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Sex in the gym sauna

How does it work? I rarely go in there, but whenever I do, I feel like I put the brakes on any action that might be about to happen.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 6904/05/2014

Would u have sex with this guy? What race is he.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 108/24/2012

R1, he is so fucking hot. I just came in my pants.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 208/24/2012

Question for other NYSC sluts: Why is the sauna/steam/shower area at 94th/B'way shut down? How long that gonna be shut down for? When I walked in yesterday, the bitch who scanned my card told me it was shut. I couldn't very well turn around and walk out at that point LOLZ, so I "worked out" (translation: cruised the gym floor LOLZ) for 15 minutes and quickly hopped a cab down to 80th for some action. Anyone got the scoop. Supposably it gonna be shut down for at least a week, but none of us know that this point. TIA.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 310/10/2012

"How does it work?"

Insert tab A into slot B.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 410/10/2012

[quote] whenever I do, I feel like I put the brakes on any action that might be about to happen.

This happens to me too, lol.

I sort of want to say, 'Please continue what you were doing...', but I can't find the words. What should I say?

But I don't want to partake. Much too public for me. I've occasionally gone home with someone I've met there, but to play around with, God knows who, walking in and out is not my scene.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 510/10/2012

Well, the brakes have to get hit every time some new guy comes into the sauna. He could be straight or otherwise offended, could report the wankers/frolickers to management, etc.

So. Here is how the unspoken language works. You enter, you see that you might have interrupted something. OK. Just go in like you belong in there, and sit down. After a few seconds, slowly "adjust" your crotch with one hand and see if other guy(s) do the same. That's the language. They are waiting for you to give clue that you're in on it. Put hand near crotch again and make a motion that is halfway between just scratching an itch vs playing with your dick. Halfway, in case you misread the signals. At this point, then unless you are repulsive to them, everyone starts making obvious cock-stroking motions and the fun is back on. The fun might be limited to just whacking off as a group, but it can be more, depends on the gym. The sauna @ 14th St/6th Ave NYSC is absurdly sexual. I've been part of five-way action in there!

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 610/10/2012

If you have to ask, you are hopeless. Slut behavior comes naturally.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 710/10/2012

Everything R6 posted applies to the finer public washrooms, as well.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 810/10/2012

I just hate the smell of stale sperm in the steamer...turns me right off.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 910/10/2012

"Why is the sauna/steam/shower area at 94th/B'way shut down?"

They've had plumbing issues off and on which has caused temporary shutdowns. It's tied to the larger building where that NYSC is located. Can't say if that's the case this time, but that's the likely issues.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 1010/10/2012

I heard that the NYSC on 23rd and 8th closed the steam room on weeknights and weekends. Is that true?

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 1110/10/2012

Yes R11 it is true.

I find the trolls ruin everything.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 1210/10/2012

Fuck, 94th steam/sauna is still closed. Anyone know when the fucking hell they plan on opening it up again? Might sound a little bit pathetic, but it's seriously putting a damper on my sex life.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 1310/11/2012

R13 it will be closed for the month. It will re-open in November if all the plumbing issues have been resolved.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 1410/11/2012

R13, until November, head up to the Ramble in Central Park for a workout.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 1510/11/2012

The trolls do ruin everything. I was practically accosted by a giant troll with man boobs last week at the NYSC on Madison/36th. He wouldn't stop playing with himself in front of me even though I gave no sign of interest. I got up and left and came back later when he had left the sauna. He then followed me back in and blocked my way when I tried to immediately exit. "how's it going?".."fine" I said back coldly and glared at him with a "get the fuck out of my way" look.

What are these trolls thinking!?!

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 1610/11/2012

80th street has more trolls than you can shake a stick at.

We call them the Seniors on Cialis, the Vultures on Viagra.

I heard a straight guy complaining to the do nothing manager of the 80th St. NYSC a couple of weeks ago. She is a joke, the place has never been run worse.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 1710/11/2012

Give us a progress report OP.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 1810/12/2012

groping in the shower is fun , and you can turn a profit!

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 1910/12/2012

The trolls do ruin it. I swear I'm gonna stop my sauna/steam room action when I turn 45.

Well, maybe 50 if I'm still in good shape.

Well, maybe 55...

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 2010/12/2012

r13, I went to 125th St. location last night. Lots of huge dark meat there, but sadly they only have eyes for each other. They reject the white boys like, which really isn't fair. Out of desperation, I wound up blowing a fellow 94th St refugee whom I normally ignore at 94th St. Figured beggers can't be choosers, and all that flopping black cock had me horny as well, so I figured what the hell. He finger fucked me as I sucked him to completion. I also licked the sweat from his musky armpits. Never noticed how deliciously hairy they are. All in all, not a bad night, but I do miss my regular routine at 94th.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 2110/12/2012


When you are a troll you will know it. Everyone will flee the room when you walk in.

Trolls are not always old, there are young trolls and hot old guys.

When you skip the workout and head directly to the showers, you are a troll.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 2210/12/2012

I wish I had seen you at 125 last night...I could have used the head.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 2310/12/2012

Did they remove the steam room on 86th street?

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 2410/15/2012

I was wondering that, R24. Was there a few weeks ago, looked around, couldn't find it. Then wondered if I imagined it was ever there. (I've only been to that location 2 or 3 times)

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 2510/15/2012

Can't understand why they would remove an amenity that already existed.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 2610/15/2012

I just checked website: Yep. They had a steam room and now they do not. Must have closed off the wall or something.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 2710/15/2012

It's like a hokey-pokey

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 2810/15/2012

What about the sauna in the Congressional gym in DC. Do they have special sauna rules according to the political party of the member of Congress?

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 2910/15/2012

Straight guys in the steamroom piss me off. Get the fuck out. I;m gonna pass out or melt from the heat waiting for you to leave goddammit!

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 3010/15/2012

[R29]= Aaron Shrock.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 3110/15/2012

I saw a recent comment that men who are open and chatty in a sauna get more and more silent with each bit of clothing they add when getting ready to leave the gym.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 3210/16/2012

R32 What are you talking about? I've never seen anything like that in my life.

I find the chatty ones often want to go for a beer or something.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 3310/16/2012

[quote]What are you talking about?

A comment that I recently read.

[quote]I've never seen anything like that in my life.

Have you seen a piranha swimming in the Amazon? If you haven't seen it, that doesn't mean there are no piranhas in the Amazon.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 3410/16/2012

I find the chatty ones kill the erotic buzz in that setting. Wordless contact, even if only eyes, is what is hot.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 3510/16/2012

R34 rather than passing on random comments you read that have no basis in your reality we prefer you share actual life experiences you have had. On topic preferred.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 3610/16/2012

The David Barton steam room opened up after being closed for six months. I love the sign out front that just plainly says "Open - Behave.". Of course very few have. People have been cock crazy waiting for it to re-open.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 3710/16/2012

Getting ready for the sauna.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 3810/17/2012

David Barton is a sex club with a gym attached.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 3910/18/2012

Zees is how is done, boys. Training on ze upstairs, relax & fun on ze downstairs.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 4010/18/2012

Rumor has it that NYSC on 80th is finally going to do something about the vultures on viagra that haunt the place.

Can we finally get rid of King Troll?

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 4110/19/2012

How will they do that though? How to isolate and zap just the old trolls?

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 4210/19/2012

I am sure others will go in the process, but the creepy old men are the ones who put the moves on the straight guys. That's why they are the ones being targeted.

If a guy is totally non responsive only King Troll or one of the other desperate vultures will grab his ankle.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 4310/19/2012

curious about the 125th NYSC - what's the best time for steam room head?

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 4411/08/2012

hmmm. So which gyms in NY are the best to hit up for action?

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 4511/21/2012

I was at a NYSC in long island yesturday, a dirty old troll actually took the handicapped seat from the wide shower and moved it to sit across from my shower. He sat there till I opened my curtain to step out and he looked me up and down, licking his lips. I said " What are you looking at!?!", he was startled but quickly said "you!". I responded "Well stop! Its really creepy! You shouldn't be sitting outside my shower. If you cant stand up go sit in the locker room."

These trolls are disgusting. I'm no angel when it comes to gym/sauna activity but some of these guys should be ashamed of themselves. He promptly left after this btw.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 4611/22/2012


by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 4711/29/2012


by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 4808/06/2013


by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 4908/06/2013

There's this guy at my local gym, he's Hispanic, probably about 55, gay face that looks like it's melting off, and he spends hours going back and fourth between the sauna and steam room. Literally, hours. I've gone to the gym at 9am and he's there and I'll go back for an afternoon session at 2 p.m. and he's still there.

He goes into the sauna/steam room fully clothed and literally has 10 bottles of frozen Gatorade with him. I can't figure out what his deal is, but I'm guessing he feels it's his job to police/halt all the action.

I don't get it.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 5008/06/2013


by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 5108/06/2013

Most fully dressed guys are cocksuckers with tiny cocks.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 5208/06/2013

You're never fully dressed without an erection in your mouth!!

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 5308/06/2013

[quote]Most fully dressed guys are cocksuckers with tiny cocks.

Ha. I'll keep that in mind. However, this guy is just weird. He just sits there and doesn't make any moves as though he's trying to get action, so my assumption was that he was just trying to stop any one from doing anything.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 5408/06/2013

He's channeling his chakras

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 5508/06/2013

R54 just because he makes no moves on you, does not mean he is not into others.

There is a beautiful blond man at my gym, bit muscles, hot who waits with a big bottle of water cock only.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 5608/06/2013

R56, you could be right on that. But, I don't think so. I've seen all types of guys come out of there frustrated that he won't leave. And I've seen him walk out of the steam room when no one else was in there, only to go right back in because two guys (who are obviously about to do something) are walking in, and he just sits there with his arms crossed (you can see him through the glass).

Anyway, like I said, I don't know what his actual deal is. I just find it weird.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 5708/06/2013

To answer the question about 125th the steam and sauna were closed by the health department, not for the sex, but for being filthy.

That gym is a filth palace. They never clean it.

80th has yet another troll. Poz troll. He tries to suck everyone's dick and sits in the sauna with the heat turned off. He is gross and desperate.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 5808/24/2013

Two nice men showed up on the other thread to tell us why they were not trolls...

This is the thread we can talk about the ones who are.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 5904/03/2014

In one of the PSCs there used to be this obese guy who would take his Bible into the steam and sauna and preach. Didn't seem to matter whether there was anyone in there or just himself. He never worked out, either. Unclear what his deal was. Haven't seen him in a while. Really scary.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 6004/03/2014

Grab your cock and go to town

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 6104/03/2014

R60 I think he preaches on the subway now...guy like that in the tunnel at 14th 6th avenue.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 6204/03/2014

Who goes in pre-lubed?

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 6304/03/2014

r56, which gym?

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 6404/03/2014


I hate to say it but because of your race you might empty any sauna in some neighborhoods regardless of dick size. Best for you NYSC 145th.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 6504/03/2014

This again?

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 6604/03/2014

Fuck you R66.

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 6704/04/2014

R65 knows a lot about people fleeing from saunas and steam rooms. He's a troll!

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 6804/04/2014

[quote]In one of the PSCs there used to be this obese guy who would take his Bible into the steam and sauna and preach. Didn't seem to matter whether there was anyone in there or just himself. He never worked out, either.

How much did it cost him to be a member in order to do this weird stuff?

by Sister Mary Bonachillareply 6904/05/2014
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