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Nancy Reagan vs. Barbara Bush

Who was more odious?

by Mrs. Onassisreply 2602/10/2014

You have to move closer to modern times to find odious.

by Mrs. Onassisreply 103/07/2013

Pickles, is that you?

by Mrs. Onassisreply 203/07/2013

Nancy Reagan was just a Hollywood bitch. Barbara Bush is the mother of all evil.

by Mrs. Onassisreply 303/07/2013

Both mean, selfish, bitches.

by Mrs. Onassisreply 403/07/2013

No one cunts like Bar Bush.


by Mrs. Onassisreply 503/07/2013

Nancy was a waif who had to suck cock to survive in B-grade Hollywood flicks. For that she gets brownie points.

Babs was just a rich, to-the-manor born, privileged, entitled, clueless twit who turned into a nasty rich, to-the-manor born, privileged, entitled, clueless twit as she slowly morphed into Jabba, the Hut. And I bet she never sucked cock.

I say Babs is a 10 on an odious scale of 1-10. Nancy's just a 7.

by Mrs. Onassisreply 603/07/2013

This is like asking, which is worse: a stomach virus or the flu? Although not entirely, since you recover from both of those.

by Mrs. Onassisreply 703/07/2013

Nancy Reagan did have out-and-open Jerry Zipkin as her official walker. And her dressmaker was good friend Adolfo

The astrology stuff was pretty cool too.

by Mrs. Onassisreply 803/07/2013

Barbara did put candles in the White House windows when the AIDs quilt made its first appearance on the Mall. Nancy was all about Nancy and Ronnie and Lord help anyone who got in her way. Her friends Jerry and Adolfo were old school gay men who acted like straight escorts in her presence (as best they could.)

by Mrs. Onassisreply 903/07/2013

Wha? Zipkin and Adolfo "acted straight"?

by Mrs. Onassisreply 1003/07/2013 best they could (can). Old school gay men, even the more obvious among them did not talk about the cocks they sucked last week or butler they want to do at the White House. They gossip and do the best they can to be amusing rarely mentioning anything to do with be homosexual.

by Mrs. Onassisreply 1103/07/2013

R11 How ridiculous.

First of all no gentleman... straight or gay talks ...about the cocks they sucked last week, the pussy they ate, or the butler or intern they want to do at the White House.

Be that as it may... I bet Zipkin, in private, delighted Reagan with his stories and well drawn observations.

If you think that these famous gay confidants (whether Zipkin or Capote) hid there sexuality in their social circles, you very, very wrong.

by Mrs. Onassisreply 1203/07/2013

Barbara Bush

by Mrs. Onassisreply 1303/07/2013

Nancy Reagan had lesbian affairs. Barbara Bush probably raped small animals. Make up your own mind

by Mrs. Onassisreply 1403/07/2013

Babs was a woman of her class and time; was a loyal political wife, and had a real family. She was not stupid or uneducated. Highly selective out of context quotation makes her sound like an asshole, but she was a capable woman who fulfilled well defined expectations promptly and with some integrity. She has not shown herself to be admirable in a public way but there is much worse.

Nancy was an opportunist whore with a rare knack for giving great head, rare in women. Her positions were all phony, self promoting and she realized herself by becoming the puppeteer of one of the worst presidents this country has had, a man, who like Nancy, was an untalented, stupid hypocrite with no personal decency at all. She is a true cunt and should have died several times in agony.

Babs was only the mother of the worst president this country has had, and evidently thought he was the least able of her children. But once he and Rove figured out a way they could cheat themselves into the White House, there was nothing substantive she could do about it; being loyal to him as her son in public hardly makes her a monster.

by Mrs. Onassisreply 1503/07/2013

Oh, please. They're both terrible. It's like comparing rotten apples to rotten oranges.

by Mrs. Onassisreply 1603/07/2013


by Mrs. Onassisreply 1702/09/2014

"Highly selective out of context quotation makes her sound like an asshole"

I call bullshit on "out of context". When you read or listen to the entire interviews those "This is working out quite well for them" and "Why should I waste my beautiful mind on that?" quotes come from, they're still apparent as mega-cunty statements.

by Mrs. Onassisreply 1802/09/2014

Babs was the FIRST First Lady to hold an AIDS baby

by Mrs. Onassisreply 1902/09/2014

R15 = Jenna Bush Hager

by Mrs. Onassisreply 2002/09/2014

Nancy Reagan

by Mrs. Onassisreply 2102/09/2014

Barbara gave the world George W. Bush which automatically makes her the more odious one.

by Mrs. Onassisreply 2202/09/2014

My icy glares were the stuff of cocktail-party legend in DC.

by Mrs. Onassisreply 2302/09/2014

Please. They were both bush league compared to what might have been.

by Mrs. Onassisreply 2402/09/2014

I vote Nance, who had more of an effect on policy than Bar. I agree with the poster above and see Bar as a Rosemary Woodhouse figure, with more spunk.

by Mrs. Onassisreply 2502/09/2014

[quote]Babs was the FIRST First Lady to hold an AIDS baby

In my defense, no one had invented those yet.

by Mrs. Onassisreply 2602/10/2014
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