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Nathan Owens, hot to death

A thread dedicated to the Blatino model turned actor that is possibly the hottest stud ever to be on daytime TV.


by Ay Papireply 30308/24/2017


by Ay Papireply 108/11/2013

Cast photo!

by Ay Papireply 208/11/2013


by Ay Papireply 308/11/2013

Who cares what he looks like? I watch for the stories.

by Ay Papireply 408/11/2013

Not meh!

by Ay Papireply 508/11/2013

damn he's fine

by Ay Papireply 608/11/2013

stripping for cash!!

by Ay Papireply 708/11/2013

Seriously, judging from the pic at r7, it wouldn't hurt him to drop a couple of pounds. Not a lot...maybe 5 or 10. Not that he's hugely fat or anything, but he's not exactly skinny either (the arms could be better defined), and let's not forget that the camera adds 10 pounds. Just my 2 cents.

by Ay Papireply 808/11/2013

Definitely agree with OP. He is not only the hottest guy on the show, he's the hottest guy on TV. Hyperbole, I know, but I'm in lust with him.

by Ay Papireply 908/12/2013

Black Ken doll - If it floats your boat... Not mine, I like manly men.

by Ay Papireply 1008/12/2013

Agree with OP completely. Can't take my eyes off him, and he looks beautiful in and out of clothes.

Hot and sexy voice, too. Nathan is just one incredible looking guy.

Anyone who says he needs to lose weight or describes him as "meh" is nuts.

by Ay Papireply 1108/12/2013

my boat is floating!

by Ay Papireply 1208/12/2013

ugly tatoo at r12, and I don't see any veins in his arms. Dealbreaker for me.

by Ay Papireply 1308/12/2013

I Don't know if it's the lighting but he looks tanned out or something on the show. His lips looked luscious when he was kissing Abby.

by Ay Papireply 1408/12/2013

Good, more for me r13

r14 he glows on the show because he is so hot

by Ay Papireply 1508/12/2013

He has no visible body hair. ANYWHERE. Hair connotes masculinity and testosterone. Can't imagine why someone would be into someone so hairless.

by Ay Papireply 1608/12/2013

R16, see R2's pic.

by Ay Papireply 1708/12/2013

working those luscious lips

by Ay Papireply 1808/12/2013


by Ay Papireply 1908/12/2013

"He has no visible body hair. ANYWHERE"

I submit into evidence [R2] - you know, the post above yours in this here very same thread?

by Ay Papireply 2008/12/2013

He has a beautiful combination of masculine and feminine facial features (full shapely lips and the long eyelashes). That and his body and skin color put him over the top

by Ay Papireply 2108/12/2013

[quote]He has no visible body hair. ANYWHERE. Hair connotes masculinity and testosterone. Can't imagine why someone would be into someone so hairless.

r16, you jackass. He is on a SOAP, of course they ask him to shave. Nathan is black and Puerto Rican, so he has a decent amount of natural body hair.

by Ay Papireply 2208/12/2013

Nathan is beautiful. Haters gonna hate!!!

by Ay Papireply 2308/12/2013


by Ay Papireply 2408/12/2013

He's definitely part black and part white, but he looks like there's some Asian thrown in there possibly.

by Ay Papireply 2508/12/2013

He posted his NOH8 portrait the day DOMA was overturned on Intagram with a message. Can't remember what it said then. Then he was at the GLAAD Awards. I'm sure being in the fashion industry, you're going to be around gays whether you like it or not.

His "Days" co-star, Eric Martsolf said that he has more gay friends than straight.

by Ay Papireply 2608/12/2013

Halle Berry wanted a piece

by Ay Papireply 2708/12/2013

[quote]His "Days" co-star, Eric Martsolf said that he has more gay friends than straight.

I bet you he does. The are all waiting for Nathan to a have a weak moment so they can snack on his pinga.

by Ay Papireply 2808/12/2013

Thank you OP. I don't watch soap shows and think they're dumb but thanks for showing me this guy! Gorgeous and perfect. Finally a thread claiming to be about a hot guy who is actually hot for a change on DL!

R8 is an idiot and has 0 taste.

by Ay Papireply 2908/12/2013

"Days" is a gay pron fest, with camp diva, Eileen Davidson thrown in.

by Ay Papireply 3008/12/2013

He's perfect. So perfect that he verges on being bland.

by Ay Papireply 3108/12/2013

r18, I would faint as he pressed those soft lips on my face!

by Ay Papireply 3208/12/2013

Nathan likes tank tops.

by Ay Papireply 3308/12/2013

He looks like a bottom...

by Ay Papireply 3408/12/2013

What makes you say that, r34?

by Ay Papireply 3508/12/2013

He looks...submissive.

by Ay Papireply 3608/12/2013

I love this thread! Thanks, OP!

by Ay Papireply 3708/12/2013

r34/r36, how can you tell from these pics & video that he likes to be penetrated?

by Ay Papireply 3808/13/2013

I want him to sit on my face

by Ay Papireply 3908/13/2013

submissive never looked so good

by Ay Papireply 4008/15/2013

His penis is just as beautiful

by Ay Papireply 4108/15/2013

Someone in the other thread said that Nathan doesn't seem close with his girlfriend. Perhaps he's bi or bearding.

Nathan's said modestly that his girlfriend loves to kiss him and that he is a good kisser. More like bitches have fallen in love with him because he is great at sucking face and other things! The clips tell it all. He seems like he is very affectionate.

by Ay Papireply 4208/16/2013

You know he's got a big swinging Blatino cock that would make a mark on your face when he dickwhips you with it!

by Ay Papireply 4308/16/2013

[quote]You know he's got a big swinging Blatino cock that would make a mark on your face when he dickwhips you with it!

You mean like this r43?!

by Ay Papireply 4408/16/2013

Fuck yeah R44!

Aye papi! Aye!!!

by Ay Papireply 4508/16/2013

I wonder if he's been with a guy before.

by Ay Papireply 4608/16/2013

He is banal to death, OP.

by Ay Papireply 4708/16/2013

Needs to let his hair grow in.

by Ay Papireply 4808/16/2013

Nathan working on his bawdy with a guy with a long face.

He looks extra Latin when his hair is longer

by Ay Papireply 4908/16/2013

Does he escort on the side. Is this him?

by Ay Papireply 5008/16/2013

Generic Mocha Cartoon Vapidity.

No thanks.

by Ay Papireply 5108/16/2013

lol r50 I WISH that was him..and his luscious lips

by Ay Papireply 5208/16/2013

Funny how some of you queens go crazy for fat, busted old white guys, but say you pass on this guy who is obviously very beautiful, and brown.

by Ay Papireply 5308/16/2013

What is with this sudden ogling generic gym posers threads flooding in full force lately?

by Ay Papireply 5408/16/2013

[quote][R22], you jackass. He is on a SOAP, of course they ask him to shave. Nathan is Puerto Rican, so he has a decent amount of natural body hair.

by Ay Papireply 5508/17/2013

r54, he is not a "generic gym poser". Here is Rihanna feeling on his chest in her music video.

by Ay Papireply 5608/17/2013

[quote]He has no visible body hair. ANYWHERE. Hair connotes masculinity and testosterone. Can't imagine why someone would be into someone so hairless.

Women are also suppose to have hairy pits, legs, vagine, which by nature connotes feminity.

Men are suppose to be groomed. Girls under 25 won't fuck hairy guys now. It's an entirely new generation. The thought of hair is repulsive, and is deemed unhygienic. That's what masculinity is today, just as powered wigs were centuries ago.

by Ay Papireply 5708/17/2013

Well, years back Halle Berry use to think that Justin Timberlake was very hot and likes to fuck him if she were as young as him, and Rihanna had the ugly Chris Brown as boyfriend, so...

This dude ain't going nowhere out of this little forum.

by Ay Papireply 5808/17/2013

r50 That looks like him

by Ay Papireply 5908/17/2013

Yes, he tapes the show in LA and then rushes back to NYC to whore around. Rolls eyes.

by Ay Papireply 6008/17/2013

From the other thread:

[quote]Nathan has a long time GF, Allison, in San Fransisco. She's an artist. He rarely posts pics of her on his Instagram. She appears to be Asian and/or Latina. I think whoever is his agent or management is wants him to appear to be single, because he plans on going big-time. I have a feeling Allison just doesn't want the pressure and people wondering how she landed a guy like him. She is very pretty, but Nathan is other worldy gorgeous. Nathan is also extremely sweet, he's a good guy. He called Allison his future wife, but it's strange that she is non-existent in his social media. That's the only reason I think there is funny business going on there.

by Ay Papireply 6108/17/2013

He's very pretty, in that "too pretty to be straight" kind of way.

by Ay Papireply 6208/18/2013

That Face + That Body + No Discernible Acting Talent = Taken Casting Couch Cock

by Ay Papireply 6308/18/2013

[quote]Yes, he tapes the show in LA and then rushes back to NYC to whore around. Rolls eyes.

Well, Nathan did do a lot of flying across America for various modeling jobs, he used to be in a different city every couple of days. He could have escorted on the side if he wanted.

by Ay Papireply 6408/19/2013


by Ay Papireply 6508/22/2013

Nathan and some hot Asian dude

by Ay Papireply 6608/23/2013

bump for those who need a break from Chandler Massey

by Ay Papireply 6708/25/2013

It a nice suit, although he would look better out of it

by Ay Papireply 6808/26/2013


by Ay Papireply 6909/03/2013

YES, Nathan likes to show off his big crotch!

by Ay Papireply 7009/03/2013

Has Abby has sex with Cameron yet? The show is so unrealistic. If a guy like Nathan wanted to have sex with you IRL, you would NOT SAY NO! As a matter of fact, you would show up pre-lubed just in case.

by Ay Papireply 7109/03/2013

Nathan's gay friend or something.

by Ay Papireply 7209/03/2013

He is so cute in that vid r72, I just want to eat him for breakfast! I can't tell if he pings though, he is just so sweet and charming

by Ay Papireply 7309/03/2013

Nathan as the Naughty Agent.

God, I want to fuck him!

by Ay Papireply 7409/03/2013

Those lips r74... I honestly would suck his dick and I dont even suck dick like that.

by Ay Papireply 7509/03/2013

That's Camila Banus who plays Gabi in Days of our Lives. I wonder if the connection to her landed him the Days gig.

by Ay Papireply 7609/03/2013

What is Nathan's overall ethnicity? Anyone know?

by Ay Papireply 7709/03/2013

Nathan's doing a pretty good job on the show considering his lack of experience, and how they work the cast like a dog.

by Ay Papireply 7809/04/2013

R77 his mom is Puerto Rican of mostly European descent, he said Scottish, and his dad is black with some Native American ancestry..he calls himself a mutt. Daniel Sunjata has a similar ethnic mix that just results in really beautiful features. Nathan is also 6'2 and packing!!

by Ay Papireply 7909/04/2013

I bet he smells pretty too, like sweet cologne and fresh laundry!

by Ay Papireply 8009/04/2013

GQ's favorite guy :)

by Ay Papireply 8109/06/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Ay Papireply 8209/06/2013

Bump. Can we all just get along? Please?

by Ay Papireply 8309/13/2013

too many haters r83

by Ay Papireply 8409/13/2013


by Ay Papireply 8509/13/2013

Nathan has just announced he's left the show. His last episode airs late October.

by Ay Papireply 8609/21/2013

Sean Cody here he comes...along with Chandler

by Ay Papireply 8709/21/2013

Where the fuck is he going? It better be pron like r87 said.

by Ay Papireply 8809/22/2013

I wonder where his career is headed. I hope he's not relegated to himbo roles...well that might be good so we can see his body. Nathan must be using that big pipe to his advantage right now, he is sure moving up quick!

by Ay Papireply 8909/22/2013

Damn, everyone hot and talented is jumping ship. If they had any balls, the showrunners would have had a Cameron/Chad/Wiil trying and tell Abby and Sonny to take a hike.

by Ay Papireply 9009/22/2013

Eileen, Chandler, Casey, Camila, now Nathan, all left the show this year.

by Ay Papireply 9109/22/2013


by Ay Papireply 9209/23/2013

I wonder if Casey sticks that finger up Nathan's butt.

by Ay Papireply 9309/23/2013

[quote]I wonder if Casey sticks that finger up Nathan's butt.

from that smile I can tell Nathan enjoys it

by Ay Papireply 9409/23/2013

I'm going to miss seeing Nathan's sexy face, even though I don't watch the show. I agree about the gay porn thing.

by Ay Papireply 9509/23/2013

Yes, R94. You can always identify a bottom by the way they smile.

by Ay Papireply 9609/24/2013

I wonder what Nathan like sexually, he has a sweet mischievous face!

by Ay Papireply 9709/24/2013

[quote]nathanjowens_ Again, thoroughly enjoyed myself! So proud of you @katemansi for contributing to such a great cause to help our fellow human beings with such an inherent need. Also a huge #ThankYou to @GQ for sending me this stunning @RalphLauren suit for the event. :)

by Ay Papireply 9809/27/2013

Nathan and Casey look soo comfortable together

by Ay Papireply 9909/27/2013

That's a whole lotta pretty r98

by Ay Papireply 10009/27/2013

I love that Nathan described his Ralph Lauren suit as "stunning" :)

by Ay Papireply 10109/27/2013

[quote]I love that Nathan described his Ralph Lauren suit as "stunning" :)


You know that suit was ripped off his body by Casey at the end of the night. I would have, he is so damn fine!

by Ay Papireply 10209/27/2013

What's the finger thing Nathan's doing stand for? He did it on set for NOH8 too.

by Ay Papireply 10309/27/2013

Blake actually looks cute, in a retarded sort of way.

by Ay Papireply 10409/27/2013

r103 he's from the Bay Area, probably a gang sign!

Does Nathan have gayface?

by Ay Papireply 10509/28/2013

Seeing scenes with Nathan and Freddie just emphasized how blobby Freddie is. I wish Nathan wasn't leaving the show and there wasn't nearly enough shirtless scenes with him.

by Ay Papireply 10609/28/2013

I had a dream about Nathan's ass the other night, I must be crushing on him. He took out the pinga, it was huge. I had him in my mouth for a couple of minutes, and woke up with drool everywhere. Damn damn damn!

by Ay Papireply 10709/30/2013

Will someone start a new Chandler/Freddie/Nathan thread? Please post it. I'm having difficulty finding it.

by Ay Papireply 10809/30/2013

Why do we need a new one, R108?

by Ay Papireply 10909/30/2013


by Ay Papireply 11009/30/2013

R109 That thread has disappeared. Is there another one that has opened? Does anyone know?

by Ay Papireply 11110/06/2013

Am I still alive? Could I straighten out my grandchildren?

by Ay Papireply 11210/06/2013


by Ay Papireply 11310/10/2013

Nathan has become quite the topic of discussion in the Lee Daniels thread. So we want to see him play gay?

by Ay Papireply 11410/13/2013

Wouldn't be much of a stretch for him, r114

by Ay Papireply 11510/13/2013

I want to see him bottom. I can't put my finger on it, but he just seems like he does not top

by Ay Papireply 11610/13/2013

If Lee Daniels was smart, he'd cast Nathan and Casey as the two lovers. Casey is a very good actor who is likable. Alex...not so much.

by Ay Papireply 11710/13/2013

I wonder if Nathan arches his own eyebrows, they are so well groomed

by Ay Papireply 11810/14/2013

Really handsome guy.

by Ay Papireply 11910/14/2013

So Nathan made the cut of 20 out of 7000 actors for ABC's talent showcase later this month bitches! Coming soon to a TV drama or movie

Looks like Nathan might be a better actor than we thought, or maybe it's because he looks so damn gooood

by Ay Papireply 12010/15/2013

OMG!!!! R120 HE IS PHINE!!!

by Ay Papireply 12110/16/2013


by Ay Papireply 12210/17/2013

This was my favorite right here, pecs on deck!

by Ay Papireply 12310/17/2013


by Ay Papireply 12410/17/2013

Im kind of upset that Nathan has transitioned from modeling, he is so pretty.

This is my favorite shoot when his hair was longer. He has some makeup on and it makes his face even more fucking beautiful, if that is possible. He would make a great drag queen.

Im kind of hoping the acting thing fails miserably for him so he ends up doing gay porn. With mascara on, of course!

by Ay Papireply 12510/23/2013

He is delicious in every way!

by Ay Papireply 12610/25/2013


by Ay Papireply 12711/01/2013

Can't believe he left the show.

by Ay Papireply 12811/01/2013

I also wondered why he left so soon, but now that he did the showcase it seems like he probably has another big job coming. Nathan seems to be loaded, he travels for free to beautiful locations to model, and Im sure he has made a shitload off of all the huge campaigns he has done over the last couple of years. He has another GQ spread that just came out. Nathan posted pics a while back of his place in NYC,very nice. And Im sure he has a place in Sacramento where he's from. I personally am jealous!

by Ay Papireply 12911/01/2013

He didn't leave Days, he was inexplicably let go, as well as the actor who played Chad.

Big mistake, IMO. I think there were still possibilities with the love triangle plot. Oh, well.

by Ay Papireply 13011/01/2013

How do you find out they got laid off r130? Did Nathan and Casey have a few too many PDA's? lol

by Ay Papireply 13111/01/2013


by Ay Papireply 13211/01/2013

R129 When does his GQ spread come out? Is it in the same issue as Colton Haynes?

by Ay Papireply 13311/02/2013

Yes r133, they both ended up in the November issue! Here are Nathan's pics

by Ay Papireply 13411/02/2013

Mark Collier (Mike Kasnoff on ATWT) joins the "Days" cast next month. Is he part of the Gay Fest?

by Ay Papireply 13511/03/2013

aww 14 year old Nathan!

by Ay Papireply 13611/08/2013


by Ay Papireply 13711/10/2013

Nathan dances for us

by Ay Papireply 13811/15/2013

What the latest on Nathan?

by Ay Papireply 13912/06/2013

HOT! HOT! HOT! He was undoubtedly the most gorgeous member of the cast. He outshines ... by far ... all the other men. Thanks R139.

by Ay Papireply 14012/07/2013

YESSSS he is just delicious

by Ay Papireply 14112/07/2013

I want to drench him in oil and slide on him like a slip and slide.

by Ay Papireply 14212/07/2013

Was there some TV magic involved in these gold shorts, or is that all him in there?

by Ay Papireply 14312/09/2013

Nathan needs to be back on TV ASAP

by Ay Papireply 14412/26/2013

Mm mm mmmmm.

by Ay Papireply 14512/30/2013

He truly is beautiful.

by Ay Papireply 14612/30/2013

Too ethnic. Much too ethnic.

by Ay Papireply 14712/30/2013

Nathan is now modeling his fine ass for Wilhelmina again! I guess he will be modeling until he gets another acting job. I wonder how much he has made from these huge modeling campaigns he does. Nathan seems to live a pretty lavish life, traveling all the time.

by Ay Papireply 14802/06/2014


by Ay Papireply 14902/20/2014

sighs..ladies, THIS is perfection personified.

by Ay Papireply 15003/28/2014

Nathan should be back on the teevee

by Ay Papireply 15108/10/2014

Yes please!!!!!!!!!!

by Ay Papireply 15208/10/2014

Is Nathan single again? Haven't seen any mention of his girlfriend on IG or twitter in a long time.

by Ay Papireply 15310/28/2014

I found this deeply arousing.

by Ay Papireply 15410/29/2014

He's what I would imagine an angel looks like if I believed in them.

by Ay Papireply 15510/29/2014

R154 beautiful

by Ay Papireply 15610/29/2014

R155 He may not be an angel but he certainly heard my prayers...

by Ay Papireply 15710/29/2014

Nathan is so angelic and peaceful looking that it's almost difficult to fantasize about him sexually. Almost!

by Ay Papireply 15810/30/2014

Total vanilla, Average White Guy black version. Good looks but with almost zero sensuality.

by Ay Papireply 15910/30/2014

r159, like you would turn Nathan down in the alternate universe where he would actually approach you. Gurlll please. Even Halle Berry swooned!

Nathan probably tastes like vanilla cappuccino, yasss!

by Ay Papireply 16010/30/2014

Hot brah

by Ay Papireply 16110/31/2014

You so know the AWG troll is probably a white dude.

by Ay Papireply 16211/02/2014

A real hot brah

by Ay Papireply 16311/02/2014

So fuckin fine!

by Ay Papireply 16411/08/2014

Damn. Black men's sperm create some spectacular visuals.

This dude is hot!

by Ay Papireply 16511/08/2014

fyi that is not his girlfriend @ r164

by Ay Papireply 16611/08/2014

I met him before and he's smoking in person and super friendly. He hangs out with other hot guys too.

by Ay Papireply 16711/08/2014

r167 more details please! He seems like he is really nice.

by Ay Papireply 16811/08/2014

And by 'details' we mean did he ping?

by Ay Papireply 16911/08/2014

absolutely r169! does he have sugar in his tank? did he have a huge bulge in person?

by Ay Papireply 17011/08/2014

He is amazing.

by Ay Papireply 17111/08/2014

R167 We're still waiting for more details...

by Ay Papireply 17211/10/2014

Dude is hot

by Ay Papireply 17311/10/2014

OMG r172, I am moist back there. No wonder people have actually tried to rip his clothes off

by Ay Papireply 17411/11/2014

Well this is good to know

by Ay Papireply 17501/05/2015


by Ay Papireply 17601/05/2015

Is he single?

by Ay Papireply 17701/05/2015

does he do anal?

by Ay Papireply 17801/05/2015

I hope so, I would smash his pretty ass so good!

by Ay Papireply 17901/05/2015

He should do more TV.

LOOK at that crotch. And everything else.

by Ay Papireply 18001/10/2015

The picture at R172 is just ridiculous. How is it possible to be that hot? It's absurd.

I just can't.....

by Ay Papireply 18101/10/2015

This is like the hottest man ever or like top 5. Ever. That's a lot of responsibility.

by Ay Papireply 18201/10/2015

Really OP...... You've posted EIGHT times, and Mr. Owens has not responded?

by Ay Papireply 18301/10/2015

R183 that was eight times on the first page !!!

by Ay Papireply 18401/10/2015

Nathan is one of those dudes that is so fine, they actually make you jealous at first. But they you find out they are nice and you're in crush city!

by Ay Papireply 18501/10/2015

I wonder if Nathan is one of those high end escorts.

by Ay Papireply 18601/18/2015

R186 Well he hasn't worked in a while so someone must be paying those bills...

by Ay Papireply 18701/18/2015

The Michael B Jordan thread got me thinking about how these guys NEVER post pics of their mystery girlfriends! Mysteries because these guys don't like girls, gurl.

by Ay Papireply 18801/31/2015

Damnit, he just couldn't get more crotch in the pic, could he.

by Ay Papireply 18902/08/2015

Ahh, he's on a soap opera. No wonder I had no idea who he was.

by Ay Papireply 19002/08/2015

Nathan will be back on TV, hallelu!!!

Did Marc Cherry get in them draws?

by Ay Papireply 19102/21/2015

R191 adorable

by Ay Papireply 19202/21/2015


by Ay Papireply 19302/21/2015

He is fucking gorgeous.

by Ay Papireply 19402/21/2015

When will he appear on Devious Maids?

He is still fine as fuck btw

by Ay Papireply 19504/04/2015


by Ay Papireply 19604/04/2015

Nathan is the apex of fineness, ok? You will be hard pressed to find a dude that is more sexy.

When he blows up these bitches will be throwing their draws at him all the time, ugh

by Ay Papireply 19704/04/2015

And Nathan reminds me of Shemar Moore, I wonder if he's as big a whore too!

by Ay Papireply 19804/04/2015

Lee Daniels, please cast Nathan Daniels on Empire, STAT (preferably as one of Jamal's boyfriends/boytoys)!

by Ay Papireply 19904/04/2015

yasss r199, with LOTS of shirtless/pantsless scenes!

by Ay Papireply 20004/04/2015

It would strain credulity for blazing hot Nathan Owens to be into a sissy like Jamal -- even on a show as preposterous as "Empire."

by Ay Papireply 20104/04/2015

Major Gay Face !!

by Ay Papireply 20204/04/2015

r201 please. Jamal is the homothug. Nathan seems like he is on the sensitive side.

by Ay Papireply 20304/04/2015

[quote]Lee Daniels, please cast Nathan Daniels on Empire, STAT (preferably as one of Jamal's boyfriends/boytoys)!

Nathan can sing and play guitar too, a shoe-in for the show. Daniels needs to get on the job!

by Ay Papireply 20404/04/2015

R204: LAWWWWD! If there wasn't enough that made Nathan Owens a perfect specimen, you mean to tell me he can sing too?! He has a beautiful tone to his singing, too. It has a folksy/soulful style that I like. Yes, he needs to be on Empire!

Maybe Owens can play a closeted super R&B/Hip-Hop producer, and he works closely with Jamal where they develop an intimate relationship. Fuck, I think Owens can give Trai Byers a run for his money in the looks department!

by Ay Papireply 20504/04/2015

R201, your catty feminine bitchy jealously is showing, dude. Not cool bro.

by Ay Papireply 20604/04/2015

[quote]Maybe Owens can play a closeted super R&B/Hip-Hop producer, and he works closely with Jamal where they develop an intimate relationship.

Yessss. All of Aussie Bruno Mars' hair will fall out when he finds out fine ass Nathan is in Jamal's pants!

by Ay Papireply 20704/04/2015

[quote] your catty feminine bitchy jealously is showing, dude. Not cool bro.

Fuck off, r206. I think it's my best side.

by Ay Papireply 20804/05/2015

More blatino hotness

by Ay Papireply 20904/17/2015

He has gayface for days in this pic.

by Ay Papireply 21004/17/2015

I'd lick his shitter.

by Ay Papireply 21104/18/2015

Nathan queens out, yassss!

by Ay Papireply 21204/18/2015

This right here :)

by Ay Papireply 21304/25/2015

Devious Maids starts soon and it looks like they'll be fully exploiting Nathan's talents

by Ay Papireply 21405/27/2015


by Ay Papireply 21505/27/2015


by Ay Papireply 21605/27/2015


If he has a sex scene we better get some ass cheek or I will be penning a stern letter to Lifetime.

by Ay Papireply 21705/31/2015

hot bro

by Ay Papireply 21806/01/2015

He wasn't in this week's episode, booo!

by Ay Papireply 21906/04/2015

Nathan was in last night's episode, looking gooooooooood!!! The man is so fine.

by Ay Papireply 22006/16/2015


by Ay Papireply 22106/22/2015


by Ay Papireply 22206/30/2015

Beautiful, handsome, hot, talented and would make a man very happy.

by Ay Papireply 22306/30/2015

R222 His ass looks incredible (and edible) in those pants.

by Ay Papireply 22407/01/2015


by Ay Papireply 22507/06/2015

Despite being so lean and muscly, his ass is still round and nice. I want to run my tongue across EVERY inch of his body.

He is very fun and flirty on the show. He will have a sex scene on tonight's episode!! That was fast lol. They did a shot of him bending over to clean in Marisol's house, yet they didnt not show his ass crack. Im still holding out for that! :)

by Ay Papireply 22607/06/2015

:) :)

by Ay Papireply 22707/06/2015

Showing off on the set

by Ay Papireply 22807/18/2015

He is so fine, its ridiculous. Im glad he's doing TV, but I'd like to see him in some movies too. His acting has improved since DAYS, now that he gets to have fun with his character. He is too pretty to do anything dramatic, all you can think about is how he can possibly be so handsome.

by Ay Papireply 22907/24/2015


by Ay Papireply 23007/26/2015

Where's his girlfriend?

by Ay Papireply 23108/12/2015


by Ay Papireply 23208/30/2015

Stop trying to make this brainless prettyboy happen.

by Ay Papireply 23308/30/2015

He's happening, and he is pretty! Haters gonna hate :)

by Ay Papireply 23408/30/2015

Is he trying to tell us something??

by Ay Papireply 23509/20/2015

R235 Release your inner queen Nathan!

by Ay Papireply 23609/21/2015

Yes, Nathan needs to go ahead and confirm he is team rainbow, with his 31 y/o no girlfriend having always in a tank top like Gio Benitez ass! We see you gurl

by Ay Papireply 23709/22/2015


by Ay Papireply 23809/28/2015

r238, it doesnt get any better. I cant stand his fine ass!

by Ay Papireply 23909/28/2015

We need some tea on this dude.

by Ay Papireply 24009/29/2015


by Ay Papireply 24110/17/2015

:) :)

by Ay Papireply 24210/20/2015


by Ay Papireply 24311/19/2015

We need Nathan Owens on Empire as one of Jamal's new boyfriends. Make it Happen, Mother Lee!

by Ay Papireply 24411/19/2015

Chest out

by Ay Papireply 24511/19/2015

R244 Amen! Nathan need to start inching out of that closet!

by Ay Papireply 24611/19/2015

[quote]Nathan need to start inching out of that closet!

"When your mate gets the same haircut you had for years." - Nathan

by Ay Papireply 24711/19/2015

St8...outta heaven

by Ay Papireply 24811/19/2015

I wonder why he's not more famous. He has a great look.

by Ay Papireply 24911/19/2015

Come out Nathan

by Ay Papireply 25012/08/2015

He needs to do some gay acting roles. He'd be believable

by Ay Papireply 25112/17/2015

Hopefully 2016 is the year he comes out

by Ay Papireply 25212/29/2015

That's a fine piece of mins.

by Ay Papireply 25312/29/2015

He's gay?

by Ay Papireply 25401/05/2016


by Ay Papireply 25501/19/2016

He will back on Devious Maids when it comes back this summer. He has been promoted to a series regular.

by Ay Papireply 25601/24/2016


by Ay Papireply 25701/26/2016

Looks like he has a nice ass too

by Ay Papireply 25801/27/2016


by Ay Papireply 25902/06/2016


by Ay Papireply 26002/13/2016

R249 This dude is perfection. Shonda Rimes needs to create a series for him.

by Ay Papireply 26102/13/2016

Shonda? Why her? Why not someone better?

by Ay Papireply 26202/13/2016

R262 Because she's willing to give minority actors a chance, and I think that's the only thing holding back Nathan

by Ay Papireply 26302/13/2016

its hard to concentrate on his lines because he's so fine

by Ay Papireply 26402/13/2016

It was Nathan's 32nd birthday last week and, in case you're wondering, he's still fine as fuck.

by Ay Papireply 26503/20/2016

Anyone had him?

by Ay Papireply 26603/20/2016

So Nathan is #feelinthebern but does he like to #feelthecock ?

by Ay Papireply 26703/29/2016

When is he going to come out so he can stop playing with our emotions?

by Ay Papireply 26803/30/2016

Nose pierced!

by Ay Papireply 26904/23/2016

Beautiful bro

by Ay Papireply 27004/23/2016

He needs to do his belly button next so we can verify his gayness

by Ay Papireply 27104/24/2016

Nathan is next to come out after Colton

by Ay Papireply 27205/08/2016


by Ay Papireply 27305/22/2016


by Ay Papireply 27405/22/2016

Season 4

by Ay Papireply 27506/07/2016

Jamming to Drake

by Ay Papireply 27606/07/2016

His lips are everything...have they kissed a dude?

by Ay Papireply 27706/07/2016

Not gay

by Ay Papireply 27806/08/2016

Enlighten me r278

by Ay Papireply 27906/08/2016


by Ay Papireply 28007/03/2016

I like this brother

by Ay Papireply 28107/03/2016

His face when you put it in!

by Ay Papireply 28209/10/2016

If this is the new GF, we've failed again!

by Ay Papireply 28309/11/2016

Butch queen!

by Ay Papireply 28409/20/2016


by Ay Papireply 28510/24/2016

Total stud bro

by Ay Papireply 28611/23/2016


by Ay Papireply 28711/24/2016


by Ay Papireply 28812/19/2016

Hot lips bro

by Ay Papireply 28912/19/2016

he has a wide ass mouth,,,so much he could do with it!

i get bottom vibes from him.

by Ay Papireply 29012/19/2016

[QUOTE] I get bottom vibes from him

Me too

by Ay Papireply 29112/19/2016

r291, pretty boy gotta stay pretty!

by Ay Papireply 29212/19/2016

Why was OP FF'd?

by Ay Papireply 29312/19/2016

[quote]Why was OP FF'd?

by Ay Papireply 29412/19/2016

Pass, not into black guys.

by Ay Papireply 29512/19/2016

Nathan is a black Latino

by Ay Papireply 29612/20/2016


by Ay Papireply 29701/02/2017

R297 All that melisma makes me think he'd give good head

by Ay Papireply 29801/06/2017

[quote]All that melisma makes me think he'd give good head

lol. yep. he definitely got those heads skills honest with those juicy lips he likes to purse

by Ay Papireply 29901/06/2017

PLEASE let him have some nudes that leak

by Ay Papireply 30001/23/2017


by Ay Papireply 30103/08/2017

Why isn't he a bigger star yet?

by Ay Papireply 30206/29/2017


by Ay Papireply 30308/24/2017
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