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Which Male Actors Do You Think Are Secretly HIV+?

Daniel Craig has some serious facial lipoathrophy now and so does Matt McConaghy(sp?).

Any other suspects?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 33505/20/2016

they usually have a goiter on their neck r8

no joke

by curiousnCulverCityreply 906/01/2012

So r5, do you agree so far with the actors posted? Who do you observe with the fascial wasting you describe?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 1006/01/2012

I thought I could spot it as well, but a lot of times I am way off because the person in question is vegan or had a different long term illness (like non HIV / AIDS related cancer treated with chemotherapy).

by curiousnCulverCityreply 1106/01/2012

A friend is slowly recovering from a terrible and nearly fatal bout case of pneumonia. He has some serious facial wasting that his doctor assures him will turn around as his health improves.

It's not all about HIV+.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 1206/01/2012

Don't actors take insurance exams prior to a film? I'd think HIV info would leak.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 1306/01/2012

OP Mattew has been on a prolonged coke binge.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 1406/01/2012



by curiousnCulverCityreply 2206/01/2012

So really RDJ is positive? sounds about right?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 2406/01/2012

Sir Ian McKellen

Simon Callow

Rupert Everett

by curiousnCulverCityreply 2606/01/2012

What about NYC interior designer Vicente Wolf

by curiousnCulverCityreply 3106/01/2012

What about Michael Stipe from REM?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 3206/01/2012

Considering you can get Restalyne or other facial fillers to combat the "HIV look," and actors are hardly averse to cosmetic procedures, I'd have to say this thread is an epic fail.

Now, I wouldn't be shocked that some actors have HIV, but based on their faces? Bitch please. If even a busted bitch like Lohan can still afford lipm plumping and the like, I'd hardly think A-listers with HIV couldn't afford a few shots now and then.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 3306/01/2012

First names that come to mind:

Robert Downey Jr

Chris Kattan

Michael Fassbender

and not an actor, but Chuck Palahniuk

by curiousnCulverCityreply 3406/01/2012

[quote]Fassbender is just ugly.

That's the thing, it's hard to tell if someone has facial wasting or if that's just the way their face looks!

RDJ, LA Spacey, Daniel Craig - is it HIV, or just a strong nasolabial fold combined with leathery skin?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 3606/02/2012

Most idiotic thread EVER!

by curiousnCulverCityreply 3706/02/2012

Hadn't heard that one about Anderson Cooper, but man, he sure does look sickly with that pale face.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 3806/02/2012

Robert Downey

Guy Pearce

by curiousnCulverCityreply 4006/02/2012

I used to watch GH sometimes - and once I noticed purple blotches on Geary, which they tried to cover with makeup but they were unmistakeable. Gotta be Kaposi's.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 4506/02/2012

Daniel Craig looks no different than many 40something, English northern men. A rough, jowly look (see Robbie Williams whose face has aged similarly).

What makes so many of these men look ill is the terrible fake tan they don. One particular example is Michael C Hall who has this strange, sickly orange pallor on TV.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 4706/02/2012

Is the thread a refugee from 1991? Dear God....if ignorance is bliss, most of the people on this thread are in Nirvana.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 4806/02/2012

Daniel Craig has smoked his entire life plus he has no body the face gets like that

by curiousnCulverCityreply 4906/02/2012

Daniel Craig just looks like a middle-aged Englishman who hasn't had a shitload of cosmetic surgery.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 5006/02/2012

AIDS was dropping actors like flies before 1995. HIV infection rates are still on the rise.

So it's not logical to believe there ain't a shitload of HIV+ actors that are hiding their disease.

It's just like in the old days, when women hid breast cancer to keep the public from knowing they had no breasts.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 5106/02/2012

I think just about any actor with HIV is hiding it. But the point of this thread is you can tell by the way they look, which, as I stated earlier, would be difficult given the cosmetic procedures available to hide lipoastrophy. If, for example, people stated that Travolta was a likely candidate, given his compulsive behavior, and the fact that the recent kid was rumoured to have been a baster baby made from banked sperm, then.. yeah, that would make more sense than so and so "looks" like it.

They only time I ever see actors with obvious facial wasting, they're usususally character actors playing ghouls or demons on Grimm or Supernatural.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 5206/02/2012

Why did Magic Johnson fake having AIDS?

I hate that.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 5306/02/2012

Lipoatrophy also results from diabetes treatment, and given the prevalence of diabetes there is probably a fair few actors suffering from that too.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 5406/02/2012

Kevin Spacey

by curiousnCulverCityreply 5506/02/2012

When did HIV positve actors (and crew members?) officially or unofficially become insurable for movie projects? Is there a specific date, law, or declaration that announced it?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 5706/02/2012

Michael had cancer.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 5806/02/2012

He did not have cancer in season one of Dexter. They filmed him in the wrong light and it seemed obvious that he had aids. Many forms of chemo cause water retention, not wasting.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 5906/02/2012

[quote]I am sure there are several celebs who are pod

Leave Katie Holmes out of this.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 7006/02/2012

Desmond Harrington

by curiousnCulverCityreply 7306/02/2012

I think this thread is disgusting.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 7406/02/2012

Are there any openly HIV+ actors?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 7706/02/2012


by curiousnCulverCityreply 7906/02/2012

I have wondered about Courtney except I think she is simply a very sad druggie. No one can stand her, not even her own kid.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 8006/02/2012

I doubt RDJ's prison pals were considerate enough to use protection.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 9106/02/2012

Isn't Michael C Hall in recovery from cancer?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 9406/02/2012

I just thought of an actor who is Oscar nominated, thought not a leading man, who has "AIDS face" AND is HIV positive, but it's not a secret.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 9906/03/2012


by curiousnCulverCityreply 10506/04/2012

Michael C. Hall suffers from Hodgkins which is closely related to having AIDS.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 10606/04/2012

That was two years ago and he took chemo and was cured. I was talking about film of him from the first two seasons of Dexter. I have said this two or three times. I wanted someone elses opinion. Do none of you watch Dexter?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 10806/05/2012

Are people still ashamed of being poz? I don't understand. It's like being ashamed of having prostate cancer or pancreatic cancer? Who would be ashamed of that?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 11006/05/2012

Damn...I don't know about you but I'm human, so I've made a lot of mistakes. Why don't you go shove your head in a toilet and then, flush, R111. Why don't we talk about your mistakes, stupid freak.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 11206/05/2012

McBongo just has hints of sun damage, it does not look like facial wasting to me.

You spend a summer in Ptown and you start to recognize the difference.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 11306/05/2012

R112 what a lot of vitriolic anger you have.

Of course we have all made mistakes. Most of us are ashamed of our mistakes. Poz people often have a lot of shame. What is so upsetting to you about stating facts. It's true and in fact counselors are specially trained to help deal with this.

If you need that type of help state what city you are in and I will try to find you someone to see, usually on a sliding scale.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 11406/05/2012

I think a lot of these guys just have 0 body fat. Daniel Craig for one..

by curiousnCulverCityreply 11506/05/2012

With 0 body fat one would be dead. He is more likely at about 6%.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 11606/05/2012

0% Body fat is ridiculous, unless you are staving to death. Do any of you freaks realize that our brain can not function well, without fat? I't's not simply no fat in their face, it's a change in their bonestructure.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 11706/05/2012


by curiousnCulverCityreply 11806/05/2012

R118 who is that?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 11906/06/2012

Yes, r118. Who is that in the linked photo?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 12006/06/2012


Jackie Earle Haley was the little boy who was the con artist who could hit home runs in the movie "The Bad News Bears."

I do not think he is ill in 'that way' at all.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 12306/06/2012

I beg your pardon but everyone already knows about Jackie Early...he has talked about it himself. What's the matter with you, r123? You big damn dummy.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 12506/06/2012

I didn't start the thread but sometimes I am curous. When I see an actor and his face makes me wonder...I can't help but want someone elses opinion.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 12906/08/2012

Jackie Earle Haley is HIV+?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 13006/08/2012

Nothing on Google about it...

by curiousnCulverCityreply 13206/09/2012

link to where Jackie Earle Haley has been open about having HIV?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 13506/11/2012

It doesn't look like anyone has mentioned Matt LeBlanc yet in this thread, though I've seen it written elsewhere on DL that he's HIV+.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 13606/11/2012

When he was doing interviews for Little Children, he was open about it. I can't find a link now. Anyone can clearly see the truth...apparently his people wanted it wiped off the web. I can't find an interview either. I'm sorry it bothers you but the truth is all over his face and it's 2012, so I don't see why the prejudice still exist.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 13706/11/2012

I don't care. I like gossip, but for many reasons the topic and content of this thread is deeply offensive to gay interests. Don't pretend like "Aren't we over this yet?" or "Eldergay alert" or "All's fair" cover it. Such defenses don't .

Stop it, please.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 13806/11/2012

Look, if you've decided that you want to be PR to the stars, fine but everyday people have to go out, show up at work and live their lives....all the time it's evident that they have aids. Stop acting like stars are above everyone else. Sometimes stars need to come out of the closet and show the world that there is nothong odd about gay. And sometimes they need to come out to the world about aids. It's just a disease and we need to stop making people feel like they have to cover it up. Too many people died, now we are living with it. That is something to celebrate.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 13906/11/2012

My question is, if Common has HIV...who was his mentor?

Could he have had an affair with Eazy-E?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 14006/17/2012

A list of contributors to this thread, excluding critics of the thread's subject matter and horrifying posters, who have gotten laid since 2006:

by curiousnCulverCityreply 14506/17/2012

Look if you can't tell Jackie Earle is, you are the one who is retarded. I'm not here to argue, I know Jackie talked about it because he was pretty much the first actor who I noticed who talked about it. Yeah I know he's married with kids but if they were born after '99, I doubt if they are really his.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 14606/17/2012

There is a company that has an ad...says it can wipe the net clean of any information about yourself, that you are not pleased with. That's all I know about it.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 14706/17/2012

r149, 'Mos has bee mainstreamed since it was used on Will & Grace for so many years.

You can chose not to use it but it's already part of the Gay Lexicon.

And, dear, you better get back to sorting laundry or your mom isn't be easy with the Cheetos when she comes down to check up on your 'chores'.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 15006/17/2012

I wonder about Kevin Spacey.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 15106/17/2012

I guess Willam Dafoe.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 15206/23/2012

I just want an opinion. MCH, dark picture on the left side of the page. Has anyone got an opinion?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 15406/26/2012

I'm sure RDJ does do what he can but when I see facial wasting and a certain change in a person's jaw line...I wonder. And don't tell me I have no reason to ask. I'm human and most of these guys are deep in the closet.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 15606/26/2012

I don't gt the whole HIV jawline thing. How does it look different than an aging, sagging jawline?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 15706/26/2012

If you've never seen a person who has been taking aids meds, for years, I guess you have been pretty lucky or you are very young, or simply ignorant?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 15806/27/2012

I have known several people who are on a HIV regimen. In regards to your HIV neck statement, color me ignorant. I have never noticed anything different, or maybe it just didn't matter to me.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 15906/27/2012

I wonder about Jesse Jackson Jr. who is on vacation for "exhaustion." Doesn't that probably mean pneuonia? His face has had some recent wasting.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 16206/27/2012 usually means, rehap.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 16306/27/2012

I meant rehab.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 16406/27/2012


by curiousnCulverCityreply 16506/27/2012

I didn't say anything about a persons face. I am refering to facial wasting and a slight change in the bone structure of the face and jawline. My point is, it seems to be a managable disease. Perhaps even more managable then diabeties. Why do people still feel like they have to hide it in 2012? I thought we had come further then that?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 16606/27/2012

So finnaly we discover what DL's sacred cow is...

by curiousnCulverCityreply 16706/28/2012

"Protease face is pretty identifiable."

Yes it is. I didn't start this thread but I mentioned some guys who I thought were fighting aids and I believe RDJ is taking protease inhibitors but for the most agreement?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 16806/28/2012

[quote]"Protease face is pretty identifiable."


Mick Jager has it and he's not HIV+ and Magic Johnson does not and he is HIV+

by curiousnCulverCityreply 16906/29/2012

R169, I wish you were right. I'm sure every guy who is on the cocktail can't be spotted in a crowd...perhaps only the ones who already had full blown aids have aids face? But when you are looking at it, you know. No one has to tell me, no one has to mention it, it's just right there in front of you and you know.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 17007/01/2012

[quote]Why do people still feel like they have to hide it in 2012? I thought we had come further then that?

This forum proves otherwise. Hell, DL as a whole is quite phobic of HIV/ AIDS. As if it was ever just about the physical experience of the disease. Have a read of Poe's 'Masque of The Red Death' and you might get it.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 17107/01/2012

[quote] I'm not quite sure why it's still considered provocative to want to distance yourself from people who are POZ.

It isn't. Just bigoted and ignorant. Ask my boyfriend, he's experienced that shit plenty. We have safer sex and after all these years I'm still HIV-. Idiots like you usually think that people you fuck couldn't possibly be HIV+, but they can probably tell in an instant what a retarded bigot you are.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 17307/01/2012


by curiousnCulverCityreply 17407/01/2012

Christian Bale apparently.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 17507/26/2012


by curiousnCulverCityreply 17710/26/2012

Colton Haynes

by curiousnCulverCityreply 18210/27/2012

R183 = Male actor who secretly has HIV+

I wonder how many times his name has been mentioned in this thread...

by curiousnCulverCityreply 18410/27/2012

Daniel Craig looks haggard for his age, he looks much older...

by curiousnCulverCityreply 18510/27/2012

Link to Bale pics below. Maybe he was just really tired? His wife looks fresh as a daisy next to him.

r180 more deets please about Bale and dungeons/doms/drugs.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 18610/27/2012


by curiousnCulverCityreply 18710/27/2012

Guy Pearce

Michael Stipe

by curiousnCulverCityreply 18810/27/2012

Hugo Weaving in Cloud Atlas.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 18910/27/2012

This is a horrible piece of speculation.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 19010/27/2012

Absolutely, r190!

by curiousnCulverCityreply 19110/27/2012

I think Bale's face is just starting to sag from age.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 19210/27/2012

What is horrible about it? Did I call some innocent a Republican? I don't think so.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 19310/27/2012

[quote] what a retarded bigot you are

R173 - So it's not okay to avoid contact with someone who is HIV+, but it's okay to use the term 'retarded' as abuse?!?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 19410/27/2012

Why are people always telling us we can't be curious or sympathetic? It's a disease that fortunately seems to be managable and we can all be thankful that these actors and the rest of us have the benefit of the drugs that keep us alive. Why does it have to be such a secret? It's not 1985 anymore.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 19510/28/2012

Matthew Mc...whateva

by curiousnCulverCityreply 19701/19/2013

Lance Armstrong? He has what you're talking about going on with his face?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 19801/19/2013

Downey gives his wife the finger at 25:14

by curiousnCulverCityreply 19903/05/2013

I'm guessing Michael C. Hall, RDJ, all those guys from Priscilla Queen of The Desert.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 20003/05/2013

R21 is an idiot. A person's life or career is not over because of HIV...come into the 21st century.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 20103/05/2013

C. Thomas Hall looks extremely old for his age....too much sun or hard drugs?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 20203/05/2013

I haven't seen him in a while.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 20303/06/2013

This thread reminds me of that Tom Waits song, "What's He Building in There?". A creepy song about a creepy neighbour.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 20403/06/2013

You sound like the creep, to me.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 20505/10/2013

Not an actor, but Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 20605/10/2013

Anthony shot heroin for years.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 20805/10/2013

Dumb question probably BUT:

Why does HIV affect people's faces? How can you tell that they just aren't getting older?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 20905/10/2013

Similar question to 209 - if for example you carry HIV virus but take the cocktail early on, have zero detectability, etc. how is that going to affect your face? Is it the medication?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 21105/10/2013

McConaughey lost a ton of weight for a film role, hence the sunken face.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 21205/10/2013

John Glover

John Glover

John Glover

I mean, really. The man's face is so wasted it looks like it will collapse in on itself.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 21305/10/2013

Colton Haynes

by curiousnCulverCityreply 21405/10/2013

I know lots of guys with that lean facial look. It usually just means they're getting older and have low body fat. Fillers can make it go away if you want so its no real indication of illness or otherwise. For those who say they've noticed a change in bone structure - how would that work, exactly? As I understand it your bones don't change unless you have osteoporosis or bone cancer, not through muscle wastage.

I was seated near Daniel Craig a few years ago and he didn't look ill in any way. Slim, muscular, defined, very little body fat, and very healthy looking. Good skin and hair. Nice to the staff too. His wife was there and she is absolutely stunning.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 21505/10/2013

The most obvious one of all if not so secret is George Michael if you open it up to all celebrities and famous people, since he is indeed A list.

GM refused to be tested because he didn't want to know. And obviously there was the recent acute hospitalization. I have no idea how he could sing after that and am glad I got a refund.

Michael Stipe has long looked this way going back to R.E.M.'s early 90s heyday. Nicky Wire of the Manic Street Preachers even said "I hope he goes the same way as Freddie". There were also side by sides taken at the time of Stipe looking like Tom Hanks's Philadelphia character.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 21605/10/2013

Rupert Everett -- that plastic surgery is part of the cover

by curiousnCulverCityreply 21705/10/2013

In the past it's been the medication that causes the facial wasting and change in the bone structure.

I would say, Michael Stipe, RDJ, Guy Pearce and Michael C. Hall. I don't think I'm wrong about those actors but there are a few others and I don't know how they escaped HIV.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 21805/10/2013

[quote]I know lots of guys with that lean facial look. It usually just means they're getting older and have low body fat.

Yes.. although lipoathrophy is something else and you can spot it.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 21905/10/2013

^ Picture used to represent the unattractive "your face or your ass" look when you stay thin and have little body fat as you get older. Not saying Madonna is a man or has HIV or anything.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 22005/10/2013

I think Madonna really had some kind of a mental breakdown when Guy Ritchie left her. Ever since then she just seems desperate to prove she is still young and attractive.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 22205/10/2013

I would not bb with Michael Stipe or Rupert Everett.

I survived the 1980's by not having sex with anyone who looked remotely ill - but I do not think that you could bet on that today.

Most of the actor's mentioned are aging or showing signs of extreme dieting.

Chis Christie is going to have facial wasting now that he has his stomach band. I haven't seen anyone who has had that operation and looked healthy afterwards.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 22305/10/2013

Ummm...didn't have sex with anyone who "looked" sick? I guess that worked for you but it didn't work for most.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 22405/10/2013

Michael Stipe is so weird anyway. I think in the 90's he purposely was trying to look awful in order to make some kind of ironic arty statement. He even would wear a small purple bandaid on his skinny bald head, from a distance it looked like a KS lesion. He was just trying to get into people's heads.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 22505/10/2013

R226 Dude, I was 18 and it worked. I am still here, 50 and healthy.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 22705/10/2013

Didn't Madonna sleep with Basquiat?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 22805/10/2013

why wouldn't these guys get facial filler?there are places in nyc that specialize in filler for HIV facial wasting.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 22905/11/2013

Actors can and do but it can't change the bone structure and if they are filmed at the wrong angle and lighting, it becomes really obvious.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 23005/11/2013

[quote]Didn't Madonna sleep with Basquiat?

The better question is who didn't she sleep with.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 23105/11/2013

I don't know anything about Madonna except in bed...I'm sure she likes to be submission. In all other things, she seems to be obnoxiously aggressive.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 23205/12/2013

R32 that was a rumor, and Stipe himself says he's not HIV+.

If you want to see someone who was HIV+ and who died of AIDS look at Steve Jobs.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 23308/31/2013

R137 how did he become HIV+? Sex with an HIV+ woman, sex with an HIV+ man, a blood transfusion, or IV drugs?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 23408/31/2013

Not everyone that's HIV+ and on meds or not on meds has the facial wasting.

I know people who are HIV+ and one person who had a low T-Cell count before they got on meds that you wouldn't be able to tell were HIV+ unless they told you.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 23508/31/2013

Kirk Douglas?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 23709/01/2013

Steve Jobs was HIV+ and died of AIDS but he thought his money made him invincible and could easily afford the very expensive meds but refused to take them.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 23809/02/2013

What? I don't think aids meds are expensive, if they are, you can get help.

All reports are that Jobs died of pancreatic cancer but he was one of those rare people who might have had a chance to beat it, but he refused to follow doctors advice and went with holistic medicine instead.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 23909/10/2013

Please do not take the advice of [227] he got lucky. It had nothing to do with assessing status by someone's looks. I am also 50 and negative. I played safe and still feel a lot of it was luck.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 24009/10/2013

R239 yes HIV meds are expensive but if you're Steve Jobs or Magic Johnson their high price is not an issue.

Jobs was HIV+ and he and Apple claimed it was "cancer" but it was really AIDS since he refused to take any medications for it and died of AIDS.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 24109/11/2013

There are so many different things wrong with this thread. If DL had a decent webmaster would have been deleted long ago. Says much about DL.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 24209/11/2013

It's always threads like these that show how many "gal pals" and "hags" we have polluting this board. Gays understand why this thread is worth discussing, is interesting, and is even a little funny. God damn, even the more dour face dog walking lesbian knows this. But our fattie friends just can't help themselves from "defending their gays." Dull.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 24309/11/2013

No, Madonna's face matches her arms and legs.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 24409/11/2013

I agree r243

by curiousnCulverCityreply 24509/11/2013

So we decided, Daniel Craig, Hugo Weaving, Michael C. Hall, Guy Pierce, Charlie Sheen and who else?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 24610/08/2013

You're a fucking idiot r247. AIDS killed my uncle.

Go fuck yourself, asshole.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 24810/08/2013

Was that before or after his liver transplant in Tennessee, r238?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 24910/08/2013

Anderson Cooper has a std iv heard from a person that work's in a perfessional building he's been in the past.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 25112/11/2013


Tom Cruise

R Kelly


Anderson Cooper

by curiousnCulverCityreply 25212/11/2013

Surprised nobody mentioned David Hyde Pierce. Not ssying he is, but he seems gaunt sometimes

by curiousnCulverCityreply 25312/11/2013

Whats up with Jake G?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 25412/11/2013

JCVD. Saw him about 4-5 years ago in the BH Rite Aid in line at the Pharmacy. His hair and face were both gray, and his face...yikes. In that Volvo commercial, he has a crapload of makeup on.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 25512/11/2013

This thread has 255 replies?! What's been the main thrust? Is it mainly posters asserting that celebrities they don't like have HIV, or is it posters who have HIV themselves and need a celebrity idol to be in the same boat, so to speak?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 25612/11/2013

r255, that rumour has been around a while, discussed here (and elsewhere) in one or more of the older, great gossip threads.

I still think RDJ.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 25712/11/2013

The bottom line, people, is that you can't tell by looking no matter how experienced you think you are.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 25812/12/2013

Not really an actor, but RuPaul.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 25912/12/2013


by curiousnCulverCityreply 26001/03/2014

I saw RuPaul on the subway last year out of drag. I recognized him immediately. The face was very gaunt. I hope he's not ill.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 26101/03/2014

r109 types poz.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 26201/03/2014

RuPaul but he's sort of out about being poz, and Robert Downey Jr. alluded to it but he either was infected via sharing IVs or sex with men.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 26403/06/2014

Do you have a link to the Grindr pics R263? I did a search and just found his male fiance/husband and he, or is that the pic you are writing about?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 26503/06/2014

R266, that's just a bold faced lie. Rupaul is not poz nor has never said he was. He's an ectomorph, but not poz. You can't just make up anything to seem "in the know."

by curiousnCulverCityreply 26603/07/2014

I only recently saw The Time Machine with Guy Pearce. The movie is 10-15 y/o, but he looks completely physically emaciated & facially gaunt in it. I immediately thought he might not only have been poz in it, but full blown AIDS. He looked that sickly.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 26703/07/2014

RuPaul is clearly poz. If you see him without the special lighting, its very clear. That or he has facial wasting from meth, which I think is not as likely.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 26803/07/2014

Ethan Hawke looks so gaunt to me now that I can't stand to look at him dead on.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 26903/07/2014

Ru wrote in his memoir about becoming HIV+ in the 80s.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 27003/07/2014

Ru has never disclosed his HIV status. R270: I believe Ru had fillers to deal with his lipoatrophy.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 27103/07/2014

Ru is not poz. If anything, he is a prude, which he readily admits to.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 27203/07/2014

R241, Steve Jobs did NOT die of AIDS.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 27303/07/2014

Serious question. I was talking to this HIV+ guy who wants to have sex with me. Also, he wants me to bareback with him. He is an attractive dude but his slutty behavior still continues as he travels all over fucking numerous partners.

Anyhoo, after I told him no I would fuck you raw because I don't want to risk infection. He told me that, because of his medication use, his viral load has become undetectable. So, the possibility of my getting infected is near impossible. I have also seen someone make such a post on a social media site.

Is this true? Is this why I see these poz actors doing bareback porn because the medication is so good at suppressing the virus that transmission is very low?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 27403/07/2014

Undetectable is the new negative.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 27503/07/2014

R276, did you see the huge front page article about this on the cover of The New York Times? Or did you catch the CNN Special about it with the deliriously happy head of GMHC telling Anderson Cooper now that our mission is fulfilled, we can go out of business and use our resources for other things?

Well your answer to those questions should also answer your "Is this true" question.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 27603/07/2014

To R272: I actually read the pamphlet that was RuPaul's memoir. There was absolutely NO MENTION of him having HIV. In fact, his attutude toward sex is rather, as stared here, prudish. The man does look sickly these days, but I'd guess that it's the result of no dairy, no sugar, and no gleutin in his diet.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 27703/08/2014

r276 Technically, yes. But...and it's a big but.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 27803/08/2014

no 278, I do not live in the US, so the New York Times is not part of my media diet and the same for the US version of CNN. I don't know if you're being a catty bitch but I would think the DL, being a gay site and all, would answer these questions from an inquiring mind. Sure I can do the research online but sometimes it is like talking to a friend on this site in terms of being informed and given advice. Is there something wrong with that?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 28003/08/2014

R276 even though that guy you wrote about is already poz or HIV+ he can still get re-infected with the strain of HIV he has, infect other people who he fucks raw with new strains, or get infected with another strain of HIV or another STD.

Despite the way many poz men seem to think they're invincible and can bareback this is not true and barebacking messes up their medication regiment or how well it works and whoever else who they fuck who is on meds.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 28103/08/2014

Yes Steve Jobs did die of AIDS.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 28203/08/2014

r283 You may want to learn about how some things work before you go spouting off opinions.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 28303/08/2014

This thread is offensive.

It isn't gossip, it's just base, pathetic speculation.

I know - I can stay off it and I will stay off it - but I just wanted to point out, since you can't tell for yourselves - this topic and sustaining it are low and participating in it means you're either not very nice or not very smart or both.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 28403/08/2014

Channing Tatum!!!

by curiousnCulverCityreply 28505/16/2014

Bryan Singer maybe?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 28605/16/2014

Sorry, but Neil Patrick Harris looks sickly.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 28805/16/2014

Downey and Cruise aren't sick. They're old and their attempts to look young are making matters worse.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 28905/16/2014

I saw photographs of Heath Ledger in the months before he died, and he had lost a lot of weight, and looked unwell. I'm talking about maybe 6 months or so before he OD'd. He was promiscuous and he dabbled in drugs so the causative elements were there. He also had a bunch of tattoos.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 29005/16/2014

What about Taylor Lautner?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 29105/16/2014

Michael Alig

Macaulay Culkin

Henry Rollins

Rupert Everett

by curiousnCulverCityreply 29205/16/2014

Any Holywood starlet twink who got fucked by Bryan Singer's posse, partticularly by Wayne Castro.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 29305/16/2014

Tom Daley?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 29405/16/2014

Right, Tom and Downey and Madonna are asymptomatic. Also the U2 guy, multiple musicians. Sadly it's been around for decades but also treatable for decades.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 29505/17/2014

I agree that NPH looks deathly ill, and I know he lost weight for a role. He looks DEATHLY ill. A straight male actor(see Tom Hanks) can afford to that sort of role realism. No gay male actor who hopes to be cast can afford to look like he is a month away from the room temperature. So I don't buy it.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 29605/17/2014

Dr. Dre

Arsenio Hall

by curiousnCulverCityreply 29705/17/2014

Absofuckinloutely Arsenio. Dre? Maybe. Wouldn't doubt it. But he's a BILLIONAIRE!!!!!

by curiousnCulverCityreply 29805/17/2014

Interesting that there's actually someone out there who considers Michael Alig a male actor.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 29905/18/2014

When RuPaul was on Project Runway he looked very gaunt and somewhat decayed, though it could have been other ailments (eating disorder, diets, drugs). He's filled up in the right places now, though can barely move his mouth (botox overdrive?)

by curiousnCulverCityreply 30005/18/2014

John Travolta, definitely.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 30205/18/2014

RP on PR

by curiousnCulverCityreply 30305/18/2014

R301: Michael Alig did a pretty good acting job.

He conned quite a few ppl out of alot of $$ & brutally murdered a friend & got out of jail, free & clear, only 17 yrs later (he should have been executed IMO).

That's pretty good acting.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 30405/18/2014

Chad Michael Murray had sex with Paris Hilton right? So he must have..

by curiousnCulverCityreply 30505/18/2014

Bea Arthur

by curiousnCulverCityreply 30605/18/2014

Jean Claude Van Damme

by curiousnCulverCityreply 30708/17/2014

Charlie Sheen.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 30808/17/2014


by curiousnCulverCityreply 30911/11/2014

Oh surely not Neil.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 31011/11/2014

Nobody mentioned Sean Penn

by curiousnCulverCityreply 31103/14/2015

r308 called it

by curiousnCulverCityreply 31211/16/2015

Don't know if Hollywood would have given RDJ a second chance if he were HIV+.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 31311/16/2015

Bump for Jon Stewart ?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 31405/10/2016

Obama for sure, major decline in 8 years. Only former President Carter looked worse between the start and end of his presidency and he had a lot more to blame, like Iran and the recession.

Burt Reynolds, TMJ my ass, it was HIV that's why Loni Anderson's breakup was so rough. They were BFF till she got it from him.

Neil Patrick Harris and his husband.

And the list of black actors/singers is too long to begin with

by curiousnCulverCityreply 31505/10/2016

I haven't read the whole thread so I don't know if people have mentioned actor Jason Lewis. He didn't look to healthy the last time I saw him

by curiousnCulverCityreply 31605/10/2016


by curiousnCulverCityreply 31705/10/2016

Dana Carvey

by curiousnCulverCityreply 31805/10/2016

R308 knew Charlie Sheen was pos in 2014! Wow.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 31905/10/2016

R304, Alig's whole defense was in essence, "Oops, I didn't mean it, I was stoned on drugs," but I'm guessing that almost all heinous crimes are committed while the perp was under the influence of either drugs or alcohol, so how is he special?

How he got away with it is mind boggling.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 32005/10/2016

Not an actor (unless living a lie counts as acting) but.....Dennis Hastert

by curiousnCulverCityreply 32105/10/2016

Zachary Quinto for sure. Colton most likely.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 32205/10/2016

Tituss Burgess

by curiousnCulverCityreply 32305/10/2016

Has anybody googled recent Richard Greico pics? Not looking very well. Totally on the meds. It's pretty obvious.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 32405/11/2016

Did you all know that Medicare now pay for facial filler for patients that are HIV poz? Now everyone can look negative! Don't be fooled, boys.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 32505/11/2016

R319, many knew Charlie was HIV poz years ago. It had already hit several gossip sites and all of his little friends that were partying with him at his house knew too. Word got around L.A. real fast. I wouldn't be surprised if Charlie started this thread himself.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 32605/11/2016

Was astounded to see Jon Stewarts pic the other day. Total poz face.


Guy Pearce

Sean Penn

Rupert Everett

Anderson Cooper

by curiousnCulverCityreply 32705/11/2016

[quote]Richard Greico pics? Not looking very well

I think it's bad plastic surgery. He looks less Poz Face and more like every other female celebrity with bad cosmetic surgery

Patrick Swayze died of AIDS and covered it up.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 32805/11/2016

I am going to guess Harry Hamlin. His transformation from a decade ago is scary.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 32905/11/2016

Harry Hamlin is just old and skinny. No closeted gay guy would deal with Lisa all these years.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 33005/12/2016

Not an actor, but Dan Abrams looks terrible.

by curiousnCulverCityreply 33105/12/2016

I Think Steven Tyler, Mick Jager, Bon Jovi, Madonna, Sean Penn just to name a few

by curiousnCulverCityreply 33205/19/2016

Does Guy Pearce have Poz face or is he just manorexic?

by curiousnCulverCityreply 33305/20/2016
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