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Joseph Gordon-Levitt announces he has a girlfriend

However, she does not work in show business and he will not name her.

No indication yet whether she lives in Europe.

by Vin Dieselreply 10503/23/2017

In our terrorist age, it would be a pity if she died in a plane crash.

by Vin Dieselreply 109/30/2013

And I have a bridge for sale... a beautiful bridge.

by Vin Dieselreply 209/30/2013

It's nice to have an imaginary girlfriend.

by Vin Dieselreply 309/30/2013

Cool for them!

by Vin Dieselreply 409/30/2013

Is she a good witch or a bad witch?

by Vin Dieselreply 509/30/2013

I have Taken a Luvvah!

by Vin Dieselreply 609/30/2013

Is she a male girlfriend or a female girlfriend?

by Vin Dieselreply 709/30/2013

Yeah, I have a girlfriend too...

by Vin Dieselreply 812/25/2013

He's straight. You people are delusional.

by Vin Dieselreply 912/25/2013

When guys say that they are either 1) celibate/virgins; 2) gay or 3) they have sex exclusively with call girls.

by Vin Dieselreply 1012/25/2013

You guys here say that everyone is gay. *rolls eyes*

by Vin Dieselreply 1112/25/2013

How silly, OP; she more than likely lives in Canada.

by Vin Dieselreply 1212/25/2013

I remember watching him go through puberty on 3rd Rock From The Sun. He was so cute and loveable in a pederist's way.

by Vin Dieselreply 1312/25/2013

Good for you, R9. My work here is done.

by Vin Dieselreply 1412/26/2013

Does she have a cock?

by Vin Dieselreply 1512/26/2013

R2 In Brooklyn? Do you have a beautiful bridge in Brooklyn for sale?

by Vin Dieselreply 1612/26/2013

I never thought JGL was gay anyway.

by Vin Dieselreply 1712/26/2013

JGL had that saucy photo shoot with Claudia Schiffer a while back, so he cannot be homosexed.

Whose face is crimson now??

by Vin Dieselreply 1812/26/2013

Joseph is "difficult." Like many short men, he is a possessive control freak, and because he is an actor, he is also very self-involved. Because of his shortcomings, he is very insecure about his girlfriends.

They usually live in other cities, far, far away, or they often live in other countries, or on other continents. He has Skype Sex with them, and now and then he surprises them with mail order gifts. He also has the handicap of too much flatulence.

He has very poor taste in clothes.

by Vin Dieselreply 1912/26/2013

You wouldn't know her, she lives in Canada.

by Vin Dieselreply 2012/26/2013

So many of our more famous leading men types have these girlfriends. They are a rare, special breed of women as only a certain kind of man can have.

by Vin Dieselreply 2112/26/2013

Nice R22. SMH

by Vin Dieselreply 2312/26/2013

Is she cut or uncut?

by Vin Dieselreply 2412/26/2013

He's busy stealing land in Palestine.

by Vin Dieselreply 2512/26/2013

R18 Is Laurel a code name for Cheryl? Or the massive amount of homosex denying hausfraus that populate the soap opera threads?

by Vin Dieselreply 2612/26/2013

I think he's hot, very hot.

by Vin Dieselreply 2712/26/2013

Is he a top or bottom?

by Vin Dieselreply 2812/26/2013

[quote]Is she a male girlfriend or a female girlfriend?

Or is she an Asian girlfriend?

by Vin Dieselreply 2912/26/2013

With girlfriends, perhaps he should seek advice from none other than Tammy Cruise.

by Vin Dieselreply 3012/26/2013

When you have to announce you have a girlfriend....

by Vin Dieselreply 3112/26/2013

Gordon Levitt is into chicks...with a dick then? Someone claimed he liked cock so the phony breasts and feminine looks don't bother him as long as he/she/it has a dick.

by Vin Dieselreply 3212/26/2013

What do you mean he has a girl friend??? He recently refused to answer the question, when he was asked if he were gay. He said, "If I deny it or confirm it, then "they" win. So, I'm not going to discuss my sexual orientation."

by Vin Dieselreply 3312/26/2013

I love this. He announces his has a GF but won't name her and says she lives on another continent.

It reminds me of those sad teenagers who can't get a GF and say she a model and lives in another city.

Why announce you have a GF if you don't want anyone to know about her? Is it to make himself sound interesting? or is it some elaborate bearding project?


by Vin Dieselreply 3412/26/2013

Isn't announcing a girlfriend "letting them win"?

by Vin Dieselreply 3512/26/2013

Oops. I thought the subject said "Joseph Gordon-Levitt announces he is a girlfriend"

by Vin Dieselreply 3612/26/2013

[quote]What do you mean he has a girl friend??? He recently refused to answer the question, when he was asked if he were gay. He said, "If I deny it or confirm it, then "they" win. So, I'm not going to discuss my sexual orientation."

That's what he said at first, but then two weeks later when he was on Howard Stern he wanted to sound manly and straight when HS started talking to him about women. He sounded nervous and caught off guard (wonder why?) and went into this ridiculous nonsense.

by Vin Dieselreply 3712/26/2013

Cory Booker has a girlfriend, too. He lives in New Jersey and she's a lawyer in Hollywood. When they do meet he gives her beard a trim.

by Vin Dieselreply 3812/26/2013

Maybe he has the AIDS?

by Vin Dieselreply 3912/27/2013


by Vin Dieselreply 4012/27/2013

Exactly my point, R35.

I was being facetious.

by Vin Dieselreply 4112/27/2013

Just watched Don Jon. He was hot in that. Still undecided gay or nay.

by Vin Dieselreply 4212/27/2013

The only woman I've heard of him dating was Devon Aoki. I honestly have never heard him paired with anyone besides her. And that Michael Pitt rumour.

by Vin Dieselreply 4312/27/2013

Didn't he go out with Evan Rachel Wood years ago? What, was he experimenting with girls back then?

by Vin Dieselreply 4412/27/2013

I fapped to the scene in which he was gay-raped in Mysterious Skin.

by Vin Dieselreply 4512/27/2013

Didn't he date this girl who was a dancer or choreographer or something? This has to have been within the past 5 years or so. I forget what her name was but I remember people discussing it on ONTD after I thought they broke up. It should be google-able.

by Vin Dieselreply 4612/27/2013

Look, these Publicists have gotten so arrogant they don't even feel like they have to do a public fake out anymore. They simply announce someone is "dating." That's it. The public does the rest.

Of course, there are those who like to at least keep up a pretense. They're the ones who are seen in very "candid" shots dining at a restaurant, or walking down the street.

Let's not forget the fake tweets and other manipulations of social media. Joe and all the rest of them, don't even have to make the effort bearding used to require.

by Vin Dieselreply 4712/27/2013

What kind of guys does he like? Is he a top or bottom?

by Vin Dieselreply 4812/31/2013

[all posts by childish idiot removed]

by Vin Dieselreply 4905/12/2014

Her name is Alberta; she comes from Vancouver!

by Vin Dieselreply 5005/12/2014

Sad. I didn't think he'd go down the bearding route. Oh, well.

by Vin Dieselreply 5105/12/2014

Great. Freak-Face has a girlfriend.

by Vin Dieselreply 5205/12/2014

That picture has a hostage situation feel to it. The way he has his hand on her looks odd, but maybe it's me. There's a picture of him at a party/premiere with his arm around Tom Hardy that looks more convincing than this. I'm probably wrong but I'm convinced something happened there.

It's amazing that decent actors can be so bad at something they do as part of their jobs; unless there are just some body language things that are hard to fake but that contact looks really awkward. I feel like my post reads like it should be on one of those livejournals or tumblr blogs where fangirls pretend to be body language experts and give in depth analysis of celebrity photos.

by Vin Dieselreply 5305/12/2014

Did Zooey ever blow him? Or is she a closet fag hag?

by Vin Dieselreply 5405/12/2014

She lives in Canada.

by Vin Dieselreply 5505/12/2014

They're both ugly.

by Vin Dieselreply 5605/12/2014

I guess Michael Pitt quit stalking him.

by Vin Dieselreply 5705/12/2014

[all posts by childish idiot removed]

by Vin Dieselreply 5805/12/2014

Wait, is this a Bryan Singer thing too?

by Vin Dieselreply 5905/12/2014

R49 Stars: They go grocery shopping -- just like us!

by Vin Dieselreply 6005/12/2014

The Bryan Singer Syndrome..... that's what this new rash of bearding should be called. Not only can we say that "dating in Europe " is code for bearding now we can add "dating in Canada" to that list.

She's an attractive girl. In that picture from JustJared, they look like they are in two different pictures though.She looks like she is hamming it for the camera and he is looking a some hot piece of sizemeat.

by Vin Dieselreply 6105/13/2014

He's straight

by Vin Dieselreply 6205/13/2014

He's bisexual, there's plenty of proof from various sources that he dates guys too.

by Vin Dieselreply 6305/13/2014

Hasn't JGL said that he felt 'exploited' by people in the industry when he was a teenager, and that's why he left to go to university and never intended to come back? Thinking of the Bryan Singer case, it makes you wonder exactly what he meant there.

by Vin Dieselreply 6405/13/2014

R53 I personally believe JGL is probably bisexual, at least, but your reading of photo body language is ludicrous.

You've been comparing staged photos too long with the real thing. Yes, if it's actually staged, you could call "bad acting". If they were ambushed, they have a reason to tense up. Most people who like being photographed -- or do it for a living -- are going to be better at it when they're ready to do their thing.

No wonder the posed photo with Hardy looks more comfortable than this one.

by Vin Dieselreply 6505/13/2014

Am I the only poster who thinks JGL is fugly as shit and a mediocre actor at best? Just cannot understand the interest in him.

by Vin Dieselreply 6605/13/2014

[R65] I agree, it's not a set up. He doesn't look happy about it.

But he managed to date a relatively well-known actor for a year without being caught out (people who worked on TDKR said they saw Michael Pitt around a few times, I think this even got reported on a comic book site which thought he had a cameo), which means he puts some effort into hiding his relationships with men. I thought he was better than that.

by Vin Dieselreply 6705/13/2014

Why would you think he's "better than that"?

Far too many people think actors, especially gay actors, are sexually secure because a lot of actors are gay. The two openly gay actors I have known were deeply messed up people on a number of levels, one with sexual hangups and phobias, the other a sociopath.

And if he is bisexual, he's a pretty typical one. Hide the boyfriends, but no need to shield the girlfriend -- even though in this case he seems to have done that until now, since he's not regularly photographed like this.

He knows how not to alienate his gay audience by not talking about how hard it is to play gay since he's so straight. Good for him. But you can call that manipulative or better on that one question...

But better in other ways? No evidence whatsoever.

by Vin Dieselreply 6805/13/2014

R68 but it sounds like, from that Tumblr post with all the stories about him and his male dates, that he didn't hide his boyfriends when he was at college and later on when just making little indie films. Which means he's only doing it now because he thinks he has something to lose. That's what disappoints me, I guess. I thought he was above that kind of shit.

by Vin Dieselreply 6905/13/2014

Sorry, girls. He's taken.

by Vin Dieselreply 7005/13/2014

r69, it seems like you're having difficulty distinguishing constructed reality on the internet and a single photo.

Again, I say, you have no reason to believe he was "above that kind of shit" other than a fantasy.

This is a lot to get down on just because of one photo, especially since he's never said he's bisexual and has said he had a girlfriend.

We don't know anything about those other "relationships", if they're even true, or if he was hiding sex or more meaningful relationships with men, as a celebrity solely as his own choice, and not his partners' choices.

Stop idolizing these guys. If he's straight or bisexual, this is nothing to get bothered over, other than you think he's hiding guys to keep us all from validating his bisexuality, which he's never claimed.

by Vin Dieselreply 7105/13/2014

fucking faggots always thinking that some attractive man MUST be a closet-case gay

by Vin Dieselreply 7205/13/2014

R66 Yes you are. He is hot and talented.

by Vin Dieselreply 7305/13/2014

R71, did you accidentally wander onto the GOSSIP site, cunt?

by Vin Dieselreply 7405/13/2014

Such a nice looking beard.

Closet cases of Hollywood take note. The in beards are dark haired, closer to your age, and have jobs. Young blond 20 something models will no longer be taken seriously.

by Vin Dieselreply 7505/13/2014

I am more perplexed as to why he felt the need to make Don Jon about a Guido and then go to all the trouble to buff up and learn the Guido Jersey accent.

by Vin Dieselreply 7605/13/2014

R71 I'm not mad so much as irritated, nor do I idolize JGL. I like his acting, which is not in any way tied to who he fucks. You have a point that it probably is dumb to get attached to any ideas about that. But...

If his being bi is merely a constructed reality on the internet though, then it's been going on an awful long time, 16 years in fact. The oldest link on that Tumblr post is from 1998.

by Vin Dieselreply 7705/13/2014

R74, overreact much? R71 didn't seem to get so upset, why are you? Talk about being a cunt.

R71/R77, again, all I'm saying is that he hasn't been photographed out with a guy, nor has he said he's gay or bisexual. Tumblr (relatively new) and other internet gossip may or may not be true.

I said I get the sense he's bi and always got that vibe -- not that that's credible either -- just since he's been unattached for so long.

I was only reacting to this assertion he's "above" Hollywood and "better than" guys who beard. That has nothing to do with gossip. If he's bisexual, I just don't see it as a big deal.

by Vin Dieselreply 7805/13/2014

R65 Well obviously it would be far easier to know what's what if I was telepathic like you. I don't actually do any kind of detailed side by side photo comparison by the way and I dn't often look at celebrity photographs at all (I just click links here). I don't believe I offered any intepretation per se, and you might be taking my post in a more serious light than I intended.

All I said was his physical contact with her looks off to me. I did only look at a couple of the pictures and I also never said it was staged either. He's grocery shopping with his girlfriend as far as paparazzi ambushes go I wouldn't say that was really something to get worked up about. That was what my acting comment was about; it's amazing he can look so tense doing something he's actually doing (shopping with his girlfriend)to the point it looks awkward, when he does similar with women he's not dating in his professional life.

When I say I'm convinced about the Tom Hardy thing I mean I've convinced myself, I do freely acknowledge that it probably never happened and is based purely on my subjective view of a couple of their interactions together. I don't even have the picture I mentioned to look at or compare even if I did have the incentive, and I don't. I'm a psych graduate so I know that body language intepretation is largely bullshit and entirely subjective unless you know the person very well. Just so you know you can't know anything either, so even if I'd offered some detailed analysis you can't say whether it's ludicrous or not.

Jesus you'd think when you mocked your own post as sounding like something from a nutty tumblr or livejournal that you'd avoid this kind of sanctimonious rebuttal from an apparently omniscient Dler.

by Vin Dieselreply 7905/13/2014

Another one, R79, can you not relax?

We both agree. Our sense is based on nothing, yours and mine. I didn't say I was telepathic. You can be subjective, but I can't?

The comment you made about it being odd that he's seems awkward in life and better at being staged as all I disagreed with. Actors do staged shit for a living. They are often awkeard and more in life.

It's just a response, jeez.

by Vin Dieselreply 8005/13/2014

R80 Of course you can but you came across like you were stating your opinion as absolute fact. Not to mention you seem a bit condescending now. I am totally relaxed but telling people to relax is a good way of vexing them. Let's put it down to the inaccuracy of communicating on message boards and move on.

by Vin Dieselreply 8105/13/2014

R78 Okay, fair enough then.

by Vin Dieselreply 8205/13/2014

He's obviously found someone he loves and is spending his life with her. If he hides the guys (that's a big IF if there's even any guys in his life to hide), then he's just another closet case bisexual.

by Vin Dieselreply 8305/13/2014

Why is it a big if, R83?

by Vin Dieselreply 8405/13/2014

[all posts by childish idiot removed]

by Vin Dieselreply 8505/13/2014

[quote]Am I the only poster who thinks JGL is fugly as shit and a mediocre actor at best? Just cannot understand the interest in him.

No, it's not just you. I've NEVER understood the hype about him. He's very fugly, nothing special as an actor, and his over the top mugging for the cameras is fucking irritating.

by Vin Dieselreply 8605/13/2014

It's funny how he announced he had a girlfriend on Howard Stern just weeks after telling a magazine that he wouldn't say if he was gay or not. These closet cases are so sad how they always want to look hetero for grandpa frat boy Stern.

Now this is apparently his "girlfriend".

by Vin Dieselreply 8708/24/2014

You don't know her, they met at camp.

r9 this guy is so gay its impossible for him to be straight. Seems like an alkie too.

by Vin Dieselreply 8808/24/2014

He's a married man now.

by Vin Dieselreply 8912/31/2014

Holy shit, fully bearded up. Pathetic closet case.

by Vin Dieselreply 9012/31/2014

Wow...I didn't see that coming at all. I thought for sure he was gay.

by Vin Dieselreply 9112/31/2014

Is she aware of his receding hairline?

by Vin Dieselreply 9212/31/2014

Getting married doesn't mean he's not gay, r91.

by Vin Dieselreply 9312/31/2014

What a fucking asshole.

Who does he think cares about his girlfriend?

by Vin Dieselreply 9412/31/2014

If he's bearding, at least he chose someone with class. Unlike a certain other person.... COUGHCOUGHsonniCOUGH

by Vin Dieselreply 9512/31/2014

R91 I know, but I was always on the fence about him. I mean, I know he's popular, but it's not like he's some leading man who has to keep up a hetero image, so why would he go to these lengths if he really is gay?

Also, I remember just last year he was doing an interview where he talked about marriage and monogamy, and he didn't sound thrilled about either one. So for him to get married to this plain looking thing out of nowhere is VERY strange.

by Vin Dieselreply 9612/31/2014

[quote]R9 this guy is so gay its impossible for him to be straight. Seems like an alkie too.

No, R9's right: you're delusional. "Impossible for him to be straight"? Because he has a low-profile love life and doesn't have his flack call Us Weekly every other day to report where he can be "sighted"? Seriously?? Are you a tinhat home on winter break and angry that all the slash you wrote between him and Christian Bale (as "Batman" and "Robin") is "ruined"?

The "seems like an alkie" bit also has zero basis in reality.

by Vin Dieselreply 9712/31/2014

She lives in Santa Fe. Serious lesbonic.

by Vin Dieselreply 9812/31/2014

Enough eggnog for you, r97.

by Vin Dieselreply 9912/31/2014

I have a girlfriend too, and I, unlike JGL, can name her: her given name is Fag and her family name is Hag.

by Vin Dieselreply 10012/31/2014

R96 I think that the girlfriend probably put some pressure on him around the holidays knowing that his hot years were coming to an end and she wanted to cash in on the cachet of being on the arm of a Hollywood star at her Silicon Valley Christmas parties while she still could. I also wonder longer term if she will be supporting him financially? Tech CEOs make good money, potentially lots more then Hollywood actors if their startup goes public. The timing is interesting though, not that Christmas weddings are out of the ordinary, but perhaps his name was linked with that Sony entertainment leak that was going to get exposed at Christmas and the shotgun wedding was a means of covering the bases for any dirty laundry that may have been released. Although Levitt doesn't really strike me as the type that would get involved in anything too shady.

by Vin Dieselreply 10112/31/2014

I don't care if he's bearding or not. He's full of himself and conceited. His manager should tell him to calm down.

by Vin Dieselreply 10212/31/2014

He's a father now, bitches.

by Vin Dieselreply 10308/19/2015

Why does he have slanty eyes like a WWII Japanese

by Vin Dieselreply 10403/23/2017

He is adopted

by Vin Dieselreply 10503/23/2017
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