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Tom Selleck: Still gay?

I just saw him on a promo during Survivor and realize he's back on TV.

Did his outing stick? Or is he straight again?

by Outweek Magazinereply 11101/21/2017

Still wondering...

by Outweek Magazinereply 104/11/2013

R1 Why? Do you think if he is gay, you've got a shot? Get a life.

by Outweek Magazinereply 204/11/2013

Yes, he always pinged for me too. Despite the macho exterior, there is always SOMETHING that just screams family. The rumors about him are always interesting.

by Outweek Magazinereply 305/10/2013

Beware, like TC, he sues.

by Outweek Magazinereply 405/10/2013

Just a little?

by Outweek Magazinereply 505/10/2013

Total str8 arrow! Always has been, always will be! Rowwwr!

The ladies love our MAGNUM, and he loves us back. Sorry, fellas!

by Outweek Magazinereply 605/10/2013

OP, you misinformed twonk, please don't besmearch the reputable legacy of OutWeek, you uninformed twerp.

The OutPost wheatpastings of yore were not the same as the magazine that revolutionized gay publishing.

OutWeek outed people who are/were gay and hypocrites. Selleck was "outed" by OutPost with no proof.

by Outweek Magazinereply 705/10/2013

Are you in the industry, r6? Have you worked with him? Just curious.

by Outweek Magazinereply 805/10/2013

A number of us on DL have had sex with him. Everyone seems to have the same story: he's a bottom; he's kind and pleasant and warm; and he has no intention of ever coming out.

by Outweek Magazinereply 905/10/2013

"A number of us on DL have had sex with him. "

That number, outside the fiction aisle, being 0.

by Outweek Magazinereply 1005/10/2013

Another wishful thinking troll. If they're good looking they have to be just a little gay! I heard a rumor about so it must be true!

by Outweek Magazinereply 1105/10/2013

What was the promo for? Blue Bloods? I don't watch Survivor.

by Outweek Magazinereply 1205/11/2013

It's been almost 20 years now, but I still remember him on his back with his hairy legs around my waist.

by Outweek Magazinereply 1305/12/2013

The epitome of bi.

by Outweek Magazinereply 1405/12/2013

I lived in Honolulu the whole time MPI was being filmed and not one squeek except that one thing which people thought was ridiculous. (Something about a naked tweaking twink in a jeep near Diamond Head.) Other than that, nothing. And Honolulu is a small town.

by Outweek Magazinereply 1505/12/2013

Wasn't he married for awhile to some fairly unknown British woman? Not that that means he's straight but he kind of dropped off the radar. He was in a few movies after Magnum and I believe he's in the Jesse Stone movies if those are still going.

by Outweek Magazinereply 1605/12/2013

but here on dl, r15, it has been said otherwise. Sigh. We'll probably never know.

by Outweek Magazinereply 1705/14/2013

R14, this isn't the Chris Meloni thread.

by Outweek Magazinereply 1805/14/2013

Me as a filling for a TS and CM sandwich with a helping of Sam Elliot.....sigh....

by Outweek Magazinereply 1905/15/2013

I went to that archive and got this:

Arsenio squares off with Tom Selleck and Ted Danson. Can you say, "Three men and no baby'?

Is Ted Danson gay

by Outweek Magazinereply 2005/15/2013

One of those people tragically stuck to a specific point and "look" in time, like Dave Barry who never shed his high school haircut, or Goldie Hawn who thinks she's still a zany Mary Quant gamine on Laugh-In, or Suzanne Somers who thinks she's still "Chrissy" and 23.

by Outweek Magazinereply 2105/15/2013

r21, Tom's look in Blue Bloods and the Jesse Stone series is not a knock-off of Magnum. He is a big, masculine looking guy, so of course that look, or persona, will come through in his work.

by Outweek Magazinereply 2205/15/2013

I saw a Magnum rerun last night. That show is so homo-erotic. It is all about TS running around in his short shorts, or too tight jeans. Let's face it, nobody wears their jeans that tight and that high up the waist. Maybe some gay guys did/do, however. Yeah, that show is all about him showing off his smile, and hairy chest!

by Outweek Magazinereply 2305/17/2013

So,exactly just how did/does TS meet a guy, assuming he is family. It is not like he could walk into a bar or post an ad like MS. I am guessing they must be men he meets who share his interests, no?

by Outweek Magazinereply 2405/21/2013

Dear R23, yes we did. We most certainly did.

by Outweek Magazinereply 2505/21/2013

[quote]So,exactly just how did/does TS meet a guy, assuming he is family. It is not like he could walk into a bar or post an ad like MS. I am guessing they must be men he meets who share his interests, no?

They are almost always friends of friends. Friends who know his tastes and know guys who will be discreet, then he may see the same fellow several times, depending on the comfort level. He never pays for sex, so far as I know.

by Outweek Magazinereply 2605/21/2013

It's the eye of the negro, it's the thrill of the whites rising up to the challenge of a rival and the last know survivor hunts for AIDS in the night and some words I don't know but I know, I'll survive here.

by Outweek Magazinereply 2705/21/2013

"there is always SOMETHING that just screams family"

I dunno, but his voice is very peculiar, hardly masculine.

by Outweek Magazinereply 2805/21/2013

He has got to be in the top 5 of the most handsome leading men on TV. The man was beyond gorgeous, and he still is. I hear he and his wife don't even live in the same house.

by Outweek Magazinereply 2905/21/2013

He was really good in the Jesse Stone series. For some odd reason I find his closet not so offensive because he doesn't seem to do a personal PR trip. I hate the closet...and all that...but he seems....benign..

by Outweek Magazinereply 3005/21/2013

I eat shit.

by Outweek Magazinereply 3105/21/2013

Thank you, r26. Somehow, I can't imagine TS paying for sex of any kind. If he did that type of thing, word would surely get around.

What is his type, anyway?

by Outweek Magazinereply 3205/22/2013

Many years ago, on the old alt.showbiz.gossip board, a regular who posted there and wasn't a troll insisted that Selleck was wanted in some Canadian province for soliciting sex from a male minor. He fled back to America but the warrant was still out on him.

by Outweek Magazinereply 3305/22/2013

Clara,r33, I doubt it. The Jesse Stone films were shot in Canada, Nova Scotia I think. If he was wanted on some sort of warrant the authorities would be able to get him. Also, it seems hard to believe that twinks would be to his liking. Just a thought. He seems the type to like masculine, older males.

by Outweek Magazinereply 3405/22/2013

r25,I never said I didn't like the look....heh, heh...;)

I watch the show on Cozi sometimes. My God, what did my mother think when I wanted to watch it back in the day. Talk about great shots of his butt. Mom probably liked it as much as I did. She surely knew she had a young gay on her hands!

by Outweek Magazinereply 3505/23/2013

R23, we ALL dressed like that back in the day.

by Outweek Magazinereply 3605/23/2013

He was SO hot in "Three Men and a Little Lady" with that penis haircut. There's a scene where a randy British woman is climbing all over him and he's trying to get away from her, and when he crawls out of a window to make his escape his ass is just sticking straight out. *Sigh*

by Outweek Magazinereply 3705/23/2013

r37, it's all about his butt shots. Sigh.

by Outweek Magazinereply 3805/24/2013

Can't a man be tall, dark, handsome and straight? Give it rest,girls.

by Outweek Magazinereply 3905/24/2013

Nice try, R39. The gay rumors have been around for years. BTW, shove "girls" up your ass.

by Outweek Magazinereply 4005/24/2013

Nah R40, it's the "girls" who promote such trash. Men don't. Trust me on that one.

by Outweek Magazinereply 4105/24/2013

Wanna bet on that, r41?

by Outweek Magazinereply 4206/01/2013

I've heard he's gay, closeted, and likes to sue like Tammy Cruise.

by Outweek Magazinereply 4310/11/2013

another thread.

by Outweek Magazinereply 4410/11/2013

I hope Obamacare makes these AIDS infested homos take the test so we can find out the shit eaters from the norms.

by Outweek Magazinereply 4510/12/2013

Hopefully, OP. Because even now, as a senior citizen, he could still get it.

by Outweek Magazinereply 4610/12/2013

I "hear" r45 in the creepy monotone of Hattie Dorsett, Sybil's psycho mom.

"You tell tell and I'll fix it so you ain't got nothing to tell with."

by Outweek Magazinereply 4710/12/2013

I'd love to bury my face in his bulge

by Outweek Magazinereply 4810/12/2013

I always had a thing for Tom Selleck. I remember parking my cute little butt in front of the TV every Thursday evening in the '80s to catch "Magnum, P.I."

I loved all of those Louis L'Amour TV westerns he made in the late '70s and '80s too. He was just an amazing looking man. Plus, he had that awesome Ferrari. What was not to like?

by Outweek Magazinereply 4910/12/2013

Tom Selleck is gay and he's an annoyance. I've sometimes thought he belongs behind a bar serving drinks to bears and leather freaks occasionally swivveling his hips to old disco tunes. He's basically a has been, washed up, lying, old bitch wishing he had been even more of a slut than he was.

by Outweek Magazinereply 5011/07/2013

used to hear about male hookers in the magnum days. now not so much. what the fuck?

by Outweek Magazinereply 5111/08/2013

Really guys... what actual proof is there that Selleck is gay, beyond hearsay and rumors? I had a massive crush on him in the '70s when he was on The Rockford Files (as Lance White) and in the '80s on Magnum, P.I. - I would love it if he were gay. But really, what PROOF is there that he is? Has anyone on DL actually "squeezed the Charmin", so to speak?

by Outweek Magazinereply 5211/18/2013

Oh, my god! I loved that man back in his Magnum days. I was in High School in the early '80s and would pop a boner every Thursday night when that show would come on. I dreamed of hopping into the passenger seat of that Ferrari, putting on a sweet ballad (like "Always Somewhere" by the Scorpions) and just riding up the coast highway with him. Then we would stop off at a secluded spot and just bump 'n' grind. He was sex on a fucking stick. He's still hot for his age. I'd still hit it.

by Outweek Magazinereply 5311/18/2013

He's been happily married to a woman now for many, many years. Not all handsome men are gay.

by Outweek Magazinereply 5411/18/2013

He married a dancer, from "CATS"!!!!!!!!!!!

by Outweek Magazinereply 5511/18/2013

R40, when you stop acting like a bunch of junior highschool girls----then we'll stop calling you girls.

by Outweek Magazinereply 5611/18/2013

I always thought he was a sexy man. He was my ideal in my youth. Actually he still is. I met him back in the '80s (when Magnum was still on the air) and he was very cool. Nice dude. I had an even bigger mancrush on him after I met him. As sexy as he was on TV, he was sexier in person. Yum.

by Outweek Magazinereply 5711/18/2013

Gay, or not, I would still madly suck his cock, balls and asshole!

by Outweek Magazinereply 5811/18/2013

You guys are pathetic. You all try to remake every sexy actor or public figure in your own image. You're gay, so you assume all men (especially good looking and successful men) are homosexuals. Wrong! Travolta may or may not be gay. I have heard many stories. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't, but I would bet my life that Tom Selleck, Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves are straight men. I don't know how you can think they are not straight.

You're just trying to remake them in your own image. Give it up. Not every man is obtainable to you. There is no concrete proof that any of them are gay - just hearsay and innuendo. There is a lot of proof to the contrary. All of them have dated hot women and all of them have been married at least once. Keanu hasn't been married, only because his fiancé and unborn child were killed in that horrible car accident. Give them a break - they're not homosexuals.

by Outweek Magazinereply 5911/18/2013

R59, get the fuck outta here! go ahead and live in your own delusions. You have no chance with any of them, they ain't into your sex.

BTW, how much are you paid to write this drivel? I sure could use a job like that, just go to various forums and post such "tales"...

by Outweek Magazinereply 6011/18/2013

Tom Selleck = Straight. Married to Jilly Mack. His second marriage. Dated many beautiful women and starlets prior to and between marriages. Documented and fact.

Tom Cruise = Staight. Married to Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes. Many children. Dated many of the world's most beautiful women prior to and between his marriages. Documented and FACT!

John Travolta = Possibly bi-sexual, but maybe straight. Married to Kelly Preston. Many Children. Dated many beautiful women prior to Kelly. Documented and FACT.

Keanu Reeves = Dated many of the worlds most beautiful women. Was engaged. She was pregnant. In auto accident that killed her and her unborn child. She was the love of his life. His was torn apart emotionally and may never fully recover from his loss. Documented and FACT.

You can have Kevin Spacey, Neil Patrick Harris, Elton John and George Michael. They are gay and admitted it. Leave the straight guys alone. Travolta may be bi-sexual or confused but I am giving him the benefit of the doudt.

by Outweek Magazinereply 6111/18/2013

Wonderfully stated, R61. The gays desire to homo-ize every straight man in Hollywood is one of the most "ickiest" parts of DataLounge.

by Outweek Magazinereply 6211/18/2013


by Outweek Magazinereply 6311/18/2013

R61, LMAO!!!! Keep smoking the crack pipe :)

by Outweek Magazinereply 6411/18/2013

As a former Hollywood caterer to the stars, I can tell R-61 some stories that would make her head spin about two of those people on her list of str8 men. I signed a confidentiality waiver but let's just say that things aren't always what they seem, Missy. Sometimes there are public wives and private husbands/lovers. You are quite delusional.

by Outweek Magazinereply 6511/18/2013

R59 is spot on. You sad, catty, gin soaked little girls need a fucking hobby or three. Tom is straight, if by any chance he isn't, so what let him live his life as he sees fit.

by Outweek Magazinereply 6611/18/2013

DataLounge Theorem #1: If you tell a lie often enough, it must be true.

by Outweek Magazinereply 6711/18/2013

Great. Now even the minimum wage hired help like R65 " the STARS!!" is suddenly an expert.

by Outweek Magazinereply 6811/18/2013

We won't believe he's gay until we see him in his earrings and caftan. Even then, we will be skeptical.

by Outweek Magazinereply 6911/18/2013

R65, do you have any gossip about Keanu? you don't have to be specific, you can switch or change some details so you can't be identified.

I have met Keanu twice and he was very nice on both occasions. TRUTH.

by Outweek Magazinereply 7011/18/2013

I think he's straight. He's been married to Jilly Mack for 30 years. No woman on Earth is going to beard for a gay man for 30 fucking years. A five-year bearding contract (like Tammy's) I can see, but a woman sticking with a gay man as his beard for 3-4 decades??? No way!

by Outweek Magazinereply 7111/18/2013

R65 ladels out Mac and Cheese under the tent at Craft Services and suddenly he is A-List.

by Outweek Magazinereply 7211/18/2013

River Phoenix was circumcized. I served him Sloppy Joes one day.

by Outweek Magazinereply 7311/18/2013

"Catering To The Stars" sounds like a reality TV show ready to be pitched to someone in Hollywood.

by Outweek Magazinereply 7411/18/2013

A friend of mine who grew up in Hawaii said it was common knowledge that Tom was gay. He lived in the gay bars. The locals didn't care and never made a fuss about it.

by Outweek Magazinereply 7511/18/2013

It's just killing these DL guys that their sex symbols love the pussy. Too bad, boys. Guess you'll just have to make do with Nathan Lane, Paul Lynde, Charles Nelson Reilly, Quintin Crisp, Oscar Wilde, Richard Simmons, Little Richard and Truman Capote. We straight girls got all the sexy men like Cruise, Jackman, Reeves, Redford, Newman, Reynolds, Eastwood, Pitt, Ford and the likes. Sorry, truth hurts.

by Outweek Magazinereply 7611/18/2013

Was this before or after you won the Lotto? R75

by Outweek Magazinereply 7711/18/2013

We'll trade you Capote and Reilly for one Newman. Deal?

by Outweek Magazinereply 7811/18/2013

Not gay at all. He is all man!

by Outweek Magazinereply 7911/18/2013

R65 duh! please tell us something we DON'T know

by Outweek Magazinereply 8011/18/2013

Don't know if he's gay, but he certainly likes getting fucked. Face-to-face, legs on his top's shoulders.

by Outweek Magazinereply 8111/18/2013

I think he is hetero. He was so good looking that if he had been gay he prolly would've gotten the AIDS back in the 1981. He is still alive and most of those cute gay boys died from that terrible disease. He was so sexy all the boys would've been fucken him and he would've died if he was gay right?

by Outweek Magazinereply 8211/18/2013

"Prolly"? "The AIDS"? "Fucken"?

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

And no, he always insisted on condoms. He didn't want any venereal diseases, and that policy served him well over the years.

by Outweek Magazinereply 8311/18/2013

Yes, idiot at R-82, all of us good looking gay men of the early '80s died from AIDS. Not one of us lived or came through it unscathed. I died in 1982 - I am a ghost --- BOO!!!!. Idiot fucking asshole. I am 56 years old. I was in my 20s when AIDS came around. I was good looking and loved sex. I never contracted HIV/AIDS and to this day I am HIV-negative - so fuck you and your generalizations right up your idiot ass.

by Outweek Magazinereply 8411/18/2013

R83, That is a policy that has served me well all of my life. I have always insisted on condoms, even before AIDS was ever heard of. I am a top and in my early teens I contracted a couple of urinary tract infections from fucking ass bareback. The doctor who treated me told me to use condoms for buttsex and I did. I have been fucking for 36 years and have never had so much as the clap. I was pretty wild for a few years there and made it through with a clean bill of health. I have never had an STD in my life.

by Outweek Magazinereply 8511/18/2013

R83, our very own trustworthy fly-on-the-wall delusional pervert

by Outweek Magazinereply 8611/18/2013

It is hard for me to trust anyone who has never had an STD before in his life.

by Outweek Magazinereply 8711/18/2013

Wow, in my teenage fantasies all those years ago, Selleck was always the top. Oh, well. If he's a bottom, I am willing to flip-flop. Damn. I could still pop that old man's coochie.

by Outweek Magazinereply 8811/18/2013

It is hard for me to trust anyone who has never had an STD in his entire life. It ain't natural. It ain't fittin'. It just ain't fittin'.

by Outweek Magazinereply 8911/18/2013

My '80s fantasy was to be tag-teamed on the beach by Tom Selleck from Magnum PI and Don Johnson from Miami Vice. One after the other, again and again and again. My hole would have been so sore, but oh so happy!

by Outweek Magazinereply 9011/18/2013

R90 - My 80's fantasy was to be tied up and tag teamed by Mr. Furley and Mr. Roper on Jack Tripper's bed, while Jack masturbates into his tennis shoe as he watches. Janet, Mrs. Roper, Lana and Chrissy bring us Lattes afterward.

by Outweek Magazinereply 9111/18/2013

Sorry to burst your bubble. The actress, Ms. Morgan Fairchild is a very close, personal friend of mine and she said Tom Selleck is all-man and the real deal. The says he fucks for hours and there's not a gay bone in his body. Straight all the way. "He loves pussy like a rat loves cheese". Morgan's exact words.

by Outweek Magazinereply 9211/18/2013

Oh, wait dears! R92 here. I just remembered... I got my actors confused. She told me about Mark Harmon, not Tom Selleck. Carry on.

by Outweek Magazinereply 9311/18/2013

Ok R92, who else did she give you insight on? any gossip of other actors or actresses?

by Outweek Magazinereply 9411/18/2013

I am gay and I hope he is too. I've never had the best gaydar. Some gays say he is definitely gay - others say definitely not.

He's always gay and always a bottom in my fantasies!

by Outweek Magazinereply 9511/19/2013

Get over it guys. He is not gay. He is not bi. He is straight. Any perceived homosexuality in Tom is wishful thinking on your part.

by Outweek Magazinereply 9611/19/2013

Who the fuck is Tom Selleck? Must be some old timey mother fucker for elderlies.

by Outweek Magazinereply 9711/19/2013

Oh Toms 100% Gay!

by Outweek Magazinereply 9802/20/2015

F&F, r98. Don't click on that link unless you like elderly gaping bloody assholes.

Sounds like a good name for a punk band, lol.

by Outweek Magazinereply 9902/20/2015

It's been common knowledge for years that he's gay. Both he and TC had relationships with Mimi Rogers, and Cole Porter was married to Linda for years. Many gay men have happy long marriages to women - perhaps Jilly Mack, TS's wife, is gay too - ya think?

by Outweek Magazinereply 10002/20/2015

He's a diehard Republican and NRA member. Gay? Doubtful.

by Outweek Magazinereply 10102/22/2015

He's obviously not heterosexual.

If anyone reading this has been with him was he cut, or intact with a foreskin? Did he have sizemeat or was he average? Did he have any kinks at all? I'm guessing he's a bottom since I've heard most men are.

by Outweek Magazinereply 10205/14/2015

Tom's a fat arsed "Nelly Queen". - Likes being in shows with (Blue Bloods) cute guys Used to (with some apprehension and a just - "checking it out" attitude) cruse the public showers at Alamoana Beach Park - HI. - That silly & stupid looking mustache.

by Outweek Magazinereply 10306/25/2015

my family knows him, I've posted about it before. Tom is gay.

by Outweek Magazinereply 10406/25/2015

He loved to present hole and crotch.

by Outweek Magazinereply 10506/25/2015


by Outweek Magazinereply 10610/22/2015


by Outweek Magazinereply 10710/22/2015

Thanks r99!

by Outweek Magazinereply 10810/22/2015

Mrs Selleck looks like she'd rather be driving a flat-bed truck to Home Depot in cargo pants than wearing that lemon get - up

by Outweek Magazinereply 10910/22/2015

I've heard and read that here too R9.

by Outweek Magazinereply 11001/21/2017

R83 maybe he just did oral sex? I don't know anyone who was active during the 70s who used condoms for anal sex. But as R84 said a lot of gay and bisexual men who were out and active in the early and mid 80s did not contract HIV or die from AIDS, etc.

by Outweek Magazinereply 11101/21/2017
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