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Neil Patrick Harris

After 'How I Met Your Mother' goes off the air, he'll never be heard from again.

by Agreed?reply 11208/24/2017

Nope. He's a keeper. Comes across quite likeable.

Such a wonder he doesn't post here.

by Agreed?reply 102/17/2013

I actually think NPH is the one from the cast who'll have a career afterwards.

Jason Segall can't go away fast enough, IMHO. And I can't even remember the other guy. Who is, allegedly, the lead.

Remember that guy from SCRUBS? Who was making movies, too, for a while?

I rest my case.

by Agreed?reply 202/17/2013

OP = Max Casella

by Agreed?reply 302/17/2013

What DID happen to Zach Braff? Did he piss off the wrong big wig?

by Agreed?reply 402/18/2013

I don't know what will happen to him after this shitty show goes off, but I hope that he does more dramatic roles like he did before this shitty show. He was really good in Clara's Heart and in the TV movies Not Our Son and Snowbound.

I'm just kind of tired of the goofball comedy stuff when he is really good at dramatic roles as well.

by Agreed?reply 502/18/2013

I don't see any indication that he is a particularly good adult actor -- he was a child in Clara's Heart. He's awful in the series, although writing and directing surely deserve most of the blame. He loves musical comedy and will probably show up in some revivals or perhaps something new that hits. He's become a self consciously 'quirky' supporting type, epicine rather than femme but without anything that shows range as an actor. He's best sending himself up (Howard and Kumar)or as a host. He's young enough to score another series before it's all over; that's really where his main experience has been, and the small screen seems about right for his ability. But all performing careers are ultimately about luck -- he had a period of bad luck where nothing worked for him and he ran through the Doogie Howser money, then at least had the luck to get into a long running series which has made him a lot of money and also allowed him to springboard into a 'personality', so we'll see...

by Agreed?reply 602/18/2013

Lets hope, op

by Agreed?reply 702/18/2013

I've never watched How I Met Your Mother, but a friend showed me Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog, which was unexpectedly hilarious and apparently has a huge cult following.

Anyway, he's a successful, well spoken, out gay man who by all accounts seems like a nice guy. Why would you WANT him to go away, unless you're a freeper troll who doesn't want gay youths to have positive role models?

by Agreed?reply 802/18/2013

All the musical theatre losers seem to love him. Even though he can't sing. Or dance. And plays the same role over and over again.

Why are we supposed to worship this guy? Glad he's open about his sexuality but god, do we need such a untalented, whitebread bourgeouis bore as our role model? He makes James van der Beek look edgy.

by Agreed?reply 902/18/2013

That photo of him on Elton John's yacht holding his adopted gayby tight to his nipple ring made me want to puke.

Is this what we should aspire to be as gay men? Fighting for the right to bland hetero domesticity and vulgar materialism? Common. WeHo. TRASH.

by Agreed?reply 1002/18/2013

Closet lovers must hate him for proving you can be a successful out actor. They were betrayed by Anderson Cooper coming out, and now they want Neil to fail to make up for it.

by Agreed?reply 1102/18/2013

I imagine he'll go the same route as Joan Collins post Dynasty; not obscure, yet not a movie star, just... busy.

by Agreed?reply 1202/18/2013

You people are tragic. I'm not a big NPH fan, I don't watch his sitcom, but the way you use him as springboard for your rage is bizarre.

by Agreed?reply 1302/18/2013

You just keep telling yourself that, OP, if it makes you happy.

(or, why, do so many gay men enjoy contemplating the collapse - real imagined - of the successful?)

by Agreed?reply 1402/18/2013

He's good on awards shows as host. He should get a talk show. I think he would have been a great replacement for Regis.

by Agreed?reply 1502/18/2013

[quote]He's good on awards shows as host.

Yes, if you like smug, insider-y "jokes" told with a wink. The "Broadway Is Not Just for Gays Anymore" number at the Tony awards was cringe-worthy,

by Agreed?reply 1602/18/2013

What makes people say such stupid & hateful things?

NPH is unquestionably brilliant and talented. He will have a busy career all his life. Any fool can see that.

I will be glad when How I Met Your Mother ends because Neil deserves a much better show than that.

by Agreed?reply 1702/18/2013

R17 = David Burtka

by Agreed?reply 1802/18/2013

Apparently the Emmy Award voters disagree with your little opinion, R16, as that number won the 2012 Emmy for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics.

by Agreed?reply 1902/18/2013

Begone, haters.

NPH will do Broadway, and even better, off-Broadway.

NPH will eventually have his own nighttime talk show.

NPH and David E. Kelley will co-produce DOUGLAS HOWSER, MD, in which Doogie returns to Los Angeles as an adult with his husband (yes, David) and their children, and we find out what has happened to Vinnie, Wanda, Janine, and yes, the senior H's.

by Agreed?reply 2002/18/2013

R12, that's what I think, too. Just very busy. He will have the same kind of career as an English actor considered successful: busy. Smart actors don't measure career success in superstardom. Plus, you never hear any horror stories about him so there seems to be a lot of goodwill towards him in the industry and he's had a front role in two very successful TV shows (even if Doogie was a thousand years ago.) He's bankable. I doubt we'll see him on TV commercials late at night for convection ovens.

by Agreed?reply 2102/18/2013

He'll be David Hyde Pierce. A wealthy man who'll dabble in Broadway when the mood suits him and spend the rest of the time redecorating his fabulous L.A. home.

by Agreed?reply 2202/18/2013

Exactly what R22 says.

He will do indie films and devote himself to the stage. Just like he did when Doogie went off the air.

by Agreed?reply 2302/18/2013

He will be just fine.

by Agreed?reply 2402/18/2013

I get the impression he enjoys playing Barney, but I hate Barney, and think the end of that show and leaving that offensive cartoon character behind, will be one of the best things that ever happens to NPH.

Maybe he replaces Letterman, he hosts very well.

by Agreed?reply 2502/18/2013

He'll come crawlin' back to Broadway...

by Agreed?reply 2602/18/2013

NPH will be around for a long time.

by Agreed?reply 2702/18/2013

I never did like his sissy ass. He is not funny, and doesn't have any particular talent that I can discern. He was not able to play a teenage genius and he most assuredly can't come across as a promiscuous heterosexual. Mayhap he could do a half-way credible job in something like the "The New Normal".

by Agreed?reply 2802/18/2013

He's been working for 25 years. Why would he go away now?

by Agreed?reply 2902/18/2013

I love him.

He was also excellent in L&O Criminal Intent.

by Agreed?reply 3002/18/2013

Gee, R28, what's your definition of failure then?

by Agreed?reply 3102/18/2013

Handsome, smart, successful, talented.

Of course we hate him.

I bet he has a really small dick.

I feel better now.

by Agreed?reply 3202/18/2013

[quote] Glad he's open about his sexuality but god, do we need such a untalented, whitebread bourgeouis bore as our role model?

People here mourn the passing of porn stars. Yeah, I think we do need him as a role model. Just for when we're tired.

by Agreed?reply 3302/18/2013

Chubby lonely flyover queens LOVE Neil Patrick Harris.

by Agreed?reply 3402/18/2013

Who would hate Neil Patrick Harris? Really? Wow, jealous basement dwelling losers, apparently. Talented, cute, funny, charming. Oh yeah, a lot to "hate" there.

by Agreed?reply 3502/18/2013

What pleasure do you take from a moronic statement like that, R34? What a sad life you must lead.

by Agreed?reply 3602/18/2013

NPH is voicing Bubblegum Prince on "Adventure Time" on right now!

by Agreed?reply 3702/18/2013

I mean Prince Gumball.

by Agreed?reply 3802/18/2013

Why not!

Who would ever think that he would have had a career after "Doogie Hauser"?

He was in a wonderful Christmas movie with Debbie Reynolds a few years ago. Totally different from his Doogie and Barney characters.

I think it was called "A Christmas Wish" I love it and I recommend it.

by Agreed?reply 3902/18/2013

I like NPH but can't believe that POS sitcom of his has lasted this long. Surely one of the worst of TV's longest-running series of all time.

by Agreed?reply 4002/18/2013

Though I've never seen him sing or dance, it's obvious that he's well-liked in the business and will be around for quite some time.

by Agreed?reply 4102/18/2013

r11: Closet lovers must hate him for proving you can be a successful out actor.

He plays the fourth lead in a sitcom, basically the comic relief that would have been played by Paul Lynde or Charles Nelson Reilly forty years ago.

Oh yeah, he hosts the Tonys. Nice to see an out actor branching out in non-stereotypic roles.

by Agreed?reply 4202/18/2013

The show he's on is terrible. I don't expect to hear much of him when it's over. Wich should have been a few seasons ago.

by Agreed?reply 4302/18/2013

[quote]I like NPH but can't believe that POS sitcom of his has lasted this long. Surely one of the worst of TV's longest-running series of all time.

Ditto. Can't stand that shitty ass show. I used to like NPH, but I've noticed that he seems to carry his character's cocky persona over into interviews, which makes me not like him much anymore. I wonder if the show has gone to his head or if he just doesn't know when to get out of character. The whole cocky goofball shit is annoying.

by Agreed?reply 4402/18/2013

He's the best thing about that wretched sitcom, but talk about damning someone with faint praise. His character is a caricature and a little bit of it goes a long way. How I Met Your Mother is about as good a sitcom as Yes, Dear and yet it lingers around like a foul fart.

by Agreed?reply 4502/18/2013

R9 = congenital idiot with no taste.

by Agreed?reply 4602/18/2013

well, after you are tired of hating him for his success on TV and Broadway, you can start hating him for the new comedy web series that he created and produces: Neil's Puppet Dreams.

by Agreed?reply 4702/18/2013

R47 Um...a web series isn't exactly going to take someone's career to incredible heights...

by Agreed?reply 4802/18/2013

web series? uh-oh, he's preparing for his washed-updom.

by Agreed?reply 4902/18/2013

R9/10/34 is an awful person who is also extremely old.

Personally, I don't particularly care for NPH. He's too bland for me.

However, one only needs to be paying the bare minimum of attention to current pop culture to realize how well liked he is by the mainstream. He's the kind of actor who will be in the limelight in some way as long as he wants to be. Not to say he'll get the best work, but he will work as long as he wants. There will always be an audience for him.

If you can't understand this, you don't know much about how the business works.

by Agreed?reply 5002/18/2013

Good call R3.

by Agreed?reply 5102/18/2013

Is David Burtka still on E!

Does he still say "holla" and do that little dance thing? (the whole act made me weep for Neil and the children's future)

by Agreed?reply 5202/18/2013

It's impossible to predict what will happen with actors after successful sitcoms end.

Who ever would have thought that the guy playing Antonio would have been the most successful actor on WINGS?

by Agreed?reply 5302/18/2013

true r53....when Fox did "Get Real" in 1999 I doubt they new the girl playing the daughter would become such a multi-talented versatile award winning actress.

by Agreed?reply 5402/18/2013

[quote]Is David Burtka still on E!

I think he has a new show on the food network. It's about celebrity-owned restaurants.

by Agreed?reply 5502/19/2013

I think he's tired of being a father. A couple of weeks ago, he said that he liked to get out of the house before the screaming and crying starts and then today on air, he said he was exhausted because his kids kept waking up every two or three hours.

Sounds like someone has spoiled them rotten. I say, get a good nanny who will keep them so active during the day, so they will be sleepy at night. Maybe they should send them to their room when they start crying? Who can stand whiny kids? I can't.

by Agreed?reply 5607/29/2013

To me he's the male tantamount to those "actresses" who are famous for little more than being moms (Melissa Joan Hart, Jessica Alba, Tori Spelling...) and just as menial and annoying. Maybe he'll get an HGTV gig hosting a useless show about nursery makeovers for yuppies with no taste or class.

by Agreed?reply 5707/29/2013

Hopefully he'll work but he sounds completely fed up with his kids and if he thinks his husband is to blame for their behavior, it will probably break up the marriage.

Please do not compare him to that FOOL, Tori Spelling.

by Agreed?reply 5807/29/2013

Neil Patrick Harris shot a sex scene with Rosemund Pike for David Fincher's Gone Girl.

by Agreed?reply 5903/11/2014

Bravo R10

"Is this what we should aspire to be as gay men? Fighting for the right to bland hetero domesticity and vulgar materialism?"

Excellent discussion thread. Anyone??

by Agreed?reply 6003/12/2014

No thanks, R60, but you are free to start your own thread about this fascinating topic and wait for a response.

by Agreed?reply 6103/12/2014

R10 & R60 = Homophobic, straight (possibly lesbian) female who needs to be clubbed on the head and euthanized.

by Agreed?reply 6203/12/2014

Yeah a person in a show that's never got into the top 40 has a career...Yep....

by Agreed?reply 6303/12/2014

No. He'll be a bigger star. He's I believe the Best Tony host. Has he ever hosted the Oscars? If he's successful there, I can see a Billy Crystal type reputation (hosting wise) for years to come.

by Agreed?reply 6403/12/2014

I hope we never need to see his smug mug ever again. He's a narcissistic tool.

by Agreed?reply 6503/12/2014

He's well liked in the business and will be a Tony host, off and on, for many more years.

by Agreed?reply 6603/12/2014

I've never followed his career, or found him particularly interesting. But most people seem to think he's a nice enough guy.

Still, the character he portrays on HIMYM—a straight, pussy-hound—really skeeves me out. Never been able to watch more than 30 seconds of that show.

by Agreed?reply 6703/12/2014

Well he can sing, so maybe he'll have some career doing the comedy characters in shows. And then do the reunion 10 years later. But I agree that Jason Segal is the Matt LeBlanc of the group.

by Agreed?reply 6803/12/2014

The Tony Awards have made NPH synonymous with Broadway for TV viewers but has he actually given many great performances on stage?

by Agreed?reply 6903/12/2014

r67=pious frau

by Agreed?reply 7003/12/2014

His sexuality will not be a hinderance in getting work that an otherwise straight man would get - like hosting the Tonys! Oh, never mind.

by Agreed?reply 7103/12/2014

He has got money in the bank. He will probably pack up the brood, move to NYC and spent the next ten years on Broadway as a musical performer, and teh occasional indie film.

Same as what David Hyde Pierce has done.

Plus it is time for his partner to get back on stage. he pretty much gave up his career to support NPH, now it is his turn.

by Agreed?reply 7203/12/2014

Jason Segal has made a few successful movies - Sarah Marshall. Alyson Hannigan has also done a few reasonably successful movies - American Pie.

Cobie Smulders is a big question mark - the only notable thing she's done is the fanboy wet dream (minor) role in Avengers.

Radnor is the one least likely to have a career afterwards.

by Agreed?reply 7303/12/2014

The biggest difference between NPH and David Hyde Pierce is that DHP was making $750K per episode the final few seasons of Frazier.

NPH only makes $225K per episode and has done so for far fewer seasons.

by Agreed?reply 7403/12/2014

If he's not constantly fielding offers to work, which I think will be the case, he has enough money he can produce whatever project he wants to work on. Or, if he wants to take a break, he can, indefinitely. He's set for life and never HAS to work another day if he chooses not to.

by Agreed?reply 7503/12/2014

R74, DHP is also one of the most talented comic actors ever. The Niles Sets His Pants On Fire is physical comedy at its best.

by Agreed?reply 7603/12/2014

R74 he loaded up his bank account during his Doogie Howser years.

he had very good parents who didn't touch his trust. Just like Brian Bloom, he invested his money wisely and only worked when he wanted to.

That is why during the years between Doogie and HIMYM NPH did tons of regional theater. And wasn't struggling to find work, or be struggle financially.

I'm sure he has enough in the bank to be comfortable, if he does nothing but Broadway for the next decade

by Agreed?reply 7703/12/2014

That's exactly what I like, R16. That's why he's a good host.

by Agreed?reply 7803/12/2014

He's going to be starring on Broadway in Hedwig. Pretty much sold out already.

by Agreed?reply 7903/12/2014

Where does he live in Harlem, or did he every buy?

by Agreed?reply 8003/12/2014

I bet he has the butt AIDS.

by Agreed?reply 8103/12/2014

He's got a big part in David Fincher's Gone Girl.

I mean, he's totally miscast, as is the whole movie, but whatever.

by Agreed?reply 8203/12/2014

IKR? Affleck as Nick Dunn?

by Agreed?reply 8303/12/2014

Yeah, what is Afflict doing in this movie, which I'm going to have to watch because NPH is in it?

by Agreed?reply 8403/12/2014

[quote]Affleck as Nick Dunn?

He's way too old. And then Tyler Perry?!?


by Agreed?reply 8503/12/2014


by Agreed?reply 8607/11/2014


by Agreed?reply 8711/11/2014

And yet his career grows bigger and bigger.

by Agreed?reply 8811/11/2014

He's yummy. Je l'adore, and I am not Mrs. D. Burtka-Harris.

Y'all're just jealous.

by Agreed?reply 8911/11/2014

It's amazing the bitterness of some people because they have limited talent.

by Agreed?reply 9011/11/2014

Well it wouldn't be right to let a week go by without *any* news about NPH and his husband....

Meet the new faces of London Fog ad campaign.

by Agreed?reply 9111/23/2014


by Agreed?reply 9211/23/2014


by Agreed?reply 9311/24/2014

His book is unreadable. What a mess!!!

by Agreed?reply 9411/24/2014

It was cute, R94. I had hoped to read whether he'd ever gotten it on with gay castmember Mitchell Anderson, but he wasn't even mentioned.

by Agreed?reply 9511/24/2014

I noticed that too r95. He listed the whole cast except Mitchell. Odd. I doubt anything happened. He was very young and he admits his first gay encounter was during Rent.

by Agreed?reply 9611/24/2014

Jason Segel is a very likable, comely man who will go on to do other things.

Even when he bent over and showed his dirty ass in "Saving Sarah Marshall" I was behind him (so to speak).

I think that he will have a pretty good career. He has a certain presence that cannot be denied. He is also rumored to be a very easy actor to work with.

I hope only the best for him.

by Agreed?reply 9711/24/2014

r97=MARY! or fangurl

by Agreed?reply 9811/24/2014

I think head of fores is engorged but have time will hair cover such things.

by Agreed?reply 9901/15/2016

Please don't bump a dozen posts about these nobodies. Get a job or something.

by Agreed?reply 10001/15/2016

Zombie thread killit.

by Agreed?reply 10101/15/2016

How wrong you were.

by Agreed?reply 10207/06/2016

Clearly not while there's a fucking troll on here bumping all of his threads.

by Agreed?reply 10307/06/2016

I think I saw him.

by Agreed?reply 10410/20/2016

Do people call him Neil Patrick or Mark Allen?

by Agreed?reply 10510/20/2016

I bet Neil voted for Trump. He likes to keep his NYC property high in value

by Agreed?reply 10611/15/2016

Don't you get tired of being wrong?

by Agreed?reply 10711/16/2016

Do you ever get tired of being wrong OP?

by Agreed?reply 10802/02/2017

So thread bumping troll, this morning you searched for NPH and flooded DL with a shitload of them. You must be very proud.

by Agreed?reply 10902/02/2017

I find it funny that people think he wouldn't stick around when he has such talent.

by Agreed?reply 11002/02/2017

Do you ever get tired of being wrong?

by Agreed?reply 11108/24/2017
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