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Who Had The Biggest Prick In Hollywood?

Gary Cooper was called the "Montana Mule" for a reason. Milton Berle supposedly had 10 inches. Who are some other actors you have heard were hung huge?

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 17605/20/2017


THAT takes me back!

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 205/31/2012

Milton Berle. Unfortunately, it was attached to the rest of him.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 405/31/2012

Frank Sinatra. Lana Turner warned Ava Gardner that "there isn't a woman in Hollywood who hasn't cried on his cock." Gardner herself one quipped that Frank may have been all of 120 pounds, but "there's ten pounds of Frank and 110 pounds of cock!"

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 505/31/2012

Liam Neeson.

Helen Mirren "discovered" him in Ireland on the set of "Excalibur" and brought her with him to London - they lived together for 5 years.

Helen was in LA shooting "White Nights" and brought Liam along. He was at a party at Sue Mengers' house - got out of the pool in a skimpy bathing suit and Barbra Streisand, poolside, said to Sue: "I MUST HAVE THAT!"

Liam stayed in LA and started getting small parts (as opposed to his LARGE part), as well as sleeping with lots of women, Barbra first of all. Helen went back to London and eventually, she married Taylor Hackford, director of "White Nights". Just before he became a star in "Schindler's List", Liam did "Anna Christie" onstage in New York opposite Natasha Richardson and they fell in love.

But in his early years, Liam was known for his cock, not for his acting.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 705/31/2012

Liam Neeson is supposed to be huge... Tim Matheson from Animal House is gigantic.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 805/31/2012

I'm shocked. I would have thought that Babula fucked Laim with a strapon.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 905/31/2012

Roddy Mcdowall was apparently astonishing in that regard. Astonishing, in part, because he was otherwise so utterly lacking in sex appeal.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 1005/31/2012

Helen Mirren is a lucky bitch.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 1105/31/2012

Liam was delicious looking, luscious bear of a man at one time. He's older, but still looks good. Thighs like tree trunks too.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 1205/31/2012

Mrs. Forrest Tucker did a cameo on the I Love Lucy ep with the Don Loper fashion show. Lucy had trouble walking the runway because of her sun burn. If you look closely at Mrs. Tucker as she's on the catwalk, she had trouble walking too, but for an entirely different reason.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 1305/31/2012

[quote]He was at a party at Sue Mengers' house - got out of the pool in a skimpy bathing suit and Barbra Streisand, poolside, said to Sue: "I MUST HAVE THAT!"

No wonder at about that time she also said, "I feel like a faggot!"

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 1405/31/2012

I can't stand Helen Mirren OR beets.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 1505/31/2012

Porfirio Rubirosa, dahlink.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 1605/31/2012

eldergay thread

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 1705/31/2012

I disagree about Roddys' sex appeal, but different strokes...(if you likeum young, check out Roddy in "Lassie Come Home" - pretty sweet stuff.)

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 1805/31/2012

[R15]: thanks for sharing, WEIRDO!

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 1905/31/2012

Quit calling her "Babula," you anti-semitic freak.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 2005/31/2012


by sizequeeninSeattlereply 2105/31/2012

Beatrice Arthur. I thought everyone knew that by this time.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 2205/31/2012

Liam Neeson's COCK.

From 'City of Darkness' (UK TV Movie).

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 2305/31/2012

Y&R's Doug Davidson

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 2405/31/2012

[quote]Milton Berle. Unfortunately, it was attached to the rest of him.

I think it's called Miller's Pub on Wabash in Chicago, but it's one of those old fashioned places where the walls are lined with long forgotten celebrities who once ate there.

Anyway, if you're ever there look for Milton Berle's photo where he's standing by the bar. It looks like he has a quart bottle of Scotch hidden in his pant leg.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 2505/31/2012

Jack Cassidy

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 2605/31/2012

Sorry Noel, it was COLE PORTER who Jack forced to CRAWL across the room (Cole was a double amputee) to suck his cock, not you.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 2705/31/2012

James Woods

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 2805/31/2012

Ed Begley Jr. supposedly is huge

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 2905/31/2012

Judging by that link Neeson must be a grower.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 3005/31/2012

That's still a bigger than average flaccid cock.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 3105/31/2012

John Amos

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 3205/31/2012

Lou Grant, oh my.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 3305/31/2012

Had or has, OP?

Right now, Michael Bay.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 3405/31/2012

John Ireland - wonder if Joan Crawford got it when they did Queen Bee or some other movie they were in?

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 3505/31/2012

David Cassidy has 12"

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 3605/31/2012

R27 Bitch

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 3706/01/2012

R35, you are correct! My mother used to have a friend who was a costume designer in Hollywood. She told my mother that women in the Hollywood crowd wanted to have sex with John because of his size.John Ireland was a major womanizer for this reason.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 3806/01/2012

Sammy Davis Jr, but I guess that's to be expected against his impossibly tiny frame.

James Woods, but how gross was/is he?

Tony Randall (yes!)

Fernando Lamas.

BTW, Liam was outside in that pic above, maybe it was cold. A more revealing glimpse came in a movie he did with Laura San Giacamo that had him running around naked. He looked pretty large and in charge in that one!

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 3906/01/2012

A "prick" is never large. The term denotes something stubby.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 4006/01/2012

Prick? What a weird word choice. I haven't heard of half of the guys being mentioned.

Probably not the biggest but Jason Behr has a 9.5 incher. Anyone remember him? Probably not.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 4106/01/2012

Well, hell. If Liam Neeson is so impressive judging from that photo, then I hominate the late Heath Ledger. I once saw a nude photo of him jumping off a cliff into a lake and he was impressive.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 4206/01/2012

Ireland and Crawford did, indeed, have a torrid affair during the making of Queen Bee. Fucked all night long. Betsy Palmer DISCUSSES it on the commentary for the DVD. She says that they had to shut down a day's filming on several occasions whenever Ireland and Crawford would not show up on set and would call in sick after a night of "boozing and balling."

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 4306/01/2012

rex smith

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 4406/01/2012

Katie Holmes

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 4506/01/2012

Maureen O'Conner poster a rumor on Gawker yesterday that Milo Ventimiglia was huge.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 4606/01/2012

Howard Keel

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 4706/01/2012

Among the younger set, Benjamin Salisbury (the kid from the Nanny) is said to have 10+ inches that he calls the "Salisbury Stake".

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 4806/01/2012

Forrest Tucker got his start as one of George Cukor's pool boys; he was hired to simply swim nude during the course of Cukor's parties. The nickname of his penis was 'Sarge' and he would entertain friends by putting golf balls with his cock. Ken Berry, a co-star of Tuckers on 'F Troop' also talked about Forrest's penis on a TV Land interview.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 4906/01/2012

I read that Roz Russell had such a hard time walking during her onscreen Auntie Mame scenes with Tucker that they almost had to write an explanatory disability into the script.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 5006/01/2012

And notice that Roz is never sitting down that entire movie. Sure she will dip down to sit in the chair, but she leaps back to her feet. Her poor stretched pudenda was just too sore to sit on.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 5106/01/2012

Howard Keel WAS a prick, he didn't have a big one.

And Roz did not sleep with Forrest Tucker.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 5206/01/2012

How has nobody mentioned the aptly named Steve Cochran yet?

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 5306/01/2012

Elias Koteas!

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 5406/01/2012

Charlie Chaplin had a massive schlong.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 5506/01/2012

Chuck Connors

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 5606/01/2012

I heard Billy Zane.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 5706/01/2012

Jason Priestley is known for having a third leg

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 5806/01/2012

CHarlie Chaplin was legendary.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 5906/01/2012

Victoria Beckham always looks like a big prick.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 6006/01/2012

I'll bet Bieber is packing some heat

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 6106/01/2012

Jon Hamm looks like he may be a contender

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 6206/04/2012

Jared Leto.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 6306/04/2012

Fred MacMurray.

Victor Mature.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 6406/04/2012

Thanks for big-upping my thread, R62!

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 6506/04/2012

Tommy Lee Jones (no, not the singer Tommy Lee) is reportedly big.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 6606/04/2012

[quote]Ken Berry, a co-star of Tuckers on 'F Troop' also talked about Forrest's penis on a TV Land interview.

I thought TV Land was G-rated?

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 6706/04/2012

Ryan Phillippe is supposedly hung like a mule.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 6806/04/2012


Hung like a d-a-w-g ....

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 6906/05/2012

Not strictly Hollywood, but all the guys in the Red Hot Chili Peppers are supposed to be 12".

Michael Bay is definitely the winner here. A few porn stars claimed in interviews he was even bigger than 12-and had girth.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 7006/06/2012

Jared Leto has a HUGE cock according to a porn star who did lap dances for him and his brother .

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 7106/06/2012

[quote]Not strictly Hollywood, but all the guys in the Red Hot Chili Peppers are supposed to be 12".

Not Flea...

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 7206/06/2012

Chad Smith does have some nice balls, though.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 7306/06/2012

Leto is huge and nasty in bed--per groupie fan sites.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 7406/06/2012

Willem Dafoe.

Creepy, but huge.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 7506/06/2012

More about Jared Leto please....

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 7606/06/2012

Rex Reed in Myron Breckenridge

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 7706/06/2012

Can't tell anything from flaccid or bulges. I've yet to see a bulge shot posted here that is outside of the 3-4 inch normal range for flaccid.

As far as the names who have been seen flaccid or even erect, some are quite large but nowhere close to 12" let alone double digits.

Judging from their flaccids guys like Neeson or Fassbender could be 6-7 erect or they could be 8. Who knows? There's nothing that screams out that they have a footlong. I could go take a flaccid pic that looks similar to those guys but I am nowhere close to 10 inches. It's also funny to watch guys in porn who might be my size at most and people think they have a foot. Most guys in porn are around 7 inches, 8 at the most. Guys with a real 9 or so get to play the part of the footlong dong. I've always known women couldn't measure, but I'm surprised how many gay men have the same quality.

As an example, Tommy Lee was mentioned. He is big, but if you watch him in his video when he's walking around the kitchen you can see a straight on shot from the side with other objects as good size references. He is under 8 inches and his girth is slightly above average. of course it looks huge when the camera zooms on a tiny woman with small hands and it's attached to a super skinny guy who is bald.

Outside of that all we have are anecdotes and some impressive flaccid and semi-flaccid fluffed penises, mostly attached to skinny men. Yeah, a 5 inch flaccid is above average, but if a 3-4 inch flaccid guy has a 5-6 inch erection, it's a huge leap to think a guy with an inch or 2 more hanging is going grow to double his size.

As far as bulges go, many of them show a package but no distinct hanging penis- could be all balls. Others, well, if you are an average guy who freeballs and/or dresses to one side, and you pull your pants up like an adult, you are going to have a bulge. It's almost impossible not to, unless you harness your package in place in the middle and have a custom tailored extra-roomy gusset.

many people have shared stories about seeing Milton Berle's and everyone has been impressed. It was even mentioned in one of the SNL books- he took it out and slapped it down on the table in his dressing room. I would probably go with him. As far as seeing a bulge that was actually impressive and not 3 inches hanging to one side, John Ireland shows clear hanging dick in some of his acting appearances.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 7806/06/2012

Is that creep Flea, is he gay?

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 7906/06/2012

I did a college term paper on this.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 8006/07/2012

R79, when one is insulting someone, it is preferable not to demonstrate that one is illiterate.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 8106/07/2012

frat brother i college was an olympics trials level diver. In his speedo he looked average but it grew to almost eleven inches once out and in play. Another bud was absolutely huge flacid. He was a swimmer and had to use two speedos to make it look half decent for meets. Hard he was enormous- . So theres three categories- grower, shower or both

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 8206/07/2012

John Ireland. Always wondered why Judy Garland plucked him out of career obscurity to do her "Letter" album.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 8306/07/2012

This sounds like a joke, but I've heard from people who would know that Andrew Keenan-Bolger is huge. And his tiny body only increases the effect.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 8406/07/2012

Thank you, Andrew, for that shameless plug, but the thread is about Hollywood.When you get there, we'll talk.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 8506/07/2012

OP, "mule" could also mean stoooopid and stubborn.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 8606/07/2012

Some stuff from John Ireland's biography. Joan was a trip!

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 8706/07/2012

There used to be a great list/web site for this.

There was the famous Dana Delany quote where she said that W. Dafoe, James Woods and Liam Neeson were all mega well hung. Dafoe and Neeson have been said to be around 10 while Woods is literally a foot long.

David Letterman is also supposed to be in the 10+ club. He's ick now but he was kinda hot back in the day.

Of the younger crowd, Leto and Jason Priestly are repeatedly mentioned, though with Priestly I think it's the Chad Hunt syndrome…on someone who's 5 ft 5, 8 inches looks like 10.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 8806/07/2012

Can't read the whole thread. Don't know if it's been mentioned but I've seen Milo Ventimiglia.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 8906/07/2012

Speaking of Heroes actors, Adrian Pasdar is supposed to be huge, too.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 9006/07/2012

R58/88, I know someone who did costuming work on a Jason Priestly project in the 90's and said he was huge.

Bruce Willis is also one he mentioned as very large.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 9106/07/2012

Sean Young said that if Willem Dafoe, Liam Neeson and James Woods were all in the same room and unzipped, there wouldn't be room for anyone else.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 9206/07/2012

Right quote, R92, but that was Dana Delany, not Sean Young. See R88.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 9306/07/2012

[quote]Of the younger crowd, Leto and Jason Priestly are repeatedly mentioned, though with Priestly I think it's the Chad Hunt syndrome…on someone who's 5 ft 5, 8 inches looks like 10.

If you ever watched BH 90210, you'd know that the sausage stuffed in those tight jeans is pretty big. He was always stuffed down one leg or the other.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 9406/07/2012

Except r88 is the one who's wrong.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 9506/07/2012

John Ireland, remembering his first sexy time with the refined, sophisticated Joan Crawford:

"Everything she had was real. There were no scars, and shortly there would be no mysteries. I explored them all. “My God,” she said, “My God, with what you’ve got, you don’t have to do that. But… that’s it… right there… don’t stop. Fuck, baby, don’t stop.”

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 9606/07/2012

I'm disappointed by Joan's potty mouth. You know Loretta Young's pillow talk wouldn't be so common.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 9706/07/2012

R95 - NO. It's on about 30000000 websites. Google is your friend.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 9806/07/2012

[quote] If you ever watched BH 90210, you'd know that the sausage stuffed in those tight jeans is pretty big. He was always stuffed down one leg or the other.

I agree he's big. But I think dick size is sometimes harder to gauge on a shorter man. The magazines tried to sell Chad Hunt as 12 and he's a solid 8ish that's very thick.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 9906/07/2012

r76, there was a groupie site that had a message board about being in the life, and which stars were assholes, what they were into, size, etc.

Leto was talked about as huge-10+", and a choker. He was bi, but was into younger groupies he would choke and toss around during sex.

IIRC, it wasn't anything extreme, but because he fucked younger groupies and fans, they were a bit freaked out by it.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 10006/07/2012


by sizequeeninSeattlereply 10106/08/2012

Huey Lewis, John Mayer, Don Johnson and Parker Stevenson are all known for their "stuff". So are Liam Neeson and Willem Dafoe. In old Hollywood, Victor Mature was legendary.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 10210/03/2012

Read that George Raft was in that select group. Also, that Bill Maher is very big.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 10310/03/2012

Ward Cleaver - Hugh Beaumont - was said to be huge.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 10410/04/2012

Alan Rickman it has been said. Some photos appear to reveal a generous package.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 10510/04/2012

10 inches?

I know that's certainly "big" by any standards (I'd love to have it), but the "biggest" cock in Hollywood over the years being "just" 10 inches seems a little low. Plus, what about thickness as part of the equation?

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 10610/04/2012

Andrew Prine

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 10710/04/2012

Rosie ... just ask Oprah.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 10810/12/2012

But John Mayer would rather bottom.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 10910/31/2012

Rory Calhoun and Victor Mature.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 11011/12/2012

the guy who sang lightning strikes from the sixties, lou christie has a big schlong, ive seen it many times. same gym , years ago. check out youtube , what a basket. bigger then tommy lee, and tom jones.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 11105/22/2013

You can't really tell from a guy's bulge. My partner has the biggest balls I've ever seen and he always shows a bulge. However, he also had the smallest dick I've ever seen too.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 11205/22/2013

Bea Arthur

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 11305/22/2013

What about Gary Sandy from WKRP in Cincinnati? Those jeans of his, yum!.

Robert Urich?

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 11405/22/2013

R112, when you say that he HAD the smallest penis you'd seen, do you mean that he's your ex-partner? Did you break it off?

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 11505/22/2013

Russell Brand

Danny Bonaduce

Montgomery Clift

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 11605/22/2013

I'm dating a guy right now who is huge and he wants me to post a cock pic on here.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 11705/22/2013

So do it R117!!! Lucky you!

And r116, Montgomery Clift was nicknamed Princess Tinymeat, so strike him from this list.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 11805/22/2013

That guy who plays Dexter's Dad on Dexter. He's appeared nude on broadway in the past and he's hung.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 11905/22/2013

Fuck, baby, don’t stop.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 12005/22/2013

After lunch, shooting moved into high gear. Every scene was done in one take. At 5:30, Joan’s husky voice announced that it was “post time.” A lovely bucket of ice, holding an even lovelier bottle of the finest Russian vodka (Stolichnaya), made its appearance. We both showed our appreciation.

Happily, we trod back to her dressing room, and happily we terminated the Stolichnaya. Al Steele of the “Pepsi” Steeles was curled up on an oversized sofa, sound asleep. He remained that way, even when we were ready to leave. I asked Joan if we shouldn’t wake him for dinner. “Fuck him,” she said. “We’re having dinner.”

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 12105/22/2013

This is what it looked like before we had anal.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 12205/22/2013

I would love to be able to find nude photos of Gary Cooper.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 12305/22/2013

given the recent pictures from Canne, in a blue suit, I would say Tom Hiddleston currently is the winner.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 12405/26/2013

Bea Arthur was called the Maryland Mule for a reason.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 12505/26/2013

lou christie mr lightning strikes, is a hung dude. rock and roll seems to bread big cocks.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 12606/13/2013

[quote]rock and roll seems to bread big cocks.

Breaded cock... yummy!

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 12706/13/2013

127 replies and nobody has mentioned Mr Ed ? Hung like a horse.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 12806/13/2013

As the legend goes, Milton Berle would walk into New York's William Morris Agency with a cigar in one hand, and his schlong in the other. He would pull it out of his slacks and, sneaking up on the secretaries, would whip it out and lay it over their shoulders. The women would scream and that's how everyone in the building knew Uncle Miltie was there. And this is absolutely true.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 12906/13/2013


by sizequeeninSeattlereply 13006/13/2013

Just read about Lou Christie , and his famous cock, I do remember him on some teen show with a basket I can't forget. I've been following him for years.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 13107/09/2013

not from Hollywood per se, but our Prez is packing HUGE! Stop at 14 seconds, and then 17.


by sizequeeninSeattlereply 13207/09/2013

Jon Hamm looks like Lou Christie from the 60's I saw a picture of Lou in the same suit and the same big bulge. Remember

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 13307/24/2013

I'm going with Steve COCKran ! Everyone from sleaze-bot Mamie Van Doren, to Mae West, to finally Merle Oberon , claimed he was the biggest, and best. Hell, even after his boat disappeared at sea, off the coast of South America, she hired search parties, the Mexican Coast Guard, everyone, to find him, just so she could have one more gulp of his giant peen !

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 13407/24/2013

Any info on Robert Wagner? Some photos of him show a bulge.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 13507/24/2013

[R135] Ask Chris Walken about Wagner. I'm sure he'd have a say

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 13607/26/2013

I feel sorry for R130, who clearly hasn't been laid since the Carter administration.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 13707/26/2013

R134, I heard that Steve Cochran had a legitimate 11 INCHER. Yum!

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 13807/26/2013

Mamie van Doren writes about how she loved to fuck Steve Cochran in her dressing room, because he had a huge cock she liked to sit on it. See link below, dahlink

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 13907/26/2013

Liam and Lou Christie both have Huge Cocks, I know a guy that saw both of them in England back in the 70s, London at a steam room that stars went. Fat, and big balls, Liam and Lou are still around. check out there big basket in pictures.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 14001/14/2014

Grant Bowler, star of the TV show, "Defiance".

Saw him in a remake of "On The Beach" a few years ago. The man was packing very visibly...

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 14101/15/2014

Ryan Gosling. Check out "Blue Valentine"

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 14201/15/2014

Roddy MCDowell would fellate himself as a party trick.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 14301/15/2014

A friend of mine actually saw Frank Sinatra's cock. The guy was playing piano at a club Sinatra was at with a "bimbo," after or during the Ava breakup. Harry (the pianist) said he couldn't take his eyes off Sinatra, and it was evident the data was playing with him and eventually was jerking him off under the table cloth. It was a darkish place where they were sitting, private.

Sinatra stood up and went to the men's room, and Harry (naturally) took a break and followed. SInatra was washing his still-tumescent cock at the sink, and as he did it he was complaining to Harry about "that bitch." No embarrassment.

And Harry said it was impressive. Not record-holding, not eight inches completely. But a good seven plus. And, as Harry said, it wasn't fully hard.

We really need some sort of code here to try to assure people when what we're sharing is true. So all I can say is that this story is true, and Harry was a down-to-earth guy who never exaggerated. God rest his soul.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 14401/15/2014

R5, Ava said that that 100 pound of cock quote was "smut" and a complete fabrication.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 14501/15/2014

Jon Hamm's looks huge in all those Daily Mail pix. Gotta wonder if the DM people photoshop those photos though.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 14601/15/2014

Jared Padalecki.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 14701/15/2014

Lou Christie, Fact, When he was on American Bandstand,they stopped the show and someone took him aside and told him to adjust his dick it was showing too much, then they put a table in front of him. Everyone in Hollywood tried to get there hands on it. He was the Guy that had Hollywood that drove everyone crazy.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 14801/16/2014

Aaron Eckhart is supposed to be very well hung as is Scott Bakula.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 14901/16/2014

bump for big pricks

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 15001/20/2014

Forrest Tucker's bulge

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 15101/20/2014

Kanye West. Oh wait...

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 15201/22/2014


by sizequeeninSeattlereply 15301/22/2014

i Heard that frank Sinatra goes for 12 inchis

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 15406/30/2014

Beatrice Arthur was called "The Maryland Mule" for similar reasons, OP.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 15506/30/2014

Lou Christie was very hot back in the day with a very impressive bulge. Unfortunately, time has not been kind to him. He does a lot of those 60's revival shows.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 15609/02/2014

Just read about Lou Christi. First he is the most real guy in showbusiness. His voice is the same as it was in the 60's and is still as HOT as he was back in the day. I love him. And I think Mick Jagger feels the same.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 15710/16/2014

Anyone had Adam Lambert? How big is he?

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 15810/16/2014

I read this on the internet (of course).

A guy walked into a nightclub restroom. Sinatra was in a stall with a bimbo. The guy heard Sinatra tell the bimbo, "Suck it baby, it's as big as the Empire State Building." Frankie was not a shy guy.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 15910/16/2014


by sizequeeninSeattlereply 16010/16/2014


by sizequeeninSeattlereply 16105/25/2015


by sizequeeninSeattlereply 16205/25/2015

Data jerked off Frank Sinatra? I don't remember that episode.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 16305/25/2015

Once upon a time: Gary Cooper, Milton Berle, Roddy McDowell.

Today: Kevin Costner, Jon Hamm, Willem Dafoe

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 16405/25/2015

A friend went to the same gym in NYC as Willem Dafoe and describe his fat cock as "Water bottle sized"

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 16505/25/2015

Don't forget Lex Barker. Plus he was a brute and a rapist which makes him even hotter.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 16605/25/2015

I've done some calcs and if John Hamm only hangs 1/2 way down to his knee that's about 7 inches soft.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 16705/25/2015

[quote] Who Had The Biggest Prick In Hollywood?

The OP queen who wrote this must be ancient. Rewriting it here for the OP:

My stars and garters! Who had the biggest prick in Hollywood? Did he wear a rubber johnny when he bedded these starlets? We all know these gals had pins from here to there!

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 16805/25/2015

Who watched "The Scarf" on TCM? My god, the meat John Ireland was totin' would choke a horse.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 16909/20/2016

Erdenetuya Seagal

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 17009/20/2016

Jeremy Piven's a big prick. Who's had him?

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 17109/20/2016


by sizequeeninSeattlereply 17212/28/2016

Wonder why the original post is greyed out and struck through on DL. Hmmmm.... Besides some of the names already mentioned, silent movie cowboy William S. Hart was supposed to be very well endowed, as well as rumored to be gay.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 17312/28/2016

Confirming the rumors about Milton Berle, Madelyn Pugh used to tell this story about him when he appeared on the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour as himself. He and Desi Arnez were good naturedly arguing about which sports team was the better one. Milton reached down, unzipped and hauled out his flaccid penis and let it flop out and hang down from the open fly. Desi stopped talking and looked down and said "What was that for?" And Milton said, "It means I win the argument. Once he comes out people always stop telling me why they are right."

Just then Lucy was walking by on her way to her dressing room and stopped in her tracks. She pointed at Milton's pendulous schlong "My God Milton! How long is that thing when it gets hard?". Milton said "I don't know, I have always passed out before it gets all the way there." to Desi's howls of laughter.

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 17405/19/2017

In a Jackie Gleason bio he was in a locker room and Forest Tucker and Milton Berle were arguing and Jackie Gleason said they should pull out their dicks to see who wins the argument. Milton brushed him off and Jackie said, "Milt, you don't have to take all of it out, just enough to win."

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 17505/19/2017

Why, of all threads, is this one greyed and struck out?

by sizequeeninSeattlereply 17605/20/2017
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