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Does truck-driving attract a lot of gay men?

We all know about "gay" creative professions like fashion, interior design, acting that typically attracts a disproportionately high amount of gay men in the field.

But on the flip side of that coin, do mostly-male-only-oriented careers disproportionately attract a different type of gay man (truck-driving/military/firefighter/policeman). Jobs where there is little to no contact with females or female coworkers?

Truck-drivers seem especially gay. These burly guys seem to love glory-holes in bathrooms and hooking up at rest-stops across the US. Are a lot of truck drivers gay?

by Curious Georgereply 6003/30/2016

Rock Hudson was a truck driver when he was "discovered" by Henry Willson.

A friend of mine hooked up with a trucker years ago. He was closeted, though (the trucker, not my friend)

by Curious Georgereply 109/04/2013

Isn't the trucker sex story in The Night Listener based on one of Maupin's experiences?

by Curious Georgereply 209/04/2013

I remember seeing some tv program/docu about truckers and a few interviewed said yes, a lot of them are gay. Having a wife and family is not easy when one is on the road for months at a time, so men who have no commitments tend to gravitate towards that kind of work. From other stuff I have seen and read, they also prefer to hook up with their own, ie other truckers.

by Curious Georgereply 309/04/2013

I don't think so. I don't know any gay guys that wear a mullet

by Curious Georgereply 409/04/2013

I've been reading lately that truck driving is a profession that draws serial killers because they are able to drive all over the US, hook up with drifters and runaways easily and then dump the bodies in far flung areas to avoid getting caught.

by Curious Georgereply 509/04/2013

I think truck driving might attract closeted gay men or non-stereotypical gay men. It's not a job that's conducive to child-rearing or long-term relationships, and you probably interact with a lot of similarly-minded men. Also: truckstops.

by Curious Georgereply 609/04/2013

I lived in a small town where in season about 5000 semis of produce left each week. Lots of truckers laid up waiting for their load. I was also waiting for their load. Got all the dick I could handle. Did a lot of guys in the trucks, took a few home and did most of them in the trucks.

by Curious Georgereply 709/04/2013

How did you pick them up, R7? Did you have reason to interact with them or did you just troll the truckstop?

What really goes on at truckstops? All that pent-up, blue collar cock in remote, rural locations....sounds hot. Anyone have any truckstop stories? How does an outsider, uh...penetrate that environment? I would never pass for a trucker but I wouldn't mind being seen as a cock-hungry homo if that's what they're looking for.

by Curious Georgereply 809/04/2013

Truckers skeeve me out. They have no social skills. They try to run you off the road. And they're always parked in strange areas, just sitting there.

by Curious Georgereply 909/04/2013

Truck driving? I dunno. Truckstops on the other hand with no urinal divders. Now we're talking.

by Curious Georgereply 1009/04/2013

One of my best friends is an openly gay truck driver. And, yes, he has a mullet and is a real hillbilly but he is funny and I love being around him.

by Curious Georgereply 1109/04/2013

They did an episode of Law & Order about gays in the trucking industry.

by Curious Georgereply 1209/04/2013

[R7] It was 25 years ago, before any of the instant communication we have now. I had a phone number I did not use personally. I left that number at phone booths and in bathrooms.

These days truckers don't like all the prostitutes at the truck stops. Most truck stops have cracked down on any funny business. Hard to get any trucker dick anymore. A few years ago I advertised on CL for truckers. I lived on a truck route, easy place to pull over. I did get some action out of that.

In the 70's many people had CB radios and all truckers did. There were codes they used to find cocksuckers. There were truckers called blue lighters, supposedly they had a blue running light indicating they were looking for gay sex.

I just blew a trucker a couple of weeks ago. He had a listing on CL, small community here. He was parked and I went to his location, got in the truck and sucked him off. He was in his 40's with a big horny dick and not bad looking. Got two loads from him

by Curious Georgereply 1309/04/2013

Early morning at an Iowa freeway rest stop. No one was there when I pulled up. As I was leaving a cute guy came in. He had just pulled up in a semi. Even though it was obvious, I returned to the restroom. He was standing at the urinal, cock already erect. I stood by him, he asked if I wanted it. I motioned him into a stall and sucked him off. It was quick and nasty and he came a river.

by Curious Georgereply 1409/04/2013

#13 = The National STD Museum, located in Podunk, Arkansas (exit 110).

by Curious Georgereply 1509/04/2013

Not too sure about gay truck drivers - am sure they are out there. I do, however, know a number of truck drivers who are dealing with gender-related issues.

by Curious Georgereply 1609/04/2013

It attracts lesbians.

by Curious Georgereply 1709/04/2013

[R15] Jealous much? Actually, trade is the safest cock to suck. Not like that nasty fag cock like yours.

by Curious Georgereply 1809/04/2013

I don't see how truck driving has anything to do with straight or gay. It's a paying job.

by Curious Georgereply 1909/04/2013

Ummm R19, the question was whether it attracts gay men or not. Driving a truck, in and of itself, is neither a gay or straight action. But the job itself may or may not attract a lot of gay men.

by Curious Georgereply 2009/04/2013

There are entire websites like trucker sucker dot com devoted to trucker cock.

A lot of them are men who have sex with men.

by Curious Georgereply 2109/05/2013

A lot of them are married men who don't have access to their wife for days at a time. Thus a quick b.j. in a truck-stop gloryhole provides a measure of satisfaction.

by Curious Georgereply 2209/05/2013

Yeah, I think it has more to do with the loneliness and the isolation. Like military, you develop a penchant for sucking cock - or getting sucked off, rather - because that's basically all you can get.

by Curious Georgereply 2309/05/2013

What year is this thread from?

by Curious Georgereply 2409/05/2013

It's from 2013, R24. We have trucks delivering goods all across the nation. Don't get run over while you're out in your horse-drawn buggy.

by Curious Georgereply 2509/05/2013

Lots of tired hairy asses

by Curious Georgereply 2609/05/2013

I have gotten a lot of attention from truckers by playing with myself while driving by them. Many will speed up and keep passing and re-passing you just to get a look! Had a CB radio and listened to some at one time. Had one trucker hold up a sign asking "Blowjob?", but it kind of scared me and I took off. I never stopped and did anything with any of the truckers, but did have a couple of weird experiences trying to lose them after they had gotten a glimpse!

by Curious Georgereply 2709/05/2013

"Having a wife and family is not easy when one is on the road for months at a time, so men who have no commitments tend to gravitate towards that kind of work"

Or for men who want to get away from the commitments they have. If a man wants the security of a wife and kids, but doesn't want to spend much time with them, he can become a truck driver.

by Curious Georgereply 2809/05/2013

More trucker stories!

by Curious Georgereply 2909/06/2013

I know a gay guy who quit a teaching gig to become a trucker because he thought it would be hot sex all the time.

He was very disappointed. Very rare to find that kind of scene nowadays apparently.

by Curious Georgereply 3009/06/2013

The truck driver's world is too aesthetically distressing for most gay men.

by Curious Georgereply 3109/06/2013

I'm trying to think of all the jobs where when you need to take a bathroom break, there is always someone in there to suck your dick for free. Let's see .. truck driver,

by Curious Georgereply 3209/06/2013

Uh no...I don't buy the whole being away from the wife and being lonely bullshit. Lady whores are just as easy to find for some blow as man whores are. It's really as simple as this: gay men away from their wives for days at a time want cock, not pussy. Straight men away from their wives and want some action want snatch, not cock. What is this obsession we gays have with thinking all these "straight" men wanting dick? That's just fucked up.

by Curious Georgereply 3309/06/2013

In the fantasy sence I think it does. Im gay and i used to fantasize about a big hairy manly buff sexy trucker with a huge cock that was lonley and sweet who wanted to tare my twink ass up. lol of course that fantasy never played out because most truckers arn't ripped these days. Im a twink so trucking isnt exactly my cup of tee. But my boyfriend is tall tough manly and macho and he has been trucking for 7 years. we met online on crazily enough. my dad kicked me out of the house one night because we were having another argument over nothing lol not because im gay he knew and was ok with it but we always faught over stupid things. my trucker bf was home that night and drove all the way there to rescue me. living on the road is tough but to me its worth it as long as i have my sexy trucker boyfriend.

by Curious Georgereply 3411/02/2014


by Curious Georgereply 3503/09/2015

There was a show all about it called "BJ and the Bear" but they replaced the Bear with a monkey in editing.

by Curious Georgereply 3603/09/2015

OP = Julianne Moore. Seriously.

by Curious Georgereply 3703/09/2015

Truck drivers like gay men, I picked them up at parks, rest stops, etc. Since they go sometimes weeks without their wife, they take care of the business with gays most are "strait" or tops.

I have picked them a city parks, and truck stops.

by Curious Georgereply 3804/27/2015

I found a trucker listed on CL and boy was that a fun evening in his cab.

by Curious Georgereply 3904/27/2015

My partner is an OTR trucker, and I have worked as one on / off over the years. We know quite a few gay truckers so, yeah...lots of gays in trucking.

Why? It IS mostly male and you're on the road a lot. You get to travel, meet all kinds of people and the pay is usually decent. You can make a LOT more if you haul something like biohazards or explosives.

After a long haul, you stop at a truck stop, eat something and cruise for cock. And there is a LOT of cock out here. Fellow truckers, lot lizards, lonely "straight" men looking for cock, etc.

Some stops have showers,which could be a porno movie in itself. ( Pilot / Flying J showers are the best IMHO)

by Curious Georgereply 4004/27/2015

I know a guy who had a great job and quit it to be a trucker.

He thought it would be like a porn movie, but he said that it was super disappointing and a lot of work.

Just like most mainstream public cruising spots have disappeared, many of the truck stop ones have, too. It's out there still, to be sure, but it isn't as much like shooting fish in a barrel, apparently, as it used to be.

by Curious Georgereply 4104/27/2015

R34, Your father probably fought with you about your grammar and spelling.

by Curious Georgereply 4204/27/2015

More details, please, R40! Sounds hot!

by Curious Georgereply 4304/27/2015


by Curious Georgereply 4401/25/2016

I come from small town and my fantasy is to get with a trucker in a truck stop I flash my light letting the m know I'm interested and nothing. what should I do

by Curious Georgereply 4503/30/2016

Like others have said it is profession that works well for people who don't have a wife and kids, or people who do have a wife and kids but don't really want to have one. Makes sense to me it would attract a fair bit of flyover gay types.

by Curious Georgereply 4603/30/2016

I've known professionals who've not been able to get jobs in their field so as a last resort started driving trucks. It doesn't sound like a gay paradise.

I did hook up with a gay trucker once, though. It was at a gay bar in Omaha called Flixx. Met him at the bar and we hit it off. Went outside to the parking lot thinking we'd go back to my place and it turns out, his huge rig was idling in the parking lot, so we crawled up into the cabin and fucked around. Definitely a different slice of life.

by Curious Georgereply 4703/30/2016

I've had a few truckers over the years. They were all bottoms (one was versatile). Two of them were into cross-dressing, which sorta corroborates R16.

by Curious Georgereply 4803/30/2016

Aren't there hook up sites specifically for truckers and guys into them?

by Curious Georgereply 4903/30/2016

Unless he's come right out of a truck stop shower, I wouldn't want any part of him. Ewwwww!!!!!

by Curious Georgereply 5003/30/2016

Grindr is popular with the truckers I know.

by Curious Georgereply 5103/30/2016

Not really, but the Lesbians love it.

by Curious Georgereply 5203/30/2016

I knew a guy who gave $20 blow jobs to truckers at a very large truck stop. He always had business, by pretending he was another trucker walking around the huge parking lot (he did this in case the cops were patrolling for female hookers). After a while his 'regulars' knew him and he had a thriving business.

by Curious Georgereply 5303/30/2016

R53 I suppose it's all a matter of giving the public what it wants at the lowest price. It's the secret to Walmart's success.

by Curious Georgereply 5403/30/2016

My 300lb straight brother is a truck driver. He told me that the other truckers talk shit about fags. Its a macho straight guy culture that isn't all that friendly to gays. He told me a story about "lot lizards". They are cheap whores who are often meth addicts that hang out at truck stops to fuck/suck the truckers. Anyway there was a trannie whore who was a guy dressed as a woman that was sucking trucker cock at a local truck stop that he frequented that got beaten and left for dead in the woods after the trucker discovered that she/he had a cock.

I asked him if there was any gay truckers and he was like hell no. He said if there are any gay truck drivers that they are in the closet. His buddy is a rotten raunchy pervy trucker that told me stories about how he fucks truckstop whores and crack whores all over the U.S. I asked him if he ever met any gay whores and he said he got cruised by some guy begging to suck his cock so he could buy some crack. He said no to him but the gay whore's fag hag whore sucked him off and then they happily scurried off to buy some crack.

by Curious Georgereply 5503/30/2016

Gay Truck Drivers Community Facebook page

by Curious Georgereply 5603/30/2016

Gay Trucking dating site.

by Curious Georgereply 5703/30/2016

No, truck drivers are not gay, except in gay porn and homosexual fantasies.

They are straight guys who have a "Florence Jean Castleberry" in every Mel's Diner.

by Curious Georgereply 5803/30/2016

Well, you're wrong R58, because I know more than a handful of gay male truckers.

by Curious Georgereply 5903/30/2016

R 5 & R58--you're misinformed. I used to work in a distribution warehouse for a major retailer and I knew quite a few gay truckers---including a systerwomyn duo.

by Curious Georgereply 6003/30/2016
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