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Have you ever fucked a real Marine?

I have and it was heaven......

by topin29reply 16601/24/2015

How about f*cked by a recruit?

by topin29reply 105/31/2012

Yup. I had a Marine Captain as a FB for a 2 year period when I lived in DC. He was built like a fireplug (5'6 and 185#). Wonderful muscular ass that loved a hard fuck.

by topin29reply 205/31/2012

Yep. 1971. Met at Diamond Head. I was in his address book so his parents called me to say he was killed in action.

I wept for days. So young and so full of life to die for such a stupid war.

by topin29reply 305/31/2012

Not Marine, but Navy and Army.

by topin29reply 405/31/2012

Naw, just the fake ones

by topin29reply 505/31/2012

Several - San Diego was ground zero.

Hot as fuck and all bottoms.

Army and Air Force also.

by topin29reply 605/31/2012

I live in San Diego. So of course I have.

by topin29reply 705/31/2012

Another for Navy. LOTS of Navy!

by topin29reply 805/31/2012

Yes, unfortunately he was more "Maureen" than "Marine" in bed.

by topin29reply 905/31/2012

I've tipped and fondled quite a few. It's surprising to me how many marines end up stripping and go-go dancing in gay bars...

by topin29reply 1006/01/2012

I have a friend in San Diego and he said the number of closeted military boys in that city is unbelieveable. When he first moved there, he could not believe how many military guys were into the homosex on the downlow. He told me it's more than you would ever think.

by topin29reply 1106/01/2012

The "mos" troll needs to be banned. Troll-dar isn't working on his posts so he must be going to lengths to deceive (or troll-dar is down?)

F&f for that sad bitch.

by topin29reply 1306/03/2012

I had a very hot time with an Army guy once. It was years ago, but I still fantasize about it from time to time.

by topin29reply 1406/03/2012

The one I met was from the base in 29 Palms...19 years old, cute as hell, black boy with a huge cock and bubble butt...he was really into kissing and sucking dick and loved to get fucked. I did him that night and then he wanted it again in the morning...we did this on two different occassions. He told me that there's lots of fooling around on's usually in some vacant office..but, actually he didn't want to talk too much about it...he said he had a fiance back in North Caroline he was going to marry when he got out....he was eager to go to Afghanistan I remember and use what he had learned in the to blow up buildings. I wonder if he's still alive?

by topin29reply 1506/03/2012

Australian navy captain. Butch on the streets but bitch in the sheets.

He also had the tiniest cock I've ever seen on a grown man.

by topin29reply 1606/03/2012

[quote]I have a friend in San Diego and he said the number of closeted military boys in that city is unbelieveable.

I think that a lot of young closeted gays join the Marine Corps because they think it will turn them straight. For many years, the USMC slogan was "The Marine Corps Builds Men."

by topin29reply 1706/03/2012

Yes, if you have been to San Diego and you top, it is hard not to fuck at least one.

by topin29reply 1806/03/2012


by topin29reply 1906/04/2012


I wonder what a fake marine is?

by topin29reply 2006/04/2012


And Army/Navy/Air Force.

Yes, I'm a whore, darlin'.

by topin29reply 2106/04/2012

He made a big point of telling me to be careful, that I was too trusting of others.

by topin29reply 2206/05/2012

Many-they seem to love anal

by topin29reply 2306/05/2012

Yep and it was some of the best sex I ever imagined. He was a grunt and managed to stay a grunt through a two year stint in Iraq. He is 6 foot 3 and 245lbs of raw muscle. In real life he is ver dominant and agressive. In bed he wanted to be tied down, gaged and used. I obliged. He has an amazingly beefy ass and I am not kidding a nine inch dick. I rode his ass until the sun came up dumping probably three and a half loads in him-this was bareback- it was amazing and unforgetable.

by topin29reply 2406/06/2012

Not yet. Its a big fantasy of mine to fuck a marine. I've fucked several air force guys cuz there's a base here in town. I do go to San Diego occasionally. Where does one me a fuckable marine or navy guy in the city? Even in Twenty-Nine Palms?

by topin29reply 2506/09/2012


by topin29reply 2606/12/2012

R24, congrats, that is one of my all time fantasies. Some of mine have been realized but not that one!

by topin29reply 2706/12/2012

I had never met him before but he seemed to know who I was. It was all very odd.

by topin29reply 2806/15/2012

I didn't fuck him but he sucked my toes and ate my ass and sucked me silly ... I came too many times and fucking was gonna happen.

by topin29reply 2906/15/2012

ive sucked guys from Army, Air Force, and Marine;)

so i guess i still have the navy and Coast Guard to complete all military branches haha.

by topin29reply 3006/15/2012

Sebastian and Tanner

by topin29reply 3101/05/2013

R13, I'm sure the Trolldar feature is just a script not a service.

by topin29reply 3201/05/2013

Marine anus!

by topin29reply 3301/05/2013

yes, both navy and marines. I actually prefer navy guys to marines, they are nicer.

by topin29reply 3401/05/2013

I'm on a military base right now since I'm taking a semester off and my family lives on base...there are so many guys with nice asses that look like they'd taste so good. They are all horny and will take any woman regardless of how gross she is. It makes me mad, I'm trying to find a way to fuck at least one of them but how do I get it done?

by topin29reply 3503/19/2013


by topin29reply 3603/19/2013

Dink Flamingo owns this thread.

by topin29reply 3703/19/2013

My cherry was popped by a Puerto Rican Marine at the Atlantic Beach Hotel, San Juan, PR in 1975. I was almost 15 years old and lived in the neighborhood, he was 20 and staying at the (gay) hotel on shore leave.

He was hung like a motherfucker and thick, but took it easy and talked me through it, so that I wouldn't back out from the pain. It seemed clear he had gotten fucked in the past as well.

All in all, it was good to have an experienced hand do the job right.

by topin29reply 3803/19/2013

I have and it's overrated.

by topin29reply 3903/19/2013

U.S. Amy Master Sargent fucked me well and often over a few years. Some of the best sex I ever had.

by topin29reply 4003/19/2013

Another booyeah for San Diego.

Black's Beach and the bath houses were chockful of pale-butted horny bottom Marines.

I stayed an extra weekend.

by topin29reply 4103/19/2013


by topin29reply 4203/20/2013

I've had marines and sailors and fly boys. Coast Guard also. There is nothing like Army ass, had lots of Army butt and dick and mouth.

by topin29reply 4303/20/2013

Just Army.

He had a tiny penis and only one testicle...both of which I would have overlooked, loved and accepted if only he hadn't turned out to be a raging alcoholic,borderline personality disordered asshole.

by topin29reply 4403/20/2013

yup, at least three, all hardcore masochistic bottom whores.

by topin29reply 4503/20/2013

R31, that was hot, I just downloaded it

by topin29reply 4603/20/2013

I'm probably going to get crap for this post, but have any of you considered that alot of these guys might not be closeted-gay. I'm not saying there aren't some gay guys in the military. There are. And I'm sure some of your experiences have been with them.

But, famously there are websites like ActiveDuty, and alot of those guys really seem to fit a profile more of a straight guy who is oddly liberated/doesn't give a fuck. Then the same guys go and appear on SemperFuck and do straight stuff.

I'm not really interested in the pointless 'no straight guy would ever.../yes they would' debate so if the word 'straight' bothers you then replace it with all-purpose horny, or sexually experimental, or straight-leaning bi, or whatever.

I know this thread was about real life, not porn, so I do have one rl story. I have a friend(no, not me)who got tangled up, so to speak with several marines(also in S California)and he even moved one into a room of his fairly large house. Was he delusional and ridiculous, or finally living out his fantasy? I couldn't decide. Good times seemed to be procured at first, but soon the marine started to really mooch, and become parasitish in terms of money. He eventually started bringing over females, and also smoking pot, and it all ended badly.

Do not invest emotionally, or romatically in straight/bi boys, whether marine or otherwise.

by topin29reply 4703/20/2013

During one of my shipboard assignments in the Navy, I worked alongside two Marines. As a result, I got to know most of the guys in the Marine Detachment. Out of about 30 in the MarDet, I suspected three could be straight.

Another sailor had his office next to the Marine gym. At first I wondered why he worked such long hours into the night. Then, after I got to know him, I found out a lot of Marines would stop in for a b.j. after a gym workout. It appears that they were very open with each other as to why they were going into that office.

I think they were attracted into the USMC by the slogan "The Marine Corps builds men!" They got to live and work with hunks 24/7.

by topin29reply 4803/20/2013

sounds like fun

by topin29reply 4903/20/2013

Dear Lord in heaven!

by topin29reply 5003/20/2013

I've lived with a Marine for going on twenty years. In fact, I made the comment on the other thread about the two Marines doing the "boyfriend tag," that my partner looked at both of them and said they'd get their asses kicked back in his day.

My partner is in good shape, has no gay markers to speak of, and is a great guy. He went into the Marines as an officer and claims to have enjoyed it. He gets REALLY pissed off when I talk about his "Army" days. To me, if you're in the military, you're in the Army. Whether it was Air Force, Navy or Marines. . . hell, that's just getting caught up in semantics.

by topin29reply 5103/20/2013

I did once. I was about 25 at the time, and he was (I'm guessing) about the same. I was visiting my old hometown and staying in a hotel. I went online and hunted around (or maybe this was still the AOL days) and we started chatting. He came over to the hotel.

He wasn't all that good looking to be honest, but he was unbelievably nice. And polite. And he smelled like baby powder. Wouldn't kiss. Just wanted a blow job. I obliged. Afterward, he got dressed and headed toward the door, thanking me shyly and then at the last minute, he gave me a little peck on the lips. It was the weirdest thing. Like he thought it would be rude not to.

All in all, it wasn't the fantasy I thought it was going to be, but it was pleasant. And he was so sweet. If he ever came out of the closet, I bet he's making someone a terrific boyfriend/husband/partner now.

by topin29reply 5203/20/2013

Back at Pearl Harbor in '41. I lost contact with most of them after the attack. I'm sure some perished.

by topin29reply 5303/20/2013

keep thise true stories coming.

I fucked a sailor back in the day in St. Thomas. It was a hot experience but I was too young to fully appreciate it.

by topin29reply 5403/21/2013

Sir, yes, sir!

by topin29reply 5503/22/2013

I once had a four way with a two Marines and one Army guy. The Army guy who I will call Rick, was my FB for year and he told me two of his friends were in town and wanted to come over. I was nervous about it but he reassured me it would be cool and I would like them. Rick was already hot (latin, great face, 38, muscular rugby type build, 8.5 cock) and when his friends arrived at the door, my jaw dropped. They were off duty and came in uniform. These Marines where hot white boys and I could tell they were built because of their chests and arms filling out every inch of their uniform. They had instant smiles when saw me so everyone was into each other which made me relax. I kept thinking I was sooooooo lucky and was trying to play it cool and not seem to slutty so we all talked for a bit, drank a few beers. After about 20 minutes, I started to touch my buds crotch. I got down on my knees to undo his pants while he was on the couch and I guess that was the que for his friends. They instantly stood up and dropped their pants. For the next five hours everyone one got pounded and nailed. We switched of where it was two doing the other two then we would reverse. When we got tired, we all stopped and drank some more beer and then went at it. We got down all over the house but the hottest part was when we all went out side and f***ed on the grass. There was tree and the two Marines F***ed me against the tree. We got dirty and had grass and some mud on our bodies which was so hot. It was so primal and animalistic like being in the wild. Just guys f***ing hard and non stop. I remember their cocks never getting limp and that was awesome. After we showered, we drank beer, talked about our different jobs in the military and then we parted. I will never forget that and I hope to repeat some day!!!

by topin29reply 5610/12/2013

R56..the word is 'cue', not que...

by topin29reply 5710/12/2013

[quote]trying to play it cool and not seem too slutty

[quote]After about 20 minutes, I started to touch my buds crotch. I got down on my knees to undo his pants

Your much more composed than I would have been! Three minutes max, with the innocence act!

by topin29reply 5810/12/2013

OP, you are so vulgar, dude.

by topin29reply 5910/12/2013

A friend of mine had a marine fb, the marine would shout "Make me your bitch, make me your bitch". Now whenever I see a marine I picture that scene.

by topin29reply 6010/12/2013

My first boyfriend was an ex-marine. Very built, hung, though quite a gentle person with some self-esteem issues. I've been pretty much looking for some quality that reminds me of him in all my subsequent pursuits, even with just hookups, which explains a lot of my problems.

by topin29reply 6110/12/2013

I used to live in Palm Springs. There is a big Marine base 45 minutes away, in 29 Palms (they call it 2-stump). Hot marines would come down to PS on weekends. Great sex but the dude was half-crazy and pretty aggressive at times. Some of the young ones needed better acne treatment- my one complaint (and they all smell like Axe).

by topin29reply 6210/12/2013

I always believed it's the opposite intention from being made into a man by the Marines. More like simply loving and craving all things Male, with the physical nearness and contact of day-to-day work and training and the bodily fluids at night. Love them Marine fluids.

by topin29reply 6310/12/2013

I wish!

by topin29reply 6410/22/2013


by topin29reply 6510/22/2013

yup. well, we made out and messed around together. he was beautiful, blond with nearly translucent skin stretched all over his muscles. great butt and thighs, and was probably a bottom as he really got into me fingering his hole. his dick was short and super thick, kinda built like the rest of him.

haven't thought about that encounter in years- thanks, OP!

by topin29reply 6610/22/2013

Yes at the SteamWorks in Chicago in '00. He was heading back to base after a funeral leave. A hard but natural build, treasure trail, a fuzzy ass, and a nice cock. He was completely uninhibited and versatile. We spent a couple of hours together. It was like he was storing up for a long stretch. Fantastic.

by topin29reply 6710/22/2013

Of course, at least several. One was an early 20's red headed handsome hunk. We did everything, over and over in a Washington DC hotel.

In recent years, a regular has been a beautiful built tattooed marine in his late 40's. Beautiful body and the most beautiful ass around. I blow him then fuck him while he moans and moans.

by topin29reply 6810/23/2013

I was in Charleston SC working(sales rep). I went to a local sports bar. I started a conversation with a Air Force pilot. Salt and pepper hair hot as hell. We sat there drinking and talking. About 3 am we ended up in my room. We started making out. He was very nervous. By 6am we were fucking. We stayed in he room till 2:00 the next afternoon. Of course, he felt guilty. Although he was divorced, he had kids and it all freaked him out. I tried calling a couple of times, and never saw him again.

by topin29reply 6910/23/2013

I've been gangbanged by a Marine recruiter and three active duty Marines.

It was amazing.

by topin29reply 7010/23/2013


by topin29reply 7111/01/2013

yes. he is a total bottom that loves man juice and being dominated. sweet ass.

by topin29reply 7211/01/2013

I was in the Army for 7 years and spent almost 2 of those years at the Pentagon. So, yes, I've fucked around with all four branches of the service.

I hooked up with a gorgeous Marine O2 once, my only Marine officer (that I'm aware of). We went to his townhouse. His wife was out of town. Gorgeous body but just an average cock.

All he wanted to was get his ass pounded really hard. He kept saying, "Oh, man, get me pregnant! I wanna have your baby!" It was hard to keep from laughing, actually.

by topin29reply 7311/01/2013

Yes. I've fucked a guy from every branch - including the Coast Guard and National Guard.

The last Marine I had a couple of weeks ago was a HUGE disappointment. Utterly clueless. Total waste of a penis.

I picked him up off of a site I won't mention. He sent photos of himself in uniform and claimed to be a top. Right.

He came over and we chatted for a bit then went to my room. He warned me he had only limited experience so I was prepared to guide him through the process but he flopped down on my bed and laid there like a corpse. I thought blowing him would get him to move or moan but nothing. Even after he came, he just laid there.

So I tried to get him to fuck me but he had no clue how to fuck. I mean, none. ZERO. He stuck his dick in me and stood there. I had to back him into a wall and pound my own hole.

I've never met a more lame excuse for a Marine. If there's such a thing as a "Pillow Prince" it's this guy.

by topin29reply 7411/01/2013

more, bitches!

by topin29reply 7511/01/2013

I fucked a marine at the BEQ on Miramar last nite. Hot mexican who was built and tatted up. Best sex i've had in a long time. He was hitting poppers while i laid into him with my 8" cock. I'm active duty navy, stationed in San Diego. I've fucked at least 6 or 7 Marines since i've been here. All bottoms. God bless the Marine Corps.

by topin29reply 7612/30/2013

we need a presenting Marines thread

by topin29reply 7712/30/2013


by topin29reply 7812/31/2013

Active duty Navy here. Just got accepted into OCS so hopefully I will be an officer soon. Great stories. I haven't had sex with any service men from any branch to my knowledge although the only time I went to a gay club, I met a couple of Marines who made it pretty obvious they wanted some. I wasn't that into guys at the time so nothing happened from it but I'm tempted to say the Marines being bottom stereotype is pretty true. Can't tell you how many times I've seen Marine ads on hookup sites that say all they want is to get fucked and suck dick and that's it. Pretty hot.

by topin29reply 7901/21/2014


by topin29reply 8001/21/2014


by topin29reply 8101/25/2014

I fucked Jim Nabors once in the 70s. He wore his Gomer Pyle marine uniform and asked me to role play as Sargent Carter. He even said "Gollleeeee" while I was fucking him.

by topin29reply 8201/25/2014

Agree with r79. Bottoms, the lot of them.

Like to be held down and fucked hard.

Over the holidays, it was like a smorgasbord around here - tons of Marines in town on leave.

It was MY "merry christmas".

by topin29reply 8301/25/2014

Please move [82] to the your so old thread

by topin29reply 8401/25/2014

[quote]Over the holidays, it was like a smorgasbord around here - tons of Marines in town on leave.

What town?

by topin29reply 8501/26/2014

With DADT gone, it's easier to hook up with gay/bi Marines.

by topin29reply 8601/27/2014

A number of them, the first was a handsome hung ginger that looked nice on his belly

by topin29reply 8701/27/2014

Yes, and they love hard animal fucking

by topin29reply 8801/27/2014

Two Navy commanders here, one in early 200s the other in 2008. Both great looking but kind if disappointing in the sack.

by topin29reply 8901/27/2014

Northwest Florida is a haven for military, especially new recruits fresh out of bootcamp. A guy in the navy wanted to have sex with me, asked me what kind of alcohol I liked and invited me to a hotel party. It never happened, unfortunately, because I couldn't find the hotel room. Overheard two marines having a conversation about sucking dick one day. One of the marines said that he didn't have a problem with another guy sucking his dick and saw it as a sign of dominance. I asked a navy female that I took to the airport one day, what was the craziest thing she ever saw while she was on base? She said while she was on patrol one night she saw two male marines fucking.

I can't wait to have some fun one day :)

by topin29reply 9002/23/2014

Last night I did

by topin29reply 9103/09/2014

Yep sure have!

by topin29reply 9203/09/2014

Met a marine at Hulas bar in Honolulu, years ago. Took him back to my hotel. What he wanted most was for me to sit on his face and pretend I was macaulley culkin. I was a bottle blonde twink at the time.

by topin29reply 9303/09/2014

Who would pretend to be a marine?

by topin29reply 9403/09/2014

If I got me some military tail, I would

by topin29reply 9503/09/2014 only porn site it ever made sense to spend money on to have access to the site. not every dude is enlisted, but pretty sure alot of em are or were, mostly Army, a few Marines and Navy

by topin29reply 9603/09/2014

hot punks

by topin29reply 9703/09/2014

San Diego and Palm Springs are the hot spots for hooking up with Marines.

by topin29reply 9803/20/2014

Four to be exact...everyone a bottom. Good Bless weekend trips to SD.

by topin29reply 9903/20/2014

USMC - helium heels

by topin29reply 10003/21/2014

ooh rah, bro

by topin29reply 10105/07/2014


by topin29reply 10206/13/2014

About a dozen.

by topin29reply 10306/13/2014

Dear Datalounge Forum-

I never thought I would be writing to you on this subject, but it all started at my nephew's high school graduation party. He announced that instead of going away to college, he had enlisted in the Marine Corps and would be leaving for basic training at the end of the month. First I should describe my nephew, he is 6 feet tall, with blond hair and ......

by topin29reply 10406/13/2014

I was fwb with a former airforce guy off and on over a period of a year and a half. He is a top and was good at it. He wasn't too rough because I was new and inexperienced which I appreciated. Way too self-absorbed though.

by topin29reply 10506/13/2014


by topin29reply 10606/14/2014

Any gay man who lives in the San Diego area has probably had at least one sexual experience with a Marine.

by topin29reply 10706/15/2014

R 105, what park of "have you ever fucked a marine" do you not understand??

by topin29reply 10806/15/2014

Marine, no. Navy electrician in Newport, R.I., yes.

by topin29reply 10906/15/2014

[quote]Marine, no. Navy electrician in Newport, R.I., yes.

Here we fucking go again. Marines ONLY, please! I don't know why people can't read.

by topin29reply 11006/15/2014

Marines are the hottest in bed

by topin29reply 11106/15/2014

Best piece of ass I've ever had was a drunk marine I met at the Rusty Spur in Oceanside named Ski. He bottomed for me. Dropped him off at his barracks in the morning in the Del Mar area of Camp Pendleton.

2 months later, went back to Rusty Spur and sat next a marine -- and it was the same marine. Ordered a beer and said hello. After a few sips of beer, I said, "want to go back my hotel again?" "Sure," he said. We messed around for a couple of hours and took him back that night.

by topin29reply 11206/15/2014

fucked three guys in the Canadian forces. one who had just come back from Afghanistan.

by topin29reply 11306/15/2014

Until our beloved webmaster goes after racist threads with the same violence he does pro-Z I O N I S T threads and Tig Notaro takedowns, you'll have your spam and like it, too!

by topin29reply 11406/15/2014

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Man: Well, what've you got?

Waitress: Well, there's egg and bacon; egg sausage and bacon; egg and spam; egg bacon and spam; egg bacon sausage and spam; spam bacon sausage and spam; spam egg spam spam bacon and spam; spam sausage spam spam bacon spam tomato and spam;

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by topin29reply 11506/15/2014

You know what's wrong with the Spam Troll? He's like a terrorist or a poisoner. He is, of course, anonymous, so his hostility to us manifests behind a mask of whimsy and calculated control. We have to scroll past his repeated "attacks" every time he drops a load on us. (And not the good kind.) In the real world, he would be what a kind person would call "a practical joker," but what his angry victim would call a crazed stalker or psycho killer. He feels the need to, rather than post a salient remark or bitchy aside, mark his territory by lifting his leg on all who read DataLounge posts and are trying to follow a thread therein. He could be gay OR straight. His sexual identity isn't clear, nor is it pertinent to his desire to inconvenience others and call attention to himself. An "attention whore" who strikes out at the world in anonymity. It's so sick and twisted. Worse, it has no honor. But the WORST thing is that he actually seems gratified at the outrage and belly-aching he gets to read after he posts his "attacks." Does anyone see a pattern here? Is this behavior likely to escalate to God-knows-what? Or does everyone think Spammy is just having some harmless fun and we should just let him be---and not egg him on by commenting on his wacko-ness anymore?

by topin29reply 11606/15/2014

Have the troll banned!!

by topin29reply 11706/15/2014

To get back on the subject - yes, I have. Several as a matter of fact. Love 'em.

My favorite fuck is/was a Marine. I'm hoping I can see him again this summer. He's one of those thin/geeky types that you'd never know was in the military. But damn, he's sex on a stick.

by topin29reply 11806/15/2014

Heading for a nearby base on Saturday to check out a few Marines.

by topin29reply 11906/19/2014

U.S. Marines and a Royal Marine.

by topin29reply 12006/22/2014

r119, please report back here with your research results.

by topin29reply 12106/22/2014

Spend a weekend in Jacksonville, NC and you'll have plenty of Marine meat.

by topin29reply 12206/26/2014

R101 he is hot but NOT a marine (umm, his jacket says Army). Don't say ooh rah to him.

To meet marines, go to Palm Springs on a any weekend. The largest Marine base in the US is 45 minutes away and many marines, gay and straight, hang out in the Palm Springs area on weekends off.

by topin29reply 12306/26/2014

A former one. The sex was OK.

by topin29reply 12406/26/2014

flag waving

by topin29reply 12506/28/2014

My cousin the Marine took my virginity. He was 24, 25; I was still in high school

by topin29reply 12606/29/2014

R122 is correct. On the weekends, a lot of them head to Wilimington to walk the boardwalk or to Topsail/various beaches in the area.

Oh, the scenery!

by topin29reply 12706/29/2014

R9, lol

by topin29reply 12806/29/2014


by topin29reply 12907/19/2014

Such stupidity. Thinking a Marine is any better or worse than any other profession is just fantasy and foolishness.

by topin29reply 13007/19/2014

[quote]Thinking a Marine is any better or worse than any other profession is just fantasy and foolishness.

It's not about better or worse, it's about ease of availability.

by topin29reply 13107/19/2014


by topin29reply 13207/21/2014


by topin29reply 13307/23/2014


by topin29reply 13407/27/2014

At attention!

by topin29reply 13507/27/2014


by topin29reply 13607/27/2014

My partner is a retired Marine Corps officer.

Yes, the sex is phenomenal. A therapist-friend said that she believes that he is making up for all the lost time and opportunities that happened while he was working and living before and under DADT. However sometimes, he is too aggressive when it comes to sex and I have to gently tell him to apply the brakes.

As fior showing affection, in private, he is the most loving, thoughtful and affectionate person imaginable. However, when we are in public together, we might as well be business colleagues or for that matter, perfect strangers. Again, my therapist-friends] believes that this behavior is due to the coping mechanisms he adopted while in the Marine Corp as a closeted gay man

He works for a military contractor and almost all of his colleagues are ex-military, so he is not out to anyone at work. A closeted lesbian who is also ex-military figured out my partner's private life as did the wife of one of his colleagues. Luckily for him, both women are very discrete.

The funny thing is that that his parents know my partner is gay. They aren't thrilled that he is gay, but have resigned themselves to the fact. They have always been civil and polite to me; I would say that my relationship with them has progressed from civil to polite to tolerant heading towards partial acceptance to maybe full acceptance.

As for his school and college friends as well as his buddies from his days of active service, he is still closeted for the most part. Only one friend from college (my partner went to a southern, state-owned military college) know about my partner and me; again it was the wife who put the pieces together and figured out the relationship.

When his friends from home (for the most part, southern Christian Republicans) and friends for his days as an active Marine come to visit, I can "de-gay" the house, get all my stuff and disappear in almost no time flat.

Don't get me wrong. I love him and he is great love of my life. But he has built a closet for himself that would rival Fort Knox when it comes to penetrating his private life

by topin29reply 13707/27/2014

Please elaborate on the penetrating.

by topin29reply 13807/27/2014


by topin29reply 13908/23/2014

i fucked lots of marines on camp pen in barracks on the beach, and one time on base housing, all hot masculine loved riding my army cock, got to say marines have the best asses and I've fucked all branches lol , other soldiers air force navy a coast guard guy hot,

by topin29reply 14008/23/2014

I was at a conference in DC and a HOT marine gave a lecture. Later that night I hooked up with him at a bathhouse.

Never told him I was in the audience of his lecture

by topin29reply 14108/23/2014

every day, dude

by topin29reply 14209/13/2014

Yes, but he was really weird. Wanted me to worship his body and feet. Wanted to feed me piss, and all that rot. He was hotter than a fucked chicken, but he was way too kinky for a one-off.

by topin29reply 14309/13/2014

Marines are easy.

by topin29reply 14409/13/2014

I once sucked off a marine by the name of Tiger Bell.

by topin29reply 14509/13/2014

R137, thanks for your story. It is a little bit sad that your guy has to stay in the closet but I'm really happy that you still seem to have wonderful life together. I'm in the closet to the outside world as well at the current time of my life so I understand.

by topin29reply 14609/13/2014

post pics of real life hot Marines

by topin29reply 14709/30/2014

Who hasn't?

by topin29reply 14809/30/2014

Yes. They were both devastatingly handsome, BUT is was like driving a Fiat through the Holland Tunnel.

by topin29reply 14909/30/2014

They have warm, moist, inviting anuses

by topin29reply 15010/01/2014

Oh wow, dude

by topin29reply 15110/01/2014

San Diego -- one of those pre internet, hookups on a phone line in the 90's. I drove all the way to Oceanside from Mission Valley.

This guy wasn't a bottom. One of those rare times, when I said yeah to bottoming. He was about 6 years older than me so maybe in his mid-30's. African American, built like a solid wall of muscle.

HUGE cock which I still can't believe I let him fuck me with. I came in like 5 minutes and had to beg him to stop. He used an oil based lube on his condom which was worrying me at first. But he was so hot and so insistent, that I finished him off in my mouth.

One of those nights I was glad I broke my rule about driving more than 10 minutes for sex.

by topin29reply 15210/01/2014

No, but I screwed the navy man from the Village People.

by topin29reply 15310/01/2014


by topin29reply 15410/26/2014

Marines are great bottoms. They've had plenty of experience.

by topin29reply 15510/27/2014

"The Marine Corps builds men."

by topin29reply 15610/28/2014


by topin29reply 15711/01/2014

Marines are masculine

by topin29reply 15811/03/2014

And into pain while having sex

by topin29reply 15911/03/2014

Oooh rah

by topin29reply 16011/04/2014

My ex boyfriend was a Marine. If you want sex, go for it but NEVER date one.

by topin29reply 16111/04/2014

Happy Birthday Marine Corps!

by topin29reply 16211/11/2014

My Mom, Dad and Grandfather all served in the Marines. So I'm a Marine brat. Any takers?

by topin29reply 16311/11/2014

No dude

by topin29reply 16411/13/2014


by topin29reply 16511/30/2014


by topin29reply 16601/24/2015
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