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Rob Schmitt/ L.A. anchorman is my new crush

Heard he was an anchor in Miami, and got into trouble for battery/domestic violence in '09. His mug shot is so hot. Anyone know his story ?

by Schmitt loverreply 22908/27/2017

I didnt know this guy left Miami. He's very cute. He'll go far in LA

by Schmitt loverreply 104/11/2012

Whenever he comes on, I swear I get horny. Love when he does the remotes, and he's out from behind the desk, and we get the whole Schmiitt

by Schmitt loverreply 204/11/2012

useless without pics....nudes

by Schmitt loverreply 304/11/2012

Here's Rob

by Schmitt loverreply 404/11/2012

I was wondering why he no longer was on wplg here in miami. Surprised about the battery/domestic violence charge, he always came across as a really nice guy.

by Schmitt loverreply 504/11/2012

Was battery against a man, or a woman. Would tell us a lot.

by Schmitt loverreply 604/11/2012

Where, R4? Sitting next to you?

by Schmitt loverreply 704/11/2012


Hotter than Brian Williams anyway...

by Schmitt loverreply 804/11/2012

by Schmitt loverreply 904/11/2012

Well, Miami got Jason Martinez from LA after he was forced out of KTLA on alleged assault charges.

Jeez, both Miami and LA are pretty forgiving places.

by Schmitt loverreply 1004/11/2012

Katie Couric used to be a crime reporter in Miami.

by Schmitt loverreply 1104/11/2012

Gio Benitez is more my taste

by Schmitt loverreply 1204/11/2012

Schmitt is so much hotter- don't know who Benitez is

by Schmitt loverreply 1304/11/2012

r13, Ive been watching Schmitt for a long time in Miami, he used to be even hotter. He's still cute but he looks he has alcoholic face now, downhill from here. And I know Benitez has a huge pinga.

by Schmitt loverreply 1404/11/2012

Alcoholic face ? You're crazy ! He's gorgeous .

by Schmitt loverreply 1504/11/2012

Pics,pics,pics please!

by Schmitt loverreply 1604/11/2012

Deer in the headlights...

by Schmitt loverreply 1704/11/2012

No one's got the mug shot ?

by Schmitt loverreply 1804/12/2012

Here's a bit of a 'crotch' shot. ;) Anyone know if he's gay?

by Schmitt loverreply 1904/12/2012

He also hangs around West Hollywood pretty often.

by Schmitt loverreply 2004/12/2012

Well we know now he's nice and hairy.Yum

by Schmitt loverreply 2104/12/2012

He is Persian, it seems, so hair is a given, mmm. :p

by Schmitt loverreply 2204/12/2012

Here's the mug shot.

by Schmitt loverreply 2304/12/2012

Would have never guessed he was persian, love those hairy legs though!

by Schmitt loverreply 2404/13/2012

If that other mugshot link didn't work... lol.

by Schmitt loverreply 2504/13/2012

Doesn't look Persian to me. Are you sure. Schmitt ? Sounds German

by Schmitt loverreply 2604/13/2012

"His mug shot is so hot" = DL summed up in six words

by Schmitt loverreply 2704/13/2012

Mmm. Gio Benitez!

by Schmitt loverreply 2804/13/2012

There's a pic of him, face-down in bed wearing boxers out there, too.

by Schmitt loverreply 2904/13/2012

They're both pretty dreamy.

by Schmitt loverreply 3004/13/2012

He said something about a holiday to his fellow Persians on Facebook. I guess he might be half?

by Schmitt loverreply 3104/14/2012

Anyone know where that boxer shot is?

by Schmitt loverreply 3204/15/2012

I look at him, and still don't see the Persian. Must be half (his mother) cause of his last name. Whatever. He's a doll.

by Schmitt loverreply 3304/15/2012

r32 the boxer pic was on WPLG Miami's website, they took it down when he left :(

Im glad Gio Benitez is at CBS, they are easy going and it seems like they like him.

WPLG was also where notorious anchorman Charles Perez worked. He said they fired him because of the gay.

by Schmitt loverreply 3404/15/2012

Rob is hot. I want him in me now.

by Schmitt loverreply 3504/15/2012

Aww, maybe someone can dig the photo up? I want to see it!

by Schmitt loverreply 3604/15/2012

Oh, he said what he is on Facebook.

Rob Schmitt i'm half, surprises everyone, my mom's name is Farzaneh

Rob Schmitt white bread, German

So he's half German, half Persian. Mmm yum!

by Schmitt loverreply 3704/15/2012

Didn't Charles Perez get caught in some gay breakup scandal? I think his ex-b/f posted stories about him being a cross-dresser, etc. and there was all kinds of public feuding and fighting.

by Schmitt loverreply 3804/15/2012

Where is Perez now ? I just remember his talk show that lasted a minute in the 90's . Is he on some local station ?

by Schmitt loverreply 3904/16/2012

Watch Schmitt every day on the news. Just to see him. F the news.

by Schmitt loverreply 4004/17/2012

He's so easy to look at. :)

by Schmitt loverreply 4104/17/2012

Love this man.

by Schmitt loverreply 4204/21/2012

Since Persians are not Arabs, though many mistakenly think so, anyone have any info on average penis size ? Arabs are known to be huge, but never got the low down on Iranians. Hard to tell, looking at Rob, who's half Persian/half German. Like to think his schwantz is enormous.

by Schmitt loverreply 4304/21/2012

In those mug shots, he looks like a much hotter, more butch Eric McCormick.

by Schmitt loverreply 4404/22/2012

Chung Ho think man OK, but you should have love crushes on real peoples. Does not good to pretended love

by Schmitt loverreply 4504/22/2012

Why he be mean and commit the domestic violence then buy way to innocent

by Schmitt loverreply 4604/22/2012

How old is he?

by Schmitt loverreply 4704/23/2012

And how tall ? Looks like he's normal sized, but you never know. Great smile. Papi likey.

by Schmitt loverreply 4804/23/2012

Keith Jones - I miss him since he left Pittsburgh, I had to put a framed photo of him on my TV.

by Schmitt loverreply 4904/23/2012

r49, gurl, that man has no jaw.

by Schmitt loverreply 5004/23/2012

He's scary. Pittsburg must not be known for their anchors looks.

Where's more pics of Rob ?

by Schmitt loverreply 5104/23/2012

R50 - that is not a very good picture of him. He is fine!

by Schmitt loverreply 5204/23/2012

Still scares me

More Rob please

by Schmitt loverreply 5304/23/2012

Found him this weekend. Yeah, I'll watch the news now......for him. Any shirtless pics out there of him ? Bathing suit ?

by Schmitt loverreply 5404/30/2012

R 13 has a self taken shot of his crotch & legs. He's a hairy little half Persian.

by Schmitt loverreply 5504/30/2012

What's the easiest way to reply to a specific post here on Datalounge? New here. Thanks

by Schmitt loverreply 5604/30/2012

You go to ' Post A Reply' Write the message, then 'save post'

by Schmitt loverreply 5704/30/2012

Specific post

by Schmitt loverreply 5804/30/2012

You type the R and the number, so... R58 should work.

If not, then bracket them, haha.

by Schmitt loverreply 5905/02/2012

There used to be a shirtless picture of Rob in a pair of boxer briefs but it was taken down after he moved to CBS. :(

by Schmitt loverreply 6005/02/2012

Wish we could find the photo of him in boxers ;)

by Schmitt loverreply 6105/12/2012

Someone's gotta have it - bet he's an adorable hot cub

by Schmitt loverreply 6205/27/2012

I have no idea where the photo of him in boxers is (I remember seeing it, but it was just him in bed on his stomach), but here he is with a friend on the beach. Not hairy at all, but still hot to death.

by Schmitt loverreply 6305/27/2012

RE 63 Thank you. I forgot- it's Arabs that are so hairy. Iranianians , not so. And he's half German. Do see a bit of fuzz on his chest though.

by Schmitt loverreply 6405/27/2012

He's been on a lot lately- think the station knows he's popular. Would rather] look at his face everyday, than Shepard Smith, or Sue Simmons.

by Schmitt loverreply 6505/27/2012

He looks like he belons on a soap - very Don Diamont . Is he still around ?

by Schmitt loverreply 6605/27/2012

Don Diamont (real name, Donald Feinberg) is 50 - Rob Schmitt is 30 . DD looks good for his age, albiet with a lot of surgery, and a boatload of botox, and restalyne. But Rob is adorable.

by Schmitt loverreply 6705/27/2012

Look what age has done to Charles Perez :(

by Schmitt loverreply 6805/28/2012

Of course he's gay. This is Data Lounge isn't it? Everyone's gay.

by Schmitt loverreply 6905/28/2012

RE 68 That greying goatee doesn't help . If he's anything younger than 50, he's aged terribly. Loved his blue eyes- now they look grey too.

by Schmitt loverreply 7005/28/2012

photo of Rob

by Schmitt loverreply 7105/28/2012

Not the photo we've been promised, R71.

by Schmitt loverreply 7205/28/2012

Not the photo we've been promised, R71.

by Schmitt loverreply 7305/28/2012

[quote] Hotter than Brian Williams anyway...

Not physically possible in this universe.

by Schmitt loverreply 7405/28/2012

63, that is HOT. Thanks for the find. I bet his body is hotter now, ahaha.

by Schmitt loverreply 7506/15/2012

I have the boxers photo, but I have no idea how to make it linkable.

by Schmitt loverreply 7611/15/2012

PrntScrn and save? Upload to

by Schmitt loverreply 7711/27/2012

He's hot

by Schmitt loverreply 7811/27/2012

I think he's a great guy great face

by Schmitt loverreply 7912/22/2012

Nice abs in that shot at R63.

Too bad the swimsuit is so dark - can't see his VPL.

by Schmitt loverreply 8012/22/2012

Is he involved with his coanchor Susie Suh? He made a statement about seeing a beautifully decorated Christmas house, to which Suh said brightly, "I saw you there."

by Schmitt loverreply 8112/22/2012

"His mug shot is so hot". Only on DL.

by Schmitt loverreply 8212/22/2012

What r40 said!

& I remember the Miami photo of Rob "resting" on his bed in just shorts or swimsuit! Woof!

by Schmitt loverreply 8303/03/2013

Who's hotter Rob Schmitt or Clark Gable from Cheaters?

by Schmitt loverreply 8403/04/2013

He got Charles Perez knocked up.

by Schmitt loverreply 8503/04/2013

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A simulated Holland treat

by Schmitt loverreply 8603/05/2013

Bomp, bomp

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Joy till reach defeat

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A simulated Holland treat

by Schmitt loverreply 8703/05/2013

He is the Hottest anchorman in U.S. hands down.

by Schmitt loverreply 8803/28/2013

agree with R88....

by Schmitt loverreply 8904/03/2013

He seems very unassuming and personable. Is good on Channel 9 and Channel 2 News L.A.

by Schmitt loverreply 9004/07/2013


by Schmitt loverreply 9104/08/2013

yes, bump!

by Schmitt loverreply 9204/10/2013

[quote]He is the Hottest anchorman in U.S. hands down.

***eye rolls***

by Schmitt loverreply 9304/10/2013


by Schmitt loverreply 9404/15/2013

Here's some Rob in Miami! :)

by Schmitt loverreply 9504/20/2013

I still can't find much info regarding his assault incident.

by Schmitt loverreply 9604/21/2013

He's certainly attractive, but not "so pretty he makes my head snap back" attractive.

by Schmitt loverreply 9704/21/2013

on bed

by Schmitt loverreply 9805/14/2013

I've slept with him... He's certainly not gay.

by Schmitt loverreply 9905/27/2013

Rob's here in NYC now. Anchoring the NBC local news weekdays at noon. Very hot, but seems nervous.

I wonder which local gay newsman he's hooked up with...

Here he is, shirtless, and with possible dick hanging from his shorts, from his FB page.

by Schmitt loverreply 10007/27/2013

Nice Saturday A.M. wakeup in NYC this morning...turned on the 9AM news to see an extraordinarily handsome young man reading me the news...whoa! Surely the best-looking newsreader in New York in ages. WELCOME, ROB! LA's loss in NYC's gain! They had him do a "stand-up" story next to a screen, talking about some fire...but I was captivated by the fire in his pants! Not mega-VPL, but we did have some VPL alright! I'll try to post this series of screengrabs I did....

by Schmitt loverreply 10108/03/2013

Rob's been doing the weekend morning news both days this week - great way to start the day.

That suit's a little tight on him R101 - jacket's too small, but I bet he buys them tight to show off his VPL.

by Schmitt loverreply 10208/04/2013

Rob turned 30 on Monday and tweeted this photo of himself at the roof pool of Soho House.

He needs to start hitting the gym HARD if he wants to score with the Chelsea queens.

by Schmitt loverreply 10308/14/2013

Wow R103, he is so flabby and out of shape for a 30 year old man in media in NYC. He may be taking your advice though, since he does not look that out of shape on tv right now.

by Schmitt loverreply 10410/07/2013


by Schmitt loverreply 10510/19/2013

Some of the posters on this site have a habit of singling out completely ordinary-looking guys as being special in some way, when special is exactly what they aren't. Is this a revolt against all the genuinely attractive guys the internet keeps showing us with the model or porn star look? Complimenting this perfectly blah-looking character is not going to protect you from having to face the fact that you aren't Ken Ryker or Trent Reed or whoever you secretly believe is the top cat. Rob Schmitt is ordinary and you are ordinary and most of us are ordinary, and that's the real world. Live in it.

by Schmitt loverreply 10610/19/2013

To Jason: Please tell me how you know this! Because right now I know for a fact he's living in the Financial District and is single. I really want to know if this man is gay or not though. It's a long story, but he recently asked me out on a date (I'm an attractive woman, not a man! lol), but he acted really weird.

by Schmitt loverreply 10710/21/2013

I know Rob. Straight. Sorry, folks.

by Schmitt loverreply 10810/21/2013

Rob Schmitt is hotter than Rob Lowe.

Sorry he is no longer on Los Angeles news. As others have posted here, would watch CBS/KCAL just to look at that beautiful man on the news and not care about the news stories.

Enjoy NYC, Rob.

by Schmitt loverreply 10911/14/2013

bump for Rob!

by Schmitt loverreply 11011/15/2013

rob rocks

by Schmitt loverreply 11111/16/2013

Rob Schmidt is the Ricky Nelson of reporters.

by Schmitt loverreply 11211/17/2013

He looks terribly uncomfortable in the WNBC Christmas video (see below), but he sure is purty.

by Schmitt loverreply 11312/28/2013

I think Charles Perez looks terrific in that video posted above. An out elder-hottie. What was his scandal in Florida?

by Schmitt loverreply 11412/29/2013

Rob Schmitt is hot, sexy and handsome + talented, athletic and cute.

He has been on Miami news, Los Angeles news and now New York City.

Gay or not, there seems a gay sensibility in the pics he posts - body shots, hairy legs, and his love for the good life.

I wish him well whatever his preferences are.

by Schmitt loverreply 11505/31/2014

r84, that is a hard question to answer...

by Schmitt loverreply 11605/31/2014


by Schmitt loverreply 11706/07/2014

Rob is not straight and is yet another one in the closet. Someone even made an Instagram profile to try and out him. See link.

by Schmitt loverreply 11806/11/2014

Wish he would come out!

Raphael Miranda is out at NBC. Anyone else is out at NBC NY?

by Schmitt loverreply 11906/11/2014

"I know Rob. Straight. Sorry, folks."

Well if he is truly NOT gay he had better start blowing some guys because without the inherent glamour of being gay in the NYC media world, he is simply another temporarily telegenic bland anchorman. Like that ex-marine Rob-something who was fired for beating his wife.

by Schmitt loverreply 12006/11/2014

Rob Schmitt is HOT!

by Schmitt loverreply 12106/20/2014


by Schmitt loverreply 12207/11/2014

Does anyone know more about this living doll? He is way too attractive to be straight IMO. Plus he seems to have a lot of male "friends."

by Schmitt loverreply 12307/13/2014

I really want to know more about Rob .he is the hottest man on TV .I am in love! If he is gay Id love to know it and if anyone out there knows and has fooled around with him please let us know...Is he hung? good in bed?? I am seriously in love with this man!!!

by Schmitt loverreply 12407/23/2014

When is he on?

by Schmitt loverreply 12507/23/2014

He anchors on NBC4 at noon and on weekends mostly.

He also does general assignment reporting.

Is he gay?

by Schmitt loverreply 12607/23/2014

I believe he's gay. I know several beautiful women he could have slept with and he didn't (after acting interested in them).

by Schmitt loverreply 12707/23/2014


by Schmitt loverreply 12807/23/2014

R128, Again, I don't know for sure, but I can only guess that he is. He has not had a girlfriend in years, has led several beautiful women on and not followed through, and if you look over this thread, you'll see that someone tried to "out" him on Instagram by making a profile entitled "admityouregay." So when you combine all those things, I'd say it's a safe bet that he's really gay and just in the closet for his career.

by Schmitt loverreply 12907/24/2014

I heard he can hide an entire beer bottle in his rectum.

by Schmitt loverreply 13007/24/2014


by Schmitt loverreply 13107/24/2014

All I know is he is so hot I would do anything to meet him and if he was Gay Id love to have sex with him. I watch him on TV and I get nuts. He is so sexy...I wish I knew someone who had sex with him to fulfill my fantasy of knowing if he is hot in the sack

by Schmitt loverreply 13207/25/2014

bump for Rob!

by Schmitt loverreply 13307/25/2014

A VERY recent photo of Rob and his BF:

by Schmitt loverreply 13407/26/2014

Rob looks so hot in that pic and if that is his boyfriend he is not hot ...def not for rob but do you know for sure its his BOY friend or just friend?? I want to be his boyfriend :) LOL I am totally crazy about Rob!!

by Schmitt loverreply 13507/26/2014

R134, while I did say that was his boyfriend, a better term would be "fuck buddy." His REAL boyfriend is named Adam and he's vacationing in Europe with him as we speak. They go back a very long way, and he lives out in California, but they get together as much as they can. I've attached a link of a picture of them from last Halloween (Adam is the one in the white), and "admityouregay" is someone who knew the dirt on them and attempted to "out" Rob.

I just know all this from following him and word of mouth. But you're really out of luck Joebk, Rob is already juggling men, although he's had a pretty steady closeted relationship for years now that he's even kept up long distance.

Although believe me, as a straight attractive woman, NO ONE is more out of luck than me in this city, because everything as good looking as Rob (or close to it) just wants men anyway!!

by Schmitt loverreply 13607/26/2014

This thread is a whole truckload of crazy.

by Schmitt loverreply 13707/26/2014

Truckload of crazy, yes ... and yet strangely entertaining.

by Schmitt loverreply 13807/26/2014

first of all.. u assholes who don't like this thread don't fucken read it and to the person who posted that pic..thanks and yea I don't have no luck with him or anyone as hot as him...:( but I can fantasize as the man is so hot. I watch him on the news and get crazy. I am so in love lust (call it what you want) with him. I will say... I tweeted him on his twitter account that he was so handsome and loved watching him and he favorite my tweet I would think a straight man would not favor a tweet where a guy calls him handsome! So yea Id say he is gay and I don't know why people want to out him. Leave the guy alone...How many guys are gay and need to stay discreet. I am one of them. If you see more pics and read more of Rob post them ...And I don't care what he is straight gay bi ..He is the hottest news anchor in NY on TV

by Schmitt loverreply 13907/26/2014

NBC is very gay-friendly; they had their own float in the Pride parade featuring two out gay news people, Raphael Miranda and Gus Rosendale.

Why wouldn't Rob ride the float too? Because he's closeted? Don't think so...

by Schmitt loverreply 14007/26/2014

What about Dan Mannarino, he's out. Is he coming back to WPIX? Dan and Marisol were great in the morning, yet they were fired and that fat balding slob Surkanya Krishnan remains?!

by Schmitt loverreply 14107/26/2014

Dan is back - working as a street reporter on the 10 pm news on WPIX now.

by Schmitt loverreply 14207/26/2014

Has Gus come out? Just because he rides on a float doesn't mean he is he is gay.

by Schmitt loverreply 14307/26/2014

Checky Beckford what does that prove. there are some people that don't want to be involved in these things. Someone's personal life is their own business!!

by Schmitt loverreply 14407/27/2014

Would be happy if both Rob and Gus played for our team.

by Schmitt loverreply 14507/27/2014

Checky Beckford, yes that's EXACTLY why he wouldn't ride the float-- he's in the closet!!!! Not everyone wants to come out no matter how "gay friendly" NBC clearly is.

Joebk, if Rob was going about his life in the closet, just hooking up with men privately, you're right, that wouldn't be anybody's business. But he has messed with several girls, faking interest in them, making it like he wanted to date them, all for nothing. Gay men, even closeted ones, just shouldn't be doing this. It is wrong and a cruel thing to do to women-- give them hope that a guy this attractive wants them, when of course, he doesn't. And I agree that him "favorting" your tweet, from a man calling him "handsome," is a HUGE sign of where this guy's true sexual attraction lies.

And again, it's not just Rob. I know several gorgeous guys like this. Faking interest in women, yet are really into men.

by Schmitt loverreply 14607/27/2014

Checky is straight. She used to work in California. She married a man there. Google her wedding announcement.

by Schmitt loverreply 14707/30/2014

No one said she is not...We are talking about gorgeous Rob Schmitt!!!!!

by Schmitt loverreply 14808/01/2014

Rob is on a romantic vacation with a man right now in Europe. Check his Instagram if anyone doesn't believe me.

by Schmitt loverreply 14908/02/2014

I saw his pics on vacation but it does not show him with one guy. But I am sure he was. and if that is so the guy who he was with is one lucky man .Id give anything to be that guy and be with Rob .I am in LOVE!! :)

by Schmitt loverreply 15008/05/2014

Rob was back last night at 11, subbing for Chuck Scarborough. He looked exhausted - that must have been some vacation! I wonder if he and his bf ever even left their hotel room...

by Schmitt loverreply 15108/09/2014

^^Yes, that is true. And Rob was just on a vacation with one man (who he's had a long standing relationship with that he masks as a "friendship"). He just took some pictures with other men/women on the trip, but make no mistake-- he went to Europe with just one guy, one he's been seeing for years since he lived out in California (and possibly longer).

I just get so tired of all these guys who won't come out of the closet. It's pathetic how Rob calls this guy his "wingman" (see Rob's Twitter page). Meanwhile, neither one of them ever pick up a woman! It's laughable really...

by Schmitt loverreply 15208/09/2014

The "boyfriend" appears to be a right-wing Republican. He follows Ann Coulter and Rush on Twitter and was a big Romney supporter and Obama hater.

by Schmitt loverreply 15308/09/2014

^^ But isn't that typical of a closeted man?! Birds of feather flock together. Rob's "boyfriend" is 35-36, tall, good looking, makes money... and yet somehow he doesn't have a girlfriend either? And just he and Rob are on a romantic trip together going all over Europe, something a COUPLE would do?

I don't care what Republicans he "follows" or listens to, it is CLEAR what is going on here between these two, as someone else had previously "outed" them on Instagram as well.

by Schmitt loverreply 15408/10/2014

Damn, Rob's Instagram is private. Would love to see the photos with the handsome boyfriend.

by Schmitt loverreply 15508/10/2014

^^ Well, he made it private after someone tried to out him, literally making a profile entitled "admityouregay" (which you can see in the link below). You can see his long term boyfriend (which he claims is his "friend" or "wingman") in his Twitter account. He's the really tall blonde guy named Adam. Another one who is deeply in the closet with no girlfriend in YEARS.

by Schmitt loverreply 15608/10/2014

Here are the twitter pictures of Rob and his "wingman" just being brahs on their trip to Europe

by Schmitt loverreply 15708/11/2014

Is this a common thing for closet gay men to do... pretend they're just "bros" or whatever when they're really having sex with each other? I'm just curious because I'm a straight female and notice this trend.

by Schmitt loverreply 15808/11/2014

Just turned on the noon news on channel 4 and Rob seems to be off today. Wasn't he just on vacation? Do we think he partied too much this weekend with his wingman?

by Schmitt loverreply 15908/11/2014

The boyfriend re-tweeted this from Ryan Seacrest: "If you don’t do wild things while you’re young, you’ll have nothing to smile about when you’re old." #QOTD

Sounds like he and Rob will have much to smile about when they're old.

by Schmitt loverreply 16008/11/2014

R160, that is really rich. His "wingman" re-tweeting Ryan Seacrest no less, yet ANOTHER closeted (or is it BARELY closeted?) gay!

by Schmitt loverreply 16108/11/2014

He's pretty much out of the closet... either that or hiding in plain sight (see link).

by Schmitt loverreply 16208/23/2014

Linky stinky, R162

by Schmitt loverreply 16308/23/2014

Why on earth would news reporters have to stay in the closet???? And don't tell me it's because they won't get hired.

by Schmitt loverreply 16408/23/2014

Sorry R163, I just realized not everyone can see it. Basically Rob posted the other day that he was at a "soiree" with his "sugar" (aka "boyfriend," a model/actor named Shane R Duffy). It's like he's not even hiding it anymore!!

And R164, PLENTY of people are still in the closet for that reason. Not that they won't be hired, but that they won't be taken SERIOUSLY-- especially in news. There is still stigma to being gay like it or not, and many of these closeted men do not have the COURAGE to simply come out of the closet, despite it being 2014.

by Schmitt loverreply 16508/23/2014

He's a semi-pretty boy hairy newsreader. He's not a hard-hitting investigative reporter who breaks big stories. I don't think ANYONE takes him seriously...

by Schmitt loverreply 16608/23/2014

Anyone who wants to see pics of Rob and Shane R. Duffy can go to Shane's Instagram page. I found a few shots of them together. He does appear to be gay but when I looked at who he follows on Twitter I'm not so sure.

by Schmitt loverreply 16708/23/2014

R167, BOTH of these men are PRETENDING to be straight. This is a common theme amongst Rob and the men he PRETENDS to be friends with, when it is CLEAR they are more than friends (flirtatious comments, taking trips together, etc). Notice how there are no girlfriends in ANY of these men's lives (that Rob is associated with, including Rob himself, of course).

by Schmitt loverreply 16808/23/2014

Rob anchored the 6:00 news solo tonight and will do the same at 11, with weatherqueen Raphael Miranda. Are they fucking between broadcasts?

by Schmitt loverreply 16908/23/2014

say all you want about ROb but he is the hottest man I have ever seen. I am in love this hunk of a man..I wish he was my boyfriend suga or whatever. I wish I could find a way to meet him and get involved with him. When I see him on the news I get so hot!! I truly lust over this man! Rob if you read these its Joey! LOL

by Schmitt loverreply 17008/28/2014

Now that hot Latin stud Tom Llamas is leaving WNBC (Friday is his last day), Rob will probably inherit Tom's 5:00 anchor slot and get even more airtime daily than he already has.

That's a good thing.

by Schmitt loverreply 17108/28/2014

Rob at 5 and David Muir at 6:30 starting Monday - I'm gonna have to buy some more lube!

by Schmitt loverreply 17208/29/2014

I can't believe Rob did not get Tom Llamas' spot! WTF is going on here? Rob is on so little and he is literally the best looking news anchor ALIVE!

by Schmitt loverreply 17309/05/2014

I responded with a long message in regards to Rob's sexuality-- considering I know many that know him. But it didn't post!

by Schmitt loverreply 17410/31/2014

Since Tom Llamas jumped to ABC looks like he's wearing a toupee.

by Schmitt loverreply 17510/31/2014

Is Schmitt from Baastan? He pronounces his own name "Raaab Schmitt."

by Schmitt loverreply 17611/01/2014

So, post it again Newyorker!

by Schmitt loverreply 17711/02/2014

A lot of you want to desperately prove that Rob is gay because you want him to be gay. I was one of you and have come to realize he is straight.

First, the instagram account that a few of you kept citing (as though it was proof of anything) was actually run by me. "Admityouregay" and I know many of you will be skeptical-- so I've gone ahead and changed the profile picture to address Data lounge. I wrote several comments on his page... ranging from accusations that he was gay to asking him to address his domestic abuse history. He deleted all the comments in relation to his domestic violence case-- he didn't give a damn about the accusations that he was gay. He seems more than secure with his sexuality. And doesn't try to mask the implications that he is gay with named lovers. He brushes it off because that's what you do when you know something isn't true and it doesn't bother you.

But of course that's not all I have.

My group of friends in Florida know Rob rather well. He had his wild years down in Florida. He dated a girl named Kelley that broke up with him after she found out he cheated on her (twice) with a girl. She herself will confirm that-- she's pretty open about it. She didn't have very nice things to say about Rob. Shortly after they broke up-- she even took to her facebook to make indirect comments and post song lyrics.

To address the rumor that he is dating his friend Adam? Wrong. He has known Adam for quite some time and they are bros-bros. Have been good friends and have a circle of good friends that Rob has known since his years in Indiana. Shane-- I'll admit I do think Shane is a closet homosexual. But as far as a relationship between him and Rob? Doubt that. Shane has a few gfs that are well known on the NY scene. One of them an aspiring model that has posted a few scandalous photos of herself and Shane before. I'm not saying that all of Rob's friends are straight-- but it's unlikely that a group of men be so entirely dedicated to staying closeted in 2014 that there's no trace of it. It's not realistic. Not to mention the other men in his group of friends also give off gay vibes but many of them are just metrosexual and are either married or have been in long term committed relationships. (Part 1)

by Schmitt loverreply 17811/03/2014

Part 2

What's more is Rob's good friend from Indiana named Bob. He is married with a child. If you look at his instagram profile Rob talks to him the same way that he does all of these other men. There is literally no difference.

Next point. How many gay men do you know that own a total of 5 or 6 t-shirts? Rob wears the same t-shirt at least twice a week. I have never heard of gay men in his position not owning more than 6 t-shirts. He also has on more than one occasion talked about how obscene it is that people spend too much money on a pair of jeans or sunglasses. Again, how many gay men that look the way Rob does have you heard say that? None of them. He might have a taste for luxury but he emulates Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort. Not gay luxury.

He is currently seeing Michelle Thomson. That's his type. Blonde, curvy, barbie doll like. The previous girls he has dated have looked that way and his current interest does as well. (Link attached)

He has traveled down to Florida to see her and she comes up to NY to see him. Now I know many of you have said that Rob strings girls along to keep up the facade. But considering that he puts value in money-- would it not be easier for him to date some blonde in NY to keep up appearances? Rather than fly all the way down to FL to continue to string some girl along? Use logic and common sense.

Next, Rob is awkward and overcompensates for his dorky looks in his past. It's hard for men that looked awkward for the majority of their life to grow into good looks and know how to act. He often times appears to be acting the way he thinks he should act. I have pictures of him from high school and to say he looked like a dweeb is an understatement. It looks like Rob didn't quite fill into being himself until college and he is only 31. A lot of his friends are people he knew in high school and it's clear that he keeps that part of him close.

Next, Rob is actually quite conservative. His family members are conservative and he believes in some things that you would be surprised to learn. Not sure if this adds weight to anything but just putting it out there.

Also just the basic notations. He follows ass blogs on instagram. He writes comments on the pages of hot girls in a discreet manner. He has small habits that in all ways indicate he is straight. Almost everyone in FL has a story about Rob being a dickhead or being an asshole after he sleeps with a girl. By all accounts he doesn't seem to be a good person. But I've tried my hardest to back up the idea that he's gay-- but he's just not.

by Schmitt loverreply 17911/03/2014

Well Newyorker, that was an enlightening read. And I think you got a lot right (Rob's conservative background, his cheapness, not being a nice person, etc). But I'll tell you right now, no one has more experience with closeted gay men than me, and I happen to know 3 gorgeous blondes that Rob faked interest in and could have slept with that he didn't!! I'm literally talking perfect 10's. NO straight guy turns down women like this.

Your point about Rob's new ruse in Florida... this is truly the OLDEST trick in the book for a closeted gay man. To answer your question of why Rob would deliberately pick a girl to "see" in Florida practically outs him in it's own right. You're telling me that a STRAIGHT man who wants REGULAR sex with an attractive girl would deliberately pick a girl who lives in another STATE?! Come on! He has his pick of ANY gorgeous girl in NY! (And again, I know several that Rob FAKED interest in and then wouldn't touch.) I actually know another closet gay guy who pulled this too... his "girlfriend" was always out of town!! And then naturally their "relationship" would end just as fast as it began. He even has a built-in excuse!! He can say the "distance" was a problem!!

Also, don't Rob's parents live in Miami now? As you mentioned he comes from an ultra conservative background... you don't think it's a coincidence that his new "girlfriend" would be living down there?

I've actually told a friend of mine a lot about Rob and the different things I've heard, and she is CERTAIN he's a closet homo like HER ex husband. I don't know if Rob will ever come out of the closet, but he is definitely not a completely STRAIGHT man. Shane is pretty flaming, and Adam... where's his girlfriend or even WIFE by now? He's quite a bit older... Why would they want to go on a romantic trip to Europe together just the two of them?

And even if Rob is not having actual gay sex with these men, he is not normal by any means with women either.

I'm just curious Newyorker, did Rob fake interest in you too and then not do anything about it? Is that why you made the "admityouregay" profile on Instagram? Because I really think you unknowingly got it right the very first time. He is just deeply repressed.

by Schmitt loverreply 18011/03/2014

It is also worth noting that Rob DOES NOT brush off gay jokes. An attractive brunette wrote on one of his photos #homo and he deleted it! (Among other examples like this-- plus it begs the question, what does she know to make such a comment?) He also acts super defensive on the news about his masculinity and has made several comments reflecting this. Not to mention the comments and practically STALKING that other very obviously gay men have done on his photos!! I have tons of examples.

And just because Rob does not DRESS gay like that flamer, Shane (who wears scarfs around his neck in the middle of summer!), that only goes hand in hand with Rob NOT WANTING TO BE GAY. He is in the closet!!!! He does not view himself as a gay man. But he has no trouble surrounding himself with other gay men (some very flamboyant too-- look up Brett Gursky that he hangs around with in LA-- literally the GAYEST MAN EVER!). This is suspicious in itself because most straight men would not be caught DEAD in a social setting with gay men.

And you said, isn't it unlikely that in 2014 all these men are hiding in the closet? The answer is, NO it isn't! I live in New York too and I can't get over the amount of closeted gay men I've encountered (most of which have faked interest in me because I'm a very attractive woman). Remember the old saying, "birds of feather flock together"?!?!?! That is really what is going on with Rob and his "buddies." It's obvious.

But again, the biggest clue of all, and this is something I cannot believe other Data Lounger's won't agree with me on, is that gay men are FAMOUS for picking "girlfriends" who live in another state (or far away)!!!! I mean this is literally out of the closet fag playbook!! It has nothing do with Rob's "cheapness," because he was constantly going down to Miami ANYWAY (which is know as fag capital, although I have to say NY seems to be worse). I mean Rob could walk down the street outside 30 Rock RIGHT NOW and find at least TEN girls that are as attractive or MORE attractive than this girl "Michelle," yet he DELIBERATELY isn't doing it. The question is WHY? I think you know the answer.

by Schmitt loverreply 18111/04/2014

You bring up some interesting points. I would like to provide more information but honestly I feel I would expose my identity. He never hit on me. He dated a very good friend of mine.

Let's chit chat on a different medium. Without revealing our true selves of course.

Let me know.

by Schmitt loverreply 18211/05/2014

What medium do you suggest? I really don't want to reveal my identity either because I too am a girl Rob "dated," which is how I have this kind of information!

I just wonder, if your friend "dated" Rob, what sparked you to make the "admityouregay" profile? Clearly you (and I assume your friend?) thought he was gay at some point, or you wouldn't have made the profile...?

by Schmitt loverreply 18311/05/2014

On tonight's 6pm broadcast, there was a story about a lot of couples getting married today, 12/13/14. They then mentioned the next time a sequence like that happened again wouldn't be until 1/2/34, and Rob finished by saying he probably wouldn't get married until then.

by Schmitt loverreply 18412/13/2014

Rob looked more than a little worse for wear during the 11:00 broadcast tonight. I wonder if between newscasts he went and hit some of that Santacom action - seems right up his alley.

by Schmitt loverreply 18512/13/2014

Yes R184, I caught that. So typical... His only cover is that he's a "confirmed bachelor."

by Schmitt loverreply 18612/14/2014

He's a real Ken Doll - no thanks.

by Schmitt loverreply 18712/14/2014

R49 I prefer Jeff Verzyla!

by Schmitt loverreply 18812/14/2014

So is this Schmitt? He is a hot fuck.

by Schmitt loverreply 18912/14/2014


by Schmitt loverreply 19012/14/2014

He looks a bit cachexic, R188.

by Schmitt loverreply 19112/14/2014

He looks hotter on TV, R191. That's a weirdly toothy photo of him.

by Schmitt loverreply 19212/15/2014

So who's had him?

by Schmitt loverreply 19312/21/2014

Rob Schmitt is very Hollywood handsome and is Half German / Half Italian. That is why he is so hot ! Thick, wavy jet black hair, steel blue eyes, thick eyebrows, a noble nose and chiseled cleft chin !

by Schmitt loverreply 19412/25/2014

Rob is hot, but he either needs a closer shave or better foundation makeup. He's got a 5 o'clock shadow at noon.

by Schmitt loverreply 19501/01/2015

Wish he would just admit he is gay and end all this mystery. I think he is hot as hell and would love to have a hot affair with him. Yea I am a guy and I lust over him!!

by Schmitt loverreply 19601/12/2015

Well he spent New Years (yet again) with his beloved Adam! And his Florida ruse was nowhere to be seen! If he wasn't so heavily involved with another man, you might have a better shot Joe.

by Schmitt loverreply 19701/13/2015

I can't believe you people still watch network TV news. Stuck in 1999, eh? Pathetic.

by Schmitt loverreply 19801/13/2015

Definitely fudge packers!!

by Schmitt loverreply 19901/24/2015

If this is what Rob is banging, screw Rob. I want Shane!

by Schmitt loverreply 20001/25/2015

Yes, Rob certainly has good taste... But it is a safe bet they're screwing. They look like cats who ate the canary in the latest picture.

by Schmitt loverreply 20101/25/2015

He's hot. Any nude or shirtless photos??

by Schmitt loverreply 20201/31/2015

Gio is much hotter than this dude.

by Schmitt loverreply 20301/31/2015

Eww--there are much hotter news guys in L.A.; Mark Mester, for instance:

by Schmitt loverreply 20401/31/2015

Better picture of Mark:

by Schmitt loverreply 20501/31/2015

Mark is attractive but supposed to have a very small tool.

by Schmitt loverreply 20601/31/2015

That picture of Mark with the two women looks like one of Rob Marciano with the same two women. Hmmmm

by Schmitt loverreply 20701/31/2015

Bump...for Mark Mester!

by Schmitt loverreply 20802/09/2015

On the noon news today, Rob mentioned he doesn't have a Valentine's Day date. Sad sad sad.

by Schmitt loverreply 20902/10/2015

If he came out, he'd have to beat the boys off with a stick.

by Schmitt loverreply 21002/11/2015

Rob wore a pink shirt on-air for his Valentine's Day broadcast at 6. For the 11, he had switched to a white one.

by Schmitt loverreply 21102/15/2015

Why does he keep missing days? I miss his hot ass!

by Schmitt loverreply 21204/22/2015

Watching him now for the first time, thought he had gay face, looked him up. Great thread!

Any current gossip?

by Schmitt loverreply 21308/08/2015

What makes Rob's face look "gay" is the perfection of it. Straight men do not look like this... At least not anymore.

by Schmitt loverreply 21408/11/2015

Rob wore a pale oatmeal-colored suit the other day and when he did his standup in front of the green screen, the outline of his large dick was clearly visible hanging down his right leg. Pretty face, nice body, big dick. Who could ask for anything more?

by Schmitt loverreply 21509/21/2015

Rob must be sucking off the right guy at NBC... The man works about 2 days a week at most!

by Schmitt loverreply 21610/07/2015

When Thomas Roberts came on the set tonight at 6 to plug his 6:30 broadcast, he and Rob were dressed exactly alike: dark blue suit, white shirt, light blue tie, white pocket handkerchief. Thomas even said to him, I see you got the memo about wardrobe, and Rob said you mean the one that said I should dress like you.

I wonder what else they're sharing besides wardrobe? That would make one hot pair.

by Schmitt loverreply 21710/24/2015

R217, it's so funny you mention this because my mother saw this and said the same thing! Definitely something going on between those two. Thomas Roberts is gay and married to a man, but there was a blind item recently saying that an "out" and married news anchor was caught cheating... wonder if it was with Rob! There sure was a lot of flirting going on between them.

by Schmitt loverreply 21810/27/2015

And we all know Thomas could never keep it in his pants, even with a boyfriend (now husband) at home

by Schmitt loverreply 21910/27/2015

Has Rob been fired from NBC? He's not been on in weeks...

by Schmitt loverreply 22007/26/2016

Sad to say but Rob has left WNBC for a job at FOX NEWS. Maybe he's Shep Smith's new boytoy...

by Schmitt loverreply 22107/28/2016

Yes, Rob was fired. He did not leave WNBC of his own accord.

by Schmitt loverreply 22207/28/2016

Actually, he did, R222. His contract was up in July and when they hired Stefan Holt to anchor the new 4 pm news instead of promoting Rob off weekends, he thought it was time to not renew but look for opportunity elsewhere. He found it at FNC, where he anchors weekend afternoons from 3 - 6.

by Schmitt loverreply 22307/28/2016

His contract was not renewed and was not going to be renewed. He was canned.

by Schmitt loverreply 22407/29/2016

R223 & R224, you seem to know a lot about the situation... any other inside news on Rob you'd like to share? Like who his new boyfriend is perhaps? Or is it really Shep Smith?! That would certainly explain a lot!! LOL

by Schmitt loverreply 22507/29/2016

I heard he died

by Schmitt loverreply 22603/03/2017

When, R226?

by Schmitt loverreply 22703/03/2017

Did anyone see Rob reporting on the hurricane in Texas? Really pathetic to see how far he's fallen. They literally only send him out in hurricanes anymore. I honestly think he wrecked his career by being another self-loathing closet case.

by Schmitt loverreply 22808/27/2017

I remember him from NBC here in New York. Damn he was HOT!

by Schmitt loverreply 22908/27/2017
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