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What was Lora Meredith's greatest triumph as an actress?

I'd be curious to see which of these had her greatest role. She was the greatest actress ever, so it's hard to choose.

by Annie Johnsonreply 11504/29/2016

"No Greater Glory" gave Lora a meaty role that she could really sink her teeth into and shushed the critics who'd dismissed her as clotheshorse.

Also, it severed that creepy Svengali/Trilby relationship she had with that despicable Allen Loomis, leaving her more time to bond with Suzy.

by Annie Johnsonreply 103/28/2013

The flea powder commercial.

by Annie Johnsonreply 203/28/2013

Plugging Monty.

by Annie Johnsonreply 303/28/2013

Acting like she cared about Suzy!

by Annie Johnsonreply 403/28/2013


by Annie Johnsonreply 503/28/2013

OP, how could you leave out "No Man of My Own" and the holiday classic "Christmas in Cancun"?

by Annie Johnsonreply 603/28/2013

Well, I think I more than held my own against the St. Bernard dog, WOOF!

by Annie Johnsonreply 703/28/2013

Summer Madness: with performances like that, we'd have to be CRAZY!

by Annie Johnsonreply 803/28/2013

1965's Love Has Many Facelifts

by Annie Johnsonreply 903/28/2013

My laptop hissed at me when I opened this thread.

by Annie Johnsonreply 1003/28/2013

Weekend At The Wyndham (starring me and every man I ever worked with, including the stagehands!)

by Annie Johnsonreply 1103/28/2013

Peyton Place. And if you disagree, you're just a Harper Valley Hypocrite!

by Annie Johnsonreply 1203/28/2013

Fellucci agreed to her TERMS!

by Annie Johnsonreply 1303/28/2013

The play where she gave the lines to Amy - and became a STAR!!!!!

by Annie Johnsonreply 1403/28/2013

R4 nailed it. Bet she never knew about Stave and Suzy and all that " horseback riding " they did. Steve was a real nice ride, too. Taught me everything I needed to know.

by Annie Johnsonreply 1503/28/2013

(R15)Oh SaraJANE! Is he a coloured boy?

by Annie Johnsonreply 1603/28/2013

Oh Momma, stop ACTING! Stop trying to shift people around as if they were pawns on a stage!

by Annie Johnsonreply 1703/28/2013

Steve: Your bones...

Lora Meredith: What about my bones?

by Annie Johnsonreply 1803/28/2013

Now, just a moment, young lady! It's only because of my ambition that you've had the best of everything. And that's a solid achievement that any mother can be proud of!

by Annie Johnsonreply 1903/28/2013

(R19) But what about a mothers LOVE???

by Annie Johnsonreply 2003/28/2013

LOVE? But you've always had that!

by Annie Johnsonreply 2103/28/2013

Yes, by telephone, by postcard, by magazine interviews... you've given me everything... everything but Steve's huge, meaty cock!

by Annie Johnsonreply 2203/28/2013

I thought she was amazing in the Polident commercial. She made me run right out and get it at the Piggly Wiggly.

by Annie Johnsonreply 2303/28/2013

Despite the "coloured angle", I had no problem working with Harry Belafonte in "No Greater Glory"...after all, he was practically white!

by Annie Johnsonreply 2403/29/2013

Have I ever denied you anything? Anything money could buy I've given you! Wait, you're not Veda...where the hell am I? Why is everything in color?

by Annie Johnsonreply 2503/29/2013

Sarah Jane: "I don't want the black one!" Annie: "I do, I do!"

by Annie Johnsonreply 2603/29/2013

What a stupid question, OP - are you not aware that Rena in No More Laughter is only the best part since Scarlett O'Hara??

by Annie Johnsonreply 2703/29/2013

That lesbo stag loop she did with Bea Pullman, hunties!

by Annie Johnsonreply 2803/29/2013

Annie: "Oh Miss Lora, you need showbiz as much as it needs you!"

Lora: "Um...that house in Connecticut isn't dusting itself, Annie."

by Annie Johnsonreply 2903/29/2013

Convincing us that Lana Turner had the stuff to make it on the stage.

by Annie Johnsonreply 3003/29/2013

(10)My laptop hissed at me when I opened this thread.

I'll make your laptop hiss, Signor Fellucci!t

by Annie Johnsonreply 3103/29/2013

Did she ever get to play Raina in that Fellucci pic-chah?

by Annie Johnsonreply 3203/31/2013

Ah dun fixeded y'all a mess o' crawdaddies Miz Lora, fo' you an' yo' friends!

by Annie Johnsonreply 3303/31/2013

(33) That's quite a TRICK, Sarah Jane, wherever did you learn it?

by Annie Johnsonreply 3403/31/2013

Bitch,you can always put that award where your heart ought to be. Regards, Margo Channing

by Annie Johnsonreply 3503/31/2013

Lora was très jolie in "White Widow", OP darling!

by Annie Johnsonreply 3603/31/2013

Bitch wasn't even believable taking her bows at the premiere of Summer Madness!

by Annie Johnsonreply 3703/31/2013

Who the fuck is this ho?

by Annie Johnsonreply 3803/31/2013

[quote] What was Lora Meredith's greatest triumph as an actress?

Staying almost completely anonymous and unknown to the public at large?

by Annie Johnsonreply 3903/31/2013

Once when she really ran low on dough, she did a porno quickie called "Mama And Her Cubs", a sort of threesome with some college boys. We were able to buy up all the copies and destroy them.

by Annie Johnsonreply 4003/31/2013

(38&39) Lora Meredith was the First Lady of the American Theater from 1948 onward. She recently came out of retirement to play Carlotta in a revival of Follies.

It's called "google". I'd advise you to acquaint yourselves with it.

by Annie Johnsonreply 4103/31/2013

"'First Lady of the American Stage', my ass! I'M the First Lady of the American Stage!"

by Annie Johnsonreply 4203/31/2013

Lora: "Why Annie, it never occurred to me that you had any friends..." Annie: "Miss Lora, you never asked." Lora: " CAN talk and still rub my feet, you know."

by Annie Johnsonreply 4303/31/2013

"Sarah Jane is--YOUR CHILD???

by Annie Johnsonreply 4403/31/2013

The audio commentary on Imitation of Life is hilarious. Basically Lana Turner was tricked, or maybe just encouraged, to be her regular Lana Turner-y self, which the director knew would make the audience dislike the character in a way that Turner herself would never anticipate.

Turner thought she was giving a sympathetic performance with a sympathetic character. Sirk knew otherwise, and that's exactly what he wanted.

by Annie Johnsonreply 4503/31/2013

That Lora Meredith is a fake, just like me!

by Annie Johnsonreply 4604/01/2013

"Marjorie? Oh, Marjorie!"

(shocked) "Colonel, what are YOU doing in there?"

(flinging open imaginary door) "And Mr. Obermeyer, why aren't you in Duluth?"

(despairingly) "Oh, Herbert, YOU TOO?"

by Annie Johnsonreply 4704/01/2013

"Nothing in it for me, honey but they're casting the new Tennessee Williams play, so put on your roller skates!"

Clearly Lora Meredith was Tenn's first choice to play Blanche DuBois.

by Annie Johnsonreply 4804/01/2013

Annie: "Uh-uh. That money goes into our kitty."

Lora: "Our"?

by Annie Johnsonreply 4904/01/2013

Steve: Oh, stop acting.

Lora: I'm not acting!

by Annie Johnsonreply 5004/01/2013

Is it time for my next wardrobe change yet?

by Annie Johnsonreply 5104/01/2013

Annie: "How do you explain to your child that she was born to be hurt?"

Lora: "Are we STILL talking about this?"

by Annie Johnsonreply 5204/01/2013

Like Tallulah Bankhead and Helen Hayes and Ethel Merman, her talents did not easily travel off the stage. But she was larger than life. Only Amerigo Felluci saw how beautiful that could translate onto the screen if she were given proper direction.

by Annie Johnsonreply 5304/01/2013

(53) "But she was larger than life. Only Amerigo Felluci saw how beautiful that could translate onto the screen if she were given proper direction."

Indeed! I recently caught 'No More Laughter' at the local revival house and (I swear this is true)I turned to my companion and said: "Is this film in 3-D? Because I am IN this movie, I AM Reina!"

by Annie Johnsonreply 5404/01/2013

Teacher: "But I don't have any little colored girls in my class!"

Annie: "But they said 3-B, this is 3-B, isn't it?"

Teacher: "We didn't know! We didn't know!"

by Annie Johnsonreply 5504/01/2013

Lora: "I'm sorry, Mr. Edwards. But I'm an actress, and a good one."

by Annie Johnsonreply 5604/01/2013

The only hit that comes out of a Lora Meredith show is Lora Meredith, and that's ME, baby, remember?

by Annie Johnsonreply 5704/01/2013

"Well, don't be so calm, they want me for Rena!"

by Annie Johnsonreply 5804/02/2013

Annie: "Miss Lora, we been spending an awful lot of money up here. Do you think we can really afford it?"

Lora: "What's this 'we' shit?"

by Annie Johnsonreply 5904/02/2013

Susie: "Oh, Mama, look! A falling star!"

Lora: "I can only hope it's Lynn Fontanne..."

by Annie Johnsonreply 6004/02/2013

The loneliest word I've heard of is empty. Anything empty is sad. An empty purse can make a good girl bad...

by Annie Johnsonreply 6104/02/2013

Annie: "I've plenty to send Sarah Jane to college, something set aside for her, and enough for my funeral."

Lora: "Oh, Annie, that funeral again!"

by Annie Johnsonreply 6204/03/2013

Definately Catwoman in the big screen treatment of the '60s hit. She can always proudly proclaim that she was the first Catwoman on the silver screen.

by Annie Johnsonreply 6304/03/2013

1952's The Bland and the Beautiful.

by Annie Johnsonreply 6404/03/2013

"Like Tallulah Bankhead and Helen Hayes and Ethel Merman, her talents did not easily travel off the stage"

re: Hayes, it's quite odd that a woman whose talents didn't travel well off the stage ended up with two oscars.

by Annie Johnsonreply 6504/03/2013

Her greatest triumph was being so awful that even Norma Shearer bested her when she got the movie roles.

by Annie Johnsonreply 6604/03/2013

Simmer down (65), no one's saying H Hayes didn't deserve her Oscars, we're just saying she wasn't as beautiful or talented as Lora Meredith.

by Annie Johnsonreply 6704/03/2013

Oh please (66) Lora Meredith was a stage actress, Shearer was in film; two completely different mediums. That said, Lora's relatively few excursions in cinema are all well-regarded classics (there's even a course at UCLA devoted to 'No More Laughter').

by Annie Johnsonreply 6804/03/2013

(66) You aren't being 'colored'. You're being childish!

by Annie Johnsonreply 6904/03/2013

I'm probably in the minority here, but I thought her best performance was in that little play she did off Broadway, WAY off!

by Annie Johnsonreply 7004/03/2013

Now Venus, you know, was loaded with charm, and look at what happened to her: Waitin' around she's minus two arms. Could happen to me? No, sir!

by Annie Johnsonreply 7104/03/2013

Sarah Jane: "Oh, 'tain't no trick ta' totin', Miss Lora! I learned it from my mammy, an' she learned it from ol' massa, 'fo' she belonged to you..."

by Annie Johnsonreply 7204/03/2013

"She's talented, she's REALLY got it! I knew that when I kicked her outta my show."

by Annie Johnsonreply 7304/03/2013

Nothing can destroy Lora's talent...but she'll destroy herself.

by Annie Johnsonreply 7404/03/2013

Lora's gone through life on a pass 'cause of her damn classy looks!

by Annie Johnsonreply 7504/03/2013


by Annie Johnsonreply 7608/01/2013

I have to say, the first time I saw that pivotal scene in "Born to Laugh" I nearly passed out. She was transcendent. Even thinking of it now makes me a little weak. And that cameo in the second hour by Helen Lawson? God.

by Annie Johnsonreply 7708/01/2013

Indeed, [r77] I needed a cigarette after that pivotal scene!

by Annie Johnsonreply 7808/01/2013

Happy 91st birthday to Juanita Moore!

by Annie Johnsonreply 7910/19/2013

[quote]Acting like she cared about Suzy!

This remark made me spit coffee over my keyboard.

by Annie Johnsonreply 8010/25/2013

I'd like it that way... forever!

by Annie Johnsonreply 8110/25/2013

Ya'll remember that made-for-TV version of Summer Madness done in '84 with Kirstie Alley in the main role? For TV it wasn't too bad, but I thought setting it in the Victorian era was a bad call...

by Annie Johnsonreply 8210/25/2013

Her greatest triumph was "I'll Cut You, Bitch!" a film she made in the 1970s opposite Helen Lawson.

by Annie Johnsonreply 8310/25/2013

I don't even know why we needed a poll.


by Annie Johnsonreply 8403/08/2014

Bump for Mother's Day!

by Annie Johnsonreply 8505/10/2015

r27, the part of Rena ("Only the greatest part since Scarlett O'Hara!") is actually in NO MORE LAUGHTER (directed by the great Amerigo Fellucci), not NO GREATER GLORY.

by Annie Johnsonreply 8608/31/2015

Some of these posts are great, vintage DL, from the time of the original Helen Lawson thread.

Here's a question, what happened AFTER Annie's funeral?

Did SaraJane learn to love herself again and not live a lifetime of guilt (because she really did kill her mother. Annie dies of a BROKEN HEART)? Or did the ungrateful bitch milk some cash out of Lora then head off into the sunset where she found local fame performing torch songs in Phoenix?

And Suzy... do we think she seduced Steve after he married Lora? I hope so, and that his horse cock delivered the seed of Suzy's only child that Lora loved as her only grandchild... If not, perhaps she went off to college and years later became famous writing amusing novels from A Summer Place about all of the famous theater folk she'd met as a child (her story of Alan Loomis in the coat room with the ingenue is a classic!)?

What of Lora? Did her Broadway career continue or did she have to hit the summer circuit performing under the Melody Tent? Is there any videotape of Lora's appearance on one of Helen Lawson's Christmas Specials in the swinging 60s?

by Annie Johnsonreply 8708/31/2015

It was late in her career, but I thought "Lora Meredith Does Disco" was a very brave choice and a surprising strong Disco album that holds up really well.

Seriously, give it a listen.

(How the fuck was Lora supposed to know it would be so hard to find domestic help that would work for just Room and Board like Annie did all those years? JHC, they expect me to PAY them - I"m Lora Meredith!)

by Annie Johnsonreply 8808/31/2015

What do mean black people don't want to work for me for free?

I'm willing to give them the little room off the kitchen!

Is this some kind of joke, because it's not funny!

by Annie Johnsonreply 8908/31/2015

Look, you can finish addressing all these envelopes for me and I'll give you half...I mean, a third of the pay.

That's my final offer!

by Annie Johnsonreply 9008/31/2015

Well, of course, your duties include raising my daughter Suzy!

You think I'm going to let you get away with just cooking and cleaning and washing and ironing?

That's outrageous!

It's not just the Black now - it's the Mexicans too - where do they get this sense of ENTITLEMENT?

by Annie Johnsonreply 9108/31/2015

Well, certainly, you have to do my laundry!

Do you think these white outfits just wash themselves?

by Annie Johnsonreply 9208/31/2015

Annie...oh, for God's sake, I don't CARE what your name is. I'm just going to call you Annie!

I have lines to learn for my Felluci film. Do you think I can memorize the name of every Colored women who comes to work for me?

Steve, this Colored woman is being impossible, please come and handle THIS!

by Annie Johnsonreply 9308/31/2015

In addition to cleaning and maintaining my large Connecticut estate all by yourself, you'll be responsible for all my wardrobe, my correspondence and my social engagements, and oh yes, the happiness of my, Swoosie, I mean, Suzy. Yes, I'm sure she's called Suzy now that I think of it.

You also be responsible for ensuring that my Suzy remains a virgin while I'm on location in Italy making the Felucci film. She can date and tease as many older men as she likes, but her virginity is to remain intact. Understood?

The last person who did this job? Well, she left, an extended vacation. Yes, a vacation that's it. You see, she problems that kept her from devoting herself completely to me and to her work here. That's why you won't be allowed to have any contact with your friends or family while you're working for me.

This will be your room. Why NO! No one has DIED in this room! This is a perfectly good servant's room! Why on earth would you ask such a revolting question?

by Annie Johnsonreply 9408/31/2015

Lora Meredith's greatest triumph as an actress?

Having the balls to pass herself as a twenty-something mother in the early part of the movie when she was pushing fifty.

by Annie Johnsonreply 9508/31/2015

Helen at R95 you're just jealous that Sirk didn't cast you in the film... he remembered your previous behavior at his Christmas parties and was having none of your shenanigans on his set.

by Annie Johnsonreply 9609/01/2015

I thought her greatest triumph was her overacting as Annie lay on her deathbed.

by Annie Johnsonreply 9709/01/2015

Lora was no worse than Sarajane who had to be pulled out of the hearse as she was trying to climb onto her mother's casket...I suspect Lora pulled that little bitch's arm out of the socket in that shot.

As my old friend Helen Lawson taught me, the only hit that comes out of Lora Meredith film is a Lora Meredith hit.

by Annie Johnsonreply 9809/01/2015

I have to admit that I've sometimes fantasized about having a full Black Choir at my funeral with Mahalia Jackson as the featured was one kick-ass funeral.

Don't tell me Mahalia Jackson is dead - just offer her more money - it's my funeral!

by Annie Johnsonreply 9909/01/2015

I'd say, her greatest triumph as an actress was convincing John Gavin that she didn't have tumbleweeds blowing out of her dry old vage...

And as for Doug Sirk's Christmas Party - if he can't take a little goosing by a strap-on dildo, he should sit at the Kiddie Table - it was all in good fun - and to show everyone that Helen Lawson is still on TOP!

Doug Sirk was a tight-ass faggot anyway.

by Annie Johnsonreply 10009/01/2015

Lora Meredith...what a drip. She can't even get the fags to care enough to want to kill her!

by Annie Johnsonreply 10109/01/2015

I love this roiling of the eldergay collective unconscious

by Annie Johnsonreply 10209/01/2015

Rumor has it that Lora Meredith went to Italy to get an abortion - and I'm not talking about that horrendous Felucci film either.

Of course that rumor was started by the post-menopausal Lora Meredith herself and repeated by her own publicist ad nauseum. I met her once at a luncheon at Helen Lawson house in Beverly Hills. She looked fine from a distance but up close, she was a big ol' ashtray full of ego.

by Annie Johnsonreply 10309/01/2015

Her daughter Susie was a big hot mess too. But what do you expect when you leave your child to be raised by a Colored woman and her Mulatto daughter (who I heard became a Stripper).

by Annie Johnsonreply 10409/01/2015

She should have gotten that nice Jeanne Crain from "Pinky" to raise her daughter. I always told George how nice looking she was for a High Yellow Gal.

Oh dear, the Coloreds require a lot of supervising - which is why George I use mostly Mexicans and few underage Russian girls these days.

by Annie Johnsonreply 10509/01/2015

[quote]Ya'll remember that made-for-TV version of Summer Madness done in '84 with Kirstie Alley in the main role? For TV it wasn't too bad, but I thought setting it in the Victorian era was a bad call...

Aaron Spelling and Douglas Cramer toyed with making a miniseries of it in the '70s, complete with doll addictions and social diseases. Lou Antonio stole the idea and turned it into this.

by Annie Johnsonreply 10604/18/2016


by Annie Johnsonreply 10704/18/2016

I thought Lora Meredith did a pretty good job with the St. Bernard actually.

by Annie Johnsonreply 10804/18/2016

It's carpets, it's madness, Carpet Madness! Carpet Madness now! Just carpets! It's madness, madness now! Sale starts Friday

by Annie Johnsonreply 10904/18/2016

I love R87's idea of "what ever happened to" for a sequel and more for Lora and Suzy and SaraJane and Steve and Lomax and more!

Think, DL, think! Did Suzy birth her love child with Steve? Did Lora ever discovery the truth of the child's parentage? Or did Steve go for it with SaraJane?

Is Lomax gay and he made a move on Steve?

After Felucci (and what did Lora do with him those months in Italy?) could Lora return to the stage or did she start doing TV? Maybe a daytime soap?

by Annie Johnsonreply 11004/18/2016


by Annie Johnsonreply 11104/28/2016

Felucci got Lora hooked on drugs and she ended up making 16mm stag films for the rest of her miserable life...

And the saddest part is that after Lora worked Annie to death, no one even missed Lora or bothered to look for her...

by Annie Johnsonreply 11204/28/2016

I bought Miss Meredith's large Connecticut estate when she fell on financial troubles and I started getting all her roles on Broadway. Of course this was before I married the preacher.

by Annie Johnsonreply 11304/28/2016

Well, Miss Courtney, watch out for those scallywag children that live in the woods behind that place and their rotten dog.

And remember, you can't get good help anymore since you worked that Annie to death. I'll take my severance package, my daughter, and my TV and I'll be leaving now...shut up, Ava!

by Annie Johnsonreply 11404/29/2016
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