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Mitch McConnell is GAY!

I was in Lexington last weekend with some friends who are very plugged into the Kentucky political scene and they told me this is pretty well known throughout the Ky political world. I know lots of Republicans are closeted gays but I'd never heard this one before.

McConnell is one of the most dishonest, corrupt, sick fucks in the Senate. And he's virulently anti-gay.

Of course, there's also Craig, Graham, and everyone's favorite dungeon master, Orrin Hatch. Someone told me another prominent Republican senator from the south is also gay, but I'm not sure who. Wouldn't be surprised if there were more than one, actually.

But McConnell? That's just disgusting.

by J Abramsonreply 11701/16/2017

Well that explains why he's so bitter. Imagine being a gay man and looking like that.

by J Abramsonreply 110/15/2012


by J Abramsonreply 210/15/2012

For what it's worth, I know a gay guy who was in a limo with Orrin Hatch and who put his hand on my friend's knee (and not just a friendly pat).

I'm convinced it's a nasty nest of closeted vipers.

by J Abramsonreply 310/15/2012

He must have been a long-term bottom and used to getting his face pressed against things. That might explain how it has ended up looking as it does - all smushed.

by J Abramsonreply 410/15/2012

He is so ugly it is mathmatically impossible for him to be gay. Sorry, your side will have to keep him!

by J Abramsonreply 510/15/2012

Congressman Tim Scott.

by J Abramsonreply 610/15/2012

All those GOP closeted fucks need to be OUTED now!

by J Abramsonreply 710/15/2012

There is probably a secret underground sex bunker on capitol hill patronized 100% by closeted Republican politicians. Would that they were ALL outed today!!!

by J Abramsonreply 810/15/2012

He even looks like an old maid.

by J Abramsonreply 910/15/2012

It's an open secret in political circles. He's marriage, conveniently, to the butch Elaine Chao.

His first wife is a professor at a women's college (Smith, I believe).

by J Abramsonreply 1010/15/2012

Not surprised if true. Repressed, closeted gay men have proven over and over again to be our biggest enemies. It is kinda expected at this point.

by J Abramsonreply 1110/15/2012

So is she a closet lesbian or just a willing straight beard who is allowed to have a bfriend on the side?

by J Abramsonreply 1210/15/2012

It's interesting how we try and paint our villians as being gay.

by J Abramsonreply 1310/15/2012

^ villains

by J Abramsonreply 1410/15/2012

r13 you are an idiot.

by J Abramsonreply 1510/15/2012

R13, sometimes sadly they do it for us.

by J Abramsonreply 1610/15/2012

Umm, regardless of whether or not this Mitch McConnel thing is true our villians often are closeted gay men. It is sad that is the case, and no one wants it to be true, but it is.

I mean Ken Mehlman, Larry Craig, Ted Haggard and George Rekers are all nationally famous for that reason and there are plenty of other ones we know about. It is a real phenomenon the we as a gay community have to accept.

by J Abramsonreply 1710/15/2012

WE don't TRY and paint them as gay.

They very typically ARE gay. R13 are you a closet-case defender? Or still in the closet yourself?

Or are you just an idiotic straight person who doesn't know what you are talking about?

by J Abramsonreply 1810/15/2012

R13, perhaps you just didn't FINISH your thought. As it stands, you sound like an idiot. MANY closeted politicians have voted and continue to vote against gay rights, gay interests while they cower in the closet, hinding behind their (clueless or not) wives, the bible and whatever other cover they can duck under. What ARE you, headless?

by J Abramsonreply 1910/15/2012

How about something a little younger and hotter? Paul Ryan - now that's a tasty piece.

by J Abramsonreply 2010/15/2012

r7 is right.


It's different for private people, or even celebrities since coming out is tough.

But it will always be tough if the FUCKING LAWMAKERS DON'T GIVE US EQUAL RIGHTS.

These men are despicable and should be OUTED as hypocrites.

And then watch the world change -- for the good. Which would even include them having better lives for themselves.

by J Abramsonreply 2110/15/2012

Ryan pings, fwiw.

by J Abramsonreply 2210/15/2012

And he's married to an Asian woman. This ties nicely into that recent thread about WM/AW couples.

by J Abramsonreply 2310/15/2012

Do you think so R22?

by J Abramsonreply 2410/15/2012

We have one out here in California named David Drier and it's kind of pathetic how he continues to dodge all the questions about his private life while he supports every nasty Republican backed legislation possible.

by J Abramsonreply 2510/15/2012

A few years ago, a political blogger said a gay male escort was about to come forward to out McConnell, but it never materialized.

by J Abramsonreply 2610/15/2012

Certainly Barney Frank knows who is and isn't gay. Why doesn't he out them as a last kiss to his years in Congress?

by J Abramsonreply 2710/15/2012

I wish he would R27. He's retired now and I don't see why he does not. Nothing on this thread remotely proves that McConnell is gay sorry to say. It's all bullshit until you can site something concrete and true.

by J Abramsonreply 2810/15/2012


by J Abramsonreply 2910/15/2012

Has anyone ever seen the creepy old Aussie film "Everlasting Secret Family"? All these revelations call it to mind.

by J Abramsonreply 3010/15/2012

I have been hearing this about McConnel for ten years or more. I'll bet he's been blackmailed a few times by the party and local warlords.

I think Graham hasn't had sex for ten years or longer (except with his hand).

by J Abramsonreply 3110/15/2012


by J Abramsonreply 3210/15/2012

R30 I love that movie! I wish more people had seen it. It's really rather remarkable, and way ahead of its time.

by J Abramsonreply 3310/15/2012

[quote]It's interesting how we try and(sic) paint our villians(sic) as being gay.

Oh, dear!

by J Abramsonreply 3410/15/2012

What's really sad is that for every one of these closeted queens, there are a dozen gay staffers eagerly doing the Republican Party's bidding in Washington.

They work for Anti-Gay Republicans, help further their agenda, even draft and try to pass legislation that works against the Gay Community, and apparently don't give it a moment's thought.

by J Abramsonreply 3510/15/2012

But WHY r35? They make zero sense in so doing...especially now, in 2012. (I can almost make sense of it 50-100 years ago, but not now.)

by J Abramsonreply 3610/15/2012

I guess thats why he always sounds like hes gaging on a load of cum

by J Abramsonreply 3710/15/2012


by J Abramsonreply 3810/15/2012

Money and power, R36. That's all most people care about and fuck anyone or anything that gets in their way to obtaining their objectives.

The queen of all homophobes, Rick Santorum, had an openly gay chief of staff during his reign named Robert Traynham, a black man no less. Go figure.

by J Abramsonreply 3910/15/2012

Hey now...would a gay man marry an Asian woman?

by J Abramsonreply 4010/15/2012

If he were a Democrat, Rove would have him followed 24/7 to get evidence of the gay.

by J Abramsonreply 4110/16/2012

r39, don't underestimate envy or jealousy. These 'old school' closet cases cannot stand that new generations may have the chance for a happy openly gay life which these old school closet cases chose not to have (by being peer pressured into the closet by their parents, society, and/or religion).

If 'I' had to go through closet case hell, I make damn well sure everybody else has to go through the same! Everything else would NOT be FAIR to ME!

by J Abramsonreply 4210/16/2012

It's All Star Wrestling. If the polls suddenly indicated that sucking cock was as popular with the voters as guns, they would be tripping over each other to proclaim themselves queer as three dollar bills.

by J Abramsonreply 4310/16/2012

In discussions here of closeted Republicunts, McConnell's name has invariably popped up, so I'm not surprised that OP's contacts confirm it. As far as Orrin Hatch, with with all the jet-beaded recticules that I've watched fall from his mouth on CSPAN over the years, I'm not surprised.

by J Abramsonreply 4410/16/2012

"If 'I' had to go through closet case hell, I make damn well sure everybody else has to go through the same!"

Bingo! You've just explained the words and actions of the entire Catholic Church hierarchy and its clergy. These deeply closeted fags gave up their true selves for a life of misery and expect everyone else in a similar situation to do the same.

Fuck 'em all right up the ass.

by J Abramsonreply 4510/16/2012

McConnell is also virulently against campaign finance reform. He loves the Koch brothers, Citizens United, Swiftboat style politics and corporate superpacs.He's a racist, too. A vicious slug. Vermin. The biggest pigfucker in the bunch.

I don't want him to be gay. He is a self-loathing closet case who is probably a pedophile not a gay man. There is nothing decent, or noble, or fine in him. He can't be gay. He's some twisted, disgusting filth.

by J Abramsonreply 4610/16/2012

I can almost understand the greed and hunger for power some politicians have but Mitch McConnell is one of the few that seems to just radiate with genuine evil.

by J Abramsonreply 4710/16/2012

Makes sense to me. The people who have actually committed the worst acts against gay people (murdered them, legislate against them, appreciate hate for them - declare "appreciation days", etc.) have been closeted gay men. It's sickening, but this is reality. Not heterosexual males, but closeted homosexual males.

by J Abramsonreply 4810/16/2012

I heard he dresses up in drag and takes it in the ass.

by J Abramsonreply 4910/16/2012

Those that worked around this hypocrite, greedy and worm fuck know he's gay. This goes back to when he was County Judge of Jefferson Co. (Louisville). He does a great job of hiding it but bet your ass this hypocrite is gay as the day is long. Elaine Chow is a front, and a slag too, talk about a set up to allow two greedy fucks to sap the government all the while calling for less government is the epitome of modern day politics. Kentucky and it's electorate are dumb as rocks and hypocrites. If they knew this bastard was a queer he'd be done in Kentucky.But they are too stupid, hell looked who they sent to DC in 2010, Rand Paul, that should prove enough right there how stupid the dumbasses are in Ky.

by J Abramsonreply 5012/02/2012

The number of gay republicans in the senate and house is staggeringly high. Not sure why this is, but something about being a closeted politician and being gay seem to go together. A Freudian shrink could probably have a field day with these guys.

But there are different kinds. Remember Oregon's Senator Packwood, who everyone knew was gay but wasn't outed till near the end of his career? He was actually a pretty good guy. But Craig, and Hatch, and McConnell are really, really bad guys. I can't think of a single closeted gay politician who stands for anything other than corrupt, homophobic, vicious politics.

Then again, maybe that's just because ALL republicans stand for that now. And Democrats don't have to be closeted.

by J Abramsonreply 5112/02/2012

I think that they choose to take those primal urges and channel them into something else all-encompassing, R51 - politics. There were quite a few closeted scientists and artists back in the day too (Gerard Manley Hopkins comes to mind), and luckily, their need to distract from their sexuality produced beneficial effects for society.

by J Abramsonreply 5212/02/2012

Packwood was gay? Since when? I thought he had to resign because a dozen or so women came forward together about his sexual harassment of them over a long period of time.

by J Abramsonreply 5312/02/2012

We don't want him. He is so very ugly, outside and (especially) inside. If the god I grew up with is right, he is going to burn in hell for the rest of time when he dies.

by J Abramsonreply 5412/02/2012

R51, you meant Mark Hatfield, right? Bob Packwood was, well, a notorious pussyhound.

by J Abramsonreply 5512/02/2012

Can we get that Hustler guy on this?He seems to enjoy outing Republican hypocrisy.

by J Abramsonreply 5612/02/2012

Larry Flynt always promises but never delivers.

by J Abramsonreply 5712/02/2012

Well there you go. If OP says he knows someone from KY that knows, well that's it. Case closed. What a crock of shit.

by J Abramsonreply 5812/02/2012

R51 here, and sorry guys. Got it wrong. Yes, I meant Hatfield, not Packwood. Or Packfield. Or Hatwood. Lots of Hatwood.

by J Abramsonreply 5912/02/2012

I really don't get one thing. In this day and age - internet, cellcams, cams of all kinds that are very easy to hide, how can ANY of these people not be exposed? Especially the ones that are virulently anti gay (or any cheating, lying, hypocritical politician), why do their sexmates shut up about it? Do they pick very young, stupid, ignorant twinks that have no idea who they are or what they stand for? Are they afraid of them? Are they paid so well it's profitable for them to shut up?

Unless any of them is sexually inactive, which I don't believe, how can it be?

by J Abramsonreply 6012/02/2012

Paul Ryan is NOT a tasty piece of anything.

He's just a plain old piece of shit.

I never get the lust at DL for these ReThugs, even if some of these ReThug men are good looking, which Ryan and his creepy bug-eyed stare are not, their politics instantly make them vile and disgusting vermin!

by J Abramsonreply 6112/02/2012

Like the Christian Church the Republican Party is a gay Satanic cult like cabal and their main goal is world domination and as a side project making homosexuality special where they can have all the fun with their homosexual urges while the common people are supposed to fear homosexuality like it's Satan or a liberal socialist personified. Homosexuality should only be a treat that the higher ups enjoy.

by J Abramsonreply 6212/02/2012

Why are all the Repug closet queens soooo hideous?

by J Abramsonreply 6312/02/2012

R58, the self-loathing republican, always seems to appear on all these threads. Probably works on DC. Probably closeted. Probably works for McConnell.

by J Abramsonreply 6412/02/2012

I don't know, dahling... he never sucked MY cock!

by J Abramsonreply 6512/02/2012

Jim Kolbe repug congressman from Arizona came out near the end of his career only because someone was prepared to out him. When he retired from the house he was replaced by Gabby Giffords.

by J Abramsonreply 6612/02/2012

[quote] And he's virulently anti-gay

Anyone who is virulently anti-gay is gay. It's a fact. A lot of people hate other types of people. But someone who spends their own time actually obsessing about that and acting out on it has mental problems or is self loathing. He's both. But it's really his homosexuality and the fact that he won't accept it that have caused him to develop a mental illness

by J Abramsonreply 6712/02/2012

Check out his top staff. Telling.

by J Abramsonreply 6812/02/2012

R64 I'll tell you something you've probably heard a million times....Wrong Again!!! Never voted Republican in my life. Don't work in DC, not closeted. The only thing I loath is stupid assholes like you.

by J Abramsonreply 6912/02/2012

McConnell has been sleeping with one of his senior staff for years.

by J Abramsonreply 7012/02/2012

How is Bob Packwood not a porn star's name?

by J Abramsonreply 7112/02/2012

r60, because he might not be currently living a gay lifestyle. That is why they speak so vehmently about gay being a choice, and how just because you have the urge, you don't have to act on it. How would they know? They know because they are chosing not to act on their gay attractions. But usually it just too much to deny and they end up in some humiliating, embarrassing situation, exposed.

by J Abramsonreply 7212/02/2012

"McConnell has been sleeping with one of his senior staff for years."

Wasn't David Dreier also fucking a staffer?

Tons of staffers on capitol hill are big queens. Even the most homophobic, right-wing members of Congress have gay staffers. George "Macaca" Allen was known for having tons of gay staffers.

by J Abramsonreply 7312/02/2012

But r72 what is the "gay lifestyle"? One is gay only of they admit it/have gay partner they live with/shag only guys? I'm not even talking about "gays in denial" who don't act upon it or very rarely do - I think those must be very rare.

I was talking about those that frequently/quite often have sex with men/have longer relationships with male partners. How is it most of them keep it secret from the public their whole lives or most of their lives? Do they pick idiots that don't know shit? Do they pick ambitious young guys and bribe them with money and jobs? Do they threaten them with death or "you'll never work in this town (or any town) again"?

HOW is it not more of them are exposed?

by J Abramsonreply 7412/02/2012

My only surprise here is how much some of YOU bitches are surprised at this news. I figured it was already well-known on DL that ol' Mitch and Orrin are geriatric closet cases. As already noted, it's an open secret in moneyed Kentucky circles.

by J Abramsonreply 7512/02/2012

R60 For many, at this point in their lives, the libido is not that strong. Still, they ymay have dalliances while on trips abroad; have long term F-Buddy friends who are themselves married and closeted (or they may have sex once or twice with the occasional ambitious, junior staffer).

by J Abramsonreply 7612/02/2012

Remember a few years ago, when his top flying monkey resigned to be a lobbyist, and Mitch gave this tearful goodbye speech on the Senate floor? You just know Mitch was praying for the guy to come busting into chambers with a boom box held over his head.

by J Abramsonreply 7712/02/2012

When he [Dreier] almost became the majority leader of the House in 2005, he was denied the position by the most right-wing republicans because they said his views were "too moderate."

When asked if David Dreier was passed over for the job due to his "moderate" views, openly-gay Democratic Congressman Barney Frank told the press:

"Yes, in the sense that I marched in the moderate pride parade last summer and went to a moderate bar."

by J Abramsonreply 7812/02/2012

Thought my fellow Dataloungers might enjoy watching the Fancy Farm Picnic....where heckling political candidates is encouraged!

by J Abramsonreply 7908/02/2014

Too bad that Barney Frank didn't give out more info about others on the Hill.

by J Abramsonreply 8008/02/2014

I was concerned that this thread had no official sanction, what with the way it was rambling along. Fortunately, R46 defines it pure Democratic Election Committee.

by J Abramsonreply 8108/02/2014

we need to remove all gay fucks from any civil or political office. We have to abolish all special interest groups that are anti Christ and against good family moral values that are destroying this nation.

by J Abramsonreply 8211/09/2014

He's not a homosexual. That is simply mendacity. He likes to Chao down. Yes, he's horny 30 minutes later and thus sometimes needs the company of a gentleman to abate his lust.

by J Abramsonreply 8311/09/2014

OK, who are you r82? Ted Cruz or Rick Santorum? I know you're not Michelle Bachman because a Lady would never use such language. Whoever you are keep up the good work in upholding righteous wholesome Christian moral values, ya dumb cunt.

by J Abramsonreply 8411/09/2014

Bump and another reminder why this dude is so hateful.

by J Abramsonreply 8502/24/2016

[quote]I know you're not Michelle Bachman because a Lady would never use such language.

Then it's not Marcus Bachmann either.

by J Abramsonreply 8602/24/2016

There is no male public figure in the history of ever, anywhere that wasn't accused of being gay.

I'm from Utah, and Hatch has always been accused. But now he's a dungeon master?

Give me a break!

by J Abramsonreply 8702/24/2016

Geez, R86, he looks like the Russian Babushka that walks around my apartment complex.

by J Abramsonreply 8802/24/2016

The thought of McConnell naked just makes me want to hurl. And that turkey face!

by J Abramsonreply 8902/24/2016

R87 He doesn't look like any dungeon master that I know.

by J Abramsonreply 9002/25/2016

He was allegedly kicked out of the Army for sodomy in the '60s but got a senator he had interned for to arrange a cover-up.

by J Abramsonreply 9111/10/2016

empty man. one of the few fun things right now is that Mitch McConnell will now have to pretend to love and admire Trump and will have the many humiliations that an angry manchild will inflict on someone that once dared to question the integrity of the Donald.

by J Abramsonreply 9211/10/2016

I'd do Mitch!

by J Abramsonreply 9311/10/2016


by J Abramsonreply 9411/10/2016

he's ugly

by J Abramsonreply 9511/10/2016

Is that why he married a token asian?

by J Abramsonreply 9611/10/2016

This is the worst news I've heard all week.

by J Abramsonreply 9711/10/2016

I think McConnell may possibly be the least attractive man in the world. He doesn't have one good feature like most fuglies do.

by J Abramsonreply 9811/10/2016

Here's an old chestnut that I never hear discussed here, but if y'all want to speculate on another possible closeted Republican, the thought of whom naked doesn't make you want to hurl, here you go:

by J Abramsonreply 9911/10/2016

McConnell always has such an odd expression on his face. He looks like a man in the doctor's office who has just been told that he has a rare and dread disease called "cockitis," and the only cure is to have your dick cut off.

by J Abramsonreply 10011/11/2016

Bringing this thread back because I just saw a picture of his ex-wife, a feminist scholar at Smith, who is absolutely not a lesbian and wasn't in a mutual bearding situation.

by J Abramsonreply 10112/04/2016

Absolutely NOT on both counts, R101.

by J Abramsonreply 10212/04/2016

Who's willing to get the dirt on him for the sake of the gay community? It's going to take someone with a strong stomach and low standards to seduce the corpse-like Mitch, work on his ice cold 2", and take the chance of falling into an endless hole entering that worn out ass.

by J Abramsonreply 10312/04/2016

His wife is probably a Chinese spy.

by J Abramsonreply 10412/04/2016

Why are so many gay guys so sick and evil and since he is so evil, why isn't he outed? In Kentucky it would take him out of power in the next election. In Kentucky there is an evangelical church on every corner....hypocrites one and all.

by J Abramsonreply 10512/04/2016

So old Tooter Turtle McConnell is a cocksucker. Figures. With those tight lips of his he must give a great BJ. Well, once he takes his teeth out, that is.

by J Abramsonreply 10612/04/2016

What? You think Rand Paul is a heterosexual? Kentucky is all about hypocristy. Hypocrisy, drugs, and organized crime. See this book.

by J Abramsonreply 10712/04/2016

I nominate YOU, r103!

by J Abramsonreply 10812/04/2016

But can you imagine him looking up at you, R106?

by J Abramsonreply 10912/04/2016

Oh, I'd just slap him around once we made eye contact R109.

by J Abramsonreply 11012/04/2016

I'd smash his face with both of my bootheels.

by J Abramsonreply 11112/04/2016

But Mitch McConnell is married to her:

by J Abramsonreply 11212/04/2016

And Mitch has three lovely daughters by his first wife who divorced him. So he's all man.

by J Abramsonreply 11312/04/2016

Elaine Chao seems like a big closet case as well.

by J Abramsonreply 11412/04/2016

He has a gay affect.

by J Abramsonreply 11512/04/2016


by J Abramsonreply 11612/09/2016

who would be in lexington?

by J Abramsonreply 11701/16/2017
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