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Scott Eastwood

Do we want to eat his ass out?

by Chairyreply 7504/12/2015

No. Thank you, but no.

by Chairyreply 102/02/2013

Wow, he actually is good looking.

by Chairyreply 202/02/2013

Oh Hell YES!

by Chairyreply 303/04/2015

Hey Scott, call me!

by Chairyreply 403/04/2015



by Chairyreply 503/04/2015


by Chairyreply 603/04/2015

He looks as if a lot of work is put in daily and annually to make sure he stays looking pretty.

by Chairyreply 703/04/2015

[quote]Do we want to eat his ass out?

Oh, hell yes.

by Chairyreply 803/04/2015

A nibble would be nice.

by Chairyreply 903/04/2015

I remember when he was going by his mother's name. He was credited in his father's GRAN TORINO and FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS (and other stuff) as 'Scott Reeves.'

Same with Bryce Dallas Howard. She went by simply 'Bryce Dallas' for the longest time, and fairly recently started using her father's surname.

Why do they always go back to using their famous father's name?

by Chairyreply 1003/04/2015

Does he talk to empty chairs too?

by Chairyreply 1103/04/2015

[You do realize that this is a troll, right? You might want to stop talking to it.]

by Chairyreply 1203/04/2015

[quote]Why do they always go back to using their famous father's name?

I have no idea what you're talking about.

by Chairyreply 1303/04/2015

nepotism is such a hard life

by Chairyreply 1403/04/2015

Given he's a carbon copy of his father, there's little point in pretending he's not related. Bryce Dallas Howard? Didn't she morph into Jessica Chastain?

by Chairyreply 1503/04/2015

Those early pics of Clint make it look as if he was wearing a big wig.

by Chairyreply 1603/04/2015

Scott Eastwood is gorgeous and exactly my type.

by Chairyreply 1703/04/2015

How many kids did Clint fathered? This kid looks so much like him but shorter. Any other brothers?

by Chairyreply 1803/04/2015

Isn't running on the street barefoot dangerous?

by Chairyreply 1903/04/2015

Handsome ,but with his pretentiously shot enjoying a cigar and beer while sailing his fake gf around the Florida Keys pix ...tries WAY to damn hard to contrive the rakish,masculine image his dad did so effortlessly.

by Chairyreply 2003/04/2015


by Chairyreply 2103/04/2015


Young Clint or his son?

by Chairyreply 2203/04/2015

R20 his fake girlfriend? Jesus, you guys think every hot guy is gay. *eyeroll*

by Chairyreply 2303/04/2015

LOVE that pic r20.

by Chairyreply 2403/04/2015

Is he retarded like his father?

by Chairyreply 2503/04/2015

R2 nailed it. Not that bright and not a good actor although he is full of himself when he talks. He had little to nothing to do in the Pitt war movie, Fury, but stuck out like a sore thumb because he was posing through the scene. Director probably did the father a solid.

by Chairyreply 2603/04/2015

That's a posed picture from a magazine shoot R20. Jesus.

by Chairyreply 2703/05/2015

I don't get the attraction.

by Chairyreply 2803/05/2015

R23. R27.

Are you learning disabled with limited comprehension skills? Prone to logic fallacies? Of COURSE it's a posed picture...that was exactly my point and I made it very clear. It seems every other pic I see of this guy he is trying to construct a macho,alpha male image that to me, appears very contrived and self-aware and ultimately, unsexy.

OP posed a question regarding Eastwood's sexual desirability and I offered a counter argument as to why I found him FUCK me for having an opinion when one is solicited.

by Chairyreply 2903/05/2015

Good looking, but seems a bit dopey and doesn't have that natural charisma and machismo that his dad had. God, Clint was gorgeous in his younger days. This kid's just trying to get by on his dads looks. Good luck to him, but I don't think he'll be a big star.

by Chairyreply 3003/05/2015

Young Clint was hotter in the A Man With No Name trilogy; he looked older than his age, which actually helped. No idea why he did. It's not like he lived a hard life:

"Was a lifeguard and swimming instructor for the U.S. Army in the early 1950s, stationed at Fort Ord in California. According to high school friend Don Loomis ("Clint: The Life and Legend" by Patrick McGilligan), Eastwood avoided being sent to Korea by romancing one of the daughters of a Fort Ord officer, who might have been entreated to watch out for him when names came up for postings."

Scott's hot as well, but it's harder to cultivate a persona now.

by Chairyreply 3103/05/2015

He is hot as fuck.

by Chairyreply 3203/05/2015

He's a handsome guy, but he's not as handsome as his father was at that age. Clint had much bigger eyes. Scott is beady eyed.

by Chairyreply 3303/05/2015

He has deformed nipples.

by Chairyreply 3403/05/2015

[quote]"Was a lifeguard and swimming instructor for the U.S. Army in the early 1950s, stationed at Fort Ord in California.

So is that how he ended up living in the Monterey area?

by Chairyreply 3503/05/2015

I'm a REAL Alpha male..I don't need no fuckin' cross trainers, girly gym equipment or faggy compression shorts. I get what I need from the STREET!

Incidentally, I want total approval on all images before going to print.

by Chairyreply 3603/08/2015

I think he's quite tremendously tremendous!.

by Chairyreply 3703/08/2015

Damn R37! I never realized what giant meat hooks Bradley Cooper has.

They look like inflated Playtex living gloves!

by Chairyreply 3803/08/2015

R38 , lol was about to post the same thing, sausage fingers are not hot.

by Chairyreply 3903/08/2015

R20, did he borrow that shirt from Aaron Schock?

by Chairyreply 4003/09/2015

Go ahead. Make my gay.

by Chairyreply 4103/09/2015


by Chairyreply 4203/12/2015

[quote]How many kids did Clint fathered? This kid looks so much like him but shorter. Any other brothers?

7 -Scott Eastwood, Kyle Eastwood, Francesca Eastwood, Alison Eastwood, Kathryn Eastwood, Kimber Lynn Eastwood, Morgan Eastwood

by Chairyreply 4303/12/2015

r43 You forgot Adolf Eastwood

by Chairyreply 4403/12/2015

And he had most of them after the age of 35...

by Chairyreply 4503/12/2015

I saw him in some Texas Chainsaw movie. He wasn't very good at all.

by Chairyreply 4603/12/2015

Looks good in the movie poster.

by Chairyreply 4703/12/2015

I'd rather Pizza--preferably from Giordano's in Chicago (the stuffed kind).

by Chairyreply 4803/12/2015

"Scott Eastwood, Riding Towards Movie Stardom"

by Chairyreply 4904/10/2015

His new movie is getting awful reviews.

by Chairyreply 5004/10/2015

IIRC, about three of Clint's children were from relationships, he never married Scott's mother or Frances Fisher, who Clint also had a child with. Not sure if he had a kid with that blond actress Sondra something.

by Chairyreply 5104/10/2015

Is he still trying to tell everyone he made it all on his own?

by Chairyreply 5204/10/2015

Lol Lainey

by Chairyreply 5304/10/2015

In some photos he looks seriously simian.

by Chairyreply 5404/10/2015

Scott Eastwood was on Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live," with Jon Cryer and said that Ashton Kutcher screwed his girlfriend at the time and that was what ended Kutcher's marriage to Demi Moore.

by Chairyreply 5504/10/2015

Andy Cohen appeared to be nursing a boner for thirty minutes during the Eastwood appearance.

by Chairyreply 5604/11/2015

That ASS though,..

by Chairyreply 5704/11/2015

Is he really 5'11 ? Looks very short to me like 5'9 or something.

by Chairyreply 5804/11/2015

Stop trying to make this guy happen. It ain't ever going to happen. This dude is the new Kardashian.

by Chairyreply 5904/11/2015

Looks like a poor man's Chris Evans.

by Chairyreply 6004/11/2015

Very cute but kinda blah.

by Chairyreply 6104/11/2015

Pssst! He throws a ball like a girl!

by Chairyreply 6204/11/2015

'Pervy uncle'...?

by Chairyreply 6304/11/2015

[quote]7 -Scott Eastwood, Kyle Eastwood, Francesca Eastwood, Alison Eastwood, Kathryn Eastwood, Kimber Lynn Eastwood, Morgan Eastwood

And no doubt those family values assholes would vote for Clint in a heartbeat, because they're nothing if not consistent when it comes to their lack of integrity and glaring hypocrisy.

by Chairyreply 6404/11/2015

Andy Cohen looks extremely wonky eyed in that photo.

Why is Scott Eastwood working out barefoot and in jeans. Are these stills from a movie or photo shoot?

by Chairyreply 6504/11/2015

[quote]I saw him in some Texas Chainsaw movie. He wasn't very good at all.

Well, he is a Leatherface. I can't believe how many wrinkles he has. I thought he was in his 40s. It's ahocking that he's still only in his 20s.

by Chairyreply 6604/11/2015

What does his brother Kyle look like?

by Chairyreply 6704/11/2015

Not hot r67.

by Chairyreply 6804/11/2015

He looks pockety. I'd say 5'8" at MOST.

by Chairyreply 6904/11/2015

Hard nips:

by Chairyreply 7004/11/2015

They should introduce him as a new character to replace Paul Walker in the Fast & Furious movies.

by Chairyreply 7104/12/2015

He has thin lips, and his acting is mediocre.

by Chairyreply 7204/12/2015

Wow, how did Scott get all the looks and his younger brother looks like that schlub? Do they have different fathers?

by Chairyreply 7304/12/2015

Different mothers, r73

by Chairyreply 7404/12/2015

The side by side pics with daddy are like scary. Amazing resemblance, like twins.

by Chairyreply 7504/12/2015
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