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Creepy Places around the world

Inspired by the L.A. in the late 60s/70s - post your favorite creepy places (city, town, forest, etc.)

by for r41reply 13909/21/2016

Your mother's basement.

by for r41reply 109/25/2012

Here's a post describing what we are looking for from the thread the OP mentioned:

"[R31] and [R32](or anyone else with similar experiences), could you please describe some of the places you've gotten a creepy/weird feeling from, and why, even if it seems hard to describe or nonsensical? I'd love to hear some descriptions, whether it be about a city, just a small area of a city, a house, etc..

Certain places do have a strong atmosphere to them."

Also said was that people think their perceptions are unique to themselves, only to find out that others were inexplicably creeped out by the same place and often at the same time. It is often collectively felt.

by for r41reply 209/25/2012

Salem Witch House

by for r41reply 309/25/2012

When I came home from a vacation in Germany, one of my Wiccan friends asked about the atmosphere at Dachau.

There were evil instruments on display, and how they were used fully explained, but I had to say the atmosphere was not what one might have imagined considering what happened there.

Banality of evil is right.

by for r41reply 409/25/2012

My place is Disneyworld. Something about it wreaks of broken dreams, festering nostalgia, and cheesy popcorn.

Too bad you can't legally investigate without jailtime, R4.

by for r41reply 509/25/2012

Gettysburg Pa. I don't believe in ghosts or any of that shit. Maybe its the constant reminders of the wholesale slaughter that happened there, but I found the whole place, well...creepy

by for r41reply 609/25/2012

Plains of Abraham in Quebec City. It's now a city park, but was once a bloody battleground. It was surreal to see people play frisbee amidst gashes in the ground caused by cannonballs.

by for r41reply 709/25/2012

One time in high school I took a ride with friends up a drive along the river which become more and more 'out there' as we went along. We were all scared out of our minds for no reason, but inexplicably, it made us feel very far away from our comfort zones and from reality. It really did spook us badly. Just one of those weird overwhelming moods/reveries that happen every once in a while.

When we came upon a creepy old house with dogs in the front yard, the dogs starting approaching and we freaked out and left.

We jokingly exaggerated saying that they were hellhounds on fire coming up from the ground and were abnormally large.

Sometimes places untouched by much everyday life have a strong atmosphere and creepiness factor.

by for r41reply 809/25/2012

Meat Rack-Fire Island

by for r41reply 909/25/2012

Jasmine Guy's house.

by for r41reply 1009/25/2012

The Twin Towers in the early seventies. Worked in lower Manhattan and commuted from Journal Square (Jersey City) to and from work, the stop for that area was WTC (a work in progress). Still in construction phase the train depot was a very scary place indeed. There was one small dark staircase for all pedestrian traffic. Let me tell you, it was haunted back then. While exiting the train, anyone and everyone would basically try to touch the person in front of the line and scurry up that blasted staircase. Bare bulbs hanging and such, not to mention extremely bad vibes. So happy my employment in that area was short lived.

by for r41reply 1109/25/2012

I was on a roadtrip with some friends heading to the Jersey Shore (insert jokes here). It was late at night and we were driving through the Jersey Pine Barrens. We were driving along when we passed a small dirt road/driveway I guess, we decided that maybe we'd see the Jersey Devil or the spirits that haunt the Barrens, so we started to drive in. We got about 100 feet when the atmosphere got so thick and tense that we had to turn around. Everyone in the car had a very scary feeling. Seemed very Deliverance.

by for r41reply 1209/25/2012

The ruins of the old 1800's Metropolitan State Hospital and Gaebler Children's Center (both basically asylums) in Waltham, Mass. Holy shit.

Some bad shit went down there. Just walking around the grounds is very freaky/bad energy. There are over 500 unmarked graves - just numbered, some not even that. We found bones on our hike, were not sure if they were human or animal. That place was no joke. Pics before it was torn down at the link.

by for r41reply 1309/25/2012

Come to Memphis and go to Voodoo Village.

by for r41reply 1409/25/2012

Gettysberg is supposed to be haunted. People say they have seen ghosts on the battlefield.

There was a show on PBS last week, about how society as a whole was affected by the mass deaths during the Civil War. The stuff we take for granted now, about retrieving bodies and burying them, dogtags, writing letters to the next of kin, all started during the Civil War. Even ambulance service to bring the wounded to the hospital was started by the father of a soldier who was left wounded on the battlefield to die. The family never found his grave.

Soldiers were abandoned to bleed out on the battlefield, then thrown in a mass grave weeks or months after their deaths. In many cases their families were never notified. In those days being buried near family was a big thing, so having no marked grave meant you could never be returned home. They had about a million reasons not to rest easy. I've read stories about people seeing soliders there that they thought were re-enactors, then they disappeared.

by for r41reply 1509/25/2012

my dad use to work in union station, said there were a few places that no matter how crowded it got those areas would only have a person standing there for a few seconds and then they'd move on. he said he'd tried to find out if anything had happened in those areas but couldn't find anything. he heard aboutit from the older guys when he started there. he showed me where a couple of them were and it was a really weird thing, it was like people just wouldn't stand in those areas. also, he wouldn't let me go near the area, i really wanted to standin it a feel what ever was there, but he refused to let me. figured when i was old enough to go there on my own i'd stand in those places, by the time i was old enough i had forgotten where they were and my dad was gone.

by for r41reply 1609/25/2012

Cuba and Venezuela. I guess it must be the widespread practice of santeria what gives those countries such creepy vibes

by for r41reply 1709/25/2012


by for r41reply 1809/25/2012

The Buffalo State Asylum for the Mentally Insane. Terrifying looking building...Has been abandoned for years but they're steadily opening the doors to visitors.

by for r41reply 1909/25/2012


by for r41reply 2009/25/2012

My grandparent's house when I was little. I bet that many people can relate to that!

It had some weird air organ in a back room that made weird music when you hit the keys. The place just scared me. One night we stayed over in the family room, where there was some statue of a tiger with glowing eyes by the fireplace! Didn't sleep well that night.

by for r41reply 2109/25/2012

R5, Disneyworld is purposefully built on a ley line, same as Giza pyramids, Delphi, Stonehenge, the Nazca lines, and the Bermuda Triangle, etc. It is also 33 degree latitude, very significant in masonic and other occult tradition. The carousel is centrally located to act as a Tesla coil. That's just the tip of the high strangeness.

by for r41reply 2209/25/2012

Del Amo Fashion Square in Torrance.

by for r41reply 2309/25/2012

I volunteered at Metropolitan State Hospital in Waltham, Mass. It was beyond creepy.

by for r41reply 2409/25/2012

Ann Coulter's vagina. Where no human being has gone before.

by for r41reply 2509/25/2012

Pennhurst has to rank among the top. Even if you don't the history and the reports of paranormal events, the entire area is very creepy. A veritable ghost town.

by for r41reply 2609/25/2012

I would say any war torn areas where bodies are being blown up or exposed on the public street. Places like Iraq and Afghanistan -- or any where in the ME and Africa. The horror of just walking down the street and seeing blood and gore.

by for r41reply 2709/25/2012

The house where Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her step-mother forty whacks is now a Bed and Breakfast.

by for r41reply 2809/25/2012

R22, Disneyland and Disneyworld both have always creeped me out beyond belief. Even more so knowing with time that most of my fundie relatives (who are legion) and "friends" are huge fans of the Disney franchise.

by for r41reply 2909/25/2012

Supposedly Disneyland is truly haunted. And this is no joke, the haunted mansion is supposedly haunted. They said there are some weird paranormal stuff that occur in the haunted mansion and other rides as well. Before Disneyland was built, it was just a large orchard farm go figure?

by for r41reply 3009/25/2012

Here is more info on Disneyland being haunted.

by for r41reply 3109/25/2012

I thought Dachau was weird in the sense I expected it to be creepy but it was blank. The place is literally like someone took an eraser to that part of the earth. I read energy and there was no energy there to read. It's a dead spot. I remember thinking there was no way to heal land that is so completely dead. It's dead and the air and soil are dead also. I went there with a preconceived idea of what it would or should be and I drew a blank.

by for r41reply 3209/25/2012

Hurricane Alicia hit downtown Houston in the early 80s. Most of downtown was cordoned off due to all the damage. I had to attend at one of the downtown hotels on the perimeter, but between the cordon and the one-way streets, I just could not navigate my car there. I parked on the outside and talked a cop into letting me walk across downtown. It was so weird, all these tall buildings, broken glass everywhere, but not another person in sight for blocks. It looked as though I was the only survivor of the end of the world.

by for r41reply 3309/26/2012

R32 --

This is R4.

I found the air "flat" not blank, although we may be using different words for the same thing.

I'm not Wiccan nor do I read energies. I'm just a boring secular type.

Now, The Culloden Battlefield -- by day, it felt more like a park (as many battlefields do) but I was back out there at 10:30 at night, waiting for a ride on the road beside it, and it didn't feel evil, just not at peace in the dark.

by for r41reply 3409/26/2012

[quote] It was late at night and we were driving through the Jersey Pine Barrens.

That is a creepy place. Drove through it once, never again. Gave me major creeps.

by for r41reply 3509/26/2012

The creepiest place I've ever been is Vancouver's downtown Eastside. It's a large neighbourhood where severe drug addicts, the homeless, sex workers, and mentally ill people all live.

The OP probably wants us to focus on supernatural creepiness, but supernatural places are areas with weird and oftentimes scary 'energy', and the Vancouver downtown Eastside has that creepy 'energy'.

Walking through the area, it's like walking through a zombie movie.

by for r41reply 3609/26/2012

If we're allowing ghettos, San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood is one of the scariest places I've ever been. I've been to a lot of poor and sad places, but in the Tenderloin there was murder in their air, as if everyone there was willing to kill for pocket change.

On a slightly more cheerful note, I lived in a neighborhood full of beautiful old Victorian houses, and one struck me as creepy... every time I walked by. It was a grand old place, like all the other houses on that street, but it was the only one with the creepy vibe. Sure enough, I later found it on a list of local haunted houses.

by for r41reply 3709/26/2012

Chichen Itza, Mexico, especially the ball field.

The Allen Memorial Institute, a mental ward housed in a creepy old mansion also known as Ravenscrag.

by for r41reply 3809/26/2012

Bomarzo, Italy

by for r41reply 3909/26/2012

What's the deal with the Pine Barrens? I only heard of from that Sopranos episode.

by for r41reply 4009/26/2012

Gettysburg is more solemn I think than "creepy". It brings up a lot of thought when you're standing there looking out over the fields and driving the tree lined little street paths through it. Though I suppose if ghosts do exist, this would be a place that would have more than its share of them. But I don't get "creepy" when I'm at Gettysburg more than I do a sense of sadness and reflection.

There's an old abandoned, massive warehouse which sits on the river and just off the train platform at Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. It's on the Croton-Harlem line for those who take MetroNorth in and out of the city. I think it's the Hastings platform anyway, could be the one between Yonkers and Hastings.

I've been stuck there a couple of times when I've missed my stop and the sense of despair and trouble and the 'red flags' I get from something awful being/happening in there is overwhelming, and I'm not a guy who follows ghosts shows gets into a lot of paranormal belief stuff.

I should take some shots for you guys and share them with you. Lots of old abandoned early 20th and late 19th Century buildings in lower Westchester, all within view of lower Manhattan no less.

by for r41reply 4109/26/2012

Parts of New Orleans are creepy, too.

by for r41reply 4209/26/2012

Dachau - if you walk to the right of the main building, there is an entrance and hallway. It feels like the entrance to hell.

Ann Frank House - not evil but a definite presence.


WTC Observation Deck - my partner, me and a young friend. we had just gone sailing. decided to take the kid to the top of the wtc. we walk out onto the deck on the roof, it was much colder, clouds rolling in. I got a really bad feeling. My partner and I looked at each other and one of us, I don't remember who, said let's get out of here.

by for r41reply 4309/26/2012

[quote]Supposedly Disneyland is truly haunted. And this is no joke, the haunted mansion is supposedly haunted.

The haunted mansion thing is bullshit for the tourists, at least I never heard of it when I worked there.

What I did hear several times, is that there is a spot along the Disneyland Railroad, over by where the burning settler's cabin (that no longer burns) sits that has a seriously evil vibe to it. Nothing specific, just a strong "raise the hair on the back of your neck/let's get the fuck out of here" feeling you got when you were there.

It's probably the most remote and isolated spot in the Park, but even security guys hated to be over there, especially at night when the Park was closed, and almost never went over there alone.

by for r41reply 4409/26/2012

An acquaintance visited Dachau with her Polish relatives, who'd never been there. All Catholic.

One aunt, who'd probably been under 10 during the war, started to weep and shake. She stayed outside, others went wherever.

When they came out, the aunt was a shaking blubbering mess. She was being comforted by other visitors. They assumed she was Jewish.

When she told me the story, I started shivering. Someone's there.

by for r41reply 4509/26/2012

R43, what year was that?

I reminds me of a theory I read somewhere - that there's a "resonance" going both backwards and forwards for very large, catastrophic events.

There are some cases of a lot of people dreaming about a plane crashing the night before a big plane crash, a number of people had nightmares or visions about the Titanic sinking before it did, etc. If there is a type of resonance from large scale events, it stands to reason that the deaths of thousands of people in one spot might somehow be sensed by more sensitive people. Some of the Titanic dreamers' dreams were so specific, it really makes you think.

by for r41reply 4609/26/2012

R37, I have had the same experience as you. I literally felt like a prey animal while navigating my way through the Tenderloin. There is something beastly there, and the look in the street people's eyes were like those of a hungry lion, or shark.

NEVER again to the Tenderloin, the Mission, the Bart, or the San Fran area proper.

by for r41reply 4709/26/2012

Besides the piss stained seats, what's creepy about BART? And SF proper?

by for r41reply 4809/26/2012

A former patients recall of his time spent at Gaebler

by for r41reply 4909/26/2012

R46 -- that's the odd thing about the WTC. The above post is only the second premonition that I've heard about after all these years. Something like that -- one would expect far more people feeling something was in the air, as in the Lincoln assassination, JFK, Aberfan.

Even the massacre on the Virgin Islands had some premonitions, but WTC? Hardly anything.

Something changed with the Millennium.

by for r41reply 5009/26/2012

The catacombs in Rome.

Beyond creepy.

by for r41reply 5109/26/2012

Centralia, Pennsylvania

Mostly abandoned due to an underground coal fire since the '60s. The ground is hot and everything is dead.

by for r41reply 5209/26/2012

all of Vegas and 'motel' I thought I was going to check into in St. Louis, MO that looked like something out of District 9 - and the surrounding vacant buildings where I got lost trying to get the hell out of there

by for r41reply 5309/26/2012

R46, it was July 2001

by for r41reply 5409/26/2012

The vivid Dachau reactions seem to be towards the evil which occurred there, which is understandable. But the aura there is flat.

by for r41reply 5509/26/2012

Many years ago, my ex and I went to the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires to see Evita's tomb. It's a "city" of fairly large mausoleums, not tombstones. We arrived late on a gray, overcast day, in (their) winter. Her digs are fairly far in from the entrance, and we were about the only living beings there. I kept expecting hounds from hell to bound around a corner straight at us at any moment!

by for r41reply 5609/26/2012

The only time I felt unsafe in Vegas was wandering the grounds of the Flamingo at night. I was walking past the mermaid fountain and suddenly became ice cold with fear. The feeling vanished as soon as I got the hell out of there.

by for r41reply 5709/26/2012

Parts of New Orleans.

Congressional Cemetery in DC. Full of eminent personages but sinister and rundown.

The entire nation of Romania can have an eerie vibe. Memories of repression and enlavement, along with an aging population and really low level of development.

by for r41reply 5809/26/2012

Last night spanish TV (TVE) aired a documentary about Las Vegas that made it look like hell on earth.

by for r41reply 5909/26/2012

I used to go to the St. Mark's Baths in the late 70s. I was in my late teens. I always had an uneasy feeling, like there was something sinister under the surface.

by for r41reply 6009/26/2012

"Last night spanish TV (TVE) aired a documentary about Las Vegas that made it look like hell on earth."

Why? I wish I'd seen it, I'm from Vegas. What's the name of it?

by for r41reply 6109/26/2012

Agree about the east side of vancouver. It's like stumbling into the underworld. It's especially dramatic because the change is so abrupt. Vancouver is so verdant and orderly and has an air of prosperity. Except for the east side, which is just this vortex of despair and filth and addiction and death.

by for r41reply 6209/26/2012

Old Shawneetown, Ill. I stopped to look at this old bank, set in majestic empty splendor on a brick street. There was a bar operating in a building across the street where most of the second floor had been demolished. There were no people, no cars, and just a neon sign in the bar window. As I stopped the car in front of the bank I felt a chill. Next thing I knew a pack of feral dirty dogs had surrounded the car and were barking and circling and wouldn't let me leave. It seemed like good five minutes, but probably was more like one minute, before they calmed enough to me peel outta of there.

by for r41reply 6309/26/2012

R61 "Buscamundos", father and son concentrate on the worst about Las Vegas: homeless, prostitution and the "fake ness" of it all. They were specially appalled at a place were people can go and fire automatic weapons. They concluded that Vegas was a cheap backdrop for broken dreams. It left me depressed

by for r41reply 6409/26/2012

Then when I googled Old Shawneetown, this was one of the first photos that popped up.

by for r41reply 6509/26/2012

It does look like someone has given the road a fresh coat of asphalt since that time. The bar is gone.

by for r41reply 6609/26/2012

Lake Berryessa. Although I'm not sure how much that has to do with its Zodiac history.

by for r41reply 6709/27/2012


by for r41reply 6809/27/2012

Rosie O'Donnell's vag.

by for r41reply 6909/27/2012

R63's bank looks like something out of a movie.

I've never been to Little Big Horn, but I've seen a few documentaries on it and the whole area kind of creeps me out - the winding river and the hills and valleys hiding a massive group of warriors who decimated Custer's regiment - it seems haunted there too.

Watched a version of Hounds of the Baskervilles and got scared of the Moor.

by for r41reply 7009/27/2012

Yellowstone National Park also has some very creepy spots. I solo—camped in a remote area in the Pelican Valley. Everything was fine until at night I heard heavy rustling and branches breaking. I literally sat frozen and motionless in my tent for a good 1 to 2 hours until sunlight (thank God). It wasn't until later that I learned that the area had been the site of a grizzly bear mauling of some Swiss chick back in the 80s.

Very eerie vibes, and I've solo—camped many, many places.

by for r41reply 7109/28/2012

The desert town of Twentynine Palms, Ca. has a very unhappy vibe - everyone there seemed to be in the depths of clinical depression. And it's right next to beautiful Joshua Tree National Park, and none of the other towns in the area feel the same way.

Of course, I haven't visited since meth came to the small towns of America. God knows what it's like now.

by for r41reply 7209/28/2012

Does anyone remember a true crime case which two teenage girls snuck into a cabin in Northern California in a wooded are of course, and were murdered by the park ranger in the 1970s? I read a little about that case one time ,but I forget about it because its been a while since I have read it.I have read the cabin is extremely haunted and many people have claimed numerous stories encountering a tremendous amount of supernatural activity just walking by the cabin. People have claimed that the cabin makes your hair raise.

by for r41reply 7309/28/2012

Keddie cabins, R73?

by for r41reply 7409/28/2012

"got scared of the Moor"

Just the one, dear?

by for r41reply 7509/28/2012

Creepy L.A. Places, they give murder tours

by for r41reply 7609/28/2012

Lake Berryessa. It has a big drain on one end. Looks alien from the sky...

by for r41reply 7709/28/2012

Really R74? I. familiar with that case but I thought there was another case where two girls went on their own in a wooded cabin and as a result, they got murdered and rapped by some sick park ranger? or someone? BTW, the cabin to the Keddie murders was bulldozed. They that was a busy vacation spot ,but after those murders, occurred back in 1980, no one vacationed around there ever again and it became a ghost town ever since.

by for r41reply 7809/28/2012

"Lake Berryessa. It has a big drain on one end."

Did you know the big drain near the dam is officially called a "glory hole"?

Now, how can anything so funny be creepy!

by for r41reply 7909/28/2012

It can be if you are driven by occult compulsions to commit murder there!

by for r41reply 8009/28/2012

Laurel Canyon -- even years after all the crazed stuff that went on up there

by for r41reply 8109/29/2012

My Dad used to frequent this deli near our house. He'd get coffee and a sandwich and read the morning paper. One day, two flies flew over and dropped dead in midair, landing in his coffee. The next day, the same thing happened -- the fly seemed hit an invisible wall in midair and again landed in his coffee.

After that, he used another table, but anyone sitting there (and only when someone was sitting there) would have a fly or fly suddenly die in midair and land on that table.

The Creepy Zone.

by for r41reply 8209/30/2012

Yes, I third the East Side of Vancouver. I felt like I was in the Walking Dead. I didn't feel unsafe, which made it even more creepy... like everyone was glazed over.

Also the fact that they have a homeless swap meet, was weird.

by for r41reply 8310/03/2012

R71 you probably heard more bears moving around outside your tent. Bears and other wildlife routinely browse at night.

by for r41reply 8410/03/2012


by for r41reply 8510/03/2012

UMASS Dartmouth is a pretty creepy place. The architecture is brutalist meets prairie school, and the whole place is so still it feels like you're in some sort of vacuum. A friend stayed there one summer when she was doing summer stock and we broke into one of the buildings to explore and it was very creepy and disorienting. And thne there are the 666 benches...

by for r41reply 8610/07/2012

This is an odd one, but the Bobelaine Audubon Sanctuary near Sacramento. I've been there several times, and it does have a creepy vibe I've never felt at any other widlife preserve.

Perhaps it's because there are so few people there (usually none), perhaps it's the unexpected density of the riparian forest, in the middle of the hot flat farm country. Perhaps it's because the forest is old and choked with strangling vines and undergrowth, I really can't put my finger on it. It's like Tolkien's Old Forest, a place where humans aren't welcome.

by for r41reply 8710/09/2012

My family used to do estate sales for banks. One was in Lakeview. A son had inherited the house and promptly OD'd.

It was surrounded by cool brick row houses, but it had asphalt siding. The house was old enough to have a few awkward steps down from the street to the entrance door. Its basement had no windows and the floor was oiled dirt. There was haze everywhere - like a fog. All the floors were filthy worn linoleum.

The furniture was all the '20s version of IKEA - jacobean monster shit badly veneered. The old toys were greasy and broken. The christmas stuff was '50s and stained.

Estate sales usually draw an assorted crowd. This one pulled in strictly non-bathing circus folk and they were mean. We had two bum fights over towels and shoes. We also had arguments in the family - which usually didn't happen. It was just a sick sick place.

by for r41reply 8810/09/2012

R12 and R35:

A wonderful book on the Pine Barrens -- "The Pine Barrens," by John McPhee, see link.

Love Canal and Chernobyl.

by for r41reply 8910/10/2012

The Linderman Library at Lehigh Univ. I don't know about now -- they recently rehabbed it -- but when I went there, there were two or three underground floors that felt like no one had been in there for decades. There was that horribly musty smell that comes from old books and bugs, and dust in the corners.

There were odd twists and turns, and many dark nooks on those floors were difficult to get to. I always felt like there would be a skeleton or a dead body or a murderer lurking right around the corner.

Plus, it was dead quiet down there. It used to make me think of that tagline that went something like, "In the dark, nobody can hear you scream."

by for r41reply 9010/10/2012

The French Quarter, late at night when the fog rolls in off the river and all you can really see is the halo around the street lights and all the sound is muffled...

Similarly, Paris, late at night, when you stumble out of some dive bar, and there is no one on the streets and you can't find a taxi anywhere. The anxiety just begins creeping higher and higher as you meander towards your place.

by for r41reply 9110/10/2012

Fort Mifflin - Philadelphia, PA

by for r41reply 9210/10/2012


by for r41reply 9310/12/2012

The ice on the river collapsing under the weight of the school bus in The Sweet Hereafter

by for r41reply 9410/12/2012

Anyone visiting any creepy places for Halloween?

by for r41reply 9510/12/2012

The inspiration for the video game and movie Silent Hill, r52. The sequel is coming out in a few weeks in 3D, hope it's good, the original was sure spooky.

by for r41reply 9610/12/2012

Aokigahara- Suicide forest

by for r41reply 9710/13/2012

Last year the husband and I visited Amsterdam and, of course, the Anne Frank house.

I'm a Jew with a number (15+) of close relatives (mother's uncles, aunts and cousins) from Lithuania who were murdered by the Nazis, and I expected to be reduced to a blubbering lump. Nothing. Absolutely no strong emotion except when passing through the secret bookcase door, and at the very end when reading some original pages from Frank's diary on display. The place seems deserted of human spirit. I think it has something to do with the absence of any furniture: just empty rooms. I have not been to any other holocaust sites.

by for r41reply 9810/13/2012

Also visited Culloden on the way to visit a dear friend's family in Aberdeen. It did seem like a "park", but then I'm not a Scot.

by for r41reply 9910/13/2012

Tasmania. A lot of very bad DNA there. And I'm not just talking about the Tasmanian Devils with facial cancer from the herbicides from the forest industry in the streams fucking up their chromosomes. I'm talking the endless, endless, endless white trash, including that with convict roots.

by for r41reply 10010/13/2012

I was just reading about the SIX - six, people! - bodies that were pulled out of Foss Lake in Oklahoma this fall.

Six bodies, in two separate cars, one that went into the lake in 1969 and the other in 1970. One car had three old people in it, the other (a Camaro) had three teenagers.

Absolutely unrelated. And for 40 years both have been cold case, missing persons who just vanished, never to be seen or heard from again.

Sonar testing by some company, purely by accident, found the cars in the lake and that's how they found them. Theories are that back then, the cars simply skidded on ice and went off the boat ramp. No one ever thought to look in the lake. The cars were SIDE BY FUCKING SIDE for 40 years in only 12 feet of water, less than 50 feet from shore with all the bodies inside.

Makes me think the lake itself is evil. Like it pulled them in there.

by for r41reply 10111/24/2013

It was you, R101, you. You are projecting onto the lake.

by for r41reply 10211/24/2013

This is the best thread on DL right now, so cool.

by for r41reply 10311/24/2013

The National Shrine Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes near Mount St. Mary's College in Maryland. There's a replica of the Lourdes grotto and it was just dead quiet. Creepy.

Venice at night. It was creepy walking around barely lit streets and fog. However, I did love it all the same.

by for r41reply 10411/24/2013

OMG - I started the whole 'Jasmine Guy's House' thing... ahhh... memories...

by for r41reply 10511/24/2013

Park Avenue, Manhattan. Filled with ghosts dead and living.

by for r41reply 10611/24/2013


by for r41reply 10711/24/2013

Anyone ever been to the Stanford Memorial Church (religious cathedral inside of Stanford University), location where Arlis Perry was ritualistically murdered in the early '70s by the satanic cult related to Son of Sam?

by for r41reply 10811/25/2013

Los Angeles, AKA the American capital of satanism, has a ton of places with bad, creepy juju:

a). The Angeles Forest (a national forest in the middle of 20 million people that always feels creepily isolated; also a body-dumping graveyard and a place where occult worship/sacrifice takes place.. no joke: See "Curve fire").

b). Turnbull Canyon (Whittier)

c). Major urbans parks (Elysian Park & Griffith Park) after dark.

d). Arroyo seco river which runs from Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA research center built on the tenets of satanism) below Suicide Bridge in Pasadena.

e). Cielo Drive near the old Sharon Tate mansion.

f). Wonderland murders apartment.

More inexplicable, however, is that on certain days/nights, Los Angeles "feels" evil; I can't explain it, but it's a palpable, overwhelmingly negative energy that permeates the air and violence in the city seems to erupt (fights break out, murder happens). Joan Didion wrote about it in an article. It's a strange phenomena that I've experience nowhere else in the U.S.

by for r41reply 10911/25/2013

I've been to MemChu a million times, I used to work on the campus. WTF is this about a murder?

It's a beautiful building in a lovely setting, and I never got any creepy vibes from it.

by for r41reply 11011/25/2013

R110, google "Arlis Perry."

by for r41reply 11111/25/2013

Great thread

by for r41reply 11211/25/2013

The Catacombe dei Cappuccini.

Took a tour through here when I was in Sicily a number of years ago.

The mummified body of Rosalia Lombardo was enough to creep me out for weeks.

by for r41reply 11311/25/2013

[quote]Too bad you can't legally investigate without jailtime, [R4].

WTF does that even mean? Aside from not making any sense in relation to what was posted at R4, why would one receive "jailtime" for doing something "legally"?

by for r41reply 11411/25/2013

R45 tells the chilling tale of a Catholic woman having an emotional response. To think, she was upset by being in a concentration camp! And she's not even Jewish! Because only Jews react to concentration camps or genocide.

by for r41reply 11511/25/2013

R113 those pics are creepy as hell. Did it stink or have an odor at all?

by for r41reply 11611/25/2013


by for r41reply 11707/11/2014

Caddo Lake in East Texas

Okeefenokeee Swamp on the Georgia/Florida border. Ppl go in there & they never come out. Heavy mist, alligators, snakes, cypress trees. Right out of a horror movie.

The Jersey Pine Barrens

Underground Naples, Italy - catacombs for miles & miles, in very enclosed space. Skeletons literally within reach & the place is full of rats.

The Highway of Tears in western Canada. Dozens & dozens of ppl (mostly women) have either been murdered, or have disappeared there, since the 1950s.

The Muir Woods near SF

The Moors in England - one of the creepiest places I have ever been to, anywhere on the planet. It's the setting for The Hounds of the Baskervilles.

The Jura region of eastern France. Incredibly remote & very sparsely populated.

The Haunted Hotel at Tequendama Falls in Colombia. Many have committed suicide here by jumping from the hotel into the crevasse below. Look online for photos. When I went there, I don't think I had ever had such a feeling of creeping sadness come over me.

The entire city of Salvador da Bahia in Brazil. There's a reason why it's the capital of candomble' (Brazilian voodoo). Spooky.

by for r41reply 11807/11/2014

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by for r41reply 11907/11/2014

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by for r41reply 12007/11/2014

What's creepy about the Muir Woods, R118?

I'm going to mention Twentynine Palms, Ca., a small town outside Joshua Tree National Park. Everyone in the town looks miserable and depressed, being there is like being in a zombie movie.

by for r41reply 12107/11/2014

Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado.

by for r41reply 12207/11/2014

R121: When I was there it was late in the day, very foggy & almost no one around. It was really quiet & creepy. There were three of us there & we couldn't wait to ditch the place.

I think you already posted about Twentynine Palms, upthread. Nearly the same wording in another post, but awhile back.

by for r41reply 12307/11/2014

[You do realize that this is a troll, right? It does not believe what it posts. It just craves attention. You might want to stop talking to it.]

by for r41reply 12410/12/2014

[You do realize that this is a troll, right? It does not believe what it posts. It just craves attention. You might want to stop talking to it.]

by for r41reply 12510/12/2014

[You do realize that this is a troll, right? It does not believe what it posts. It just craves attention. You might want to stop talking to it.]

by for r41reply 12610/12/2014

Everyone's mentioning Dachau but what about the other camps?

by for r41reply 12710/13/2014

They wanted to build a mall on Ravensbruck. I guess no one felt anything there.

by for r41reply 12810/13/2014

Bumping this thread . It's one of my favorites! In honor of Halloween fast approaching I want to hear about more scary places!!

by for r41reply 12909/20/2016

[quote]Old Shawneetown, Ill. I stopped to look at this old bank, set in majestic empty splendor on a brick street. There was a bar operating in a building across the street where most of the second floor had been demolished. There were no people, no cars, and just a neon sign in the bar window. As I stopped the car in front of the bank I felt a chill. Next thing I knew a pack of feral dirty dogs had surrounded the car and were barking and circling and wouldn't let me leave. It seemed like good five minutes, but probably was more like one minute, before they calmed enough to me peel outta of there.

R63, ater looking up Old Shawneetown online, it looks like the town has had a challenging history.

by for r41reply 13009/20/2016

Here you go, OP.

by for r41reply 13109/20/2016

Cairo, Illinois

by for r41reply 13209/20/2016

The Feds won't insure Cairo against floods anymore, so it won't be redeveloped.

by for r41reply 13309/20/2016


by for r41reply 13409/20/2016

Hadley-Day, NY aka Allentown.

by for r41reply 13509/20/2016

R109 I have to agree with you , L.A. does have a very weird negative vibe to it.

Has anyone gone on a Death Hag tour that Find A Death in L.A. has? I've been on a ghost hunting tour in Jerome , Arizona . It's an old mining town and the Jerome Grand Hotel is pretty creepy . It used to be a hospital and a lot of people died there .

I'm sure there's plenty of ghost hunting tours in any state you live in .

by for r41reply 13609/20/2016

Don't know if this has been posted up-thread, but have you seen the website 28 Days Later, OP? It's a goldmine of unsettling urban decay. It's mostly UK based there are a lot of European and international sites too. Gist of it is, someone explores an abandoned or derelict sites, takes photos and reports on it.

by for r41reply 13709/20/2016

Bachelor Grove, an abandoned cemetery from the 1800s, located in a forest preserve near the towns of Crestwood and Oak Forest, just southwest of Chicago.

A handful of old headstones, ghostly lights that float, a house that appears and disappears from view, and on and on and on. Frequently cited as being THE creepiest place in all of Illinois.

Thankfully, no clowns prowling the woods. At least not yet . . .

by for r41reply 13809/20/2016

(R91) Paris?!?!?! There are cameras EVERYWHERE, just like in London and Los Angeles.

by for r41reply 13909/21/2016
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