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Liza Minnelli

Would Liza have been the star she became if it weren't for her famous lineage? I just finished watching New York, New York. Aside from her famous family and friendship with Michael Jackson I know virtually nothing about the woman. Can we start a discussion? What do we know about Liza, Datalounge?

by Joeyreply 31905/08/2016

she stole Desi Arnaz Jr from Patty Duke.

by Joeyreply 109/05/2012

Details please, r1

by Joeyreply 209/05/2012

Liza Minnelli is one of only a handful of people in the entertainment world who I truly believe would have made it without her parents' connections. The list is very small, but Liza would have done it.

by Joeyreply 309/05/2012

r2 it was thought of at the time that Desi was the father of Patty's baby (Sean Astin) and both he and his mom Lucille Ball were not to thrilled with that. As it turned out he was not the father of Sean, her second husband was. After the scandal hit his mom gave give Desi an ultimatum and he left Patty and Liza was there to pick up the pieces.

by Joeyreply 409/05/2012

Nope, too ugly.

by Joeyreply 509/05/2012

She loves to marry gay men.

by Joeyreply 609/05/2012

Thanks, r4. Was Lucy fond of Liza?

by Joeyreply 709/05/2012

r7 the funny thing was that she was. Even though like Patty, Liza was also 5 years older than Desi.

by Joeyreply 809/05/2012

Liza stole musician Rex Kramer from his wife.

She threw over Desi Arnaz for a two week fling with Peter Sellers.

Liza on drugs threw up in Fred Ebb's lap at his annual holiday party.

Liza was arrested at Studio 54 for having sex in the hallway. Her publicist, her manager got it thrown out.. and she didn't serve time. She had a show the next day.

She is fluent in French.

Her favorite candy is dark chocolate or Kit Kat bars.

She had a brief affair with the maintenance man in her apartment building.

When she was in THE RINK she kept her packets of coke in her costume.

Liza won the Oscar, the Emmy, the Tony and Grammy.

She was one of the youngest person to win the Tony.

She had a fire in her bedroom during the time she was in THE ACT. lit cigarette

by Joeyreply 909/05/2012

What about her lesbian relationships?

by Joeyreply 1009/05/2012

didn't know she was fluent in French.

by Joeyreply 1109/05/2012

OP, if I may call you that. Pleashe buy my autobiography when it comesh out shoon. I'll shpill all the beansh on everything.

by Joeyreply 1209/05/2012

If I ever lose what remains of my mind, I hope to wander city streets in a hospital gown, smearing my shit on bannisters, whispering "Li - Za - MIH - Nel - ley" over and over again. It's such a fun name to pronounce.

by Joeyreply 1309/05/2012

Liza caught the curse. She'll never be... a nurse.

by Joeyreply 1409/05/2012

Liza and Mikhail Baryshnikov did it, according to Andy Warhol.

by Joeyreply 1509/05/2012

Son francais parle est vachement mauvais!

by Joeyreply 1609/05/2012

OK OP, I'll bite but I am going to be beat to a pulp for this.

I don't know if she'd have become a star if it wasn't for her parents. Not that she'd get a free pass, but I think it got her a foot in the door out of curiosity. She apparently was able to deliver.

I've seen her in concert from the 70's to 90's. Absolutely fantastic, thrilling. Movie work? Spotty at best. The voice changed in the late 80's early 90's and became darker, huskier. Still compelling at that point.

She has a theatrically which I like. But I think when she had encephalitis it really damaged her brain. That and the coke and the valium and booze and whatever else. And the three hip replacements, vocal chord surgery, knees, spine, feet and whatever original parts she still has left.

Now she caterwauls. She can still sing a few tunes that don't require croaking (and I write this as a Lizaloon.) But people still want her to belt out the standard and she can't do it. Apparently there is no one in her coterie who can convince her to dial it back.

That said, here's a link to a performance from the 80's which I think superb.

by Joeyreply 1709/05/2012

Thanks, r17. What did you think of her in New York, New York?

by Joeyreply 1809/05/2012

Why couldn't she make it work with Mark Gero?

by Joeyreply 1909/05/2012


by Joeyreply 2009/05/2012

Liza Minnelli was a star from the time she stepped on a stage. She is extraordinarily talented. Singer, dancer, actress and overall entertainer. Of course she would have made it regardless of her lineage. She's a force of nature.

And one of the most charming thigs about Liza when she's doing an interview, she never says a bad word about anyone. She's amazingly gracious. Sure she's had her ups and downs, but Liza has always been scandal free. Liza is show business personified. There's no doubt she woud have been a huge success no matter what.

by Joeyreply 2109/05/2012

Lineage is one thing and being the daughter of Vincent Minelli and Judy Garland is impeccable lineage. You couldn't create a better showbiz offspring in a scientific lab.

Making it on your parents connections is another and though, of course, Liza was known showbiz offspring, the years of growing up on film sets and in the wings at legendary concerts infused her talents to no end. But she was dazzling in her own right. You don't win a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical at the age of 19 for nothing.

Watch Cabaret. Liza may not be 100% the singer her mother was but she married her mother's intensity as an actress with method-like acting chops and took it up a level. Watch how she goes head to head with DeNiro in New York, New York and often wins every scene they're in. Her character's love for him alone is the only thing that makes him likeable, otherwise DeNiro is completely charmless.

She also single handedly carried an entire Broadway show in The Act which otherwise had a decent score and great costumes by Halston. The rest was entirely her (and some classy choreography from Gower Champion).

Listen to the incredible Liza at Carnegie Hall CD set. She is mega talented in her own right as an actress, an interpreter of song, as a dancer (back in the day) and an incredible, winning personality. People love her because she's a survivor.

by Joeyreply 2209/05/2012

R17, plenty of stars have tried to thrust their offspring onto the American public without success. The young Liza Minelli enchanted audiences from the time she first appeared on her mother's tv show and in concert with her. She also appeared Off-Broadway in Best Foot Forward before forging her own creative alliance with Kander & Ebb. She connected with her own peer group in The Sterile Cuckoo receiving an Oscar nomination for her performance. She forged her own way.

by Joeyreply 2309/05/2012

Liza after Flora opened. I was under the impression that Judy did not attend the opening but went the next night.

by Joeyreply 2409/06/2012

Hoer concerts back in the day were great. No one could touch that talent.

by Joeyreply 2509/06/2012

Excellent actress when given something to work with. Like many of the divas though her personality can overpower weaker roles and she is a bit of a caricature now.

She's incredible in New York, New York. Unfortunately, the movie itself is incredibly meandering and too bleak to bear.

Her parents may have gotten her attention, but she retained it with her own talents, something that so many showbiz brats can't do. The one strength she had over Judy was that she could 'do' a lot more styles: outside of "Mr Monotony", Judy never really did coy or sexy that well, whilst Liza could.

by Joeyreply 2609/06/2012



by Joeyreply 2709/06/2012

I just saw the American Masters on Judy Garland and I wish she had lived long enough to see Liza win the Oscar. Such a nice consolation to see her daughter achieve what was denied her.

by Joeyreply 2809/06/2012

R28, do you think Judy would have been jealous or bitter about Liza winning the Oscar? I do recall Judy telling Liza never to sing Judy's songs. At the time I perceived it as Judy being territorial, but maybe she was offering her business savvy to her daughter advising her to create her own identity.

by Joeyreply 2909/06/2012

Despite all her emotional and drug problems,she seemed like a great mother,r29. I think she would have been proud to see Liza get the Oscar. Judy really wanted it for "A Star Is Born',but the picture was hacked up by the studio heads and many good Judy scenes cut out and that appears to be where the blames lies for the Oscar snub.

by Joeyreply 3009/06/2012

Liza's hardly fluent in French. Check out her live album from the Olympia and she sounds like a first year high school French student. She tries to sing "Liza with a Z" in french and hilarity ensues.

Liza could never had had success without the gays. She has little appeal for anyone else. Way too ugly and unattractive for a leading lady and she didn't have that bizarre attraction to the camera that Streisand has. Onstage, she has a desperate quality that every second begs for love and help.

by Joeyreply 3109/06/2012

[quote] Way too ugly and unattractive for a leading lady


by Joeyreply 3209/06/2012

Liza Minnelli, you're no Bette Davis.

by Joeyreply 3309/06/2012

Liza is great. If she were not the daughter of VM and JG her fame would be different, but she would definitely be a star on her own.

by Joeyreply 3409/06/2012

R31, actually you're wrong. When Minelli first appeared she had cross-generational, cross-gender appeal. You don't land on the cover of Newsweek because the gays like you, not back in 1972. For most of the '70s, people like Liza Minelli and Bob Fosse WERE showbiz.

And she was a leading lady from the time she appeared in The Sterile Cuckoo through Cabaret, Lucky Lady, New York, New York and Arthur. Not sure what you're smoking. The '70s were far more interesting times with unusual women like Streisand and Minelli were huge stars; during the upheaval and cultural clashes of the times they managed to straddle both old and new showbiz.

by Joeyreply 3509/06/2012

Cupcake R35, an elder gay should know it's "M-I-Double N, then E, Double L, I". I mean, it's not like there's a song about it or anything.

by Joeyreply 3609/06/2012

She was credible as a neurotic nut in "Cuckoo" and she was bearable in "Cabaret" but her other film work has been appalling for a so-called superstar. LL, NYNY A Matter of Time were box office disasters in partdue to her lack of leading lady appeal. It was almost joke casting to have her in "Arthur" but it worked because of the final scene where Dudley Moore kissed the horse rather than Liza.

Marisa Berenson also made the cover of "Newsweek." Oh, what standards.

by Joeyreply 3709/06/2012

I think Liza is incredale She is one great dancer and singer Hollywood shoves all the real talent away when the truly talented stars age This new crop of pitiful artists(sic) think they are going somewhere but where will they be in 5 yrs No talent doesnt last and you can only fool the public so long with people with no talent Liza has been around a long time Keep going Liza us fans who love you are still out here

by Joeyreply 3809/06/2012

I just saw that movie "New York, New York" last night and God, was she ever ugly! I don't remember her looking that bad before. The musical number for the theme song was dreadful, she was the walking corpse of her mother, and her voice was terrible to boot... I don't remember feeling this way years ago when her other films came out and I don't know why I missed New York, New York.

by Joeyreply 3909/06/2012

Her recent TV work on Arrested Development and the Law & Order franchise convinced me: she's still really got it, at least with respect to acting.

by Joeyreply 4009/06/2012

I love Liza, but worry about her.

Does anybody know why she speaks with such a slur? It has gotten worse as she's gotten older. Is it from illness or her drug past, or a speech impediment that she was born with, or from bad dental work?

by Joeyreply 4109/06/2012

[quote]Liza's hardly fluent in French. Check out her live album from the Olympia and she sounds like a first year high school French student. She tries to sing "Liza with a Z" in french and hilarity ensues

That was part of her act to do that.

by Joeyreply 4209/06/2012

Liza loved the chocolate mocha frosted cake that she had when she had a birthday celebration at 21.... her 60th.

Liza apprenticed in summer stock and played Luisa in THE FANTASTICKS opposite Elliot Gould, Babe in THE PAJAMA GAME, Lili in CARNIVAL and Muriel in TAKE ME ALONG.

Liza had a cannister of oxygen on one side of the stage and a handler with a lit cigarette on the other side of the stage when she was in VICTOR/VICTORIA. One matinee day, she left at half hour to go to her pharmacy. Following that, co star Tony Roberts refused to do any more performances until Julie Andrews returned.

Liza loves pepperoni pizza.

Liza paid off her mother's debts.

Liza had an affair with Burt Reynolds when they made LUCKY LADY.

During the time she briefly dated Ben Vereen, Liza smoked Virginia Slim cigs.

There was a posed black and white photograph taken of a shirtless Vereen cupping Liza's bare breasts.

When Liza did her summer concert tour in 1972, she was accompanied by her little dog Ocho.

Liza's concert was rained out one night during a week long engagement at the St. Louis Muny.

Liza's red outfit for her performance of "City Lights" for the Tony Awards was designed for that one time performance. In the show her costume for that number was white.

While filming LUCKY LADY, Liza was reading one of Jackie Collins novels.

by Joeyreply 4309/06/2012

[quote]During the time she briefly dated Ben Vereen

Ben Vereen is gay??

by Joeyreply 4409/06/2012

Her fling with Vereen was during her Liza at the Winter Garden engagement. He was her date along with her father opening night.

by Joeyreply 4509/06/2012

I had dinner with Sid Luft a couple of times in the late 1980s or early 1990s -- he loved to go to Spago with his twentysomething bimbo (whose name was Judy) and enjoyed holding court over lots of drinks.

Anyway, at one of the dinners someone brought up Liza and he said something to the effect that, eh, Liza's all right (he seemed to be referring both to her as a performer and as a stepdaughter).

"She was great in Cabaret," he said, "but how long can you play the same character? The real talent there is Lorna. She can sing, act, do it all, like her mother."

No one at the table expressed a dissenting opinion. Of course, Sid was paying the check.

by Joeyreply 4609/06/2012

Lisa dates gay men exclusively...

by Joeyreply 4709/06/2012

R46's exposition-filled post reads like a conversation out of The Love Machine.

by Joeyreply 4809/06/2012

I still think that Liza and Marisa Berenson had a little lesbian fling back in the early 70's. I know that they are friends. We will never know because Marisa is a lot more classier and wouldn't flaunt her private life in public.

by Joeyreply 4909/06/2012

Der plegma dat comes in der tubes, R49?

by Joeyreply 5009/06/2012

I get my drive from my mother and my dreamssh from my father!

by Joeyreply 5109/06/2012

"From the neck up I feel like Dorothy from the waist down, I feel like the Tin Man!"

"Chita?? Oh, she'shh the bessht! She's ter-riff!"

"Every song is a little story.. a little story."

"Broadway?? nah... Larry, I'm shhixty!!!"

by Joeyreply 5209/06/2012

I like to work with clay...

by Joeyreply 5309/06/2012

Judy said that Lorna was the one with all the talent. But Judy also knew that Liza was loaded with talent too. And Liza had the razzle dazzle to top off all that extraordinary talent. But Liza and Lorna had different ambitions, lives and priorities, which accounts for their different levels of fame. They don't make 'em like Liza anymore. She's one of a kind fabulous.

by Joeyreply 5409/06/2012

[quote]I still think that Liza and Marisa Berenson had a little lesbian fling back in the early 70's.

Marisa had a thing going with Ann Prentiss (the late sister of Paula Prentiss) so she could very well have gotten it on with Liza as well.

by Joeyreply 5509/06/2012

She is a gifted comedienne. "Hello Georgia . . . " What a great bit!

by Joeyreply 5609/06/2012

Liza was with Chita's daughter Lisa Mordente.

She was rumored to have had a fling with Carmen MacRae which I don't believe.

Lana Cantrell... possibility.

Bob Fosse during CABARET.

Affair with Gower Champion when he took over THE ACT from Scorsese who got her started on coke.. not the drink.

A few years ago, Liza was in a relationship with a female psychotherapist .. can you imagine??!

by Joeyreply 5709/06/2012

Didn't help Lorna.

But people really do forget that, past all the gltiz and scandal and parody she can be, Liza was a truly great actress. Start with "Sterile Cuckoo" and then go to "Cabaret". Skip ahead to "Arthur" where she still has her charm. I definitely passed Homo 101 when it comes to Liza.

by Joeyreply 5809/06/2012

I can't believe Judy said Lorna had all the talent because she shared the stage w/ Liza at the Palladium and you can see that she was impressed enough with Liza to bring her A game to the stage so as not to be upstaged. Lorna could never have done that.

by Joeyreply 5909/06/2012

What's Lorna's story? Are she and Liza close? Did she peruse a career in show business?

by Joeyreply 6009/06/2012

She did R60. She was a lead replacement in PROMISES, PROMISES on Broadway. Was in the GUYS AND DOLLS tour. Has played Mama Rose in GYPSY and recently played the Mary Wickes character in a tour of WHITE CHRISTMAS. Twice married, raised a family. Yes, Lorna had a drug/ ETOH history but she sobered up and stayed sober, something Liza has struggled with for decades. They have an on and off relationship but are close when it comes to caring for Joey. Liza doesn't like the way Lorna has been honest.. painfully honest about their mother in the press and in that book she wrote. Liza tends to look the other way and doesn't want to soil the image of her mother. John Fricke who has written many books about Garland is very close to Lorna. He cannot stand Minnelli who has refused to talk to him.

by Joeyreply 6109/06/2012

Forgot to add, Lorna has toured with a show where she sings her mother's songs. Liza hates that. She won't sing her songs although she did a snippet of some in her show Minnelli on Minnelli.

by Joeyreply 6209/06/2012

Liza and Lorna have always been very close despite some differences. They are the essence of "family sticks together."

Yeah, maybe Liza doesn't care for Lorna singing "Mama's" songs, and Lorna was none to pleased when Liza married that whacko homo, David Guest. But Liza and Lorna patch things up and love each other.

But remember, they're both in their 60s and have different lives and different show business careers. They're not going to have the same relationship as when they were 12-year old girls.

by Joeyreply 6309/06/2012

After reading your post I went to amazon to look up Lorna's books. Was shocked to read she had an affair and was in love with Barry Manilow. What's THAT story? I thought he was family.

by Joeyreply 6409/06/2012

[quote]Barry Manilow. What's THAT story? I thought he was family.

He is. Some women make mistakes or have no gaydar at all. What are you gonna do?

by Joeyreply 6509/06/2012

Liza was a creation of Fosse, not her mother. "Liza with a Z" was all him, although I thought her performance during the "Cabaret" medley was outstanding. There was very little else that couldn't have been done just as well by any of the other TV musical special performers like Lola Falana or Mitzi Gaynor. It's significant that all of her TV specials after "Liza with a Z" have ranged from meh to horrible. Remember her take on "Bad Girls" which became all about being a "Stah"?

by Joeyreply 6609/06/2012

Radio City is not meh or terrible

by Joeyreply 6709/06/2012

I far prefer Ute Lemper. Liza is a cozy campy drunk with a good voice, but not a great artist.

by Joeyreply 6809/06/2012

I first saw Liza fresh off of her triumph in "The Act" in a concert tour after the show closed. She was SENSATIONAL! She truly was still "Liza With a Z!" and the show was one of the more memorable evenings I have had in the theater. Her encore was a legato, then sing-along version of "Harvest Moon" with not a dry eye in the house. It was lovely. Sure, she's a shadow of her former self, but her kindness and life-long gentle nature has given her perhaps the deepest well of goodwill of any entertainer of our age. I love Liza.

by Joeyreply 6909/06/2012

Lorna may have the talent but she sure doesn't have the charisma that Liza has. Liza has "star quality" or whatever it is that makes you look at her and no one else. Maybe she learned this from her mother who was supposedly a great live performer. I saw her once about 7 years ago. She wasn't in the best of health (she had been in the hospital I think), or voice but boy did she put on a show. I can't put my finger on it but she kept me engaged and I'm not really that into her music. I saw Lorna's show too -- the one about Judy. I left early. She just doesn't have the "it" factor that Liza has.

by Joeyreply 7009/06/2012

[quote]When Liza did her summer concert tour in 1972, she was accompanied by her little dog Ocho.

Ocho was great on piano and even better on the marimba. Damn, that dog could move!!!

by Joeyreply 7109/06/2012

"Minnelli also approves of Lindsay Lohan playing her friend Liz Taylor in “Liz & Dick,” telling us of Lohan, “She’s lovely. She’s a good actress."

by Joeyreply 7209/07/2012

Liza 'n Lorna at NY Dance Alliance Gala last night.

by Joeyreply 7309/07/2012


by Joeyreply 7409/07/2012

Not sure Liza would have been cast in 'Flora, The Red Menace' on Broadway if she did not have famous parents. (I saw the Boston tryout).

But she was a great concert performer until the early to mid 1990s. My guess is Liza got that 'it' gene from her mom.

No one knows about what happened to her marriage to Mark Gero?

I see John Fricke's name on DL from time to time. Who is John Fricke?

by Joeyreply 7509/07/2012

Fricke has written numerous books on Garland, co produced the American Masters bio that was on PBS, provided commentary on some of the Judy movies on DVD.

by Joeyreply 7609/07/2012

When Liza dines at Orso's, she usually gets the liver and onions. One of her favorites at that place.

by Joeyreply 7709/07/2012

Lorna does have talent, but the big problem with her is that she's always looked like a housewife from Great Neck, even when she was young. She never had the "it factor" that Liza inherited from Judy.

by Joeyreply 7809/07/2012

It's official. Lorna and Liza have morphed into Sid and Judy.

by Joeyreply 7909/07/2012

Liza was a creation of Fred Ebb. This was stated at Fred Ebb's memorial service.

by Joeyreply 8009/08/2012

She can sing and dance and above all else an irrepressible desire to please. She lays bare her soul..............

by Joeyreply 8109/08/2012

What R80 said.. every word she said on stage was Fred Ebb.

by Joeyreply 8209/08/2012

Everyone had to say that "Lorna has all of the talent" because no one could ever SEE Lorna's talent. Liza needed no sales push from her parents

by Joeyreply 8309/08/2012

Liza had a Merman like quality in that she did the big bombastic Broadway numbers well but put her into a contemporary setting and she was a relic. Not just "Single Ladies" but her "What's New Pussycat" at the Oscars rivaled Ann Reinking's "Against All Odds" for most cringe inducing.

by Joeyreply 8409/08/2012

Merman was way less needy of public affection than Minnelli. Merman often avoided signing autographs by seldom leaving by the stage door. To her credit, it is difficult to imagine Minnelli doing that. (Mary Martin was always friendly to fans as well, but saw it as part of being a star.)

by Joeyreply 8509/08/2012

I love Liza. She has that indefinable quality known as "it" and is truly a sweet woman.

I saw her in early July at the Montreal Jazz Festival. I was afraid her performance might not be very good due to all of her health problems and so on, but she was absolutely wonderful. The greatest moment was when she sang "What Makes a Man a Man." It was such a real and honest performance that I suddenly found tears in my eyes.

I'll never forget that moment, and I'll always love Liza.

by Joeyreply 8609/08/2012

I do recall being very impressed with young Lorna's voice on the Judy Garland Show and thinking she was quite the singer. Then I saw Grease 2 where she had zero solo numbers which would seems strange were she as talented as she was supposed to be. She also looked like a 48 year old mother of 4 in the film, she made Stockard Channing look like an infant in the original Grease by comparison.

by Joeyreply 8709/08/2012

R85, Minnelli did the same thing during "The Act". Maybe she changed during her later appearances when she started to crave the audiences love like heroin but lots of audiences were left stranded at the stage door of the Majestic Theater.

Unlike Minnelli, Merman never showed the need onstage for the love of the public. Quite the reverse, she had a "I'm great and if you don't like me, fuck you" attitude.

by Joeyreply 8809/08/2012

Liza turned on her TV on 9/11. She thought she was watching The Towering Inferno on Shhhinamaxsh.

by Joeyreply 8909/09/2012

The thing I like about Liza, to echo what others have posted, she seems like a truly kind person. You really don't hear about her throwing star fits, being a cunt on stage (I'm looking at you, Miss Ross) or being nasty to fans (I'm looking at you, Madonna).

by Joeyreply 9009/09/2012


Isn't Ross always gooey and sentimental on stage?

by Joeyreply 9109/09/2012

Who the hell is Liza Minnelli?

by Joeyreply 9209/09/2012

Allan Carr claimed he gave Lorna a career by giving her roles in GREASE 2 and WHERE THE BOYS ARE.

When she turned down the Snow White role at the oscars, Carr berated her so badly over the phone that she was reduced to tears. Saying that no one would know her if it wasn't for him and that she was ungrateful and selfish.

by Joeyreply 9309/09/2012


Lucille 2

by Joeyreply 9409/09/2012

Liza's a relic. A relic with some talent and a good network once upon a time, but a relic nonetheless. I suspect her biggest fans are on this board. I wish her well. She's harmless.

by Joeyreply 9509/09/2012

Why didn't her marriage to the hunky artist Mark Gero last? Wasn't he straight?

by Joeyreply 9609/09/2012


Because she's destine to be Liza Danza!

by Joeyreply 9709/09/2012

Back to the original question:

While Liza certainly had talent, it's also doubtful that her lack of physical grace/beauty could have jump started her career. Think of Julie Budd, or someone along those lines...

by Joeyreply 9809/09/2012

Lorna wrote in her book that she hated Mark Gero. She said he was a user who didn't have any money of his own and sponged off of Liza and enabled her drug use.

by Joeyreply 9909/09/2012


Did it jumpstart Ella Fitzgerald's or Celine Dion's or Barry Manilow's. Singers get more of a pass in that department than (leading) actors.

by Joeyreply 10009/09/2012

Liza's no Celine, Barry or Ella. Liza was/is stuck in the Broadway genre which doesn't sell records. It's significant that her only Gold Record came from her backup singing for Alice Cooper.

by Joeyreply 10109/09/2012

I'm 39 and I love Liza, of course I have taken film and theater classes and I appreciate movies made before 1985. She does seem like a wonderful person, problems and all. I bet she makes a fantastic dinner guest.

by Joeyreply 10209/09/2012

Liza only has one gold record? Geez! I guess not every bitch can be THE BIGGEST SELLING FEMALE ARTIST OF ALL TIME

by Joeyreply 10309/09/2012

She didn't get a gold record for Liza with a Z, a concert for television LP?

by Joeyreply 10409/09/2012

In an interview with the "Hollywood Kids" right after she did the Pet Shop Boys record, she said that she only had one gold record and that was from the Alice Cooper record. She said she always thought "Cabaret" and/or "Liza with a Z" went Gold but she never got a Gold Record for it.

by Joeyreply 10509/10/2012

She apparently has 3 golds and 1 UK silver. See link for details.

by Joeyreply 10609/10/2012

According to Liza, she doesn't have the records. Maybe they're next to the Halston rings she didn't want to sell on HSN.

by Joeyreply 10709/10/2012

Liza With A Z is a great album. I saw her in 1979 at Carnegie Hall and she gave a great concert. I don't like NY, NY--I think it's a very badly written movie--but I love Cabaret, which is brilliant.

by Joeyreply 10809/10/2012

1979! I wasn't even born yet!

by Joeyreply 10909/10/2012

"But you're HERE, Blanche (R109) You're here with all the old fucks. ehhhh haaaaaaaHAAAAAAAAAA!"

(that is if we are to believe you).

by Joeyreply 11009/10/2012

NY NY was on last night. I forgot how fantastic Liza was, and how annoying De Niros character was. Strange, strange movie.

by Joeyreply 11109/14/2012

....and, about 90 minutes too long.

by Joeyreply 11209/14/2012

Everybody was coked to the gills on NY NY.

by Joeyreply 11309/14/2012

All NYNY needed was a script, an editor and a director and it would have been just fine.

by Joeyreply 11409/14/2012

Liza has been PERFECT. Liza is a raw diamond, a true artist. No one like you Lisa, you have your own style and you gave much heart and soul in it.

by Joeyreply 11511/24/2012

Liza is sad and sweet and so far from what she was as a performer. Her voice certainly was never a recording voice and I am not surprised at the lack of gold records.

But what she had was the real thing, that (sh) "it", the electricity of one of the greatest live performers, with a rich and powerful voice, a definite persona and pretty sophisticated musical taste and style. She is about the best Actress while singing singer there is. Not just putting meaning into the lyrics, but portraying the whole subtext of a character in song. She could dance well enough to be one of the last of the triple threat entertainers. (Bernadette Peters, maybe)

Watch this performance of "The World Goes Round" from her in concert at her peak to get a better idea.

New York, New York is a pretentious misguided and very dull movie. Liza can act, but her look is just too distinctive and unusual to work in most parts or hairstyles, Ha. She is built for the stage, and in this clip even looks almost pretty IMO. I am not a superfan, but have seen her twice and was pretty blown away......the first time.

by Joeyreply 11611/24/2012

Yes underfifty, Liza has been a FABULOUS performer. She could blow someone away the way she expressed herself on the stage. Liza Minnelli has been magical and it's easy to get addictive to her when you listen to her songs and see her performances.

by Joeyreply 11711/24/2012

Judy Garland famously declined to attend the opening of Flora because she didn't want to take away from a night that should be all Liza's.

Gero allegedly beat Liza. Making it work would have been difficult.

Liza allegedly had a lengthy affair with Lana Cantrell.

by Joeyreply 11811/24/2012

Do you think that Liza ever got to kiss Elizabeth Taylor in the mouth? I know they were very good friends...

by Joeyreply 11911/24/2012

R116 thanks for posting that.

"The World Goes "Round" is my favorite Liza song -- and I think one of the best Kander & ebb tunes.

This was a wonderful thread.

by Joeyreply 12011/24/2012

If anyone doubts Minnelli's talent, watch "Liza With a Z". Who could even attempt to do something like that today?

And Minnelli was a knock-out in Cabaret. Not quite right for the role as originally written... but no matter....she was a sensation.

And her odd look and eccentric quality were very right for the late 60's-early 70's.

Not many know of her recordings before her role in Cabaret. Her album (Liza Minelli) from 1968 is actually quite interesting with a quirky selection of songs. No, she wasn't a great singer but the voice was right for the material.

Here's Liza on the Hollywood Palace in 1968 looking a LOT like Anne Hathaway:

by Joeyreply 12111/24/2012

When you evidence Liza perform on stage, you can guess that there are a million of bombs in her soul and a billion candles of love and desire burning, keeping her warm and hot there.

by Joeyreply 12211/25/2012


by Joeyreply 12311/25/2012

Mary? Mary who?

by Joeyreply 12411/25/2012

I was pissed in the 90s when she took over for Julie Andrews in Victor/Victoria. She couldn't even do 30 days sober, and I bought tickets. She didn't make it.

But I WAS there at Liza with a Z at the Winter Garden back in the 70s with the BF. Yep, she proved it there. She was probably high on something (sniff sniff) but she had it. Big time. I remember leaving the theater thinking I'd just seen something extraordinary. Amazing dancing, singing, and stage patter. It's sad she still has trouble with sobriety. But yeah, she's a talent. Not as big as her mother, but close.

by Joeyreply 12511/25/2012

Her songs are far better than her mother's and she sparkled more on stage than Judy did.

by Joeyreply 12611/25/2012

A 'gentleman friend' took us by limousine to see her perform somewhere in Orange County in 1987 - she had all of about about 3 pieces in the orchestra.

As we sat and watched and listened the one thing that went through our head: We were sure glad we did not pay for the tickets to this.

by Joeyreply 12711/25/2012

I can't think of anyone, not even her mother that can sell a song like Liza. When she sings and dances, bow down. The source of everything she does is stage craft at it's best.

by Joeyreply 12811/25/2012

R128 exactly!

by Joeyreply 12911/25/2012

I've recently learned Liza is part Native American through her father's side. Native American with Irish. Think about it. Becoming sober is next to an impossible feat with this genetic background. Go easy.

by Joeyreply 13011/25/2012

Assuming the Liza Minnelli with no celeb lineage would have been as (or comparably) educated as a dancer, singer and actress and as talented as the real Liza Minnelli, I have no doubt she would have impressed the likes of Hal Prince, Bob Fosse, Kander and Ebb, Martin Scorsese and certainly could have been as big a star as she became.

Of course, it's impossible to know for sure as, in fact, Liza Minnelli is Liza Minnelli the daughter of Vincente Minnelli and Judy Garland and that is a huge part of whom she is, her genes and her opportunities (to learn and to hone her craft - and she worked very, very hard when she was young - as well as to get work) and has defined not only her early fame but her personality, character, cache and exposure to the world of theater, concerts and movies.

by Joeyreply 13111/25/2012

I wonder what kind performer she would be had her mother never been. She could have done any job on Broadway, act, sing and dance. Had we never known her mother and the same star makers gotten hold of her, what then? Kanter and Ebb, Fossee etc.

by Joeyreply 13211/25/2012

[quote]But I WAS there at Liza with a Z at the Winter Garden back in the 70s with the BF. Yep, she proved it there. She was probably high on something (sniff sniff) but she had it. Big time. I remember leaving the theater thinking I'd just seen something extraordinary. Amazing dancing, singing, and stage patter. It's sad she still has trouble with sobriety. But yeah, she's a talent. Not as big as her mother, but close.

same with me. Saw her at the St. Louis Muny and this was the same year as Liza with a Z. Lots of the same material that I saw a few months later when the TV concert was broadcast in September. Have seen her several times in concert and on Broadway in THE ACT and THE RINK. No one could touch her. The last concert I saw was MINNELLI ON MINNELLI which was not her usual high energy performance. She was quite heavy back then and coughing up a storm. However, she still had the audience in the palm of her hand.

by Joeyreply 13311/25/2012

Am I the only one who disliked Liza and the entire movie of Cabaret???

by Joeyreply 13411/25/2012

I liked Minnelli in the numbers, but not otherwise. But she was ill-served by the script as well. I hate that they "explain" the character by introducing her "unavailable" father.

by Joeyreply 13511/25/2012

"Am I the only one who disliked Liza and the entire movie of Cabaret???"

No. The world is filled with people of limited taste and intelligence.

by Joeyreply 13611/25/2012

Cabaret has a 97% rating at Rotten Tomatoes based on 32 critics reviews.

The quotes below are from the original Roger Greenspun review in the NYTimes Feb.1972:

"As for Miss Minnelli, she is sometimes wrong in the details of her role, but so magnificently right for the film as a whole that I should prefer not to imagine it without her.

With her expressive face and her wonderful (and wonderfully costumed) body she moves and sings with a strength, warmth, intelligence, and sensitivity to nuance that virtually transfixes the screen."

by Joeyreply 13711/25/2012

I forgot this.... also from the same review:

"And when at certain moments that theater is occupied only by Liza Minnelli, working in a space defined only by her gestures and a few colored lights, it becomes by the simplest means an evocation of both the power and fragility of movie performance so beautiful that I can think of nothing to do but give thanks."

by Joeyreply 13811/25/2012



by Joeyreply 13911/25/2012

I have only positive things to write for the artist Liza Minnelli. She has left me breathless numerous times. How could she? It really hits me. I'm so glad that Liza is still among us and still has the urge to sing. Liza, restless Liza!

by Joeyreply 14011/25/2012

R134- I was disappointed with the changes in the film. I loved the original stage production and missed the cut songs and the secondary characters. I know the movie was a critical hit and I will buy the blu ray but it wasn't Cabaret... just my opinion of course.

by Joeyreply 14111/25/2012

Some thoughts from Dame Streep.

by Joeyreply 14211/25/2012

No, because she gets her drive from her mother but her dreams from her father!

by Joeyreply 14311/25/2012

Liza Minnellii 'You Fascinate Me So'

Liza...'Close Your Eyes'

Minnelli...'Moments Like These'


by Joeyreply 14411/26/2012

She rocks all the way.

by Joeyreply 14511/27/2012

Liza is so cute. She even nowadays has the mood and the need to sing. Isn't she sweet?

by Joeyreply 14612/02/2012

Amazing that people pay to see that, r146.

by Joeyreply 14712/02/2012

Lol Mrs Patrick! You don't expect from a person who is 66 years old to be as they were in their prime time. People pay to see Liza because she has a quality in her songs and because they respect her and love her. I insist she is very sweet, she still has the same hair after all these years and she still tries to please her fans. She is a legend.

by Joeyreply 14812/02/2012

R146 re: that video

It's as if we're watching a truck driver who impersonates Liza at a local bar on the weekends.

by Joeyreply 14912/02/2012

Guys, guys! You miss my point!

by Joeyreply 15012/02/2012

[quote]Forgot to add, Lorna has toured with a show where she sings her mother's songs.

"Hello, Elgin!" - Songs My Mother Taught My Sister While I Was In The Room.

by Joeyreply 15112/02/2012

Anybody knows If Liza has a good relationship with her younger sister?

by Joeyreply 15212/02/2012


Have you just discovered Liza Minnelli?

There's a doc with both of them on youtube. Get those fingers a-typin'.

by Joeyreply 15312/02/2012

Loooooooooool R153. As an artist Liza is well known to me but i don't know a lot about her personal life. I know about her marriages and about some incidents that are referring to her but i don't know anything about her relationship with her half-sister. Anyway, thanks, i'll go on youtube if there is already a doc about that as you said. I'll find it out!

by Joeyreply 15412/02/2012

Liza and Lorna have had an off and on relationship through the years. I don't know if they're on now. Two fathers, Vincente Minelli and Sid Luft. Minelli, and Garland's father were both, I understand, gay or bi, and Liza's first husband was gay. Judy put Peter Allen and Liza together. Liza was wildly promiscuous, esp. after she became a star in Cabaret, so it was the perfect arrangement for both of them.

by Joeyreply 15512/02/2012

Do you believe that Liza's best performance was for 'Cabaret'?

Have you seen her in another movie being so SPLENDID?

by Joeyreply 15612/04/2012

Unfortunately no.

And Cabaret was 40 long, long years ago. It might as well be Gone with the Wind.

by Joeyreply 15712/04/2012

Yes, that's what i though. Cabaret is probably the best performance she gave as an actress. Judy Garland was a far better and more capable actress than Liza. However, i strongly believe that Liza was superior on stage than her mother. Liza gave incredibly magical and heartfelt performances on stage. Her performances are still timeless. Judy's songs haven't the power and the tension that characterize Liza's numbers. Liza was a brilliant perfomer on stage and Judy one of the most brilliant actresses that have ever graced the silver screen.

by Joeyreply 15812/04/2012


by Joeyreply 15912/04/2012

[quote] Judy's songs haven't the power and the tension that characterize Liza's numbers.

B. S.

by Joeyreply 16012/04/2012

"Tell me that you love me Junie Moon" Was that a Liza movie?

by Joeyreply 16112/04/2012

R158 If you think that "Judy's songs haven't the power and the tension that characterize Liza's numbers" then you really know nothing about the Great American Songbook. You know nothing of Miss Garlands work. And excuse me for saying it but: you have no taste.

Miss Garland introduced to the world "Over the Rainbow", "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and "The Man that Got Away" (among others) .

"Cabaret" and "NY,NY" are "Chopsticks" compared to them.

by Joeyreply 16212/04/2012

R162 Probably you really haven't given yourself the opportunity to listen to Liza's DIVINE and CLASSIC album 'Liza Minnelli:The Complete Capitol Collection', or you didn't give yourself the pleasure to get thrilled by Liza in her dynamic cooperation with Pet Shop Boys 'Results'.

Liza has been a MAGNIFICENT SHOW WOMAN AND ARTIST. Judy was a brilliant actress,a better actress than Lisa, but her songs remained classic due to her brilliant presence in movies. Her voice maybe was better than her daughter's but Lisa was more emotional and she moves me more in her songs. Judy moves me more in her movies.

by Joeyreply 16312/04/2012

Re: Liza meets the Pet Shop Boys.

Nothing is sadder than a once sensational performer... no longer young.... trying to stay "relevant".

(And note how Sondheim's brilliant lyrics are cheapened and dissolve into mush.)

by Joeyreply 16412/04/2012

Liza was 43 old when 'Results' got released. I found her awesome, impressive and the opposite of cheap in this album as well. She gave powerful performances of the Pet Shop Boys songs, she could chill you with her fire and passion.

I wonder if you really bothered to listen to 'Results' R164.

by Joeyreply 16512/04/2012

R163 It'sh.....Lizsha with a Zshee not Lissha with an Sh 'caushe Lisha with an Sh goes Shshsh not Zhzhzh. It'sh Zshee inshtead of Sh, Li inshtead of Lee, it'sh shimple ash can be shee Lizsha!

by Joeyreply 16612/04/2012



Kisses to Lizsha, too.

by Joeyreply 16712/04/2012


It doesn't get more emotional than Garland. You may not like her, but recognise.

by Joeyreply 16812/04/2012

R168! Are you crazy? I ADORE JUDY GARLAND. I think she is one of the best actresses of all time. She was unique! Not many actors and actresses had her brilliance, her acting capabilities were limitless.

I think i wrote where i find Liza more touching.

by Joeyreply 16912/04/2012

[quote] Her voice maybe was better than her daughter's but Lisa was more emotional

For your perusal, r169

by Joeyreply 17012/04/2012

R170, you are such a child!


by Joeyreply 17112/04/2012

I know Liza casually and have worked with her three times.

As evidenced by many posters on this thread, it's really and truly a thing that people call her "Lisa" to her face. It's the strangest thing and happens daily. When I finally had the opportunity to introduce my Mom to Liza, the woman who raised me on a strict diet of all things Minnelli and Garland gushed: "Oh my goodness, Lisa, I've been a fan for about 40 years!"

The Gero marriage was not a good one, he was a user. She married Gest bc he swooped in on her during her recovery from encephalitis and preyed on her as she didn't have all her faculties back yet. Creepy, gay, horrible man who soaked her financially...but was also able to keep her sober and fit for an extended period of time.

To the poster who said she never sings her mother's songs: She has publicly performed Man That Got Away, The Trolley Song, parts of Over the Rainbow, and Judy's 8 minute Palace Medley at various points over her career.

She is fluent in french, which proved useful. She had a stroke people don't know about, and found that when she was learning to speak again again, her english was muddled but her french was fine. Doing her therapy in french helped get back her normal speech.

Something that most people don't know (and affects her struggle with sobriety): she has EXCRUCIATING pain on a daily basis and wears a backbrace and leg brace under most of her costumes or streetwear. On a pain scale of 1 to 10, it's never less than 8. When she appears in public or onstage and everyone says she's drunk, it's not red wine (her former drink of choice)'s that she got herself whacked out on painkillers in order to leave the house.

She's kind, sweet, and generous....even for the nobodies in the company, she puts herself time and again. This makes her a target for opportunistic leeches.

by Joeyreply 17212/04/2012

R172, thank you for taking the time to write all these kind words and interesting info about Liza.

That was nice!

by Joeyreply 17312/04/2012

"he has EXCRUCIATING pain on a daily basis and wears a backbrace and leg brace under most of her costumes or streetwear."

Why? Unless she has recently broken vertebrae (it heals, you know), there's no use for a back or leg brace.

by Joeyreply 17412/04/2012

Scoliosis for the back, and it's always in use Not sure about the leg, and that brace rotates with knee, ankle and wrist braces.

by Joeyreply 17512/04/2012

Are you Karen Ziemba, r173?

by Joeyreply 17612/04/2012

Liza's recorded performances at the Olympia completely debunk the concept that Liza is fluent in French. She may be fluent in Clay but not French.

by Joeyreply 17712/04/2012

what year was the Olympia? What year is it now?

She's fluent, doll.

by Joeyreply 17812/04/2012

R172- John Kander once told me that he has never known her to say an unkind remark about anyone.

by Joeyreply 17912/04/2012

Olympia was 1969.

by Joeyreply 18012/04/2012

No matter what, make sure you are quite clear that it's Liza with a Z, not Lisa with an S.

I hear there has been quite the mixup over that with some very ugly results.

by Joeyreply 18112/04/2012

Liza isn't fluid in English, let alone French. She admits to being an alcoholic; perhaps the slurring is due to a booze-painkiller combo.

R162, credit should go to the composers of those songs way before the artist who introduced them, imho.

R179, so?

by Joeyreply 18212/04/2012

Meaning she is a kind person R182

by Joeyreply 18312/04/2012

Liza is great. PERIOD!

by Joeyreply 18412/04/2012

"To the poster who said she never sings her mother's songs: She has publicly performed Man That Got Away, The Trolley Song, parts of Over the Rainbow, and Judy's 8 minute Palace Medley at various points over her career."

She also sang a warm and wonderful rendition of HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS as the finale of the Christmas Eve afternoon performance of the last time she played the Palace, a few years ago.

by Joeyreply 18512/04/2012

It makes me very happy to read most of the comments in this thread about Liza are positive and praising. I was afraid that she would be denigrated and ridiculed. Thank you all for that. She is a hard-working major talent who has given us much pleasure over the years. A sincere and honest performer who deserves our respect and gratitude.

by Joeyreply 18612/04/2012

R162, do try and keep up. the slurring became noticably bad after the encephalitis and the stroke.

when it comes to alcohol, it surprise many of you how on the wagon she is. It's the painkillers that set her off.

by Joeyreply 18712/04/2012

I got that R183. I don't understand why I should care. Paying top dollar to see a slurring lush because they're a kind person???

by Joeyreply 18812/04/2012

R188, i wish you could shut your trap. If only!

by Joeyreply 18912/04/2012


by Joeyreply 19012/04/2012

Hey OP: Stupid post. And a lie. Hit the google and shut up.

by Joeyreply 19112/04/2012

R191, why are you here?

by Joeyreply 19212/04/2012

Liza is magnificent. She stands out! I wonder how people cannot like Liza Minnelli and write negative comments about that sweetheart and excellent artist, it really puzzles me.

by Joeyreply 19312/04/2012


by Joeyreply 19412/04/2012










by Joeyreply 19512/04/2012

R187 thank you for sharing your insights. Seeing the candid side of her, do you think she's doing alright? I sure hope she has a loving partner or someone to lean on. It's certain that no one in her PR team cares about her and her reputation enough...

by Joeyreply 19612/04/2012

She definitely had the talent. Her voice is not as good as her mother's, but it's still good. She can act, sing, dance. I'm not a huge fan, but she definitely won me over for her great work on Arrested Development.

by Joeyreply 19712/04/2012

A few years ago she was fucking the maintenance man in her building. These days, it's Tony Danza although he may be there to keep her from drinking out in public..maybe not a sexual thing anymore?

by Joeyreply 19812/04/2012

Doesn't everyone know that Liza is a lesbian?

by Joeyreply 19912/04/2012

It doesn't matter with whom Liza sleeps. Whether that is a man or a woman, or whether is no one is the same for me.

Liza gave us great satisfaction with her songs, she moved us all the way with her warmth and passion. That is more than enough.

We love and respect Liza.

by Joeyreply 20012/04/2012

yes, R199.. she had a long term relationship with a female therapist which ended several years ago..

by Joeyreply 20112/04/2012

R196 (and everyone else, I guess!) It's not so much a matter of "is she ok" as it is "is she getting through the day".

There's a fair amount of her life that isn't public knowledge and it's heavy stuff that weighs down on her. She's never been ok emotionally and she's long not been ok physically. The NY Landmark awards ceremony video is a good example: she can show up sober and in blinding pain or she can take her painkillers and be a sloppy disaster.

It's hilarious to read here that people think she was dating a NY doctor recently or Tony Danza....she is a physical wreck. The woman can't manage a teacup or handle a stepping over a curb unassisted and her people are on hand as much to help her walk down the street as they are for hair and makeup. She's also wise enough to see that her days of romancing, sex and dating are far behind her. She's got some fabulous stories though, literally the most handsome royalty and celebrities have been after her.

What DOES give her happiness and joy at this point in her life is performing for her audience. It might sound like a cliche, but it's in her blood...doesn't matter how bad she sounds or feels, the stage is what keeps her going. I've worked with a few celebrities, but by far Liza is the one who most appreciates her fans. More than any man possible, that is the love that sustains her: hearing "I love you Liza" when she's picking up her starbucks, or the sound of applause when the curtain goes up.

It sounds sad, but it's not...she's not "ok", but she's happy in her way. Every day is a painful struggle for her, holidays are particularly hard, but she's doing what she loves to the best of her current ability and wouldn't change that for anything. Retiring and taking it easy is not an option for her. The day she stops performing is the day she dies.

by Joeyreply 20212/05/2012

Once more for momma:

Shilver bellsh

Shilver bellsh

Ish Chrishmash time in the shitty

by Joeyreply 20312/05/2012

Wow, aren't you clever and original R203!

by Joeyreply 20412/05/2012

bump for Liza. She had two hip replacements, a knee replacement so she should be pain free, right? Where does all this pain she lives with every day come from? Is she ill? Arthritis? Something crippling and painful?

by Joeyreply 20512/07/2012

R202, are you Tony Danza?

by Joeyreply 20612/07/2012



by Joeyreply 20712/07/2012


by Joeyreply 20812/07/2012

she usually ends up in the hospital or rehab during the holidays.

by Joeyreply 20912/09/2012

R209 not funny.

by Joeyreply 21012/11/2012

Liza with an "S" goes schna-zaaa

by Joeyreply 21112/11/2012

Does Liza still smoke 4 packs of cigarettes a day?

by Joeyreply 21212/11/2012

yes R212

by Joeyreply 21312/11/2012

Come on! Is that true?

by Joeyreply 21412/11/2012

R205, I was wondering that too - what is the source of the pain and why is it chronic?

I know about the hip and knee replacements but typically those people (I know several ex-B'way chorus dancers who have had them) are able to get down the street and go through everyday life without pain, if not do their full out Fosse or Bennett anymore.

My main wish for Liza would be that she's happy and not in pain. The other wish I have is that showbiz would take her seriously again so she didn't have to self produce and didn't have to troupe and tour, but could settle into something easy like a talk show or a TV series taping in NYC that she didn't have to carry.

by Joeyreply 21512/11/2012

I would love her to produce "The Minelli Years". She could be interviewed, record her stories, share her wisdom/lessons learned, etc. She's historical. I'd eat it up - stories of her childhood, breaking out in NYC, sex, love, marriage, relationships, political views, money, fame, friendships, family, whatever shed like to talk about. Maybe she could have her own YouTube channel.

by Joeyreply 21612/11/2012

That'll never happen, r216, because Liza lies about everything. She cannot/will not deal with the truth. Everything's a story, like she's mamma on the Jack Paar show in 1962.

by Joeyreply 21712/11/2012

What R217 said. She'd never tell the truth.

by Joeyreply 21812/11/2012

R217 Why you call Liza a liar? That is nasty and i bet you have no arguments to support that, have you?

by Joeyreply 21912/12/2012


She says virtually everything's "terrific!".


by Joeyreply 22012/12/2012

R220 you are like a distorting mirror, i didn't say that. You overdo it guys with your comments and then you twist other people's words. How can you keep on with this attitude? Gee!

Liza and nobody is perfect but that doesn't make her a compulsive liar either!

by Joeyreply 22112/12/2012

It's not that Liza is a liar (even though she lies a lot).

People buy into public persona and what she says in inteviews and on stage too often as truth. She's had a very difficult life away from public view from the day she was born, and as we all do has found a way to function on a daily basis without breaking down. One thing I will say is that she is keenly aware of when she fucks up, and is not the delusional crazy person many make her out to be.

She lies as self preservation, not to be mean or because she's pathological.

by Joeyreply 22212/14/2012

R221, you're very naive. Liza is in denial in public and private, and cannot deal with reality. She lies because she describes everything like she's reciting a press release.

by Joeyreply 22312/14/2012

R223, you are a slanderer. Period.

by Joeyreply 22412/14/2012

That's why everybody in show biz is so BORING today.

We insist on the "truth" so as to not offend our delicate sensibilities.

Anyway, there's a great shot of LIZA!!! on the cover of this week's Frontiers Magazine in L.A.

by Joeyreply 22512/14/2012

[quote] We insist on the "truth" so as to not offend our delicate sensibilities.

Yes, because Liza saying everything's "terrific" offends people's delicate sensibilities...

by Joeyreply 22612/14/2012

R224, you're about 14 years old, correct?

by Joeyreply 22712/14/2012

we are all hypocrites.

Americans have killed over 100,000 INNOCENT people in the last 12 years, at least half of them children. With our tax dollars, with the approval of our President, and our Congress.

Liza has no career and suddenly people are weepy.

Get over yourselves. We are all killers, to some degree.

by Joeyreply 22812/14/2012


People being can't be weepy about both?

And Liza will always have a career as long as there's clay in the world!

by Joeyreply 22912/14/2012


by Joeyreply 23012/14/2012


by Joeyreply 23112/18/2012


by Joeyreply 23201/04/2013


by Joeyreply 23301/04/2013

Best! Singer!! Evah!!!!! I worship her like a goddess. There will never be another. I have every song she ever recorded on my I-Pod. No other singer captures the emotions, pulse and feeling of the nation. She is national treasure and will be iconic 1,000 years from now. The only better singer in history was her momma, Judy.

by Joeyreply 23401/04/2013

Has an interviewer ever asked her on camera, "Are you sober right now?" or "When was the last time you used?"

by Joeyreply 23501/06/2013

R235 yes, I remember her being asked how long she's been sober, and she told the interviewer that it's her business

by Joeyreply 23601/06/2013

Is'nt ,m,

by Joeyreply 23701/06/2013

I'm not sure about Liza NOT speaking French. Wasn't her Dad like half French Canadian and Iroquois? He grew up speaking French, I thought.

by Joeyreply 23801/07/2013

Oh R235, don't be so silly! She's not applying for a counselor position at a rehab! She's not a reality tart or over sharing celeb trying to sell us on her way of living.

by Joeyreply 23901/07/2013

Liza has been at numerous events in NYC over the last few months sloppy drunk. Sad.

by Joeyreply 24001/07/2013

If Liza did not have Judy as a mother she would never have learned to sing as she does. If she did not sing as she does she would not have gotten the breaks (i.e., she was prepared for jobs at an early age) she did. Having Vincent for a father certainly did not hurt either.

by Joeyreply 24101/07/2013

R240, and you're not sad?

by Joeyreply 24201/07/2013

Darwin Porter's bios on celebs are usually made up fiction. I have a feeling that if he wrote a book about Liza every word would be true. That woman will never tell the real stories about her life, her numerous affairs, the drug and alcohol addiction.

by Joeyreply 24301/08/2013

[quote]And her odd look and eccentric quality were very right for the late 60's-early 70's.

Very good point. It also helped her appear a little more current, given her material and a style that had pretty much been completely eclipsed by rock and roll in terms of popularity.

by Joeyreply 24401/09/2013

R238, Vincente Minnelli grew up speaking English. He had French Canadian, Sicilian, Colonial American, and possibly Native American (most likely Odawa or Ojibwe) ancestry.

by Joeyreply 24501/15/2013

Can you believe that in the site Gay or Straight Liza Minnelli was voted only 64% gay. Are we serious now?

Gaydar my ass.

I also googled some other names and i don't think that this gaydar works properly. I think that straight people or managers of the stars block the truth....from our eyes.

by Joeyreply 24601/27/2013

Here is the notorious site

by Joeyreply 24701/27/2013

she's as straight as my hair

by Joeyreply 24801/27/2013

Miss Ross how is your hair?


by Joeyreply 24901/27/2013

Liza is one of the greats. Her talents were spell-binding when she was young. No one else could match her in "Cabaret," a performance for the ages.

It is spooky how similar she was to her mother. She would have been big with or without her parents.

by Joeyreply 25001/27/2013

That Gay or Straight web site is ridiculous.

Liza is straight. Why would you want her to be rated gay? That's stupid.

by Joeyreply 25101/27/2013

Is she still running with the French guy or is that over?

by Joeyreply 25201/27/2013

bisexual. Had an affair wuth Chita Rivera's daughter and with a prominent New York psychotherapist.

by Joeyreply 25301/27/2013

I think Liza would have only been known as a Broadway musical actress had she not had famous parents.

by Joeyreply 25401/27/2013

R251 Excuse me, but Liza is not as straight as a straight line...

You wear glasses on purpose?

by Joeyreply 25501/27/2013

The greatetht performer of all-time. I worthip the ground thee walkth on.

by Joeyreply 25604/17/2013

Liza Minnelli most certainly did not EVER have an affair with Lisa Mordente. Lisa is straight and was married to actor Donnie Kehr.

The time that they were close, she was helping Liza out with her sobriety, at request of her Mom (Chita feels very maternal towards Liza, and has tried desperately to help her keep it together over the years). As for Liza, you queens don't know what you're talking about. Liza is a daddy's girl, she likes strong, masculine MEN, darker virile men (Geraldo Rivera, Mark Gero, Mohammed Soumaya, Ben Vereen). There is no ambiguity in her tastes. And yes, I know them both.

I also know that because of Liza's physical conditions (chronic pain, scoliosis, osteo-arthritis, etc) mean she hasn't been a sexual being in years. I've been in a rehearsal studio with her as recently as last year (and a social setting as recently as two months ago) and sex is the last thing on her mind.

by Joeyreply 25707/26/2013

Liza had an affair with kd lang before lang came out of the closet.

by Joeyreply 25807/26/2013

R258, is it a fact or just a joke?

by Joeyreply 25907/27/2013

Are there any stories about Liza being mean or nasty to her underlings? In spite of her flaws I always get the impression that she's a rather sweet, if clueless, woman. I'm sure she has quite a temper but I can't imagine her being cruel or a diva for the sake of being one.


by Joeyreply 26007/27/2013


by Joeyreply 26107/27/2013

I'll tell you what is next

LIZA WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


by Joeyreply 26207/27/2013


Fact. During the time, Liza and kd lang were out together in NYC cabaret clubs as a couple. It was before kd lang was officially out. I watched the two of them fooling around in a booth at the sadly defunct cabaret club, Eighty-Eights. That they were a couple was generally known and accepted within this particular community.

by Joeyreply 26307/27/2013

Ok R263!


by Joeyreply 26407/27/2013

That seems kind of cruel if Judy actually also said that crap about Lorna being "the talented one." It's the kind of thing that messes people up for life. Not to mention it's also complete poppycock in this case.

by Joeyreply 26507/27/2013

Lorna has the better vocal instrument but has no connection to her emotions. And, in later years she is singing flat with a Bert Lahr vibrato.

by Joeyreply 26607/27/2013

I think Liza is more talented than her mom was so yes.

by Joeyreply 26707/27/2013

R257 here.

I'm sorry, R258 and R263, you are lying. Stop making things up, bcause those of who actually what we're talking about will call you out. Why are you making up things?

R260, there are none. She actually goes out of her way to do nice things for underlings. She called the Minnelli on Minnelli chorus boys' moms for mother's day. She keep in touch with everyone she's worked with ever, and they are always welcome backstage wherever she goes. She made sure some of her diehard fans got to join the opening festivities at tavern on the green for Liza's Back. She takes smoke breaks with the crew guys. No-one who's ever worked with her has a bad word to say about her as a person, and that includes me. I watched Madonna make someone cry once just because she felt like it. Compare that to Liza, who will call a break and go a for a walk with someone with her arm around them if they are feeling tense or unsure.

Yeh, she makes a heck of a lot of bad choices....many addicts do. But she herself is great :)

by Joeyreply 26807/27/2013

Liza is bi at the very least. Some of you queens are so fucking ignorant as well as homophobic.

by Joeyreply 26907/27/2013

Yes some gay men have blinders. They can't otherwise...dunno why, i don't want to think about it anymore.

by Joeyreply 27007/27/2013


Have you got into Liza's stash?

by Joeyreply 27107/27/2013

I saw her in Liza with a Z at the Winter Garden and I have to say after all these years I've never seen such an electrifying experience on the stage. She was obviously trained by homosexuals.

by Joeyreply 27207/27/2013

L*I*Z*A is a S*T*A*R!

Great interview with her from last year.

I hope her and Gaga do a duet or perform together.

by Joeyreply 27307/27/2013

Liza never gives a good interview. Everything is "terrific" blah blah blah

by Joeyreply 27407/27/2013

Why, because she doesn't say shit about people? Gimme a break, bitter bitch at R274.

I never knew she knew Laura Nyro, for instance. Also, I think the Aznavour show that he himself recently announced that he's written for her will be a great theatrical return for Liza. She speaks very highly of their friendship and onstage rapport in that interview.

by Joeyreply 27507/27/2013


No, because she never says anything interesting about anyone.

by Joeyreply 27607/27/2013

Well said R268, well said.

Liza's the big exception to the rule. How many great performers can you think of who had a son or daughter grow up to be great performers themselves? Like her mother, Liza was a triple threat...movies, the stage, singing. So many of the gay men she adored are gone now. But I'll never understand the whole David Gest thing.

by Joeyreply 27707/27/2013

Well, in the interview I just posed she says interesting things she's never said before about Laura Nyro and Charles Aznavour, both international musical icons of the highest order.

So, I guess you're just totally wrong and a fool, R274/R276.

Thanks for adding so much to the thread.

by Joeyreply 27807/27/2013

Why does Babs hate Liza? Is it jealousy? Envy?

by Joeyreply 27907/27/2013

I've read the interview, long before you posted it. And I stand by my opinion.

Being a cheerleader does not necessarily mean you're "adding to the thread".

by Joeyreply 28007/27/2013

R276 I agree with you. Perhaps she's given some interesting interviews but I haven't seen them. I assumed that she didn't remember very much because of the booze/pills.

by Joeyreply 28107/27/2013

Right, R274, so you are not a cheerleader, not adding to the thread and doing nothing more than stating some stupid opinion with no substance.

Got it.

And, look, you have company @ R281! Turds usually come in twos or threes, after all.

Oh, and R279? Liza did the opening number at the Barbra Streisand Lincoln Center tribute in April.

by Joeyreply 28207/27/2013

Lisa R282 Honey is it really that serious. I love Liza but that doesn't mean I find her interviews to be particularly interesting. However, based upon the fabulous life she's led and all of the people she's known; I'm probably setting the bar pretty high. Anyway, Lisa dear I'm a little concerned about you. You seemed to be having a little melt down. You might need to get back on your medication.

by Joeyreply 28307/27/2013

Sure, R283, that, or I have a low tolerance for idiocy. Thanks for another great contribution.

At least this was once a great thread...

by Joeyreply 28407/27/2013

Lisa your "low tolerance for idiocy" certainly must have you at odds with yourself. You poor poor dear.

by Joeyreply 28507/27/2013

Only at odds with dumb cunts like you, R285.

Gotta have the last word, huh? Poor, poor (note the comma) dear, indeed.

by Joeyreply 28607/27/2013

R166 lol, but Results is a good album and TIMS a good cover.

by Joeyreply 28707/27/2013

She's always seemed very likable on TV. However, my parents bought tickets to a concert she was in during the mid-80s and the price was refunded - Liza was "unwell" and had to stop singing after a few songs.

by Joeyreply 28807/27/2013

Someone get Lisa's doctor on the phone stat. She's off her meds and melting all the way down again. It's time for another hospital stay. Poor Poor Poor (no comma)dear.

by Joeyreply 28907/27/2013

R168 There is one more emotional, Edith Piaf.

by Joeyreply 29007/27/2013

What type of meds is Liza taking these days to control her mood swings?

by Joeyreply 29107/28/2013


by Joeyreply 29207/29/2013

Did Liza Minnelli ever snorted cocaine?

by Joeyreply 29308/01/2013

What R268 said. I know John Kander. He's a Kansas City native. He once told me that personally, he never heard Liza say anything unkind about anyone. And I'll even put my name out there.


by Joeyreply 29408/01/2013

[quote]I've been in a rehearsal studio with her as recently as last year (and a social setting as recently as two months ago) and sex is the last thing on her mind.

I knew it. Liza is just pining away for me.

by Joeyreply 29508/01/2013

You wish, David.

by Joeyreply 29608/02/2013



by Joeyreply 29709/01/2013

Liza loves the ladies

by Joeyreply 29809/01/2013

Good, cause i'm a lady!

by Joeyreply 29909/01/2013

I remember from Geraldo's book, Liza wouldn't suck his cock.

But that's understandable. Neither would I.

by Joeyreply 30009/01/2013

How does someone's voice decay so much? I don't expect her to sound the way she did in 1975, but still....

Could she have some sort of voice training to help her regain at least some of what she's lost?

by Joeyreply 30109/01/2013

Smoking, R301.

by Joeyreply 30209/01/2013

R301- smoking, years of cocaine, years of prescription drug abuse, alcohol, that brain desease that almost took her out, possible stroke and rumored (only a rumor here folks) a stroke.

by Joeyreply 30309/02/2013

Lack of singing technique. I don't think I've ever heard Liza belt, only shout.

by Joeyreply 30409/02/2013

And when she died, the neighbors came to snicker.....

by Joeyreply 30509/02/2013

She is amazing

by Joeyreply 30609/02/2013

OP to answer the question, nope not at all. She's not talented enough and not pretty so without her famous lineage, she probably wouldn't have been very successful.

by Joeyreply 30703/21/2014

With that face, nobody would know who she was without "Pills," her mom.

by Joeyreply 30803/21/2014


by Joeyreply 30903/22/2014

she's not "pretty", but she's fucking glamorous. No-one but no-one can turn out an entrance or photo-shoot like her. Men like Fosse, Scorcese, Ben Vereen, Gene Simmons, Geraldo Rivera, Mikhail Baryshnikov are amongst her lovers.

by Joeyreply 31008/02/2014

I love her so. What a great performer. I feel like shit right now, but listening to Liza's songs, it's so liberating and comforting. She is incredible. She makes me feel always very good in a deep way with her performances. As an artist, she is more than words can say. She goes all the way.

Thanks God, there was Lisa for a long long long time. I hope she is well, i need her to be well, there are not many great artists left with us today. SHE IS HUGE!

by Joeyreply 31111/17/2014

*Liza with a Z!

by Joeyreply 31211/17/2014

Sorry, Folks! Liza Minnelli Is Not, and Never Will Be, on Twitter ·

by Joeyreply 31305/07/2016

She's a registered Republican. She tells people she's Episcopalian but she's really a Catholic.

by Joeyreply 31405/07/2016

Liza doesn't need social media anyway. It is not her style.

by Joeyreply 31505/08/2016

I think Las Vegas should build a show around Liza like they have for the Beatles and Michael Jackson. A celebration of her musical performances. I think it would do well!?😉

by Joeyreply 31605/08/2016

It would be nice, r316.

by Joeyreply 31705/08/2016

Please R316, no one outside of theater queens even knows who the bitch is. No hit records aren't a formula for a big Cirque show.

by Joeyreply 31805/08/2016
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