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My Affair with Ceaser Romero in 1959

First in a biographical series retrospective of my life

1959 Miami Beach April I was working as a cocktail singer at the lounge at the Fountianbleau Hotel in Miami Beach, I finished my last show at 11pm , little did i know that Cesar Romero had seen my show, he came back to my dressing room and invited me to take a midnight drive .

I quickly freshened up and slipped into a black christian dior dress with red sling backs. Caesar drove his emerald green Cadillac Elder ado convertible and picked me up at the hotels entrance, I felt like a princess !!!! We drove out to a swampy area and he stopped the car.

He had brought along some rum and coke a cola and we drank our cocktails while leaning on the hood of the Cadillac watching the full moon shadowed by the palm and cypress trees.

He suddenly pulled me close to him and could see the intensity in his eyes. I could smell his bay rum cologne and felt the "excitement" building in his loins. I knew my moment of ecstasy was at hand.

I was strangely attracted yet hesitant about his advances so I broke our embrace and stepped back. I accidentally stepped into the swamp , a flamingo flew out of the brush and scared me, my sling back shoes got stuck in the mud. Caesar picked me up in his arms and placed me on the still warm hood of the Cadillac, the full moon shined behind him and I could not resist his advances, he slowly removed my dress luckily in those days I was slim and trim and I did not have to wear constricting foundation garments so dress removal was easy, he was gentle yet forceful. I do not remember much after that, however I did hit my head on the hood ornament at some point.

It seemed like hours but in reality our ecstasy lasted only 10 minutes, Cesar had a "control" isssue he drove me back to the Fountianbleau , we did not talk .

Contraception in those days was not very effective, a month later I found myself on a plane incognito flying to Cuba to go to a clinic in Havana for an "operation" The next time I saw Caesar was when he was on Batman. I will never regret our night of romantic ecstasy!!!

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by Aunt Mimi reply 8101/13/2021

At least it only took you three tries to spell his name correctly.

by Aunt Mimi reply 112/16/2014

I know my dear, the arthritis in my right hand is somewhat troubling, and my gay grandson purchased a speech to text program that has proven unreliable. The other day I used the word “ proficiency “ and the software typed “promiscuity “

I cursed at my autographed picture of June Allyson and promptly felt moisture in my Depends undergarment. Is she speaking to me from the beyond????

by Aunt Mimi reply 212/16/2014

good lord !!! an operation in Mexico? Did it involve lysol and coathangers ?

by Aunt Mimi reply 301/06/2015

Added bonus: Every Miami/Latin America cliché got used in the story.

by Aunt Mimi reply 401/06/2015

[quote]good lord !!! an operation in Mexico?

Havana, Cuba isn't in Mexico R3. Get a map.

by Aunt Mimi reply 501/06/2015

was this a man or woman relating this story?

by Aunt Mimi reply 601/06/2015

This is Aunt Mimi.

Offsite Link
by Aunt Mimi reply 701/06/2015

Where was Desi?

by Aunt Mimi reply 801/06/2015

This is elder fart bullshit. .. But you all realized that, right?

by Aunt Mimi reply 901/06/2015

fake account making fun of elders

by Aunt Mimi reply 1001/06/2015

Tell it to Louella.

by Aunt Mimi reply 1101/06/2015

You can practically hear "La Cucaracha" playing in the distance!

by Aunt Mimi reply 1201/06/2015

[quote]I felt like a princess !!!!

Many of Cesar Romero's pick-ups made this claim.

by Aunt Mimi reply 1301/06/2015

'...on the way back to the hotel we did not talk..' my mouth was full of his manly secretions...

by Aunt Mimi reply 1401/06/2015

As told to Liz Smith . . .

by Aunt Mimi reply 1501/06/2015

She must have been the most obvious drag queen of all time. Mr Romero was well known to see someone's bulge from a mile away. The only way he was going to be with a chick was if she had a dick.

by Aunt Mimi reply 1601/06/2015

They wer at the Fountianbleau Hotel but had to go to the Everglades to fuck?

by Aunt Mimi reply 1701/06/2015

Joan devouring Cesar's lips

Offsite Link
by Aunt Mimi reply 1801/06/2015

Cesar was the Gio Benitez of the '50s.

by Aunt Mimi reply 1901/06/2015

R14 I did not engage Ceaser in any type of oral sodomy, I used Pepsodent toothpaste at the time and although my teeth were white they were very sensative especially to those manly secreations !!

by Aunt Mimi reply 2001/06/2015

R16 Young man I have fully functioning "lady parts " right up until 1988! However your point is well taken, Cesar did mutter the word "greek" throughout our encounter. I was perplexed ? Was he hungry ? Did he want a Gyro or a Greek salad?

Years later in 1965 I was having lunch with Adam West in what is now know as West Hollywood, I had mentioned our encounter, he related to me a rather scandalous story regarding him, Cesar and Mickey Hargitay that took place in a steam room at a health club !!!! I was appalled !!!

by Aunt Mimi reply 2101/06/2015

First In A Biographical Series. ...

And may we request it be your last ???

Dated from Aunt Mimi's Gay Twink Great Grandson ??

Might be more interesting

Assuming you actually gave birth to a child instead of "abet, abort,abort' them all

by Aunt Mimi reply 2201/06/2015

Oh ,,,read more of this thread ...

Gay grandson will do.

Sorry for assuming you were that kind of woman

by Aunt Mimi reply 2301/06/2015

He bent me over the hood and entered me from behind. He even threw my dress over my head and had me grunt like a chico.

by Aunt Mimi reply 2401/06/2015

R24 Young man how appalling that you have chosen to soil my memories that I most graciously sharing !!! Cesar never treated me as a migrant worker !!

However there was this encounter with William Conrad, but I will save that for next series of biographical retrospectives.

by Aunt Mimi reply 2501/06/2015

Aunt Mimi where is the William Conrad story ?????

by Aunt Mimi reply 2601/29/2015

Why don't I tell you my Ricardo Montalban story instead? He also entered me from behind.

by Aunt Mimi reply 2701/29/2015

Yes she did have sex with Ricardo in the Chrysler Cordoba in 1975, Mimi was a squirter and stained the back seat , all over the "Corinthian Leather"

by Aunt Mimi reply 2801/29/2015

I had sex in an AMC Pacer with Charles Neilsen Reilly . We got heatstroke from all that glass!

by Aunt Mimi reply 2901/29/2015

Um. No. Decidedly, definitely, definitively no.

No in the abrupt manner of Marilyn smacking the young men's faces and heads with her fan at the start of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" in GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES.


by Aunt Mimi reply 3001/29/2015

This is too damn not to bump

by Aunt Mimi reply 3103/23/2015

Did she have sufficient?

by Aunt Mimi reply 3203/23/2015

I still can't look at a glass coffee table without bringing up bile.

by Aunt Mimi reply 3303/24/2015

He ravaged me like a banana plantation worker!

by Aunt Mimi reply 3403/26/2015

I told him I loved him, and he said, "Thank you!"

by Aunt Mimi reply 3503/26/2015

[quote]Caesar drove his emerald green Cadillac Elder ado convertible and picked me up at the hotels entrance, I felt like a princess !!!!

I'll bet you did, Mary!

by Aunt Mimi reply 3603/26/2015


by Aunt Mimi reply 3707/29/2015

Did Caesar Romero ever get it on with Ramone Navarro? Forgive me father for my spelling. I heard that they once had a threesome with the kid who played elephant boy. I forget his name as well but he always wore a turban no matter what part he played.

by Aunt Mimi reply 3807/29/2015

[quote]Years later in 1965 I was having lunch with Adam West in what is now know as West Hollywood,

Fascinating. In 1965 the city that is now West Hollywood was simply known as West Hollywood.

by Aunt Mimi reply 3907/29/2015

He admitted publicly to fucking Desi Arnaz.

by Aunt Mimi reply 4007/29/2015

R37 bumps a thread that has a Facebook link that doesn't work

by Aunt Mimi reply 4107/29/2015

I remember that hotel !

by Aunt Mimi reply 4207/31/2015

Oh my

by Aunt Mimi reply 4305/27/2016

He didn't fuck Desi Arnaz; he blew him.

by Aunt Mimi reply 4405/27/2016

Tell 'em about the time you met George Maharis at the Shell station on the corner of Hollywood & Vine.

by Aunt Mimi reply 4505/27/2016

I can still remember the sensation of Vincent Price's breath in my ear as he whispered that I had the most fabulous taffeta dress he had ever seen! SWOOOON!!!

by Aunt Mimi reply 4605/27/2016

[quote]He didn't fuck Desi Arnaz; he blew him.

Oh, honey -- who didn't?

by Aunt Mimi reply 4705/27/2016

R38, do you mean Sabu? He was hot. I'd cream in my briefs if I found out he liked fucking men.

by Aunt Mimi reply 4805/27/2016

Romero was a registered Republican and in October 1960 he appeared in the Nixon-Lodge Bumper Sticker Motorcade Campaign.

by Aunt Mimi reply 4905/28/2016

0.5/10. Just not very funny. Kind of on a Helen Lawson thread level of funny, if you know what I mean, OP.

by Aunt Mimi reply 5005/28/2016

But I would have to say that Van Johnson was the hottest by far. He absolutely ravaged me.

by Aunt Mimi reply 5105/28/2016

Hey - I enjoyed OP's story and all the comments. Thanks !!

by Aunt Mimi reply 5205/28/2016

Is Aunt Mimi also Gio's abuela?

by Aunt Mimi reply 5305/28/2016

Bump from the past

by Aunt Mimi reply 5410/08/2017

OP, I think you're talking about Seizure Romero.

by Aunt Mimi reply 5510/08/2017

Cesar could get it!

Offsite Link
by Aunt Mimi reply 5610/08/2017

"George Maharis at the Shell station"

R45, you do realize that you're going to receive responses from about 50 guys.

by Aunt Mimi reply 5710/08/2017

R20, did Ceaser's seacretions seam smeagmal?

by Aunt Mimi reply 5810/08/2017

Why did you have to travel to Cuba to get the semen from your anal cavity? Couldn't you just have a nice enema? Administered by a cute cabana boy.

by Aunt Mimi reply 5910/08/2017

When he removed his hot latin pinga From your overly pulsating mussy Did he finish you off with the hood ornament, which you now keep On your mantelpiece as a sort of sexual Oscar.

by Aunt Mimi reply 6010/08/2017

Did you hear faint echoes of Bobaloooooooo in the bristle of the swaying palms as he filled you With his pineapple coconut scented Manhood.

by Aunt Mimi reply 6110/08/2017

I love that Cesar Romero gave Desi Arnaz a blowjob. It blows up everyone's assumptions about married, seemingly exclusively heterosexual men.

by Aunt Mimi reply 6210/09/2017

And just who has those assumptions?

by Aunt Mimi reply 6310/09/2017

[quote]Elder ado

I love this typo!

by Aunt Mimi reply 6407/07/2018

I loved the way Ceasar slathered me from head to toe in his famous salad dressing (he had a patent on it! ), then proceeded to lick it off me. He applied it with particular liberalism to my nips and my downthere, and when working on those areas, he'd joke about my tasty "onion bulbs." Oh, I miss Cee!

by Aunt Mimi reply 6507/08/2018

u did it for free?????


by Aunt Mimi reply 6607/08/2018

R64, me too!

by Aunt Mimi reply 6707/08/2018

R65, did he stick a piece of parsley in your asscrack?

by Aunt Mimi reply 6807/08/2018

Why do I sense most of this story and the others are true?

by Aunt Mimi reply 6907/24/2018

None of this is true. There wasn’t enough money in the world to get me near a woman’s hoo-hah.

If you’d like to hear about me servicing Desi Arnaz, though, just let me know!

by Aunt Mimi reply 7007/24/2018

She put her Dior on for a cheap fuck on his car??? SMH

by Aunt Mimi reply 7107/24/2018

[quote] did he stick a piece of parsley in your asscrack?

Cesar preferred cilantro.

by Aunt Mimi reply 7207/24/2018

I don't see anything here about orange or tangerine slices.

Gilbert Gottfried maintains that Butch Romero enjoyed removing his clothes on the "Batman" set and have crew members toss citrus slices at him.

by Aunt Mimi reply 7307/24/2018

Bump from the past

by Aunt Mimi reply 7407/26/2020

R74 Why?

by Aunt Mimi reply 7507/26/2020

We need some levity during these tough times my child, I am documenting an additional encounter I had during the early 60s that will be out shortly.

by Aunt Mimi reply 7607/26/2020

[quote]1959 Miami Beach April I was working as a cocktail singer at the lounge at the Fountianbleau Hotel in Miami Beach

What the hell is a "cocktail singer?" I've heard of cocktail dresses and cocktail lounges, but never a cocktail singer.

by Aunt Mimi reply 7707/27/2020

You obliviously hail from a limited and sheltered upbringing my child .

by Aunt Mimi reply 7807/27/2020

Bump This Thread MADE my Sunday !

by Aunt Mimi reply 7912/06/2020

[quote]rum and coke a cola

I'm laughing too hard to "oh dear."

by Aunt Mimi reply 8012/06/2020

I bump this with joy in my heart and rum in my soul Here's to better 2022!!!

by Aunt Mimi reply 8101/13/2021
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