. Naturally Tubby was indignant about Richard Simmons daring to speak the truth.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 2601/04/2015

I feel bad for those people.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 2701/04/2015

The enablers are at fault, but to a point. They themselves got themselves to the point of being bedridden, and depending on everyone else.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 2801/04/2015

I don't have a lot of sympathy for people who eat themselves to where they weight 300, 400, 500, 600 pounds or MORE. They have enablers who help them do it, but it's pure gluttony. Of course anybody who would do that would have to have some pretty severe psychological problems, but even so it's hard to feel sorry for people who can't stop shoving food into their faces. It's truly revolting to see some of these shows where the morbidly obese person is laid out like a giant blob, getting their bodies and private parts cleaned as though they were helpless infants. And it's all because their own self-indulgence. Gag!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 2901/04/2015

[quote]Margaret Sanger had some good observations.

Rethugs/right-wingers and others have said similar things about gay people...remember that. You might think you are being a witty yet enonymous queen, but in truth, you sound quite vile.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 3001/04/2015

At Datalounge

200 might as well be 600

by Lynn Redgrave reply 3101/04/2015

"I think it's mainly fluid."


by Lynn Redgrave reply 3201/04/2015

[quote]The fault with obese people is families who buy the food. If it's not in the house, it can't be eaten

True for the most part.

But on one episode of 600 pound life, the woman was doing her own shopping--in a scooter--and as she was putting bottles of pop into her cart along with snack cakes, she said, "Ooh, these are my favorite!"

I love chips, but only buy 1 bag a week as a treat. Some days I'd kill for a Pringle, but I can't have them in the house.

That's why I'm 300 lbs and not 700 lbs.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 3301/04/2015

Meine hübsche Kinder

by Lynn Redgrave reply 3401/04/2015

I feel a great deal of sympathy for these people in the sense that there is a compulsive desire in me to eat take out and ice cream all the time. I don't and I work out, don't eat carbs and keep my weight down but there is never a moment where I don't want to eat an entire large pizza or half a banana cream pie. Ok a whole one.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 3501/04/2015

R30 , Yes Margaret Sanger had some racist ideology, however we see generation after generation of dependent, worthless, and society draining people reproducing with children who follow in their footsteps. Despite

Head Start




Oh I am referring to people of all ethnic backgrounds here.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 3601/04/2015

Yes the compulsion is always there OMG. I just love the feeling of being completely full. I want that feeling all the time.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 3701/04/2015

Watching makes me feel better about being a size 34 on a good day. I know that's morbidly obese by gay standards, but it's tough for me to maintain, having been a former fatty (well, formerly fatter).

by Lynn Redgrave reply 3801/04/2015

My mom is a gorger but she's only recently become this way. Since she can no longer walk (from old age and laziness), my brother and I do not indulge her. Our philosophy is "if you can get up and get to the refrigerator to get it, you can have it". Of course, she can't and if she did, she wouldn't find her precious candy there.

I don't know how these enablers do it. If I had to put up with some fucking berating fatty, I'd move out. When mom starts bitching at me about not having candy, I tell her to shut up and get up if she wants it. If she keeps on, I walk out.

These enablers have issues of their own. They could leave at any time and the fat one would either lay there and starve (over a period of years) or they'd get the fuck up and feed themselves.

I can understand the urge to eat a lot of food. What I can't understand is how you can LAY there, day after day, year after year and not even WANT to move. I guess I've been "blessed" with the love of exercise and movement. It kills me not to be active. I'm by no means thin but I am active.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 3901/04/2015

The chubby chaser husband on the one show pissed me off. What a sicko to try to tempt and harass his wife not to lose weight after the surgery. Even made their kid cry over how he treated his wife. I hope she eventually left him. He has bigger problems then her.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 4001/04/2015

r24, I don't know how to explain it to you. I don't know how I would advise anyone on what to do about it.

It took me a long time to come to terms with it. I just decided one day that enough was enough and I had to get it under control and I did. It was not easy and it is still not easy, but I will be damned if I will let it get so out of hand that I have to have a wall in my house removed to get me out of it and to the hospital.

r35, I know exactly how you feel, Congrats to us both for doing something about our problem.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 4101/04/2015

Well R41 I pray for your strength and happiness. You have bee given a struggle most others cannot relate to, which makes it so much more difficult for you. Be strong and figure out . I have faith that you can succeed in having the body that you want and deserve, and a happy existence. Never lose sight. Good luck.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 4201/04/2015

Fat people lie to themselves and others. The lie is they got fat by something other than eating too much.

The people on this show are physical wreaks. They are in and out of hospitals at young ages. The last thing you want is to be in hospitals depending on doctors and nurses to do the right things because there WILL be mistakes, there WILL be people who are careless about their jobs.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 4301/04/2015

My cousin Johnny, the one nobody talked about for years and I lost track of, died in 2012 of heart failure in Tennessee.

He was somewhere around 500 lbs, and hadn't been out of his mobile home in years, according to his sister Jean, who says a wall was disassembled to remove him. He was considerably skinnier than me as a kid...I was a fatty.

This sounds like a death wish and an enabling wife.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 4401/04/2015

I remember one of those "Massive Teen" shows. A boy of sixteen or so weight 500 lbs at least, and had the bariatric surgery and intensive counseling. When he finally got home... his momma cooked him his favorite junk food.

You know, I'm beginning to think that the biggest difference between anorexia is that anorectics don't need an enabler to destroy their bodies. And that "anorexia" has a name and is considered a disease, but that there isn't even an official term to describe a person who eats themselves to disability and death.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 4501/05/2015

The reason there isn't a term for it, R45, is because too many people think fat people are just lazy moochers. It's too difficult for them to comprehend the complex health and emotional issues involved, so they fall back on what they see in diet commercials, or the platitudes from those lowest-common-denominator "health" shows.

It took a long time for anorexia and bulemia and related disorders to be accepted as an actual disorder. If the media wanted to, they could do the same for compulsive overeating, especially those who, as you said, eat themselves into disability and death.

And R39, if your mom is literally unable to move and hounds you endlessly over wanting some candy, GET SOME GODDAMNED PROFESSIONAL HELP. Being a nasty little bitch isn't doing anyone any good. Contact her doctor or the local mental health center and get some help ASAP.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 4601/05/2015

I don't have all this anger or resentment towards these people that most of you do.

If you reach 600lbs it's not because you're weak. You are ill just like an anorexic is ill when they weigh 86lbs.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 4701/05/2015

A lot of us have negative strategies for coping or for insulating ourselves from whatever gives us pain. Alcohol, drugs, risk taking. Some methods are more socially acceptable than others, it seems. Using food to do so just happens to leave that visual cue. Once you reach a certain point it becomes so very hard to move your body effectively to enable weight loss even if you were of a mind to do so, and the weight piles on.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 4801/05/2015

and who's paying for all this food?? even if you are just eating fast food (and processed food) to maintain that weight (or gain) you have to consistently eat an enormous volume

by Lynn Redgrave reply 4901/05/2015

also, since most of these people can barely walk or get out of bed-other people are shopping/preparing this for them--otherwise they wouldnt be able to consistently consume so much (and why do they all have spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends?)

by Lynn Redgrave reply 5001/05/2015

[quote] lot of us have negative strategies for coping or for insulating ourselves from whatever gives us pain. Alcohol, drugs, risk taking

I have no respect for those people, either.

Sooner or later, everyone has to step up to the plate and take responsibility for themselves. "I'm poor, I'm helpless, I'm unable to control myself." Too bad. The majority of us have to control ourselves and we do it. We'd all like to lue in bed and be fed by someone else. But we don't do it. We get up and go outside. We'd all like to get drunk and tell people what we really think of them. But we don't because we'd lose our livelihoods.

If the rest of us can do it, so can the overeater, drug taker, drinker. The vast majority of us can corral our desire to feel sorry for ourselves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's not an impossible task.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 5101/05/2015

how many of these people have valid medical issues that perpetuate obesity? maybe 1/10th of 1 percent? they all dont all have thyroid/slow metabolisms--look at what these people are eating

by Lynn Redgrave reply 5201/05/2015

That's not really the point, R52. Morbidly obese people have psychological issues with food much the same way anorexics and bulimics do. Sure, you can control what you eat, but at a certain point you may lose control. You may also lose mobility, which compounds the problem. The problem I have with this show is you don't really see anyone working with the people on the psychological aspects of their food consumption. What does eating do for them? You see many who admit to being sexually abused, for example - how does that factor into their illness? Many anorexics admit to being sexually abused, as well. I don't think it's enough to just say, "they need to quit shoveling the food in". True, they need to re-program their eating habits and get exercise, but it goes a bit deeper than that.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 5301/05/2015

R51 you are right on the money. No one takes ownership anymore, it's all someone else's fault and bellyaching about a child hood trauma ( like that has not happened to everyone).

It's ridiculous, there are so many many people that cannot cope with day to day living with out medication, a comfort animal and everyone around them on eggshells . I am tired of nursing the sad inner child and having to provide affirmations of self esteem etc.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 5401/05/2015

As a retired health worker, I've previously posted my personal observations on the severely obese and was flamed for it. Almost all cases of obesity shared one trait...Laziness. Most were lazy children who grew up to be extremely lazy adults. Most became huge simply because they would rather sit on the couch all day eating and watching TV then moving. Most manipulated loved ones into becoming basically slaves to their needs..way before morbid obesity became a issue. I had one perfectly mobile capable patient sit in her own feces because " she didn't want to miss her TV show". I had another live in piles of rotting garbage covered in maggots because "the Garbage cans were too far away"...another moved her microwave next to her bed because " the kitchen was way down the hall ". etc. Flame away but its all true.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 5501/05/2015

I have no doubt what you're saying is true but doesn't this tell you that these people are terribly mentally ill? And that those close to them are in huge denial themselves and have their own issues to deal with?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 5601/06/2015

R55, Why do very obese adults cruelly insult those they encounter who choose to eat small portions of very healthy food? I would never tell them how to live their life. Yet so many complain how badly society treats them by not having large enough seats at fast food places, expecting them not to use disabled parking spaces if they CAN physically walk at all, and by not making very flattering cheap clothing in their size. Entitlement on steroids.

Alcoholics may put you down if you choose to only have one drink. They're not nearly as entitled as the very obese.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 5701/06/2015

If you're addicted to cigarettes, what's the first step to overcoming the addiction? Get them out of the house and away from you. If you're tangling with alcohol, what's the first step to getting sober? Get it out of the house and away from you.

This action of denial--get it out of sight--will work with any addiction. Gambling, coke, shopping... you name it. If you're not near it, you can't indulge.

Except food. You MUST be around food at least twice a day. No other addiction requires you to indulge in it in order to keep your body going. You don't need shopping or meth or sex in order to survive.

But we must have food. So that which tempts overeaters so deeply is right in front of them daily. No other addiction works this way.

Yeah, I hear the arguments now: put a salad in front of you instead of Twinkies. I get it. But salads don't satiate. Diets ration food, and leave dieters with cravings that don't let up...until you eat again. Often dieters are self-medicating with the chemicals foods offer. And what chemicals satisfy?

Fats and sugars. They'll shut down your appetite in a heartbeat. And for those who tangle with anxiety, the chemicals in fats and sugars slow the body down physically and make you feel...better.

Run the body on too few calories, you're guaranteed to keep it hungry and craving and fatigued. And that's a setup for failure.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 5801/06/2015

R55, you worked in health care but can't recognize mental illness?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 5901/06/2015

Years ago I saw a woman on a talk show who had been a sideshow fat lady in a carnival. One of her friends died and had to be buried in a piano case. She was so horrified, she decided that was not going to be her fate.

She lost an enormous amount of weight. The last I heard, she kept it off.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 6001/06/2015

R55 Thanks for your insight!! Let me guess these people were on SSI or Disability ?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 6101/06/2015

R58, it's not about dieting, it's about changing your life. It's idiotic to assume that someone is going to live on a salad. As a former compulsive overeater I had to learn how my body functioned. Learned to differentiate between feeling thirsty and feeling hungry. Learn to read whether my body was craving protein or craving complex carbohydrates. It takes a long time but it's something one can learn.

As a former fattie I don't keep food with little nutritional value in my house. If I'm hungry I'll eat tuna, eggs, other protein, veggies or fruits. I don't need to keep candy because that will only stimulate my wanting to eat more crappy food. I've never 'dieted' because that's a waste of time, but I did have to change what I ate.

I empathize with food addicts because I am a 'recovering' addict but I know enough about myself to learn my triggers. So yeah, it's similar to not keeping cigarettes or alcohol in you house, just don't keep your trigger foods and instead keep what's healthy in your house. That doesn't mean a salad, that means real food not things in a box or a package full of fake ingredients.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 6201/06/2015

R62, a friend went to Overeaters Anonymous to lose weight before she had gastric bypass surgery. She lost enough both before and after surgery that she now has a normal body and she uses what she learned in OA to stay on top of it.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 6301/06/2015

[quote]Learn to read whether my body was craving protein or craving complex carbohydrates. It takes a long time but it's something one can learn.

No, that's all a myth. Our bodies do not ever "crave" what we need. We crave what we want, otherwise why do people crave french fries, or donuts.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 6401/06/2015


Nah, you wrong. It's our mind that crave "bad" food, like donuts or fries or candy - our body is smarter than our mind. People gain hundreds of pounds not because their bodies wanted it but because of their minds, their psychological issues.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 6501/06/2015

"As a former compulsive overeater I had to learn how my body functioned. Learned to differentiate between feeling thirsty and feeling hungry. Learn to read whether my body was craving protein or craving complex carbohydrates. It takes a long time but it's something one can learn."

Do you think you'd have been able to do all that, if you had severe depression or another serious mental illness? Or you were so deep into self-hatred and despair that you had lost hope for a better life?

I do wish there was some good psychological research on these people, I would very much like to know what differentiates the housebound behemoth from the everyday overeater like you and me. (Besides the enabling family members, of course.)

by Lynn Redgrave reply 6601/06/2015

R64, the BODY craves protein,complex carbs and liquids. That's what one listens to. My body has never craved a donut. I've been sad or anxious and my fucked up head tried to tell me to go the self destruct route and gorge on a whole gallon of ice cream but my body wasn't craving that nor did it want it since my body told me I was full.

R66, I was mentally ill. I lost 190 pounds so it wasn't like I was 50lbs overweight compulsive overeater. I had to do a true mental inventory and work on my addiction. It took a long time to work through my depression, self destructive tendancies and addiction. I think the difference is in willingness to do the therapeutic work and having coping skills. Also I took gym class daily throughout elementary and high school so I had been morbidly obese but active and my body was accustomed to exercise unlike people today.

My family never enabled my eating. They were always worried and they changed what they cooked and the foods they brought to the house when I asked them for help with my compulsion.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 6701/06/2015

No! You are anthropomorphizing your body. It doesn't crave what it needs. The fact that people crave crap foods proves this. Sure we get hungry or thirsty and you choose what to eat. The fact that you chose a salad doesn't mean you were craving roughage! Ask a scientist and quit consulting your mommyblogs!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 6801/06/2015

Contratulations, R62. Getting out of being morbidly obese is a horrendous task and you did it!

My personal experience tracks with what you are saying here.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 6901/06/2015

R58, Obese use their "salad only extreme diet trial," as an excuse to FAIL. No protein, nor good carbs? You can keep a small amount of sweets (chocolate covered mint patties) or fats (nuts) at home without resorting to the absolute garbage of Twinkies.

Studies have proven that having soup before a meal, and really increasing the amount of spices in dishes automatically makes people lose weight.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 7001/06/2015

Congratulations, R62, and do you mind if I ask another question? Do you think you'd have been able to do all that work on yourself, if you'd had an enabling or actively destructive family member around?

Many posters have noted that it's impossible to become a bedbound sphere, unless you have someone willing to feed you and wipe the bits you can't reach. And that there are people out there who will sabotage other's weight loss program.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 7101/06/2015

I told my relative that if she becomes bed-bound, I will not help her continue to gain. I told her I'd only bring her salads and greens and lean meat. No candy, chocolate, beer or pizza will ever cross her lips if I'm the one forced to take care of her. If she attempts to call out or use the Internet for delivery, I will turn them away.

She's about 430 lbs these days. I know she's struggling to keep herself from gaining more. The difference between me and the enablers we see on television is that I'm mean enough to stand by what I say.

Well, I think it's loving. SHE told me I'm mean enough. Damn straight.

I will not be convinced/coerced by anger or tears, especially by a person who has transformed into a giant infant. If she can't even leave the bed to fix her own poison, you has no power. She cannot berate me, guilt me, nor cry enough for me to assist her slow suicide.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 7201/07/2015

Good for you R72, you may be her only chance.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 7301/07/2015

Extra Mayo on that ham sandwich please

by Lynn Redgrave reply 7401/08/2015

Has anyone seen the episode with Penny? OMG, somebody should just shoot her in the head already. Penny openly and frequently lied to everyone. She didn't even try to follow the diet and even tried to sucker the doctor into believing she was one of the rare people who don't lose weight after the surgery. Mark my words, she's a goner. There's no hope for her and I fell so bad for her husband and son.

Oh, and if you didn't catch it the doctor was saying in to so many words that Penny was one of those "eternal victims" who wants to remain disabled. She wouldn't even get out of bed after surgery and the doctor basically said she didn't need to be on oxygen despite her claims otherwise. This woman is useless and she is destroying her family. I really hope her husband would just smother her with a pillow as she slept so he and his son can go on with their lives.

I'm serious. This woman is hopeless. Right after surgery she was eating fried food. She even gained 5 lbs within a month after surgery. The doctor told her at one point that most people months out after surgery have lost over a hundred pounds and yet she gained weight. Here's what another viewer thought of that episode.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 7501/08/2015

I just watched the new episode on a woman named Zsailynn.

She weighed 596 and she made the decision, took it seriously and did everything right but her asshat of a husband was so awful to her.

He did not want her to lose any weight. He did everything possible to sabatage and harass her pre and post op.

She needs to slug him and divorce him. What a dick. Being that overweight has such an emotional factor. I have to commend her determination under such abuse.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 7601/11/2015

I saw that episode too -Zsalynn. (?) Her husband was a chubby chaser - he wanted a fat woman. He was awful to her. I hope she keeps going. Her poor daughter, caught in the middle of that.

Did anyone see the Hispanic lady with the lymph edema? Her one leg and her stomach were swollen and... crusty is the only word I can come up with. Her skin looked more like elephant skin than human skin. How does THAT happen? It was scary as hell! I have to admit, I didn't think she was going to do it, especially with her family (all of them obese) continuing to cook the fatty, delicious-looking Mexican food she clearly adored. I was really impressed at how far she came at the end of the episode. Plus that lymph edema they removed was 40 pounds!!!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 7701/14/2015

In the new season they did an update with Zsalynn and Christina (the 22 year old). Christina and her husband are no longer together. I think he couldn't handle her becoming independent and him not being the hero that took care of her. At the end of the episode Zsalynn was packing up her husband's things.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 7801/14/2015

Can someone suggest a good tasting low calorie salad dressing for me? They all taste like shit to me.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 7901/14/2015

R79, get the hidden valley ranch packets and make with fat free or low calorie ingredients.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 8001/14/2015

Everybody I ever knew who got money from the government was white.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 8101/14/2015

Christina at 22 already reached over 600 lbs and married and divorced. What does that say about her? Christina said she wanted to be independent. In her view, her husband got in the way. We didn't get to hear his side. I think she thinks she is hot stuff now and wants to upgrade.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 8201/14/2015

We had a guy locally who wanted to go for the all-time record. His quack doctor was allowing him to do it despite it being unhealthy because "you wouldn't stop a professional athlete from pushing their body to the breaking point."

by Lynn Redgrave reply 8301/14/2015

[quote]Christina at 22 already reached over 600 lbs and married and divorced. What does that say about her? Christina said she wanted to be independent. In her view, her husband got in the way. We didn't get to hear his side. I think she thinks she is hot stuff now and wants to upgrade.

Yes some people who are obese are delusional about themselves this way.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 8401/14/2015

Congrats R62.

I have friends who had to go to OA and learned to eat healthy, and what triggered them to eat poorly or binge on food.

One person I know is a compulsive over-eater and said therapy helped them stop doing this.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 8501/14/2015


I wish I'd seen the follow up.

I am so glad to hear Zsalynn ditched the husband.

He was such an abusive prick. He wasn't even at the hospital when she had surgery. Someone who weighs 596 lbs could have easily died on the table.

When he picked her up at discharge he goes thru a fast food drive thru to tempt her. He did everything to derail her progress yet she kept forging ahead with her diet. What a selfish prick.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 8601/14/2015

R86, Those types of men only desire fat women because they have poor self esteem and are not likely to cheat or leave them.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 8701/14/2015

I just watched that episode of Trapper John with Shirley Hemphill. Pretty sad, and seemed fairly close to what we see with food addictions today.

It's an interesting change from a very short clip from Marcus Welby that I found on YouTube. It's only a minute long (apparently no full episodes are up on YouTube), but he places the blame squarely on the obese teen in question.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 8801/14/2015

Stop with the fat discrimination. You don't like being discriminated against by being called a faggot, do you? Don't put down others who have medical/mental problems. And stop living in a glass house pitying them. They don't want your pity. They need support and kindness, not being trolled by morons who enjoy being cruel to others to make themselves feel good.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 8901/14/2015

Read the thread before you flip out, R89. I think *most* people in this thread have been thoughtful. (Most, not all. This IS DL, after all.)

by Lynn Redgrave reply 9001/14/2015

Zsalynn has done amazing. I think she is a likely candidate for gaining the weight back though. Her downcast demeanor is from eating less sugars. Her brain got used to the flood of sugary floods she ate over decades and is now starved. If she gets hooked again by sugary foods again it will be all over for her weight loss.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 9101/14/2015


People this obese are like alcoholics and heroin addicts.Of course they have a chance of relapsing.

I have to give Zsalynn's props though because it would have been so easy to give up with such and ass wipe of a husband. I doubt I could trudge on when every step I made was being belittled and sabataged.

She wanted to get better for her little girl.

The only thing I don't like about the show is the doctor. He has the worse bedside manner. He is so gruff and never praises them even when they have lost large sums of weight.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 9201/14/2015

I'm watching the "Where are they now?" episode now with the Hispanic lady I mentioned up thread (Olivia - she has a twin named Olga, and I couldn't remember either name when I originally posted about her). I'm really impressed with how well she's doing, and that she's not relapsing even though her mother died.

I haven't seen the Zsalynn episode yet. It's on the DVR. I'll get there probably tomorrow.

I'll tell you what - these people are really impressive. What they are doing is hard. Yes, they got themselves into it, but what an amazing effort to take it off!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 9301/15/2015

[quote]but he places the blame squarely on the obese teen in question.

Holy shit R88 I saw that episode a couple months back.

"Pizza, cake, cookies!"

It's amazing that a doctor would talk to a child like that.

But then we were suppose to have sympathy for the jockey who was starving himself to keep his weight down.

I was always fat and my family doctor never said anything about my weight.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 9401/15/2015

R94, I haven't seen the whole episode - where did you find it? Cozi TV was running the show for a while, and I watched for that episode, but never saw it. Now Cozi seems to have pulled Welby...

I was frankly shocked when I saw that clip though. I'm not old enough to have been around back then (born 1969), but I wondered if that was typical.

Not in your experience, then?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 9501/16/2015

[quote]where did you find it?

There's a Canadian station called VisionTV that has been airing it at 4PM weekdays.

As for my experience I was fat as a kid and my doctor never said anything about my weight, even when I was an adult. I'm not sure if it's because I'm male, or Canadian, or he was African, I don't know. But he never said anything about anyone's weight and from other people I've talked to my age their experiences were the same with their own doctors.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 9601/16/2015

Ah, ok R94. I was hoping it was on some random US station and I just hadn't found it yet.

Yeah, it seemed fairly harsh. Not my experience, but I'm younger than the show.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 9701/17/2015

I caught the show last night with the young woman named Billie Jo. I really felt sorry for her (and for her husband to some extent), she appeared so sad. She seemed like she very adamant about keeping her weight and diet under control once she started losing.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 9802/26/2015

Please say somebody saw the March 25th episode with Charity !!! I have been watching every episode since the series started and without question Charity was by far...The most unbelievable !! Her body defies description. Her ass had two huge rectangular fat formations which hovered past her hips and into surrounding space !! Additionally Charity had a 57 pound tumor hanging from her one leg and open sores that refused to heal. Also her daughter was well on her way to matching mom's obesity. It was a nightmare.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 9903/25/2015

Wait, isn't this most of America these days?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 10003/25/2015

R99 Her ass was like a car spoiler. The cases have gotten more severe in the last few weeks. The two good things about Charity is she admitted she had a problem and wanted to take action to change it by throwing away bad food. The more I watch this show the more I wonder how someone can get so out of control.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 10103/25/2015

[quote]Her body defies description. Her ass had two huge rectangular fat formations which hovered past her hips and into surrounding space !!

[quote]> Her ass was like a car spoiler.


I once saw a young woman on the bus, and I swear to god she had the biggest ass I've ever seen in my life. I mean, I'm obese, and I've known a lot of fat people in my life, and this girl's body was astonishing. Her ass was easily 75% of her body mass!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 10203/25/2015

Charity, she had wings off her ass. And I couldn't believe she wore that short dress on the ambulance, her crotch and ass were hanging out of it.

Article about her and her 21 year old fiancée

by Lynn Redgrave reply 10303/25/2015

I've only started watching this latest season and have actually felt sorry for a lot of these people. I felt really bad for the woman a few episodes ago who said she started gaining weight around 11 years old after she had been molested by a cousin on several years. Having said that, are many of the women's partners "feeders"? A few have admitted that they like big woman and are happy to provide them with whatever food they want.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 10403/26/2015

R85, Good for them that they were actually willing to go to OA and wanted to eat more sensibly. I've tried to be friends with very heavy people. I heard constant bragging about how much food they could consume, and how everyone made chairs that were just too small.

The DL Troll who keeps trying to insult me writing absurd lies is well over 350 lbs. I once tried to help him. His response, "I hate that shit oatmeal and lentil soup that you eat." Then he'd drink a whole bottle of vodka and claim he could handle it, breaking the bottle on the floor.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 10503/26/2015

This show is a guilty pleasure for me. Along with Intervention and of course Hoarders.

The families are terrible. Some of the people on the show can barely walk. Considering the volume of food they have to eat to maintain their weight - the families have to be providing it.

I also don't believe the abuse stories - feels like it is planted by the producers.

The doctor is hilarious. Telling a 600 lb person they have to eat less. Or telling family members not to enable the 600 lb person. Sort of like telling someone who is clinically depressed to snap out of it.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 10603/26/2015

I checked Youtube to see if there was video of this Charity and her ass. No luck, but they had a short clip of her on the couch and my jaw dropped at the sight of her leg(s). OMG

by Lynn Redgrave reply 10703/26/2015

I just checked my TiVo.

The Charity episode will be repeated twice on Wednesday night.

8pE/7pC and 1aE/12aC

by Lynn Redgrave reply 10803/26/2015

Did she have wings (car spoiler) coming off her ass, or were the wings her actual ass? The skin was stretched like they could rip loose. I was cringing but couldn't look away.

there has to be something wrong with that 21 year old fiancée. I know he probably gets money for being her caretaker but who would fool around sexually with her?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 10903/26/2015

So do morbidly obese people make toilet clogging bms?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 11003/27/2015

I actually screamed when I saw those fat " wings "...!!! The way they seemed to pulsate when she moved was the stuff of nightmares. This episode { Sweet Charity } should be mandatory viewing for all DL participants.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 11103/27/2015

R109 - they were lipomas.

They are like fat tumors that develop and grow between muscles and skin.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 11203/27/2015

Can't they just amputate that third leg? Are there too many nerves and blood vessels to do that?

I noticed her breasts aren't unusually large considering her size. That's probably why she's still alive, they're not crushing her lungs.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 11303/27/2015

There was this huge gal who wore pigtails who looked like she had no ankles. It looked like she was walking on stubs, it was hilarious watching her walk.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 11403/27/2015

R1/2 are referring to Penny from Elkton, Maryland who got into a wheelchair on Halloween to accompany son, Liam, and husband Trick or Treating. She refuses to go on the eating program.

The doctor never reminds families they're responsible for supplying the patient with the food that got them to 600 pounds. Many of them need to lose poundage.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 11503/27/2015

I've seen the show and as far as I've seen, only one woman pretty much refused all attempts by the doctor to get her on track. All the other shows show that the people lose hundreds of pounds and even are able to get the skin surgery the absolutely need.

Eating is an addiction, some people overcome their addictions, some do not and they die from them.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 11603/27/2015

I feel sorry for anyone who goes back to the food addiction, it has to be devastating. When an alcoholic falls off the wagon they just have to sober up and go to a few meetings but a food addict, sometimes has to start from the very beginning.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 11703/27/2015

r94/5, the show airs on TLC. Next episodes on Monday, March 30. Melissa 7:00-9:00PM, Laura 9:00-10PM ET.

Melissa first aired on October 22, 2012. Laura originally seen on March 18, 2015.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 11803/27/2015

Someone earlier in the thread said the surgeries were covered by insurance. Most of the people look like they wouldn't have private insurance (I could be wrong, of course). Would TLC cover the surgeries?

If TLC is paying, maybe that's why they allow themselves to be filmed in the shower, having someone clean them, and in Charity's case, sitting on the toilet (!)

I watch the show but I have mixed feeling about it, it is exploitative but it seems like this is the only way for them to get help.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 11903/27/2015

I liked Amber, she followed everything the doctor suggested and is succeeding. Her brother, Omar, accompanied her to Houston, went on walks with her every day. Always optomistic about her furture.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 12003/27/2015

One man said he had insurance with his wife's work. If she left him he would have no insurance.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 12103/27/2015

And boy was he a whiny bitch.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 12203/27/2015

Is saw it R99. I've been watching this show from the beginning, as well as the previous show with Dr. Now and his son performing surgeries, but Charity was the first patient that actually grossed me out. And that's coming from a fatty who has seen my own body.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 12303/27/2015

A couple of things about Penny. She has a public facebook page. If you scroll through her pics there you can see that her husband Edgar has clearly lost a lot of weight since her surgery. From what I understand her disability payments are because of a lung infection she had in 2007, not her weight. She should be re-evaluated, as Dr. Now said she does not need oxygen. Now I see she's hoarding food with her couponing. Edgar is clearly enraged at her and will not be responsible for his actions at some point.

On a side note, she actually has some pictures of People of Walmart on her Facebook page.

I have a friend whose mom is huge and he struggles with not being able to help her. She has a job and takes care of herself, but she's probably near 400 pounds. He's actually very thin, but it's a constant battle for him. He told me once that he never feels full, never. I can't even imagine how awful that must be for him. I feel much more compassionate towards his mom knowing this.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 12403/27/2015

I do think Charity was probably the saddest thing I had ever seen but she was brave and I think she did get at least one growth taken off.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 12503/27/2015

Many of the people around the 600 pounders are also very heavy and I wonder that the doctor doesn't ask them if they want the surgery?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 12603/27/2015

Charity's daughter was well on her way to morbid obesity. I would be very surprised if the Dr DID NOT mention something to her her. This peek into how people live, the empty ,depressing ,personality free homes, the diet consisting entirely of junk food and the lack of education and ambition is becoming the norm in America. No wonder this country is going to hell.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 12703/27/2015

In my opinion the fact that about the only jobs we can get now are in fast food restaurants or Walmart, it's a major problem. And not only are they bad paying jobs, they strip you of all your dignity. Freezing your pay at a certain level and then firing you for absolutely no reason. I've seen it happen, no matter how hard you work, you will never get a raise after you reach what they think is your limit and then they start the process of getting rid of you. They want to hire a new person and pay them minimum wage. Smart people catch on to the game pretty quickly...with no rewards, they lose their incentive.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 12803/27/2015

How do these women keep these boyfriends

by Lynn Redgrave reply 12903/28/2015

If I were a fat person looking to have some help in losing weight and saw the doctor who was going to help me come into the room, I have a feeling I would say: "Thanks, but no thanks."

Dumpy, overweight, that dyed Elvis wannabe hair and the barely understandable voice would not inspire confidence in me.

This is the guy who is going to lecture me on watching my diet? Pass. Next!

I could have lived my whole life without seeing Charity inching down on that port-a-potty. I also have a hunch that when Charity is otherwise occupado, the BF might be trying to get with the daughter when she is in between a mouthful of a large pizza slice with everything and ordering a large pizza with everything.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 13003/28/2015

[quote]the BF might be trying to get with the daughter

That's what I thought too R130. He seemed to have a closer relationship with the daughter than with the mother. This is the South, after all.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 13103/28/2015

Post 103...{ This is the guy who is going to lecture me on watching my diet? Pass. Next!}

Oh Mary...must all your Doctors be pretty ? Silly piss pot.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 13203/28/2015

Dr. Now's son is the producer and doing quite well.

It amazes how Dr. N seems so dedicated Not much of a personallity though

by Lynn Redgrave reply 13303/28/2015

[quote]It amazes how Dr. N seems so dedicated

Very true R133.

He was a vascular surgeon who decided to start doing these surgeries on morbidly obese people because no one else would do it.

Personally I don't find his bedside manner all that bad. A lot of these people are acting like children and need an authority figure to set them straight. And I write that as a fatty myself.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 13403/29/2015

Penny is a lost cause. She will be dead soon anyway. What a manipulative bitch she was.

The women always have a man taking care of them too.

I like Amber too. She was intelligent and understood her issues. I also loved when she was taken through the airport on a luggage cart because she broke the wheelchair. She looked like a siren on the bow of a ship!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 13503/29/2015

But but Penny can wash her own pussy now.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 13603/29/2015

Obviously the doctor is a great many doctors would take a chance on doing surgery on those people? I'm surprised most of them don't just end up in the morgue.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 13703/29/2015

R132, when referring to a previous post type R and the number (as I did here) so we can click and read the post. Yours should look like this R103. Thanks.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 13803/29/2015

There's a 60-year woman in my building who must weigh 400. Takes car service to work every day. Knows every subway station with elevators. Has no interest in losing weight. Says she too old to lose weight.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 13903/29/2015

Dr.Now is polite to all the patients. Knows that badgering them wont help them. I remember one of his patients dying while in the hospital. A woman with three kids.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 14003/29/2015

R124, Edgar and Liam should leave. The promise of getting Liam back might motivate her to get with the program.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 14103/29/2015

Sadly I think Penny is too far gone. A couple of weeks ago that was really rude woman on. Her poor son had to follow her around like a dog.

Total 700 lb cunt

by Lynn Redgrave reply 14203/29/2015

Penny looks thin compared the others now. Why doesn't doctor now do you skin surgery on her thighs so she can walk with ease .

There Is something up with that

by Lynn Redgrave reply 14303/29/2015

R139 That is unfortunate.

R130 Many times the people who are the best at what they do don't look the part. It's not about Dr. Now it's about morbidly obese people losing weight.

Penny (last season) and Pauline (this season) are mentally ill. I feel sorry for the people around them. They are weights dragging them down.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 14403/29/2015

R130 { This is the guy who is going to lecture me on watching my diet? Pass. Next!}

Oh Mary...must all your Doctors be pretty ? Silly priss pot.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 14503/29/2015

One of the strangest comments yet was she can wash her own vagina. What a crazy freaking thing to say

I'd love to know what Penny's husband was thinking when the doctor said that Penny was lying abt how much she was eating.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 14603/29/2015

R146, I loved that line! I can wash my own vagina now! Hysterics ensue. Meanwhile she was jiggling her are fat and saying this is just hanging off me. Then she tried to blame the scales! Penny is such an unintentional comedienne.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 14703/30/2015

He was a cry baby, r122 but he seemed to straighten himself out. Probably ended up divorcing his wife and finding another.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 14803/30/2015

I think the last ep i'm speaking of this woman named charity. She was 700 pounds and Dr N hated her. Her poor son was at her beckon and call.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 14903/30/2015

Good Lord!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 15003/30/2015

I haven't seen the show but watched the clip at R107, and I was shocked at how nice Charity's skin is. No lesions, no bad stretch marks or spots of fungus. That's really surprising to me.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 15103/30/2015

R148 his wife divorced him and he married a woman he had only been dating for a couple of months. I'm sure that will end well.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 15203/30/2015

R151...' and I was shocked at how nice Charity's skin is. No lesions, no bad stretch marks or spots of fungus. That's really surprising to me.'

I guess you missed the part about the giant, raw, weeping ulcers festering deep within the massive folds of her grotesque flesh..She kept a rolled bath towel wedged in it to collect pus. From working in a nursing home for almost 10 years , I can tell you ...where's there is puss...there is fowl Odor. Puss is essentially dead skin cells.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 15303/30/2015

I think he was being facetious R153.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 15403/30/2015

R154, are you saying the marriage he had at the time of his surgery...had only briefly been his wife?

I think he is really gay but I still don't believe this man will ever have a hard time finding a wife.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 15503/30/2015

R153 pus smells like chicken?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 15603/30/2015

I forget their names but the last episode I saw, I think was the worst. I thought it was Charity but I could be wrong.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 15703/30/2015

Come on, none of these people can hold a candle (or a cigarette) to the Smoking a Baby for insane parenting.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 15803/30/2015

[quote] Her poor son was at her beckon and call.

Her what?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 15903/30/2015

Penny and Pauline were equally loathsome. Both have imprisoned their families to be caregivers. Pauline's son had to give up college and gets money from the government. It was so obvious he is in very deep depression.

As for the Dr., the obvious reason why he doesn't suggest surgery for the family members is that they aren't his patients. If he has such a hard time with people who come to him voluntarily, imagine what it would be like for those who don't ask for his help.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 16003/30/2015

I think the baby was a serious smoker in it's past life and it still remembered that life, IMO. Probably the parents first let it smoke because they thought it was cute, then they let it smoke so that it wouldn't cry.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 16103/30/2015

I have arthritis and if I get more than 20 lbs overweight I hurt all over, especially my joints. These people must have arthritis, their joints are bearing tremendous weight just sitting in bed. How can people like this "exercise," wash themselves or do anything that involves bending?

I saw one of these shows where the woman was down to maybe 350. I'm sure she feels much better and lighter. But that's still not without shortness of breath and joint pain, no matter how much better it is comparatively. These people must have very enlarged hearts and congestive heart failure.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 16203/30/2015

Watching the new "Laura" episode. Yes, some of these folks (men and women) are some real complainers and whiners. "Oh, it hurts!" Honey, you got people washing you like a damn car and you're bitching and moaning. She's a 600-lb baby.

Partner Joey seems caring and patient but, yep, another enabler. Probably 'cause it's just easier to get her the ice cream and candy then listen to her infantile whine...

by Lynn Redgrave reply 16303/30/2015

I've noticed that too R163. A lot of these patients seem trapped in childhood, very infantile.

I really noticed it with Joe, he seemed like a 12 year old being polite and courteous to the grown-ups around him.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 16403/30/2015

But when she wanted to change, he cooked good foods for her.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 16503/30/2015

It seems that many have a history of being sexually abused as children. That might explain the need to cover themselves in fat and remaining child-like.

I'm fascinated what the human body is capable of sustaining. And there must be some add'l genetic component that allows these folks to achieve that level of obesity. I don't think everyone can attain it.

But clearly the family abuse continues (from when they were a child). It's not possible to get that fat w/o enablers.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 16603/31/2015

Why are we so fat?

Processed foods. GMO's. Years of years of exposure to BPAs that accumulate in the body and mess up your hormones. The "soy mIlk is healthy so drink gallons of it" fad and get overdoses of estrogen. Having no quality of life and working all the time. Artificial lighting that prohibits the Vitamin D process. No time to exercise. No time to relax. No unscheduled time. No time to cook from scratch. The poor quality of food. Eating out of season stuff from other hemispheres and continents. Fruits and veggies that have been genetically modified to never spoil, which mean they lack enzymes, which prevents them from being utilized by your body. Addictive chemicals in any storebought food that causes your body to feel unsatisfied and crave more and more. Shows that normalize being really fat, like the show referenced in this thread (the "at least I'm not that fat, so I must be normal"). Toxic overload in food, coupled with it being devoid of nutrients or anything recognizable to your body, causes your body to store it in fat cells, because su dermal and visceraland fat keeps it from getting stored in organs and causing damage there. Despite how much food has increased in price, it's still the cheapest form of entertainment and self-soothing people might still be able to afford. Frankly, it's amazing we're not ALL 600 pounds.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 16703/31/2015

I feel guilty watching it, because TLC has THE DUGGARS on...any network promoting the idea of having nineteen kids, is disgusting.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 16803/31/2015

Best book on weight ever.

"The Overfed Head".


This plus, what post 167 says, is the solution.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 16903/31/2015

The Charity episode was the ultimate. I seriously almost threw up. Each of her butterfly fat tumors that grew off her ass weighed 30 lbs. Any updates on her?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 17004/02/2015

Tonight featured Marla who weighs close to 800 lbs. Like many of the patients featured, she frequently complained about pain after the surgery and refused to stand or walk around and copped an attitude with Dr. Now.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 17104/08/2015

Is Chay transgender?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 17204/08/2015

Fiona, Fiona, why are you so fat? Fiona, Fiona, no 12 year old should look like that! She's fat, but not the cuddly kind, She's got the personality of a porcupine, Fiona, Fiona, why are you so fat? (She's fat!) Fiona, Fiona, why are you so fat? (Really fat!) 🎶

by Lynn Redgrave reply 17304/08/2015

Marla is so b***k. Foul behavior after foul behavior and self righteous all the time. It looks like she got to Dr. Now because he gained a noticeable amount of weight when she was in the hospital. When he walked in the room at the five month mark I was shocked at his appearance. I don't have hope for her and I don't care. She brought down Dr. Now who many depend on for life-saving surgery. Marla made the excuse that she got fat because she was kidnapped. We saw her family and they all were incredibly overweight. I think it's the culture of her family that brought her to obesity.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 17404/08/2015

I think Charity was a big success, had a baby and started counseling other people. It was hard to believe she could ever be anything like normal weight but she got down to around 200 lbs., I think.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 17504/08/2015

I usually have at least a modicum of pity for most of the patients, but I really wanted someone to haul off and let Marla have it. It was encouraging that she eventually got out of bed and stood on her own, but it was several months after her surgery (twelve months in total from the start of the episode) and after she still had her daughter waiting on her.

One thing always gets me curious and it's probably been asked and answered but... how do these people manage to pay for the surgery? Is it covered by insurance? And even if the surgery is covered, patients like Marla apparently stay at the hospital for close to a week before they're discharged because they're "recuperating".

by Lynn Redgrave reply 17604/08/2015

Marla was DEEP FRYING food in her BED !! It was a Datalouge dream come true ! Judging from the rampant obesity in her family, I would imagine that her kidnapping excuse had little to do with her current enormous weight. Her sister was almost as large as Marla. She seemed incredibly lazy and was content to do nothing but sit ,eat and have people wait on her hand and foot. Marla was one of the few featured on this program that I seriously did not care if she lived or died.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 17704/08/2015

The Chay episode was very moving and I had nothing but sympathy for him. His voiceovers were very sensitive and diary like. His grandmother died in the episode but he ended up getting his shit together. He was one of the few this season that wasn't a disgusting idiot.

In Marla's episode when she lifted her leg up so her daughter could wash her vagina with a rag, I damn near barfed.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 17804/08/2015

Marla was 800 pounds. I'm waiting to see if the show can break the one-ton mark.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 17904/09/2015

Ricky is on now, he was 900 lbs. It's so sad but if I were 600 pounds, I would never have the strength or the faith to even try to lose the weight, I'd probably rather just shoot myself in the head.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 18004/09/2015

This show is heartbreaking and repulsive... all at the same time.

Most of them were cute kids, but they don't even seem willing to make little changes.

It's all fried foods, nachos, and pure junk.

A piece of fruit, a vegetable, or a grain never makes it into the house.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 18104/09/2015

Had to bump this thread. I love this show but watch with some morbid superiority (like Hoarders makes me feel like a neat freak, 600 Pound Life makes me feel like thin super model).

My favorite 600 Pounder, was Chuck in Texas. He was the one who had the surgery and before he was recovered his wife decided to have the surgery as well. He turned to overeating after his first wife was murdered.

He and his wife had a very interesting dynamic. He was a jerk towards her until she shoved divorce papers at him, then he cried like a baby. She had her moments too where she could be rotten to him as well.

I found him on FB and he and the wife divorced and he remarried last year, but it appears he may be not with his new wife anymore because he deleted that he had gotten married from his timeline. Interesting character.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 18204/15/2015

I have known a very obese person but he ate vegetables and fruit, he ate everything. He didn't become actually obese until he was past 60. He had been active, a hard worker but always a foodie. I'm not sure what happened to make him give himself entirely over to eating.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 18304/15/2015

r175 you have the wrong person, I think you are talking about Melissa

by Lynn Redgrave reply 18404/16/2015

Chey dressed like a woman and was feminine but they didn't address that. Chey reads social media so he knew all the right stuff to say for his episode.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 18504/16/2015

r182 - "don't do me like that!" I can still hear Chuck crying in the truck and saying that to his wife.

Chuck had an update show which showed him with his new wife who was a clone of the former wife. Interesting that they may not be together any more...

by Lynn Redgrave reply 18604/17/2015

r178 - I had to look away when Marla was doing the splits so her daughter could wash her crotch. NASTINESS!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 18704/17/2015

I love this show. How about pauline and son Dylan. Omg Poor guy. His mom has ruined him for life

by Lynn Redgrave reply 18804/17/2015

r188 - poor Dylan is just a whipped puppy. There are articles out there about Pauline before the show, she was trying for the world record for fattest and was bragging about how much sex she got. BLECH

by Lynn Redgrave reply 18904/17/2015

You know Henry died. He was huge black bus driver. He died driving the bus and killed someone. Last name is Foote I think

by Lynn Redgrave reply 19004/17/2015

Yeah that was sad R190. Henry worked so hard to get healthy only to die like that.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 19104/17/2015

R40 a lot of those men have serious control issues and are very insecure. Better to have a fat wife unable to leave the house then a svelte wife who is mobile and could possibly see leave his ass for another man. They are the same as abusive men who cut their wives off socially, which is one of the warning signs they tell women.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 19204/17/2015

TLC Stocks Up On ‘My 600-lb Life’

by Lisa de Moraes, April 17, 2015 8:26am

TLC announced today the renewal of My 600-lb Life, which it says follows “the transformational journeys of individuals each weighing over 600 pounds and attempting to regain control of their lives.” TLC notes Season 3’s 1.2 rating among women 25-54 was its highest date in that demo. The series averaged 1.4 million viewers overall; if you missed the drama, you can catch the reruns weekdays at 11 AM ET.

TLC has ordered, from Megalomedia, 10 more episodes of “compelling weight loss” for Q1 2016. Each one-hour episode tracks a year in the life of one morbidly obese person undergoing gastric bypass surgery and grappling with “the highs and lows of struggling with addiction and dependence.”

In the first half of 2014, TLC had 25 series averaging at least 1 million total viewers, including six that averaged 2 million viewers or more: The Little Couple, 19 Kids And Counting, Return To Amish, Sister Wives, Long Island Medium and 90 Day Fiancé. The network is part of Discovery Communications and available in more than 95 million homes in the U.S. and 352 million households in 185 markets internationally.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 19304/17/2015

Great to hear the show is renewed. Does anyone remember the documentary series TLC showed years ago of a New York hospital for morbidly obese people? I think TLC should make that a show too or have the same concept in another hospital.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 19404/17/2015

How many 600 pound people are there? Aren't they going to run out of eligible people soon?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 19504/17/2015

I remember that show R194.

The doctor decided to separate the patients--those who adhere to the diet and those who were sneaking food into the hospital.

Very sad.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 19604/17/2015

[quote]I guess you missed the part about the giant, raw, weeping ulcers

Yeah, I did. Like I said, I only saw a small clip, and in that clip her legs looked like there were no lesions or varicose veins or anything, which was astonishing to me.

Finding out that she DID have skin ulcers doesn't surprise me.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 19704/17/2015

I don't think I saw Henry. How old was he when he died?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 19804/17/2015

R185 I thought Chey was a woman too, at the beginning of the show. He had a woman's voice and if you noticed when he went grocery shopping he had a purse with him.

R186 I forgot about "Don't do me like that." LOL. And the latest wife looked so much like his previous wife that the Daily Mail published the picture and the caption read that "Chuck and Nissa renewed their vows." That wasn't Nissa in the wedding pic. Opps.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 19904/17/2015

How long did it take the authorities to find Marla's fiancé/stalker? She said her weight had been normal then ballooned up to 700 lbs by the time he was caught. Even with stress eating and reduction in activity 500 + lbs is a lot to gain.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 20004/17/2015

Is there a link somewhere to full episodes of this show? the TLC website only has clips and I found nothing on Youtube. Thanks in advance.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 20104/17/2015

R201 there are some On Demand if you have that.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 20204/17/2015

R201 unfortunately, Discovery Communications is a company that does not allow it's shows to be aired online in full. They must hire people to keep an eye on Youtube, Mediaone make sure no one uploads any of their shows online.

So if you're looking for a show from TLC, Discovery, Animal Planet won't find them online.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 20304/17/2015

I'm watching the rerun with Amber. As with many of the patients, I do feel sorry for her because she seems like a genuinely nice young lady. But talk about an enabling environment with her parents and boyfriend. And once again, we hear how a partner like "heavier women". But Amber is so big, she actually has sores. I'm surprised she didn't have more serious health issues besides the obesity.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 20404/18/2015

R201, Nope. There's not even any on the pirated sights. You just have to catch them on TLC.

The fatties that lie and don't follow the diet or even try to lose weight on the show piss me off. I think they should be euthanized. Several of them are stealing the lives of their children. It's not right for a teenage boy to have to wipe his mother's ass and wash her cunt. If they refuse to follow the doctor's diet and walk or get exercise then just put a bullet through their brains and be done with it.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 20504/18/2015

They are having a marathon tonight (Saturday)

by Lynn Redgrave reply 20604/18/2015

R18. The man was named Michael Hebranko. He had to be cut out of his house in Brooklyn at least three times to be taken by ambulance to a hospital. He would lose massive amounts of weight, but always gain it back plus more. In the end he was in some obesity clinic and he still wouldn't lose weight. His poor heart finally gave out and he died a year or two ago.

He seemed to truly be a nice, gentle giant. R.I.P.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 20704/18/2015

If you go on YouTube there is at least 2 men who literally sat down in a chair and never got up again. They gained so much weight from the time they sat down they could not move. They could not clean themselves and nobody was doing it for them. The shit literally just kept piling up. One of the men's flesh melded to the fabric on the chair. Both men had to have the walls of their house knocked down to be able to get them out. One of them died at the hospital. The other one lived for at least a while. Who the fuck keeps feeding these fatties when then get this big? If they can't get out the chair then they obviously aren't starving or else they would lose weight. So somebody keeps feeding them.

Here's the news segment on the guy who melded to the chair.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 20804/18/2015

How many DL posters will be profiled?

Will they be able to get them out of mom's basement?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 20904/18/2015

I hit 300 lb. two weeks ago and my doctor said I needed to make serious changes. I'm on Weight Watchers as my insurance won't pay for bariatric surgery. My doctor isn't hot on it, even though Fletcher Allen Medical Center is a center for bariatrics. He said of twenty patients from his group practice, only 4 have managed to keep the weight off after two years.

When I get to 250, I'm getting a bike (can't afford a fat guy's bike). Trying my best, but at 58 it is tough. Just from two weeks on WW, I had an attack of gout. We'll see. Sigh.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 21004/18/2015

R210, Have you heard of medical tourism? Every year thousands of Americans go to places like Tijuana to have weight loss surgery. You can get gastric sleeve surgery for $4,500, which includes a hotel stay. All you have to pay extra is your plane ticket and money to tip. So altogether it could run you as low as $5,500. Compare that to the out of pocket fee of about $15-$30 thousand in the states.

You might think it's substandard care but I can assure you they use the exact same medical equipment and do everything just like in the states. In fact, many people say the care in Mexico is better than in the U.S. Most of the doctors there have been trained in the U.S. I would strongly recommend you look into it.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 21104/18/2015

[quote]He said of twenty patients from his group practice, only 4 have managed to keep the weight off after two years.

That's interesting. It sounds like weight watchers is a better plan. In a way it's the only solution, i.e. if you have surgery and DON'T learn the habits that weight watchers teaches, odds are (80% using your doctor's data) that you'll gain back the weight.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 21204/18/2015

R212, Weight watchers is only temporary. Most people can't even afford it and have to stop. The only option that has statistically been proven to keep weight off for an average of at least 5 years is weight loss surgery. Everything else and they regain it and more within 1-2 years.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 21304/18/2015

r213, your statistics are belied by the doctor's statistics referred to in r210. Of 20 of his patients who had surgery, only 4 didn't gain the weight back.

My point wasn't an endorsement of WW per se. I meant to say unless you change your behavior and understand your motivations you are likely to resume old habits and gain back the weight.

Weight watchers is one way to change old habits. Surgery will not change old ingrained habits/patterns.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 21404/18/2015

R214, That's not how a study works. You need large numbers of people. There have been studies on weight loss and so far weight loss surgery patients keep off the weight longer than other methods.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 21504/18/2015

OK fair enough r215. So where are the studies that prove your point?

Links please.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 21604/18/2015

R216, Here's one. There are plenty others. Just Google it.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 21704/18/2015

TLC has renewed this show for a 4th season. It will air next year and will begin with 5 episodes focusing on the 10 patients from season 3 and their year 2 progress. And then 10 new episodes will follow.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 21804/18/2015

Looking forward to new ep. Love Dr Now💋

by Lynn Redgrave reply 21904/19/2015

How do these people - none of whom look wealthy, let's face it - afford all this fast food? They are all eating fast food all the time instead of cooking/having someone cook for them with groceries already in the house. I can't stop thinking about that.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 22001/31/2016

R220 I think a lot of them are to hungry to wait for food to be cooked. I think many of them can't fit in or walk to the kitchen. I wonder if they don't keep much food in the house in an effort to avoid eating and then lose their will and get fast food.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 22101/31/2016

But how can they afford it? They're not working. They're obviously on disability and instead of stretching it by getting groceries and making their own meals, they waste it on expensive fast food and it's definitely expensive when you're eating as much of it as they are.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 22201/31/2016

One episode had a woman who began gaining the weight when her son died five years ago. The show ended with her and her daughter sending what looked like 25+ balloons into the sky to honor him. Ugh. How do people still believe that sending that crap into the sky is not fucking up the environment? Or don't they care?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 22301/31/2016

I too am confused about how these people afford the food. Either they are at fast food or buying half the grocery store. I think there was one case where I think a husband worked a skilled trade that pays reasonably well, but most don't appear to work.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 22403/03/2016

Lupe omg.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 22504/18/2016

I've been watching the Where Are They Now editions and almost all of them gain weight back, it is so discouraging. At least most of them are mobile now. But none of them looks attractive except for maybe Christine because she is young.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 22604/25/2016

I can't LIVE without won tons

by Lynn Redgrave reply 22712/08/2016

People like this are why Obamacare was doomed from the start.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 22812/08/2016

The new season looks HORRIFYING!! There is a trailer at the link...

People being hosed off like animals on their porch! All kinds of growths and fungus on the skin! Obese twins!!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 22912/26/2016

R224 - go to the WalMart website and look for items like corn dogs, burritos, noodles, spaghetti, American cheese....Or go the store and check out the parts of the frozen food section where you have never shopped before.

Then go to fast food websites and check prices and calories.

If all you are looking for is high fat, corn syrup, sodium and calories - it isn't expensive to eat more than 10.000 calories of food a day.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 23012/26/2016

A secretary at my work has been out for the last three months and most likely will not return. She had THREE surgeries and wouldn't follow any of the post-op care directions. Ignored it all. Ate whatever, whenever she wanted. Zero exercise. Her last surgery was this past summer. This time, her health deteriorated rapidly. She was hospitalized for more than a month, had to be fed through an IV because her body was losing weight too quickly. Her family thought she was going to die because even the IV wasn't working for a while. She pulled through and is home now but can't return to work because she's too weak. And the Facebook bitching that insurance won't cover any of her medical expenses has begun. I just want to scream at her, "YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF." Her sister, who also had the surgery (only once) has become super-vigilant about taking her vitamins and drinking her protein shakes. She actually looks fabulous for her age. I didn't even realize she'd had surgery cause she looked so...normal.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 23112/26/2016

r231 that is good she looks "normal". Usually after surgery they all get that look on their face like they are dried up or something

by Lynn Redgrave reply 23212/26/2016

It's so disturbing to me to see the husband enabling. I believe it's not just a sexual fetish for fat women, or even a fear of losing a skinny woman to a better man - it's a need for control. You see it all the time on this show where the woman loses weight and the man loses interest (like the woman Melissa? who only wanted a baby). He wants someone to be COMPLETELY dependent on him, wherein he determines whether she is clean or not, is fed or not, is happy or not, and is alive or dead. I cannot explain why family members (especially parents) can do this however - I honestly cannot explain it.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 23312/26/2016

My family would never let me lie in bed while they brought me food, let alone bathed me and wiped my ass. People cannot get this fat without enablers.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 23412/26/2016

Pauline is going into some sort of septic shock? #watching

by Lynn Redgrave reply 23512/28/2016

Pauline's helping the rescued animals. Good for her....

by Lynn Redgrave reply 23612/28/2016

I absolutely love my 600 pounders. ALL of them.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 23712/28/2016

Those photos at R229's link -- oh sweet, fat Jesus!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 23812/28/2016

The human body is amazing. This really is a bad genetics plus bad habits storm. They have "thrifty genes" from the Paleolithic. Able to conserve in time of want, famine, whatever.

Unfortunately, that doesn't work now. And add on mental issues and super enabling families. I mean, as someone mentioned upstream, some of these folks are growing extra limbs to store the fat! They have an uphill battle to be healthy-size then add on general dysfunctional dynamics.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 23912/28/2016

Those twins are my favorite. The one w her hair pulled back is definitely a dike

by Lynn Redgrave reply 24001/16/2017

DL loves the fatties!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 24101/16/2017

Oh come on. It's a great show

by Lynn Redgrave reply 24201/16/2017

I think there are a few different factors for the enabling families. Firstly, addicts are pretty good at manipulating people. They guilt trip and cry or get mad, the enabler just gives in to avoid conflict. Second, enabling creeps up on you. You help someone once and then they keep asking more often. If you're not great with setting boundaries it's easy to fall into the trap. Thirdly, a lot the families are obese themselves. They'd have to change their eating habits as well and they're not ready to. It can be comforting to have someone fatter around.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 24301/16/2017

Some of them just have NO idea about what's "good" food and what isn't. I've seen one (not from my 600lb life, but from "my half ton mom" or something) where this Haitian born woman honestly believed that food had nothing to do with her weight gain. The doctor prescribed her appetite suppressants and gave her a program where they literally delivered food to her door. She took all of the pills in one go and whispered to the camera (giggling) saying "yes I took them, I hope to lose 150lb this month". She refused to eat her food because "it's water in there, not grease!" and begged her five daughters to buy her deep fried meat.

Another lady was told by Dr Now after her surgery "you're on a strict diet now, no fat and no sugar". She went home and said "I'm eating really good now, I've got all of these yoghurts that I've been having". She then was given a nutritionist to come over and say things like "these cereals are full of sugar" and "the egg white is better than the yolk" and she rolled her eyes and laughed at the lady with her husband.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 24402/17/2017

The last one I saw, don't remember her name, went through a fast food drive-thru and was a total bitch to the cashier because she thought she had to wait too long to pick up her order. It was hysterical.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 24502/17/2017

I haven't been watching this season because it's just too fucking depressing. Depressing that they became so fat and depressing that after they're given a chance to lose weight they squander it.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 24602/17/2017

Mmmm. Sammiches.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 24702/17/2017

One thing that strikes me as interesting although I'm sure it's been mentioned before. You hardly see anyone scarfing down huge steaks or candy/cake/cookies. It's all fried food and pizza that seems to be driving the weight.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 24802/17/2017

You're right R248. That Latina chick who broke the toilet in the doctors office used to hide tacos in her purse to eat when her husband wasn't home.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 24902/18/2017

My insurance won't pay for it.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 25002/18/2017

I was under the impression that the show's producers paid for the surgeries.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 25102/21/2017

Weight loss surgery has a higher success rate than dieting because it's a radical procedure that literally alters the way your body handles food. Dieting (should actually be called "lifestyle change") works just as well, but problems arise because too many people do not understand how it actually works: It's not about suddenly starving yourself. It's not about doing it for a couple months so you can go to beach without a shirt on. It's not about gimmicks like Eat Just Watermelon Forever. It's about uprooting your poor relationship with food so you can lead a better life.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 25202/21/2017

People who have that surgery don't all keep the weight off permanently. I've noticed that they age at lightning speed after the weight loss surgery and look drawn and ill. Why is that?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 25302/21/2017

I think a lot of them go back to old eating habits, negating any benefit from the surgery. They're also even more malnourished because if your stomach is smaller and you only eat junk food, you're not getting any nutrients at all.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 25402/22/2017

The thing that gets me about these patients is the amount they eat! How could someone consume 2 WHOLE pizzas or several Big Macs in one meal?

I remember one patient who was in the hospital recuperating from surgery. She had her little bit of food and kept saying she was still hungry. Is part of the problem that they don't have that mechanism to tell them when they're full? Is it the sight of alot of food in front of them that makes them feel more comfortable?

I've heard that part of the problem with gastric bypass/gastric sleeve is that they don't know when they're full/have had enough to eat. Elvis Duran, the Z100 DJ had bariatric surgery. He said he had to careful when he first had the surgery because he could overeat and wind up throwing up.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 25502/22/2017

This show also dispels the notion that heavier people are somehow 'jolly'. A lot of them are nasty fucked-up pieces of work with unbelievable powers of self deception. It's hard to feel sorry for some of them, especially when they treat their families like restaurant servers.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 25602/22/2017

One episode had a 600+ lb. woman, who, whenever she got out of her car would smush into the steering column and make the horn honk.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 25702/22/2017

They should make a show about 600 lb. little people.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 25802/22/2017

R256 that notion is regarding regular fat people, not 600 pounders. Come on let's face it, if a person is so fat they can't move or ever leave the house, that is extreme and will make anyone angry no matter how jovial and good natured they once were.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 25902/24/2017

Before this show, I thought that morbidly obese people all, more or less, looked alike, bodywise. After seeing some of the very strange ways the human body will disperse the weight shows me that was a wrong way of thinking.

The "wings" and the flaps and the concentration of weight mass on some of these people is astounding. I doubt that I will ever get the image of that lady with the wings on top of her ass squatting on the port-a-potty completely out of my brain.

I've noticed that they seem to be reading from some sort of script too. Lots of talk about "working hard" (at not eating) and "getting my life back" and "this time it's different."

by Lynn Redgrave reply 26002/24/2017

I watched the recent Diana episode, and there was actually something likeable about her. I can't quite put my finger on what.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 26102/27/2017

Diana seemed reasonable and kind, at least in comparison to most of them. I thought she was going to be one of those ones that talks nice to the cameras and the doctor but then still goes home and fucks up anyway, but it seemed she was doing the work...

by Lynn Redgrave reply 26202/28/2017

They only follow the subjects for a year. I wonder if they every do update shows about how they do beyond that? Like who's keeping off the weight, who gained, who died?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 26302/28/2017

Clothing is cheap and it all stretches nowadays. Plus there's that whole baggy clothes fad. I remember when i couldnt finish a meal because my pants were too tight at the waist. When I had to unbutton my pants to feel comfortable is when i cut back on my food intake. I didnt really "diet," I just cut back.

Clothing was expensive. I was paying rent in NYC, buying food at inflated prices at supermarkets and didn't have enough money left over to buy a new wardrobe, so gaining more than 10lbs was not an option for me.

Now people just go to Walmart and buy cheap, giant tee shirts and pull-on pants with s-t-r-e-t-c-h waistbands.

When my sister was a young wife with a kid, she obsessively clipped coupons. I went shopping with her a few times and she had coupons for things like meat, milk, cheese. Nowadays all the coupons and bogos are for junk food.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 26402/28/2017

Last week's episode the woman was hosed off on the back porch for her baths.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 26503/11/2017

And their apartment got busted for drugs and the cops made her lift up her fat rolls to check for drugs. I am not kidding...

by Lynn Redgrave reply 26603/12/2017

Nicole was interviewed by some radio shock jock and she actually answered his questions about how she has sex at that size, how it feels to have her boyfriend wipe her ass and bathing outside.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 26703/12/2017

Last night's was the worst/best, it is on again tonight at 8. Dr Now cut him loose.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 26803/16/2017

James K's story was jaw dropping

by Lynn Redgrave reply 26903/16/2017

His legs... OMG

by Lynn Redgrave reply 27003/16/2017

Of course I feel sorry for them and feel sorry for alcoholics too...addictions are horrible.

The problem is their caregivers help get them in such bad shape. And many of their caregivers are very overweight too.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 27103/16/2017

OMG.....I can't even look.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 27203/16/2017

Disgusting, his daughter has to clean him when he craps the bed

by Lynn Redgrave reply 27303/16/2017

Three house fires?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 27403/16/2017

These voice-overs and dramatic re-enactments. Jesus.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 27503/16/2017

6 eggs,6 sausages, biscuits, all covered in gravy

by Lynn Redgrave reply 27603/16/2017

His faith is gon' get him thru.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 27703/16/2017

A lot of insurance plans seem to pay for weight loss surgery, but don't pay for the skin removal after. What do people do then? That must be painful.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 27803/16/2017

Aw! Ma leg!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 27903/16/2017

R279 I was gonna say the same thing. Ow ma leg! Over and over and over again . Good Lord, James' story was unbelievable.

Dr Now was hell no!! Love how he made the house call with his white coat and stethoscope.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 28003/16/2017

This guy was probably the most delusional one they've have yet. He was shockingly selfish--the mom even took the daughter out of school so she could help take care of his mountainous ass. WTF? Who would do that?

I will never understand the enablers in these situations--especially when it's a case like this guy, who's so immobile he can't get out of bed and depends completely on other people to bring him his food. Yes, I realize these people will be throw fits and be very nasty and unpleasant if they don't get their 10,000 calories a day, but the enablers are literally killing them.

The power dynamics in these relationships are so strange and sick. I find it almost unbelievable that a person can be to all intents and purposes powerless--like James, completely immobile and very poor--and yet be able to psychologically manipulate those around them to take care of them 24/7 and provide them with a virtually unlimited supply of junk food. It's so bizarre and creepy.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 28103/16/2017

Yeah...those boils on his leg/foot were horrible.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 28203/16/2017

LMAO at the two physical therapists hauling him to a sitting position then the swelling music to end on a high note

by Lynn Redgrave reply 28303/16/2017

R281 - I don't think that wa his mother. I think that was his girlfriend - she was older but I'm pretty sure it was his gf

by Lynn Redgrave reply 28403/16/2017

Yes, I realize it was was his girlfriend. I said "the mom" because I was referring to her relationship with her daughter. I should have been more clear. The gf did look a lot older than James, however.

I felt sorry for the daughter who dropped out of school and for James' dad, who took out a second mortgage on his house so James could travel to get the surgery. The girlfriend was obviously completely miserable, but that was a misery of her own making.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 28503/16/2017

I don't think I've ever seen a level of delusion higher(so far) than James. He's all:*cheerful voice* Well, I'm glad everythings movin' in the right direction. I'll probably be able to go fishin' by next month.

At one point toward the end, did I hear correctly, when he had that little handle thing that hung from above that he could sort-of pull himself up with, he looked at his arms and was all These guns are gettin' in shape...

And now for a weird comment, I feel like if he know...600 pounds lighter, James had the potential to be handsome. He was a complete fucking trainwreck in every way, but I feel like his face had the potential to be ok looking if he wasn't in the situation he was in..

by Lynn Redgrave reply 28603/17/2017

If you stop and think about it, I mean really think about it, this is fucking insane! There was recently a discussion on that picture some photog took in Somalia or something with a little girl dying of starvation on her way to a food bank and a buzzard is eyeing her, waiting for her to drop...then you watch this fucking tub of shit crying and complaining about his festering sores while his daughter stays out of school to care for him and 3 grown men have to help him hose himself off. It's literally fucking insanity that our country has this shit going on while people in other countries struggle to stay alive, He is fucking gross and so is whoever would breed with him. And why the fuck does is sound like he's reading cue cards when he is telling his own life story? Jesus, just an idiot and a mess.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 28703/18/2017

This picture.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 28803/18/2017

The lady on the last show was the one who should have been yelling Oh Mah Lahgs! Those things were humongous. And her boyfriend was attractive and clean looking. WTF?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 28903/24/2017

I like that lady from The last episode. She seemed alright. She at least wasn't like the fucking retard James.

Her hubby was very handsome and sweet and the end shot with them at the beach was nice.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 29003/24/2017

James looked like a floating head. Even if he tried to walk I imagine he has no muscle mass, he is just one big blob of goo.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 29103/24/2017

Nikki, the costume designer, was one of the most likeable people ever on the show and you could tell she had a really pretty face. She's going to be on an update episode and she looks great.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 29203/24/2017

Dr. Now is a dick too. He sees that the guy (James) cannot loose weight on his own then he keeps him in hospital just too release him again, so he can loose more weight wich wont happen. He should have operated on him, when he was still hospitalized. I know it takes discipline to loose weight even with the bypass, but it would have been much easier and really the only logical option to keep him alive.

But yeah he sucked and his enabler wife. When she brought him the chinese food, I was shocked and then she lied her ass off about the food to dr Now. Feel like she kinda wants him to stay fat or has some psychological damage, that prohibits her from saying NO, even in the eye of death.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 29303/24/2017

Did anyone watch Steven tonight? What a psycho.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 29403/29/2017

Oh my god, r294, I was just coming to say that! What a complete piece of shit, I really can't with these fat fucks anymore. I keep wanting to change the channel but can't. His dad is the worst too. How his dad could believe a 600 pound man will faint from not eating for 2 hours is just ridiculous. And what is with all their teeth? They all have horsey looking caps but they seem to be real. I like his brother much more than him.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 29503/29/2017

Oh and it seems he's a youtube star and seems to do this shit a lot.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 29603/29/2017

His dad ordering pizza for Steven long distance. He should have hung up on him but his dad acted afraid of him. The brother was so beat down and socially inept.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 29703/29/2017

r297 I didn't see the first 30 mins but in the article referenced it said something like Steven has threatened many times to call the cops and accuse his dad of abusing him if he doesn't order him pizza. Instead of installing a camera or telling that fat fuck to go fuck himself, the dad goes along with it. Like how he threatened to go to the hospital if his dad didn't get the pizza for him, why the dad gives a rat's ass is beyond me.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 29803/29/2017

Oh, I'd get him the pizza- and take a huge wet dump on it before closing the box and giving it to the fat monster.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 29903/30/2017

There was a thread on him here when they kicked him out if the other hospital up north. Some DLers felt sorry for him but then someone started posting his you tube videos. Dr. Now is not a dick. The surgery is a tool not a cure like some of these people think. It doesn't mean you can eat what you want. You still have to diet. A lot of time and resources are used. If a person is not going to follow through it is a waste. Many of these people gain the weight back.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 30003/30/2017

OMG. This was the most horrifying episode yet. I hated myself for watching it and yet I couldn't turn away. Steven is a monster and the other brother, Justin, lives such a pathetic life and is in complete denial. They're both crazy as shithouse rats. This is the first episode where I'm rooting for the person to succeed. Steven is such a nasty, monstrously self-centered creep that the world would be better off without him.

I do hope Justin can pull himself together though. He's not terribly likable either but at least he's not a loathsome bully.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 30103/30/2017

Oops. Meant to write: "first episode where I'm *not* rooting for the person to succeed."

by Lynn Redgrave reply 30203/30/2017

The father was funny but a terrible parent, he enabled Steven and ignored Justin. Plus all 3 of them are living off the government.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 30303/30/2017

r300 I misread and thought you said Dr. Now is a dick and I was coming to defend him. I am seeing the fat fuck Steven's ep in the parts I missed and him flinging urine...fucking ugh...yeah, he deserved to be kicked out. What a vile person.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 30403/30/2017

Steven needs a vicious face slapping. His pig nose even annoys me.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 30503/31/2017

2 more hours of the ass tonight. The only good part was him falling off the golf cart.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 30604/05/2017

I want them to find a morbidly obese drug addict hoarder, and have My 600 Pound Life, Hoarders, and Intervention do a 3-way crossover episode.

Like when ABC's TGIF would do a theme night, or when The Golden Girls, Empty Nest, and Nurses all had a Hurricane episode.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 30704/06/2017

The father needs to cut both of those loser sons off.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 30804/06/2017

[quote]The Troll said when Obamacare kicked in, he would be given priority in getting special medical care to help him lose weight.

This is why I'm a Republican.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 30901/09/2018

For the people feeling sorry for Zsalyn about her husband. She met him because she was part of a fattie swingers club, she made her living from fat porn. They didn't tell that on the show and it makes her more complicit and less sympathetic.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 31001/09/2018

LMAO at the new episode last night. It was a couple, the woman was huge but the man was gigantic and rocked a mullet. He could only piss laying down and when they were in the car she had to insert a baggie in his pants so he could pee.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 31101/11/2018

Also the gross fat dude lied around naked, even in front of his sister. Nasty.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 31201/11/2018

The guy in last night's show was over 700 pounds, she was 549 but actually sicker and she took care of him.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 31301/11/2018

The guy who had lost his leg was actually likable in last week's show

by Lynn Redgrave reply 31402/20/2018

This past week's show was the gold standard. The woman had maggots feeding on her fat folds, had some kind of food reward for sex thing going on with her boyfriend, and Dr. Now booted her out.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 31502/24/2018

Yes, this episode was a classic all right. Lisa is this season's Steven.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 31602/25/2018

I can't imagine having your teenage grandson help bathe your naked body.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 31702/25/2018

I don't get the family dynamic at all. I can't imagine anyone in my family sneaking fast food into the hospital for me if I was there to lose weight or bringing me plates of fattening food to eat in bed when I can't get up to get food on my own because I ate myself to immobility.

I think some of them like being disabled, like Penny, who was smaller than a lot of the other patients who managed to get around but still wouldn't make an effort to walk. She's at the very least Munchausen adjacent and likes having everyone else's life revolve around her. She even had the nutritionist and physical therapist come out to her and it was pointless because she didn't care.

Only a few of them are shown going to a therapist but I hope that it's part of the process for all of them. Family or couple's therapy if they need it. Some cases like Penny no one will be able to help but for others they need to work on therapy or they won't keep the weight off.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 31802/26/2018

r318 You probably don't have co-dependent enablers in your family, me neither, yay us! But those people are getting something out of this too, be it money from the fatty's check or just martyr status of taking care of them, the whole family is fucking whacked. Same as the intervention parents who yell and bitch about it but still give the junkie money everyday, it's the exact same thing, and it's gross.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 31902/26/2018

These people are horrible and their enablers are even worse.

I still can’t believe these people are even alive.


by Lynn Redgrave reply 32002/26/2018

Nobody in my family or my boyfriend would let me lay in bed all day waiting on me and wiping my ass. People do not get that big without enabling. What a cycle.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 32102/26/2018

The focus should be on forcing the enablers to go to weekly treatment for codependency for however many months it takes for them to change, THEN focus the medical and psychological aid on the morbidly obese person. IIRC, only 2% of these people keep the weight off for more than a couple years and the rest go right back to where they were. I believe the surgery and resources should only be provided when there’s at least a 1/3 to 1/2 chance of permanent success. The money could be used to help people with treatable/cureable medical problems.

What would be true justice is if the junk food corporations were forced to cover all the medical expenses. Foist this back on them instead of the taxpayers.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 32202/27/2018

When you are lining your bed with puppy potty pads because you are so large that can't get up to use the toilet you just might have a problem. If you are still able to get up and use the toilet but you break the toilet when you sit on it, it might be time to start questioning your life choices.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 32302/27/2018

I think the enablers are often much more sympathetic than the patients. You can see most of them have been beaten down by daily harassment. Anyone who has been in a similar situation with someone will understand how futile arguments are and realize that for the good of heir own mental health, they finally just give in. In some cases, I also thought the family members gave them all that food in the hopes that they would drop dead. Living with an addict is a recipe for insanity.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 32402/27/2018

It’s a good point r324. In most cases they’re basically slaves to the household Jabba, and it must be anguishing to feel like you’re trapped and can’t go live your life because if you leave, this bedridden person will die. They probably do unconsciously want to just see things through to the inevitable conclusion, and they probably rationalize their enabling by thinking it’s what the fat person wants so they, the enabler, can’t be held responsible. When Dr. Now shows up it must be a weird interruption.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 32502/27/2018

I do think some of the boyfriends/girlfriends are with them for the government benefits

by Lynn Redgrave reply 32602/28/2018

I would put the fatty in a nursing home, maybe that will give them incentive to lose weight to get out of there

by Lynn Redgrave reply 32702/28/2018

I know that insurance companies are getting better at covering hospital stays for anorexics but I'm not sure what the typical coverage is for these situations. I assume most of them are on Medicaid, and I guess that varies from state to state? The Dr. does keep some of them in the hospital to force the weight loss, but being able to stick to the program at home where the environment isn't controlled is a big part of the process.

A few of them had their kids as their caretakers, and those are the saddest cases. I won't call the kids enablers because it's not their fault they wound up in that situation.

Charity's boyfriend (who is her daughter's uncle btw...) seems legit retarded or something. Kinda messed up that it looks like she got someone who isn't all together there to be her caretaker.

Some of the men flat out admit that they are afraid if their wife loses weight that she'll leave. They want a woman who is literally dependent on them for everything and who literally can't leave. Pretty sick.

As far as the enablers being in it for the benefits, I do think that there is a way to get get paid under SSI to be a caretaker, but those payments and disability payments can't be that much. And when you consider that they must end up spending almost every last dollar on food I can't imagine that the financial incentive is worth it, especially when you think about how gross the job is. No amount of money could get me to clean out those disgusting skin folds or touch those disgusting lymphedemas .

by Lynn Redgrave reply 32802/28/2018

Ah my leg, my leg!!!!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 32902/28/2018

I wonder what they smell like?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 33002/28/2018

R330, Dr. Now told Steven to take a shower because he stank.

As for the "enablers" getting government money, that's correct but they have to earn every single penny with these people.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 33102/28/2018

Well, that was a sad story... Robert’s story. Makes me want to go out now and jog a few miles.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 33202/28/2018

R332, spoiler but was that.........the first death ever shown on this show?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 33302/28/2018

R333 yes. I guess this is the first one where they were still filming.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 33402/28/2018

Anyone stick around for 684 lb Teen? The kid is a gayling with an incredible voice and broadway aspirations. His mom has major issues with food that she passed on to her kids; he was one of those fat Maury babies with major arm and leg rolls. But he’s actually was off to a good start! His doctor is also a hot daddy.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 33503/01/2018

I hope they do an episode where two of them meet and get married. "My 1200lb Marriage'.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 33603/01/2018

I wonder if any of them have done specialty porn to make ends meet.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 33703/01/2018

What was that “extra person thing” growing out of Charity’s bum? Can’t they remove that?

And 337, that is just so DL. I love you!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 33803/01/2018

R337, one of their most loathsome "patients" Pauline Potter was/is a fetish model and reality TV show whore.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 33903/01/2018

How could Lisa have intercourse? I assumed she was giving him BJs for food.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 34003/01/2018

r333 A couple people have died, Renee the fat mom from Austin I wanna say? Season one or two, and some black guy I think? Shit, now I can't remember but Renee had a very pretty face and a couple daughters that were dolls and were starting to make healthy choices so as not to be like her, she had the surgery I think and then had to go back to the hospital later and died there, heart things or maybe a p.e., can't remember. She was pretty no bullshit about what she ate and there was an older black chef interviewed from a nursing home she had been in and he said she ate a metric fuck ton of food.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 34103/01/2018

Dr. Now is a bit of a quack, he scolded the guy in the latest episode when he complained of pain and the the dude ends up dying.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 34203/01/2018

r337 at least two of them did from My 600 Pound Life. When Zsalynn started losing weight her husband was miffed because he likes big women (and the money from her fatty porn)

by Lynn Redgrave reply 34303/01/2018

Just read r339 and yes Pauline and Zsalynn did fatty porn

by Lynn Redgrave reply 34403/01/2018

r342 He might be kind of a dick and have a gruff manner but jesus, look at the shit and the people he deals with! Also, it's too bad that guy died but he is literally the court of last resort, no one else will touch these people and they will definitely die if they don't do something so it's a gamble, that's what happens when you weigh as much as a fucking family.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 34503/01/2018

Assuming they all become obese because they have the “addiction gene” and it’s actually very surprising that they aren’t all addicted to painkillers.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 34603/01/2018

R345, he has to have an incredibly tough job. I'm screaming at the TV at most of these patients and I think he shows remarkable restraint. He's also seen and heard every story 100 times over and clearly understands that many of these people need tough love.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 34703/01/2018

Dr Now's office looks like Saul Goodman's in a cheap strip mall

by Lynn Redgrave reply 34803/01/2018

It's a shame Robert didn't make it there sooner. These people are often barely clinging to life as it is. Pumping them full of painkillers isn't the best idea when they are already so bad off.

Dr. Now isn't trying to be a dick. Some of them need to lose weight on their own for the surgery to be medically safe. That surgery does major trauma to the body and a lot of them just can't withstand it when they are in such bad shape. Anesthesia has risks even for healthy people.

This surgery and care is a lot of work for the Dr. and costs a ton of money. Why would he make all that effort and why should they incur such a huge expense if the patient is just gonna go back to eating junk all day? He makes them get up and walk not because he wants to be an asshole but because if they don't move they are at risk for blood clots that could kill them. That's why he is tough with them.

Surgery is not a miracle cure. It requires effort on the patients part and they have to show they are ready to make the changes needed to make the surgery work. Otherwise it's a waste of time and money that could be better spent on someone who is willing to make it work. Like someone upthread mentioned, no other Dr. will touch these people. They are too high risk. It's pretty much Dr. Now or death for them and it's actually pretty amazing that Robert was the first one to die.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 34903/02/2018

If Dr Now gave Rob the hospital strength opiates he kept asking for he might have died even sooner. I think being on them for so long and then stopping the pills and adhering to a restrictive diet caused his normal dopamine levels to crater, as seen with his listless behavior and unwillingness to get up and move around.

It was sad to watch but I dont think more painkillers would have helped anything.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 35003/02/2018

I really thought Robert was going to succeed and was shocked when the show announced his death. He lost over 300 pounds in a very short period, but the pain killer addiction got the best of him.

I hope his fiancé is able to move on. She spent her like taking care of him and now that's gone.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 35103/02/2018

There's a post over on Reddit by a relative who outs Dr Now and the show production

by Lynn Redgrave reply 35203/02/2018

What does the post say?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 35303/02/2018

I guess r352 just wanted to hip us to the fact that we're missing out on something but not fucking link the thread or tell us anything, thanks, dick!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 35403/02/2018


by Lynn Redgrave reply 35503/02/2018

R352 is Dr Now gay? I like the gruff, silent, mature type.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 35603/02/2018

[quote] Some of the men flat out admit that they are afraid if their wife loses weight that she'll leave. They want a woman who is literally dependent on them for everything and who literally can't leave. Pretty sick.

Oh, that's not so hard to make happen. You amputate their arms and legs and keep them in a box.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 35703/02/2018

r354 it's not that tough to go to Reddit and then My 600 Pound Life forum to find it

by Lynn Redgrave reply 35803/02/2018

I assume this is the reddit post.

Looks like the family member is looking for someone to blame for Robert's death. Sorry, TLC and Dr. Now didn't make Robert get that big, they didn't enable him for years, they didn't get him hooked on pain pills and they aren't responsible for his family history of heart conditions.

It's a sad situation to be sure but it's not the shows fault that he is dead.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 35903/03/2018

Oh thanks r359, yeah that guy didn't slap on 400 pounds overnight and he was going to die if he hadn't addressed it so this is sad but expected, here's a quote from that reddit: "Who knows, but I would like to point something out here: Robert, his mom and fiance were a team of enablers and addict for years. Not only did they manipulate each other but I am sure they manipulated what other family members knew/know. And when I say manipulate, I don't just mean in getting what they want. I mean that they probably also isolated themselves and tweaked information going out to friends and relatives to soften what truly was going on here. Did friends and relatives know for years and years that he was essentially bedbound and being served thousands upon thousands of extra calories daily, after getting bedbaths and diaper changes? Were they fed information that they made up... as addicts and enablers often do, to lessen their own complicity. All these people are EXPERTS at denial and responsibility off loading. I wouldn't be surprised at all if this is true for that FB post."

by Lynn Redgrave reply 36003/03/2018

She is claiming the show lied about his weight. We all saw him and we saw others in the 600s and he was way bigger. Maybe they did fudge the timeline for some reason, but everything else she claims either doesn't ring true or would not have made a difference to the outcome. It was a miracle he lived as long as he did at his size with all of the medications he was on with his family history.

Yeah, there is a lot of manipulation in these cases, but there is also a ton of denial. I think a lot of these people really do think they aren't eating THAT much. They never believe they are as big and as bad off as they are. They really don't think about exactly how many pills they are downing. They get a huge reality check on this show and a lot of times it's hard to accept. That's what this family member is dealing with.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 36103/03/2018

Yeah r361 the whole "they made him eat fried chicken" thing might have flown if it was one day that he looked bloated, but that fried chicken didn't slap 300 pounds on him overnight. And the stitches ripping is another one, that, again, was caused by his fucking ginormous weight which he had long before TLC showed up.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 36203/03/2018

NPR had a story a couple years ago highlighting the problem that morbidly obese patients pose for nurses who need to lift, roll, and transfer them from gurneys to hospital beds etc. Most hospitals don’t invest in the available equipment that could help lift and move heavy patients and as a result it’s common for nurses to end up being injured. The whole situation is such a mess. Now we have Trump wanting to send people “Harvest Boxes” full of Doritoes and cookies.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 36303/03/2018

For fans of Amber Rachdi, here's her Instagram. She looks amazing, especially considering she's lost over 400 pounds!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 36403/03/2018

I have talked with Amber and she is a smart cookie, I hate to see her compared to some of the idiots on this show.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 36503/04/2018

I mean, come on, r365, she can't be that smart, she certainly wasn't smart about eating or choosing mates.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 36603/05/2018

The Assanti brothers are sexual icons of our era.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 36703/15/2018

r366 I don't know what her mental problem was that she became so overweight but she seems like an intelligent woman who knows what's up, more so than a lot of the patients we have seen. She is not with that guy she was with on the show any more.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 36803/15/2018

r318 r319 I too think people like Penny stay "disabled" to keep collecting government money. That's also why she insisted she needed to be on oxygen when Dr. Now said it was unnecessary.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 36903/16/2018

Schenee is a strong contender for Worst Patient Ever. She didn't even finish treatment and gained weight. She went to eight months and then blocked Dr. Now's phone. In one of the worst conversations ever on the show, Dr. Now knew she wasn't making her appointment because she knew she gained weight instead of losing. Schenee asked him if he believed in God and just wouldn't let it go. Dr. Now eventually said he did but also said that if she jumped off a building, God wasn't going to grab her hand and pull her back. God was not going to help her because of her bad decisions and Schenee just wouldn't listen. The Previously TV forums were closed because so many people were appalled that tax payers were paying for her and her deadbeat boyfriend.

And yes, the question....please don't let them be...and yes, they are.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 37004/04/2018

My god! Schenee was the biggest trainwreck in the show's history, except for Steven Assanti.

But I'll admit it: I live for these kinds of episodes.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 37104/04/2018

Dr. Now was on fire.

Dr. Now: “If you were to jump off building you think God's hand will come out of sky and catch you?”

Schenee: "Yes I do!"

by Lynn Redgrave reply 37204/04/2018

The cameraman is such a bitch, he got her sensuously eating that Taco Bell meal from every grotesque angle possible.

I love that she was stuffing her face in the moving truck complaining that her husband doesn't do anything for her, while juxtaposing footage showed him loading up all of their shit.

I agree R371, these combative meltdown episodes are the best; I crave them like Schenee craves sugar on spaghetti.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 37304/05/2018

It happened. Schenee has started a GoFundMe page because she claims she was "dragged to Houston" (insert your own joke) and humiliated on TV. She has also retained an attorney. She represents the worst stereotypes of people who have their hand out expecting the government to do everything for them. It's no longer funny.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 37404/09/2018

Why doesn't she ask God for the $50,000.00?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 37504/09/2018

Lol r375. Schenee is the worst

by Lynn Redgrave reply 37604/09/2018

I didn't watch this one but am going to now! Those comments are brutal on the go fund me! I didn't get "college grad" vibe from what she had written, and she really needs a p.r. guy to fix it.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 37704/09/2018

Okay, who's the DL bitch who donated $5 and claims her name is Nausha Whitehead.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 37804/09/2018

Shenee's bf reminds me of that other loser who married Sherri Shepherd. This fat fuck expected her doctor to believe that she didn't eat any of the pizza he snuck into her room? How else does one gain 50 lbs.? I hate this pig and hopes she dies of a heart attack. Nice car, wigs, motels, lots of fried shrimp take out- how the hell does she pay for it all?- Or do we support her rolls of fat?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 37904/09/2018

I can't believe she has an open FB page because people are REALLY going after her.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 38004/09/2018

How much shrimp can you buy for $5?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 38104/09/2018

r380 I went straight to the Facebook comments after reading your post, she is getting slammed on here. Surprised she doesn't delete the comments.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 38204/09/2018

God is gonna delete those comments. Trust and believe.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 38304/09/2018

There is something really hilarious about going to her Go Fund Me page and still seeing that she's raised a whopping $5.00.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 38404/09/2018

BTW, the gifs on the comments page are brilliant.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 38504/09/2018

Of all the people they’ve had on the show, Schenee is the most useless, loathsome one. Even Dr Now lost patience with her incredible stupidity.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 38604/09/2018

Her head is way larger than her husbands in R374 photo, I know it is a forced perspective because she is closer to the camera but she looks absolutely planetary.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 38704/09/2018

I still think Assanti is the worst

by Lynn Redgrave reply 38804/10/2018

I couldn't resist making a smart ass comment on Shenee's Facebook.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 38904/10/2018

Can you imagine what wiping her ass must be like? That is if you can find her hole. YUCHHHHHHHH

by Lynn Redgrave reply 39004/10/2018

Unbelievable. Shoveling the mountain of spaghetti into her pie hole. I’ll have nightmares over that.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 39104/11/2018

Is Steve A the “mah legs” guy r371?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 39204/11/2018

r371 no that was James

by Lynn Redgrave reply 39304/11/2018

“You’re not 700 pounds of water”

by Lynn Redgrave reply 39404/12/2018

Her GoFundMe is now up to $20.00.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 39504/12/2018

It’s amazing that someone is so stupid to go for surgery out of eating too much. Next time, try reduce your butthole. You’ll feel full sooner.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 39604/12/2018

r371 I love the patients that argue with Dr. Now, I watch this show for the trainwreck value

by Lynn Redgrave reply 39704/13/2018

Schenee's phone call to Dr. Now.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 39804/16/2018

Now we have some fat narcissist (Bettie Jo) claiming to have cancer because her ass is too lazy to even take care of her own baby. smdh

by Lynn Redgrave reply 39904/20/2018

James K (oh maaah laaaaaag! friiiiiieeed riiice) made his glorious return last night. It was a doozy.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 40006/21/2018

I recently saw 'My 3000 lb Family' on cable tv. It was shocking and fascinating. I live in Europe and although there are plenty of overweight people here, you just do not see that level of obesity. For one thing, food is expensive, unless you want to gorge on loaves of ordinary bread and white rice. Or maybe they never leave the house. Anyway, it was about a black family who had been given bariatric surgery. Their big reveal was that they had gotten from 500 to 400 lb. They had no insight whatever. They showed one guy in his underwear and my hair stood on end at the hanging skin. Feel sorry for these people obviously but must say I do not understand how anyone can get to that state.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 40106/22/2018

Food in Europe and the US costs the same. And yes, these people eat mainly fat and carbs.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 40206/22/2018

James K and his illustrious girlfriend, what a pair. I give credit to Dr. Now for his restraint when they were acting the fool.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 40306/22/2018

...I should have said, 'Fast food is expensive in Europe.' It is.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 40406/22/2018

That black lady kept sanctimoniously stating that she couldn't keep losing weight because she needs to take care of her kids. I doubt she will do anymore follow-up with Dr. Now. It seemed like she was just waiting for the camera crew to fuck off so she could start eating fast food again.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 40506/23/2018

James K gained 100 pounds in a month!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 40606/23/2018

R406, how is that even possible? I've never watched the show.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 40706/23/2018

How does Dr. Now deal with all these dysfunctional people? He's a surgeon but he also needs to act as a psychiatrist, too.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 40806/23/2018

I love this show, it inspires me to eat better and exercise so I don't turn into these people LOL.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 40906/23/2018

I can't imagine how these people can follow the 1200-calorie diet Dr. Now gives them.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 41006/23/2018

I love that program. SA on the golf cart is TV Gold. While the father smokes his ciggie. Giggles.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 41106/23/2018

R408 he puts most of the people on the show in therapy.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 41206/23/2018

r406 then he claimed he was sticking to the diet! You would have to eat huge quantities of food almost 24 hours a day to gain like that but he did. Then when they put him in the hospital and said he could die his girlfriend still snuck in food and he gained.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 41306/23/2018

R413 James almost fell out of the bed when Dr Now suggested that James girlfriend stay away for 5 days so he could prove that his weight would go down without her sneaking in food to him. James is a gross addict but his simple minded spouse is obviously mentally warped for constantly feeding him crap and lying about it after being repeatedly chastised for it.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 41406/23/2018

r414 I about died when Dr. Now called Adult Protective Services on the girlfriend. LMAO!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 41506/23/2018

I can't watch depressing shit like this. It is pure exploitation of these people whether you like them, or not.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 41606/23/2018

r405 she kept saying she was good as she was but she was still 400 pounds and morbidly obese. She just didn't want to keep dieting.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 41706/24/2018

L.B. Bonner -- who appeared on "My 600-lb Life" and ultimately dropped over 300 pounds -- was found dead in a ditch with a gunshot wound ... TMZ has learned.

Police were making a welfare check Thursday night when they found him in a park in Lexington, South Carolina ... this according to a police report obtained by TMZ. The circumstances surrounding his death are now under investigation.

L.B. appeared in last season's "My 600-lb Life" that documented his incredible weight-loss journey. He started at 642 pounds and trimmed off a whopping 316 pounds, but kept shedding the weight even after filming the show.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 41808/03/2018

Omg I remember L.B. ! He was one to actually root for. That is horrible :/

by Lynn Redgrave reply 41908/03/2018

But who pays for all that food?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 42008/03/2018

LB's girlfriend's name was Destiny Honeycutt, you can't make that shit up.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 42108/03/2018

Lisa Fleming, one of the more infamous, infuriating fatsos on this show, has died. If you recall she didn't follow the diet, wouldn't walk, and had an epic meltdown, howling and carrying on. She was 50 years old. He daughter said her death was unrelated to her weight and that she was ill before being on the show and her death was due to the illnesses. Yeah, right! She was ill because she was huge, and her weight eventually killed her. What denial. Anyway, her death is not surprising. She was one of the hopeless cases.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 42208/25/2018

As soon as this thread popped back up, I knew it was because one of them died.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 42308/25/2018

"Now who's eating DAT?" One of the great moments in reality TV.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 42408/25/2018

The new season is on now

by Lynn Redgrave reply 42502/04/2019

I think some of the people who have lost weight get depressed because they lost their best friend, FOOD. In fact one of the show participants said that on an episode.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 42602/04/2019

I don’t know why Hulu is doing this, but it puts My 600 lb life on after any given show. So I got sucked into it; the one ton family with roshonda, Clarence, and the other .. found myself rooting for all of them.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 42702/04/2019

R426 that plus eating carbs releases serotonin. Hence the term comfort carbs. These people have their levels plummet when they can't eat much. They need to find a new way to get comfort.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 42802/04/2019

In every one of the episodes we've watched it was revealed at some point that the patient had been sexually molested as a child.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 42902/04/2019

R429 there was one recently in which the woman wasn't molested. Her dad was verbally abusive, especially regarding her weight. This lead to her eating more as a fuck you to him. She was raped by two male friends, but she wasn't a child. She was already obese, but her eating go worse. She was one of my favorites. She lost all the weight and more that Dr. Now asked her to before he'd agree to surgery. None of that you need to lose 50 lbs and then they only loose 35 lbs. then they have to be hospitalized to loose some more before the surgery. She just did what she needed to do without all the bitching and Dr. Now didn't need to lecture her. He looked happy. It was refreshing.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 43002/05/2019

R429, actually, many of the women reveal they were raped as teenagers, which they blame themselves for.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 43102/05/2019

R429, that’s about 85% of the addicts on “Intervention”. Almost all had been abused as children, usually sexually, but also physical.

I remember one girl and her sister had been sexually abused by the same man; both of them. The sister seemed to have recovered better, dealt with the trauma in therapy, and had her shit together. The other was in an absolute downward spiral and refused to deal with it except by using. I don’t even remember what her drug was. Just that the sisters had different responses to the same abuse.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 43202/05/2019

One of my favorites was that kid who was living with his mother. He was always doing needlepoint. He went to Dr. Now who put him on a 800 calorie a day diet which his mother thought was too restrictive. When they returned to Dr. Now two months later to be weighed Sean had gained over 90 pounds and weighed just over 1000 pounds!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 43302/05/2019

All of them have suffered great trauma in childhood. All of them.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 43402/06/2019

True, r434. Most of the women and some of the men were sexually abused as kids/teens. Those who weren't sexually abused usually grew up with adults who were physically abusive and/or drug addicted, mentally ill, etc. Quite a few were abandoned by one or both parents and raised by grandparents or whatever relatives would take them in; many grew up with a single parent who subjected them to a series of often-abusive step-parents/partners. I think I've seen maybe one episode featuring a 600 pounder who grew up in a relatively normal, intact family.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 43502/06/2019

I notice from the childhood pictures that most of them were a little plump as kids. They balloon up in their teens or early twenties. I think being this big is a combo of factors. Slower metabolism, big appetite, plus trauma. Most traumatized people don't get this big and some develop anorexia, or hyper sexuality or drug addiction. Most chubby kids will never be 600 lbs. They have a fondness for food so when they're traumatized they go to food for solace. They have sluggish metabolisms so they get really fat when they go for the food. The other thing is that fat people are often socially isolated and have low self esteem so they eat for comfort and it just snowballs.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 43602/07/2019

Erica Hall the woman with the bitchy sister. She lost a lot of weight then she reconnected with some former boyfriend and now they're a couple. He was good looking too. I'm NOT obese. Why can't I get a boyfriend?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 43702/09/2019

For those talking about childhood traumas, let's not forget how many of these people are very clearly gay and closeted.

Not surprisingly, many also come from religious families.

As a closeted gay fatso who used my weight as an excuse for not having a girlfriend in order to keep my family off my back about being single, I can understand how some of them became this way.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 43802/09/2019

Ignorance, stupidity and more ignorance reigns supreme on this thread. Deplorables one and all.

Stupid and ignorant people will never be able to understand addiction, even if they are victims, themselves.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 43902/09/2019

Maybe it’s just me, but when they show them shoveling 10000 calories of fast food in their gaping maws, it kinda makes me hungry for fast food.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 44002/09/2019

R438-That kid who peaked at 1000lbs who lived with his mother-Sean Milliken -he was always doing needlepoint to relax. I think he was a gay boy.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 44102/09/2019

Oh fuck off r439, these hambeasts put themselves in this position. We don't want to keep you from your snack so go back to huffing butter and blogging about how Tess Holliday is fierce.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 44202/09/2019

I think many fat women were traumatized sexually as girls and the concept that they're fat and undesirable makes them feel safe.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 44302/09/2019

R443, and there are chubby chasers who will want them if they change their minds.

I worked with an obese woman who had some kind of personality disorder. She was nice enough but had a serious temper. She was very quick to take offense to everything. Anyway, she complained about the chubby chasers and how gross they were to fetishize her and she wanted to be appreciated for her personality, not her size. I was a lot younger then, and was surprised that she didn’t appreciate men who liked her body type. I mean, I have a “type”; don’t most people? It’s not really a fetish. They are attracted to the physical and stay for the personality.??

Now that I think about it, she likely was a closeted lesbian. She wasn’t dressing to attract men.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 44402/09/2019

R439 I don’t think these people vote. If they did, they would vote for as many hand-outs as possible. Remember Steven Assanti screeching triumphantly about his “Obama phone that you bitches paid for”?

The ones who seem to have more success are the ones who were raised in working and middle-class families. Is this a work ethic issue (these people have seen their parents and siblings go off to work and earn money) or a helplessness issue (somebody else will handle it because I never had to handle anything)?

Some of these folks don’t seem that miserable in their fat beds. They have government housing and money, they have perfected the art of manipulating their friends and loved ones to wait on their every need, and they are the literal gravity-pulling sun that gets all the attention and time needed to feed, bathe, lotion, powder, and wash.

Several of the women make a living eating and modeling via the Internet for guys who like fat and food-shoveling. One woman stated that if she lost the weight, she would have to find a new career.

It is astonishing to watch, but I always root for the ones who work hard and treat this process as exciting and miraculous.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 44502/09/2019

R1 maybe the government is doing experiments on us through food.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 44602/10/2019

They need a supersize coffin because if they tried to cremate them the fat would melt and put the flames out.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 44702/10/2019

R447 do you know what happens when you pour oil on a flame?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 44802/10/2019

TMZ reporting that Sean Milliken has died.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 44902/19/2019

Isn't this the show where they found Kristi Metz?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 45002/19/2019

This is why Jussie’s new lawyers are going out of their way to mention one of the brothers was Jussie’s “personal trainer preparing him for a new video” because they know there is evidence Jussie recently paid them $3500.

But don’t worry these three have been so comically inept and stupid the cops have an air tight case in about 20 different ways, besides the brothers cooperating and admitting they were paid to fake the attack there is physical evidence out the ying yang.

I’d bet 100 bucks they got a ton of text messages between Jussie and the boys coordinating their all plans using really bad “code words”

by Lynn Redgrave reply 45102/19/2019

R449-That's sad. He was the kid who at his peak weighed 1,000 pounds!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 45202/19/2019

R440 No, my husband watches and always gets hungry. Just like when we watch Dr Pimple Popper how he goes and gets a snack of cottage cheese.

People are weird.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 45302/19/2019

I believe it R1 the government made everyone quit smoking now it’s obesity that is the problem.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 45402/19/2019

Sorry.... but it’s their fault for becoming morbidly obese. Just say “NO” to unhealthy habits and food. End of story.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 45502/19/2019

Fat on the body increases exponentially. When there is no muscle no calories are burned. Vicious cycle turns into an unsolvable problem.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 45602/19/2019

And that other guy LB shot himself in the head after going through the weight loss. Was he gay?.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 45702/20/2019

^ Who cares what he was, he had no stomach & no head!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 45802/21/2019

They had 2 this season who didn't even get the surgery. The one who lives with her mother and multiple dogs in all that filth, I am afraid she and her mother are not long for this world if they stay in that house.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 45903/27/2019

R459 are they mixing hoarding with obesity?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 46003/27/2019

R447 The weight limit at even supersize crematoria is about 420lbs, at a normal size one it's about 330. It becomes dangerous after that.

Though as everything is bigger in the US it might work differently there.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 46103/27/2019

I have compassion for these folks, I can't imagine being addicted to something you need to survive - it's not like you can abstain like with alcohol or drugs. I realize most that size are disabled and can't work, however, I often wonder how they got enough money to consume that much food - and the light and breezy way they just announce they have to move to Texas - like not a care in the world - hire a mover, find an apartment - no problem.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 46203/27/2019

R459 that was Jeanne and her House was filthy. There was cobwebs on the walls and they were sleeping on dirty mattresses. And there was trash everywhere. The had like 9 dogs

They could have been on “Hoarders” too

by Lynn Redgrave reply 46303/27/2019

I wonder if the show pays for the housing and transportation. It’s always bare bones accommodations

What happened to James “mah legs”. He was a holy mess

by Lynn Redgrave reply 46403/27/2019

I watched the episode with Jeanne and her family, and I don’t think I will be able to eat again. And the house was just filthy and disgusting.

I don’t know how people can live like that.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 46503/27/2019

The recent "Jeanne" episode is one of the worst. "Jeanne" is a a disgusting, lazy, unclean, self-pitying whiner who thinks weight loss surgery is the only way to fix her life. Her excuses are the usual kind; child abuse and child molestation. She says she was abused by her grandmother who beat her with "wire coat hangers." Hmm...where have I heard THAT before? And she was molested as a child, only once, by a molester who told her it would be "our secret." Do child molesters really talk in cliches? Anyway, I have a hard time believing her tales of woe. She and her mother and schizophrenic father live in a cramped trailer like dwelling with NINE dogs. She's too big to fit in the bathroom, so she pees and poops in a potty chair kept right beside her. After relieving herself her mother has to wipe her ass. Getting to Houston to see Dr. Now isn't really that big a problem; they live only four hours away. But she bitches and moans the whole way and when her mother stops to get gas she lights up a cigarette (at a gas pump) and bitches away about the people she thinks are staring at her: 'I hate people! I hate people!" They get to Dr. Now and aside from the morbid obesity both Jeanne and her mother have awful medical problems that necessitate surgery. Jeanne has a infected sore and the mother has infection from a colon operation; Dr. Now says the infections stem from their "unhygienic" living conditions. Jeanne's sore is infected with FECES. Seems her mother isn't keeping her clean after she takes her dumps. My God. Anyway, this show does NOT end on a positive note. It's probably one of the most appalling episodes of this series, a combination of "My 600 lb Life" and "Hoarders." It's tragic, but it's hard to feel sympathy for these people. Their awful lives are due to their own actions.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 46603/27/2019

The worst thing is when you are eating and this show comes on. You start to feel sick.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 46703/27/2019

People starving the world over, and these pigs stuff their goddamned pie holes.

Salad and water for a year, and made to walk each day will sort them out.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 46803/27/2019

Jeanne’s father suffered from schizophrenia. He died while they were with Dr Now

I think Jeanne suffers from the same affliction

by Lynn Redgrave reply 46903/27/2019

And there were flies everywhere in Jeanne’s house. Those poor dogs that have to live in that filth after their “rescue”.

Then she tells Dr. Now that she basically lives on lean meats, oranges, and the occasional pizza. Really? And when she was talking about following Dr. Now’s diet with zero carbs, she was stuffing pasta, 3 pounds of meat, sour cream, and cheese in her pie hole.

Everything about this episode made me scream.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 47003/27/2019

If you watch closely, at some point a roach can be seen scurrying across Jeanne's leg. Eek! And her father is seen handing her a tray of heavily frosted cupcakes. I think she eats all but two. "Oranges", my ass!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 47103/27/2019

R464 Died.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 47203/27/2019

And to top it all, ,Jean was a, wait for it, a registered Republican!!!

In tonight's episode, Kelly is attempting to get into a minivan outside of Dr. Now's office for transport to the hospital, but falls on the floor and gets stuck between rows of seats.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 47303/27/2019

It's sad that Sean Milliken died. At one time he weighed 1,000 lbs !

by Lynn Redgrave reply 47403/27/2019

Actually, R472, James "Ow, Mah Lag!" K. still survives. At least, I've never heard anywhere that he died.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 47503/27/2019

Tonight’s episode was sad

by Lynn Redgrave reply 47603/27/2019

Did Kelly get her weight loss surgery? I couldn't make it through the episode.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 47703/27/2019


by Lynn Redgrave reply 47803/27/2019

Absolute nonsense R47. They're not fat because they're sick, they're sick because they're fat.

And they're fat because they eat the worst types of frankenfood out there. Can't even call it 'food'.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 47903/27/2019

Who is paying, OP? Your tax dollars at work!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 48003/27/2019

Yes, Kelly made it through the surgery and lost about 300 pounds.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 48103/27/2019

*Spoiler* The one in tonight's episode DIED

by Lynn Redgrave reply 48203/27/2019

I think there's only been one person on this show who was honest about what he ate and how much. Everyone else lies their fat asses off about their eating habits.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 48303/28/2019

They should put all the 600 pounders in a ring like the gladiators, install CCT and watch what happens to them.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 48403/28/2019

Kelly’s story was pretty messed up. There was nobody around to help her, or just come by and visit her.

She just seemed so excited when she was talking about her weight loss and her future. I found myself rooting for her. And then she died.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 48503/28/2019

R485, I think it was also some very judicious editing. The producers couldn't very well make the episode with her as a hateful bitch only to have her die. Who knows what was left on the cutting room floor but she did seem more likeable than most. I do wonder what happened with her relative who told her point blank she couldn't live with his family anymore. Much more to that story than we were allowed to see.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 48603/28/2019

Food addicts are lucky because they will never be asked to stop their drug entirely. They just need to eat less. Other kinds of addicts can’t whine “but I NEEED sex/heroin/cigarettes to stay alive!”

by Lynn Redgrave reply 48703/28/2019

Only 5% of the massively, morbid obese lose enough weight that is nearing normal range and manage to keep it off for the long-term. Many of those with surgery fail to continue losing weight. Even with constricted stomachs, they continue with the excesses in eating and don't bother to exercise.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 48803/28/2019

I need all those things r487!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 48903/28/2019

"I do wonder what happened with her relative who told her point blank she couldn't live with his family anymore."

Later in the episode, it was explained Gary, her cousin, changed his mind and would let her come back. Then she died.

BTW, did anyone else thing Gary was quite "festive."

by Lynn Redgrave reply 49003/28/2019

R490, I was aware of that but I was more interested as to why he said she couldn't come back in the first place. I'm fairly sure the answers were on tape, both actions and words but simply not included as they would have been too negative to the ending they had to tell.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 49103/28/2019


by Lynn Redgrave reply 49203/28/2019

r492, Flamboyant, fun, fitting cocks into his mouth.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 49303/30/2019

Also, r462, miss me with that shit. I get super tired of the fatties whining that they are addicted to food and need it to survive. They are never addicted to broccoli or lean turkey, they're addicted to shitty food and they don't need it. It's like saying it must be hard to be an alkie (which I am) because we need liquid to survive.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 49403/30/2019

Anyone watch the latest episode with the lesbian? She was almost 700 pounds at 5’1”

by Lynn Redgrave reply 49504/04/2019

"Anyone watch the latest episode with the lesbian? She was almost 700 pounds at 5’1”

She ended up breaking up with her girlfriend. At the end of the show she's had her surgery and was losing weight, so it ended on a positive note. During the show she and the girlfriend got themselves a puppy in order to spur the fattie to exercise. It was her duty to "walk" the puppy. I hate it when these enormously overweight people and their enablers get pets. They can't even fucking take care of themselves and the enablers have their hands full dealing with the fattie; how can they properly take care of a pet? Remember Jeanne and the filthy house she lived in with her mother and NINE dogs? And what happened to Cupcake, the poor cat who was owned by the psychotic Steven Assanti? I hate it when pets are involved in these 600 lb life shows.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 49604/04/2019

hate it when pets are involved in these 600 lb life shows.

And on Hoarders too.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 49704/04/2019

I saw the lezzie yesterday. She just dumped that girl without a thought.

I really do not like that the show is two hours. They also made Hoarders two hours. I’m not watching the whole episode.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 49804/04/2019

Wow, so she's going to dump Erica? I thought for sure Erica was fucking around on her. What a bitch!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 49904/04/2019

Yep. She dumps her.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 50004/04/2019

I wish they would concentrate more on the weight loss and less on the whole story leading up to the surgery. And lord, I fast forward through the therapy sessions

by Lynn Redgrave reply 50104/04/2019

Me too r501!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 50204/04/2019

Yeah and that therapist chick is looking crazy with those wigs.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 50304/04/2019

OMG, her dragging that adorable puppy...what a cunt. And acting like dragging a 3 oz puppy is a workout. This is one case where I suggest a land shark, aka pitbull.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 50404/04/2019

R503-She's dresses like a prostitute. I much prefer the POCKET GAY therapist Dr. Paradise.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 50504/05/2019

The girlfriend wipes her fat fucking ass for god knows how long, then gets dumped on camera with no remorse. I mean, I get when it's over, it's over. But that breakup just seemed cold hearted.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 50604/05/2019

"And acting like dragging a 3 oz puppy is a workout. "

Yeah, that was really fucked up. So THAT was supposed to be "exercise?" Reminds me of Jeanne, who considered her "chore" of dumping Kibble in dog food bowls to be rigorous physical activity.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 50704/05/2019

R43 the third cause of death in the U.S. is medical mistakes. Some estimates are as high as 440,000.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 50804/05/2019

I felt sorry for Erika. She rearranged her life for that miserable bitch. I don’t like this therapist chick who advises everyone to confront their parents. These are usually poor, old people with no understanding of psychology. They aren’t going to learn, so why shame them on television?

Also, I don’t trust the fat person’s perspective in every instance. What they are bitching about may have never happened.

Sometimes every feeling doesn’t have to be dissected, boiled, pulverized, and eaten on toast as replacement avocados between every party supposedly involved in the creation of said feelings. Sometimes you can say them to your therapist and just decide to let them go.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 50904/07/2019

"I’m confused growing up that was a derogatory term, how did it end up his nickname?"

He was a javelin thrower in college.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 51004/13/2019

Sorry, wrong thread.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 51104/13/2019

Well now we need to know what his name is, r510! Also, I was going to bump this thread, just watched Maja again, god what an asshole she is.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 51204/13/2019

R12 very few members of the medical or psychological community understand compulsive overeating. And very few people are willing to go to Overeaters Anonymous which is the only free (and daily) way that a compulsive overeater can learn to replace food with social interaction and human connection—people would rather surgically remove their stomachs than go to meetings.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 51304/14/2019

I think in addition to compulsive overeating, it’s something genetic that makes me people gain weight to 700 pounds

I’ve known people that overeat a lot, and they’re overweight, but 700 pounds over weight

by Lynn Redgrave reply 51404/14/2019

Why would anyone watch this?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 51504/14/2019

"Why would anyone watch this?"

Morbid curiosity. And I think it does spur some people to improve their diets and exercise more. And I know it must make some people feel better about themselves to see these hugely overweight people who have eaten themselves to a point where they're hardly able to move.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 51604/14/2019

But it also proves something we already knew; diet works. When they do the 1200 calorie a day diet they lose weight. But we knew that, there's always some dummies who say they have tried everything, etc. But they haven't.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 51704/14/2019

What I don't understand is when theybdibhave success losing the weight, Dr. Now signs them up for surgery. Wouldn't you want to see what happens if you continue the diet before major surgery?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 51804/14/2019

One of the latest patients, "Angela", is another one of the hopeless cases. She'd already had weight loss surgery, but obviously it didn't work for her because she was the requisite 600 something pounds and through the entire show had oxygen tubes up her nose. Thinking herself very special indeed she posed this question to Dr. Now; since I do so well dieting on my own (a total delusion on her part) , can't I do the program from Ohio instead of moving to Houston? Dr. Now of course said no, and he also said she was delusional about her ability to diet, pointing out that if she was really good at sticking to diet she never would have gotten up to 600 lbs. Of course she didn't continue the program. The episode ended with her lolling around on a bed with the oxygen tubes still up her nose. Another hopeless case.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 51904/14/2019

Oh thanks for the head's up r519, I thought my mom and I had seen them all but not this one. How shocked was her "old flame"? Man, can you imagine an ex calls you and you show up to that? Wow.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 52004/14/2019

I read that Steven Assanti was recently married to a woman!! Who in their right mind would marry that mound of useless shit ? Not only useless but semi retarded and he STANK !

by Lynn Redgrave reply 52104/14/2019

Assanti claims to have married but I doubt its true. Remember when he threw himself off the moving golf cart? Bwaahaa

by Lynn Redgrave reply 52204/15/2019

God I hated that Angela, I may hate her more than Lisa. Her constant lying and acting like she is in the program, and then choosing to drop out of it, bitch, when were you in it? I hate her for wasting Now's time and missing every fucking appt. past the first one. Other people could have used that appt slot and even now she claims to still be losing and on a 1200 calorie diet. She was the worst. Worse than Steven, well, maybe not that bad but pretty awful. And your fat chick angles and bleaching your hair fool no one, hunty.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 52304/15/2019

Steven Assanti supposedly IS legally married to a skank named Stephanie Sanger. She's supposedly a "massage therapist" but she looks more like a meth-addicted prostitute. And also has a daughter. I shudder to think what can of life that girl must have to lead with a druggie skank for a mother and a psycho pig for a stepfather.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 52404/16/2019

That Angela episode was a waste, it shouldn't have even been aired since she never showed up for a second appt. Just a bunch of long winded Skype calls with Dr. Now telling him how amazing she is doing at losing weight. Bitch, you still look absolutely planetary.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 52504/16/2019

R524 see R522

by Lynn Redgrave reply 52604/16/2019

The Dotti story is a killer with her lugging around her 12 year old kid with cerebral palsy and caring for a toddler as well.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 52704/16/2019

I’m still scarred from the Jeanne episode. How many times were we forced to watch her bend that ass over?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 52804/16/2019

Yes, Jeanne's was a particularly memorable episode. I wonder how she and her mother and the nine dogs are doing? I should think that after the airing of that episode Adult Protective Services and some kind of animal rescue group would have stepped in and done something about the nastiness they were living in.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 52904/16/2019

What I don’t get is, at some point how can you keep gaining infinite weight? I mean there is only so much food you can take in, even with these people.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 53004/16/2019

Is there ever a case to be made that they eat so much simply because it tastes good? Not childhood trauma, not “my eee-motions,” just ~ yum yum!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 53104/16/2019

R530, simple math. If your daily caloric need is 2000 calories, but you eat 5-6 times that amount, you will continue to lose weight.

And since your only activity is limited to taking a shower and shoveling food into your pie hole, your caloric need will continue to decrease, especially once your immobile and shit in your bed.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 53204/16/2019

R531, how good can 3 large pizzas eaten in one sitting taste? And then they’re “starving” 20 minutes later!

That’s not how you enjoy delicious food. And 90% of the food that they eat is cheap fast food. I would at least eat fantastic home cooked meals to get me to 600 lbs.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 53304/16/2019

I don't know, I think there has to be something special about their bodies. We're not talking 100lb overweight, but 600-900 lbs overweight.

Do you think -- even with threat of physical harm to a loved one -- your body could gain 700 lbs? And not shut down?

There's something about their bodies beyond the obsessive and excessive eating.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 53404/16/2019

Damn, vom worthy. Can you just imagine Assanti climbing up on top of that poor broad, with those nasty ass feet and blubber humping away.... then 10 years worth of splooge spraying everywhere.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 53504/16/2019

I meant you will gain weight, not lose weight! Obviously.

R534, I don’t think there’s anything special about their bodies, but they simply develop the stomach capacity of an elephant.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 53604/16/2019

Even Project Runway enables this shit.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 53704/16/2019

R532, I guess, but man – you would think at some point it’s even work for your body to put on weight. You would think the body would just rebel at some point. Well I guess it does, in the form of horrible health. And the way the hunger never abates is peculiar too.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 53804/16/2019

I’ll be honest, the scenes near the beginning of them just chowing down are like porn to me. I would love to be able to eat that way. Yes fast food is nasty but it’s also delicious. My favorite one was a gal named I think Katrina, who waited until her family was out and then ordered like four pizzas and ate them all in one sitting. It was amazing.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 53904/16/2019

R539 I know what you mean. When I watch one of them wake up and eat a box of Entenmann's donuts before getting out of bed I feel envy and disgust. Oatmeal or fruit and yogurt gets boring.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 54004/16/2019

"Can you just imagine Assanti climbing up on top of that poor broad?"

No, I can't. I don't think it's possible. He's too heavy to fuck her with him on top. If they actually have sex, and it's a big if, she would have to get on top of him. But I think their marriage is more of an act than anything else.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 54104/16/2019

R538, I have a cousin who has Prader-Willi Syndrome. He’s ALWAYS hungry. He didn’t have that thing in his brain that said “your stomach is full now”. He would eat and eat and never stop. It was awful for my aunt. They had to lock up the fridge and cabinets and he would sneak out of the house and go through the neighbors’ garbage and beg them for food. Yes, he was fat. And cognitively impaired. You could have a conversation with him, but you could tell he wasn’t neurotypical. He moved to a group home and they had to warn everyone in town not to feed him.

I suppose they’ve tested these people for that, though.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 54204/16/2019

Angela sounds awful. I missed that episode. The ones I hated were Steven, Lisa, and Schnee (or however you spell it) the one who kept asking Dr. Now if he believed in God. She was awful.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 54304/16/2019

The one I liked that I saw recently was Justin- the redhead from SC. I liked his attitude and he worked hard to lose weight. I hope he keeps up the hard work.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 54404/16/2019

I haven't watched all the episodes of this show. But some of the worst patients were Steven Assanti (he was probably the worst of the worst), James King (Ow, mah lag!), Lisa Fleming (she ended up dying at 50), and Schenee Murray (a whining, complaining, lazy hog). More recent awful ones were Jeanne and Angela, both of whom did nothing Dr. Now told them to do.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 54504/16/2019

I wonder how twins Brandi and Candi are doing. I liked them.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 54604/16/2019

Milla’s episode haunts me. Those poor kids.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 54704/16/2019

I’m watching the Jeanne episode. Her mother seems very dim.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 54804/16/2019

For real r547 what's she going to do when they move out? The older teens have to be close to college age. They've got to be itching to leave.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 54904/16/2019

r544 I liked him too, and he's doing okay. Angela also had that PA way of rounding her o sounds that drives me nuts! My Aunt has that accent too, coupled with her excuses, I hated her so much.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 55004/17/2019

"I wonder how twins Brandi and Candi are doing. I liked them."

They creeped me out. I remember seeing them on the Dr. Oz show. He asked if they still slept in the same bed, and they said yes, they sleep together, just like they did "in the womb." Gross!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 55104/17/2019

I bet they don't anymore.

Did the one who had the baby ever get her weight loss surgery?

It was kind of interesting that as soon as she lost a little weight on Dr. Now's program she got pregnant. Girl couldn't wait to get laid.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 55204/17/2019

Who was that Latino guy who got the surgery? That's the only episode that made me loathe the subject. He was a self-absorbed abusive jerk who cheated when playing miniature golf with his young son.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 55304/17/2019

Dr. Now’s 1200 calorie diet is starvation. It would take a tremendous mind control to eat that sparse diet.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 55404/17/2019

Sounds pretty good to me r554.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 55504/17/2019

Diane Sawyer talked about her 1200 calorie diet and exercise.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 55604/18/2019

"Dr. Now’s 1200 calorie diet is starvation. It would take a tremendous mind control to eat that sparse diet."

Well yeah, when you are used to consuming 12-15,000 calories a day, it is a starvation diet.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 55704/18/2019

1200 calories a day is correct for women. Men need more depending how much we work out.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 55804/18/2019

But the point is you CAN lose weight by severely cutting calories. We, of course, already know this, but there are still some hard core fatties who insist that they have tried every diet. They haven't, of course, because there is no medical malady that defies the laws of intake vs output.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 55904/18/2019

A 600-pounder guy pinged. His overly protective mother who was also hefty, died. He had to continue his weight loss program without her.

And there were two chubby brothers. One was a screaming queen, bitching at everyone who tried to help him.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 56004/18/2019

Yes r560, the Assanti brothers, did you just open this thread? Steven has been mentioned several times.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 56104/18/2019

I'm a guy who eats 2500 calories a day but I exercise 3 times a week with heavy weights, hiit or cardio. Is that too many calories? I find that if I dont hit that then my energy is super low.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 56204/18/2019

R562, are you at your ideal weight? Then you’re eating the right amount of calories. If you want to lose weight, start by reducing your intake by 100 - 200 calories per day. The weight loss would be slow, but if you’re eating 2500 calories per day, you probably don’t weigh 300 lbs unless you’re a little person.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 56304/18/2019

R554, you can still eat a lot of food even on 1200 calories. You just have to eat the right foods. The “starving” is really just cravings and not physical hunger.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 56404/18/2019

R563 I'm 5'9" and about 185. Currently I'm focused on building muscle and not so much about losing weight. But I do want to stay leaner.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 56504/18/2019

Exactly r564! You can eat all the greens you want to. Salad, broccoli, asparagus, green beans, I love all those things. You can probably eat all the lean meat you want as well.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 56604/18/2019

1200 calories worth anyway.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 56704/18/2019


by Lynn Redgrave reply 56804/20/2019

I heard Lens Dunham has been cast in the upcoming 600 lb life movie! Can't wait!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 56904/20/2019

I imagine Dr. Now grew up eating wonderful healthy Persian foods, and must be disgusted by all the fast food Americans eat.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 57004/21/2019

They do have some tasty saffron rice in Iran.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 57104/21/2019

He doesn't look like he's eating "wonderful healthy"

by Lynn Redgrave reply 57204/22/2019

Dr Now looks about 80 yrs old

by Lynn Redgrave reply 57304/22/2019

Dr. Now is only 74, but he does look more like 80. Isn't he a little old to still be doing gastric bypass surgery? He ought to be retired.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 57404/22/2019

It’s funny, I’ve watched the show so often I could do the surgery myself...... ROOM LIGHTS OFF!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 57504/22/2019

Dr Now is the only doctor to deal with these fools. He has zero fucks to give

I love when he straight out calls them liars.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 57604/22/2019

I only like the episodes where the "patient" clearly just wants to bitch and doesn't really want to sacrifice for it. I especially like the ones where they fool dr. now by doing the program at first until they get the surgery and then the mask comes off. When they're actually interested in losing the weight I feel good for them, but it's less interesting.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 57704/22/2019

Dr. Now always says the same thing-About how risky the surgery on a person of her/his size. He specializes in this type of surgery and has done it thousands of times so why should he constantly mention how risky it is.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 57804/22/2019

DL Homos didn't that woman with the lesbian haircut seem like a LESBIAN. Her fiancee seemed gay too. They drove a Toyota Camry and lived with her parents even though she was 38 years old.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 57904/22/2019

I don't think Dr. Now is that tough on his awful patients. He gives them chance after chance after chance even though he should have given up on them long ago. When Steven Assanti showed up at the hospital's emergency room (he called an ambulance to get a prescription filled) Dr. Now chews him out, tells him he's cancelling his insurance, threatens him with jail..but he STILL doesn't give up on him. He says an "unorthodox approach" may be needed in order to "save Steven's life." What he should have done was told Steven Assanti that's it, it's over, we're done. He should have ended it right there.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 58004/22/2019

These people are at death's door in part due to their enablers. If Dr. Now wants his patients to survive he needs to criticize that behavior.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 58104/22/2019

I lost 50 pounds eating 1200 calories a day but I was always hungry, some days nauseous because I was so hungry. I am gaining weight back rapidly now since I added more calories. Dieting is hard and it sucks. Although there is no excuse to get that big and just lie around in bed all day.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 58204/22/2019

R582 1200 calories is great for losing weight, but some people require more calories. If you want to reduce again, try 1600 calories and add beans or lentils to give you the feeling of carbs.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 58304/23/2019

Hcg helped an ex lose a lot of weight. He knew he could lose the weight but he didn't want to feel hungry so he tried the hcg. With the hcg he stayed on an 800 daily calorie diet for six weeks. H cg cuts the appetite without making one speedy. He's kept the weight off 5+ years. Looks great.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 58404/23/2019

Is there a new episode on tonight?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 58504/24/2019

Yes. Cillas' story.

Think it's pronounced 'Silas'?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 58604/24/2019

What happened to the fat tranny who looked like his grandmother?

by Lynn Redgrave reply 58704/24/2019

Chay r587?

He was a hot mess

by Lynn Redgrave reply 58804/24/2019

R588-Why was he hot? He was JUST A MESS!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 58904/24/2019

That's him R588. I felt bad for him when he was coming out to his family and his aunt, who's clearly a dyke, was standoffish.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 59004/24/2019

R588- That DYKE wasn't his aunt that was his mother.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 59104/24/2019

r591 She's my sister! She's my daughter!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 59204/24/2019

I love watching them eat!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 59304/24/2019

[quote]that was his mother

Jesus Christ!

by Lynn Redgrave reply 59404/25/2019

I only recently started watching this show, I like how Dr Now doesn't coddle these people, he calls them liars right to their faces. He's heard every excuse and knows they are bullshitting him. My favorite excuse was when James K said the new mattress was pushing up and making him look fatter, I think he was the worst of them all.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 59504/25/2019

"I think he was the worst of them all."

Nobody beats me at being the worst, bitches.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 59604/25/2019

Steven Assanti was awful, but at least he didn't procreate and he got himself up to shit. James K forcing his daughter to quit school to stay home and change his shitty diaper and wipe his crotch and ass was what made him the worst to me. At least Steven knew he was evil.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 59704/25/2019

Was James K the one who had his father mortgage his house to get the money for the trip to Houston, and then he didn't even follow Dr. now's program and lost no weight? I felt bad for that dad.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 59804/25/2019

Cillas was one motivated mofo. He really followed “the program” and I never seen Dr Now so happy in an episode.

His girlfriend was very photogenic. I think the camera person was infatuated

by Lynn Redgrave reply 59904/25/2019

Steven Assanti may not have "procreated (maybe because no one will fuck him? I don't think even his "wife" fucks him)", but he's still the worst of all. There's footage of him on YouTube, raging in a hospital and using the n-word. Yes, he's a racist, too. He is truly sociopathic scum.

by Lynn Redgrave reply 60004/25/2019
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