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What does "jock" in a profile mean?

I go to Adam4Adam all the time and see these profiles where the guy says he is a "jock". So does this mean he runs marathons all the time or he just wishes he was a jock? What activities qualify one as being a "jock"? Like does going to the gym 7 days a week for an hour qualify as being a jock even though half of that time you are in the steam room getting blown?

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 20609/24/2017

Usually means that the C on their keyboard types a J

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 106/07/2012

If you regularly say "dude" or "bro", you're a jock.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 206/07/2012

He's a flimsy piece of fabric that wraps around dick.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 306/07/2012

You aren't really a jock if you 1) don't play hoops at least once a month; 2) don't lift weights (even golfers and tennis players do now); 3) watch ESPN about every day; and 4) know how to throw a football properly. If you watch Bravo or Lifetime or listen to Lady Gaga, you are NOT a jock.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 406/07/2012

It means he's not that childish epithet.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 506/07/2012

"Jock" is code for "manly on the streets, bottom in the sheets"

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 606/07/2012

Don't bring it up on the DL. You will be attacked. The "J" word is indeed a four letter word here.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 706/07/2012

[quote]know how to throw a football properly.

There you go picking on Tim Tebow again just because he can't get the football to go where it's supposed to go. He's still learning to be a jock.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 806/07/2012

When someone on a gay site says jock they often mean it differently than the mainstream widespread understanding. So many gay guys claim to be jock, yet they can't tell you which teams are in the NBA Conference finals, or, they haven't shot hoots in years or thrown a football. A lot of gay guys have a very unusual definition of jock.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 906/07/2012

They're saying they're straight acting.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 1006/07/2012

I don't consider myself a jock but I get jock itch from exercising.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 1106/07/2012

[quote]So many gay guys claim to be jock, yet they can't tell you which teams are in the NBA Conference finals, or, they haven't shot hoots in years or thrown a football. A lot of gay guys have a very unusual definition of jock.

There is a lot of truth to that. A lot of gay guys mean the word jock just in the sense that they are athletic and like to work out/be active on a regular basis. Not that complicated really.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 1206/07/2012

Mom always said if you can't be an athlete, than be an athletic supporter.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 1306/07/2012

Jock really is effete with a bit of butch affect.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 1406/07/2012

And a lot of gay dudes mistake the word jock with fit or muscular. Also, most people don't think you're a jock if your only sports activity is lifting weights or running/jogging.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 1506/07/2012

In reality, it doesn't mean anything but will impress the gullible.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 1606/07/2012

Here's a thought for you really fit dudes.

I'm glad you've got a fit, buff, rockin' bod. Really I am.

But there's nothing more boring than hearing about committed you are to your workout. And the details of your workout. And your diet. I don't ever need to hear about how hard you work to look this good.

Imagine a beautiful straight girl who thought it was delightful to regale her dates with details of her makeup, her fashion choices, her change in hairstyle, etc. She'd bore men beyond endurance, no matter how hot she was.

Look great. Enjoy the attention. And shut the fuck up.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 1706/07/2012

R17 kindred spirits

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 1806/07/2012

Is this you R17?

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 1906/07/2012

But most fit muscular bisexual and gay jocks are only into other fit muscular jocks, so they would tend to like talking about working out, fitness, diet, supplements, and bicep size.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 2006/07/2012

"Jock" - Somebody who's too good for you, and wouldn't give you the time of day.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 2106/07/2012

If you mince around and lisp, you don't have to ask. That is why 'mos aren't jocks

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 2206/07/2012

Has a fungal infection

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 2306/07/2012

It means a spandex caftan

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 2406/07/2012

It usually means they are very old themselves or are trying to attriact the very old. See also Hot, Stud, Straight Acting,

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 2506/07/2012


by ijustdontknowanymorereply 2606/08/2012

It means someone who wears a ballcap and athletic shoes.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 2706/08/2012

"Jock" means they're athletic enough to put their feet on the ceiling OR the wall the minute you both hit the mattress.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 2806/08/2012

It means the guy listens to "Car Talk" on NPR.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 2906/08/2012

it means they wear a baseball cap and think they look all athletic.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 3006/08/2012

I find it means "I used to be an athlete in school, but I've let my body go." People who still work hard on their bodies describe themselves as "athletic" which means they work out but don't play sports.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 3106/08/2012

R10 gets it. I love a guy that doesn't act effeminate. Can't stand the limp wrist, or the whiny girly voice. I love jocks.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 3206/08/2012

They like taking care of themselves enough to run, lift weights or play sports in their spare time. Usually paired with formerly being on a sports team and having some athletic experience. You could ask a jock about your workout routine, and they would be interested enough to give you pointers and listen to you without getting too bored. Jocks also tend to be weight conscious.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 3306/08/2012

It means the same thing it does with straight guys - a lot of wishful thinking about how athletic they are but if anything they just watch sports.

Like most things in life you find that people who feel compelled to state what otherwise would be obvious do so because it usually isn't true.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 3406/08/2012

r31, many dudes who work out also currently play sports. A huge number of people lifting weights also shoot hoops just as much or more at my gym.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 3506/08/2012

also, in the US, people associate jock with people who play team sports, such as football, basketball, hockey, and baseball. Therefore, people usually don't think of golfers, swimmers, and tennis players as jocks. However, boxers and wrestlers are considered jocks.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 3606/08/2012

"many dude who work out" = fat queen with a cat named Misty.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 3706/08/2012

On A4A, it specifically means an athletic guy who wants only to have sex with other jocks.

I find guys who call themselves 'athletic' instead are more open to dating different types of guys.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 3806/08/2012

[quote]However, boxers and wrestlers are considered jocks.

I consider pro wrestlers to be beefy actors.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 3906/08/2012

R37 Her name is Mama - Mama's Mussy!

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 4006/08/2012

Ugh, "straight acting." Hate that term.

When you have a BIG FAT COCK IN YOUR MOUTH/ASS, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, straight about it.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 4106/08/2012

I love the guys who want to be 'discrete', 'discreat', or 'discreet'...

Translation: Heavily closeted, and will likely freak out if you try to blow him.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 4206/08/2012

Don't forget the "I'm curious" person who then claims he only bottoms. Um, if you're that far along, you're no longer just curious.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 4306/08/2012

It is an annoying term R41, but there really isn't a set term for people who aren't noticeably/stereotypically gay so a lot of people still use it.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 4406/08/2012

Most of the self-procliamed "jocks" I run across online are fat. And no, the jockstrap pic doesn't fool me into thinking differently.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 4506/08/2012

real jocks don't wear jockstraps unless they are in the act of playing sports. and today, most wear compression shorts instead.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 4606/08/2012

Does this pic of me holding a football make me look like less of a bottom?

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 4706/08/2012

(R6) You are sooooo bad...and I love it!!!!! Right on!!! Their legs go up in the air faster than a 747.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 4806/08/2012

It's code for delusional douchebags like R22 and R32 looking for somebody way out of their league.

Thread closed.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 4906/08/2012

It means that he was my HUSBAND!

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 5006/08/2012

Jock means they pride themselves on being able to talk with straight guys using statistics to mask hero worship.

It means they wear their pants low with a gut and love handles lapping over the waistband because they insist on purchasing the same size pants as they did in college. Only now they sit for a living: sit at a desk, sit to drive back and forth to work, and sit in front of the television.

Mostly it means that they will mimic their parents' facial expressions when you act in a less than manly manner.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 5106/08/2012

A jock is a professional athlete.


by ijustdontknowanymorereply 5206/08/2012

It means 20 pounds overweight.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 5306/08/2012

[quote]in the US, people associate jock with people who play team sports, such as football, basketball, hockey, and baseball. Therefore, people usually don't think of golfers, swimmers, and tennis players as jocks. However, boxers and wrestlers are considered jocks

That's right, bithes! I proudly identify as a jock on a4a!

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 5406/08/2012

If you had a full-ride athletic scholarship in college, you are a jock. All these other "jocks" online are just sports fans or fitness buffs. No scholarship, not a jock.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 5506/08/2012

I like that definition, r55.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 5606/09/2012

Except...many of them don't appear to be fitness buffs! At all.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 5706/09/2012

I still remember meeting a guy who said he was a jock, had been an athlete in college and had a "football player build" The picture in his online ad was hot…a beefy, solid guy.

We met and clearly, the photo was at least 10 years old. He was so fat that his shirt didn't cover his belly. I told him point blank "sorry, but you completely misrepresented yourself" and walked away. (He reacted with a string of nasty names, of course.)

Learned my lesson on that one for life.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 5806/09/2012

If you don't know how to properly throw a football and don't watch ESPN a lot, you can't be a jock.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 5912/01/2012

R58 sounds like a peach. A rotten, elderly peach.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 6012/01/2012

It's an identity marker in the gay world, but it's as meaningless as "bear".

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 6112/01/2012

Jock usually means a hot guy into sports.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 6212/01/2012

jock = fat guy who doesn't wear women's panties

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 6312/01/2012

[quote]jock = fat guy who doesn't wear women's panties

I think you mean toward straight guys, when they get older and stop taking care of themselves.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 6412/01/2012

Actually when a guy describes himself as bear, he is usually accurate. However, most gay dudes who describe themselves as "jock" would be laughed at in mainstream society if they presented themselves as a jock. You can't be a jock and be into Madonna and Lady Gaga. Just sayin....

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 6512/01/2012

The way to ensure that you don't get an out of shape "jock" is to specify that you are looking for an athletic "GYM jock." If a dude hasn't been to the gym this week, he probably does not have the fit physique most people looking for jocks want.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 6612/01/2012

R65 the kind of music you listen too has nothing to do with being a Jock or not. I excelled at sports my whole life and playes baseball ib high school, I work out 5 days a week and can bench 285lbs all my friends are straight guys and when I tell people I'm gay they think I'm fucking with them and don't believe me and I happen to love Madonna.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 6712/01/2012

R67's flames can be seen from space.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 6812/01/2012


by ijustdontknowanymorereply 6912/01/2012

R68's ass can be seen from space.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 7012/01/2012

r67, either you are the rare exception or you are not as masculine as you think you are.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 7112/01/2012

[quote]when I tell people I'm gay they think I'm fucking with them and don't believe me

The fantasy is strong with this one.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 7212/01/2012

I've been described as a Jock Strap, because I hang around your cock and balls like the real thing.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 7312/01/2012

I love how some guys on here can't believe that a guy can be "masculine" and fit in great with straight guys and still be proudly gay. Not all of us ping y'know.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 7412/01/2012

1) Decent body

2) Not FM-in-8

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 7512/01/2012


by ijustdontknowanymorereply 7612/01/2012

I think it's a butch euphemism for a gay guy who's butt is all stretch-out and stinks. Granted this simply deduction from all the jocks I've dated.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 7712/01/2012

My first thought is: a guy in his 30s-40s, goes to the gym every now and then but not particularly athletic, owns some A&F clothing in which he'll pose for his CL photo, an inevitable baseball cap handy to cover a receding hairline, looking to attract some college varsity jailbait. Is convinced that all the people in his suburban office think he's a straight stud even though everybody knows he's gay.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 7812/01/2012

r74, all gay guys ping. It's not an option, it's standard equipment. But, if it makes you feel better to believe that, go ahead, there's no penalty for fooling yourself.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 7912/01/2012

You are not a jock if you haven't watched ESPN today or can tell me who won Sunday and tonight's NFL games.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 8012/10/2012


by ijustdontknowanymorereply 8105/29/2013

It means "I am masculine and mainstream, a dude who no one would think is 'gay.'"

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 8206/11/2013


by ijustdontknowanymorereply 8307/27/2013

It means I am not a fem stereotype.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 8407/30/2013


by ijustdontknowanymorereply 8508/04/2013

It is code for normal masculine dude

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 8608/05/2013

Real jocks played team sports in high school.

Most gays were not jocks.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 8708/05/2013

Most gay jocks are bisexual and don't identify as "gay"

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 8808/06/2013

Jock is used very, VERY loosely almost to the point of it being laughable. It's almost as bad as the fat asses saying they are "football players".

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 8908/06/2013

Beware of the term " football build" Ask what position? A tight end like Rob Gronkowski? A quarterback like Cam Newton? Wide receiver like Eric Decker?

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 9008/06/2013

Are grown ass "Men" still holding on to that label? LMAO......Oh, "White America" you crack me up!

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 9108/06/2013

The term jock is somewhat dated and stereotypically when used in a gay context. Today, guys use updated code words ton convey the same meaning, such as "athletic," " loves sports," " laid back," "chill dude," or " masculine bro." There is just a general overall attitude conveyed by certain words that jocks use.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 9208/06/2013

It means he presses flowers into Bibles, Rose!!

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 9308/06/2013

Any guy who uses "football build" in one of those ads is FAT.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 9408/07/2013

Yeah, avoid football builds.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 9508/07/2013

It means that his photo will include a baseball cap used to cover an increasingly large bald spot, an Abercrombie T-shirt from circa 2002 which once used to fit but is now hugging those love handles a bit too tightly, and that he's using the vocabulary nobody who is over 23 and is not a complete douchebag would use ("chill", "bro", etc.)

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 9608/07/2013

It means "I am masculine, athletic, mainstream, and popular with the bros."

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 9708/11/2013

Jock fulfills the sexual fantasy. They cater to it. And what it in return.

However, the ones that go around and say they want someone "educated" I feel is to avoid the label of shallow.

Usually, the descriptor "educated" means a lot of things to a lot of people. Just because you have a "degree" in something, it doesn't mean you are highly enlightened or brilliant, and want someone else to be the same. You can get a BA in finger painting of you wanted at the college level or BS in exercise. This is a paid educational system, where you buy a degree. Mostly.

The guys with the muscles and a college degree hold themselves too high in esteem.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 9808/11/2013

R19, could they get the most stereotypical gays on that panel? The blond guy with too much product in his hair and the major gayvoice and gayface, the guy with the lisp and gesticulations, etc.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 9908/11/2013

Jock orginally was a term used for fit guys 18-24. Now you see fat 30 year olds using the term because the clicker got stuck on ESPN and they were too lazy to get off the couch to change the channel manually.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 10008/11/2013


by ijustdontknowanymorereply 10108/11/2013

It means MASCULINE and sports-loving.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 10208/12/2013

It typically means delusional on a variety of levels.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 10308/12/2013


by ijustdontknowanymorereply 10408/12/2013


by ijustdontknowanymorereply 10508/24/2013

It means no one ever suspects I am gay because I am so masculine and mainstream.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 10608/29/2013

What R103 and 106 said.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 10708/29/2013

Just be wary if the word "football" is ever in front of the word "jock".

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 10808/29/2013

It means, "I played a middle school or high school sport for one or two years and I then quit.", and "I think I'm hot".

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 10908/29/2013

It means they are more fit and won't embarrass the shit out of you in public, just to be seen together.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 11008/29/2013

In online jargon, jock = fat slob who played JV football in high school

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 11108/29/2013


by ijustdontknowanymorereply 11209/03/2013


by ijustdontknowanymorereply 11309/09/2013

masculine and mainstream bro

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 11409/16/2013

Online jocks are either heavier guys or models. There is no in between with online jocks.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 11509/16/2013

It means masculine, dudely, mainstream, normal, all-man.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 11610/06/2013

If you can refer to yourself or your friends by using the word "dude" without laughing hysterically at yourself, you at least say you [italic]wish[/italic] you were a jock.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 11710/06/2013

I watch ESPN a lot.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 11810/18/2013

Masculine for masculine

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 11911/30/2013

It means you are mainstream , masculine, love sports, and no one would even suspect you are gay or bi.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 12012/01/2013

"No one would ever think I am not straight."

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 12112/01/2013

Using the word jock in this context is dated on dating sites. It has been replaced by new, more nuanced codes, such as filling your profile with "dude, "bro," and "Brah, " or mentioning all the team sports you play, or your music taste.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 12201/25/2014

Jock means they're a bit taller than average and own a baseball cap.

Football build means fat.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 12301/25/2014

It is cold for normal masculine, athletic, sportsloving, unclockable, no one would ever suspect they are into dudes because they are one of the bros.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 12402/06/2014

Hip and knee replacement.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 12502/06/2014

And it's supposed to stay cold until next week, R124. Better wear your ballwarmer.

BTW, what's "unclockable"?

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 12602/06/2014

The word 'jock' in a M4M format is meant to imply 'athletic'. The actuality is slightly different though, isn't it ?

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 12702/06/2014

What is "KELT"?

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 12802/06/2014

Whenever I get confused by someone's presence at a gay bar, or something he wear, or something he puts in his profile, I have to remind myself, "he wouldn't do it unless it worked."

Don't point the finger at the guy dropping the word "jock" in his profile. He figured out it gets him laid and that's that.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 12902/06/2014

Go masculine or go home

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 13004/12/2014


by ijustdontknowanymorereply 13107/17/2014

[quote]You can get a BA in finger painting of you wanted at the college level

Please tell us of you have a BA in English.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 13207/17/2014


For gay men, jocks are almost always muscular with low body fat and attractive. A jock can be of any age but are generally thought to be somewhat younger because their athletic abilities. Jocks are usually linked to actively playing sports. Years ago, the term "Jock" used to have a negative connotation in the straight world. For gays, to be called a jock is a compliment. An example of a jock body type would be David Beckham, the English born football (aka soccer) player.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 13307/26/2014

A lot of gay guys have special definitions of jock that do not conform to the mainstream definition, and therefore, tend to disappoint people on personals sites who meet them with the mainstream definition of jock. In mainstream society, a jock usually is good at one of the big popular team sports such as football, hockey, basketball, baseball, and soccer. Lacrosse players can also be considered jocks because they play an aggressive team sport. Correspondingly, people expect jocks to be very masculine in the mainstream sense, very Alpha Male. There are also other indicators of Jock status, such as language (bro, dude, brah), clothing (Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, beanie hats, baseball caps), and music (hip hop and rock).

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 13407/27/2014

Means a bro or brah

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 13507/28/2014

a dudebro

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 13609/15/2014

I think "jock" in online world means that the person thinks they are masculine.

I'm shocked at how many people have no idea that how they come across in real life doesn't match the description

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 13709/15/2014

real jocks play sports.

Gay "jock" lift weights so you think they play sports.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 13809/15/2014

It means they pretend to be butch & have played sports.

However, they're referring to jacks, synchronized swimming & double Dutch rope jumping as sports.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 13909/15/2014

uh "butch?"

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 14009/15/2014

it means they're just normal brahs that like the cock, no homo, brah

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 14109/15/2014

r141, some of them are legit jocks. I have met some dudes from Craigslist, et al, who are college football players, basketball players, and baseball players.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 14209/15/2014

R142, it means there are a lot of delusional twats on CL, claiming they're "masculine" and "jocks" but in reality they are neither.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 14309/15/2014


by ijustdontknowanymorereply 14409/23/2014

It's about outfits.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 14509/23/2014

I think after a certain age (any age after 25) that a man should not use the word "jock". It's comes across as high schoolish to me.

People use it to send a message that they are fit, and athletic. Or, that they are masculine. The problem is that in many cases they are not. A man should just say that they play sports, or that they're athletic. How ridiculous is it for a fifty year old refer to himself as a jock.

Now, this does not mean that they shouldn't post on, or other sites like that, but grow up! ...we're not in high school.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 14609/23/2014

It means masculine bro

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 14711/28/2014

I don't associate "jock" with high school R146 - wondering if others do.

For me, it's code for "people meeting me for the first time don't immediately wonder if I'm gay" but I find a lot of guys play fast and loose with that term.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 14811/28/2014

Other similar words dudes use are "normal," "masculine," or "bro."

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 14911/28/2014

It means he's a brainless oaf.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 15011/28/2014

Aren't they the little guys riding the horses?

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 15111/29/2014

Brightly-colored and overpriced underwear, usually.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 15211/29/2014

what, r152?

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 15312/01/2014

From the men I've been with on Adam4Adam it seems to mean: "just open culo kwickly".

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 15412/01/2014

It indicates arrested social and psychological development in anyone over the age of 25 who still uses it.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 15512/01/2014

It means dudebro

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 15601/05/2015


by ijustdontknowanymorereply 15701/27/2015

Jock is old school. Now guys say "dude," "bro," or "bruh" as code to signify masculinity. Black and Latin dudes often say "nigga."

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 15802/20/2015

It should mean you look like this

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 15903/06/2015

so, so hot r159

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 16004/27/2015

Amazing R159. You done good there :)

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 16104/27/2015

Well judging by jock Bruce Jenner, it means you want to be a woman. Or by jock Michael Phelps, that you want to be a pothead.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 16204/27/2015

R159 Who is that? Random guy or porn star? Jesus, he's hot.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 16304/27/2015

That I played a sport in elementary school or middle school and quit around the age of 12.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 16404/27/2015

r1 it would spell out jojk.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 16505/01/2015

the term has been supplanted by "jock," "bro," "dude," "normal," etc

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 16605/05/2015

it means you're a HOT Bisexual Aussie Soldier

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 16705/05/2015

I think there's a certain age that men should stop referring to themselves as jocks. It's ridiculous.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 16805/05/2015

"Jock" in a CL listing in Washington DC means the guy wants to attract Aaron Schock.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 16905/06/2015

R159. Once again, who is the guy in the picture? Random Tumblr pic or what?

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 17005/06/2015

R164 is right on the money!

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 17105/06/2015

Me and my bisexual best friend/roommate actually just got in from playing baseball with a couple of other guys at the park right by my house, when I read this thread and cracked up laughing!

I even asked my bi best bud if he ever refers to himself as a "jock" and he started laughing and was all like "Fuck No, maybe if you played team sports in high school, but not if you're a grown ass man".

I'm as 100% gay as can be and I've ALWAYS been into sports and can play e era sport

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 17205/06/2015

R172 continued every sport except basketball and I've NEVER referred to myself as a "jock"

It's the delusional gay men, who would go ducking and running like a scared little girl at my 90 MPH fastball, who refer to themselves as a "jock"

Gay men are so (unintentionally) funny sometines.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 17305/06/2015

The term is sort of out of style today.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 17405/07/2015

It means the guy wants you to know that a purse doesn't fall out of his mouth when he talks and that he knows which of the local sports teams plays football as opposed to baseball.

When used on hook-up sites, the description turns out to be accurate maybe 50% of the time.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 17505/07/2015

If you are gonna claim to be a jock, at least look and act like this dude.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 17605/09/2015

It means everyone thinks he's straight, and he's hot as fucking hell, although he may be fit-fat by his late twenties.

Anyone over thirty who calls himself a "jock" is likely a lardass.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 17705/09/2015


by ijustdontknowanymorereply 17805/09/2015

R163 and R170, that picture is clearly edited.

Here's the real photo; pretty sure it's some random guy.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 17905/09/2015

Thanks R179. Wow, I want him deeply in my mouth right now.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 18005/09/2015

Jock = Pussy Hound.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 18105/09/2015

Jock = I will show up at your house in a baseball cap to hide my face after I told you I was 28 but I'm really 53.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 18205/10/2015

R179 is what people expect when you say "jock"

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 18305/10/2015

It means you like playing with balls.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 18405/10/2015


by ijustdontknowanymorereply 18508/21/2015

He'd qualify I believe.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 18608/21/2015

Jocks don't call males "girl," care about divas, or act bitchy/catty.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 18709/01/2015

It means they never set off anyone's gaydar. People assume they are straight and mainstream.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 18809/02/2015

I am amazed at how many gay guys who describe themselves as "jocks" on sites/apps also have very effeminate, unjock-like traits on their profiles. How you gonna call yourself jock and have a pic or reference to Beyonce, Nikki Minaj, Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, or Lady Gaga on your profile? Are how you gonna be a jock and be catty/bitchy on your profile? It's like some gay guys don't realize what the mainstream definition of a jock is.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 18911/05/2015

Buff jocks (football, basketball, hockey, Baseball) have always (post 1920) been considered the hottest, manliest dudes. Then military guys.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 19011/22/2015

If you are claiming to be a jock, at least be able to credibly shoot hoops with me and my bros without looking stupid. Also, if you claim to be a jock, and I go to your house and ask to watch ESPN, you should be able to click to it without having to look up what channel it is on.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 19111/28/2015

I work out regularly and look athletic, but in no way am I a jock. In all my years I've never known a gay that plays basketball or football. Baseball, maybe, and volleyball. Basketball? NEVER. Only lesbians that I've known have played basketball.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 19211/28/2015

I have never considered military guys hot as a class, R190. Some are, some aren't, just as in real life. I mostly see them as victims, fighting in an unnecessary war, which gets in the way of my perceiving them as "hottest" or "manliest."

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 19311/28/2015

In personals, true "jocks" usually don't call themselves jocks. They usually tell you their interests (sports, sports, sports) and let you label them accordingly. Also, a lot of gay men define jock a lot differently than everyone else, which can lead to disappointment for prospective dates.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 19404/17/2016


by ijustdontknowanymorereply 19505/02/2016

Athletic and Manly

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 19607/01/2016

Most overused word on gay apps

Allegedly means "if you met me and I didn't check you out, you'd think I was straight" but that's often not the case.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 19707/01/2016

If you claim to be a jock and you can't instantly locate ESPN on your tv selection, you're lying

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 19807/01/2016

If you want me to believe you are a jock, why were you blasting Beyoncé, Niki Minaj, Gaga, or gay club music in your car when we met?

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 19907/01/2016

If people on the street think you are probably gay, you're not the jock type

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 20007/09/2016

Loves and plays the big male team sports

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 20102/05/2017

It means normal and masculine

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 20202/05/2017

The good folks over at Gay Pop Buzz asked different guys to define what “jock” means to them. Let’s take a look at some of their responses…

Mike, 30, defines a jock the most literally:

I work out a lot at the gym and prefer to meet guys who do the same. So when I put that in my description [gay jock] it’s my way of letting people know my body type and what I’m looking for.

Bruce, 36, has a similar but slightly different interpretation:

When I was in high school and college, I used to play different sports. I’m still active at the gym five days a week and play volleyball. So yeah, to my mind, I feel OK with calling myself that.

Then there’s Dan, 27, who says “jock” is less of a physical trait and more of a behavioral one:

It’s simple. When I use the term [gay jock] it means that I am a masculine guy and that I prefer to hook up with guys who are the same. It means you act like a man.

Steven, 38, says it’s a term used to describe one’s member:

It should be obvious. A jock is a masculine top that has a nice size d***! If you look at my profile, I tell everyone I’m 9 with a built body. Do you want to hook up so I can show you?

Meanwhile, Keith, 25, says a jock is someone who wants to be discreet:

When you see that word [jock] it means the guy is guy isn’t out. Only my close friends know I am gay but nobody else does. I’ve always used it to let people know I’m not open to everyone. I just like getting BJ’s anyway. Am I doing it the wrong way?

Jimmy, 41, somehow associates a jock with being… a pig?:

I’m into piggy and like guys who let me breed them out. Guys I usually hook up with like a nice, thick load from someone athletic. So in my bio, that’s why I have jock. It’s worked well ever since I’ve put it in there.

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 20306/10/2017

And then there’s Scott, 42, who says “jock” just means a guy who likes to watch football and stuff:

I’ve always thought it meant you were into sports and watched ESPN. I don’t work out as much as I used to but I still go to the gym. I still play tennis. Should I take it out of my profile?

How do you define the word “jock” on a dating profile? Share you interpretations in the comments…

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 20406/10/2017


by ijustdontknowanymorereply 20506/17/2017

Uh huh

by ijustdontknowanymorereply 20609/24/2017
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