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How do I put this delicately?

Once you had carnal relations with a man of African-American descent, it's very unusual to go back.

by Mamiereply 369Last Thursday at 11:48 AM

Something about the scent, addictive.

by Mamiereply 112/21/2012

In layman's terms, OP:

Once you go black, you NEVAH go back!!

by Mamiereply 212/21/2012

Ooooh. I been back and forth and back and forth.

by Mamiereply 312/21/2012

Mamie rocks.

by Mamiereply 412/21/2012



LOVELOVELOVE getting their (finest in the world) asses eaten out.

by Mamiereply 512/21/2012

Toure makes me horny.

by Mamiereply 612/21/2012

r2 has a flair for the obvious.

by Mamiereply 712/21/2012

I have been once or twice and I went back. Mainly I wanted to see what their hair felt like and if their lips were softer than white people's. It's quite the same, but that isn't the reason I went back, I just like a cute, white American guy. Why is it that white men are always the ones who get raped in prison? Is it because they are generally the best looking?

by Mamiereply 812/21/2012

The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice.

by Mamiereply 912/21/2012

I've been back. I'm not a size queen.

by Mamiereply 1012/21/2012

Honestly, I don't find them attractive, so I've never been! Maybe if I find one that looks like Jesse Williams from Grey's Anatomy.

by Mamiereply 1112/21/2012

Although I like President Obama (however I'm beginning to wonder what he's doing by saying one thing to the American people about Social Security and Medicare and another to the republicans lately), I wouldn't go to bed with him for all the tea in China. And speaking of Asians, the same goes for them and before the hypersensitive types get all cranked up to shriek "racist" I will say that there are a good many white men I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole either, not that I have a ten foot pole. A good man is hard to find just as a hard man is good to find.

by Mamiereply 1212/21/2012

Ummm you don't go back because your hole is wrecked. You have no choice. Nothing else will accommodate your gaping glory hole.

by Mamiereply 1312/21/2012

R12 so basically you are saying that there are men you wouldn't sleep with. So what?

I know it's not PC to say, but I think *some* people are just more attracted to members of their own race.

by Mamiereply 1412/21/2012

[quote]Why is it that white men are always the ones who get raped in prison? Is it because they are generally the best looking?

Bitch, please.

by Mamiereply 1512/22/2012

[quote]Honestly, I don't find them attractive, so I've never been!

And the feeling is definitely mutual

by Mamiereply 1612/22/2012

African-American skin doesn't wrinkle.

by Mamiereply 1712/22/2012

I went black is never went back. best bodies ever. And they hold. That all said... sure I would still bang some stupid white fucker's ass in prison. Thats a one-off but long term its black men who rock the cock.

by Mamiereply 1812/22/2012

OPs thread is a direct quote from Hot in Cleveland, for those of you who don't watch.

by Mamiereply 1912/22/2012

I have no problem with an assortment.

Not sure what the problem is with others.

by Mamiereply 2012/22/2012

Ain't that the truth, R17!

by Mamiereply 2112/22/2012

My experience with black men has been the same with other men: some are good, some are okay, some are lousy in bed.

I think a lot of you operate out of fantasy land and not the real world.

by Mamiereply 2212/22/2012

f&f for r8

by Mamiereply 2312/22/2012

Preach R16.

by Mamiereply 2412/22/2012

There is something about their tongue. Very sensual.

by Mamiereply 2512/22/2012

Bottom here and I've been back. I will say the black tops I've been with have been for the most part more sensual than white tops. But like R22, I find it usually has more to do with the man than his skin color.

by Mamiereply 2612/22/2012

I am a top (always) but here lately the though of having a big black man ride me like a prancing pony makes me feel "giddy" inside. AM I ok?

by Mamiereply 2712/22/2012

Op gets an A, in generalizing

by Mamiereply 2812/22/2012

I'll say.

by Mamiereply 2912/22/2012

"There is something about their tongue."

If they had but one neck...

by Mamiereply 3012/22/2012

R16 That's fine. I don't care at all if I am not attractive to black men as I am not attracted to them! I'll gladly be friends with them but that's as far as it goes.

If I meet a black man that looks like Michael Ealy or Jesse Williams I might change my mind though.

by Mamiereply 3112/22/2012

Well isn't that special, R31? It's good to know that a black man must have white-ish features for you to be remotely attracted to him. I'm so glad that you're not so hung up on color!

by Mamiereply 3212/22/2012

Your mistake in highlighting color prejudice, R32, is that you assign certain features according to skin color.

by Mamiereply 3312/22/2012

R32 how does that make me hung up on colour? If there were more black men walking around with Caucasian features then I would probably be attracted to them regardless of their skin colour. I honestly can't help who I'm attracted to. I'm not attracted to Asian men either!

Unfortunately, my sexuality doesn't conform to your PC rules.

by Mamiereply 3412/22/2012

[quote]Your mistake in highlighting color prejudice, [R32], is that you assign certain features according to skin color.

Hey, I can't help it if R31 named two black men who have features not generally associated with the average black man. And yes, we come in many different shades--this I know.

by Mamiereply 3512/22/2012

R34 is ignorant, and apparently has never seen any East or North Africans.

But whatever--he sounds like an idiot.

by Mamiereply 3612/23/2012

R22 got it right. Men are men, and the color of the package doesn't make much difference.

by Mamiereply 3712/23/2012

Isn't homosexuality a western import and corruption of Africans?

by Mamiereply 3812/23/2012

I've been with several black guys - two younger ones (20s) I fucked senseless. Amazingly hot in bed. One dude was a college swimmer(!) and had a smoning hot body - I just ot stiff thinking of him. I will agree about the scent - very very addictive.

by Mamiereply 3912/23/2012

OP, I can't believe they got away with that line on Hot in Cleveland. TWICE!

by Mamiereply 4012/23/2012

Dick is dick! Who cares what color it is. Society really has it's priorities fucked up.

by Mamiereply 4112/23/2012

Wait, what? I thought black people aren't good at swimming R39

by Mamiereply 4212/23/2012

I've been wanting to go black reeeeeeal bad.

by Mamiereply 4312/23/2012

R36 Do you have to resort to insults just because I'm not attracted to black men? I freely admit it in person and none of my friends has ever been offended.

It's ok not to be attracted to certain physical characteristics. I already said that I'm not ruling out the possibility that there is a black man out there for me, just haven't met one I'm attracted to yet. I've still watched porn with black stars and it's not like I'm repulsed by them or anything.

by Mamiereply 4412/24/2012

So true!

by Mamiereply 4512/24/2012

[quote]African-American descent

How about those not from America?

Does this include South-African white?

by Mamiereply 4612/24/2012


Blacks say this only to make themselves feel good.

And, for some reason, they feel the need to say it over and over and over again.

The line is more played out then "rode hard and put up wet."

I mean, really? Why are blacks so insecure?

by Mamiereply 4712/24/2012

From the looks of the thread, R47, apparently you're wrong.

Maybe *you're* the one with the insecurity problem.

by Mamiereply 4812/24/2012

I'm ridiculously attracted to black men. With that said, I don't see how it's racist for someone not to be attracted to them (or any other race for that matter). It's no different than me being gay and NOT sexually attracted to women--that doesn't mean I'm sexist! It just means my dick doesn't respond to females.

by Mamiereply 4912/24/2012

Apples and oranges, R49.

by Mamiereply 5012/24/2012

How so? Just because your penis doesn't react to something doesn't mean you're racist against it!

by Mamiereply 5112/24/2012

I don't even know what that means, "put up wet."

by Mamiereply 5212/24/2012

[quote]With that said, I don't see how it's racist for someone not to be attracted to them

You don't understand that? Have you seen the variation in black men? Different skin complexions, different body types, different eye color, different backgrounds? Are Wesley Snipes, Michael Ealy, Will Smith, Jesse Williams, or Wentworth Miller even remotely similar?

To say you're not into red heads is fine, because you're excluding all red heads and not blonds or brunettes.

To say you're not into black guys, is ridiculous, unless you have seen every black guy on the planet.

by Mamiereply 5312/24/2012

Women come in all shapes and sizes too, and I'm not into ANY of them. I don't have to see every woman on the planet to know this. Doesn't make me racist against women.

by Mamiereply 5412/24/2012

Once again, I find it funny how people try to say "oh well it's my penis that discriminates" no no. You're just prejudice. Comparing gender to race is also offensive "well i'm not interested in women" oh okay,so you're saying all races have something equally in common...? what is that? Skin color? What else could it be? Exactly. That's the definition of racism, you're writing off an entire group of people based on skin, then have the nerve to say it isn't racist because you're penis doesn't think it is.

by Mamiereply 5512/24/2012

Am I prejudice against little kids or elderly people too because I'm not sexually attracted to them? Give me a break. Quit reading so deep into shit.

by Mamiereply 5612/24/2012

Really r54? You really don't understand the difference? You're that guy?

by Mamiereply 5712/24/2012

R54 is a racist, people who discuss race always reveal they're true colors without realizing it. African American men aren't women, therefore are varied and no two people have anything in you're saying it's like women because they're black? Does it make sense how that is a racist statement?

by Mamiereply 5812/24/2012

How am I racist? I already said I LOVE BLACK GUYS!! You're really striking out here.

by Mamiereply 5912/24/2012

R56 has a mental illness, once again comparing a race of people to old people.....and children....fuck you. Do you have a klan meeting to attend?

by Mamiereply 6012/24/2012

I picked up a hot thuggish black hustler at an ABS on 8th Ave last night. After he flashed me the goods (10+ inches and thick, huge biceps with deeply hairy pits, 6-pack abs with yummy treasure trail), my hole became aflame. We went back to my place and made love for several hours. Just thought you'd like to know.

by Mamiereply 6112/24/2012


You are not alone. I am a white guy and not particularly interested in black men either. There have been a few I've found "hot" but not all that many. If it's a matter of penis size ... MEGAYAWN! I'm not generally interested in east Asians much either (again, here and there some are incredibly attractive). South Asians and Latinos, yes! Please not the word GENERALLY. I'm sure there have been black guys R44 has found attractive as well, just not all that many. If someone who was not white said, "I think white guys are boring" (as a generalization) that would be fine with me! Racism is if you think nonwhites are "inferior" by definition.

by Mamiereply 6212/24/2012

Exactly...I'm white, and if someone puts in their profile that they're "only looking for black" or whatever, I don't get my panties in a twist and call racism! I just figure that's what turns them on and MOVE ON. Some of you people must be insufferable IRL.

by Mamiereply 6312/24/2012

Better than being prejudice. R63. Better than being prejudice.

by Mamiereply 6412/24/2012


by Mamiereply 6512/24/2012

[quote]Better than being prejudice



by Mamiereply 6612/24/2012

He doesn't get that he's racist, but otherwise he's not malicious. Just let it go.

by Mamiereply 6712/24/2012

Wentworth Miller is black?

by Mamiereply 6812/24/2012

R67 - "Racist" would be along the lines of, "sorry, I'm not into bestiality with monkeys" - get the difference between that and "black guys just don't do anything for me sexually"?

by Mamiereply 6912/24/2012

And I misread op as having "camel relations"...

by Mamiereply 7012/24/2012

R62 Yeah, I already posted some black celebs I think are attractive, but someone decided they were too "white" looking so I am apparently still a racist! But no, I have never met a black man in person who I have been physically attracted to in any way.

I even find women of all ethnicities beautiful, I like east asian women in particular (yes, that old gay stereotype), but I find the men to be really unattractive!

by Mamiereply 7112/24/2012

Sorry R71, you're racist and should die in a grease fire.

by Mamiereply 7212/24/2012

Sorry, R69, no.

by Mamiereply 7312/24/2012

So, what would all you hall monitors say about white men who only like black men and black men who only like white men. Are they racist also for eliminating EVERYONE in their own group? Or are they just self loathing?

by Mamiereply 7412/24/2012

Nothing delicate about it! Hard black cock up my hinie makes my day!

by Mamiereply 7512/24/2012

Both, R74.

by Mamiereply 7612/24/2012

The hottest black men I know don't really deal with white men. Something about white guys dicks reminding them of raw meat. A black fb told me that once and I never forgot it.

by Mamiereply 7712/24/2012

Seriously, you rarely go back to a white guy. And, it's true love, if you go back. Black men have a different way of making love, that's hard to forget.

by Mamiereply 7812/24/2012

Most black men prefer white women, than black men preferring white guys.

by Mamiereply 7912/24/2012

Myth, R79.

by Mamiereply 8012/24/2012

For me personally, I like a guy with a built body and nice ass, which is a lot of other minorities, so I'm into latinos a lot. I don't discriminate based on race, but It's rare I see a white guy with built body and a bubble butt. I'm black, so that's what I look for.

by Mamiereply 8112/24/2012

[quote]Most black men prefer white women, than black men preferring white guys.

Nice syntax and grammar, fuckface.

by Mamiereply 8212/24/2012

I was told one time that I fuck like a black guy (I'm white). I took that as a compliment. But I suppose that makes me racist, so I'm fucked.

by Mamiereply 8312/24/2012

If you even say the word "black" or describe someone as being black, you're racist.

by Mamiereply 8412/24/2012

[quote]Most black men prefer white women, than black men preferring white guys.

Which is why over 90% of black men are partnered with other blacks. Please, the only reason the black man-white woman pairing is so conspicuous is because its especially jarring to white men. Even Shakespeare was aware of it. No one cares if Asian guys hook up with white girls.

by Mamiereply 8512/27/2012

I'm black and have never been attracted to a white guy. I don't think I'm racist and or ruling it out, but it just hasn't happened and I know what I like.

by Mamiereply 8612/27/2012

I don't think being not attracted to a certain ethnicity is racist so much as it is a completely ridiculous side effect of carefully constructed social engineering.

I'm black, prefer to have black men as partners but when single I love to fuck the shit out of a pink hole every chance I get. White guys are great fuckbuddies but to me not partner material.

I'm sorry but I've tried to date them before and they are so hung up on race that they can't treat you like a person. They get totally uncomfortable when *they* are the minority in the room. They cave in to social pressure to date a white guy even if they really truly do love black men. I've just had enough weird experiences dating white men I don't bother doing anything but fucking them at this point.

I guess that sounds bad, but sometimes real life isn't very PC. But my desire for pink white boy ass is just a fetish that I indulge, much like my 9" big black dick is a fetish they indulge so as long as we're using each other I'm fine with it.

by Mamiereply 8712/27/2012

R87, call me.

by Mamiereply 8812/27/2012

No, R87, call ME.

by Mamiereply 8912/27/2012

Agree w/ R22. They can be the best or the worst.

by Mamiereply 9012/27/2012

Uh, r85, I think it's especially jarring to black women.

Some get demented and homicidal about it.... like that bat shit Tiger Woods troll.

by Mamiereply 9112/27/2012

I like to spread myself around.

by Mamiereply 9212/27/2012

What is this scent that you crazy white boys are talking about??

Ass is the #1 draw for black men, gay and straight. Myself included. Thats not to say that white guys dont have good asses.

[quote]I'm black and have never been attracted to a white guy. I don't think I'm racist and or ruling it out, but it just hasn't happened and I know what I like.

The social engineering r87 mentioned. I dont think you're racist either. Everybody has a type, but it doesnt mean you wont find yourself sexually turned on by a white man one day.

by Mamiereply 9312/27/2012

Hope you didn't get it delicately.

by Mamiereply 9412/27/2012

I want to get ravaged by the BBD.

by Mamiereply 9512/27/2012

You gotta admit the Kardashian sisters have good taste.

by Mamiereply 9612/27/2012

No one hotter that a hot black man. No one.

by Mamiereply 9712/27/2012

[quote]You gotta admit the Kardashian sisters have good taste.

Ah, no.

by Mamiereply 9812/27/2012

[quote]You gotta admit the Kardashian sisters have good taste.

True that! I'd let Reggie Bush rip me to SHREDS!!!!

by Mamiereply 9912/27/2012

So. What kind of black guys are we into? The smooth Barack Obama, Idris Elba type? The thuggish, around the way, likely to get arrested T.I., Chris Brown type? Or the athletic ones like Reggie Bush or Victor Cruz?

by Mamiereply 10012/27/2012

R37 what is the social engineering you speak of? How black men are portrayed in the media?

by Mamiereply 10112/28/2012

Please r91, how can you say black women get "homicidal" when it's black men who were historically lynched by white men for so much as even looking at white women?

by Mamiereply 10212/28/2012

[R102] What century is this? I don't know what part of the world you're from, but where I live in California most black men don't avoid dating white women because of what white boys might think. Most wouldn't dare say anything to their face about it. Ignoring mentally ill racists is the best way to deal with that kind of thing.

by Mamiereply 10312/28/2012

R102 is posting from 1850 Mississippi.

by Mamiereply 10412/28/2012

I'm a white dude and I haven't been out with another white guy in years. Black and Blatino men only.

Any questions?

by Mamiereply 10512/28/2012

I have a question R105, do you bring up race all the time or ask offensive questions to your African American partners? If not kudos to you.

by Mamiereply 10612/28/2012

r101, Im going to go out on a limb and say the "social engineering" happens when you dont get a lot of real exposure to races outside of your own, so you have less inclination to date outside of your race.

by Mamiereply 10712/28/2012

No, R106, I don't bring up race explicitly unless the other guy does. Otherwise, I just relax and enjoy being with someone I like.

by Mamiereply 10812/28/2012

It doesnt get much better

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 10912/29/2012

true OP

by Mamiereply 11009/08/2013

[quote]You gotta admit the Kardashian sisters have good taste.

Maybe, but their boyfriends certainly do NOT!

by Mamiereply 11109/08/2013

I so want Diesel Washington in me.......but then I read here about his having all sorts of stds (though not HIV thankfully).

How the hell am I ever going to make my fantasy of being banged by a well hung black man going to come true?

by Mamiereply 11209/08/2013

Once was enough. It was lovely but I'm hardwired for white boys and I felt like Dian Fossey.

If you're just there for the sex you may as well be a friend of mine who adores them and said "It's a shame they don't just grunt."

by Mamiereply 11309/08/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Mamiereply 11409/08/2013


by Mamiereply 11509/13/2013

I want to get laid like this daily!

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 11609/13/2013

Thread from the 1950's. Why are old threads resurrected?!

by Mamiereply 11709/13/2013

Size is not relevant. There is no one hotter in this world than a hot black man.

by Mamiereply 11809/15/2013

R{116] more, more, more!

by Mamiereply 11909/15/2013

Regarding the question someone posed about the "scent of a black man," it would be foolish as hell to generalize a particular trait as applying to an entire race of human beings.

Having said that, from my own non-generalizing, personal experiences, the black men I have blown have had the most heady, intoxicating and arousing scent emanating from their balls and sack. Nothing drives me wilder than to press my nose and open mouth against their scrotum and just inhale deeply. Mmm mmm mmm.

As to never going back, that doesn't apply to me. I am drawn to authentic, confident men with healthy bodies and kind hearts. Fortunately, no race can claim a monopoly on those qualities, as they are common to all humans in all places.

by Mamiereply 12009/15/2013

I am 67 years old with a life long interest in black guys. I have had a number of them. Not sure how many would be enough.

I live near a army fort, small community. Over the years I have had many black soldiers.

Recently I have been getting with a very beautiful black man. He is 29, 6'2" with a beautiful body and a big uncircumcised dick. Like 9 or 10 inches. Beautiful ass. The first time he came over he let me spoil his big dick and balls. Can't imagine what it looked like with me slobbering all over his crotch. Finally he grabbed me and moved us into a 69 for the most incredible experience with cum in each others mouth.

He was out in the field for a few weeks and when he got back we got together again. I asked to massage him. He laid on his belly and I oiled him up, working my hands over his beautiful flesh, especially his ass. We ended up in a 69 and I fucked him. I now see him every week.

We talked after our first get together and he was telling me in a left handed way, that he liked older guys because they know what they want AND black guys had a harder time getting hook ups. If I am getting some black dick only because they have less offers, I won't complain. Leftovers and second choices are good enough for me.

Years ago I lived in Washington D. C. for a short time. I was mesmerized by the beautiful black men and the beautiful asses.

by Mamiereply 12109/15/2013

Wow, so very hot r121!

by Mamiereply 12209/22/2013

Went there, ran back.

by Mamiereply 12309/22/2013

I think OP is saying that having sex with a black man ruins you for anyone else. Except Danny Thomas.

by Mamiereply 12409/22/2013

Never trust a white guy with a fetish. Dinge queens, rice queens, whatever.

I'm black and I don't like twinks, gingers, or men of Eastern European descent - they tend to have hygiene issues. I'm also not into Asian men - I don't hate Asians or anything like that, I just don't find them physically attractive. To each his own.

The black man's experience in this world has been one of horrific disenfranchisement and rejection, so I understand why some brothers here get annoyed if some white queen here says that they are not attracted to black men - you are taking it as they don't like black people. Hey, maybe they don't. Focus on the people who do. But be careful of those objectifying types.

by Mamiereply 12509/22/2013

Get down off that cross R125, someone needs the wood.

by Mamiereply 12609/22/2013

I would R126, but the stench from your mangina makes the air down there quite intolerable.

by Mamiereply 12709/22/2013

R125:[quote]be careful of those objectifying types.

Why? I have one very specific "type" that's my very favorite kind of guy. Almost no one fits the profile. By your logic, the few who do should avoid me. Again, why?

[Incidentally, since nearly no one is part of my "objectif(ied)" type, I am very happy with a larger, much more inclusive set of men.]

by Mamiereply 12809/22/2013

R125: I have more interest in pussy than I do in black men, but your diatribe was just pathetic histrionics.

by Mamiereply 12909/22/2013

I found it VERY easy to go back. In fact, I couldn't go back fast enough...

by Mamiereply 13009/22/2013

[quote]but your diatribe was just pathetic histrionics.

What's pathetic is your use of ten-dollar words. Diatribe. Histrionics. Bitch, spare me.

by Mamiereply 13109/22/2013

R130 - Meet us in the Jesse Eisenberg thread.

by Mamiereply 13209/22/2013

R131: I'm sorry that I went to a decent college. Sue me? I'm not insulting black people, just YOU.

by Mamiereply 13309/22/2013

[quote]ten-dollar words. Diatribe. Histrionics.

Holy Hyperbole.

by Mamiereply 13409/22/2013

I had a few blacks. They smell.

by Mamiereply 13509/22/2013

R133, you are a liar. You didn't go to a decent college.

by Mamiereply 13609/22/2013

R136: I learned more than $10 worth of words.

by Mamiereply 13709/22/2013

I'm guessing you smell, like old man R135. Try 10 college guys and 3-4 of them will smell, especially dirty ass. Your bias is so dated, like you.

by Mamiereply 13809/22/2013

You can go back after going black, but only if you manage to escape alive.

by Mamiereply 13909/22/2013

You're a treasure R139. You are probably a total hypocrite when it comes to the countless horrible generalizations and stereotypes about gay men as being pedophiles and disease spreaders. You're an idiot but you know that deep inside.

by Mamiereply 14009/22/2013

Very ambiguously worded, OP.

by Mamiereply 14109/22/2013

Flame and freak me but this Motorcycle/Road Rage story is going to really explode over the next few days.

I have to say after seeing the road rage incident footage - and the "victim's" wife, it really makes me less and less interested in having sex with minorities. Flame and freak me but this is how I now feel.

by Mamiereply 14210/01/2013

Because they stole your wallet, cash and keys?

by Mamiereply 14310/01/2013

Mamie? How would she know. She only dates gay white theatre types. I smell fraud.

by Mamiereply 14410/01/2013

There's something so hot about having a muscled, handsome black stud with a fat 9" cock plunging deeply into your hole with your knees pinned behind your head. I'm a white guy, and sex with a black man is especially hot because it feels so god damn wrong. I do not mean this to sound racist as I have many black friends and have dated black men in my past. Maybe it is derived from my conservative upbringing in the burbs, but sex with a black man seems so much hotter because it feels so freakin' dirty.

Hot damn....

by Mamiereply 14510/01/2013

too much information, dude

by Mamiereply 14610/01/2013

Exhibit A Plus

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 14710/03/2013

The darker the college, the sweeter the knowledge!

by Mamiereply 14810/03/2013

darker the college?

by Mamiereply 14910/04/2013

The scent of a black man is HOT....I LOVE black guys

by Mamiereply 15010/04/2013

While there are some very prominent feminine black dudes, overall black dudes are just so much more masculine than your average white guy. Swagger just comes naturally for most Black men. And Latinos.

by Mamiereply 15110/04/2013

black don't crack

by Mamiereply 15210/06/2013

I tried it and went back. I love soft hair so prefer white men, just love to nuzzle in my boyfriend's neck and his hair.

by Mamiereply 15310/06/2013

you sound delicate and prissy, r153. just sayin, man.

by Mamiereply 15410/06/2013

Their sweat is more pungent, I know I will get flamed for this but they do have a stronger smell.

by Mamiereply 15510/06/2013

r154, I am busted, I'm a chick

by Mamiereply 15610/06/2013

White tops always eat out black bottoms- every time.

by Mamiereply 15710/06/2013

What is the dynamic between white total tops and black bottoms?

by Mamiereply 15810/06/2013

Tyson Kobie

by Mamiereply 15910/07/2013

In college I had a HUGE crush on my roommate's cousin who was gay and went to a neighboring school. I was at Potsdam, he was at Canton. We hung out quite a bit. I loved his sense of humor and overall outlook on life. Anyway, we made out a couple of times, but when I asked him if he might be interested in actually dating he told me he didn't date white guys cuz we all smelled like wet potato chips. I thought he was kidding, but no, he was serious! Shattered my fascination with him. After that he stopped coming by the dorm so often and barely spoke when we saw each other socially.

So there you go, I was turned away at the brink.

by Mamiereply 16010/07/2013

sad story

by Mamiereply 16110/07/2013

My boyfriend at the time wanted to see his black friend do me. For lack of a more delicate term, I'm a screaming bottom, 5'4 and 119 lbs. My BFs friend was 6'4, 235, muscled up and I swear almost 25cm. I was slammed, jammed, rammed and turned inside out. Long story short, I started cheated on my bf with this guy. Eventually broke up with the bf and dated the other guy for about a year until his job moved him back to Amsterdam. My current bf is biracial but looks white.

by Mamiereply 16210/07/2013

[quote]I was slammed, jammed, rammed and turned inside out.

Did you scream, literally?

by Mamiereply 16310/07/2013

More boyfriend had to put his hands over my mouth, for fear that the neighbors would think I was being murdered.

by Mamiereply 16410/07/2013

r162, why do you cheat, dude?

by Mamiereply 16510/07/2013

It wasn't my finest hour, but I became addicted to the sex.

by Mamiereply 16610/07/2013

r116 thanks for that link

I have a new obsession

J Strokes

So fucking hot

by Mamiereply 16710/07/2013

J Strokes?

by Mamiereply 16810/07/2013

[quote]More boyfriend had to put his hands over my mouth, for fear that the neighbors would think I was being murdered

YASSSS hunny! That's what I'm talking about

by Mamiereply 16910/07/2013

Check link at r116 or this link here

Hot str8 fucker with amazing ass

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 17010/07/2013

Rhythm matters

by Mamiereply 17110/08/2013


CHICAGO, IL – In a three year study that has just concluded, scientists at the University of Chicago have been testing the widely accepted theory that once you go black, you never go back.

“We’ve all heard it at some point in our lives, that if a Caucasian person, either man or woman, sleeps with an African American, they will never settle for a member of their own race again,” said James Graves, head researcher for the study. “Soon, we hope to be able to give the world a definitive answer to this question. We will be able to tell one way or another that black cock, or pussy, has some magical property that makes you need it. Crave it. Until that’s all you want.”

For the past several years, scientists have been testing the theory on both black and white mice. By coupling white mice with black mice, the team has noted any difference in the actions of the white mice once they are put back in a white couple.

“The results that we’ve recorded from the mice has been nothing short of spectacular,” Graves said. “Only once has a white mouse that’s been paired with a black mouse, gone back to a white mouse. Now to be fair, the white mouse did have some really nice teats. Do mice even look at teats, or did I just notice them because I’ve been single for a really long time? Who knows. The point is that out of all the forced mice sex that we’ve monitored, the idiom seems to be true. True enough that we progressed to the human part of the experiment.”

Graves and his team moved onto the next phase of the study that included 500 humans from all over the world.

“This study had to be big, because we wanted as wide of a range of data as we could get,” Graves said. “We tested people from every continent, just to see if it’s an American thing or if there is something in our human chemical make up that causes this to happen.”

The research team has also tested whether or not the idiom only applies to white, when introduced to black. Black mice have been coupled with other black mice, brown mice, and even mice that were painted blue.

“There are so many ways that we can take this experiment,” Graves said. “We can, and plan to see if the newly coined idiom ‘Once you go Mexican, you Mexican’t go back’ applies as well as some other theories. One of these theories we’ve taken to calling the ‘Berry Theorem,’ you know, from the saying ‘the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.’ This will show us if it is just a ‘black’ thing in general. If a lighter skinned African American is just as addictive as a darker one, we feel that the general populace needs to know.”

According to another member of the research team, Jon Grome, the team is close to publishing its results.

“We hope to have everything ready to go by the fall,” Grome said. “We’ve had an incredible response from the population, everyone seems to be eager to be part of this monumental experiment. We had 300 sorority girls apply for the study on the first day. We’re hoping to have everyone for the last round of testing come back in July, then we’ll get everyone fucking their brains out. I know that’s not a really scientific thing to say, but really, that’s what they’re going to be doing. Having a lot of sex. With everyone.”

by Mamiereply 17210/09/2013

How do they get funding for such shite?

by Mamiereply 17310/09/2013

r172 is a parody post I am assuming

by Mamiereply 17410/09/2013

Meh. Not turned on by self hating closet case babydaddies even the fake gay ones have a baby they are totally overrated. No thank you. If you don't honor your community or your mother ( I know, MARY!) I won't go there. Tired also of them slamming black chicks while they are slamming white holes. Total hypocrites and miss me with their talk of white racism and acceptance of BM hate crimes.

by Mamiereply 17510/09/2013

BM hate crimes?

by Mamiereply 17610/09/2013

Yes. They are killing and assaulting white folks at record numbers but its being covered up by the press. But just saying so would make me a troll, right? I for one am sick of the 'massa done me wrong help a brotha out' victim routine yet they abandon their communities to women they happily demonize, hate on wm like sport yet lust after white flesh. Bunch of fatherless hypocrites. No thank you, zero allure.

by Mamiereply 17710/09/2013

Are you asserting that they assaulting white people en masse because of race, because the vast majority of crimes committed by black people are against other black people?

by Mamiereply 17810/09/2013

I'm attracted to color not the features. Smell is less straightforward.

by Mamiereply 17910/09/2013

I am attracted to masculinity and athleticism, not smell.

by Mamiereply 18010/09/2013

So beautiful, so masculine, so fit.

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 18110/09/2013


Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 18210/09/2013

Why do the Kardashians like black men so much?

by Mamiereply 18310/09/2013

Not into black guys, because they think they can get any girl or guy. But, I would date Corbin Bleu in a heartbeat!

by Mamiereply 18410/09/2013

R183, Khloe could not get a date at all. So when Lamar showed her attention, she grabbed him because she could not get anyone else.

Kim is trashy and ruined, so all that is left for her to date are black guys.

The two youngest Jenner girls, Kylie and Kendall, ages 16 and 17, have no reason to date black guys except emulation of Khloe and Kim.

by Mamiereply 18510/09/2013

Once you go Black....

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 18610/09/2013

R184 are you high? Your response makes no sense. You say that you're not into black guys, then go on to say how you would date Corbin Bleu. So which is it? Are you into black guys or not?

And R185, there isn't a grease fire hot enough for your skank racist ass.

by Mamiereply 18710/09/2013

R96, no, the two Kardashian sisters, Khloe and Kim, do not have good taste.

Lamar Odom is homely, repellent, and repugnant in looks and behavior.

Yes, Reggie Bush is handsome.

But the two black men that Kim married are both homely (and the 2nd one has a lousy personality), and the man she is currently with, Kanye West, is not good looking nor attractive at all.

by Mamiereply 18810/09/2013

Perhaps it's like shooting up heroin.

If you avoid it, you will not be tempted to go back.

by Mamiereply 18910/10/2013

I think they get huge credit for snagging Reggie Bush, which overrides all the other bad choices they made.

by Mamiereply 19010/10/2013

Kanye West, R96, is both crazy and arrogant.

Did you hear about or see his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night or the night before?

A mentally disturbed person.

So no, Kim Kardashian does not have good taste.

by Mamiereply 19110/10/2013


Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 19210/10/2013

Why do BM assume everybody wants them including the drop outs and jailbirds and multiple babydaddies with no job? From bums on the street to thugs on the train the arrogance is insane is it their mothers filling their heads with a fantasy? They drool over ww like morons then call bw sell outs for watching Scandal their hypocrisy as a group is off the charts.

But oh yeh their dicks are really something, yawn.

by Mamiereply 19310/11/2013

ALpha Males are hot.

by Mamiereply 19410/12/2013


by Mamiereply 19511/02/2013

Black dudes are the hottest dudes

by Mamiereply 19612/04/2013

This is why

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 19712/10/2013


Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 19812/15/2013

We can never go baaaack toooo beeeefooooooooooore!

by Mamiereply 19912/15/2013

Well...... I "went black" once, and I never went back.

To black, that is. Never went back to black.

by Mamiereply 20012/15/2013

Not really, OP...

by Mamiereply 20112/15/2013

OP, if you don't understand why black men are the top of of the masculinity totem pole here's an something to help you understand:

Black men who talk and behave white (Bryant Gumbel, Wayne Brady, Carlton Banks) are considered unattractive pussies.

White men who act black (Elvis, Eminem, Timberlake, Thicke, John Cena ...) are considered sexy and have white women worshiping at their feet for the rest of their lives.

The black male is to men, what the white blonde female is to women. Clear now?

by Mamiereply 20212/15/2013

Have you [italic]read[/italic] the Timberlake threads here, R202?

by Mamiereply 20312/15/2013

Timberlake's career is built around millions of swooning white women, r203.

by Mamiereply 20412/15/2013

r162, you should've filmed that!

by Mamiereply 20512/15/2013

Khloe Kardashian has landed herself another black stud.

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 20612/17/2013

That was mean of him, r160. To say it to your face?

by Mamiereply 20712/17/2013

I've only been with one black guy and he had one of the tiniest dicks I've ever been with.

by Mamiereply 20812/17/2013

Hey, gurls! Time ta celibrate! Quick update. Beyoncé's latest release is up to almost a million of copies sold in less then 3 days. Woo-hoo! Gurl workin' it, y'alls!

by Mamiereply 20912/17/2013


Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 21001/02/2014

If anyone considers Timberlake sexy, it is because he has urban flavor, swagger, and soul. He is not whitebread. He has flow and swagger. He is a white soul brotha.

by Mamiereply 21101/02/2014

r211, get a clue.

r210 mmmmmmmm

by Mamiereply 21201/02/2014

I've had some delicious black gentlemen, but prefer to enjoy specimens of many different ethnicities :)

by Mamiereply 21301/07/2014


by Mamiereply 21401/25/2014


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by Mamiereply 21502/14/2014

Muscular black dudes are incredibly hot

by Mamiereply 21603/14/2014

Black dudes have more masculine confidence and swagger, which makes them manlier.

by Mamiereply 21703/30/2014

not into the darkies myself...

by Mamiereply 21803/30/2014

We went to a black and Latino club last night with a black friend of ours. I have a really nice ass and the more thuggish types were all over me. I got to go home with this one guy who was hot as fuck. My hole is still stinging.

by Mamiereply 21903/30/2014

[quote]We went to a black and Latino club last night with a black friend of ours

of ours?

by Mamiereply 22003/30/2014

r3, you've been black and forth

by Mamiereply 22103/30/2014

Do Black women produce the same effect of never going back?

by Mamiereply 22203/30/2014

In my experience, the peoples of the Orient (Asians if you must), are especially gifted in skills of mathematics and spelling.

by Mamiereply 22303/31/2014

What's not to like about over twenty minutes of hard thick cock pounding your manguyna?

by Mamiereply 22403/31/2014

I went back. Not because I didn't like it. Had some incredible sex with black guys. But, also, often it wasn't any better.

I grew up in a pretty integrated area and was fucking all races from the beginning. Have been with black guys who live up to every sexual stereotype and ones who weren't well hung at all, didn't have great bodies and were horrible in bed.

Have had everything from horrible to great with multiple races.

I'd definitely have sex with a black guy again. But, I'd also go back again.

by Mamiereply 22503/31/2014

Once you go blatino...

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 22605/02/2014

Black dudes have swag that makes all other men seem so feminine.

by Mamiereply 22705/03/2014


by Mamiereply 22805/05/2014

It's true, there is a deliciousness there that you'll never find in white men.

by Mamiereply 22905/05/2014

This is why you dont go back

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 23005/07/2014

I don't fancy da nigras myself...

by Mamiereply 23105/11/2014

back to court though is common

by Mamiereply 23205/11/2014

I'd rather drink goat's blood.

by Mamiereply 23305/11/2014

Been with maybe five...each, amazing, fantastic, had one of the three biggest dicks I have ever seen.

Have been settled in a relationship a long time, but love black guys, loving and gentle and very attentive/sensual. I know I am generalizing, but OMG!

by Mamiereply 23405/11/2014

There's no delicacy better than black cock.

by Mamiereply 23505/11/2014

I do mandinka.

by Mamiereply 23605/12/2014

I love the black cock. will get it every chance I got. not sure what the appeal is, partly its the masculinity of black guys, but also the size, shape, as well as the scent of a hot bod.

typical white bottom

by Mamiereply 23705/12/2014

I've encountered some radically femme black men, masculinity isn't their strong point.

by Mamiereply 23805/12/2014

r238, that is the rare exception. overall, black men tend to be much more masculine than the average dude.

by Mamiereply 23905/12/2014

Alpha Man

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 24005/16/2014


Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 24105/20/2014

Hottest and most masculine men on the planet. That is why.

by Mamiereply 24206/15/2014

no thanks, not interestd

by Mamiereply 24306/15/2014

Baseball Bat

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 24407/06/2014

baseball bat

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 24507/06/2014

Hotness, r245

by Mamiereply 24607/07/2014

Black dudes are just more masculine, physically and personality. It makes them Apex Males.

by Mamiereply 24711/02/2014

Alpha Male

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 24811/13/2014

It's all about masculinity and muscles

by Mamiereply 24911/27/2014

Black men are the epitome of masculinity. So very hot and manly

by Mamiereply 25001/11/2015

OP speaks the truth. I tried it once and never went back.

by Mamiereply 25101/11/2015

On the other hand, go on Grindr or any similar gay dating app and being black is a bigger stigma than being poz.

I have had otherwise liberal, educated friends tell me they just assume black men are far more likely to be HIV-positive and not know their status so they avoid all of them.

by Mamiereply 25201/11/2015

Grindr is a horrible place to find dates. It is filled with promiscuous immature men with STDs.

by Mamiereply 25301/14/2015

Manliness. I love real Alpha men

by Mamiereply 25401/16/2015

Never gone near one. Problem solved.

by Mamiereply 25501/16/2015

And they are glad you haven't

by Mamiereply 25601/27/2015

r255 is racist

by Mamiereply 25701/27/2015

OP, step aside and let me show you how to put it delicately. Here you go:

"Once you have carnal relations with a colored person, it's difficult to go back."

by Mamiereply 25801/27/2015

Black men just have that sexy masculine swagger that is maximum heat. And those bodies and booties.

by Mamiereply 25902/20/2015

Black dudes have awesome bods. They are incredible in bed too.

by Mamiereply 26003/05/2015

because, this...

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 26103/13/2015

Once you've tasted the superior swag and masculinity of black dudes, other guys seem so effeminate and corny. Black men are so cool in their hotness. That is why other men try to mimick their swag.

by Mamiereply 26206/18/2015

Once you have experienced the macho swag and stroke rhythm of a black dude, how can you settle for less?

by Mamiereply 26306/23/2015

Oh My Goodness! Could it be true?? Black men are just like all other men????

Smelling salts please!!

by Mamiereply 26406/23/2015

I've been with them and I'll never be with them. The texture of their skin deflects too much heat

by Mamiereply 26506/23/2015

Black dudes make my thang stand up in my pants

by Mamiereply 26601/16/2016

R261 - Damn! I think that thing had a knee in it!!

by Mamiereply 26701/16/2016

Hot to death bro!

by Mamiereply 26801/31/2016

Thanks for your input, Kim Kardashian.

by Mamiereply 26901/31/2016

ONCE YOU GO BLACK YOU NEVER GO BACK, you fucking stupid bitch.

It's true, their dicks feel good. White frau frumps love black dicks in their fat cunts to make babies for them so they'll get fucked the rest of their lives by black cock.

by Mamiereply 27001/31/2016


by Mamiereply 27102/02/2016

What total nonsense. I went black: swimmer's body, wonderful arms, huge Afro, tiny, tiny dick.

by Mamiereply 27202/02/2016

OP = rigid fetishist. Most people with health sex lives and imagination have no problem switching it up.

by Mamiereply 27302/02/2016

It's all about the stroke

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 27402/16/2016

and if you try to they murder you.

by Mamiereply 27502/16/2016


Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 27602/16/2016

mad stroke game

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 27702/20/2016

so hot and manly

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 27802/27/2016

That is incredible!

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 27904/30/2016

No words

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 28005/11/2016

Few white dudes can out it down like this

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 28107/29/2016

Can put it down like

by Mamiereply 28207/29/2016

I......went back. I had a black man who was damaged goods. Cured me.

by Mamiereply 28307/29/2016

You are probably the damaged goods

by Mamiereply 28407/29/2016

Beat it up

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 28507/29/2016

Please I went back and certainly did go back, and forth , and back, there are hot guys everywhere of all color, personally I like a mix ...

by Mamiereply 28607/29/2016

R279 What the F is this from, there is a little girl in the front row watching this? Despicable.

by Mamiereply 28707/29/2016

I think this stereotype is rooted somewhat in reality. Generally with interracial relationships, the minority is the cream of the crop of their race. their exceptional while on average people of the same race, one of them is average. hope that makes sense. I'm talkin about hetero relationships too. So theres really no reason too.

by Mamiereply 28807/29/2016

I didn't see a little girl

by Mamiereply 28907/29/2016

R289 their exceptional

but "your" not exceptional

by Mamiereply 29007/29/2016

YOU mean r288.


by Mamiereply 29107/29/2016

Sorry Madonna, that i am so "reductive", but I think this boils down to huge cock. Once you have had huge cock, you don't go back. I don't subscribe to this dictum though I do agree a lover with a huge cock is delight. It does not by any means need to be a huge black cock.

by Mamiereply 29207/29/2016

R289 No you're not making any sense. Try again

by Mamiereply 29307/29/2016

They put it down good!

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 29409/10/2016

Oh come on, I know so many people that had relations with blacks and not only came back, they ran back. Talk about an old BS saying that still goes around because people are idiots. Hell, even queen slut size queen one time notorious black cock hound the one the only Madge said enough back in the late 90's. Gay white men that "go black" are usually size queens that like the excitement of playing with fire. A white bottom is usually exposed to plenty of physical and mental abuse not to mention the disproportionately higher amount of HIV in the black community. They can say all they want the white man invented it to kill off their race, but the truth is, their is an extremely high number of black males keeping it on the "down low" and then coming back to wives and girlfriends, spreading it to females. I had an acquaintance who bragged who he only "dated" black men. He came up, unsurprisingly with HIV. He once said that one of his black sex partners beat the hell out him because after some rough anal fucking he started to hemorrhage from his anus heavily and the reason for the beating was "he got blood all over his place and even on some of his clothes". Talk about a sadistic cretin of a person. I have heard too many stories in the community where I live of similar abuse against white gay men. We try to advise the younger men to stay away from it, but in this day and age, black is good, white is bad, so hopefully they learn their lesson before they end up dead.

by Mamiereply 29509/10/2016

Will make you lose your mind

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 29609/10/2016

so much stroke, swag, and rhythm. hot masculinity.

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 29710/22/2016

So Alpha

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 29812/22/2016


Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 29912/22/2016

All about dat stroke

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 30012/30/2016

You sound nice, R295.

No, wait. I mean you sound like a closeted Nazi.

by Mamiereply 30112/30/2016

Latin and black dudes have rhythm

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 30206/16/2017

R299, R300

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 30306/16/2017


by Mamiereply 30406/17/2017


by Mamiereply 30506/24/2017

THIS IS THe type of guy I am holding out for

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 30604/14/2018


Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 30709/02/2018

Rhythm matters

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 30805/09/2019

WTF is this hetero bullshit

by Mamiereply 30905/09/2019

Alphas galore

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 31005/24/2019
Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 31105/24/2019
Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 31205/24/2019

A lot of this thread reminds me of the movie, “Get Out”

by Mamiereply 31305/24/2019

WHAT ABOUT MOTHER, MR. VICE PRESIDENT? Think about what you're saying.

by Mamiereply 31405/24/2019

Hot voice

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 31507/03/2020

Their FUDGE just tastes better! Almost as tasty as Daddy’s on a hot summer’s day after a huge meal... 😋

by Mamiereply 31607/03/2020


by Mamiereply 31710/04/2020

Alex Gede

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 31801/09/2021

Black guys are the BEST TOPS ever, period

Asians are the best bottoms.

by Mamiereply 31901/09/2021

This was an interesting thread, reading from 2012. Everyone was a little more civil, it seems.

by Mamiereply 32001/09/2021


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by Mamiereply 32101/23/2021


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by Mamiereply 32201/23/2021


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by Mamiereply 32301/24/2021


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by Mamiereply 32401/30/2021

What am I supposed to do??

by Mamiereply 32501/30/2021


by Mamiereply 32601/30/2021


by Mamiereply 32701/30/2021


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by Mamiereply 32801/31/2021


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by Mamiereply 32901/31/2021

Lucky white boy

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 33001/31/2021


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by Mamiereply 33102/01/2021


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by Mamiereply 33202/02/2021

What if I am only attracted to older white femme guys that look like Miss Lindsey? I know loads of black men are beautiful and many younger white men and men of all colors. But, I have a type. Does that make me racist? Also, back in the days I used to fuck women, I probably would've done so with a black woman, but the chance never came up.

by Mamiereply 33302/02/2021


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by Mamiereply 33402/06/2021


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by Mamiereply 33502/10/2021

r328 it says that video is unavailable...and I wanna see it. The caption is intriguing

by Mamiereply 33602/10/2021

I’m just astonished that someone who uses the term “carnal relations” manages to find anyone willing to have sex with them...

by Mamiereply 33702/10/2021

I've had a Mandingo fantasy for decades.

by Mamiereply 33802/10/2021

Of course

by Mamiereply 33902/10/2021


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by Mamiereply 34002/14/2021


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by Mamiereply 34102/17/2021

Black guys give great head. Trying to be racist but I think it has to do with those lips! 👄 I wanna bust my nut within 5 min!

Puerto Rican guys are awesome too!

by Mamiereply 34202/17/2021

Imagine him in your bed

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 34302/19/2021

I love BBC splitting me open, does that make me racist? I don't care , do you?

by Mamiereply 34402/19/2021

Ravage me, bro!

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 34503/01/2021

Steve lacy

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 34603/03/2021

TOPS don't care about the BBC unless they are into the BBA- BIG BLACK ASS.

by Mamiereply 34703/03/2021

"Maybe it is derived from my conservative upbringing in the burbs, but sex with a black man seems so much hotter because it feels so freakin' dirty."

Why is it dirty?

"I love BBC splitting me open, does that make me racist? I don't care , do you?"

Of course you don't care. We figured that out a while ago. You voted Democrat, so we're supposed to overlook your racism? You have a better brand of racism than Trumpers. Right?

by Mamiereply 34803/03/2021

I got contacted by a muscled Black guy who said I was handsome and wanted to meet me, but his dick was hugely intimidating and in pics of him he was fucking guys bareback, which was a turnoff.

by Mamiereply 34903/03/2021

I've had a Mandingo fantasy for decades.

You've been a racist for decades, you mean?

by Mamiereply 35003/03/2021


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by Mamiereply 35103/05/2021


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by Mamiereply 35203/06/2021


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by Mamiereply 35303/06/2021

I dated a black man for a year about 20 years ago.

I really wish we could sit down and have a coffee and chat. My little bleeding heart Benetton colors everyone can be happy Kumbaya little white boy ass has a WAY better understanding of his world now, and I wish I could tell him that I do *get* it now.

He was amazingly beautiful. Lovemaking with him was next level. I hope he's with someone who loves him like he deserves, and that he's allowing himself to be loved.

by Mamiereply 35403/06/2021

My gym

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by Mamiereply 35503/10/2021


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by Mamiereply 35603/16/2021


Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 35703/19/2021

Lost my gay virginity to a black guy when I was 16, was on older policeman and pretty good, hooked up for a couple of years and then I moved away.

by Mamiereply 35803/19/2021


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by Mamiereply 35903/23/2021

Black love 💪🏾🖤

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 36003/23/2021

How do I put this delicately... good for fucking, bad for tipping.

by Mamiereply 36103/23/2021

Just sexy

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 36203/27/2021


Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 36303/27/2021

Hole destroyers

Offsite Link
by Mamiereply 36403/29/2021


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by Mamiereply 36504/01/2021


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by Mamiereply 366Last Monday at 6:24 AM

I’m About to bust

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by Mamiereply 367Last Monday at 4:23 PM


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by Mamiereply 368Last Tuesday at 7:01 PM

This man could get my drawls

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by Mamiereply 369Last Thursday at 11:48 AM
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