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The Goldbergs

Ucch. I give it 3 more episodes before this thing is aborted. Too bad, there's some very good talent in here, but it's apparently written and directed by an 8 year old on speed.

by Enoughreply 4910/02/2014

Is it sponsored by Depends?

by Enoughreply 109/24/2013

Yeah, I caught a few minutes of it and it's crap. Not to mention it's up against "NCIS:LA" and "The Voice." It's doomed.

by Enoughreply 209/24/2013

The ending videos showing how the show is based on real people and real stories was ... weird.

I watched it mostly because it was on after SHIELD and I had nothing else to do. But I probably won't be back.

by Enoughreply 309/24/2013

Does this one have the canned laughter?

I'm assuming it does since it looks like the whole gimmick is to just drop pop culture references to the 80s. Since that's not actually funny or clever, I figured they need to assist the audience by instructing them on when it's time to laugh.

by Enoughreply 409/24/2013

I knew it would be awful when it was clear Jeff Garlin was playing the role originated by Gertrude Berg...

by Enoughreply 509/24/2013

I think they must have added the Patton Oswalt narration to tell us what was funny.

by Enoughreply 609/24/2013


by Enoughreply 709/24/2013

It's the Jewish version of "The Middle". I watched.......oh vey !

by Enoughreply 809/24/2013

Really awful pilot.

Don't understand how it got picked up. Competition must have been even worse.

I imagine it will be gone by November.

by Enoughreply 909/25/2013

The middle kid has something interesting to him. There's something about his desire to be cool and his complete lack of coolness that has a spark.

But I hated this pilot and found it exhausting to watch. By the second commercial break, I realized that I'd just been watching a bunch of people argue and be contrary. It was negative emotion after negative emotion.

The youngest kid is inexplicable. He makes no sense and rings completely false. And he is supposed to be the creator of the show. Go figure.

The mother seems to exist in her own universe and reminds me of no human being I've ever met.

There is a strange lack of focus in the pilot... whose story are we telling? It has to be the youngest kid since he's the one narrating, right? But he has very little story to tell. And we go in telling a story about the grandfather, but then it shifts around...

And then the cursing, and the shit jokes...

And did the daughter vanish about ten minutes in?

by Enoughreply 1009/25/2013

Is it an 'official' update on the Gertrude Berg show??!

by Enoughreply 1109/25/2013

We need more Jews on television!

by Enoughreply 1209/25/2013

Love it!

by Enoughreply 1309/25/2013

I wanted to cry every time the father was abusive to the poor middle child. I hate people like that. They don't realize that child abuse can be verbal as much as physical. That poor kid will have issues for the rest of his life.

Horrible, disgusting show that shouldn't be allowed on the air.

by Enoughreply 1409/25/2013

Opened to 9 mil viewers. Suck it, haters. I liked it.

by Enoughreply 1509/25/2013

The younger boy has pre-gay face.

by Enoughreply 1609/25/2013

What a waste of Wendy, she's a truly brilliant comedienne (Reno 911). It's like they've defanged her.

by Enoughreply 1709/25/2013

Nothing for the Goldbergs!

by Enoughreply 1809/25/2013

R10 Don't you get it ? Everything you described, IS the Jewish life. Exhausting (to watch), a bunch of people arguing, and being contrary, negative emotion, after negative emotion, inexplicable, mother existing in her own universe, the cursing, the shit jokes ....Welcome o being Jewish !

by Enoughreply 1909/25/2013

There was way too much screaming on this show.

by Enoughreply 2009/25/2013

This show looks a lot like the Chris Meloni mid-season pick up...

by Enoughreply 2109/26/2013

I sort of like it.

by Enoughreply 2211/11/2013

Wendy deserves better but at least she's employed I guess.

by Enoughreply 2311/11/2013

Me too, R22. The first 2-3 episodes I found to be a little scratchy. But I think it found its voice.

by Enoughreply 2411/11/2013

[quote]Opened to 9 mil viewers. Suck it, haters. I liked it.

you're an idiot.

by Enoughreply 2511/11/2013

I liked the last episode when the brother was driving around and singing along to "It's Tricky" and then drinking by the bonfire. Good memories for me.

by Enoughreply 2611/11/2013

totally devoid of any charm whatsoever.

by Enoughreply 2711/11/2013

I just watched this show for the first time tonight (thanks for bringing it to my attention, Wendy Williams!) and I loved it! I actually laughed, which I rarely do…there's just something about scripted shows that I don't like. But this one got me to set my DVR for a series recording! Praying it doesn't get cancelled. I just wish the little kid wasn't the star of the show…his character is weak & generally not interesting. LOVE the parents.

by Enoughreply 2803/18/2014

I tried watching this a couple of times but the kid has a midwestern accent that seemed to get stronger with each episode and is ridiculously distracting for its lack of continuity with the rest of the family/cast.

by Enoughreply 2903/19/2014

The show is god-awful. R28 = paid network shill

by Enoughreply 3003/19/2014

Good use of In A Big Country in the last episode. I love the grandpa. He's 80 ffs. It's a harmless sitcom, I like it.

by Enoughreply 3103/19/2014

Gramps is the best character

by Enoughreply 3203/19/2014

I was very surprised to learn that Patton Oswalt is doing the voice over (that of the youngest son now grown up) very Wonder Years.

by Enoughreply 3303/19/2014

This show seems to gave gotten better since it started. I hated it when I watched an early ep, but it improved towards the end of the season. It's not The Wonder Years or That 70s show, but it's decent. I was a child of the 80s, so it brings back a lot of memories. The only thing I don't like is the casting of the father. He annoys me big time.

by Enoughreply 3409/24/2014

I still haven't found anything to like about this show.

by Enoughreply 3509/24/2014

I love Jeff Garlin in Curb Your Enthusiasm. His comic timing is fantastic, especially so since CYE is basically improv, no scripts. This show's writing is pretty weak, and I do not like media that makes fun of Jews (God's Chosen People).

by Enoughreply 3609/24/2014

Someone please explain to me how that kid is not gay.

by Enoughreply 3710/01/2014

Wendy does a fantastic overpowering Jewish Mother without resorting to stereotyping. This is about the only thing I like about the show.

by Enoughreply 3810/01/2014

R37 Which one? They both seem pretty gay. And the younger one has a really strange way of pronouncing some words.

by Enoughreply 3910/01/2014

Jesus Christ, Superstar, how can the same people who are still sucking marrow from "The Golden Girls'" bones thirty years on nitpick "The Goldbergs?"

This is genius, knowing, hits the sweet spot between being sly and not being insufferable. Cast is perfect

Plus, who hates the Eighties?(besides the Datalounge "I hate the Eighties/Reagan's diapers" troll)

by Enoughreply 4010/01/2014

R39, please see my post at R29.

by Enoughreply 4110/01/2014

It's a terrible show about two awful people and their insufferable children. They totally fuck up the 80s vibe with cliches and anachronism.

by Enoughreply 4210/01/2014

I've seen a few episodes of the 50s version with Gertrude Berg. It's a nice, sweet show. Think Andy Griffith, but Jewish.

Adapts a Jackie Mason accent: "So what did they have to name this show The Goldbergs for? There wasn't another Jewish name they could have used?! "

by Enoughreply 4310/01/2014

R42▶ Describes "The Cosby Show" in his first sentence.

by Enoughreply 4410/01/2014

I like this show, although I think every single one of the children were miscast. The little one is too robotic, the older brother is non-stop annoying and the sister looks latino. Wendy is what keeps me coming back…I'll watch anything that woman is in.

by Enoughreply 4510/01/2014

It's apparently doing very well in its second season.

by Enoughreply 4610/01/2014

The line about being at the child's table at the Last Supper was pretty good.

Did you notice Wendi's "Reno 911" co-star Cedric Yarbrough as the Canadian hockey fan who sang O Canada"?

by Enoughreply 4710/01/2014

It's no Everybody Hates Chris.

by Enoughreply 4810/02/2014

The line about the kid's table had too long of a set-up. It ended up falling flat because you knew what was coming.

by Enoughreply 4910/02/2014
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