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What happend to Matt Dillon?

I just watched "In and Out". He was so good in this movie. What happened to his career? Did he, like a lot of other actors just decide to drop out?

by D.Reynoldsreply 10209/28/2017

He is supposedly doing a film with Gillian Anderson this fall.

by D.Reynoldsreply 109/09/2012

I wonder too. I still harbor my boyhood crush on him.

by D.Reynoldsreply 209/12/2012

I have to admit one of my childhood crushes was on Matt Dillon. Such a prick in My Bodyguard, but then in Little Darlings I wanted him more than Kristy or Tatum. Loved him in Drugstore Cowboy, and In and Out. Alway wonder if he is bi. Anyone know?

by D.Reynoldsreply 309/12/2012

I believe he's still running The Ponderosa with Miss Kitty.

by D.Reynoldsreply 409/12/2012

He was good in Crash... But that was nearly 10 years ago.

by D.Reynoldsreply 509/12/2012

Hits on every woman that breathes.Beyond that I know nothing.

by D.Reynoldsreply 609/12/2012

(mock whispering) "DRUGS!"

by D.Reynoldsreply 709/12/2012

he's gay

by D.Reynoldsreply 809/12/2012

bottom hound

by D.Reynoldsreply 909/12/2012

I'm with R8. I always thought the lady killer image was fake and forced. Plus, he dated Cameron Diaz - a surefire clue that he's gay.

by D.Reynoldsreply 1009/12/2012

I had always heard he was gay.

by D.Reynoldsreply 1109/12/2012

here we go again. even pussyhounds are gay. they're just doing it to hide their gayness. so boring. some people aren't gay.

by D.Reynoldsreply 1209/12/2012

He is very funny in the new Kristen Wiig movie Imogene, which just got picked up by a distributor after screening at the Toronto Film Festival. His character's name is George Bouche.

by D.Reynoldsreply 1309/12/2012

[quote]I believe he's still running The Ponderosa with Miss Kitty.

TAw shoot, that purty thing thar ain't Miss Kitty. Tha's jes' Little Joe. He likes to dress up in his maw's old things when the mood hits him. We don't say nuthin' cuz it gets awful lonely 'round these here parts what without no lady folks to keep us comp'ny.

by D.Reynoldsreply 1409/12/2012

he was allegedly thrown out of a bar for stealing eons ago (gotta be at least 2 decades ago). i was a waitress/bartender and these stories get passed around, how true, not sure but just what i heard. (he allegedly took tips left on the bar by customer meant for bartender)

by D.Reynoldsreply 1509/12/2012

OMG R15. It's hard to imagine Dillon ever needing money enough to snag tips or a tip jar or whatever.

But if he really did that, it would be enough to get me over what crush I still have on him.

Same goes for if it's true that he trolls for pussy when he really wants cock...although I'd certainly like the latter to be true.

by D.Reynoldsreply 1609/12/2012

R6 again. My (female) NY friends (born and bred) from eons back have always joked about him. The younger the better. He's a straight horndog who likes them young. Couldn't really tell you now, but he was hitting on these girls when he was close to 20 years older than them. From hearsay, not uncommon. The joke was that you were basically a dog if he DIDN'T hit on you. Stalked the private school scene.

by D.Reynoldsreply 1709/13/2012

Absolutely straight. I saw him in a bar in the Village and he did NOT hit on me...

by D.Reynoldsreply 1809/13/2012

Do you think Gus Van Sant hit on him when he made Drugstore Cowboy? He worked for Gus again in, To Die For. He never married and he keeps a very low profile, I believe he is gay.

by D.Reynoldsreply 1909/13/2012

I thought he was straight but after I realized that Cameron dates gay...I figured, YES this unmarried guy is GAY.

Straight men, actually like to wake up with a woman in their bed.

by D.Reynoldsreply 2009/13/2012

I used to bartend at a place in the west village called Bar D'o. Matt Dillon was a regular. I only saw him hit on women. Didn't get a gay vibe at all.

In other news, he was kind of a prick. A shitty tipper. And a complete lush.

by D.Reynoldsreply 2109/13/2012

I think he's one of those actors who doesn't give a shit about "stardom" and picks roles he likes.

by D.Reynoldsreply 2209/13/2012

Beautiful Matt Dillon from Little Darlings

by D.Reynoldsreply 2309/13/2012

Matt is bisexual/gay. He is not straight and that's been known for decades.

by D.Reynoldsreply 2409/13/2012

Could someone tell the lazy asshole at R12 that the cap function is there for a reason. Shithead illiterate wad.

What happened to Matt Dillon? Heroin happened to Matt Dillon.

by D.Reynoldsreply 2509/13/2012

[quote] The younger the better. He's a straight horndog who likes them young.

I've known a few straight panty creamers who date only young girls. They pick up on reflexive adulation - dilated pupils, flushed skin, a faster heart beat.

It's a power trip and the girls are an accessory. These are straight guys who also know their luxury brand names. Everything must be the best.

While not gay, they do know when guys are attracted to them and seem to do anything to keep attention focussed upon themselves.

by D.Reynoldsreply 2609/13/2012

He's still hot as far as I can tell

by D.Reynoldsreply 2709/13/2012

r25 is correct.

by D.Reynoldsreply 2809/13/2012

I used to see him in a restaurant on the Upper West Side at breakfast time with young women, I always assumed they'd spent the night together. I haven't seen him in ages, don't know if he still lives on the Upper West Side, or if he just found other places to go.

by D.Reynoldsreply 2909/13/2012

He is not gay. Pussyhound.

by D.Reynoldsreply 3009/30/2012

He dated Camaron Diaz for a long time...what does that tell you? He does not seem like a pussy hound and if he is a heroin addict, first I've heard it and I don't think he is.

by D.Reynoldsreply 3109/30/2012

He definitely had that steroid forehead thing going on a few years ago.

by D.Reynoldsreply 3210/02/2012

When he was young he hooked up with a well known gay, I guess in New York but now I can't remember which one...can anyone recall? Anyway, let's be honest the guy is as gay as Justin Timberlake.

by D.Reynoldsreply 3310/02/2012

Knew him in the 90's....not gay and true pussyhound....female friend screwed him said he had a smallish dick

by D.Reynoldsreply 3410/02/2012


by D.Reynoldsreply 3510/02/2012

We already know he's gay so no discussion is needed about that. It would be nice to know who has been his partner?

by D.Reynoldsreply 3610/02/2012

He was great in Drugstore Cowboy too.

by D.Reynoldsreply 3710/02/2012

I think he has gotten better looking as he has gotten older. Never was attracted to him younger. For some reason. He was just to punkish i guess.

by D.Reynoldsreply 3810/02/2012

r7 and r35 I love you both from the bottom of my cold, dead heart.

Matt Dillon was hot as fuck in Crash.

by D.Reynoldsreply 3910/02/2012

Known him since before Little Darlings. Not gay. The rumors have been out there since he first started maybe because his longtime manager/agent was gay. Had people swear to me they'd seen him the night before at some gay club or with some guy when I knew exactly where he was the night before. Really loved Cameron but cheated. I think he's a sex addict and not in the new Hollywood I cheated on my wife because.... When you start getting it handed to you by the hundreds at such a young age how do you scale back to monogamy? Not defending just wondering if it's possible. At least he stayed single. True about liking them young but not illegally young.

No heroine either alcohol was his drug of choice and he's been clean for years. Why would he rob from a tip jar 20 yrs ago? He was flush with cash then. He's cautious with his money but not cheap. Very smart btw. Self educated. Very knowledgeable about Art and Music.

by D.Reynoldsreply 4010/02/2012

Thanks for the real info, R40.

Can you tell us why he hasn't been in much in the past 2 decades? Was it his choice? If so, why?

by D.Reynoldsreply 4110/03/2012

Total Mo.

by D.Reynoldsreply 4210/03/2012

The man is gay and r40? A shill.

by D.Reynoldsreply 4310/03/2012

Wears a bad wig in "Grace of My Fart"

by D.Reynoldsreply 4410/03/2012

I just happened onto this site and found this thread so I don't know how to respond to a specific post but to answer post 41. I'm not in the industry. So I can't tell you why Matt hasn't been in much the last few years. And how do you ask an actor that question? Most actors are neurotic about their career and he's an Aquarian so double that.

I can only guess from things I know. He was not represented by a big time agency in the beginning and for many years after. His manager only represented Matt and Vinny Spano (yes, they were friends). And Matt always remained NY based so he didn't really network as much in LA. Like everyone else who starts young he tired of the teen films (even if they were Francis Ford Coppola) and went Indy with Gus Van Sant. Movies like Drugstore Cowboy seemed to appeal more to him than mainstream. Maybe he should've milked his fame more then. After Crash he dedicated a lot of time to the movie he eventually starred in and directed.

It doesn't seem like he's hurting for money. HIS parents didn't rake him over and they invested well. Again, I don't know his financial details but he's hasn't been kicked out of a trailer park. He has a lovely apt in the City, he dines out frequently. He's never had an entourage to support. So it's not like he has to take any job (altho he did make that Herbie film) but yeah, I think he'd like to work more. He still auditions.

He was pigeonholed early on as a teen idol and he kind of fell into the industry so he wasn't great when he started. But he's done some very good work, Drugstore, Crash and I thought he was very good in What Happened to Mary. He has expanded his range but maybe some still remember the early Matt.

BTW post 43. You can choose to believe me or not I've heard the claim for over 30 years. I've never spoken about him on the Net before. I was looking for something else on this site and saw the thread and many seemed interested in knowing more than about his sexuality so I decided to give a little insight. I have a lot of respect for him. He was "discovered" at 14 (I think) thrown into this very surreal world and for the most part he's held up pretty well. He never went to college yet he took the time to educate himself on a wide range of topics. And his interests are varied. His ear for music is phenomenal. He should've gone into the record industry after film because he has a knack for discovering new talent years before they go mainstream. And he has the same knack for Art.

That's all I've got. I shared because it was nice to see people are still interested.

by D.Reynoldsreply 4510/03/2012

Thanks again, R45.

by D.Reynoldsreply 4610/03/2012

he spent a chunk of his time in Asia? south-east asia if my memory serves me right and he even went back to direct a movie in Thailand or Vietnam...yeah he probably likes them real young. i'm too lazy to google but i remember he liked jazz and collects vinyls, 45s or 8 tracks or whatever those relics are called...and i wouldn't put it past him to "steal" allegedly, lots of actors "research" their roles...i think Keanu Reeves was caught scalping tickets outside of a stadium once but was let go.

Still think he's gay!!! It's a free world :)

by D.Reynoldsreply 4710/03/2012

Exactly how would R45 KNOW for sure the guy is straight? I really don't think wives, Cameron Diaz as a girlfriend, no babies out of wedlock, attractive 47 year old man, never married. Seems pretty gay to me.

by D.Reynoldsreply 4810/03/2012

R47 "Vinyl records?" What the hell is that stream of gibberish? Why is DL so full of the mental cases all of a sudden?

by D.Reynoldsreply 4910/03/2012

What movie has Matt Dillon done with Darren Criss?

I just read on the Glee thread that Criss posted a FaceBook message talking about how much his life has changed since getting cast on the show. Among the project he said he's been lucky to work on was a film with Matt Dillon. What's he talking about?

I'd like to see Matt Dillon plow his hairy little hole.

by D.Reynoldsreply 5010/06/2012

R50, Dillon is in upcomung movie Imogene, starring Kristen Wiig. Imogene finds that her estranged mother, who is dating Dillon, rented her childhood room to Criss at a time when Imogene has split from her cheating wealthy boyfriend and has nowhere else to live. Dillon's character, George Bouche, hints that he is a spy or undercover intelligence officer, and Imogene thinks he's a con man fooling her mother (Annette Bening).

by D.Reynoldsreply 5110/07/2012

Really some absurd posts. He's not gay. I know him and the post about any addiction is out of line. As far as what he's been up to MOVIE wise, go to IMDB. Leave his personal life alone.

by D.Reynoldsreply 5212/21/2012

Was in a bar with him about 12years ago. Kinda cheap and never put his hand in his pocket to pay for anything.

by D.Reynoldsreply 5312/21/2012

I think R53's information is the most truthful so far.

by D.Reynoldsreply 5412/21/2012

No mention of The Flamingo Kid yet?

There should be a whole thread for that movie.

If I remember correctly, this was a big movie for him. It was the first to show his comedic side. He was pretty funny in Everybody Loves Mary too.

by D.Reynoldsreply 5512/21/2012

I think he is gay and he still works but maybe he needs QT to give him a comeback movie?

by D.Reynoldsreply 5612/21/2012

I do believe he's gay...or maybe addicted to internet porn?

by D.Reynoldsreply 5712/21/2012

Ok but what about Kevin?

by D.Reynoldsreply 5812/21/2012

[quote]He was pretty funny in Everybody Loves Mary too.

Everyone knows I was the star of that one, not that Matt Dillon-Romano guy.

by D.Reynoldsreply 5912/22/2012

I loved him on Zoey 101

by D.Reynoldsreply 6012/22/2012

He hit on my friend three days ago on 82nd Street.

She's a hot woman.

And that's not the first friend he's gone after.

Straight, straight, straight.

Wishing otherwise may be fun for fantasy but will not make it so.

by D.Reynoldsreply 6112/22/2012

Yeah right. I don't believe it.

by D.Reynoldsreply 6212/22/2012

Yup R8 it's very obvious. ;)

by D.Reynoldsreply 6312/22/2012


This is the real Matt Dillion, unless you're an elder gay

by D.Reynoldsreply 6412/22/2012

Can attest to his cheapness. He was on a Metro North train from Grand Central with no ticket or cash. He flirted with my 15 year old cousin (girl) to pay his fare. This was 30 years ago.

by D.Reynoldsreply 6512/22/2012

He married that whore, Miss Kitty, and she gave him AIDS, and he died.

by D.Reynoldsreply 6612/22/2012

I just watched A Kiss Before Dying. Sean Young can't act for shit. Matt played a sociopath well; he reminded me of my ex.

by D.Reynoldsreply 6712/22/2012

I saw him in a restaurant in NYC last week. He was with 3 much younger women and a homely younger guy.

by D.Reynoldsreply 6812/22/2012

This is quintessential DL. A guy who knows him for years says he's not gay, but some nitwit who thinks he's Sherlock Holmes has just deduced his gayness from internet gossip.

by D.Reynoldsreply 6912/22/2012

[quote](mock whispering) "DRUGS!" by: Wendy's Mom from St. Elmo's Fire

That was in reference to a character played by Rob Lowe, not Matt Dillon.

by D.Reynoldsreply 7012/22/2012

[quote]I just watched A Kiss Before Dying. Sean Young can't act for shit...

Yes, but I envied her for that glorious sex scene she has with him where you can see his plump butt working back and forth as he fucks her and she grabs onto it.

by D.Reynoldsreply 7112/22/2012

R71, agreed, he looked good in the movie, but he should have been shirtless more. Sean Young looked a eecade older than him and awful with the bleached hair. I was glad he told her she looked cheap with it because she did.

by D.Reynoldsreply 7212/22/2012

Well, basically, I became a flaming homo.

by D.Reynoldsreply 7304/02/2013

I think some actors assign PR people to monitor the Internet 24/7. Some of these responses are ridiculously defensive, and long-winded and full of stupid details that it's obvious.

I had a huge crush on him when he was, not so much. But, I'm always suspicious of a great looking guy like he was, who never married--come on, even Warren Beatty eventually settled down-- yet was supposedly in a relationship with an actress who dates gays.

Is Cameron a lesbian?

by D.Reynoldsreply 7404/02/2013

did he have a face lift? what about hair plugs?

kevin bacon looks good, he had a face lift?

by D.Reynoldsreply 7504/02/2013

From interview:

Interviewer: We’ve got to talk about Wild Things. Total Film interviewed Kevin Bacon recently...

Dillon: Great guy!

Interviewer:...And he told an intriguing story about a scene that got cut from the script. [Dillon laughs] You know where this is going, right?

Dillon: The ‘other’ twist in the plot!

Interviewer: So did you want to make out with Kev in the shower?

Dillon: No, I didn’t! Man, I was relieved when they got rid of that scene. Kevin seemed pretty attached to it, though!

Interviewer: Yeah, he seemed disappointed that it got chopped!

Dillon: [Shaking head] One twist too many, man, one twist too many. Kevin’s a married man. I’m wondering why he was so eager to do the gay scene? [Laughs]

by D.Reynoldsreply 7604/02/2013

I saw him once. We were on a plane flying back from the New Orleans Jazz Festival one year. He was sitting way back in the $99 seats with a friend. He glowered at everyone who looked his way. Very unfriendly.

When we got to LaGuardia airport, a short fat lady was waiting and actually frantically yelling, "Matt? Matt?", like a Yenta. I told her he was in the back of the plane and would show up later.

by D.Reynoldsreply 7704/02/2013

Sounds like a big homophobe @ R76

by D.Reynoldsreply 7804/02/2013

I don't think he's a homophobe. He told Vanity Fair he wanted to play gay.

by D.Reynoldsreply 7904/03/2013

My mom knew him. She works in the industry, as it were.

She said that he basically will go after anything. Man, woman, inanimate object. Drinks and drugs, though he's had intermittent periods in recovery. He likes "transvestites" a LOT. Particularly Asian transvestites. He was dating a female hairdresser when she knew him, and his girlfriend made a huge scene on the set after finding out he was having sex with her friend, who was a "she-male."

by D.Reynoldsreply 8004/03/2013

An actor friend of mine told me an actor friend of his had sex with Matt while working on a movie with him. The friend said Matt has a big dick and likes to be beaten.

by D.Reynoldsreply 8104/03/2013

There have always been 'net rumors that he was gay or bi, and kinky. I knew the guy who discovered him (I'm that old) and thus, knew a young Matt. I ran into him about fifteen years later at the Public Theater. We had a snack and drinks (yes, I paid). Unlike every young actor I've known he had become an interesting, articulate person with a passion for music of all kinds and some real knowledge. I never saw any evidence that he was gay or bi, in fact he was precociously interested in getting girls his age and a little older into the sack; and good at it.

As for the kink, who knows? A fair number of people get into this or that. But if he does, it's with females as far as I know or have ever heard from people who still see him. The one assertion above I could at least consider is that he's had a tranny or two. It's trendy in some circles, but I've never heard that about him.

Careers are very hard to maintain, and luck plays a huge part in someone's survival at or near the top. He hasn't done badly at all but even when I saw him a while ago he was frustrated about what he was being offered and about how hard is was to be seriously considered for what he wanted to do.

by D.Reynoldsreply 8204/03/2013

Yeah, it's big. Wanna make something of it?

by D.Reynoldsreply 8304/03/2013

From Seka's bio

[quote]I also met Matt Dillon at Limelight. He was a lot of fun. And a hottie. He came over and was talking to me for a few minutes and I was in the mood, so I said, “Do you want to get out of here?” He quickly responded, “Yes.” Simple as that. Big difference between men and women: when men go out, they wonder if they’re going to get laid. When women go out, we choose whether we’re going to get laid. We went to my place and went at it for a couple of hours. He was getting very relaxed afterwards and started to go to sleep. I basically did a boy thing and said, “Look, you need to get up and put your clothes on and go back to your hotel. I’m not your mother. I’m not going to clean up after you.” He didn’t get pissed off, but he had a look like a little hurt puppy. He was certainly good at what he did, though.

by D.Reynoldsreply 8412/01/2013

I heard that early in his career he was bi, having lots of sex with both sexes. There were reports of Matt going down to the docks in NY and would fuck guys. He was said to be a top and would only fuck certain small number of guys. If none of his regulars were there he would just sit and jack off.

As time went on, he was less and less into guys and what I hear now is that he rarely does anything with a guy, and only when drunk.

Most agree that he is probably a sex addict.

by D.Reynoldsreply 8512/01/2013

Dillon bottomed for Vincent D'Onofrio a few weeks ago. He cannot walk straight since that experience.

by D.Reynoldsreply 8612/01/2013

I think he's an asset to movies. Even though my sister was addicted to him in the '80's, my brothers and I still liked him on a cool level, which is rare. Drugstore Cowboy is a classic. As long as he doesn't fuck up his face with fillers, he could be getting another lap. He just needs to stay dry and take over for now-flaming out douchebag boozers like Josh Brolin, Sean Penn et al.

by D.Reynoldsreply 8712/01/2013

There's Something About Mary is the correct title.


He's loaded--I mean financially set forever loaded.

He takes funky parts, calculates his career based on what he wants to do, including lowbrow comedy and and is great in it. Healy in Farrelly brothers 'Mary? Wacky, funny, memorable. Lots of ensemble films where he co-stars, like Beautiful Girls. Many independent where he's further up in the credits, but he knows it's tough to transition from leading man to character roles, that's the way it is. He's been smart, wishes to remain a working actor and takes all kinds of parts, though none are desperation jobs. At all. What are you going to do at 50 years old? Play 30? It's the twilight zone for actors as they hit his age--he's done very well by transitioning long before he was forced to by Hollywood.

by D.Reynoldsreply 8812/01/2013

Always found him to be a very good-looking man. At first I thought he was Italian but his looks remind me more and more of Colin Farrell (or should I say the reverse). So is he black Irish?

Also, OT but Alan Cumming looks Italian Scot to me.

by D.Reynoldsreply 8912/01/2013

[quote]So is he black Irish?

Yes. In fact, an Interview Magazine interviewer went into a whole description of Matt's Black Irishness (black hair/white skin/stovepipe, Abe Lincoln-ish head) in the April, 1991, issue, right before A Kiss before Dying.

by D.Reynoldsreply 9012/01/2013

Definitely straight. Years ago, I saw him hanging out/drinking in this one (straight) bar on Avenue A. He was sitting at the bar with a friend of his. One of the two girls I was with starting chatting with him. The next day she told me that they slept had together and said he was good in bed. Although, something in the way she said it made me think he was just okay.

by D.Reynoldsreply 9110/19/2014

Wow, this thread is full of disappointing gossip.

by D.Reynoldsreply 9210/19/2014

I've wondered why he never came up on DL, figured it was some sort of inside reason. Best candidate ever for is he or isn't he. After reading all of these posts, I wonder if he even exists.

by D.Reynoldsreply 9310/20/2014

He used to hang out at Peggy Sue's in the Village as well as telephone Bar on 2nd ave. back in the early 90s - -was always alone - did not seem to be prowling.

by D.Reynoldsreply 9410/20/2014

Just saw him in the not-so-great movie from 1993, "Golden Gate, on TV. My God, he was beautiful to look at.

by D.Reynoldsreply 9504/02/2017

He aged out of roles.

If he wanted to keep working, he should have initiated roles with a passion, it's the only way to keep working past the 30s.

He's probably the typical actor who just relied on others to call him instead of having an agenda.

by D.Reynoldsreply 9604/03/2017

So, is he gay?

by D.Reynoldsreply 9704/03/2017

When I moved to New York 25 years ago I was told by someone who knew him that he was gay.

by D.Reynoldsreply 9804/03/2017

Seems to spend a lot of time in Italy these days. He's been dating some Italian woman for years. Doubt he's gay since he's so low key with his relationships.

by D.Reynoldsreply 9904/03/2017

Can't speak to his sexuality, but as for his career-- it's very hard for guys who are known as young heartthrob types to make the transition to a more mature actor.

Especially someone like Dillon who in his youth looked much younger.

He also, as someone else noted upthread, was repped by an independent agent not affiliated with a major agency and he avoided LA.

He might have had a longer career if he'd done action films like Tom Cruise, but things like Drugstore Cowboy or even Flamingo Kid marked him as a more niche actor--even though they were better films than anything Cruise ever did.

He's at a point now where he's got sitcom dad looks but not movie dad-- he still looks too handsome to be Miles Teller's dad even though that's age appropriate. A conundrum for a lot of actors

by D.Reynoldsreply 10004/03/2017

He needs to get onto a show like "Stranger Things" - but with a bit more of a comic twist.

by D.Reynoldsreply 10104/03/2017

For a HOT allegedly straight man, Matt Dillon has a lousy looking ass !

by D.Reynoldsreply 10209/28/2017
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