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Who here plays The Simpsons: Tapped Out?

What level are you on? Let's visit each other's towns and whack each other's snakes.

by TL789reply 57302/04/2015

Love this game.

I've just been dumping my eggs in that generic other Springfield. As there are only a few more days left, it probably wouldn't be worth it. But posting on here is a good idea for future challenges.

by TL789reply 105/04/2013

I'm on the Escalator to Nowhere, and whackin' baby!

by TL789reply 205/04/2013

Anyone know what the number in front of your friends' towns mean? It's like a slot machine number with three wheels. I think the generic Springfield always says 20.

Also, if you collect the money from your friend's Kwik-E-Mart and other businesses, does it mean your friend can't collect it?

by TL789reply 305/04/2013

They've extended snake whacking by a week! How many snakes have you whacked off?

by TL789reply 405/15/2013

its been awhile. You've inspired me to play again.

by TL789reply 505/15/2013

R1, why would you dump your eggs in the generic Springfield? That's just a computer-generated Springfield so no one receives your snakes. You might as well do nothing.

by TL789reply 605/16/2013

I connected with OP, who is obviously a DL'er. So awhile back, I left some snake eggs in his/her Springfield, arranged to spell "MY PUSSY STINKS!" with a crude picture of a vagine! It was the least I could do. OP responded in kind.

Then my Springfield got corrupted, which appears to have scared OP off! I was devastated. Then a nice man from EA came and fixed it, left me 500 donuts, and suggested I contact a good therapist. Now I have Sprawl-Mart and Frink's Lab, making life good again.

by TL789reply 708/30/2013

They've extended snake whacking by a week! How many snakes have you whacked off?

by TL789reply 808/30/2013


by TL789reply 908/30/2013

I still play this. Love the addition of KrustyLand. How can I friend some of you up?

by TL789reply 1008/30/2013

Tap the icon with Milhouse and Bart, and add the nick or email address of the person you're adding, R10. That'll notify them so they can friend you back. EA seems to have changed the process recently, making it easier.

I love KrustyLand, too. The rides seem pretty dangerous.

by TL789reply 1108/30/2013

I'm on.

There's very little meat in these gym mats!

by TL789reply 1208/30/2013

Hey, here's a dumb question. Are any of you having trouble with your (or email accounts? I'm not getting any push notifications on that account and it seems to be somehow related to Tapped Out.

by TL789reply 1308/30/2013

“Dial Z for Zombies” Halloween bump.

by TL789reply 1410/05/2013

I, myself, do not.

by TL789reply 1510/05/2013

I'm shocked the game is kind of homophobic (Homer and Flanders),

Love it otherwise.

by TL789reply 1610/05/2013

Simpsons TV LGBT characters at link.

by TL789reply 1710/06/2013

I'd pay to add Ajax Steel Mill/The Anvil to my Springfield!

by TL789reply 1810/06/2013

My game took on a Hallooween theme but since then nothing special has happened. I've heard other people have ghosts - am I doing something wrong?

by TL789reply 1910/06/2013

R19, if you're not offered some messages offering "the ghost in the machine" and the Gypsy Fortune Teller shop, delete and reinstall the Tapped Out app. Be sure you can access your Origin account again (user name and password ready for sign in.)

After a couple of days of regular play but with the icon graphics changed to Halloween mode, I had to do this. Not to worry.

by TL789reply 2010/06/2013

Thanks r20.

by TL789reply 2110/07/2013

My pussy stinks, but this game does not.

by TL789reply 2210/08/2013

I'm proud to be your little Tapped Out friend inside the computer, Cheryl895.

by TL789reply 2310/08/2013

OOH Cheryl, you been busy wit' dem Gremlins, gurl

by TL789reply 2410/08/2013

Fun times in Springfield...except that a lot of players have noticed that Lisa has been missing a few days now. She's needed to complete quests involving the Freaks. Gooble-gobble...give her back! EA's working on it.

by TL789reply 2510/13/2013

Oh The Simpsons is tapped out alright, been pumping a dry well for at least a decade now.

by TL789reply 2610/13/2013

Oh, BIG man!!!

by TL789reply 2710/13/2013

[quote]I connected with OP, who is obviously a DL'er. So awhile back, I left some snake eggs in his/her Springfield, arranged to spell "MY PUSSY STINKS!" with a crude picture of a vagine! It was the least I could do. OP responded in kind. Then my Springfield got corrupted, which appears to have scared OP off!

OP here. You didn't scare me off. The snake event ended. I left you a last message but don't think you got it since they ended the snake event before midnight and forced everyone to update and erase everything! I don't remember your town being corrupted.

BTW, I died laughing when I saw the eggs spelled out "MY PUSSY STINKS!" I couldn't make it out at first but then it became clear. And I didn't know that was a pic of a vagina. I thought it was a stick figure of Cheryl fingering herself!

Thanks for the add, Cheryl and LLDoris.

by TL789reply 2810/14/2013

[quote]Then a nice man from EA came and fixed it, left me 500 donuts, and suggested I contact a good therapist.

No wonder your Springfield looks so good with all that premium stuff. I thought you had spent tons of real money to get all that.

I didn't even know you're supposed to build streets and sidewalks until I saw everyone else's towns. I was just putting everything on the grass. At least with no streets, my characters can't roam and I can always find them together.

by TL789reply 2910/15/2013

I was surprised at EA's generosity, but my Springfield was very messed up for quite awhile. Their software seems sort of buggy, so maybe they're worried about bad PR.

There's no question that extra 'stuff' makes my Springfield high maintenance. I'm having to be more careful about spending too much time there. Doh!!

I do think it's lovely that we now have our own Cheryl895 to torment in real life (or as real as this silly game gets, that is.) LLDoris, TL789, here we go! :-)

by TL789reply 3010/15/2013

Hello *kissesdoll* and *chapelton416*. You just made friends with your fellow Dataloungers...AND with a large, impersonal corporation which will give you free stuff occasionally. Check out our super-fun user group for tons of quasi-cheats to help you sail through the levels!

by TL789reply 3110/16/2013

Thanks for adding/visiting my paltry version of Springfield from your beauteous lands. I have just begun the game but am addicted already.

by TL789reply 3210/16/2013

Thanks for fueling my latest obsession. Extra gremlins for all you DL peeps.

by TL789reply 3310/17/2013

Oops. R33=chapelton416

by TL789reply 3410/17/2013

Hints from HELLouise: hou$e$...mmm, hou$e$.

Homer would like to give you stuff, just hit him up (a lot.)

by TL789reply 3510/18/2013

In case you don't already know this, chapelton416 and kissesdoll, if you tap Homer ten times, you'll get ten free donuts and the Jebediah Springfield statue. Free tips for the game embiggen us all!

by TL789reply 3610/18/2013

R35, is there something to building a lot of the blue houses? Does that get you donuts or something?

by TL789reply 3710/18/2013

Nifty... thanks for the tips.

Yeah,what is the deal with the cookie-cutter low-rent housing developments? Has some Springfield financial wizard figured out thst being a slum-lord is super profitable? Which house provides the most bang for the buck? Does that factor in the cost for land? I notice it is getting pricier.

by TL789reply 3810/19/2013

Looked it up online. The dozens and dozens of houses is something called "house farming". You buy something insane like $750,000 worth of houses and collect their passive income. Supposedly you can make a lot of $$$ doing this.

I don't really understand why someone would do this. $$$ you can get with a little patience. It's donuts that are the hard thing to get.

by TL789reply 3910/19/2013

In general, one of the better ways to start out is buying the cheap brown houses with extra cash...if you can tend them with their short rent cycle. They improve cash flow a lot. They're usually traded in for better performing houses like the blue or white houses, which remain permanent. Presently, I have about 40 mixed houses total, which really add up the $$ over time. They're mostly in a separate subdivision I made for easier maintenance.

Pouty face 8-( for an apparent EA bug: the 'ghost bombs' will only add a max of 20 ghosts to the total in my Springfield, even if I have many more ghosts on screen. Drat!

by TL789reply 4010/19/2013

R36 thanks so much for the Homer tip! Woohoo! I don't think we've ever been awarded anything that good in the game!

by TL789reply 4110/19/2013

Thank you, LLDoris and secretlab17, for the perfectly cromulent tipa.

Oh, and secretlab, no amount of glade can contain me.

by TL789reply 4210/20/2013

I think it's high time we addressed the fact that Homer seems to excitedly ejaculate, "Homos, I'm on my way!"

by TL789reply 4310/21/2013

Thanks Cheryl and secretlab for the add!

I don't like the look of house farming in my main town, but I'm considering farming over at Krustyland, since we won't have any tasks or quests there for quite awhile. It's just wasting away, and I hate sending my characters over there.

by TL789reply 4410/27/2013

I don't think you can buy houses in Krustyland.

For house farming, is there a "collect all" button like Smurf Village's "harvest all" button? If not, doesn't that take a LOT of tapping of hundreds of rows of houses to collect the money?? That's almost not worth it.

by TL789reply 4510/31/2013

I've tapped on Homer 10 times but nothing happened. No 10 donuts. Does he have to be doing a task? Does it have to be 10 continuous taps? Other people keep getting in the way.

by TL789reply 4610/31/2013

You can't build houses or buildings in Krustyland, but after building the Tooth Chipper rollercoaster, you will be able to turn in a minimum of 3500 Krustyland tickets at the gate for cash. I've been letting the rides and automatic Krustyland visitors generate tickets, while all the characters that can do tasks remain in Springfield working.

by TL789reply 4710/31/2013

Homer should not be doing a task. It has to be ten taps, bam-bam-bam, all in a row, to get the donuts and statue.

by TL789reply 4810/31/2013

How are some of you at over 20,000 GOO?!? How is that even possible time-wise? Even if you played every single day since the event started, I don't see how you could get over 20,000. Is there a cheat or tip to get more GOO?

by TL789reply 4911/05/2013

Do gremlins disappear from your town after 4 hours? Or do they always stay there until you pop them?

by TL789reply 5011/05/2013

The more friends you have, the more towns you can visit, and the more GOO you can accumulate. I suspect some of the folks with a lot of GOO have bought the graveyards/mausoleum, which generate ghosts.

The gremlins expire after four hours. If you pop them, you and the person who sent them to you both get 2 GOOs...

by TL789reply 5111/05/2013

I trust that you all are aware of the squidport tile "glitch"?

Here is a link detailing what to do and how to get multiple tiles without having to pay for them. Please tap on my tile when you come to visit my Springfield! Cheryl, I always make sure to tap yours, hope you're receiving extra.

by TL789reply 5211/30/2013

Nice tip, Ebbiecakes. I didn't know about it. I just started a new tile so when it's finished, feel free to tap away.

by TL789reply 5311/30/2013

Christmas update! Bad news is that the Squidport glitch has been disabled. :-(

by TL789reply 5412/10/2013

I have added a couple of you, Ta.

by TL789reply 5512/11/2013

Thanks deejay. I'm at my friends limit, so I need to sign into Origins to delete some deadbeat users, and then I'll add you asap.

Is anyone else finding it really difficult to collect gift bags?

by TL789reply 5612/12/2013

Ah, ebbiecakes, there are hidden boxes around the town. I shelled out donuts for the Elf House - they go around and collect all the boxes in your town, once per day.

You don't have to do that though, as the Elf House is the third prize in this series.

by TL789reply 5712/12/2013

Aw LLDoris, you should have saved your donuts! It only took me two days to reach the 6000 gift cards to unlock the Elf House.

I'm not having any trouble collecting gift cards, but the gift bags aren't as plentiful as the cans of goo from the Halloween update. I'm just not making enough to drop into my friend's Springfields.

by TL789reply 5812/12/2013

Oh, yes, sorry ebbiecakes, you're completely right. I ran out of giftbags quickly yesterday so I didn't get to drop 5 each on my Datalounge buddies...

We just aren't getting that many giftbags vs. giftcards...

by TL789reply 5912/13/2013

The new update has some great time-saving features. When you tap on a character, you no longer have to scroll down to the longest task. It automatically defaults to the longest task. When you're in a friend's town, you can just tap the arrow to go to the next town without going back to the main friends page every single time.

by TL789reply 6012/13/2013

I love the feature of the characters in the upper left hand corner. Saves SO much time!

by TL789reply 6112/13/2013

What determines what character is in the upper left hand corner? If it's not the character you need then isn't it pointless? Can you cycle through them?

by TL789reply 6212/13/2013

[quote]What determines what character is in the upper left hand corner? If it's not the character you need then isn't it pointless? Can you cycle through them?

It's most helpful if you want to just assign everyone an eight hour job. You don't have to search your town to find everyone (including all those little kids who are always hiding behind buildings).

But I suppose, if you're trying to find one specific character, it's not that helpful. Unless there is a way to search through them.

by TL789reply 6312/13/2013

LLDoris thanks for the gift bags and thanks to my other generous DL tappers. The gift bags are hard to come by. It makes me want to say to EA in my best Garbo (not very good): "Why so stingy baby?". I try to take care of my DL peeps with gift bags before I distribute to the hoi polloi. Feel free to add me. I have a couple spaces left and will be dropping anyone who hasn't updated to Christmas activities by the end of the weekend.

by TL789reply 6412/14/2013


ebbiecakes, how do you detect that your friends are deadbeats? I am a faithful neighbor, and visit my friends everyday - how do I know they are doing the same for me (aside from writing their names down every time they visit me)? Thanks in advance! :)

by TL789reply 6512/14/2013

I'm enjoying my DL buds tremendously. Thanks for the adds, gift bags and the love. Send more dildos!

by TL789reply 6612/14/2013

I have two new friends. Yay! Thank you!

by TL789reply 6712/14/2013

Can you not choose where to put the gift bags? It seems to be randomly dropped around the beacon. Then how did some gift bags end up behind my buildings? So you can't spell out messages and pictures anymore?

Also, anyone know how to organize the order of your friends list? The order seems to randomly change sometimes but I don't know why. I want to put all my DL friends first so I can give all my gift bags to them in a row.

by TL789reply 6812/14/2013

Just friend requested you bitches! I'll gift you!,

by TL789reply 6912/14/2013

Thanks Ronin2Tbone! Backatcha.

by TL789reply 7012/15/2013

Cheryl wanted me to send you her holiday greetings, TL789, but attempts to drop gift bags in some controlled fashion go hilariously wrong. EA is a bunch of scamps, I tell ya!

by TL789reply 7112/15/2013

r65, I determine deadbeat friends by people who have not even updated to the new Christmas update. :-( I made a lot of friends during Halloween and a lot of them lost interest and really don't play anymore. If they have zero gift cards, it's a pretty good indication that they are no longer active players.

I'm sorry for the delay in accepting new friends, but my Origins account isn't loading on my laptop. I guess I'm going to have to log into an iDevice and do it that way.

by TL789reply 7212/15/2013

I wish we could organize our friends list too. From priority (my DL peeps, my Reddit peeps) to the basic bitches (everyone else).

by TL789reply 7312/15/2013

I just helped out a load of you bitches.

*kisses d'oh*

by TL789reply 7412/15/2013

[quote]I'm sorry for the delay in accepting new friends, but my Origins account isn't loading on my laptop.

Wait, you could play this on your laptop??

How many friends can you have before you cap out?

by TL789reply 7512/16/2013

TL789, I think you can sort of target where the gift bags drop, just by finding an empty area and dropping them there. Otherwise they can end up hidden behind buildings.

And I do wish we got more giftbags. I'd like to give each of my DL friends the maximum five per day, but I run out too quickly...

by TL789reply 7612/16/2013

R75, you can't play on your laptop. I use Android devices, and you can't delete friends directly from the Simpsons app, so you have to install EA's Origins on your computer, and you can delete friends that way. For whatever reason, my friends list wasn't loading for me, so I had trouble deleting.

iOS users can delete from within the game.

I just found out on the Tapped Out Reddit forum that Android users can download the Scrabble app to their phones/tablets, and delete their friends from within that game instead.

by TL789reply 7712/16/2013

No worries LLDoris, I appreciate whatever bags you guys can bestow on me.

I don't know why TO is being so stingy with the bags!

by TL789reply 7812/16/2013

*Waves* at ebbiecakes, deejaypunk457 and all of ya DL freakazoids!

Some days I have tons of gift bags, other days hardly any. Checking out the 'community prizes' progress (which depends on them) is disappointing. We'll never win anything at this rate!

Remembering that EA wants our $$, which is OK, I think they're gently reminding us that we can buy gift bags. :-/

by TL789reply 7912/16/2013

I've been playing this game almost since it was first introduced, but for some reason, I didn't start making friends with it until a few weeks ago. It's been so much fun swapping gift bags with you guys. (I've got tons of gift bags for some reason. Even giving everyone 5 a day, I still have about 125 left in my inventory today.) But more fun than anything is seeing all your Springfields. How do you guys get so many premium buildings? Where do your donuts come from? Or do you buy them? I'm seriously impressed.

by TL789reply 8012/16/2013

Some I bought - some I got from the black market. Shhhhhhh.

by TL789reply 8112/16/2013

Dare I ask where this black market is? Do they accept sexual favors in return for donuts?

by TL789reply 8212/17/2013

Ronin, I tried to add you and I think you are maxed out, so don't think I'm ignoring your friend request!

If you guys go to the Reddit Tapped Out forum, you will find a link to the black market for free donuts. I haven't done it yet, but they are trustworthy and can get you a lot of stuff.

by TL789reply 8312/17/2013

I wish they took sexual favors! No such luck, only cold hard cash.

I got something like 5,000 donuts, $20M cash, and a bunch of premium items. I felt like an idiot spending money for stuff like that, but honestly, considering the amount of time I spend on the game, it was sort of worth it. If anyone's interested, I can give you the name of the person who hooked me up.

by TL789reply 8412/17/2013

Is the black market illegal? I don't want to get arrested or anything.

by TL789reply 8512/18/2013

I feel *slightly* better that I am not the only person addicted to this game.

by TL789reply 8612/18/2013

Oops, I'm so overwhelmed with Simpsons joy that I left the wrong user name. Add me. :)

by TL789reply 8712/18/2013

R85, you worried Wiggum is going to catch on?

Actually, from what I understand, if EA gets wind of it, they'll close out your game. It's been about a month and a half since I did it, and nothing yet.

by TL789reply 8812/18/2013

Oh wah uh oh

by TL789reply 8912/18/2013

LLDoris, did you pay for your donuts and cash? I don't think the black market on Reddit charges, but I could be wrong.

I was thinking of signing up just so I could get them to give me Squidport pieces. I hate dealing with it so much, especially now that it seems like the glitch to get free pieces is gone.

Does anyone else play any world building games? Smurfs' Village or Tribez? I see Tribez trending on twitter a lot.

by TL789reply 9012/18/2013

I paid. Used someone recommended on a forum, contacted them on Facebook, we emailed back and forth. If you find a free resource, let me know (hey, I *HAVE* been spending my ill-gotten donuts, so at some point in the future I'll get greedy again)...

by TL789reply 9112/18/2013

Yes, I play Smurfs Village. The Smurfs have a Harvest All button to collect everything at once. does the Simpsons have that? It would be so much easier rather than endlessly tapping every building.

by TL789reply 9212/18/2013

Here's the link for the free donuts reddit. I haven't used it, but according to the rules, givers can't charge for their services.

Also, if I have been remiss in giving my DL friends gift bags, I apologize. I try to hit everyone, but I've been running out.

I'm planning a strongly worded letter to EA's Editor.

by TL789reply 9312/19/2013

Thanks for the link, Cheryl895!

And re your letter: don't forget to dip the pen in your special "inkwell" for that extra whiff of disapproval

by TL789reply 9412/20/2013

Anyone know how to view the screen with the 5 community gifts? I know I've seen that screen before but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to access it again. I have no idea what gift we're on. Are we close to getting all 5?

by TL789reply 9501/03/2014

Got to the personal Rewards page. You'll see two icons at the bottom - Homer, and a group. The group icon will show you the community awards.

And yeah, we should get those striped cooling towers any minute now...

by TL789reply 9601/03/2014

Thanks, LLDoris.

Looks like they extended the event by 7 days.

by TL789reply 9701/03/2014

Is there a trick to spinning the wheel?

9 times out of 10 I get the $1000, the worst prize on the wheel. The wheel is hard to spin to begin with. I probably spin it about 5 times before it would actually spin.

by TL789reply 9801/03/2014

Does anyone know how to save the game? I play on my iPad but when I want to play on my phone, it says "Game is not saved on the other device. You will lose progress." How do I save so I don't get this message every time I want to switch devices?

by TL789reply 9901/03/2014

R98, I just swipe my finger across the bottom of the screen and it spins the wheel just fine...

Getting that $1000 so many times is crap. FWIW I'm sorry.

by TL789reply 10001/03/2014

Black market donuts make me to nervous for some reason.... I started playing on New Year's Eve of last year and I have spent about $300 on donuts so far. Is it pathetic that an adult person with a job, a mortgage, and a 401K asked for a hundred dollar iTunes card for their birthday so they could buy the boatload of donuts, and squealed like a little girl whey they got it?

by TL789reply 10101/03/2014

Ronin2Tbone, I only went black (market) because I could see myself racking up $300 in donut purchases really easily.

You're buying from Gil, though, right? When he comes around, you get more donuts for the money...

by TL789reply 10201/03/2014

Is Simpsons' Tapped Out better than the Sims freeplay?

I'd only dipped my toe in Simtown for a week; and I'm already bored!

All these snake-whacking sound intriguing :)

by TL789reply 10301/03/2014

LLDoris- Yes I am, although he doesn't come around enough!! I figure $300 for a years worth of entertainment is pretty fair. Nothing is more exciting than seeing the little update graphic on the bottom of the screen. I could curse my sister for getting me hooked on the damn game - but instead i got her a itunes card. You should have heard HER squeal! LOL! I wish there were more prizes to earn- I'm getting a little burned out on the gift bag thing.

by TL789reply 10401/03/2014

The Christmas gift bag thing end on Tuesday, doesn't it? I keep trying to get that damn Yeti on the wheel spin game, but I just keep getting the hated $$$.

by TL789reply 10501/05/2014

No, they extended it to Juan-uary 14th.

by TL789reply 10601/05/2014

The best way to get the most gift cards is to have all Springfielders endlessly "hunt for the Simpsons." As long as you don't click on Homer or Lisa hiding out in the treehouse, you can have everyone do the hunt forever and get 27 giftcards per person every 8 hours.

Is there another task with better rewards after "Hunt for the Simpsons"? If not, I'll have have everyone hunt until the 14th.

by TL789reply 10701/05/2014

I've won all the good prizes but Barney on that wheel. I really want him.

by TL789reply 10801/05/2014

I'm sure you can still get Barney or the Snow Monster after the event is over for 120 donuts.

by TL789reply 10901/05/2014

I spin the wheel by pushing it round and round with my finger... if that helps.

Didn't play much in the last week as was entertaining a friend, but will be back on it now.

I have giftbags to distribute.

by TL789reply 11001/06/2014

It took me forever to get Barney, he was the second-to-last good prize left on the wheel by the time I got him.

And R107, no, that's the gift card motherlode.

by TL789reply 11101/06/2014

Aw, I wish I had figured out that gift card trick before I took Homer and Lisa out of the treehouse. Too late now, I guess. :(

by TL789reply 11201/06/2014

Anyone wanna be my tapped out friend? I only have one and it's the default friend they give you. Can you visit each friends town once a day or only one town a day?

by TL789reply 11301/06/2014

R113, you can visit each friend's town once per day.

My username is LLDoris

by TL789reply 11401/06/2014

r133, rapist your username.

by TL789reply 11501/07/2014

R113, post your username.

by TL789reply 11601/07/2014

Anyone leave gift bags in the "Other Springfield"? I leave 5 everyday. What does it do?

by TL789reply 11701/07/2014

R2T - what are you going to buy with your donuts?

by TL789reply 11801/08/2014

What the best thing to buy with donuts that's the best bang for the buck? What can get you the best return?

by TL789reply 11901/09/2014

Sheri & Teri might be a good investment - they earn 200% more money and XP for their tasks...I always look at two things: is the item a multiplier? Or, is it from a particularly favorite episode?

For example, I spent money on the Wigsphere because I liked that episode. It doesn't earn any money or add to your town's points in any way - I just wanted it.

by TL789reply 12001/09/2014

I just started playing and if anyone would like to add me, I'd be pickled tink. My user ID is dammit_julie, I work from home and have no motivation to anything other than fool around all day, so I'm no deadbeat friend.

This game is already sucking the life out of me! Hold me, DL Springfieldians, I'm scared!

by TL789reply 12101/10/2014

Friend requested, dammit_julie!

by TL789reply 12201/10/2014

Thanks, LLDoris and Secretlab17! I just dropped off some gift bags after visiting your tasteful towns.

by TL789reply 12301/10/2014

Just one more day before this game becomes pointless again.

by TL789reply 12401/13/2014

It's too expensive to play! I spent $300+ and only got to level 12.

by TL789reply 12501/13/2014

You must be doing something wrong. I've spent nothing and am at level 40

by TL789reply 12601/13/2014

Thanks to all my Datalounge friends for a successful and lucrative holiday season. We met most of our personal and ALL of our community goals this year and made EA's stockholders very, very happy!

I know you'll join me in thanking the Simpsons personally. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Snowball II and and Santa's Little're not just a collection of pixels on a screen. You're real people to reality challenged folks, you really are!

(Now who's gonna tell R126 etc. there's no level 40?)

by TL789reply 12701/14/2014

Hear, hear, R127. Although I will not be thanking Santa's Little Helper, for reasons which are well known to him.

I promise to keep visiting y'all!

by TL789reply 12801/14/2014

There is no more snow! Or gift cards? What else is different? I only started playing recently.

by TL789reply 12901/14/2014

I just took down my Christmas decorations. Sigh. I'm a little sad right now.

by TL789reply 13001/14/2014

I still have snow and gift cards.

by TL789reply 13101/14/2014

As usual, I'm late to the party and didn't get many holiday items as my snow and gift cards are gone. However, today I get to watch Cletus dig through a dumpster, so life is good.

by TL789reply 13201/15/2014

Love this game ... a Valentine edition must be just around the corner.

by TL789reply 13301/16/2014

Valentine's update is here!!!

by TL789reply 13402/06/2014

Which one of you bitches is I. Shuncock?

by TL789reply 13502/06/2014

I. Want. That. Whale.

by TL789reply 13602/06/2014

Reminding you that not only do I want to be your Valentine, I want to bear your children!!

by TL789reply 13702/06/2014

Oh wow. The thread is working again!

by TL789reply 13803/03/2014

Yeah, dvh99999, I kept getting a "Thread does not exist" message forever.

I never got the Tunnel of Love for Krustyland :-(

by TL789reply 13903/03/2014

Me, neither. I was one prize short. Ah well. I haven't spent much time or effort on Krustyland anyway.

BTW, if you haven't figured it out already, if you someone goes to your Springfield and graffiti tags one of your buildings, not only does he get points toward a prize, you do to.

by TL789reply 14003/03/2014

^So many mistakes! Sorry.

by TL789reply 14103/03/2014

Spraying your towns every chance I get.

by TL789reply 14203/03/2014

I'm spraying as I type!

by TL789reply 14303/03/2014

I'm digging the vandalism attacks. I used to avoid doing this to you because until now it lowered your 'conformity' rating along with its monetary perks. I think they fixeded that. Let's all spray away our cares of the day!

by TL789reply 14403/03/2014

More of a Sims Freeplay guy myself. But all these games are just a bullshit way to try to get you to make a ton of micro-purchases along the way for shit.

by TL789reply 14503/03/2014

Trying to spray myself stupid, but I've been getting thrown out of the game for nearly 2 weeks. I don't want anyone here to think I'm not neighborly, neighborinos.

by TL789reply 14603/03/2014

Go away, R145.

by TL789reply 14703/07/2014

What do you guys think about getting a separate DL Tapped Out thread going elsewhere? I was scared when I couldn't access this thread!

by TL789reply 14803/09/2014

Hi All, long time lurker, first time poster. I hope you don't mind, but I've added a number of you as friends in TSTO as I've finally succumbed to the social aspect of the game after nearly year of anonymous contentment. Please feel free to send me a friend request if you haven't received one from me.

by TL789reply 14903/09/2014

I wanna whack your snake!!!

by TL789reply 15003/09/2014

Anyone here play Sims Freeplay? Can you recommend any good sites to find neighbors?

by TL789reply 15103/09/2014

I don't play however the EA forum is probably a good place to start. I know they have friend lists for TSTO so imagine there's a similar set up for The Sims.

by TL789reply 15203/10/2014

I don't play Sims Freeplay but anyone want to connect on Smurf's Village, Snoopy's Street Fair, Zombie Cafe or Archie's Riverside Rescue?

by TL789reply 15303/10/2014

Slightly off topic, but that episode last Sunday with Daniel Radcliffe playing the strange boy in the mental hospital was was weirdly upsetting.

by TL789reply 15403/11/2014

Off topic from the last post however just wanted to say, thanks for the extra friend additions. In case you haven't guessed, im in the southern hemisphere so taps and clean ups can be a bit tricky to coordinate. Will visit when i can. Glad to know all my friends are dlers, similar perspectives and all that.

by TL789reply 15503/18/2014

Your Springfield is lovely and relaxing, EnnuiOz. Welcome.

by TL789reply 15603/18/2014

Cheers Secretlab17- and yes, you've got our anthem - classy eh?

by TL789reply 15703/18/2014

I've enjoyed touring (and defacing) everyone's Springfields.

And EnnuiOz, that explains it! I just thought you were some kind of insomniac ;-)

by TL789reply 15803/20/2014

I love everyone's Springfields, and am so thoroughly ashamed of how low rent mine looks. I need to devote some time to some urban planning this week.

Secretlab's shrubbery made me LOL!

by TL789reply 15903/20/2014

It is fun seeing everyone's version of Springfield.

by TL789reply 16003/20/2014

EnuiOz, which way does the water in your toilet turn? Check with your neighbors.

by TL789reply 16103/20/2014

Do you guys play on your phone or iPad? I used to play on my phone but now that I switched to the iPad I can't believe the difference. There's so many more details I didn't see before. I can't imagine going back to the phone. What I don't like is how much space the game takes up on the iPad. It uses a gig of my 16 gigs.

by TL789reply 16203/20/2014

LL_Doris, I am a bit of an insomniac but to give you an idea of the time zones, it's currently 7 am here on Saturday 22nd however it's 4 pm on Friday in New York. I generally visit my neighbours in the evening so it's the middle of the night in the US.

Oh, and to the other poster, I checked the toilet, the water flows down anti clockwise.....

by TL789reply 16303/21/2014

I just like to see the "EnnuiOz has visited your Springfield" notice on my phone when I get up in the morning!

by TL789reply 16403/21/2014

I think I've added all you guys. I'm julesh219.

by TL789reply 16503/27/2014

Does everybody have Stampy yet?

by TL789reply 16603/27/2014

I was just making the rounds and I think I saw Bart riding Stampy at Secretlab's place.


by TL789reply 16703/27/2014

All right, dammit_julie, I'm coming over to vandalize your town.

by TL789reply 16803/27/2014

I'm still a ways from getting Stampy. Can't wait!

by TL789reply 16903/27/2014

Only suckers play that game. Sooner or later you will cave in and start making purchases on it like they want you to. It's a scam.

by TL789reply 17003/27/2014

Thanks, R170. Your views are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

by TL789reply 17103/27/2014

Gimme your cellphone number R171 I will sign you up for cat facts texts.

by TL789reply 17203/27/2014

[quote]Only suckers play that game. Sooner or later you will cave in and start making purchases on it like they want you to. It's a scam.

I've been playing for years and have never spent a cent. Shows how much you know.

by TL789reply 17303/27/2014

No Stampy for me yet either LLDoris. Got snowball today though so that made me smile. Particularly as my real cat is currently in a mood with me as I took her to the vet yesterday for her annual shots.

by TL789reply 17403/28/2014

In two hours, Stampy shall be mine!!!!!

by TL789reply 17503/30/2014

Got Homer's car today, so what's the gift at the 5000 Friend Point level?

by TL789reply 17603/30/2014

The first 5000 point bonus is Stampy.

The second 5000 point bonus is a lighthouse.

by TL789reply 17703/31/2014

I logged into my Springfield 5 minutes ago and my town is GONE! My level has been reset to 1! WHY??????


by TL789reply 17804/05/2014

dammit_julie - I've had that happen before. Did you try completely logging out and then back in again? That has worked for me. Sometimes just quitting and restarting the app is enough. Either way, I checked your town and it looks fine to me.

by TL789reply 17904/05/2014

Thank you, Cheryl. I'm trying to log out now, but keep getting the Bart "Can't connect to the server" message. The weird thing is, my Origins account avatar still says Level 29, but when I was logged in, my level was 1 but all my donuts were there, then a minute later, I had no donuts.

Sigh. Will try again later. This had better not deprive me of my Friend Points - I was getting close to capturing my beloved Stampy.


by TL789reply 18004/05/2014

I've added you EnnuiOz and dammit_julie. There must be some issues going on - I just received the Bart server message as well. Maybe they're updating.

by TL789reply 18104/05/2014

I've just visited your town too dammit_julie and everything looks fine, you're still showing up as level 29. I have also accepted your request kisses_doll and came over to check things out. I'm not having any server issues.....yet, however they do seem to mess about overnight US time as that's oftn when I'm trying to play over the weekend. Btw, just got Homer's car so on my way to Stampy!

by TL789reply 18204/05/2014

Thanks for your help, everyone! I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and it looks like everything is OK. I really appreciate y'all checking my shabby little town and reporting back. Smooches!

by TL789reply 18304/06/2014

The Capitol City Goofball is a-comin' after the lighthouse.

by TL789reply 18404/10/2014

Whacking Day is back! Let's get to smacking them snakes!!!

by TL789reply 18504/16/2014

I posted prematurely! It's Easter so it's going to be zapping bunnies and gathering eggs. Looks like the Crazy Cat Lady is a new add, as well.

by TL789reply 18604/16/2014


by TL789reply 18704/16/2014

Tapping bunnies? They stole this directly from the Archie Riverdale Rescue Easter update. Does the game also generate 30 bunnies per hour?

by TL789reply 18804/16/2014

Sherry Bobbins!!!!! I WANT HER!

by TL789reply 18904/17/2014

How do I donate eggs? I tapped on the basket but nothing happened...

by TL789reply 19004/17/2014

I NEED Shary Bobbins too!!!!!! I can't accumulate eggs fast enough for this one.

by TL789reply 19104/17/2014

What's the exchange rate for eggs? It's 100 pink for 50 blue. That seems fair but what is it when you donate blue eggs? It would be a ripoff if it was still 100 blue eggs for only 50 pink.

by TL789reply 19204/18/2014

I thought it was 100 of one color for 100 of the other. Maybe I'm mistaken.

by TL789reply 19304/18/2014

I was mistaken.

by TL789reply 19404/19/2014

Hey, hey, add me! My username's MercedesBen707!

by TL789reply 19504/19/2014

I can't find you, MercedesBen707

by TL789reply 19604/21/2014

NM mercedesben, i got ya!

by TL789reply 19704/21/2014

Is it too much to hope for the monorail this summer? Wouldn't that be fun?

by TL789reply 19804/21/2014

I've just started, add me: bria5n

by TL789reply 19904/22/2014

Damn I succumbed to buying most of my Easter eggs.

by TL789reply 20004/22/2014

This Easter egg business is irritating, it's taking way too long to accumulate eggs.

I will never get Shary Bobbins at this rate.

by TL789reply 20104/22/2014

If you're willing to part with 75 donuts, you can buy a Blue Egg Generator. It spits out 300 blue eggs a day.

by TL789reply 20204/22/2014

I'm greatly tempted to just buy a bunch of golden eggs with my donuts and cross my fingers that I get Shari Bobbins. All I've gotten with the pink eggs is fences, a tree, some beach towels and an egg pile. What the hell am I supposed to do with a tiny egg pile??? Dammit, Schneider!

by TL789reply 20304/22/2014

R202- I bought that damn machine, and it is giving me pink eggs instead of blue. Total ripoff!

by TL789reply 20404/22/2014

There are two different machines. One does pink, one does blue. And Frink actually gives you a free one that also gives you pink ones.

by TL789reply 20504/22/2014

R205- I know. I bought the more expensive machine that is supposed to give blue eggs. So far only pink. I read on the TSTO boards that I am not the only one with his issue.

by TL789reply 20604/22/2014

I think what color eggs you get depends on which group you're in - of course I'm in the Blue Egg group, so most of the eggs I receive are blue, and dead common. Frink's machine pumps out blue eggs for me.

I wish I were in the Pink group! The Pink baskets have better prizes.

dammit_julie, I've got the fences, the gates, the Easter tree, and the stupid little group of three eggs, too. UGH.

by TL789reply 20704/22/2014

So different people have different colors assigned? For me pink is the common color and blue is the rare one. The blue basket has the second best prizes and the gold basket has the best prizes.

by TL789reply 20804/23/2014

What happened to my basket? It disappeared after I collected 5 eggs. Are baskets one-time use only??? I didn't waste my donuts just to buy baskets that are one-use only. Nowhere did it say it would disappear about one use! They need a disclaimer. What a rip! Is no one complaining about this?

by TL789reply 20904/23/2014

Yep, baskets disappear (I think after two or three uses).

by TL789reply 21004/23/2014

R208, yes, EA has assigned all the players to either a Blue Group or a Pink Group, and whichever group you're in is what color your most common eggs will be.

I'm in Blue; I want more pink eggs, so when I see someone with a "blue to pink" conversion basket, I generally try and get rid of some blue eggs to get more pink (the conversion rate sucks though).

I fucked up yesterday by hitting a wrong basket and ended up with less of both kinds of eggs after visiting around.

Overall I'm not happy with this promotion.

by TL789reply 21104/23/2014

Finally accumulated 500 golden eggs, and what did I get?



by TL789reply 21204/23/2014

PS - is there a Bria5n here? I got a friend request, so just want to make sure it's someone from DL before I accept.

by TL789reply 21304/23/2014

R212 that's bullshit. Like when the mystery box gives you a newspaper stand or tree. And have you noticed that the sodding dog track rarely gives a win?

I still haven't put a single penny into the game thogh, HA!

by TL789reply 21404/23/2014

My blue eggs keep multiplying like... Bunnies? I'm resisting the urge to buy the egg generators.

Ps, why are there so many damn fences in this game??

by TL789reply 21504/23/2014

I found a use for my Easter fences.

by TL789reply 21604/23/2014

Bria5n gave me a friend request, too. So I'm guessing he's from these parts. Now, I'm off to dammit_julie's Springfield to see what he/she's doing with their fences. :)

by TL789reply 21704/23/2014

I got a bunch of fences, quelle surprise.

by TL789reply 21804/23/2014

Yes I'm here! Thanks to all my friends.

by TL789reply 21904/23/2014

Too many fences. I have them in storage. I cracked and gave up 100 donuts for eggs. Didn't do so bad; lots of the gold egg baskets from the pink and blue egg baskets which allowed me to win: the easter gate, kang topiary and yes, plenty of the pastel picket fences. I want Father Sean and Shary Bobbins. Thanks bian5n and xwordaddict for the recent friend requests.

by TL789reply 22004/23/2014

Dammit_julie- excellent use of fences. Left you some pink eggs.

Who else wants eggs and what color?

by TL789reply 22104/23/2014

dammit_julie, that's brilliant. I dumped some worthless blue - sorry, strike that - I DONATED some LOVELY blue eggs to you.

by TL789reply 22204/23/2014

Thanks, folks. If I were a better decorator, I would have thought of something more creative to do with those fences. Ironically, adding all those stupid fences raised my shabby town's rating a half star.

by TL789reply 22304/23/2014

EA says that if you win and place 50 fences, you get 15 donuts for completing.


by TL789reply 22404/23/2014

In today's mystery box? Another mystery box. Inside that box? A fucking large hedge.

Sold that shit.


by TL789reply 22504/24/2014

Did everyone have 4 baskets in their inventory for free to start with? I just looked in my inventory and saw them. All this time I've been spending donuts to buy blue baskets. Oops.

by TL789reply 22604/25/2014

I feel your pain deejaypunk457 - mystery box, mystery box, misery box......fences! I'm also a litle disillusioned with the Easter boxes, the best thing I have won is gold eggs, no buildings or characters - but plenty of....fences. On a positive note though, Stampy is finally mine so thanks to all my neighbours:)

To the poster above, I've never bought a basket, you can win them from bunnies - although mine seem to be disproportionally squewed toward my primary egg colour (blue). That may just be fluke though.

by TL789reply 22704/26/2014

I've gotten what I think is an even mix of baskets that the bunnies shit out, FWIW. The game finally threw me a bone and I got the Blocko and Banana Dictatorship stores.

Fucking fences can eat me.

by TL789reply 22804/26/2014

I thought the gold box would contain good stuff (because it's harder to get one) and so when I won enough golden eggs I got really excited...only to find just 3 fences in the gold box.

Nice use of fences Dammit_julie.

by TL789reply 22904/26/2014

I still don't understand the exchange rate of eggs. People gave me 4 eggs in my basket. If I collect it, I should get 400 eggs since each person gave me 100. But how come I only get 200 eggs when I collect?

by TL789reply 23004/29/2014

I am pretty sure the egg return from baskets is a glitch and once you synchronise you should be credited with the missing eggs. I haven't experienced it yet however there are threads about it on the TSTO forum.

by TL789reply 23104/29/2014

When you give someone 100 eggs and get 50 back, where does that 50 come from? Is it from your friend's stash or is it the game itself giving you 50 eggs and it doesn't affect your friend's stash? I'm hoping it's the latter since I don't want people taking my valuable blue eggs.

by TL789reply 23204/29/2014

I just got the Kang topiary. Not brilliant considering it was a gold box but at least it wasn't a sodding fence gate!

by TL789reply 23304/30/2014

I got Bunny #24601, Chirpy Boy & Bart Junior last night. Also, yet another Easter tree, Easter pond AND fences.


by TL789reply 23404/30/2014

This Easter bunny crap canNOT end fast enough. I've spent donuts here and still haven't gotten the only prize I want - Shary Bobbins.

They updated the game today, a level up. They've added Ms. Hoover and the music teacher.

by TL789reply 23504/30/2014

Is the music teacher gay? Was there an episode about it?

by TL789reply 23605/01/2014

[quote]Is the music teacher gay? Was there an episode about it?

It's certainly been suggested often enough. In one episode he mentions finding his soul mate. Chalmers enters and all the kids assume that's the soul mate. And I think every time there's a gay bar scene, he's there.

by TL789reply 23705/01/2014

Oh My God, I have just had a bonanza! Won the jackpot twice on the Scratchr (should have gambled for doughnuts but not complaining about the cash) and then gotJohnny Fiesta's from my blue box - the only prize I wanted! So, to celebrate, I've been dropping as many blue eggs as possible into your baskets.

I've given up hope on the gold box prizes so am now purely aiming for the Blocko store from the pink box. So, blue eggs all round when I visit. Please let me know who wants them and I'll prioritise.

by TL789reply 23805/01/2014

I'm open for some blue eggs, Oz! Congratulations on getting what you wanted!

by TL789reply 23905/01/2014

No worries dammit_julie. My next visit will be tomorrow morning my time (about 20 hours time) - think that's your Friday evening (assuming you're in the US).

by TL789reply 24005/01/2014

I've been having a bit of a surf of other sites today and came across the link below which I thought some of you might find interesting - or not. Yes, I am a statistician (no really) *sigh* feel free to leave the room............

by TL789reply 24105/01/2014

I need blue eggs. Thank you to anyone who can spare some.

Hi Frootmallow.

by TL789reply 24205/02/2014

Thank you for the link, Oz! That was very informative and fairly depressing regarding the percentage of actually acquiring Shary Bobbins. Oh, well.

Here's my favorite comment from a Reddit user:

"Fuck your fences EA. I will personally kick John D. EAfella in his god damn teeth if fences (or an equivalent) show up in the next seasonal update. Think I'm kidding? Message me your physical address. I got plenty of frequent flyer miles, an old pair of steel-toed boots, time to kill, and unresolved anger issues. Handle your shit EA and adjust your stats accordingly for a fun game not whatever you call this bullshit, else we'll all just go strait to /r/freedonuts and possibly the new Family Guy game (and yeah, they did a real good job on it). i.e. Cut the shit, EA bitches."

by TL789reply 24305/02/2014

TL789, I'll dump some of my blue eggs in your town this afternoon. I usually make the town rounds about 3 pm CST.

by TL789reply 24405/02/2014

TL789 and Damiit_Julie, I visited but you didn't have any baskets that I could donate to. Will try again later....

by TL789reply 24505/03/2014

I ran out of blue baskets. I will take pink eggs too. I found out that you don't lose 50 eggs when someone gives you 100 eggs. The 50 comes from the game's stock, not your own stock of eggs. So now I can put out all my pink baskets too.

Also, everyone plant carrots! It will generate 10 bunnies every time you harvest.

Speaking of the Family Guys game, who here has played it? How is it?

by TL789reply 24605/03/2014

I've been visiting and dropping eggs into baskets. I finally got Shary Bobbins! Can't wait for the bunnies to go buh bye.

by TL789reply 24705/05/2014

A fucking tree in my Mystery Box again. Fuck you, EA!

by TL789reply 24805/06/2014

Congratulations Kissesdoll, I will look out for her when I next visit as I suspect coverting my neighbour's Shary is the closest I'll get to her.

Oh, and commiserations Deejaypunk - although I'm particularly disappointed on your behalf that it was a tree and not fences.

by TL789reply 24905/06/2014

Kissesdoll, I'm super happy for you...yeah...that's just great. Congratulations.

If anyone needs me, I'll be sobbing quietly in the shower.

by TL789reply 25005/07/2014


by TL789reply 25105/07/2014

I'm just so glad that when we win trees, fences and ponds, those prizes aren't removed from the pool of available items. Thank GOD I have so many wonderful fences.

by TL789reply 25205/07/2014

More eggs, more boxes, more trees and fences. Hooray! I did get one consolation prize when a bunny shit out a Faberge egg. If anyone would care to behold its luster and 3% bonus, I placed it next to my "This bites" fence message.

by TL789reply 25305/07/2014

I got a shitty bunny with wings.


by TL789reply 25405/07/2014

I FINALLY got Blockoland . I'm missing Shary Bobbins, Fr Sean, and Chirpy Boy & Bart Jr and maybe some other stuff. I hope the gold egg surprise today helps anyone still in need.

At this point I don't care whether I win those things or not -or the sucking Faberge egg - but if I get more pools I wanna go with that Reddit guy and kick some EA ass.....this game was fun but it brought on a weird game fatigue in the long run. Why the hell did they get rid of the community prizes?! That was fun and the odds favored everyone.

by TL789reply 25505/08/2014

R255, you hit the nail on the head - it IS game fatigue. If you don't win good prizes, then it's depressing - it has sucked all the fun out of playing for me. Now I'm just trying to wait this thing out...

by TL789reply 25605/08/2014

What gold egg surprise today?

by TL789reply 25705/08/2014

R257 Today EA tossed us a bone. You can now buy gold eggs, just as you've been able to buy blue or pink ones for donuts. It would have been better for morale, imho, to have released that at least a week ago or more. Check out your Premium Easter prizes purchase inventory. TSTO Addicts is a good site for game updates, etc. - It's where I heard about our gold egg option this morning.

R256 I'm sorry you got the fatigue too. Getting Blockoland today felt good because, I totally agree, there's all sorts of cool stuff you COULD get but fences, egg piles etc, are depressing when they're all that you ever end up with for days or more. This was the first good prize I've gotten in some time. I hope you get a nice surprise gift today for FREE.

Does EA ever actually listen to player feedback?

by TL789reply 25805/08/2014

I'm sorely tempted to use actual cash to get gold eggs. Got what is probably my last 100 this morning with a Pink Box, and got Hugs Bunny. While he's no Shary Bobbins, it was nice to get a character and not a decoration. His dialogue with Homer is surly and amusing.

A second vote for the TSTO Addicts site; there's very good info there!

by TL789reply 25905/08/2014

I spent my Fences Donuts on gold eggs - what do I get but Father Sean, a topiary - and MORE FENCES

I want to put someone from EA in a sack and drown them.

by TL789reply 26005/08/2014

The problem is that the prizes can go backwards. A prize in the gold box is 250 pink eggs. WTF, that's going backwards and makes people frustrated.

Also the fences should be increased for each box. 3 for the first box, 10 for the second box, 15 for the gold box. It's frustrating to get 3 fences when you've saved up for a gold box when you could have gotten that same number in the first box.

If EA would fix these problems, people wouldn't be so frustrated.

by TL789reply 26105/08/2014

Looks like this Easter eggs nonsense ends tomorrow, 5.13. FINALLY.

by TL789reply 26205/12/2014

Oh, NO! I haven't gotten my fill of trees, ponds and fences yet!

BTW, just typed "feces" accidentally, then fixed it, then thought about leaving it like that since that's what I feel like I won.

by TL789reply 26305/12/2014

Yes, glad it's ending. Does anyone know if EA will convert remaining unused eggs into game $$? Converted into donuts would be much better, but they won't do that.

by TL789reply 26405/12/2014

I got Stampy which is pretty cool, but it had nothing to do with this piss-off Easter crap. It came from the Friend Points, which actually seems to work well.

They really dropped the ball on this one. The ponds, egg piles and fences bit was a total dick move.

by TL789reply 26505/13/2014

Update is here and gameplay is really lagging. Well it was worth it to get rid of the Easter debacle.

by TL789reply 26605/13/2014

Thanks for posting that LLDoris. I didn't know everyone was experiencing lag and I thought the game might have been overcome by the stench of forgotten Easter eggs (Coincidentally, "Forgotten Easter Eggs" is also the name of my feminine hygiene spray).

by TL789reply 26705/15/2014

Well, that was boring.

by TL789reply 26805/15/2014

Gameplay has been so laggy for me that I haven't been able to play at all.

by TL789reply 26905/15/2014

...and now Friend Points are broken. Are they trying to drive us all away? Is it time for me to get a life now?

by TL789reply 27005/15/2014

Lag is strangely spotty on my phone. Like there are little pockets of Bermuda Triangle oddness surrounded by areas of normal speed. Weird.

by TL789reply 27105/16/2014

Same here, R271, I suspect it's some glitch with the characters moving around (I'm so technical! I'm a hacker!!!)

Speaking of hacking - I requested Shary Bobbins from the Reddit Free Donuts crew. Take that, EA!!!

by TL789reply 27205/16/2014

The lag is really bad. Stupid EA.

by TL789reply 27305/17/2014

Yeah, what's with the weird, glitchy play all of a sudden? You'd think getting rid of the bunnies would have made it smoother.

And what was with that Milhouse storyline? I think there were two tiny quests, less than a day's play, and then it was over. Weird.

by TL789reply 27405/18/2014

I thought the lag was my phone running out of memory. Good to know it's everyone having this.

The thing I hate the most is that the game always has to download huge amounts of data before you can play. This is eating up your data plan if you're on a phone. Why can't they be like other games and just download everything during the App store updates?

by TL789reply 27505/18/2014

I don't understand why you guys all wanted the Easter update to go away and have the game return to normal. The game is always boring without a theme update. There's kinda no point now. I'm glad I didn't update from the Easter theme since I just got the Fabrege egg.

by TL789reply 27605/18/2014

I haven't played in a few days because of the glitch/lag. As soon as they sort it out I'll be back.

by TL789reply 27705/18/2014

Are other people on the other messageboards complaining about the lag? What are they saying? What was EA's response?

The lag is so bad I'm off to check out the Family Guy game.

by TL789reply 27805/18/2014

Is this thread dead because the game is still not working for everyone? It works for me but there are still very small pockets of play where it lags a lot.

by TL789reply 27905/21/2014

I think it's dead because there's no special event going on. Usually during one of those promotions, this thread heats up.

Well, as much as this thread CAN "heat up", I guess.

The lag has gotten better but it's still annoying as hell.

by TL789reply 28005/21/2014

Thanks LLDoris. Good point.

Too bad EA doesn't seem to do other than lackluster quest lines immediately after a big event. Miss Hoover is a big yawn imho. But Fit Milhouse quests were sort of amusing.

by TL789reply 28105/21/2014

EA fixed the lag on my Android tab with today's update.

by TL789reply 28205/21/2014

May I ask who you are, R282? I didn't get an update today and I'm still lagging...

by TL789reply 28305/22/2014

Ssssh LLDoris, I'm incognito.

The EA update didn't install correctly, so I had to uninstall Tapped Out and start fresh. The game operates normally now.

I'll meet you at the Gulp 'n Blow! MARY!

by TL789reply 28405/22/2014

LOL, fair enough, R284. I look like Comic Book Guy, but in a kaftan and spotless white fat guy hat.

by TL789reply 28505/22/2014

The lag is still around, and it still sucks. They really dropped the ball with that stupid Easter stuff.

by TL789reply 28605/22/2014

Got the update. Still lagging but generally only when there are characters moving around. What the hell - that didn't used to have any impact.

by TL789reply 28705/22/2014

LLDoris, I'll be wearing the usual: thick glasses, spotless white lab coat, pocket protector, skinny jeans and a Brian Sims T-shirt.

by TL789reply 28805/22/2014

Dammit, Schenider, it's so laggy I can't visit anyone without the game locking up and kicking me out! Damn, damn, damn!

*throws punchbowl at EA programmer*

by TL789reply 28905/22/2014

I got the update and the lag stopped, thankfully.

by TL789reply 29005/22/2014

Nope. Spoke too soon. Still lagging. Goddamnit.

by TL789reply 29105/23/2014

12 donuts for the lag, hmmm, not baaaad... better, I *suppose* humph.

by TL789reply 29205/27/2014

The Stonecutters! Yay!

by TL789reply 29306/03/2014

Eek! Stonecutters, and a way to blow up your Springfield! Blow it up real good?

by TL789reply 29406/03/2014

Good, refreshingly different challenge and Thank Jeebus there is no Wheel of Frustration in this game.

I forgot Egg Council Guy is a Stonecutter. I'd love to see him included in some Stonecutters quest story lines.

Is anyone experiencing glitches so far? I see some glitchy things reported on TSTO Addicts comments.

by TL789reply 29506/05/2014

No glitches here. And like you, I'm thankful it's not another luck of the wheel game.

by TL789reply 29606/05/2014

A few glitches. I wish I could get the tokens faster, of course. Otherwise - I'm enjoying this update, a lot.

by TL789reply 29706/06/2014

Yes, I agree it would be satisfying to get the tokens faster. How far into the game are you?

I finished the Secret question up to date, and am just about done with today's quest. Once they finish frisking Krusty I'll get Grandpa Simpson's Stonecutter skin.

But I've been sick in bed for two days, so I could be self-indulgent about playing Tapped Out.

by TL789reply 29806/06/2014

I've basically just started on today's Number One tasks - I've got about an hour left to go on the first part of problem is that my phone sometimes won't connect while I'm at work so yesterday I couldn't get them done.

by TL789reply 29906/06/2014

I'm having the same lagging problem to the point that I couldn't play most of yesterday, so I didn't finish the tasks on time. To add insult to injury, I got a Mystery Box yesterday and what was in it? Fences.

by TL789reply 30006/06/2014

Oh Jeez (in my best Bart voice) dammit_julie ! The Fence Troll just won't leave you alone. Are you ready to throw something at EA yet again? I loved the punchbowl choice - nice and heavy but classy at the same time. I hope the lag stops soon - you've suffered too much aggravation dammit!

LLDoris, I can see it means slower emblem earns, but you can still get the same prizes eventually. Do you have enough friends to collect maximum daily emblems there? But then, you sound like an even keeled sort of Doris, so maybe this is not a big deal.

MY Mistake - the second prize is Krusty Stonecutter skin, not Abe Simpson. Why the hell did I think that silhouette was Abe?

by TL789reply 30106/06/2014

Thanks, Sky Finger, that's very nice of you. You must be new to Datalounge.

I kid, I kid. If I come off as even keeled then I must be writing things wrong.

Boy oh boy, this thing has a lot of moving parts! There are the individual tasks (Lisa's research, etc) - there are the tasks to do for Number One (send a brainiac kid to write fan fiction) - and now the Sacred Scroll has individual "puzzles" to figure out and complete, as well.

Cripes, at this rate, this thing is going to make me miss my wedding next weekend.

by TL789reply 30206/06/2014

LLDoris - WooHoo! Wedding! Save some champagne for me. I'll just reach over with my giant Sky Fingers and grab a glass - er, flute - wherever you'll be celebrating!

Glad to know you're addicted and unhinged too. I agree about the moving parts. A spreadsheet would help.

Btw, have you done any decorating with Stonecutter fences yet?

by TL789reply 30306/06/2014

No, my Vanity rating is strong, and I have more than enough fences from the Easter debacle (make sure you visit Easter Park on your next visit to my town! It's right by Valentine's Dump) - so no special Stonecutter fences for me.

And thank you. We'll be in Chicago and there will be plenty of champers for all my TSTO buddies.

by TL789reply 30406/06/2014

I'm not getting this Stonecutter task. It just seems creepy. What are the rewards supposed to be?

by TL789reply 30506/07/2014

Can you be more specific deejaypunk457?

by TL789reply 30606/07/2014

It's a parody of the popular mythology around Freemasonry, and that's sort of dark and creepy stuff right there.

This update has lots of activity. Between the main challenge tasks, and the brainteasers of #1's tasks and the Sacred Parchment challenges...I'm enjoying this one a lot.

It IS very weird, though.

by TL789reply 30706/07/2014

Stonecutter #1 gives you four tasks every twenty-four hours which pay you tokens. You can also go into your friends' Springfields and plant three cameras every day, which pays you tokens. Also, if someone plants cameras in your town, you can click them off and that also pays you tokens. And on top of all that, weird robed visitors pop up from time to time. Tap 'em and they disappear and you get a few more tokens. If you click on the trophy (which seems to be filled with beer) in the bottom right hand corner, you can see how many tokens you need for each prize.

Also, there are tasks given to you by the Sacred Parchment. A certain number of tasks will get you a prize (most of which seem like Stonecutter clothes for various characters).

Make sure you have the update downloaded. Otherwise, I doubt any of this will work for you.

It's a lot of work, but it's fun. And it's fair, unlike that Easter nonsense.

by TL789reply 30806/07/2014

Try this for Stonecutter overview & questions

by TL789reply 30906/10/2014

Here's a little inspiration for all you Tappers

by TL789reply 31006/10/2014

If you never saw Homer The Great here it is. Egg Council Guy and Abandoned Store (among other things) explained!

by TL789reply 31106/10/2014

Hey, have ya ever noticed that the Crossing the Desert is a lot like the Unblinking Eye? And it's exactly like The Wreck of the Hesperus.

by TL789reply 31206/10/2014

Heh Heh LLDoris.

by TL789reply 31306/10/2014

LLDoris, have you got any grease?

by TL789reply 31406/10/2014

Yes. Yes, we do.

by TL789reply 31506/10/2014

Then grease me up, woman!

by TL789reply 31606/10/2014

Okey dokey

By the way - the cafeteria staff is complaining about the mice in the kitchen. I want to hire a new staff.

by TL789reply 31706/10/2014

A bit late to the party as it's been Primetime however, I just wanted to say congratulations on your upcoming nuptials LLDoris!

Sadly, it's still not recognised in my backwater and is unlikely to be so while the mad monk is in charge (despite the fact that his sister is actually gay).

Anyway, onto the topic of TSTO, I am also thoroughly enjoying the event and becoming slightly obsessed. And, best of all, no fences - aside from those you can purchase.

Btw, I'm not sure if you are aware, but you get 5 tokens for tapping the Stonectters' lodge but only 1 for anthing else with a camera. I'm therefore trying to clear those taps whenever I can so that it's available for someone else to maximise their token collection.

by TL789reply 31806/10/2014

Ah! So that's what's going on. Someone (I forget who) comes to my Springfield once every few hours and only taps the Lodge. This makes sense now. Thank you for the hint.

Who is the mad monk? Is your state governed by Rasputin?

by TL789reply 31906/10/2014

The mad monk is the nickname of Australia's current Prime Minister. A conservative who once entered the seminary to study for a priesthood.

I'm also not convinced that his ideologies have evolved significantly since those of the times of Rasputin.

He also has a predeliction for wearing budgie smugglers (speedos). What has been seen cannot be unseen.....

by TL789reply 32006/10/2014

Australia, of course! Thus, your screen name. I'm such an idiot. :)

(Thank you for that article. I read it between narrowly splayed fingers for fear of seeing said budgies being smuggled. He sounds...fascinating.)

by TL789reply 32106/10/2014

I ain't ever even heard a dis shit

by TL789reply 32206/10/2014

If you really want to see, there are loads of images - just google Tony Abbott budgie smugglers.

However, you have been warned!

by TL789reply 32306/10/2014

Despite Tony Abbott, I have a pretty warm spot for all my topsy-turvy, and kinda HOT, Aussie friends including EnnuiOz (and hello MyFavoriteMarsupi...)

Roos! Speedos! Spiders!!

by TL789reply 32406/10/2014

Don't forget snakes, sharks, crocodiles and box jellyfish - seems like half our wildlife are murderous! Though we do have cute, non toxic specîes too :-)

by TL789reply 32506/10/2014

Aw, thanks, EnnuiOz, that's very sweet of you.

But I have to say, I'm dreading the day off from completing Stonecutter tasks!!! ;-)

Another tip is that you're limited to 60 neighborly emblem-earning taps per day - so if you have a buddy who's not participating, I'd skip their town. And keep focusing on hitting those Stonecutter headquarters!!!

by TL789reply 32606/11/2014

Oh how I wish they'd give us Steve Guttenburg as a prize.

by TL789reply 32706/11/2014

EnnuiOz, you neglected to mention Geographer Snail and Stone Fish - two of my all time favorite life-threatening Oz natives!

by TL789reply 32806/11/2014

I would love to visit Australia, but I know with my luck I'd see one of those enormous spiders. And koalas (and speedo-clad lifeguards) are just not worth that.

by TL789reply 32906/11/2014

BTW, just read on TSTO that the Stonecutters table will give free donuts!

by TL789reply 33006/11/2014

The Jebediah Statue easter egg never worked for me for some reason.

by TL789reply 33106/11/2014

Oh, and don't forget the mantis shrimp whose 'punch' can break through aquarium glass.

And just for you LLDoris, if you do ever venture over, watch out for the drop bears ;)

Really, I don't know how any of us reach adulthood!

by TL789reply 33206/11/2014

Forgot to include the drop bear link.....

by TL789reply 33306/11/2014

LMAO at the drop bears!

Luckily I have a (frankly terrible) faux-Australian accent I can break out, from watching Kath & Kim!

by TL789reply 33406/12/2014

[quote]Another tip is that you're limited to 60 neighborly emblem-earning taps per day

60 taps or 60 neighbors per day? If it's 60 taps then that means you can only visit 20 neighbors a day.

by TL789reply 33506/13/2014

Did anyone receive an email saying you can get 12 free donuts with this update? I didn't get any free donuts. Where can I get them?

by TL789reply 33606/13/2014

Do you guys like whacking the robed Stonecutters here or whacking the fratboy mummies at the Family Guy event better?

by TL789reply 33706/13/2014

R335 I think you can collect a grand total of 60 tokens daily from visits to Neighbors' Springfields. Jeebus knows, I could be wrong though - this game has so many moving parts it's hard to keep track.

R336 We got a free donut peace offering from EA which was either during the start of Stonecutters or the Milhouse/Miss Boover mini quests.

When you finish Secret of The Cut Stone Quest Part 10 you get twenty free donuts. I just got them, and I will have enough emblem tokens tomorrow for Burns and the Money Pool prize (WooHoo!) - so I'm guessing the quest line is generally not at all in synch with completing Number 1 quests or the Sacred scroll puzzle prize quests.

Then when you collect the Stonecutter Table prize there's a semi-secret quest for Homer, which involves singing the Stonecutter Song, and voila another cavalcade of donuts comes your way. I recall that you get twenty free donuts.

The table/Homer donuts is similar to how you can get free donuts with the Jebediah Springfield statue - something about tapping on Homer multiple times.

by TL789reply 33806/13/2014

[all posts by racist flame-bait shit-stain removed.]

by TL789reply 33906/13/2014

The part of Bill Gates on tonight's show was performed by Tony Perkins.

by TL789reply 34006/13/2014

Dear LLDOris, if you went through with it, congratulations, you are a braver woman/man than i. All the best together. Oz x

by TL789reply 34106/14/2014

Ugh the Stonecutter challenge is way too busy- and I thought the Easter challenge was annoying!

by TL789reply 34206/14/2014

My Springfield is a mess. Last time I rearranged I was stuck home from work with bronchitis. I wish I could just log-in on my computer to rearrange things. It's sort of a nightmare to rearrange on an iPad and I have no idea how people even do it on a phone.

by TL789reply 34306/15/2014

R343 I wonder the same thing about myself - I play on an iPhone 4S.

I don't know if this will lift your Springfield funk, but this helped me stop disliking what I saw when I logged on. I bought a few plots of outer perimeter land and just crammed things there while I rearranged the town center. Think of the warehouse where Citizen Kane's beloved Rosebud was unceremoniously stacked.

My sad saga started at Christmas, in happy anticipation of having my first skyscraper - ClausCo - in downtown, near Costington's.

ClausCo was the only thing I REALLY wanted from that nightmare Wheel of Fortune From HELL. Of course I didn't get it. I felt so bitter and betrayed in January when I looked at that empty lot it drove me to drink. I decided I needed a radical change to snap me out of it.

So downtown got torn up and looked like hell for a while, but I love what I've created by taking it slowly and enjoying the redesign process, purposely building in a lot more tongue in cheek references to the show and related reality.

I learned to think of my warehouse eyesore of multiple buildings ( just inside the city limits ) as the upcoming urban renewal project when I am wealthy enough to pay off the Quimby cronies at city hall for a sweet deal on building permits, liquor licenses, and overlooked zoning regs.

by TL789reply 34406/15/2014

Oops, I meant to reveal my identity at 344 - I'm Sky Finger #5

by TL789reply 34506/15/2014

Thanks, EnnuiOz, yes, things went off without a hitch!!! And I only missed a few hours of obsessive Springfield tapping...

by TL789reply 34606/17/2014

Congratulations, LLDoris!! Glad to hear it went well!

In other news, are there any of the following here? Csquad1, kentdwolf, madmojo717 or SamuelSackson? I got friend requests from those users and not to be a Paranoid Polly, but I don't accept any unless I know they're like minded people. TIA.

by TL789reply 34706/17/2014

ooh, you should accept those, dammit_julie, they're good neighbors. They visit my town a LOT.

by TL789reply 34806/17/2014

OMG, did you see the homophobic Stonecutters clue today? "Which Flaming Moe has a Liquor-ish Whip?"

Answer was of course Smithers, the only flaming mo in the game and you have to make him whip it.

by TL789reply 34906/18/2014

I often skip the dialogue boxes, but the conversation between Krusty and the Lawyer that you get with the new update was pretty damn funny.

by TL789reply 35006/18/2014

Yeah, they do manage to sneak in some funny bits in those dialog boxes. Often funnier than the show itself nowadays.


by TL789reply 35106/19/2014

LLDoris Congratulations! I did reach out my Sky Fingers and grabbed a flute of champagne at the reception - nice choice. I tried to catch your eye but you were mobbed by well-wishers so I decided to wait until you were back here to offer best wishes.

Btw, what's for lunch?

by TL789reply 35206/19/2014

Beef hearts! Just put them on the floor...

by TL789reply 35306/19/2014

and OOH

KBBL is going to give me something stupid!!!

by TL789reply 35406/19/2014

Well Hot Dog! We have a Weiner!

by TL789reply 35506/21/2014

Where's everybody at with the event? This thread has been so quiet - no complaints, satisfied Tappers? Bored? Do tell.

by TL789reply 35606/27/2014

I've loved the Stonecutter's stuff. I should get the last prize tonight or tomorrow morning. First time I won 'em all. Lots of work, but it's been fun. :)

They owed us this after the Great Easter Egg Debacle (which sounds like a title for a Troy McClure movie).

by TL789reply 35706/27/2014

Yeah, I'm with R357 here, this has been a good promo event. This will also be the first time I've collected everything (although I have a little more time before I get Devil's Phallus Mountain)

I'm sorely tempted to get the Chester's solid gold house but that's a lot of donuts to part with...

by TL789reply 35806/27/2014

I totally agree with both of you. This will be the first event where I've won everything too R357 - congratulations! I still have the Devil's Phallus to conquer LLDoris.

I bought the All-Seeing Eye which I get a big kick out of. The Abandoned Store fits nicely next to the Church of Lard Lad in the creepy side of Springfield. They abut the Stonecutter compound and the various graveyards.

Oh, go ahead and splurge LLDoris! You deserve it.

by TL789reply 35906/27/2014

LOL. Oh, but Sky Finger #5, if I bought that mansion, I'd have to buy more land - and then rearrange Springfield so that I'd have a proper upscale area to locate Mr. Burns' mansion, Fat Tony's place, Wolfcastle's mansion...

Hmmm. That sort of sounds like a fun weekend project actually.

by TL789reply 36006/27/2014

Will you post screen shots of your lovely and tasteful gated rich people's section of town for us to admire, LLDoris?

by TL789reply 36106/28/2014

Has anyone nuked their town yet. Mine is a mess, but i worry about putting everything away all at once. God only knows how long it will take to put it all back out.

by TL789reply 36206/29/2014

I liked the Easter event better. That kept me coming back everyday to get eggs and earn spins. The Stonecutters event is boring. I've skipped days since I didn't feel like mindlessly tapping all these cameras and triangles. There's no game component to it. Now I'm way behind and don't know if I'll collect all the prizes before July 3rd. Ugh.

by TL789reply 36306/29/2014

I just noticed that nuke button today. Oh, how I'd like to push it! Must resist...

by TL789reply 36406/29/2014

Have an explosively exciting 4th all you Americans!

For everyone else - just have fun blowing shit up.

by TL789reply 36507/04/2014

(Marge is digging through the groceries Homer bought at the store) Marge: "Gee, I don't know what you've got planned for tonight Homer, but count me out! Didn't you buy any meat?" Homer (patting the M-320): "He he he, This baby's sure to kill somethin'!"

by TL789reply 36607/04/2014

Holy crap re Homer's July 4th dialogue:

"If I can bring a loaded AR-15 into a nursery school - and thanks to the patriotism of dedicated nutcases, I can - why can't I build explosives for pleasure?"

I want to marry this writer.

by TL789reply 36707/04/2014

I want the news copter from a few seasons back. It said, "Fox News - Not racist, but #1 with racists!"

by TL789reply 36807/04/2014

I wonder what the next theme will be after 4th of July is done?

by TL789reply 36907/04/2014

It would be about time for a Squidport event, especially with the barge, fireworks, summer here, etc. Or Krustyland. Fun if they gave us a mountain resort - complete with spooky massive hotel a la The Shining.

by TL789reply 37007/04/2014

I want Mr. Burns to try and block out the sun.

I don't think I've been in Krustyland for months. That never grabbed me.

by TL789reply 37107/04/2014

I agree R371 - Krustyland falls a bit flat for me - and not in a good way.

by TL789reply 37207/04/2014

R362, I "nuked" my town a few days ago and it took HOURS to put things back but my map was nearly full. The cool thing was that it was like a walk down memory lane (since I've been playing for years) and since now I sort of had an idea of how much stuff I had, I put things back in a more orderly fashion.

So the good news is, I have more space. The bad news is, it looks kind of generic now but it was worth it since so many quests now involve "finding" things on the streets which I couldn't even previously see.

by TL789reply 37307/04/2014

Well congratualtions to me for the blonde moment of the year thus far. I wasn't concentrating properly and thought the Sit N Rotate was $1M not $10M and so bought it. I am now broke - but on a positive, I guess I have my first aspirational. Ah well...

by TL789reply 37407/04/2014

You and me both, EnnuiOz. It had better be pretty damn spectacular. :) And really, it's not that big of a deal. Money is easy to come by in this game. Donuts, on the other hand....

by TL789reply 37507/04/2014

What is up with the huge ass files for the updates? I can't even play because it says there's no room to update the game on my iPad. And updates take forever on the log in screen. Why can't they just update in the app store like all other apps?

by TL789reply 37607/04/2014

I've had the same problem, too, R376. Glad I'm not the only one.

by TL789reply 37707/04/2014

Dammit_julie I just saw that dialogue today - love it.

Will you invite me to the wedding?

by TL789reply 37807/05/2014

Anyone else notice changes to payouts? Tomacco is now 30 minutes instead of an hour. Glitch?

by TL789reply 37907/06/2014

What R363 said. Now I'm working again I only play it on the lunch hours there's bad weather and I stay in. The Stonecutters task sucked. Easter pissed me off but in comparison it was far more fun!

About to turn on the stupid game for the first time in a week.

by TL789reply 38007/06/2014

I loved the Stonecutters promotion and hated Easter! deejaypunk457, we should have an agreement to play each other's games during those events ;-)

For my part, I wouldn't mind having some kind of monorail system made available. As long as there's not a chance the track could bend...

by TL789reply 38107/11/2014

Not on your life, my Hindu friend!

by TL789reply 38207/11/2014

Yard Sale! What items are you going to snatch up?

by TL789reply 38307/19/2014

I'm eyeing the Mayan Bundle

by TL789reply 38407/19/2014

What happened to the game? There are no tasks anymore.

by TL789reply 38507/19/2014

I think they're just having a downtime until the next big activity. Hopefully there'll be something before Halloween.

by TL789reply 38607/21/2014

Dinner tonight at Tavern On The Scream or Krusty's One Plate Maximum Buffet? I'm paying!

by TL789reply 38707/24/2014

Looks like Princess Penelope will be our next character. Wonderful! (Looking for neighbours)

by TL789reply 38807/24/2014

Sky Finger #5, if you're paying, then Tavern on the Scream for sure!!! I'll have a Brain Burger with extra pus, please.

by TL789reply 38907/24/2014

Hey, I was on vacation so was a bit remiss in visiting...anyway, trying to fix up Krustyland. I've sent you a neighborino request danieltagg254. Feel free to hit me up with neighbor requests - though I tend to take a break during dormant periods of the game, I am a pretty good neighbor during tasks.

by TL789reply 39007/25/2014

Well, you know your meat LLDoris!

I'm having the Guts-pacho soup to start and the Intestine Spaghetti and Spleen-balls entree. (Although I've heard the Salmonella-tainted chicken is to die for!)

Let's meet at the bar - 8-ish? If you get there first would you order me a Zombie?

by TL789reply 39107/25/2014

Sky Finger #5, I'll see you there. I'll definitely get there early, so I'll probable already be a Maimtini ahead...

and kissesdoll, I was wondering what happened to you!!! Glad you're back

danieltagg254, I friend-requested you too.

by TL789reply 39207/25/2014

Fugu me!

Then friend request me.

by TL789reply 39307/25/2014

Danieltagg254, kissesdoll, and dammit_julie join us at the Tavern On The Scream for a drink, won't you? We'll be in the bar. I'm rather hard to miss, but in case you get there before me look for LLDoris - she might be three sheets to the wind by then but man she tells some great stories when she's had a few! Oh, and tell em to run a tab - drinks are on me everyone!

by TL789reply 39407/25/2014

I'll have a Clamato, Mr. Pibb and a soy milk.

by TL789reply 39507/25/2014

Psst - someone order dammit_julie a "Bludgeon Shirley's Temple" - that's Mountain Dew and crab juice. It'll be HILARIOUS!

by TL789reply 39607/25/2014

Pssst..LLDoris - if the guy with bolts in his neck and one eye is bartending tonight tell him on the sly and he'll whip it up. That BST will LOOK just like Clamato, Mr Pibb and soy milk! Dammit_julie won't know what hit her - but in a good way.

by TL789reply 39707/25/2014

Damn you OP. Based on this thread I have just discovered Tapped Out. It's fabulous! I have wasted the whole weekend and can't seem to put it down... Loving every second of it.

I just sent friend requests to you all above. It will be nice to know there are some fellow DL gays playing.

Oh wow danieltagg254. Your Springfield is amazing!

by TL789reply 39807/27/2014

Welcome yazooed!

Sky Finger #5 - I'll take a Flaming Mo(e).

by TL789reply 39907/27/2014

Sure thing, kissesdoll - your Flaming Moe is coming up, after the bartender pours the Maimtini for LLDoris.

Yazooed, would you join us tor a drink at the Tavern On The Scream bar? I'm buying! LLDoris is on her second Maimtini, dammit_julie just arrived, and I've ordered for kissesdoll. Not sure if danieltagg254 will join us tonight. Btw, the Zombies here are great - bartender adds the perfect dash of bitters when he mixes the brains.

by TL789reply 40007/27/2014

Sky Finger #5, your bartender buddy only put one "eyeball" olive in my drink! He better shape up or at least bend over more in those tight black pants!!!

Oooh, I am a little tipsy for a family place like this. I better order some hors d'oeuvres...

BTW, I'm telling you all NOW since I won't be able to tell you THEN - I'll be on vacation next week sans phone, so no TSTO for me. I may go into withdrawal.

by TL789reply 40107/28/2014

Thank you all for becoming my neighbours and friends! Salutations and good wishes from England!

by TL789reply 40207/28/2014

How annoying about the "eyeball" olive - well, LLDoris, let's face it, the guy's no Moe - tight black pants or not.

I'd recommend the Guts-pacho, but the Feta-id Shrimp Compost-Wilted Salad is good too.

Krustyland won't be the same without you next week. Be sure to send us postcards, and don't forget to pack some zinc oxide!

by TL789reply 40307/28/2014

Hey danieltagg254 it's good to have you aboard. I'm semi-new to this thread too, having been here only a few months.

I've been playing Tapped Out anonymously since I started (paranoid about vandalism, etc) but you're all encouraging me to reconsider and invite you to visit my little corner of the tapped out universe.

by TL789reply 40407/29/2014

Welcome to my Springfield!

by TL789reply 40507/29/2014

kdw75, I've friend-requested you! And I hereby promise not to vandalize your town.

by TL789reply 40607/29/2014

Not to worry about vandalism, Sky Finger #5. The game's Conform-o-Meter doesn't seem to be bothered by it these days. Unless you let graffitti remain for days, that is.

by TL789reply 40707/29/2014

Hey Gurls, you are tempting me to play this game! I don't have it yet.

by TL789reply 40807/29/2014

I thought vandalism was a good thing? Doesn't it give the town owner points for clearing? Sorry if I've been vandalizing anyone's Springfield leading to negative consequences! I've also sent a friend request kdw75. Anon R408 - you should join us - this thread is what started my addiction almost a year ago now.

by TL789reply 40907/29/2014

kissesdoll, vandalism can be a bad thing - if left unchecked. It threw all my stats off to have buildings be graffiti-ed overnight - my conform-o-meter Righteousness rating was out of whack for days...

Which makes it really crappy that I don't think we can clean up each others' Springfields anymore.

by TL789reply 41007/29/2014

During the Friend-O-Meter challenges, you get extra points from cleaning. Or was it something to do with the Easter challenge? In any event, vandalism doesn't get you anything extra now.

by TL789reply 41107/29/2014

Thank you skyfinger #5! The game is addictive and a lot of fun. It's believed that The Simpsons isn't as good as it was and it might be time for it to end, but no! I'm a true believer in the show and love playing the game! Once again greetings from England (and the county of Devon).

by TL789reply 41207/29/2014

Thanks everybody for all the thoughts, info etc about vandalism. When I become a non-anon player I'll still be Sky Finger #5. Woo Hoo! Open House Party! Maybe brunch! With donuts - lots and lots of donuts....

by TL789reply 41307/29/2014

Mmmmm, Devonshire Cream Tea! (drool..) Lucky you danieltagg254.

Hey, what was that magical little place Lisa and Marge came upon while riding bikes in the countryside? That would be a great little building and Marge/Lisa quest for Tapped Out! It's about time someone other than Martin, Smithers and Burns pumped the pedals around town.

by TL789reply 41407/29/2014

Glad to see LLDoris is setting her boundaries, however I am wondering whether or not her cover has been inadvertantly blown. Isn't the 'fest' in August? And she mentions that she'll have no phone (reception).... Ooooo are you trialling the nutloaf recipees in preparation for the influx? Are you going undercover for all of us unfortunates who can't make it in person...... OMG, is your real name Denise?

It all sounds a little 'convient' to me.

Off above 'fest' topic, but I have never experienced any negatives from graffiti, in fact I quite like it. That said, I generally visit my town once a day and clean it all up ready for the next assault.

C'mon Sky Finger, it's not as scarey as you might think.

by TL789reply 41507/30/2014

EnnuiOz, that's a very good guess as to my, ahem, particulars - but let me just say this: if I were at a certain Fest, it would be as the oldest "guest" of the Brother Sun Internment Camp for (Trigger Warning) Penised Persons...think less nutloaf and more nutraloaf

by TL789reply 41607/30/2014

Sky Finger #5. I watched that episode and wondered why a small Devon village was to be found next to Springfield! Cream teas? It's all about the cider mate! (South Devon says hello!)

by TL789reply 41707/30/2014

Well, danieltagg254, apparently Springshire is a neighborhood in Springfield - maybe a hotbed of Brit expats?

by TL789reply 41807/30/2014

Sky Finger #5 I like the idea of a group of Devonians moving to the US and bringing tea, cake and cottages (the important stuff) but we often joke here that the Purtians went to America; the hedonists stayed behind!

by TL789reply 41907/31/2014

Well, by that definition Homer must be Devonian! And then there's his sister, Abbie.

by TL789reply 42008/02/2014

Oops - I forgot to sign the Abbie Simpson post..

by TL789reply 42108/02/2014

I live in an area that had a very large number of us servicemen stationed here during the war and in the lead up to D-Day. So yes, Abbie could be Devonian! I think some crazy fan fiction could be written here!

by TL789reply 42208/02/2014

The CBS Sunday Morning show yesterday rebroadcast a segment about the Freemasons. There was a nice nod to the Stonecutters (and a clip of their song) prominently placed in the lead in. Sure, it's not new and earth shattering, but it was a pleasant surprise in an otherwise quite serious feature segment.

Here's the link from CBS. Apologies if it doesn't load properly - I had a little issue with it on my iPhone. It's probably available on Hulu etc. if you're a true Simpsons junkie needing this sort of fix!

by TL789reply 42308/04/2014

Anyone here thinking of getting that premium box thing Gil is selling? Do we know what's in it?

by TL789reply 42408/04/2014

Who else got excited to see an update just to have it be sales pitch. :-( Love the game, but I'm too bloody old to be spending real cash on it.

by TL789reply 42508/05/2014

I agree julesh219 - I was disappointed it was nothing more than a Gil sales pitch.

dvh99999 I'll check and list/link all the premium buildings you could get in the mystery box. Since the content of a box is randomized, if you own something that gets chosen it immediately defaults to give you either Lard Lad Donuts or the Squidport Ferris Wheel. Even if you have the Donuts or Wheel already you might get a duplicate one.

Supposedly the odds on this are equal for all the items involved.

My initial reaction was this donuts + mystery box premium item deal is excellent, but after thinking about it overall these Gil deals aren't so great. At least if compared with the Christmas Gil deal. It also doesn't make sense that they did this after the yard sale - it could easily have sweetened the yard sale purchase profit for EA.

But hell, I just want to play the game, have some fun, be creative with the stuff I win or buy with game dollars, and compare notes with other Tapped Out addicts. Once real life dollarbucks come into the picture it becomes a bit of a game changer.

Which of you play entirely with only game money?

Or do you buy donuts and get all the premium stuff?

Or are you middle of the road free & premium?

I'm in the middle. I indulge in fantasy premium purchases (Gold Mansion, Mayan Yard Sale Set, etc) for a short time and splurge on one cheap premium thing per Event. Here and there I buy a cheap premium decoration. I played free for a year and never thought I'd waste real money on this. HA!

by TL789reply 42608/05/2014

TSTO TAPPED OUT ADDICTS blog is linked here, if anyone wants various other player opinions about this current Gil donut deal. The blog and reader comments are worth looking at if playing Premium is your thing.

If you just want to know what you could get if you buy the 34.99 donuts + bonus mystery box deal here's the list of possibilities. It's a randomized thing, equal odds on all 13 buildings.

If it randomly chooses a building you already have it defaults to the alternates (at the bottom of the list.)

Gil Deal Mystery Box could give you 1 of these premium buildings:

Fireworks, Candy & Puppy Dogs (Usually costs 60 donuts)

Try N Save (70)

Observatory (75)

Aztec Theater (80)

Duff Stadium (90)

Sprawl Mart (90)

Asia De Cuba (100)

Museum Of Natural History (100)

Mt. Carlmore (120)

Planet Hype (150)

Open Air Stage (160)

Randomizer defaults to either of these, of which you can have multiples in Springfield:

Lard Lad Donuts (110)

Ferris Wheel (120)

by TL789reply 42708/05/2014

I've been waiting for your return before responding LLDoris. I loved the nutraloaf analagy - although I had to Google it as we don't have it in Oz.

I have to say though, as an avid reader of the 'Fest' threads, I can't believe I've never seen it referenced before. It just fits so well with the Brother Sun camp concept.

by TL789reply 42808/11/2014

Hi EnnuiOz (and everyone else too!!!)

I love the Fest threads. I have to confess I was worried that after my post you might think I was the Cagemeat troll though (nutloaf and all that)...

Sky Finger #5, I have some donuts stockpiled up from buying them on the black market - so I play the same way you do, I'll spend my dollars, and if there's a premium item that I particularly want, I'll part with donuts to get it. But nothing too extravagant.

Glad to be back online and playing.

by TL789reply 42908/11/2014

Welcome back LLDoris!

by TL789reply 43008/13/2014

Hey all, are you getting random donuts when you visit other Springfields? In the past two days, I've gotten three free donuts, just tap-tap-tapping away. I hope this keeps up!!!

by TL789reply 43108/14/2014

Yeah, I've been getting some donuts lately, too.

by TL789reply 43208/16/2014

Free donuts, eh? Sweet deal..

Speaking of deals, did anyone else get Gil's Otto deal? I was pleasantly surprised to discover it included the tether ball.

Hey, btw, welcome back LL Doris!

by TL789reply 43308/16/2014

Hi all! I see on TSTO Addicts that an update is coming this week...finally!!! Hope it's something fun.

by TL789reply 43408/19/2014

Oh it does look fun LLDoris! There are barbarians drinking from the skulls of victims, and pooping out of their victims' butts. There's Build! Raid! Defend! Tap! War has come to Springfield!

Oh, and something about eating eggs.

by TL789reply 43508/19/2014

[quote]and pooping out of their victims' butts.

What? That doesn't make sense. I keep trying to picture this but can't.

by TL789reply 43608/20/2014

The game is so boring now. For week's there's been no tasks except for the dialogue-less ones like "Make Grandpa Tell Stories." What's the point anymore?

I'm actually having way more fun playing the Family Guy game. They have a Comic Con event and I've already won Patrick Stewart as a playable character and trying to win George Takai. Instead of whacking bunnies, you get to whack Spocks. I highly recommend you all download that. Maybe we can all friend each other there too.

by TL789reply 43708/20/2014

I can't stand FAMILY GUY. Not that THE SIMPSONS is high art, but the nonstop pop culture references they traffic in on FG are the refuge of the intellectually destitute. Of course they're whacking Spocks.

by TL789reply 43808/20/2014

R437 438

Have you started the new event yet? I was ready to delete my game - or stop playing until Halloween - this morning; it's way too confusing. I still don't know what the hell I'm doing but buildings are getting destroyed and rebuilt and gold and elixers are materializing. This one seems headache-worthy complicated.

by TL789reply 43908/20/2014

Yeah, it's unbelievably complicated, but I'm enjoying it. It's the same with all of them (for me, anyway). Maybe I should read the dialogue boxes more carefully. Usually I just click around for the first few days until I catch on. So far, it's fun.

by TL789reply 44008/20/2014

Has anyone won Bryan Cranston or George Takai on Family Guy yet?

by TL789reply 44108/22/2014

What do you all think of the update? So far, more than 1/3 of my TSTO friends aren't playing it. Has TSTO jumped the shark?

Technical issues? Boredom? Competition from Family Guy? Subject matter? (E.g. war, revenge, decapitation...eek!)

I think it's OK, but very time consuming. After all, the game runs on the death of Nerds, who auto-generate every 2 hours, and must be tended to round the clock. But I find enthusiastic enlistment by Homer and his family into the war machine sort of disturbing.

Of course, blowing up your castles with the red thingies is the best thing ever.

by TL789reply 44208/23/2014

I am still on the fence with this event. I'm enjoying some aspects of it, but overall it feels a bit flat to me (but that might be more about my mood this week than the game itself.) Is the war, killing, conquest, destruction theme part of it, as pointed out by R442? I can't say for certain if that's true for me, however I've not felt inclined to play any other online game of war, killing, etc.

The past Tapped Out events kept the humor and sly tongue in cheek references front and center, but this event? Not so much.

It just hasn't got my attention the way Stonecutters did, and it's annoying to get 'congratulations, (various) castle elements or wizard Marge have been place in your inventory!' messages only to have them sit there, locked, until some still not fully understood other tasks have been completed.

by TL789reply 44308/23/2014

When you click on the weapon symbol in the upper right corner it takes you to Invader's town. Who is Invader? Is it one of your friends or a random person?

Why do some houses have the weapons symbol and can be attacked and some don't?

What does leveling up the defenses of your castle and leveling up Homer do?

It says I have 10 nerds and 1 shield. What do I do with the shield?

by TL789reply 44408/23/2014

What's the fastest time someone can destroy your castle? I defended it and then a minute later it was destroyed. I thought the shortest time using many nerds was 60 minutes. How could someone destroy it in a minute's time??

by TL789reply 44508/23/2014

R444 R445 if you read blog posts at TSTO Tapped Out it helps with all the events. The bloggers do a lot of explaining, helpful clarifying, and hand-holding (but in a good way) as they walk readers through each event. A plus is their day to day additional commentary about game glitches, possible ways to get free donuts, etc. From what I've read in the comments section there a LOT of players who are currently very confused and frustrated.

That said, and I've caught on to the past Tapped Out events reasonably quickly, I'm confused even with that helpful blog for reference.

by TL789reply 44608/23/2014

Here's the TSTO Addicts link

by TL789reply 44708/23/2014

Do any tappers here go to the TSTO Friends blog run by Cranky and Ryan? It WAS a great blog until Ryan left. I suspect that he fled because Cranky is now using the blog to promote his daughter's do-gooding in some third world country and is constantly hitting people up for money.

Of course, Cranky has his sheep, but overall, I am very disappointed in how things have gone down on that blog. I can't blame Ryan for getting out. Cranky is an egotistical old coot who treats anyone who disagrees with him with disrespectful contempt. Well, FUCK YOU, CRANKY!

by TL789reply 44808/23/2014

I keep trying to "place a recycle tower", which is one of the tasks given. But it says the "recycle tower" is locked. Judging by what I've read on the interwebs, I guess this is a weirdly common problem. I've signed off and signed back on again, re-synched, deleted the app and re-loaded it onto my iPad. Still no go. Do I have to contact EA?

by TL789reply 44908/23/2014

R449 Are you sure you finished the required tasks to unlock the towers?

by TL789reply 45008/23/2014

R449 you may need to upgrade the recycle castle before the items unlock. I think the tasks became available after the 3rd upgrade. Each of the three castles are on seperate upgrade schedules.

by TL789reply 45108/23/2014

Thank you, R450 and R451. After four days, I finally got it. I just think I'm woefully behind in getting elixir.

I'm okay with this li'l adventure, but I have the feeling I'd enjoy it more if I ever played actual games of this ilk. I'm fairly certain that once this is all over, I'll be putting all these castles and things into storage and going back to Classic Springfield.

by TL789reply 45208/24/2014

R445 - There is a premium item called Cheaters that will instantly destroy a building or defend all of the buildings that are under attack in your Springfield. Frink gives you five free when you get to the quest that unlocks them.

by TL789reply 45308/24/2014

Also, I've gotten free Cheaters when tapping on my buildings to defend them.

by TL789reply 45408/24/2014

R449/R442 just use 1 barbarian when attacking cities and mix it up between friends and random cities. It is very rare that you will get the maxium points no matter how many barbarians you put into a castle or house. Once the house or castle is "defended" your siege is over and you get less gold and elixir than you would if you were sucessful in ruining the structure.

Most players defend their structures so using more than 1 barbarian per structure is a waste. Spreading out attacks among many structures seems to yield a better return.

Also, don't waste too many barbarians on friends that don't reciprocate.

by TL789reply 45508/24/2014

Again - I say FUCK YOU CRANKY! I know that your little minion sheep have told you about my post here. Hey, instead of all your rounds of golf, why don't you put that money you are asking the rest of us for towards your little fundraiser. I hope that your blog goes down - you don't even care about TSTO anymore.

by TL789reply 45608/24/2014

[quote]There is a premium item called Cheaters that will instantly destroy a building or defend all of the buildings that are under attack in your Springfield.

Isn't it a waste to use to it to defend all your buildings when you could just tap on the building?

by TL789reply 45708/24/2014

I have also found this event more than a tad confusing however, from what I've read on other forums, the best way to maximise your gains is to defend your castles BUT let your neighbours destroy your houses.

There has been the suggestion to put a 'Hail Ants' sign near your castle so that if random invadors see that they will know that you will let them destroy your house and thereby receive maximum rewards.

Of course, this only works if your neighbours/invaders reciprocate otherwise you will lose more than you gain. Given this even lasts so long I'm going to try this strategy for a week and seehow I so. Therefore, feel free to attack my houses, I will not defend them - but keep your paws off my castles.

by TL789reply 45808/24/2014

Oh, I forgot to mention one more thing. I'm holding onto my red dice and then plan on using them on others' castles as the event nearers the end to ensure maximum rewards. At that stage, I fully expect to see my own castles regularly destroyed with a single hit!

by TL789reply 45908/24/2014

re 458 oh dear, - dyslexic fingers this morning. In my defence, it was -4c last night - yes it does get that cold in some places in Aus over winter.

I hope the grammar troll doesn't lurk here - although I suspect this thread may be considerably below his superior intellect......

by TL789reply 46008/24/2014

EnnuiOz HaHa re your final comment. Thanks. My sympathies about the cold - I'll remember that when it's winter here in New England and summer there. I still love the fragrant memories of gum tree leaves underfoot and acacia (sorry, blanking on the Oz name for those) tree blossoms overhead in Oz in November.

Good point about reserving the ruby bits for end of game use. Thanks.

by TL789reply 46108/24/2014

R457 - I agree, but I'm sure EA is hoping people will wa$te Cheater$ doing that.

by TL789reply 46208/24/2014

I just realized I've been signing my posts as Cheryl295 when my game name is Cheryl895. I guess this is one of the things that happens when your pussy stinks.

by TL789reply 46308/24/2014

EnnuiOz, sorry, I should have come here and read this thread before embarking on my reign of terror in your town...I apologize for attacking your castles! From now on, I will only target your houses. I've put my Hail Ants sign right in front of Famous Ray's Original Barbarian Castle.

I'm not loving this iteration of the's confusing, it takes too long to get purple drink and accumulate just didn't grab me like the Stonecutters did...but since this is going to go into October, I better just suck it up and do less whinin'

and Cheryl?95 - I'm keeping my eye on you.

by TL789reply 46408/25/2014

Okay, so reading on the forum about this "don't attack the castles" plan - looks like there is a glitch where both parties lose out on attacks when this I'm going to keep attacking unless I see that Hail Ants sign...feel free to keep attacking my castes (I moved the sign back by Channel 6)

Sorry everybody

by TL789reply 46508/26/2014

So if I'm understanding this adventure correctly, the rewards are really just levels and upgrades, correct? In other words, we're not ever going to get prizes like Sherry Bobbins or KBBL Radio or anything really Simpson-y. So, I'm assuming if I don't really care much about collecting medieval versions of the Easter gates, it's okay not to devote much time to it. I'm enjoying it, but Christ, it takes a LOT of time.

by TL789reply 46608/26/2014

OK, I've put out the welcome mat, too. Y'all should come and hit up my houses, but not my castles. I'm experimenting through the end of the month (note the nifty signs on my castles.)

Although barbarians must be disciplined, the ideal world runs on altruism and (right, Marcus B?) foot long corndogs!

by TL789reply 46708/26/2014

In addition to not knowing my own name, I have no idea what the best strategy is for this. SO, I'll go along with the Hail Ants thing. I'm telling you NOW, so I don't have to tell you THEN - open season on my houses, but I'll defend my castles.

I've stated my boundaries.

by TL789reply 46808/26/2014

R466 - If you click on the castle icon (next to the friends icon) and then click on the trophy icon, you'll see the prizes you'll get for collecting gold.

Ten prizes in total (which include Bart & Lisa's Castles and other things pertaining to the quests - lame), but none of them look to be of Sherry Bobbins caliber.

by TL789reply 46908/26/2014

Well, I think there are a number of flaws in the castles v houses strategy:

1 It probably works better if you have a house farm so you can attract more visits, however I refuse to build one.

2 Random invaders who tap houses before friends can. However, you can't tell who is invading until the building is destroyed.

This is not a flaw in the strategy per se but man, this update takes time, lots of time. I can't play every two hours (execpt on quiet weekends or evenings) so I'm not able to build up sufficient nerds to go out raiding. I therefore doubt that I will manage to collect all of the prizes.

That said, I'm not really that fussed. Afterall, I lived through the event that shall not speak its name.

Anyway, I will keep at the strategy until the end of Sunday and see if I can think of ways to refine my tactics.

And no worries LLDoris, you are forgiven for obliterating my castles, I shall wreak unholy revenge at some later date.

It might be in your best interest to watch out for parcels marked 'fragile' with air holes that may or may not have strange gutteral grunting noises most commonly associated with drop bears emanating from them.

You have been warned..............

by TL789reply 47008/26/2014

Oh, and completely unrelated to this thread, have you been keeping abreast of the Mitchfest shenanigans?

I think they may have finally flipped - gluten in the peanut butter from the shared spatula - who the f*ck spreads peanut butter with a spatula? How much do you actually need on your piece of toast?

I MUST find a way of infiltrating this bizzare gathering. I have the appropriate bits (or lack thereof) but I just don't think I can pass the crazy criterion.

by TL789reply 47108/26/2014

PS, Yes I'm a lesbian, yes I'm partnered, yes I am university educated and have a proper grown up job (as mentioned in a much earlier post), no, I don't hate men, no I don't have a motorised scooter or a CPAP machine (I even had to google what that was) and no, I'm no crazier than average and certainly nowhere near as crazy as those from the Land!

Some of us are actually normal, functioning human beings...... although I quite fancy the idea of having a silver handled cane with a poison tip which I can wave menacingly at strangers and 'accidentaly' stab into the leg of those who annoy me.

And thus endeth my defence m'lady.

by TL789reply 47208/27/2014

EnnuiOz, I'd love you even if you WERE the craziest of the crazies. You are MY kind of crazy. And that poison cane...if you're ever in Chicago, darling, I have a few people I'd like you to follow around for an afternoon...

and yes, I do keep tabs on the Michfest threads - I find them really delightful - and saw the post about re-ordering the buffet line. Sounds like someone needs to restate some boundaries!!!

So far my strategy with this update has been: attack castles and houses in Other Springfield with one nerd

attack castles and houses in other towns with one nerd each

attack houses *but not castles* with one nerd each if the castle has a Hail Ants sign

attack houses with one nerd each in DL friends Springfields...when I remember

But yes, this is taking a lot of time and the rewards are...meh. I'm not so chuffed on this thing, but it's better than The Event That Shall Not Be Named.

by TL789reply 47308/27/2014

Phew, thanks LLDoris. After I got so excited about the Fest thread and inadvertantly outed myself as female I proceeded directly to paranoia and fear that I commenced stating my boundaries - or at least something like that!

Crazy lesbian, no not me - and then undermine yourself by going off on an unhinged rant.

If I ever make it over to the US I will make sure that not only Michigan is on my list but will pop over to Chicago with my bespoke cane of evil.

I've got your back and my disguise is sound (lack of moter scooter or CPAP machine and no food allergies should get me through all security).

by TL789reply 47408/28/2014

Just don't let me catch you spreading peanut butter with a spatula - thereby condemning both peanut allergy sufferers AND the gluten-intolerant! Whomever did that is history's greatest monster!!!

by TL789reply 47508/28/2014


by TL789reply 47608/29/2014

I'm glad this event is paced so that everyone gets a totally good shot at completing prizes and game levels. But I never thought I'd say this about a Tapped Out event but it's too easy. I don't mean it's uncomplicated or that it takes little time. It just lacks something that made some of the previous events both rewarding and maddening in a way you could get excited about.

I've checked in a few times daily - 3 (maybe if I have extra weekend time it'll be 4.) I'm just clicking past the quest step dialogues (boring,) sending nerds to pillage and collecting the goods or rebuilding my ruined buildings - all done without much interest. The only character I find reasonably amusing is wizard Marge.

This is less effort and fun than Stonecutters, yet I'm not relishing my progress. I just got the 3 tower prize, am at level 12 for all three castles, and finished required levels for several characters so now I'm just accruing Bragging Rights for them.

Ho hum. The premium prizes to purchase are no big deal, though I did get the chicken coop to put with the Cletus Farm. But overall it just seems meh.

Once I get the final two prizes I'll probably just check in here and there. But seriously EA? Another month plus of this and maybe only an abbreviated Halloween? It's not a fail but this event is no prize either.

by TL789reply 47708/30/2014

Sky Finger #5 here. I meant to add that I meant no humble bragging or whatever here - I'm disappointed that the game event is so bland and meh for me - but maybe others are totally enjoying it. I'd like to hear from those who love this event. This being DL, of course the disgruntled like me can be relied upon to sound off often and freely.

by TL789reply 47808/30/2014

Agreed for the most part, and that's coming from a huge Warcraft/Elder Scrolls/RPG fan. Goblin Bart does crack me up though. Marge's dialogue is funny but the prizes are definitely "meh".

One brief moment that, for me, made this all worth it was Homer's bit of dialogue that truly applied to me: "And don't get me started on those (EXPLETIVE DELETED) Easter fences!" Thank you for acknowledging my pain, EA.

I'm not bothering to put a Hail Ants sign by anything, so if anyone has the urge to smashy smashy anything of mine, go nuts.

by TL789reply 47908/30/2014

I thought of you immediately when I saw that line of dialogue dammit_julie!

by TL789reply 48008/30/2014

Totally agree. I'm WAY behind you in achieving levels and getting things, Sky Finger #5, mind you. But if there's nothing at stake (and there isn't), then there's no excitement. It's okay, I guess. Hopefully Halloween will be more fun, though clearly there's not going to much to it.

On a kind of related note, you gotta feel for the poor folks at EA who have to toil all year long to keep this game interesting. That really is a Sisyphean task.

by TL789reply 48108/30/2014

Spoiler alert: Barbarian! Smithers! Oh my!!

by TL789reply 48208/30/2014

One thing that I will add - maybe why I got that far already? I have only the random towns going on; reportedly they give a better return. I do 1 nerd per building in 5 buildings hit per town. and mix it up sometimes to do only 1 nerd per town. I am still unclear if Tapped Out Addicts forum is saying 1 nerd per 1 building per 1 random town, or 1 nerd per each of 5 buildings hit in 1random town.

I have NO idea if any of this makes a difference - I am flying entirely by my the seat of my celestial Sky Pants with this strategy, if you can even call it that.

by TL789reply 48308/30/2014

That sounds like a good strategy actually. Can I ask how much gold you have, Sky Finger? I promise you I'm not the IRS.

by TL789reply 48408/30/2014

Lol 484! And I have an excellent accountant, by the way. As of this moment I have 22136 gold.

by TL789reply 48508/30/2014

Uh oh...not sure if I should be demolishing castles now. Why do I always decide to visit this thread so late into a quest. I'll keep it to houses only. I don't care what anyone does in my Springfield - so have at it. Anyone know if we select the nuclear option -- do all our items go into storage or do we have to start from square one? I want to organize my town but lack space to do so. Heeeeey fellow Chicagoan @ LLDoris.

by TL789reply 48608/30/2014

That's a lot of gold, Sky Finger. It seems your system works well.

by TL789reply 48708/30/2014

Meanwhile, the Simpsons Marathon on FXX is winding down. Apparently FXX will continue to air Simpsons eps continually on some sort of schedule from now on. The commercials for the event have been amusing. Cool fx too.

by TL789reply 48808/31/2014

Post apocalyptic Simpsons marathon commercial

by TL789reply 48908/31/2014

R481, I feel badly for those poor developers too! I can't imagine how hard it must be to keep coming up with new promotions like this...and to deal with the ire of players from things like the Easter debacle...

I think the problem with this Barbarians promo is that it doesn't tie in to the Simpsons at all - it just feels random. I like the iterations where it's part of the Springfield mythos (like the Stonecutter event was)...

Plus with this attacking castles business, you're rewarded for attacking random strangers and not your friends...

I'm only at 14000 gold and it's been a struggle to hit that...but these prizes aren't really making me champ at the bit to get them.

by TL789reply 49009/02/2014

Well said Doris, and I too give lots of credit to the EA creative team. But watching some of the recent marathon drove home your point about no tie ins.

TSTO TAPPED OUT ADDICTS blog helped me a lot at the beginning when totally lost. Now I just don't know what the hell I'm doing. I think, unfortunately for player comraderie, you do best hitting random towns, 1 nerd per building, hitting as many castles as possible, and making sure to visit 9 towns per assault. That's the only thing to explain my progress. It is true that as you level up you get exponentially more gold and elixir each time you re-enter the game and for all your collective assault wins.

by TL789reply 49109/02/2014

Oh and kissesdoll - a real-life neighbor in addition to a TSTO neighbor?!! How cool :-)

From what I understand, the nuclear option wipes your town clean - put everything into storage, so you can rebuild the entire town from the trees up.

I don't dare do it - I already have trouble deciding where things should go.

by TL789reply 49209/02/2014

I saw this strategy posted by someone who's earning lots of daily gold:

So here is a trick I learned. I kept waking up in the morning to bigger than normal payouts. I figured out that if you send your nerds to attack buildings the night before and then don’t log into your game in the morning they will count as wins. So for example at 8pm last night I had 55 nerds previously collected two hours before, and sent them all to castles. This takes some time finding unraided random castles and at 8:30pm, I collected my new 55 nerds and sent them all to castles. I then logged off for the night. I did 1 nerd per castle which were all in the 12-16 hour defender range. I stayed logged out of my game for 16 hours and when I signed I go 17,640 elixir and 6300 gold. The trick is to send off your nerds and wait out the timer. Good luck!

by TL789reply 49309/03/2014

Wow Sky Finger #5, that's a really big pay out. I'm pretty much limping along in this event, I got the balloon this morning but still need a whole lot more gold to make to the 38k (IIRC) that you need to complete the event.

I've still got the 'welcome mat' out (thanks Secretlab 17 for the most apt analagy - or is it a metaphore- I think the first but am happy to stand corrcted) but am now pretty much focusing on sending 5 nerds per stranger's town and just targetting their houses. I'm also only going for buildings with a 12 hour or less defend time.

I also still have 10 red dice which I'm saving to use on stranger's castles closer to the end of the event.

All in all I'm pretty ho hum on this event and don't really like the fact that you get more for targetting strangers than friends. Fingers crossed for something better for halloween.

On a positve (or negative) note. I have succumbed to the dreaded lurgy which has hit Oz this winter and have the week off work so perhaps I can catch up a bit by sending my nerds off to rape and pillage viking style every couple of hours rather than once or twice a day.

by TL789reply 49409/03/2014

Oh, Sky Finger #5, apologies for being so tardy in responding to your post about the Oz name for acacia, it's wattle.

It's our floral emblem, hence the fact our athletes dress in the delectable green and gold. And I bet you thought it was because we grow a lot of bananas and currently live in a banana republic (governed by the budgie smuggling mad monk(reference from earlier posts)).

by TL789reply 49509/03/2014

Forgot to link to his latest right wingnut policy. Separation of church and state, riiiight.

by TL789reply 49609/03/2014

For those trying to catch up on gold production - here's some Clone Clashing Cash Cropping Commentary I read online:

"Here’s some advice another tappers states got them to 55000 already. 1. ALWAYS defend your homes and castles. 2. When attacking, attack the “Other Springfield” every day. Hit all castles first and then houses. Use all 5 attacks and only use one nerd on each. These are guaranteed wins. Just wait for them. 3. When attacking anyone but the “Other Springfield” only do attacks on strangers. They are worth more. 4. NEVER use more than one nerd when attacking — that is a waste. Why spend 9 nerds in the hopes that your attack pans out within an hour? It might not! If you attack 9 castles instead, and lose every fight, that’s 90 elixir right there. 5. Use up all your nerds, one at a time. 6. Come back after at least 2 hours and do it again. That’s it. Less than one hour a day spent and you will end up making about 5,000 elixir a day. (10,000/day once you get your castles built up and have a lot of nerds). Be sure to keep upgrading your castles to get more nerds!!"

by TL789reply 49709/05/2014

Thanks for the tips Sky Finger #5! I need to do some attackin'!!!

by TL789reply 49809/05/2014

Oh and another update...let's see what this Honest John's Computers business is all about...

by TL789reply 49909/05/2014

Thanks EnnuiOz.

And thanks for the article which I'll look at tonight. Too bad that in non-Simpsons reality we don't have politicians like Quimby. He's so upfront about his lyin' cheatin' totally corruptible soul.

by TL789reply 50009/05/2014

LLDoris, I noticed I hit a quantum mass at a certain # of gold and it seemed to start increasing exponentially. I did every castle upgrade and character upgrade as soon as I saw them. Have fun storming the castle!

You intrigue me with this Honest John's Computer comment; I must delve deeper to see what I might be missing.

I finished the game quest (Monday? Tuesday?) so now it's all just bragging rights character upgrades and trying to collect elixer for the newly available items. I'm at the nothing much is accruing anymore post-event doldrums stage.

But I do want to keep accruing elixer; The TwoNicorn and the double decker outhouse are amusing.

I agree about the game prizes being meh; the catapult is pretty funny though. It is a true Cat-a-pult. If I had Crazy Cat Lady I'd move it next to her house.

by TL789reply 50109/05/2014

Sky Finger #5, there's an update out today, so you can get back to regular "quests" today...

Honest John's comes with Database. Also you can plant a plum tree (cue Miss Helen Lawson's big number)

Premium build is The Happy Sumo (comes with Akira)

Quest build is Bloater's, for the Squidport

Friendship points will earn you the Marge Tetherball...

and, most exciting of all - MR. TEENY

by TL789reply 50209/05/2014

WOO HOO! thanks LLDoris!

by TL789reply 50309/05/2014

I want Mr. Teeny! It would be nice if he had the option to walk Krusty for 12 hours.

The 1 nerd per attack/strangers only/every two hours method is what I've been using when I've had the time to tap, and it really does bring in a lot of elixir. I've been using the same sort of schedule as Sky Finger (attack at bedtime, etc.) and I've gotten most of the upgrades and a sweet new double decker outhouse.

This upgrade ain't so bad.

by TL789reply 50409/05/2014

Homer Barbarian (he's the buff one) showed up after my update clicked in this morning and chewed me out for doing what you suggest, Sky Finger #5.

Of course, we know that's an effective way to play the game, but I can imagine there might be extra server load at EA if everyone used the 'one nerd per attack' strategy...lots of hopping around between a lot of Springfields there.

Imagine a cartoon character lying! Shameful!

by TL789reply 50509/05/2014

Wow, secretlab17 that sounds kinda creepy - but then EA has some sly ways of controlling us human types. My rule of thumb is never trust the four fingered ones. Especially when there's elixer involved.

by TL789reply 50609/05/2014

BTW, the advice at R493 really works. I'm waking up to about 7,000 pieces of gold every morning. The downside is I have to shut the game down at 2:00 PM and can't play it for the rest of the day. Blah! But hopefully, after a week of this, I'll have everything there is to get and then I can just go back to playing the actual game.

by TL789reply 50709/06/2014

Minor observation, but it's great that you can tap on Sideshow Bob in every random stranger town you visit and collect $$ each time.

by TL789reply 50809/06/2014

Ryan - PLEASE come back to TSTOFriends site! That damned Cranky is hitting us up for money again!

by TL789reply 50909/07/2014

FWIW, I saw this recent Tapper's feedback about using the strategy I had posted in R493. (I saw that original strategy posted in the TSTO Tapped Out Addicts blog. Glad these serious gamers share their deal with he rest of us there!)

So this guy elaborates about his crazy numbers:

I’ve been doing this [strategy mentioned above] from the beginning, and my A town is at +91,000, and B town is at +75,000 gold. Now that my castles are at max levels, I send 220 nerds at the end of the night, and am making +23-24,000 elixir, and +7-8,600 gold a day. To anyone that is behind, I think I completed this event in 2 weeks. If you use this strategy, you can catch up on no time.

by TL789reply 51009/10/2014

I think I posted this upthread, but the advice at R493 works gangbusters. The only problems are:

1.) As everyone's defense times go up (some castles take up to two days to destroy with one nerd), you either have to send more nerds, or be signed out of the game for two days at a time.

2.) Finding free castles means having to visit a LOT of other Springfields. I send out two waves of nerds (160) at a time and it takes a good half hour.

3.) 16 hours of being signed out means I miss out on a lot of playing time. I send my nerds out by 2:00 PM and reopen at 6:00 AM.

But I get about 7,000 pieces of gold every morning.

by TL789reply 51109/10/2014

I agree. Add in the Database tasks and it gets frustrating to stay away from the game for 16 hour blocks. The 1000'elixer bonuses are a nice perk. And moving the elixer sales to weekends just.makes more sense for a lot of players.

Since I've been contemplating splurging on the Two-nicorn I was amused to see that they toned down the cuteness factor by making him vomit up the rainbow, which splats onto the street.

by TL789reply 51209/10/2014

One of the fun aspects of this event is visiting other Springfields and seeing how creative some players are in their designs. Some are really beautiful and I've stolen ideas from them.

That being said, WTF is with all the swastikas? Maybe I'm just sheltered, but I'm surprised by just how many I've come across.

P.S. I've been doing the one-nerd-per-attack thing for both houses and castles. It's been working out great. I'd probably be making more if I just hit castles, but I don't have the patience to do that much tapping.

by TL789reply 51309/10/2014

Hey Cheryl895, I've seen a few Hello signs or personal names but no swastikas in random towns. Some cool ideas for 3D effects, and helpful to see some of the newest premium buildngs in random Springfields doing their animations.

by TL789reply 51409/11/2014

Swastikas, really? YIKES. Luckily I haven't seen (most likely haven't noticed) any of those in the stranger's towns that I'm hitting...that's just creepy.

BTW Cheryl895, I'm sorry for graffiti'ing your town this morning. I'm just after those Friendship points...

I've adopted the strategy outlined for more gold/elixirs but still not hitting those levels. I'm like Cheryl895 in that I don't want to spend so much time searching for free castles to it's only my own loss here. Plus add in my ambivalence about the whole endeavor...

by TL789reply 51509/11/2014

At this point I'm trying to see if I can accrue as much possible gold as will translate to decent dollars once this ends, but not very motivated to follow the mega strategies.

It's great to hear when folks are gaining with the strategies and that gives this quest fun value. Beyond a certain point, there are only so many elixer prizes (ho hum.). And frankly, as before, I'm with you Cheryl895 and LLDoris about the meh factor. It's only the counterpoint of the Database quest that keeps me from feeling totally bored with CoC.

That said, I am now an investor in and dining at Happy Sumo tonight -Woo Hoo! Dinner's on me - who's in? Akira's going nuts on this 24 hour shift, so if we play our cards right fugu could be in our near future.

Sapporo or warm Saki? I'll order for you if you want it at table when you sit down with us.

by TL789reply 51609/11/2014

I have also purchased the Happy Sumo Sky Finger #5, primarily based on the thrill of 'poison fish, poison fish, poison fish, tasty fish'! If I'm invited to dine at yours, please order me a warm saki and fugu. I like to dance with death.

by TL789reply 51709/11/2014

EnnuiOz, Saki & Fugu it is for the first to the partay.

by TL789reply 51809/11/2014


by TL789reply 51909/13/2014

I don't understand what upgrading the characters do. Their costumes don't look any different. They don't have new skills. Is it just to get the message that Marge's robes are 2 inches longer?? There must be some point to it.

by TL789reply 52009/14/2014

I think it's a parody of other games of this sort. You're constantly upgrading your character but it's just a meaningless number.

But that's just a guess. I think I might enjoy this adventure more if I knew what it was parodying better.

by TL789reply 52109/15/2014

R521, you've hit on the other part of it - I don't play any other games (besides Angry Birds) so a lot of this stuff just doesn't register for me.

I'll be really glad when this is over, but it's still about ten thousand times better than That Other Event That Must Not Be Named.

by TL789reply 52209/15/2014

So upgrading your character doesn't make attacks better?

by TL789reply 52309/16/2014

No. Upgrading your castle ups your defenses (how many hours it takes to raze it) as well as your # of maximum nerds. But upgrading your characters doesn't seem to do anything meaningful. As of today, I have a level 65 Homer and I don't think he's appreciably different than level 1 Homer.

by TL789reply 52409/16/2014


by TL789reply 52509/17/2014

Whoa, we're not down with reconstituted from freeze-dried, obnoxious billionaires.

by TL789reply 52609/17/2014

And Uter!! He unlocks with The Hungry Hun Restaurant which is Premium $$.

Where the heck is Maggie, btw?!...

by TL789reply 52709/17/2014

OMG, Uter too?!! Jeebus!

by TL789reply 52809/17/2014

D'OH! I put $$ when I should have put donu...- HEY, what IS the symbol for those delectable round sprinkle-y thingys?..

by TL789reply 52909/17/2014

OOO's? @@@'s? CCC's (donuts with a bite taken out of them)?

by TL789reply 53009/17/2014

LLDoris I like the CCCC - bold and in pink?

Then there's this - apt or annoying? You be the judge.

(Oh the things one does with one's time and attention on days when horizontal, fatigued, and brain dead! Here's my version!)

by TL789reply 53109/17/2014

Hmmm. Or better yet this.

by TL789reply 53209/17/2014

Sky Finger numero cuatro, you are far too technomologically advanced for me with your fandangled links. However, I personally prefer the second gif, somehow reminds me of the modern world and the 'reality' we're force fed.

Froie Gras anyone?

by TL789reply 53309/18/2014

Oops, drop the 'r'. The funny thing is that I speak better French than Spanish! And, let's not get me wrong, both languages are pretty much limited to accommodation, alcohol, food, water, transport and toilets - the basic essentials I think. Oh, plus basic manners such as please, thank you and excuse me.

That said, I can swear at you in many more languages than that thanks to my multicultural high school days....

by TL789reply 53409/18/2014

I just saw this posted on TSTO Addicts. Here's some seriously hardcore strategizing for those still trying to catch up or max out gold and elixer on Clash of the Clones:

Here’s my best gold farm strategy. Attack only random towns, if it brings you to the castles skip to the next town unless you notice damaged houses as it zeros in. Look for christmas lights on houses and hail ants signs as they are used to signify towns where people wont defend. 1 nerd per house. Try not to attack houses of characters that may have jobs there as they need to be defended to complete jobs. Skip towns were only castles are attacked. Using this method I went from 12000 to 30000 plus in a little over a week.

by TL789reply 53509/18/2014

Merci Bien for the Froie Gras, EnnuiOz. It's somehow more flavorful than the regular kind

It is to laugh to consider Sky Finger #5 technologically advanced (Comic Book Guy and Database clutching stomachs, rolling on floor, crying with guffaws as they think about it....) But seriously, I have a knack for 2 finger googling and gifs come to mind. Hey, LLDoris might you know how to edit the Homer in donut heaven/hell so that it's animated pop-up post-able rather than linked here?

My forte is swearing in multiple languages too, EnnuiOz. (After saying Please Thank You and/or Excuse Me, course.)

by TL789reply 53609/18/2014

Ummmmmmm. As long as there are no follow-up questions, Sky Finger: yes. Yes, I do.

So that's what the Christmas lights mean!!! Jeez, I feel dumb now.

I'm jealous of you guys' language skills. I only speak English, broken English, gibberish, and broken gibberish.

by TL789reply 53709/18/2014

Ah, but I'll wager you can do a mean Pidgen English too, LLDoris!

by TL789reply 53809/18/2014

D'OH! LLDoris, I MEANT to say (what we called when kids) Pig Latin - where you put the first letter of the word as a second syllable of 'ay', such as ig-pay atin-lay. We thought we were being totally indecipherable when speaking around them that way; they never let on they grew up with Pig Latin too.

You would know Pidgen English only thanks to the vast numbers of molting schoolyard Pidgens finding their way into the cafeteria stew pots.

by TL789reply 53909/18/2014

You found out the secret ingredient in my "Chicken" Pot Pie!!!

by TL789reply 54009/18/2014

Hmmm that sig line should have read Don't ask about the Uterbraten. I guess DL hates umlauts

by TL789reply 54109/18/2014

Apparently someone got wise to you LLDoris - they got you on tape in the kitchen...

by TL789reply 54209/22/2014

Thanks for the Clash tips- I've gained about 10000+ gold over the weekend using those methods.

Question about premium items- does anyone have a recommendation for the best/ most worthwhile pieces to spend donuts on?

by TL789reply 54309/22/2014

GarysEarMeds, are you asking about limited time Premium stuff or the other Premiums?

I am not a frequent donut spender, so others probably have better suggestions, but I usually consider buildings a good buy. I consider these factors: how much does it earn in $$ and points, does it come with a character (ditto on the earnings,) and will it fit okay in my available space. Or does it have some totally awesome aspect; The Happy Sumo is an example of that. The building will give Akira, who can make endless Bonsai trees for you, AND they're otherwise a 12-15 donut (can't recall which) premium buy. Imho, buying that was a no brainer.

I haven't bought individual Premium characters, so maybe someone else could tell you the pros and cons.

I buy Premium decorations - unfortunately I'm a sucker for the Limited Time ones especially and I don't regret it.

The limited time stuff seems trickier. Things that were prizes in events sometimes show up later as premiums. Or as Yard Sale items. I haven't played this game all that long, so I'd like to hear the Long Timers on this thread talk about how often stuff reappears for sale later on.

I got the Limited Time event decorations -falcon, the TwoNicorn and my all time fave character, the Halloween Bart Raven - as premium buys and I don't regret parting with those donuts.

by TL789reply 54409/22/2014

I was just watching the Pin Pals episode, and was surprised to learn that the Squeaky Voiced Teen is the son of our very own LL Doris. You must be so proud!

by TL789reply 54509/22/2014

I don't like that known widely, I don't want anyone to know I'm old enough to have a Squeaky Voiced Teen-age son!

Re the premium donut spends - I think Sky Finger #5's reasoning is the most sound. What will this item get me? Is it decorative, or does it generate some money? Does it come with a character?

I hate to confess this but I don't look at it that analytically. If it's something from an episode that I enjoyed, I'm more likely to splurge on it...and I sometimes waste donuts on the promotional events (I hate to think of the donuts I wasted on The Event That Must Not Be Named)

by TL789reply 54609/23/2014

JEEBUS! ANOTHER new limited time offer?! Does EA have no mercy upon those of us trying to save our donuts for the Halloween Event?!!?

by TL789reply 54709/25/2014

Sorry everyone for attacking your castles this morning. I'm just trying to burn off excess nerds.

Sky Finger #5, knowing that Halloween is coming up, I went the Reddit route and got the package deal of donuts/old buildings/cash money. Surely you've noticed how glitzed up my Springfield has become...?

I recommend doing the same thing so you can spend donuts like crazy.

by TL789reply 54809/25/2014

Attack away! I never understood why having our castles attacked and/or razed was so bad to begin with.

by TL789reply 54909/25/2014

LLDoris, do tell about this Reddit deal! How risky is this cheat in terms of EA sniffing it out?

by TL789reply 55009/25/2014

I haven't had any problems at all. About a year ago - maybe longer? - I bought some black market donuts (yes, bought, with real world money) and never got busted by EA for it.

After The Promotion Which Must Not Be Named, I went on Reddit and requested Sherry Bobbins.

I'll let you guys know if I run into any problems...or more likely, you'll just see my town disappear...

Let me know if you want or need a link to the Reddit for requests.

by TL789reply 55109/25/2014

And, and, here's a link to a Vulture article about TSTO!!!

by TL789reply 55209/25/2014

LLDoris Let 'er rip and fire away with the Reddit link, and thanks!

by TL789reply 55309/26/2014

So who's going to die tonight? Any guesses?

Miss Hoover was on leave due to Lyme disease and she was hardly missed. Plus she's thoroughly expendable. But then, in keeping with the Krusty themed show maybe it'll be his father the Rabbi. Or someone dies during the Krusty Roast.

by TL789reply 55409/28/2014

The person providing the voice won an Emmy for the character. So it could be any of the regular Springfieldians not voiced by Harry Shearer. Or it could be either Sideshow Bob or Mrs. Krabappel.

by TL789reply 55509/28/2014

Hi all! sorry for the delay, Primetime around here means that I have to wait patiently to DL hacks like there are for TSTO!!!

Here's the Reddit link. You have to be a Reddit community member but that's a free registration.

by TL789reply 55609/30/2014

Thank you Jeebus! Clash is nearly gone & Halloween is lurking.

Are you spending the last of your elixer on random stuff you can turn into game cash soon or did you stop bothering with CoC weeks ago?

I hope EA converts our CoC gold to game dollars. I'm 3k of elixer away from one more entirely unnecessary Boxingham wall then I'm done. I love the idea of maybe building a small castle made entirely of double decker outhouses and Boxingham walls. I wish I'd thought of it; some tapper on the Addicts board posted it.

by TL789reply 55710/06/2014

How do I had you as friends? I've never been able to figure this out.

by TL789reply 55810/06/2014

Prime Time ends and Tapped Out Haoween begins! AND no Wheel of Fortune! But not enough Freemium stuff this time....

by TL789reply 55910/07/2014

My post should have read "How do I add you as friends?"

by TL789reply 56010/07/2014

I have 260,000 pieces of gold from CoC. EA, can I PLEASE trade it all for Sherry Bobbins?!?

by TL789reply 56110/07/2014

First, I want to thank everyone for not nuking me heavily during the past month. And thanks for letting me blow up all your castles using my accumulated red thingies last night. You're the best DL weirdos ever!

Thread Follower, sign in, then tap the icon with Milhouse and Bart down at the lower right. That'll take you into the area where Other Springfield and your Friends live. Tap Milhouse and Bart again from that page and you'll see the Friends menu. Tap the "find more friends" tab, and then enter your new friend's nick on the line (I'm secretlab17) and should confirm by displaying the name for you to click on. It'll send me a request, then I friend you back and the deal is sealed!

by TL789reply 56210/07/2014

I'm liking the Halloween event already, but it's another super-complicated one...and you're limited to 90 "probes" from your friends...

Anyone planning on spending precious donuts on the new items? I'm sorely tempted by the drive-in theater, since it comes with a blob monster.

Also I haven't seen a UFO in anyone else's town yet, have you all?

by TL789reply 56310/08/2014

oh and I'm looking forward to dropping lizard babies in ALL my DL friends' towns!!!

by TL789reply 56410/08/2014

I really want that Drive In! I'm waiting to see if any donut rewards are dropped in the next few weeks before I invest.

So far I've got my kids on a rotating trick or treat schedule. I'm going to give it a few days and see how well it works.

by TL789reply 56510/08/2014

Oops. I might have just accidentally posted a partial message, so excuse any repetition here.

Sheesh, I see a LOT of premium stuff I want! I estimate I'd spend an obscene amount of donuts if I grab them all...I'm waiting to see about donut bonuses too, and possible Gil deals before I go crazy.

The people and pet cemeteries and mausoleum look very cool in other Springfields, and Tappers have done some cool decorating with them too. Also the Bad Dream House. Glad I have some of the stuff from last Halloween. I'm bummed that Gingerbread House did not return as it was one of the prizes I REALLY wanted last year but I never got far enough to claim it. Maybe they've got a Gingerbread thingy up their sleeve for the Christmas Event.

Yeah, the Drive-In is very cool! And a lot of the new things like the demented mutant peacock are a hoot.

I'm on countdown (within minutes) for Lisa to finish her trick or treat so the event will pop. I agree LLDoris - this looks head spinning complicated, but I like that it seems to give everyone a very good shot at getting all the prizes this time. I am looking forward to alien squishing and seeing the U.B.O wafting - or staggering - around my town!

by TL789reply 56610/08/2014

So confused, so confused, so confused....

by TL789reply 56710/09/2014

Is this game easy to figure out? I have yet to play. Sounds fun.

by TL789reply 56810/09/2014

It's turning out to not be as taxing as the Stonecutters event was.

The "gift bags" hold items that get sorted into piles, and then as you accumulate items of a particular sort, you can get the prizes.

The bad thing is that you're limited to earning 90 probes by visiting neighbors (double it if you buy the Rigellian Hunting License)...and earning ammo to shoot down UFOs is random (or, again, you can buy some with donuts, OR if you have the ray gun that brought down Kang's ship, that generates ammo)

So - complex, yes, but you don't really need much in the way of strategy.

Oh - and those little lizard babies are hard to catch!!!

by TL789reply 56910/09/2014

If you're still disgruntled about the subject of past Event fences DON'T do what I just did!

I guess I'm conditioned by the required sequential tasks of previous games, so when I saw I had all the treats to complete a section of Spooky Wall I created it.

DUMB move. It is a stone wall just like all the others you buy for game cash, except it looks like a departing Barbarian poured Elixer on it. It doesn't glow or pulse or scream or make cool weird throbbing sounds like the All Seeing Eye.

It simply hoovered up treats from the grand total, setting me back on the other cool personal prizes. And it doesn't seem clear that you are under any obligation to create some stuff in order to advance to the cool personal prizes. I could be wrong but I offer the caveat Crafter Beware.

by TL789reply 57010/09/2014

Sky Finger #5, thanks for the tip!!! That's VERY good to know...I definitely won't make that Spooky Wall now.

by TL789reply 57110/09/2014

Hey, LLDoris, have you seen anything about the total number of lil Regillians released in one's own town per day? Or if they're released in some specifics amounts, on specific timed intervals like the Stonecutters hooded dudes were? (I can't remember what they were called.)

Those things make a satisfying squish sound and it's fun to splat them, but the buggers are hard to see on an iPhone. And it would be a real time-waster poking around looking for them when they've already all been squished.

On the other hand, some characters with outdoor tasks get alien-face frequently - Marge, Krusty, Selma, Bart for eg - so those are really easy to squish. I've left a lot of characters just roaming around until it's consistently clear which get alien-face and which don't.

by TL789reply 57210/09/2014

Hey LLDoris, EnnuiOz, dvh99999, dammit_julie etc WTF just happened to the Part 2 Thread?! Suddenly this one which was glitched is back and the other one is GONE??!!??

by TL789reply 57302/04/2015
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