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Why are so many weathermen gay?


by Just musingreply 7203/27/2014

I will tell you that all the weathermen in Chicago are balding fat asses.

by Just musingreply 104/10/2012


by Just musingreply 204/10/2012

Andy Avalos is not fat!

by Just musingreply 304/10/2012

Because doing the weather is manufacturing faux drama out of ordinary natural phenomena. Perfect for them.

by Just musingreply 404/10/2012

They don't do a lot of "work," they get to wear fantastic clothes, and get their ego stroked during stupid personal appeariences.

by Just musingreply 504/10/2012

Only in America! In Holland they're all depressingly straight family men.

by Just musingreply 604/10/2012

Here in South Florida, most of the TV meteorologists are women.

by Just musingreply 704/10/2012

I've always wondered this also.

by Just musingreply 804/10/2012

I've always wondered the same thing, OP. Seriously, what are the reasons?

by Just musingreply 904/10/2012

Surprise rainal.

by Just musingreply 1004/10/2012

In Austin at one point in the 90s all 4 local news networks had gay weathermen.

by Just musingreply 1104/10/2012

For whatever reason, a lot of gay men are fundamentally performers who like attention (yes, I'm generalizing). If you can't act or sing, why not do the weather on TV?

(I think the Weather Channel must weed them out, though, because you don't see many clearly gay guys on the air there.)

by Just musingreply 1204/10/2012

R12 Bingo is your name-o. A lot of gay men love performing. I can't think of any gay meteorologist on The Weather Channel. When The Weather Channel was bought by NBC Jeff Ranieri, a gay meteorologist, worked for NBC. He was the senior meteorologist yet The Weather Channel hired Bill Karins and another weather person.

by Just musingreply 1304/10/2012


by Just musingreply 1404/10/2012

The University of Tennessee offers a course for prospective weather guys leading to AMS approval. The chairman of department is gay. He encourages his favorite boys to go into television and helps them through his contacts.

by Just musingreply 1504/10/2012

Back in the 90s, I remember there were a lot of cute, young weathermen on the Weather Channel.

by Just musingreply 1604/10/2012

Here in CT, the CBS station has 3 weathergays, NBC has 2, ABC has 1, and FOX has none (though their former chief meteorologist was the gayest of the gays)

by Just musingreply 1704/10/2012

Former BBC weathergay Tomasz Schafernaker even appeared in a gay magazine in a state of undress, while still under contract.

by Just musingreply 1804/10/2012

Weather Channel's former winter weather expert was gay but low key. Not sure where he is today.

by Just musingreply 1904/10/2012

I dont' care if he's gay or straight but I would like to see Jim Cantore do the weather in the nude just once. He's hot enough in a polo shirt to cause me to palpitate.

by Just musingreply 2004/10/2012

I think it all goes back to the early days of TV, when you didn't need to know anything scientific to do the weather on TV - it was all about having a pretty face.

In those days, they were "weathergirls" - now they're just "weather gurrrls!"

by Just musingreply 2104/10/2012

R3, get a new pair of glasses. You probably get all wet for Jerry Taft.

by Just musingreply 2204/10/2012

Too many viewings of this video as young gaylings.

by Just musingreply 2304/10/2012

... and how could we ever forget ' Cockroach meets Weatherman?'

by Just musingreply 2404/10/2012

R1, you must be referring to Tom Skilling, who is balding and paunchy. And also a closeted gay. Unless you can think of another reason why a late fiftysomething man lives with two male "roommates."

by Just musingreply 2504/10/2012

r4 wins!!

by Just musingreply 2604/10/2012

Not sure, but I'm glad this one is. I spent an evening with him and he was handsome, had an awesome physique, and was a nice guy.

by Just musingreply 2704/10/2012

They were deeply moved by the Wizard of Oz.

by Just musingreply 2804/10/2012

R10 is a winner

by Just musingreply 2904/10/2012

Yes, but did you FUCK HIM, R27?

by Just musingreply 3004/10/2012

Last year we had a thread about a weather guy who woke up naked in his hottub with his arms around a dead guy. Anyone remember that?

by Just musingreply 3104/10/2012

R30 We did spend the night bed. He was better looking than his picture btw.

by Just musingreply 3204/10/2012

The weathermen are gay because stations prefer not to have their gays as the news anchor. So to be inclusive, the stations stick the weathermen on for five minutes at the end of the show.

by Just musingreply 3304/10/2012

Does this mean Al Roker is gay. And I doubted my pingo'meter

by Just musingreply 3404/10/2012

R34 Al is queer and questioning.

by Just musingreply 3504/10/2012

Anyone know about that new guy in the Detroit area, Keenan or something? He pings.

by Just musingreply 3604/10/2012

(R35). Hmm, could this be the much talked about Matt Laurer affair? And everybody thought it was Natalie Morales, Savannah Guthrie, the chick in Canada, etc.

by Just musingreply 3704/10/2012

[quote].. and how could we ever forget ' Cockroach meets Weatherman?'

We won't. LOL

by Just musingreply 3804/10/2012

I have such a crush on Weatherman Tucker Barnes from the Washington DC area local Fox 5 Morning News. He's adorable and has such an adorably sexy voice.

by Just musingreply 3904/11/2012

Any scoop on Fox 5 NY weatherman Mike Woods? He sets my ping-o meter off.

I used to see ABC's weatherman Sam Champion at this gay club on Sunday afternoons.

by Just musingreply 4004/11/2012

I thought I'd heard Mike Woods is gay. There was a FOX 5 TV promo a few years ago that had all the personalities dancing on a pier and Woods REALLY got into it.

by Just musingreply 4104/11/2012

They're all gay because they're all married to hairdressers.

by Just musingreply 4204/11/2012

An early fascination with this song:

by Just musingreply 4304/11/2012

Theres a cute reporter in savannah georgia who is gay

by Just musingreply 4404/11/2012

Here in Chicago, we had Stephen Goolsby as weathergay on local channel CLTV. He went on to become porn star Stephen Marks. Now I think he's in DC working in real estate.

by Just musingreply 4504/11/2012

r43 is always late for the party.

by Just musingreply 4604/11/2012

Mike Woods is tres tres gay, R41.

Within the industry, it's no secret.

by Just musingreply 4704/11/2012

Why isn't r4 on W&W? Funniest thing on here in a while.

by Just musingreply 4804/12/2012

r41, Mike's former partner is Jim Castillo who was doing weather at station across town. Then went to KOMO in Washington. Here people called him "The Homo at KOMO."

by Just musingreply 4904/12/2012

Do any Miami or New Orleans people know anything about David Bernard? He was a cute, baby-faced gay twink in Tulsa early in his career, but I just looked him up, and he's a very handsome man now. He always seemed like a really nice guy, too, and his partner, if there is one, is a lucky man.

by Just musingreply 5004/12/2012

Cute gay Scottish weatherman in tight shirt.

by Just musingreply 5106/18/2013

[quote]Here in CT, the CBS station has 3 weathergays

Whose the third one? Mike? I've been wondering about OP's question ever since I noticed how many "weathergays" we seem to have here in CT.

by Just musingreply 5206/29/2013

Austin STILL has a lot of local gay weathermen. I know 3 personally.

by Just musingreply 5306/29/2013

I wonder what happened to Tony Williams. He was DC's Weathergay for a number of years, then moved out to LA to be their Weathergay.

But he has pretty much disappeared since losing a job in LA (IIRC).

by Just musingreply 5406/29/2013

I wonder if Tex Antoine was gay?

by Just musingreply 5506/29/2013

I like me some Brooks Garner. He's in Houston now. He has a daughter so he's probably straight.

by Just musingreply 5610/10/2013

Does anyone here who lives in Portland, Or know if KPTV's Wayne Garcia is on the down low?

Not that I'm flattering myself but I think he cruised me twice at Safeway last night.

by Just musingreply 5710/10/2013

There was a weathergay in atlanta back in the 80's (?) named Russ Minshew who was busted for soliciting a teenage boy. In was quite the scandal.

by Just musingreply 5810/10/2013

WHET the weathergay who quit to do gay porn? Steve something ...

by Just musingreply 5910/10/2013

I'm curious about that too, R52.

From 3:

Scott and Mark - Who is the 3rd? Mike is really the only other option since Bruce has been married a couple of times.

From 30:

Ryan and Garrett

From 8:

Not sure on this one

by Just musingreply 6010/10/2013

I have always thought that Portland weatherman Rod Hill was gay but no one seems to know. He is a pocket gay.

by Just musingreply 6110/10/2013

When "It's Raining Men" for real, they want to be covering the storm.

by Just musingreply 6210/10/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Just musingreply 6310/10/2013

Because this:

by Just musingreply 6410/10/2013

and especially this:

by Just musingreply 6510/10/2013

Here in Philadelphia, there's Adam Joseph on the ABC affiliate. Cute, cute, CUTE, what a smile. Chris Sower, at the NBC station, is hot, but straight, definitely worth a look though.

by Just musingreply 6610/11/2013

I like Scott, R63, and he's out, which is more than you can say for a lot of weathergays.

What's the fucking problem with being effem**ate? It's not an insult to all of us, and you would really think on a GAY site it wouldn't be used as a diss.

by Just musingreply 6710/11/2013

R61, I would be astonished if Rod Hill weren't gay. He probably just keeps a low profile.

by Just musingreply 6810/11/2013

R27 - Arch???? LOL, what a big nelly. Oh how the "mighty" have fallen. He sure thought he was the party bomb queen of ATL back in the 90s.

by Just musingreply 6910/11/2013

Sven Sundgard in mpls.. He's out .

by Just musingreply 7010/12/2013

Oh how I loved this posting:

I don't care if he's gay or straight but I would like to see Jim Cantore do the weather in the nude just once. He's hot enough in a polo shirt to cause me to palpitate.

by Just musingreply 7111/22/2013

This is one of our local weathermen, Dave Nussbaum. I can't believe he's married to a woman.

by Just musingreply 7203/27/2014
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