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Ted Colunga

Simply delicious. Does anyone know anything about him?

I've heard that he escorts... Do you have any experiences to share?

Offsite Link
by OPreply 12804/15/2019

If he escorts it's probably in Eastern Europe, where he's from, or the UK, where he gets a lot of work.

by OPreply 112/16/2013

VERY nice, and that includes the feets.

by OPreply 212/16/2013

This guy is kind of "so ten years ago". He made films under the names Norbert Somlay, Fred Fele and Giovanni Floretto. He seems to have moved away from porn and escorting in recent years. He had profiles on Gayromeo and was available through GayTailoredTours but not any more. He came to New York about five years ago and advertised on Rentboy. The word on him was not good - evidently not very versatile or interactive. Mostly into body worship and straight trade stuff.

He is active on the bodybuilding circuit under he real name (which I will not share here) and that is his main public activity now. He had a Facebook profile under his real name which showed him with his girlfriend in Budapest. He closed that account. BTW: he identifies as straight though he has done dozens of gay porn films and more often was the bottom.

by OPreply 312/16/2013

Fug-oh. Put his clothes back on.

Offsite Link
by OPreply 412/16/2013

R3 as far as I know, he still has a Facebook profile, and is still offering his services through GayRomeo.

I am a member and, for a time, there was someone (or a group of people who all wrote in the same style, and kept making the same mistakes in English, LOL), targeting all Hungarian escorts/porn actors, and they were particularly harsh on Ted.

I have read comments mentioning that he is very much a homophobe and a thug but, then again, that could have been a "group of people" (LOL) spreading rumors against him. Anyway, he is fucking hot...

Offsite Link
by OPreply 512/16/2013

I thought he was dating another Hungarian named Manu Maltes.

by OPreply 612/16/2013

Manu Maltes was, as far as I know, Spanish, and was dating a former soldier (also Spanish), Edu Boxer.

They had an open relationship and I seem to remember that they were both bisexual. Anyway, they retired ages ago.

Offsite Link
by OPreply 712/16/2013

R7: my mistake, thanks.

by OPreply 812/16/2013

Somebody rang?

by OPreply 912/16/2013

I love how he has that massive dong, but always used to bottom.

His scene with the disappeared Pavel Novotny (by the way, what happened to him?) is insanely hot.

Offsite Link
by OPreply 1012/16/2013

He used to be very, very hot (I must have jerked off to his pics hundreds of times) but he's been looking a little rough in the last couple of years. He gained a lot of weight and his face looks like he's on drugs.

Oh well, at least we'll always have old pictures of him.

Offsite Link
by OPreply 1112/16/2013

he was always a good fucker, he also bottomed nicely when he was a shaved twin in his early films, always loved his rough look.

by OPreply 1212/16/2013

R11, I think that the bloat comes from the steroids.

He used to have an amazingly beautiful body, but around 2005 he got massive, seemingly overnight.

He still is a stud, in my opinion.

Jimmy Z Productions on Twitter

“You got me where you want me... Ted Colunga”

by OPreply 1312/16/2013

Grr, all man

by OPreply 1412/16/2013

All man, baby.

Offsite Link
by OPreply 1512/16/2013

bad link

by OPreply 1612/16/2013

Here you go, R16. :-) Sorry about that.

Offsite Link
by OPreply 1712/16/2013

He used to be very handsome.

Offsite Link
by OPreply 1812/16/2013

R3, so he is basically another gay-4-payer... What a disappointment.

Offsite Link
by OPreply 1912/16/2013

all the central euro guys are totally bi, it just seems different over there.

by OPreply 2012/16/2013

Omg he looks hideous when bald

by OPreply 2112/16/2013

I'm sorry, but this guy is so fucking ugly, y'all're creating some kind of parody that you're going to put in some low-budget gay movie, right? 'Cause NO ONE who can see would jerk off to his picture. Not even once.

by OPreply 2212/16/2013

Yeah, he is kinda rough looking, isn't he? He is really beefy, but the face is a bit unfortunate and he has the air of a Russian mobster.

The cock is awesome, though.

by OPreply 2312/16/2013

So many posts and so little information? Come on! Some of you must have met him or hired him at one point or another!

by OPreply 2412/16/2013

No one's yet posted a picture of him from when he was truly handsome, before he lost his hair and got too bloated.


Offsite Link
by OPreply 2512/16/2013

"Truly handsome."


by OPreply 2612/16/2013

Here's another one where he's young and built but not bloated. Plus you get to see his massive cock.

Offsite Link
by OPreply 2712/16/2013

A gorgeous guy when young. NSFW.

by OPreply 2812/16/2013

Very handsome man indeed. R22 is probably one of our resident pedophiles.

by OPreply 2912/16/2013

Oops, forgot to include the NSFW photo.

r26, if you don't think he's handsome in this photo, I'll just think you have terrible standards.

Offsite Link
by OPreply 3012/16/2013

He looks like he has a little glass cover over his (dick)head.

Oh, and your opinion matters not one iota to me, R30.

by OPreply 3112/16/2013

I actually find him hotter with the shaved head

by OPreply 3212/16/2013

[quote]Oh, and your opinion matters not one iota to me, [R30].

Clearly it does or you would not have mentioned it.

by OPreply 3312/16/2013

I actually find R32 has no taste.

by OPreply 3412/16/2013


Offsite Link
by OPreply 3512/16/2013

Much hotter when younger:

Offsite Link
by OPreply 3612/16/2013


Offsite Link
by OPreply 3712/16/2013

Finally, a decent picture, R35.

by OPreply 3812/16/2013


Offsite Link
by OPreply 3912/16/2013

He got a little older, and stopped shaving

Offsite Link
by OPreply 4012/16/2013

And he's ugly when he's old and doesn't shave. It's hard to believe this thread even exists, or than anyone paid to have this guy take his clothes off.

But when he was younger, he wasn't bad. I can't tell: is he circumcised?

by OPreply 4112/16/2013

I can't tell: is R41 retarded?

by OPreply 4212/16/2013

R41, there are people paying hundred of euros to spend an hour with him. I think that his body is insanely hot, and he has a rugged, rough-edged macho look that makes him quite sexy. Even when he was young, his strong features made him stand out.

He is uncircumcised, but the cock head is so big that the foreskin disappears when he's retracted. I'm also kinda disappointed that people are discussing his looks, but no one is saying anything else about him. I want some gossip!

Offsite Link
by OPreply 4312/16/2013

He looks like a furbee

by OPreply 4412/16/2013

I like it when Ted slides his foreskin forward over his dickhead. Come on, Ted. Show us your cock in all of its uncut glory.

by OPreply 4512/16/2013

R45. Here's Ted hard and showing off his foreskin.

Offsite Link
by OPreply 4612/16/2013

R45. Ted's cock, up close and personal.

Offsite Link
by OPreply 4712/16/2013

My type to a tee, loved him in porn. I hope that he is leading a happy life in Hungary somewhere

by OPreply 4812/16/2013

He's incredibly boring in porn, like most "gay for pay" performers.

by OPreply 4912/16/2013

R46/R47. Ted's got a beauty.

by OPreply 5012/16/2013

I like how he keeps his ugly foreskin retracted nicely, it gives the illusion he has a clean, fresh, circumcised penis.

by OPreply 5112/16/2013

The fucked and got fucked like the best of them, what is your personal preference out of curiosity?

by OPreply 5212/16/2013

R48, he is escorting in Hungary, and travels to Germany and the UK quite frequently. I have seen a few of his bodybuilding pictures, and have found his Facebook profile - he appears to be straight indeed, even if he labels himself as bisexual in his escort profile.

In his recent pictures he looks like he has aged A LOT, even though he still exudes an incredible sexual magnetism. His girlfriend looks like she has been rode hard and put away wet, to be honest. Also, both of them look like they are related to Tan Mom - the overcooked steak look is not flattering to anyone.

Does anyone know anything else about him? Any experiences with him as an escort? I wanna hear them!

Offsite Link
by OPreply 5312/16/2013

I would suck him until his skull collapsed.

by OPreply 5412/16/2013

I'd fuck him

by OPreply 5512/17/2013

"...he appears to be straight indeed, even if he labels himself as bisexual in his escort profile."

Oh for heaven's sake...

by OPreply 5612/17/2013

The pictures where he's young and shaved are like disappearing ink to my brain.

by OPreply 5712/17/2013

He really has a whopper of a big thick dick. I'd be holding an ice pack to my jaw afterward!

by OPreply 5812/17/2013

R53 Doublefug

by OPreply 5912/17/2013

Double FUN!

Offsite Link
by OPreply 6012/17/2013

I hate how these threads always degenerate into a "he is hot" and "he is not" discussion.

Does anyone have anything to say about him? Has anyone hired him or met him/interacted with him in any way?

Seeing photos and hearing people's opinions is OK, but it gets boring after 60 responses about nothing.

by OPreply 6112/17/2013

I feel ya R61 but I do find the "he's hot/not" discussion sort of interesting. I'm amazed by some of the geezers who no longer find Colunga attractive simply because he has aged. For a 40 year old guy I think he's hot. He's in shape and obviously can still rise for the occasion whether its his legs or his penis! This obsession with youth is just overwhelming to me. Think about how many 40 year olds that do not even compare with this guy.

Maybe it's me. I like being with men and although I will dabble with the 20 year olds every now and then they are definitely not my preference but God bless 'em.

by OPreply 6212/17/2013

Maybe people are bashing him R62, because he looks 40 even though he is only 32. Time hasn't been kind on him, and his looks are fading FAST. I can only imagine how he's gonna look when he is actually 40... The word "ancient" comes to mind.

by OPreply 6312/17/2013

No way is he 32. I've seen him listed as 36 years old on a few sites now, so he's at least that if not more. My guess is he's closer to 40, which is what he looks anyway.

Ted Colunga - Episodes AlphaMales - Watch Beefy Muscle Bears and Masculine Men fucking and eating big cocks
by OPreply 6412/17/2013

Well, R64, IAFD states that he was born on May 17, 1981 - that would make him 32. That's also the age he puts in his escort profile.

Internet Adult Film Database

The Internet Adult Film Database is an on-line searchable database of over 181,569 adult movies titles and 143.735 porn performers. We also have links to over 109,446 reviews and 250,000 titles in our price search engine.

by OPreply 6512/17/2013

r64 's pic made my cunt wet.

by OPreply 6612/17/2013

@R64, LOL!!! Let's see on the internet it says that he's gay, then bisexual, gay for pay, etc. too! Psst... they lie! It's all about the fantasy.

by OPreply 6712/17/2013

Ted Colunga's Big, Fat Cock

Offsite Link
by OPreply 6812/17/2013

R51. Fuck off. No one needs your immature bullshit.

by OPreply 6912/17/2013

@R68, can we say photoshop? Yea the guy is big but let's not get ridiculous.

by OPreply 7012/17/2013

R70 the foreskin pictures are photoshopped?

by OPreply 7112/17/2013

@R71, photoshopped, airbrushed, camera angles.

by OPreply 7212/17/2013

Here is an interview with Ted Colunga where he discusses various subjects.

It makes it fairly clear that while he doesn't mind sex with men he only does it for the money. Doesn't like kissing, doesn't date actors off the set, etc. However, he does seem to like being anally penetrated since he can maintain a full erection while getting fucked and will ejaculate with an ecstatic expression on his face while taking it.

For the OP there are several reviews for him on and discussions of him on the forum page. The reviews were positive - one by the same guy several years apart. He said he was moving to the U.S. in 2009 but then relocated back to Hungary. He did make some pornos for Butch Dixon last year (Big Guns, Big Guns 2, etc. as a top)

Offsite Link
by OPreply 7312/17/2013

"It makes it fairly clear that while he doesn't mind sex with men he only does it for the money..."

They can be such a HOOT at times!!!

by OPreply 7412/17/2013

Hot that he's presenting in a jock.

by OPreply 7512/17/2013

I love this guy

by OPreply 7612/17/2013

Porn stars are the weirdest most confusing people,they seem to enjoy everything or nothing depending on the day they're asked! And there is no way that guy is 32,if he is then he's a walking cautionary tale about the damage caused by steroid abuse!

by OPreply 7712/17/2013

They seem no weirder than other people to me

by OPreply 7812/17/2013

The fact that some can't even decide whether or not they enjoy having sex with other men makes them pretty weird.

by OPreply 7912/17/2013

They do, they just want to give up their straight privilege. Straight society will still give them more credit than an openly gay porn star, and some confused queens fetishize straight men out of self hatred.

by OPreply 8012/17/2013

DONT want to give up their straight privilege

by OPreply 8112/17/2013

I've only met three "porn stars" that were anywhere near normal. Al Parker, Richard Locke,and Colby Keller. The rest were batshit insane.

by OPreply 8212/17/2013

R82. I believe you, but it just always bewilders me that most porn people are batshit insane.

I know that one thing doesn't have anything to do with other, but many porn people are fairly good looking--and yet they're a total mess.

by OPreply 8312/17/2013

Doesn't seem weird to me, I think one thing and then another on a given day, maybe I'm just that type

by OPreply 8412/17/2013

Street people fetishize normal fingers

by OPreply 8512/17/2013

Most grown ups know their sexual identity. The ones that don't are severely damaged or just slutty bi-trash.

by OPreply 8612/17/2013

If he's straight, he is a good actor.


ted colunga
by OPreply 8712/17/2013

R86, you sound a bit problematic yourself, honeybunch

by OPreply 8812/17/2013

R87, that slutty rick bauer is hot too

by OPreply 8912/17/2013

So, R73, this whore only likes having his ass pummeled into oblivion when he gets paid for it, and then wants to keep being "straight" in real life. That's unusual among porn hookers, isn't it?

I used to find him hot, but the interview was completely off putting. By the looks of it, he could be a cast member of Jersey Shore - he is just a tacky fuck up who gets paid for fucking, as opposed to a tacky fuck up who works at Walmart and fucks anything while drunk and high on Friday night.

by OPreply 9012/17/2013

r83 Get out in the world. Most secretaries are batshit, most salespeople are batshit, most executives are batshit, most janitors are batshit, most housewives are batshit and on and on.

Why do you think the world is like it is?

by OPreply 9112/17/2013

R83 lives in mom's basement, please Don't Disturb

by OPreply 9212/17/2013

Rick Bauer reminds me of Channing Tatum

Offsite Link
by OPreply 9312/17/2013

Whatever happened to his much hotter friend and sometime costar David Bathory? One of the sexiest men to ever do gay porn.

Offsite Link
by OPreply 9412/17/2013

R87. Thanks for posting that video of those hot uncut stud, Rick Bauer and Ted Colunga. They both fucked and got fucked. Ted's foreskin is so suckable--damn, and it doesn't look tight at all sliding easily back and forth. It only might look tight when it slides behind his cockhead because his cockhead is big. But even then, his foreskin looks silky smooth. Fuck I love intact cocks. I could suck on them all night. And yes, I love having my foreskin sucked too.

by OPreply 9512/17/2013

I love ted!

by OPreply 9612/18/2013

R94, got a naked pic? I don't recognize him with his clothes on (and the slicked back hair isn't really a turn-on for me)

by OPreply 9712/18/2013

naked except for a T-shirt

Offsite Link
by OPreply 9812/18/2013

Ted is an amazing bottom and on his off days gets banged for free.

by OPreply 9912/18/2013

@R90, LOL!!! ...and then you have these nitwits who fall for the "straight" shtick. I know straight men who do like anal penetration but guess what? They buy a dildo or the wifey/girlfriend uses a strap-on. One of my friends DID cross over to the other side because he was curious but discovered that kissing and being fucked by a man just wasn't for him. These self-loathing gay men are just pathetic.

So what this character has a "girlfriend." Many gay men do too.

by OPreply 10012/18/2013

What a ridiculous thread! How shallow one can be.

by OPreply 10112/18/2013


by OPreply 10212/18/2013

Isn't he on Rent-boys? Straight, my ass.

by OPreply 10312/18/2013

Here you go r97.

Offsite Link
by OPreply 10412/18/2013

And another for r97

Offsite Link
by OPreply 10512/18/2013

You a believer now r97?

Offsite Link
by OPreply 10612/18/2013

still prefer ted

by OPreply 10712/18/2013

How cheap!

by OPreply 10812/18/2013

Ted tugging

Offsite Link
by OPreply 10912/19/2013

B-O-R-I-N-G thread.

You bitches never have anything interesting to say, beyond gossip about supposedly gay celebrities and glorifying straight men.

So far, the only things we've gotten is that he is old, ugly, bald and you gorgeous models would kick him out of bed in a heartbeat (AS IF!).

So, no one's been with him and no one's met him. OK. Add this thread to the other 100,000,000 that go nowhere because you cunts are too boring and lazy to share anything of interest.

by OPreply 11012/19/2013

Bumpety bump with a display of Ted's unique talents, he he...

Offsite Link
by OPreply 11112/19/2013

I don't know about the rest of you, but I DEEPLY care whether we have something to interest r110.

by OPreply 11212/19/2013

r108, please kindly STFU!!!!!!!!

by OPreply 11312/19/2013

Holy Shit! In that last photo he looks like Bela Lugosi.

by OPreply 11412/19/2013

He looks hot

by OPreply 11512/19/2013

no truly straight guy takes up the ass. she got cookie hole.

by OPreply 11612/19/2013

Delicious guy

by OPreply 11712/20/2013

That is a seriously thick and meaty penis.

Some guys really are luckier than others in that department!

by OPreply 11812/20/2013

I want Ted Colunga in me, quite deeply, and often.

by OPreply 11912/20/2013

Me first!

by OPreply 12012/21/2013

Whoa, he looks WEATHERED!

Offsite Link
by OPreply 12101/27/2014

@121, but it looks like the cock still works! Put a paper bag over his face. Or, do doggy strictly and that way you won't have to look at him...

by OPreply 12201/30/2014

I have always thought that Janos Volt is equally hot. However, all these guys look really worn out after ten years or so of working in porn and escorting. It must be HELL for them to end up looking so bad.

Well, at least we have photos proving that, once, they were GORGEOUS.

Offsite Link
by OPreply 12302/04/2014

Huge bottom in his private life.

by OPreply 12402/04/2014

More like "straight", R124. In his personal FB page, he appears with his girlfriend. Also, he states in his escort profile that he never bottoms anymore.

by OPreply 12502/04/2014

Isn't he insanely hot?

So, does anyone have any news?

Offsite Link
by OPreply 12606/10/2014

Ugh, I recently found this guy's social media pages, and he seems to be insane. In his YouTube page, he has liked all these creepy videos of war songs in Arabic that seem to have been made for ISIS fanatics, and talk about beheading the "kuffar" and the glory of war... This goes to prove that hotness and insanity are not that far from each other. Also, I wonder how he can makes his job as a whore for men, agree with his notoriously homophobic newfound beliefs, which also condemn prostitution. As I've said, this guy is utterly insane.

by OPreply 12711/23/2017

Still looking rather yummy...

Ferenc Frész

Ferenc Frész is at Salzburg Cathedral.

by OPreply 12804/15/2019
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