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The person you hate most at work

and why.

Vent here.

by Curiousreply 12005/05/2015

Pat. Was given the choice to quit or to step down from Director, and function as 'just another nurse'. Still behaves as if she's the Director. The Penultimate Condescending Frau.

by Curiousreply 106/11/2012

There's is this woman at work and she thinks she is so very. But I am always like, as if.

She then goes, she goes, she goes, whatevers, and I am all like in her face with, don't go there.

And she's all, Oh I'll go where I want

And then I am, not where if I can help it.

And then she's like all H/R on my ass and I am like whatevers to her.

by Curiousreply 206/11/2012

I hate this guy at work.

He is always complaining and criticizing every co-worker's way of working on projects.

He wants to run the office but has not talent or skills for that, so he basically sabotages everyone and everything, and then comes in as a heor to save the day and he does it in front of the manager.

Now, he has told everyone at work, except the manager, that he'll definitely get the job when they announce the opening of office director.

by Curiousreply 306/11/2012

I hate this guy at work he is such a little jerk.

OK I come in, punch in and go down and get changed. Then I eat my breakfast. And he's all like, "You're phone is ringing."

I tell him, "Then answer it." I am not about to get indigestion for him.

Then he gets all pouty like it's my fault the phone is ringing.

So I go up and log into my computer and check my email and he's like, "You have a client waiting."

And I'm like, "Well there not going anywhere."

And well you get the idea.

But do I complain to the boss about his bitching at me. But heaven forbid, I ask him to punch out for me if I leave early.


by Curiousreply 406/11/2012

My manager. Im not even going to start mentioning all the reasons why or I'll work myself into a rage. I just hope Im moved into another team soon. Although I suspect everybody else in my team is dying to get away from him too. Apart from my manager, I'm indifferent to everyone else. I think most of the others feel the same way about me and each other. It's one of the benefits of working in a team that doesn't have a single person under 30. We have lives, we don't want to be bffs and have drinks on Friday together. We just want to do a good job and then have nothing to do with each other until we're all back in the office again. This team is the most professional and harmonious I've ever worked with and yet our manager is so awful I have no doubt people will start jumping ship.

by Curiousreply 506/11/2012

R1... you used "Penultimate" jokingly, correct?

by Curiousreply 606/11/2012

I work with this queeny little bitch who thinks he's hot shit. He uses the word penultimate incorrectly. I dont correct him so he'll continue to look like an idiot when he uses it.

by Curiousreply 706/11/2012

They like "penultimate" because it has an extra syllable. Never mind its actual meaning.

by Curiousreply 806/11/2012

[quote]The Penultimate Condescending Frau.

Whose the most condenscentious one, than.

by Curiousreply 906/11/2012

The owner (it's a small business). A recovering alcoholic (very recent). I liked him better when he was a drunk.

by Curiousreply 1006/11/2012

This total asshat who sits across from me with this constant smug expression, know it all attitude, and general shit eating demeanor because he's the new guy and all the girls just LOVE him (because he's so cute! And he has the cutest goatee!), when in reality he has no idea what the fuck we do or how to do it, and all his questions do is slow us down to a dead crawl.

Seriously dude - just fuck off already.

by Curiousreply 1106/11/2012

How can I possibly narrow it down to one?

by Curiousreply 1206/11/2012

Nicole. Not so much hate as I'm wary of her. She's vying for a position that would make her my director. She'd cut a bitch if she had to, and then throw 'em under the bus just to make sure. I just don't trust her.

by Curiousreply 1306/11/2012

Myself, for having to come do this every day.

by Curiousreply 1406/11/2012

Wow R14. I have to agree. That's how I feel too. Never thought of it like that.

by Curiousreply 1506/11/2012

No one at my current job, but my last job....o man no question: Anne, the bookkepper. She was a miserable fat old cunt who fucked up my paperwork and I ended up having to pay extra taxes at the end of the year. She was so shitty at her job, always fucking things up and then lying about it and blaming me. On the third time she got caught in a lie about me I told the owner I was done with her and vowed NEVER to speak to her again outside of what was absolutely necessary. After nine months of having to share an office with someone who so clearly despised her, she quit.

by Curiousreply 1606/11/2012

There is this waitress named Vera at the hash house I work at and she's all the time spilling drinks and getting orders wrong. Yesterday I went ahead and told her to kiss my grits.

by Curiousreply 1706/11/2012

My boss - stupid entitled republican douchebag

by Curiousreply 1806/11/2012

My employees. Bunch of idiots. Seriously, they are one step above retarded. One recently asked me to fax something to her and told me to put color ink in my fax so she would get a color copy on her end. Another one didn't know the meaning of the word "average."

I don't usually hate dumb people. It's not their fault. But this group is arrogant too and that combo is lethal. Cocky morons are infuriating.

by Curiousreply 1906/11/2012

We had this woman at work with a voice like a Foghorn, except flat. The sound carried up to half a mile, through walls. And that was even before she raised her voice, which she often did.

by Curiousreply 2006/11/2012

Short fat bald guy who could be charming but screamed and yelled at people at the drop of a hat -- underlings and peers who had not done anything wrong. Finally got fired after too many fights with too many people. Refused to accept any responsibility for his dismissal, claiming it was a conspiracy. Have encountered him as a freelancer and he is arrogant as ever.

by Curiousreply 2106/11/2012

There's a woman at work who barely hides her contempt for me, rarely makes eye-contact and never returns my hellos. Our brief and random interactions (we don't work together closely but I have paperwork to give her every few weeks) are always awkward; she puts on a flat-affect face and monotone voice and speaks in short, clipped sentences. I've caught her giving me barely disguised eye rolls on a few occasions. I know she's not like this with everyone as I see her being chatty and friendly with others.

No idea what her deal is. I'm wondering if it's homophobia since I'm the only out gay person in the office. Just started this job a few months ago and everyone else is nice and treats me with respect.

by Curiousreply 2206/11/2012

I hated my alcoholic boss who every day when he left said loudly "I;m going to go home and get drunk!" proudly. But he didn't like me cause he'd fuck up all day and I'd come in at night and have to clean up his mistakes.

I got in a car accident and came in the next day woozy and he accused me of being drunk. Even had HR accompany me to Cedars and wanted access to my medical records.

Needless to say I was sober, didn't even have as much as an advil in me. I sued them and won.

by Curiousreply 2306/11/2012

Allen - total tool who wants power without having to work for it. Aspergers and does not respond to social and verbal cues .

by Curiousreply 2406/11/2012

[quote]Even had HR accompany me to Cedars and wanted access to my medical records.

Un-fucking-believeable. Congratulations on your win. This is why, when the Revolution comes, HR trolls will be amongst the first up against the firing squad wall.

by Curiousreply 2506/11/2012

My last boss. An utterly self-focused preening queen (used to tweet pics from the first class airport lounge - I kid you not) who thought he was alpha shit managerially, but clients saw right through him. So when he got the flick, he went into shock.

There were a number of others on the management team who also had the emotional maturity of tadpoles, but he was the circus master.

by Curiousreply 2606/11/2012

An old Maid named Janice. The most miserable bitch that ever breathed air. Her job was her life. Stabbed everyone she came in contact with in the back.

by Curiousreply 2706/11/2012

Guy who looks and talks like Cletus on the Simpsons.

Spends all day loudly yakking about his tin hat conspiracy theories and how liberals are brain damaged.

One of the most professionally irresponsible people I have ever met, but always ranting about his politics of personal responsibility.

Spends all day running his mouth and not doing any work, but he is seemingly protected by good ol' boy cronyism.

Today he made a joke about how he was going to the toilet to squeeze out some Obama dolls.

by Curiousreply 2806/11/2012

The entire legal department for the usual reasons one hates lawyers.

by Curiousreply 2906/11/2012

36-year-old woman who thinks she's a hot teenage girl. Sucks up outrageously to male management and leaves colleagues holding the bag on projects. Screams to get her own vanity initiatives budgeted although they do not help the business. Has toxic, loud fag-hag relationship with office's gay man -- they alternate between sycophantic buttering up and vicious fights. Truly awful!

by Curiousreply 3006/12/2012

I work for a manager who is most likely a sociopath. All the gossip in the office is started and perpetuated by her. She continuously lies to other employees about her staff, mainly to get a reaction and to have some entertainment. Her entire life is centered around her job, but she runs her mouth more than doing any quantifiable work. Unfortunately, most of the people in my office are dumb and poor judges of character, so they believe most of her bullshit until it's too late. She's successfully fired just about anyone she perceives as a threat, since she is very cunning, at times charming, and knows how to sweet talk the boss to do her bidding. She is pure evil. I'm the only one in the office to ever confront her about her antics, and it led to an extended feud where she lied to other employees about me to get a coalition of people to hate me. When that didn't work, she made stuff up about the quality of my work. I'm wondering how common this kind of behavior is in the workplace? I'm looking for a job now and do not want to meet anyone like her again.

by Curiousreply 3106/12/2012

Rebecca G. at Pink Ribbon central. Butt-smooching, no-talent asshole who looks like a worm. The only time she's nice to anyone is when she needs something. Really awful person who will step on your FACE to climb up the ladder. But looks like people have got her number: she's stalled out where she is now. She can only fool people for so long.

by Curiousreply 3206/12/2012

My supervisor. Kept on for years to avoid a huge lawsuit if they fired her. Does a grand total of two hours of work everyday, while the rest of us deal with the public, which is a nightmare. Plans her vacations and shops online in her office. Attends useless meetings. I hate when I see her invoices or reservations on the central printer.

I hate her assistant more though, who really serves no purpose other than doing two hours of work each day so my supervisor doesnt need to do four. Totally oversteps his boundaries as her assistant to do nothing. Selfish male cunt with an attitude problem and a Napoleon complex.

by Curiousreply 3306/12/2012

This bitchy little queen with horrendous breath.

by Curiousreply 3406/12/2012

Our bitchy secretary. She used to be on staff and got canned because she had the worst attitude of anyone who'd ever worked in our department, and now her sole mission in life is to make others' lives hell. Need something? She'll throw a phone number at you and tell you to do it yourself. Are we passing around a card to sign for someone whose mother died? She'll sneer and swat it off of her desk with a "no THANK you." Say good morning to her? She'll grimace and snort and walk away. And she can't be fired because the director just doesn't want to deal with her. I wish she'd fall in a ditch.

by Curiousreply 3506/12/2012

Not working now (summer college classes) but there was an old bitch that worked in my office that drove me up a fucking wall.

She sat two cubes over but I could hear her…and she just complained about everything, all day, every day, day in, day out. She was never positive, was mean to her daughter on the phone.

She chose to be short with me one day when I was helping her and I held my hand up and said, "Oh, no. You may use that tone of voice with other people, but I don't do abuse. When you're ready to have a calm discussion about this, let me know." She was cordial to me after that.

Ugh, even discussing her makes me mad. Nasty old cunt.

by Curiousreply 3606/12/2012

A rapist and a royalist who needs to tell other off

by Curiousreply 3706/12/2012

I posted this on the 'shit you hate' thread but feel like venting again. I have a pair of 20 something co-workers who think they are auditioning for SNL. All day long. Monday through Friday. (Think Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sans cracking themselves up for hours on end.)

They yell out the same joke of the day to each other, throughout the day. And think they are hi-larious.

They love to have nicknames for everyone in the office. And they LOVE practical jokes. (The latest one was putting every unused office chair, 20 of them, into one guys office while he was on vacation. When he returned and opened his office door, there was a mini-mountain of chairs blocking his entry. (Eye roll)

Sure, it's fun to have upbeat co-workers and do stupid things NOW AND THEN. But this is a regular occurrence off and on throughout the day. And most of the people in the office think these guys are just a hoot.

I swear if forced to pick between one extreme or the other, I'll take a co-worker who never talks any day.

by Curiousreply 3806/12/2012


by Curiousreply 3906/12/2012

My closet-case boss. Wants to be seen as progressive and "gay-friendly" by colleagues and understaff, but in command of the office and ahead of his detractors, who are quietly but surely homophobic. Married with three kids, rich and successful, yet secretly online (A4A, Craigslist) hooking up to get his ass fingered and fucked. Thinks all gays are educated, DINKs and rich. Doesn't understand why marriage equality is a big deal, after all, he made another choice.

by Curiousreply 4006/12/2012

Oh, yeah: And Nancy Brinker. Just go away, BITCH!

by Curiousreply 4106/12/2012

Every. Last. One. Of. Them.

by Curiousreply 4206/12/2012

I hate my gay boss, the Andy Cohen of my marketing group, who throws "gay" in everyone's face and supports all the women and straight guys in the group but not really any of the other gay men.

Cause there's only one official Gay, right?

by Curiousreply 4306/12/2012

I worked with a woman who was the female version of the Dilbert character "Topper". She constantly had to one-up everyone.

by Curiousreply 4406/12/2012

God, R19, I just had a coworker ask if she sends a color fax, will it be received in color at the other end? I think her tattoo ink is affecting her brain.

by Curiousreply 4506/13/2012

Marketing manager by the name of Jason. Always walks reallllly fast because he's sooooo busy. Never knows what the hell he's talking about, and gets creamed by the VP every other meeting. (I think the VP enjoys this and it's the reason Jason still has his job.) Could be a decent-looking guy, but the yellow teeth, gut, and smarmy, insincere manner combine to make him repellent. Sad.

by Curiousreply 4606/13/2012

It used to be Ginny in billing. The complaining, the work avoidance…Oy vey.

How was I to know you could actually DIE from restless leg syndrome?

by Curiousreply 4706/13/2012

I got her fired. Don't have THAT problem anymore.

by Curiousreply 4806/13/2012

I had the same expereince as R22, only I was stuck having the bitch as my "supervisor" (not in title, just in attitude). I never thought the phrase "dripping with contempt" could be literal until I heard the way my lovely co-worker spoke to me on my first day. She was furious that my predecessor/her BFF left the company, with no notice, for a higher-paying job. I will never understand why people try to make others miserable when they should be spending that energy on finding another job or negotiating for a better salary.

by Curiousreply 4906/13/2012

"There's a woman at work who barely hides her contempt for me"

Maybe you forgot to wash your hands upon exiting the restroom?

by Curiousreply 5006/16/2012

my colleague the low talker....she is bats. Convinced people have been looking thru her cube, messing w/computer, etc. (Went to HR to tell my concerns, later found out others have, too). She is always making passive agressive comments. I think of her as a "bunt" (bitch + cunt)....

by Curiousreply 5106/16/2012

I'm not going to call her misogynist names because I believe she is a nice person outside of work, but there is a lady who infuriates me with her endurance for re:re:re:re:re: emails. She will never take 'no' for an answer, never accept my explanation for why the computer system did what it did, and never makes her staff accountable for their fuck-ups. She answers every email response with another question or comment and it goes on and on. Oh, and with many CC:'s too. I give up after a while, she wears me down. The plus side is that everyone in my company realizes she's an airhead. She did one response though that lit me up so bad, within seconds after she sent it and I read it I dialed her extension. She must have seen my caller ID because I seriously called her within seconds and she had to still be in front of her computer. She didn't answer, which is good because I was going to lay into her. Thankfully, I had a few minutes to cool down. Again, I don't think she is a bad person, I just think she was promoted to a position of incompetence and doesn't know how to deal with her staff's obvious lack of work engagement.

by Curiousreply 5206/16/2012

concern troll. "are you feeling ok?? are you having a bad day?? i'm sorry, i just don't understand...are you having a hard time communicating??" tries to make me look fragile and difficult with fake solicitude.

by Curiousreply 5306/16/2012

I got laid off five weeks ago and I'm so glad. I hated my job and I really hated my coworkers.

The worse was this privileged white guy who spoke like he was from the ghetto. He used to pronounce something "suntin" and he was a total dick.

Then there was this other guy who used to pick his nose and flick his boogers. I would always look over at his desk and catch him doing this until one day he looked over and saw me looking at him. It was awkward. Without thinking, I sort of smiled and winked hoping he would laugh it off. Instead, he tormented me from that day forward.

Then there was the office "goth" chick who had never heard of Bauhaus or Sisters of Mercy. She just wore black all the time and talked about her love of rats and acted like a cunt.

I never thought I would appreciate being laid off from a job but that was a blessing.

by Curiousreply 5406/16/2012

This bitch at work who snapped me about someone not calling her back, just because she works for one of my trustees, like it's my fucking fault. And it hadn't even been a day! Maybe she's out sick for fuck's sake. I offer to send her her email and she says thanks, like you better!

by Curiousreply 5512/04/2012

My bipolar boss who one day punches a file cabinet so hard it leaves a dent and the next day appears despondent and stares out the window for long periods of time. I suppose I should be more charitable toward the mentally ill but I'd rather not have someone so unstable have power over my job.

by Curiousreply 5612/04/2012

This thread is nothing but cubefag drama.

by Curiousreply 5712/04/2012

Straight guys in offices with doors make plenty of drama too. Fights, backstabbing, and blatant takeovers of other peoples' turf.

by Curiousreply 5812/04/2012

[quote]Straight guys in offices with doors make plenty of drama too. Fights, backstabbing, and blatant takeovers of other peoples' turf.


by Curiousreply 5912/04/2012

Where do I begin? One asshole who makes 5x what I make thought it would be "cute" to hand out Christmas cards with a message in it letting us know that him and his family were spending their first Christmas in their brand new custom-built house (he even included the address so we would know it's in an expensive subdivision).

Then there's a guy who makes six figures who is a total asshole no matter how nice you are to him. He also thinks he's too good to say "hi" to you or acknowledge you.

And finally, there's the fraus that sit right by me that spend all day yapping about shit that has nothing to do with work, while I'm actually trying to concentrate and get stuff done. And of course, these lazy bitches make more than me.

by Curiousreply 6001/09/2014

disrespectful beeeotch that thinks she's the boss. she is fucking mean and what's worse she reeks of cigarettes and smells like an ashtray! there i said it. thank you.

by Curiousreply 6101/09/2014

Boss' wife. She had a six figure patronage job, but now floats around the office, offering unsolicited advice, throwing her husband's weight around, and acting smug and entitled. He retires in a couple of years, thank God!

by Curiousreply 6201/09/2014

When you drones are done bitching can one of you make some coffee?

by Curiousreply 6301/09/2014

Queenie guy I work with, mean and stupid and obsessed with rodeo and western stuff. He brought a saddle in and mounted it on some sort of stand and now he uses it instead of a chair. He's so pretentious and says "raaaather" at the end of all of his sentences, he is not British.

He gets away with murder because he pulled a candy machine on top of himself and then sued. Oh and he calls everyone "carrot puppy". Oh hello carrot puppy, raaather.

by Curiousreply 6401/09/2014

[quote]How can I possibly narrow it down to one?


by Curiousreply 6501/09/2014

My boss. If you ask her a simple question like what the price is on something because it's not tagged, she'll give you a 15 minute lecture on why you should know the answer, while the customer is standing there waiting to buy it. And then she never give you an answer. The last place she worked 15 people threatened to walk out if she didn't leave so she transferred to our place. She also told us she has "spies" everywhere. No one can stand her.

by Curiousreply 6601/09/2014

[quote]Queenie guy I work with, mean and stupid and obsessed with rodeo and western stuff. He brought a saddle in and mounted it on some sort of stand and now he uses it instead of a chair.

Please tell me you're joking.

by Curiousreply 6701/09/2014

Nope, giddy up.

by Curiousreply 6801/09/2014

Since I work for myself, I guess that would be me.

by Curiousreply 6901/09/2014

Maggie. She is 4'11" and looks just like Master Yoda, right down to the thinning hair, the enlarged bloodshot eyes, the wrinkled lips, and the straggly mustache. She's a chain-smoker, she's been here forever (she's 62, and will never retire), and carries a lot of institutional power. She's extremely charming to those she likes and extremely withering and condescending to those she dislikes. Unfortunately, I seem to fit into both camps depending on her mood, and so I'm always caught off-guard.

by Curiousreply 7001/09/2014

R69 What do you do?

by Curiousreply 7101/09/2014

I am accused of stealing at the moment and I didn't do it. Annoying when people don't bother to think to find out who actually did the stealing. I am mad as hell about it!

by Curiousreply 7201/09/2014

R72 Trolldar is not your friend.

Nice try though.

by Curiousreply 7301/09/2014

r72, substitute "killing" for "stealing" and I know just how you feel.

by Curiousreply 7401/09/2014

R73 R74

Apparently neither of you gyus are very good at thinking!

by Curiousreply 7501/09/2014

i don't work at this resto anymore but they had hired a new manager and this asshole wanted to hire his whole family into the business and fire all the longtime employees of this resto. what a fucking asshole, thank goodness i graduated college and don't work there anymore.

by Curiousreply 7601/09/2014

Someone on this site said once that the worst, most unsufferable people to work with are those in their early 30's who have just been promoted to upper management.

I completely agree. I've seen it time and time again.

They think their shit doesn't stink yet don't realize how many people make accommodations for them because they do know everything.

Totally oblivious shits. About 25% of them deserve the promotion - the rest either sucked up, stabbed down, or lucked out (immediate superior left and they needed a replacement ASAP).

by Curiousreply 7701/09/2014

R77 I disagree. Assholes come in all ages.

by Curiousreply 7801/09/2014

Stacy J., head accountant. Psycho trannie that has so much built up angry black woman in him, she makes the atmosphere toxic.

by Curiousreply 7901/09/2014

r71, I do freelance tech support for an app developer. Also do web pages, write and freelance photography.

by Curiousreply 8001/09/2014


by Curiousreply 8101/09/2014

I don't think so R77. I think it's something that is done to them when they are promoted. I had excellent relations with some managers and when they got promoted they turned into raging harpies. I think management shows them behind the curtain and suddenly they realize they are working for crazies and supposed to do things which are unethical.

by Curiousreply 8201/11/2014

Melody. Uptight, egotistical, 'butter wouldn't melt in her mouth' superior-attitude Mennonite nurse.

by Curiousreply 8301/11/2014

[quote]Queenie guy I work with, mean and stupid and obsessed with rodeo and western stuff. He brought a saddle in and mounted it on some sort of stand and now he uses it instead of a chair. He's so pretentious and says "raaaather" at the end of all of his sentences, he is not British.

[quote]He gets away with murder because he pulled a candy machine on top of himself and then sued. Oh and he calls everyone "carrot puppy". Oh hello carrot puppy, raaather.

OMFG, R64 wins!

by Curiousreply 8401/11/2014

Thank you R84

by Curiousreply 8501/11/2014

Big lesbian Judy. Humourless, unattractive, and sour. Told somebody she thought I was rude, but I never had a conversation with her. She hates me because I'm prettier than she is.

by Curiousreply 8601/11/2014

Little lesbian Dianne. She's 61, can't type her own documents, and terrorizes people. Tireless cunt. She only has survived on the backs of smarter people. You know this woman, and she is your worst nightmare.

by Curiousreply 8701/11/2014

I'm with the other posters who can't pick just one.

by Curiousreply 8801/11/2014

I can't pick one either, so I'll do a short summary of the top three.

Office secretary: Runs hot and cold, hyper or sullen. Inappropriately loud and giddy when happy, surly when sad. Engages in serious buzz kill. Complaining and negative, refers to clients as bozos and idiots.

Office clerk: Negative, rude, complaining, unfriendly, unsympathetic to clients. Is either not talking to secretary or they are best friends. She is a tattletale and will exaggerate or lie to boss to get people in trouble. When successful she becomes elated. Sick fuck.

Idiot boss: Zero people skills, bully, oaf, self-centered, takes all credit, gives none. Stirs the pot with his staff, believes the last lie he's told, humiliates staff, and never says thank you, I'm sorry, or great job. My favorite co-worker says he will stroke out one day and we can't wait.

The rest of the crew are great but we suffer working with the idiots. As we're in another suite we have many laughs at their expense. Thank god for the laughs.

by Curiousreply 8901/11/2014

John, who won't take any help or even let people do their own jobs but loves to run around and moan about how it's all up to him and no one else does anything. Everyone knows he is just terrified of getting sacked and wants to make himself look indispensable. Dumb fucker.

by Curiousreply 9001/11/2014

(sorry for me english, i am from a non english speaking country) We are 20 people working together, very good comunication and humorous people. but for the last year, there is this guy Tom, very problematic, lonely, game addict at home, smoking weed alone all the time. Doesn't have the courage to speak responsible, only to interupt when someone talks, and when its his turn to say something he talks bullshit. surely he is neurotic because of no friends or girlfriend, he is young thought, 27 so he may change. But now he is an annoying asshole. He tries to find the weakness of everyone so he can hurt him, at the right time when there is no people around. Apparently he was very problematic as a child. Our team once was a hell, but some old bastards left, and now our team is very good, almost perfect, and a person could really easily fit in. So it is obvious that its Toms problem. I don't know what he is going to do in his life. He only tries to be annoying, like putting loud music and all of us don't tell him anything feeling pitty for him and a little bit afraid of his reactions. I don't know how to talk to him. Well i don't need to, but sometimes it is nessesary.

by Curiousreply 9103/13/2014

Kate. Loud, pushy, favorite topic is herself, spends her entire day surfing the web and loudly announcing whatever tidbit has caught her attention. Gets things wrong, constantly ("Billie Jean King is carrying in the US flag at Sochi! Stephen Sondheim wrote 'Sunset Boulevard'!")

Made all the worse by her speech impediment that makes her sound like Sylvester the cat. Icing on the cake is that she's a dumb Republican who every other day will complain about the cost of Michelle Obama's trip to China, or some such nonsense.

Asking her to please use her "indoor cackle" hasn't gone over well.

by Curiousreply 9203/13/2014

My manager. She has the loosest lips on the planet, talks crap about my co-workers to me (I can only imagine what she says about me to others). Is wildly inappropriate, makes comments about my looks when we are in a private 1 on 1 meeting. Has driven people off our team with her bossy ways. She has little actual involvement in the work we do, but will decide to throw wrenches in everything because she thinks something other managers are doing is a "good idea", but doesn't care how much work it takes, or if it might actually NOT work (we're not like the other teams in the building). She's a complete nut. Her laugh sounds like a machine gun gone retarded.

by Curiousreply 9303/13/2014

I'm an ICU RN. Most hated is thirty something RN. Lazy, nosy, probably bipolar. Seems to have up and down swings. Has four kids, always on the verge of leaving her husband. Snappy, rude. Asked a coworker twice if her boobs are "real" (they are, I know!!) Overly friendly with anyone she thinks can do something for her--I can't imagine what. Rumors are she was a ghetto brat street fighter in her teens, made some trips thru the system. How she ever got her RN is beyond me. Thanks for listening.

by Curiousreply 9403/13/2014

I feel your pain, R91. Also used to work with somebody who would try to befriend colleagues just to find their weak points.

But now I'm retired and so happy I don't have to put up with these jerks anymore.

by Curiousreply 9503/13/2014

Old adage:

If you meet an asshole in the morning, he's an asshole.

If you meet assholes all day long, you're the asshole.

by Curiousreply 9603/13/2014

Very wise, R96. I believe it was Jesus of Nazareth who said that.

by Curiousreply 9703/13/2014

[quote]I work for a manager who is most likely a sociopath. All the gossip in the office is started and perpetuated by her. She continuously lies to other employees about her staff, mainly to get a reaction and to have some entertainment.

I had a similar experience. I was an Assitant Art Director at an in-house art department, the Creative Director was a closted man and clearly a sociopath. He always seemed to hire men and women who were just like him.

One closeted guy he hired was a raging drunk and a womanizer who started so many office rumors, it was shock that it took so long for him to be fired. He'd come back from lunch reaking of alcohol. He'd leer that he'd fucked some woman at lunch. I told him,"Yeah riiight, more ike a guy!." I had his number! He hated that I outed him. Then he started to brag how men found him so hot. This guy was so messed up mentally, you almost had to feel sorry for him.

The CD was a bitchy backstabbing little queen who couldn't be more than 5'5"! He thrived on starting rumors. He rarely did an actual work. He made an enormous salary and his yearly bonus was more than two graphic designers salaries combined.

He was always talking about how 'poor' he was, he loved infuriating his staff, they all knew he wasn't poor. He was also a blowhard ReThug who adored Reagan and Bush. I left way before Obama became president, I can imagine how Obama's presidency blew his little racist mind!

This creep even went as far as pitting the freelancers against each other by telling each of them individually that they all made different hourly rates. They all did the same job and made the same amount per hour, but this creep enjoyed creating havoc. Getting his staff to despise each other was his life. He was locked into a miserable marriage to a woman who he knew was having an affair, he had a child with mental disabilities, so he took it out on his staff. If he had no control in his personal life, he micromanaged his staff.

Because this creep set the tone in the office, so many in the department followed his lead and most of the department became insufferable, talk about a trickle down theory, it always happens in these sorts of environments! The staff becomes as disgusting as their boss for fear of losing their jobs.

I've been working from home for the past few years, I LOVE it. Nothing beats not having to deal with office drama, most of which usually has NOTHING to do with the job at hand.

In retrospect, most of the drama with my last staff job had nothing to do with the actual work, everyone did their work except for the office drink.

Most of the office drama was all based on gossip and outright lies perpetuated by the CD. What was infurirating was the fact that the boss created most of the office drama, so exactly how does a person get around that? In these types of situations, workers feel like they don't have a leg to stand on.

This particular company was corrupt from the top down, going to HR proved futile, they were as disgusting at each department manager was. They hired day laborers to do major repairs, they paid them cash and thought nothing of it. How this company was never sued for millions was a miracle.

Nothing pleased me more than to recently hear that my ex-boss was finally fired along with the equally corrupt CEO! It took long enough to clean house! The CD had been there since the mid 1970s!

by Curiousreply 9803/13/2014

This neurotic bitch who is so fucking boring and goes on and on about her worries about getting heart disease even though she's still in her 30s and her waist size (she is not even obese, maybe not even overweight) and her fucking job search and worries about it multiple times a week even though it's six and a half months before she'll be unemployed (if she doesn't find work before then). I want to fucking strangle her. And she is so monotone, so boring and a horrible writer/speaker. Other people make it entertaining or inject feeling at least. She's so irritating and super ugly and unattractive as well (she does not even seem to care) which bothers me as well. SIGH. I daily feel my patience seriously tested by her and I wish I was a bigger person than this bitch getting to me.

Thanks for the opportunity to vent anyway :)

by Curiousreply 9903/13/2014

The customers.

by Curiousreply 10003/13/2014

I work with two people who don't get along and dealing with their disregard/distrust of each other, talking past and contradicting each other, temper flares, and backstabbing is highly unpleasant. By themselves they are fine but they are really trapped in a toxic relationship.

by Curiousreply 10103/13/2014

The patients! Non compliant, alcoholic, druggies, smokers, indulgent in risky sex practices, etc. No thought asbout how they have treated their bodies for their entire lives. Now they are critically ill, need God knows how many surgeries/interventions and expect us, the medical team, to make them well again.

by Curiousreply 10204/04/2014

My boss is a thug and brute who is charming to everyone else. Trying to get out of his unit ASAP.

by Curiousreply 10304/04/2014

Guy who organizes our staff meetings so they turn into 2-hour bull sessions with him running his mouth about everything he has on his mind. Total timedsuck. Dead-horse beater and grudgeholder who doesn't want us to have any rapport with people in other departments (whose participation we need). If we have good relationships with other groups, he ruins them.

Charming and smart in other ways, very weird that he carries on this way.

by Curiousreply 10404/05/2014

All of them.

Because I just want to fucking retire.

by Curiousreply 10504/05/2014

I work with kids. It is their parents that I hate. They are Bible Thumping weirdos.

Yesterday, Mommy decides she couldn't pick up her kids on time. She let me know she would be sending her husband, because she absolutely couldn't miss church. How nice of her. Lets make the kids wait an extra hour for dinner, because Mommy doesn't want to go to hell. In their home, they put Church first, everything else after. I hope their spawn grow up to be Atheists.

by Curiousreply 10604/05/2014

Theresa. I hate this bitch like poison.

by Curiousreply 10704/05/2014

I have worked with Jane for two years, in the last year Ive been getting almost daily updates about her teen son. The first year it was that he was starting to slack off at school and was probably going to fail his drivers test because he was such a bad driver and he wasnt making curfew. The second year it's been that he is failing classes& his standardized tests, not turning in work, multiple tardies and suspensions for them, skipping school twice, lying, still not making curfew, refusing to try to get a job unless Jane does it for him and then getting fired from it after a month, and all of this is tied up in the drama that is his fat little gf who is a high school dropout with a white trash family who dont do anything but scam the government and Jane's kid for money.

Jane and her husband flat out refuse to give this kid any consequences for anything. They let his gf come over to their house everyday until 10 or 11pm without the kid getting their permission. They let the kid spend any money he made at his job on her instead of his traffic tickets or gas. They pay for him to tote her and her family everywhere, they pay for emergency vet care for the gfs animals that have never had any medical care. Etc etc you get the picture. But she WILL NOT lay down any rules that he needs like taking away his keys or banning him spending time with the gf during the week, but she comPlains everyday about him and the gf and the situation in general. I have tried making remarks about how I knew such things were forbidden because (insert punishment I would have received under the same circumstance), in hopes that this would give her the confidence to take control of her home, but it goes in one ear and out the other. I have heard her on the phone with him saying that she is so mad at him she doesnt know what to say and that theyre going to have a big talk that night and "things are going to change for you", but they never do change! I am at the end of my rope with her daily complaints because I just want to snap, "things are NOT going to change because you refuse to make changes! He has no impetus to act better because he has suffered literally ZERO consequences and retains every last privilege he has! So what do you expect??"

A couple of times I have come close to saying this and she always says "well, it could be worse, that's what I keep telling myself. It could be so much worse, at least he's not a dopehead." And to that I want to say that he is worse! Addiction can be overcome, but laziness, irresponsibility, lack of an education, chronic insubordination, legal trouble and being shackled by marriage and/or baby to an equally nonambitious welfare queen and her mother at the age of 18 cannot be overcome!

by Curiousreply 10804/05/2014


by Curiousreply 10910/20/2014

this cunt at work used me to get what she wanted then stepped on me like a cigarette when she was done. nuffin but a fukin skank.

by Curiousreply 11010/22/2014

[quote]The Penultimate Condescending Frau. Whose the most condenscentious one, than.

Cute intentional misspellings and all, your joke backfired, since penultimate doesn't mean second to the most condescending, but simply second to last. You needed to have asked "so who was the last condescending Frau then? ", implying that there are no more condescending fraud left after that last one - now there's a joke if I ever heard one!

by Curiousreply 11110/22/2014

Fraud >> fraus

by Curiousreply 11210/22/2014

I worked with this horror show bartender at a seafood restaurant on 2nd around 50th. She was a self entitled, spoiled bitch, passive aggressive, who though her shit didn't stink. She went as far as to complain to the management that she didn't trust me and that guests, instead of going to the manager, would come to HER to say I was a bad server, because she was so important. She's the cunt who got me fired. I swear I'll rip off her smug face if I ever see THAT WHORE again. Or better, just be as sickly sweet and phony as she is...may she die a thousand painful deaths.

by Curiousreply 11310/22/2014

This fascist bastard. Ever since his eye looks at me with his face clearly written "fuck he's going to eat me!!", I knew he is a fuckwanker worth to be called Fascist Bastard.

I wish I've never known this fascisty, fuck him. I Go on a permanent vacation or something, coward bastard fascist.

by Curiousreply 11405/04/2015

Nadine. She is one of the aides in my special ed classroom and she is constantly pointing out what she thinks I am doing wrong and how SHE would do things better. She gets transferred to different classrooms each year because nobody can stand her. The parents hate her and she yells at the kids and makes them cry. Our district has basically no consequences for anything the aides choose to do so I'm just counting days until the end of the year. Admin refuses to do anything about it even though they talk shit about her too She's also has done everything better than anyone else in the history of the world.

by Curiousreply 11505/04/2015

Retired now, but in the 30 plus years that I worked the worst coworker I had was a gay guy. He had a wonderful charm and hypnotic voice and most everyone really liked him.

Unfortunately he had a cowardly, backstabbing side to him. In the 3.5 years I worked with and around him he viciously backstabbed five of us and harassed a woman who reported him to HR (she won.) He left a trail of damaged people where ever he went.

Fuck you, Tom.

by Curiousreply 11605/04/2015

The black girl who goes to lunch at 11:30, returns at 12:30, and sits at her desk cracking her gum until the whistle blows at 5:00. Day in and day out. Each crack of her gum is like she's chewing on a nerve in my head.

by Curiousreply 11705/04/2015

OMG, I love R9! Pure vintage DataLounge! I'm peeing my pants!

by Curiousreply 11805/05/2015

An idiot who decided one day to write a dictionary, because it "isn't that hard".

by Curiousreply 11905/05/2015

Marnie. Jesus Christ. She is exhausting. She has an extremely ugly face, but a very nice body. She is often times pleasent, sometimes weirdly standoffish, and occasionally fiercely butthurt. Literally Tuesday she will happily chat with you at lunch, Wednesday she'll look at you like your crazy and walk away from you when you say "good morning!" In passing. Friday she will be in hysterics, whispering and wiping her tears over the family member or old friend or co worker who has done her wrong by not "being there for her" or "supporting her" or "saying a mean thing".

The fucked thing is, she has friends at work. People who actually listen to her, and pat her frizzy haired man-like head and say "there there, so unfair, poor Marnie. those bad people! you are a wonderful person!"

No she isn't, she's wacko, and if you'd stop sucking her dick maybe she'd get to a shrink.fuckin Marnie. Jesus Christ.

by Curiousreply 12005/05/2015
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