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Shiba Russell of WNBC is an idiot

Just watch her for five minutes and you will concur.

And no, I'm not Sue Simmons.

by Sue Simmonsreply 9107/02/2017

I concur, OP.

Unfortunately, her competition (Sade Baderinwa on WABC and Kristine Johnson on WCBS) are equally idiotic.

Why are all 3 so stupid? Why were all 3 given the plum 11 pm anchor spot?


by Sue Simmonsreply 111/07/2012

R1 I agree 100%. I do enjoy watching how her various co-hosts react as she spews out those idiotic comments or half-finished sentences.

And what happened to Dominica Davis?

by Sue Simmonsreply 211/08/2012

Where is Liz Cho?

by Sue Simmonsreply 311/08/2012

R2 - Dominica Davis's contract was not renewed and she was let go; replaced by queeny-yet-straight Steve Villanueva.

R3 - Liz Cho is on WABC - she co-anchors the 4:00 pm hour of news every day with David Novarro, and the 6:00 half-hour with Bill Ritter.

by Sue Simmonsreply 411/10/2012

[quote]replaced by queeny-yet-straight Steve Villanueva.

You can tell he graduated at the top of fey weatherman school!

by Sue Simmonsreply 511/11/2012

I resent the queeny part!

by Sue Simmonsreply 611/11/2012

Wait a minute Steve Villanueva is straight? C'mon.

by Sue Simmonsreply 711/11/2012

I cannot watch local TV news because of the stupidity of the "reporters" and the lowest common denominator level of the stories. This morning I accidentally happened upon one anchor discussing the "electorial college." Sigh.

by Sue Simmonsreply 811/11/2012

She's not an idiot! She is an intelligent young black woman you people need to stop the hatred! Your white sheets are showing.

by Sue Simmonsreply 902/03/2014

Never mind Shiba. Is Chris Glorioso still there? And is he still hot as fuck?

by Sue Simmonsreply 1002/04/2014

Sibela Vargas is way worse. Her voice is sort of screechy with silly high notes thrown in for emphasis along with overly animated facial expressions -- almost a parody act. She is unlistenable and unwatchable. I switched to Dana Tyler and crew at WCBS after having watched WNBC for almost 40 years.

by Sue Simmonsreply 1102/04/2014

r10 hope you're sitting down. Chris married a woman on September 14, 2013.

by Sue Simmonsreply 1202/04/2014

Shiba and Sibila are swapping seats.

by Sue Simmonsreply 1302/04/2014

What's with these anchors whose long stringy hair hangs down to their tits? They look like streetswalkers.

Shade has the best style. BTW, for outta towners her name is pronounced sha-DAY. It's part of her lengthy Indian first name.

by Sue Simmonsreply 1402/04/2014

And by the way, it's spelled 'Sade,' R14.

by Sue Simmonsreply 1502/04/2014

NBC-4 should bring back our brother, weatherguy, Joe Moreno.

by Sue Simmonsreply 1602/04/2014

PIX-11's cute Dan Mannarino is leaving soon. Began as a reporter, promoted to anchor. Was told "services no longer needed." In search of a job as I type.

by Sue Simmonsreply 1702/04/2014

Really, R17? But why? He's adorable plus he seems to do a very good job on-air. What the hell more do they want?

by Sue Simmonsreply 1802/05/2014

Sade is not Indian, she's half Nigerian on her father's side. She a sista!

by Sue Simmonsreply 1902/05/2014

I cannot stand Shiba. She is so full of herself and humorless. I miss Sue Simmons.

I get the feeling that WNBC is hiring all these younger Sue Simmon lookalikes such as Sibila, but they are not genuine!

I have switched to WCBS where at least I can tolerate Christine Johnson.

by Sue Simmonsreply 2002/05/2014

Dan Mannarino is great, he's so funny, he has on-air chemistry with the re-hired Marisol Castro, who can be a bit of blowhard. She was on WPIX morning news many years ago, along with Linda Lopez, yes Jello's sister, and the original morning crew. Marisol failed at CBS, she's now back at WPIX and was paired with Dan very early in the morning, IIRC this newscast comes on at 4AM.

Not to mention, it's great for NYC news shows to actually have anchors and reporters who are native New Yorkers. btw, Dan claims to be str8!

I also noticed that Magee Hickey, formerly on NBC's local news, is now working for both WPIX as well as NY1! WTF? Actually Magee is from a wealthy Manhattan family, guess she works for something to do.

Over the years, WPIX morning news has let a lot of good reporters go, yet they've kept motormouth Sukyana Krishnan? Why? She talks too fast, she screws up so many news reports. She sounds like she's on speed.

by Sue Simmonsreply 2102/05/2014

Dan Mannarino is as straight as Raphael Miranda - and I should know, I've fucked them both.

by Sue Simmonsreply 2202/05/2014

I like Kristine Johnson. She has great chemistry with everyone she shares the anchor desk with and she has a sense of humor. And I think she's really cute. And she can barely contain her contempt for Lonnie Quinn when he goes overboard with the weather hysteria. I rarely watch NBC but there have been a few times when I thought that Shiba exhibited an anti-white bias and wasn't even trying to hide it. It made the other people sharing the news desk visibly uncomfortable. I never watch ABC.

by Sue Simmonsreply 2302/06/2014

Raphael Miranda was on The Cycle tuesday and he is so cute and personable. I love him.

by Sue Simmonsreply 2402/06/2014

I don't know what PIX-11's problem is with Dan. After three weekends they decided he wasn't a good fit to co-anchor with Kaity Tong. He was re-assigned (aka demoted) to co-anchoring 4:00-7:00AM. Soon he'll be back to General Assignment Reporter. PIX has hired a black woman (last name Harris) from FSB-3 in Hartford who'll be Dan's replacement as a reporter.

by Sue Simmonsreply 2502/06/2014

[quote]btw, Dan claims to be str8!

Not true. He's very much openly gay. Over the holidays, one of the other reporters doing a segment on gift-buying brought gifts on-air for the anchors and her gift for Dan was a subscription, plus they put up on-screen all his potential matches and they were all men. So no, he mostly definitely does not claim to be straight.

by Sue Simmonsreply 2602/06/2014

Raphael's friends call him Carmen.

by Sue Simmonsreply 2702/06/2014

Aren't there trainers who can teach these weatherguys how to butch it up?

by Sue Simmonsreply 2802/06/2014

r,4 is Liz still dating Josh Elliot? A year or so ago it was reported they were together, while she was married to guy in Westchester.

by Sue Simmonsreply 2902/06/2014

Isn't Raphael Miranda married? And if so, what does his husband do?

by Sue Simmonsreply 3002/07/2014

Raph's husband Doug is a businessman. They've been married for years.

Here's their Christmas card photo from this past year:

by Sue Simmonsreply 3102/09/2014

[quote]Not true. He's very much openly gay.

He wasn't open about it when he first started on the PIX morning news!

I forgot who he was anchoring with in the morning at the time, it wasn't Marisol, she hadn't come back to PIX yet. Dan and the woman her was paired with, maybe Kirsten Cole? had just finished some fluff report about dating in the city.

The female anchor then told Dan, that yes, it was extremely difficult to meet someone in the city. Dan's reply was, "I haven't yet met the woman of my dreams." or something along those lines. There was even talk of children. He didn't seem to be joking or saying it sarcastically.

When is Dan leaving? He was on this morning. He was laughing and joking, he didn't seem like a guy who was fired!

by Sue Simmonsreply 3202/10/2014


by Sue Simmonsreply 3302/11/2014

Anyone know how to contact Brian Williams?

I want to make a complaint to him. I dvr both the NBC Nightly News and the WNBC 11 o'clock news, and then watch them back-to-back, but both shows use so many of the same stories and the exact same video footage!

I want to ask Brian if he can recommend a different evening news program, or a different 11 o'clock report.

Why should I watch the same stories twice? It's so annoying.

by Sue Simmonsreply 3402/11/2014

If Dan is fired by PIX 11, ABC should snap him right up and give him Josh Elliot's job anchoring on GMA. He would make a great fit there.

by Sue Simmonsreply 3502/11/2014

Danny Mannarino is a good Catholic boy from New Jersey, so he's not going to be flaunting his gayness on TV. But if you follow his personal twitter account, he's all about NEWSIES and boy bands and all kinds of things only gays care about - never sports or girls or other straights stuff. Rumor has it his boyfriend is PIX reporter Joe Mauceri.

by Sue Simmonsreply 3602/13/2014

Joe Mauceri is HOT!

by Sue Simmonsreply 3702/16/2014

Does WABC Insider no longer post here?

by Sue Simmonsreply 3802/17/2014

Getting back to OPs subject, Shiba ...

by Sue Simmonsreply 3902/17/2014

Dan The Man is too cute for Joe.

by Sue Simmonsreply 4002/17/2014

Still here, R38, thanks for asking.

But can't add anything new to whats already been posted - none of it is about people I know personally and I've only heard the same rumors already posted.

by Sue Simmonsreply 4102/17/2014

R41, hey WABC insider, how the fuck did that cocked eyed anchor get hired? He hosts the 12 noon show with Lori Stokes. His eyes are fucking freaky to watch. I no longer watch WABC because of him, he's gawd awful and watch his eyes, beyond creepy and scary.

by Sue Simmonsreply 4202/17/2014

Hate Shiba and Sibila!

WNBC seemed to find younger version of Sue and it is not working!

Shiva and Sibila hate each other!

by Sue Simmonsreply 4302/17/2014

That's Ken Rosato, r42. He looks normal now compared to his roving reporter days. He made Boehner look like an Albino he was so tanned. He was also a total gym rat and was a very natty dresser, though his head looked too big for his body. I believe he's out and is an ex-priest. He is a vast improvement over Bartelstein though. WABC Insider, care to weigh in?

by Sue Simmonsreply 4402/18/2014

WABC Insider, R38 here. Thanks for answering! So glad you are still around.

So what can you tell us about Matt Kozar? He's such a cutie. Gay or straight?

Also, is Michelle Charlesworth as cool in real life as she appears to be on the news? She's always been one of my favorite personalities.

by Sue Simmonsreply 4502/18/2014

Kozar claims to be straight - I too have my doubts. I also think he's adorbs.

Chuck (as she's known in the newsroom) is THE BEST. Everybody loves her. The same cannot be said for any other female anchor, except Diana. The others (Sade, Sandra B., even Liz) have their detractors.

Here's a bit of gossip - Jeff Smith, who's been engaged to his fiancee for over 4 years (that's them at the link), broke it off in January - won't tell anyone why, won't talk about it. An engagement that long and no wedding - and Jeff is very very close with Laura Behnke.

by Sue Simmonsreply 4602/19/2014

This is why we love you, WABC Insider. Thanks.

by Sue Simmonsreply 4702/20/2014

She may be an idiot, but she's certainly no Ashleigh Banfield, the high empress of news moronic idiocy.

by Sue Simmonsreply 4802/20/2014

Lori Stokes embarrasses herself every day. The Traffic reporters and Ken, her co-anchor, all say "Root 17." She continues to say "rout" and says a-vuh-NOO instead of a-ven-yoo.

by Sue Simmonsreply 4902/20/2014

Isn't Sue Simmons writing her autobiography? I want to hear backstage dish. I want to hear about Sue's affairs with Lena Horne and Jessica Savitch.

by Sue Simmonsreply 5002/20/2014

No she isn't.

by Sue Simmonsreply 5102/20/2014

I was watching boring Shiba last night and longing for the days of the beautiful, funny Sue Simmons. Shiba has no personality whatsoever, but that sour, smug, extremely pale bitch Dari Alexander on channel 5 is the worst.

by Sue Simmonsreply 5202/20/2014

Jeff Smith seems gay gay gay.

by Sue Simmonsreply 5302/20/2014

90% of all weathermen are gay, r53. Look at Lonnie Quinn. Quinn talks like a 14 year old boy tying to prove he's not a girl.

by Sue Simmonsreply 5402/22/2014

Someone has to buy Michael Garguilo a mirror. His suits and ties hurt my eyes! I've stopped watching NBC in the morning because I can't stand to see he clothes.

by Sue Simmonsreply 5502/22/2014

Jeff Smith used to be fat!

by Sue Simmonsreply 5602/22/2014

But look at the bulge in those pants! Jeff Smith has a big dick!

by Sue Simmonsreply 5702/22/2014

I miss Sue and her ground hog impersonation. She never took herself too seriously.

by Sue Simmonsreply 5802/22/2014

R55 - that's probably because Michael dresses in the dark. He has to be at work by 4 am!

by Sue Simmonsreply 5903/05/2014


by Sue Simmonsreply 6003/07/2014

So who is Rob Schmitt's boyfriend?

by Sue Simmonsreply 6103/08/2014

To answer the above question, Shane R Duffy, a "model/actor."

by Sue Simmonsreply 6206/11/2014

WABC Insider what about Toni Yates? I love that gal. I love when Chuck and Toni did the mornings together on weekends. Is Lauren Glasberg really a cunt? I've heard rumors that she is.

by Sue Simmonsreply 6306/11/2014

Rob and Shane are a hot couple!

by Sue Simmonsreply 6406/11/2014

Rob and Shane need to do a sex tape.

by Sue Simmonsreply 6506/11/2014

Has Dan Manarino been fired from WPIX?

Someone mentioned here on DL that he was let go, Dan then proceeded to be on the air for months. He hasn't been on this week, I'm wondering if he's finally gone.

He's a lot of fun and has great on-air rapport with Marisol Castro.

by Sue Simmonsreply 6606/11/2014

Agreed about Dan. He has great chemistry with Ms Castro and has been an asset to the show. The ratings must be so bad they are trying to throw anything at the wall and see what sticks.Fire the fat lustful windbag Suki Krishna and be done with it. She is annoying as can be.

by Sue Simmonsreply 6706/12/2014

Another vote for Dan. Love love love him. If they were stupid enough to let him go, I hope it turns into a great opportunity for him to go someplace else and do so much more with his career.

Though I'm no fan of GMA, he seems tailor-made to be on a show like that (plus it's on a major network, which is even better). Either that or maybe hosting an entertainment news show like ET or Access Hollywood. Dan is cut from the same cloth as Gio Benitez and Ron Corning, the cute, telegenic gay guy who can do serious news as well as the fun stuff, so he will hopefully have lots of opportunities coming his way.

by Sue Simmonsreply 6806/12/2014

If Mannarino wants to move up in the broadcasting world, he needs to get rid of that pronounced lisp. Too queeny!

by Sue Simmonsreply 6906/12/2014

We hear dogs barking!

by Sue Simmonsreply 7006/12/2014

[quote]Fire the fat lustful windbag Suki Krishna and be done with it. She is annoying as can be.

Word is, she has 'connections' that's why she still has a job there.I have no idea what that means, her husband is a fireman, what kind of connections could she have?

Marysol was let go a few weeks ago and Dan is in limbo, If anyone should have been let go, it's Suki. She's awful. Her delivery is that of a speed freak. She makes so many mistakes because she talks too fast, because of her rapid fire delivery, her thoughts are jumbled.

Then again, do ANY of these so-called newscasters actually SEE their news before they read it off the teleprompter? They have some papers in front of them, but do they at least skim them before airtime?

It appears very few of these people hired as anchors have actually covered hard news out in the field. They are hired because they are 'TV personalities'. Most seem to be hired for their looks or their connections, not their actually experience.

In the morning, WPIX constantly repeats the same news over and over again during a 30 minutes span. You can switch to another station come back and they are once again repeating the same news! If they had kept Howard Thompson, James Ford, Greg Mocker and Andrew Ramos in the morning, and showed their pre-recorded segments, that would have alleviated some of PIX' repetition of the morning news.

As for guests, when they do have an interesting guest, they stick them on during the last 5-10 minutes of the broadcast. What are the producers thinking! I could do a better job! I actually work in advertising, this broadcast is one hot mess.

The question should ALSO be, where are these so-called executives at WPIX being dredged up from, they are utterly clueless and have absolutely no clue what the public wants to see in the morning. A college student with an interest in broadcasting could make much better hiring decisions than these fools.

I really enjoyed the team of Marysol and Dan, they were both strong personalities, you have to be, especially seeing how cut-throat WPIX management and Suki seem to be! They did stand up for the constant sarcastic remarks from Large & In Charge Suki!

Marysol and Dan were certainly a great reprieve from the too loud and fast talking Suki. Hopefully, Suki will be taking more time off in the future, hopefully weeks at a time! Then again, I'll probably stop watching this 'news' show.

by Sue Simmonsreply 7106/24/2014

With all these morning news firings over the years, it's surprising PIX have any viewers left.

Now they've hired THREE new people for the morning broadcast! Three women with ZERO in the personality department, one a former beauty queen, BIG surprise there.

Where is Chris Knowles, the guy who filled in for traffic and weather? He was hilarious. I loved his dry and deadpan delivery. I guess he was too avant-garde for PIX! He would sometimes quote heavy metal lyrics. I guess he didn't fit in with the low rent demographic PIX seems to be courting.

The woman with the speech impediment, Andy Adler, is extremely annoying. The first day she was on, I originally thought something was wrong with the audio on my TV! Where the heck did they find her? Who wants to try to figure out what someone is saying so early in the morning?!! She sounds like Marlee Matlin!

WPIX execs can justify firing Marysol, and they are now keeping Dan in limbo, yet they actually hired a reporter who is difficult to understand?! This appears to be a first for morning news, a TV reporter who is close to incomprehensible.

II have to wonder if Andy Adler is partially deaf or fully deaf and able to read lips, Her speech pattern reminds me of the sound of a deaf person talking, her voice has that odd speech impediment sound. I don't understand how someone with such a strange voice can be reporting any type of news. When she talks fast, like Suki, forget it.

At this point, they might as well hire a reporter who speaks broken English, they appear to be headed in that direction. While, they're at it, they should hire some random person off the street, they can't be any worse than the people they have on now.

by Sue Simmonsreply 7206/24/2014

So, anyone know what's up with Dan?

This morning I briefly put on PIX, I noticed there's a new Italian/American reporter, he doesn't have the charm, looks or humor Dan has and he looked sickly and kind of creepy.

by Sue Simmonsreply 7306/24/2014

What's the story on Andrew Ramos? Gay? Straight?

by Sue Simmonsreply 7406/24/2014

From Dan Mannarino's Facebook page, posted today:

[quote] I am staying in Dallas for EyeOpener until July 18th. After that, it is back to NYC to report! See you all then. NYC Peeps, what am i missing???

So he's working down in Dallas, doing their early morning news show until mid-July. I wonder if he's hooked up yet with that other ex-NY morning news gay, Ron Corning? Corning also works in Dallas now...

by Sue Simmonsreply 7506/26/2014

Corning is a fatty now!

And he was just tweeting about Shia LeDouche and Sherri Shepherd at 9:15pm Dallas time. No date tonight?

But I feel for him. It was hard to fill my pioneering shoes on World News Now. Impossible, really.

by Sue Simmonsreply 7606/26/2014

Especially since Anderson Cooper did it first, David, before you.

Seems Anderson always gets there first.

Will you follow in his footsteps again now that you're a main anchor and COME OUT?????

by Sue Simmonsreply 7706/26/2014

Andrew Ramos is married, to a woman.

Is Dan still working for WPIX, but in Dallas? Is is coming back to NYC, to PIX? I can't imagine him wanting to stay, especially after how poorly he and Marysol were treated. What a douchebag TV station.

Marysol was let go from PIX many years ago, then when she comes back years down the line, PIX barely gave her a few months to get some momentum going. Though, she did have great rapport with Dan.

Dan and Marysol were great together, they joked like old friends and/or siblings. I remember while on the air, Dan informed the viewers, that they didn't know each other until they started anchoring together.

The anchor team of Cori and Suki, well, they are horrible. I have no idea where Cori came from, but he's very amateurish.

Cori always seems to be taking a backseat to Suki's caterwauling. Suki is a terrible anchor, period. She talks over everyone else, not to mention, you can sometimes watch her glaring at the new women reporters. She is very sarcastic to the woman, Andy, the one with the speech impediment. Suki enjoys arguing with women she dislikes.

I stopped watching a few days ago, I cannot bear to watch that low rent broadcast. Perhaps if Dan comes back, I'll go back, as it is now, no way.

by Sue Simmonsreply 7806/26/2014

Dan has a contract with WPIX - as long as he's under contract, he has to do what they assign him, be it anchor or reporting.

Right now, he's on loan to their sister station in Dallas, and that loan has been extended. Seems like he wants to come back to NYC, but it also seems like the Tribune Corp. (who is the parent company of WPIX and the Dallas station) would rather keep him off the air in NYC and use him elsewhere.

The good news is: the eye candy named John Muller is returning to anchor the WPIX Ten O'Clock news.

by Sue Simmonsreply 7906/28/2014

[quote]Seems like he wants to come back to NYC, but it also seems like the Tribune Corp. (who is the parent company of WPIX and the Dallas station) would rather keep him off the air in NYC and use him elsewhere.

R79, what is their justification for treating Dan in this way? It sounds almost like they're punishing him for something he did wrong. He's a perfectly fine reporter and on-air personality, certainly just as good as anyone else they have over there, so they need to either bring him back to NYC and let him do his job or cut him loose so that he can find better opportunities elsewhere.

Banishing him to Dallas for an extended period for no reason is just really shitty.

by Sue Simmonsreply 8006/29/2014

Dan's promotion to anchor was done under a news director who is no longer at WPIX - first they tried pairing him with Kaity Tong on weekend nights, but that lasted all of 2 weeks - no chemistry and Dan was petrified of anchoring. He was better when they put him on early morning shifts - looser.

But the ratings got no better, so the corporate suits at Tribune fired the news director, and are slowly but surely getting rid of all the changes he made - moving Dan and that chick off the early morning shift, moving Scott Stanford from anchoring at 10 and replacing him with Muller, bringing back a sports reporter (which the old n.d. got rid of) - conveniently, Scott Stanford did sports on NBC before moving to WPIX to anchor, so it's back to sports he goes.

Dan is just a victim of mismanagment. I'm sure he'd like to come back to NYC (his Facebook postings and tweets certain say so) but his contract is a contract. He is, in a way, being punished for mistakes made higher up the food chain, but they won't fire him when they can get him to work, either in NYC or Dallas. And that's the news business!

by Sue Simmonsreply 8106/29/2014

Thanks for the inside dish, R81. I hope Dan gets to come back to NYC sooner rather than later.

By the way, I don't think they'll ever recapture the glory days of the 10 p.m. newscast back when it was anchored by Kaity and Jim Watkins. It just hasn't been the same since.

by Sue Simmonsreply 8206/29/2014

Dan returns to WPIX tomorrow (Monday) - for the 10 pm broadcast. It's unclear if he'll be just a reporter, or if he'll have some other beat. Tune in and find out!

by Sue Simmonsreply 8307/20/2014

Last week, Dan was back doing one morning broadcast. Cori was 'on vacation', apparently he just took a day off. I was hoping Dan was going to be on the entire week.

The on air people who had worked with Dan previously, all seemed genuinely happy to see him. Linda Church, the weather woman, gave him a big hug on air and they were all joking around. It's clear he had chemistry with everyone. Dan definitely brings some fun and cheerfulness to a terrible morning news show!

Who knows, perhaps Suki was involved in him being let go. Years ago, there were rumors she was involved with Linda Lopez (yes J.Lo's sister used to work for PIX) and few others getting fired. The rumor is, she will throw anyone under the bus who she fears will take attention away from her.

Does anyone know why Suki still has a job, she seems to get worse with each passing year. What are these so called 'connections' she has? As I mentioned upthread, her husband is a fireman, is that considered a connection to get an anchor job on local NYC news?! I doubt it.

by Sue Simmonsreply 8410/09/2014

So, now Shiba is gone. Who will take her spot?

Plus, why does WNBC always hire female anchors/reporters who look exactly the same?'

by Sue Simmonsreply 8502/24/2016

Do I really deserve this treatment?

by Sue Simmonsreply 8602/24/2016

Pat Battle, who has been a reporter for the NYC NBC market for years, has been anchoring with David Ushery. Not sure if Pat is permanent as the co-anchor. She's usually on NBC Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Shiba was too stiff, she always looked nervous and her attempts at humor, were terrible. Any reason as to why she was fired? IIRC, the 5PM, 6PM and 11PM broadcasts usually had different anchors, there was certainly enough news to go around!

by Sue Simmonsreply 8703/04/2016

Had to bump this, Dan Mannarino is now back on WPIX in the morning, he back permanently. He's paired with a woman from CNN, Betty Nguyen.

Suki was FIRED!

by Sue Simmonsreply 8806/22/2017

Any gossip on why Suki was fired? I thought her so-called connections would help her keep that job, guess not.

She was such a motor mouth. Always talking over her co-anchors. Loud and obnoxious.

by Sue Simmonsreply 8906/28/2017

Dan has been adorable, any gossip on him?

He's gotta be gay!

by Sue Simmonsreply 9006/29/2017

Speaking of Shiba Russell, WTF happened to her after she was fired from NBC?

I do know Chuck Scarborough will no longer do the 11PM news, it was his choice to leave. Lester Holt's son Stefan is now doing double-triple co-anchoring shifts all day! IIRC, he's been on from 4-6:30, then again at 11PM. I think David Urshery will get one of those shifts or Chuck will be back from 6-6:30PM. Chuck didn't retire.

Sue Simmons was on the week Gabe Pressman died, she looked fantastic! Black don't crack! Sue was on about three times doing tributes to Gabe.

by Sue Simmonsreply 9107/02/2017
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