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Gay, But Curious About Sex With A Woman


Do you find yourself strangely attracted to certain parts of the female body, and have thought about trying sex just once with a woman?

I've known a few gay guys like this. One actually did it. Enjoyed it, but was still gay, and didn't want to do it again. He did remark that fucking pussy was great in and of itself, because it gripped his cock and was self-lubricating. The girl was a friend of his. She told him that she came four times - something she never received from a straight guy. In the end, he still liked ass better, but sort of understood straight men better when it came to hetero sex.

So, is anyone curious to try it, or have you tried it already? I'm referring to those who already came out as gay, and never tried heterosexuality before coming out. This isn't about people who experimented with both sexes until they figured out their orientation. You're gay, and thought about having sex with a woman for the first time afterward.

by Aunt Idareply 10512/14/2016

do gay men want to be over powered by an athletic woman with a strong back or do they like petit, slim girls?

do gay men prefer women with big, broad shoulders or lithe chicks with thin, scrawny limbs?

I'm a woman of curiosity.

by Aunt Idareply 103/04/2012

[quote]She told him that she came four times


by Aunt Idareply 203/04/2012

OP, fall dick first into a bowl of warm calves' liver while squeezing two tubes of ground pork and expecting to have your soul owned for the pleasure, and you'll pretty much enjoy the experience of sex with a straight woman.

by Aunt Idareply 303/04/2012

Why do I think Aunt Ida is really Andy Cohen? I think he has been hanging out with the real housewives so much he is curious for a dip in the lady pond.

by Aunt Idareply 403/04/2012

Sex with a woman feels like you are fucking a bucket of water.

A very needy, clingy , talkative bucket of water.

by Aunt Idareply 503/04/2012


But, is this an attempt to correlate this with the idea that straight guys have gay sex and sexuality is "fluid"?

by Aunt Idareply 603/04/2012

[quote] A very needy, clingy , talkative bucket of water.

OTOH, straight men are scared shitless of independent women. A lot of that "needy, clingy" shit is learned by women so men won't be threatened.

by Aunt Idareply 703/04/2012

R7, don't make too many excuses for the dependent cow-herd syndrome of lazy, parasitic neediness. It's NOT merely a reaction to cavemen rejecting independent women. It's women failing themselves and blaming men for it, too.

by Aunt Idareply 803/04/2012

R8, your mom's not here; no need to put on a show.

by Aunt Idareply 903/04/2012

Paging the 'stop the hatred of women PSA' in 5, 4, 3, 2, ...

by Aunt Idareply 1003/04/2012

I might make out with a woman when drunk, but nothing below the waist, thank you.

by Aunt Idareply 1103/04/2012

OP is the Jesus freak who posts threads like this on DL all the time.

BACK TO YOU FOCUS ON THE FAMILY MEETING OP. You are not going to convert any homos on DL.

Please, somebody ban OP already!!!

by Aunt Idareply 1203/04/2012

I flagged. I think these types of threads always have some sort of agenda, too.

by Aunt Idareply 1303/04/2012

which other threads did OP post, r12?

Now that i reread it with the fundie agenda in mind, i think you're right.

by Aunt Idareply 1403/04/2012

I love pussy. If I could meet up with a girl in the steam room and she would turn around give me access to her twat I would fuck a girl every day.

However...women come with baggage... mucho baggae so I just get head from guys.

by Aunt Idareply 1503/04/2012

I think anyone who actually pays attention knows that straight men are "needy and clingy" in their own way.

by Aunt Idareply 1603/04/2012

"I think anyone who actually pays attention knows that straight men are "needy and clingy" in their own way."

Of course they are! Straight men lose their shit when they get dumped. Stalking, violence, etc.

Hell hath no fury like a scorned man.

by Aunt Idareply 1703/04/2012

I was definitely gay when I fucked a woman at age 20. And then again at age 25. It was fun and I could get into more sex with women if they were sluttier like guys, NSA. But they're not, and I'm definitely gay.

by Aunt Idareply 1803/04/2012

Did OP just see those hacked cell phone nude pics of Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn? Is that what brought this on?

by Aunt Idareply 1903/04/2012

Why do so many gay men talk about sex with a woman as if it's as complex as climbing the Everest??? It's just sex!!! It can be great and fun, it can be OK and it can be boring or bad, depending on all kinds of things, just like any sex, including gay sex.

by Aunt Idareply 2003/04/2012

IKR, bi woman? I think they'd enjoy it lots more than gay sex, if they would just gave it half a chance.

by Aunt Idareply 2103/04/2012

One of my fantasies is to have a threesome with a bi guy and girl and just go to town.

by Aunt Idareply 2203/04/2012

I agree with you str8 girl. But, they have to want it. Homosexuality IS a choice after all...example gay for pay.

Bless you.

by Aunt Idareply 2303/04/2012

[quote]Now that i reread it with the fundie agenda in mind, i think you're right.

lulz, go find my 'other' threads. I'll wait.

by Aunt Idareply 2403/04/2012

Occasionally I sleep with women, usually when inebriated or when I haven't slept with a man for a while.

It's enjoyable. No big deal.

I definitely prefer guys.

by Aunt Idareply 2503/04/2012


Darling, you're so prissy, when you douche I bet you sift the remnants for glitter.

[quote]But, is this an attempt to correlate this with the idea that straight guys have gay sex and sexuality is "fluid"?

Sexuality can be fluid. It certainly is for me.

by Aunt Idareply 2603/04/2012

I'm scared to fuck the pudding!

by Aunt Idareply 2703/04/2012

Of course it "can be", R26. Choose "straight" though. But, thank you for proving point. I love "gay" guys like you.

by Aunt Idareply 2803/04/2012

Yes, but only with Sandra Fluke, 3L, and I'll bring the condoms.

by Aunt Idareply 2903/04/2012

[r28] Fortunately my self awareness and sexual expression is not predicated on the views Of Kirk Cameron, or anyone else.

Grow up.

by Aunt Idareply 3003/04/2012

Makes no difference to me, R30. You keep doing your thing, and I'll keep doing mine. More people agree with me, though. Thanks for helping me out, though.


by Aunt Idareply 3103/04/2012


[quote]More people agree with me, though. Thanks for helping me out, though.

As I said, grow up.

by Aunt Idareply 3203/04/2012

Kirk, you're so manly, and your sexuality is definitely NOT fluid. Call me! ~ giggle ~

by Aunt Idareply 3303/04/2012

I think its really insulting to use people as a sex objects, and then once you're done with them they are tossed aside like used paper towels. These are human beings and please don't pull that usual guy BS that its just sex. When you play musical sex partners you are making Kirk Cameron have a very strong point which he says you are self- destructive. OP, get a life because you sound restless and unhappy. You sound like you are not fulfilled spiritually, mentally, or something.Possibly therapy might do you some good.

by Aunt Idareply 3403/04/2012

I tried as a teen--loved the girlfriend of many years. Unfortunately things did not *work* well. No, as a flat kinsey 6, I have no desire (and I know that I have no ability) to fuck women. There's no choice to be made; I guess I could choose to be miserable and celibate.

by Aunt Idareply 3503/04/2012

The best sex I ever had was with a woman with whom I had a relationship for over four years....

by Aunt Idareply 3603/04/2012

R34 seems like a confused little twat who is projecting her confusion about self-worth and immaturity about sexual choice onto the OP's simple questions about sexual experimentation. The fact that this fiendish, slack-jawed, moralistic homophobe invokes K. Cameron indicates where the creep really is coming from.

F&F this gay-baiting, sex-aversive, hypocritical troll.

by Aunt Idareply 3703/04/2012

"The girl was a friend of his. She told him that she came four times - something she never received from a straight guy."

Lucky her! So she has sex with a gay man, and this is the one time she is able to have multiple orgasms in her life? Did she explain why this might be?

by Aunt Idareply 3803/04/2012

Oooh baby, that's HAWT, r36!

by Aunt Idareply 3903/04/2012

Don't do it, OP. Unless you like the smell of rotting fish.

by Aunt Idareply 4003/04/2012

I was curious and eventually convinced a friend to let me try. It was fine. I have had sex with a few other women since then. I'm 100% gay but the sex itself with a woman is good. I'm just not drawn to them or think they're hot.

by Aunt Idareply 4103/04/2012

So OP, you wonder what its like to fuck a woman. So do I

by Aunt Idareply 4203/04/2012

Sounds fulfilling, R41.

by Aunt Idareply 4303/04/2012

R37, well then you along with many on DL should stop being hypocrites and stop the bitching and getting pissed off at gay for pay porn since you give a huge pat on the back to jackasses on DL who claim they are 100% gay , yet they can get it up for women and have sex with women! Good Grief!

by Aunt Idareply 4403/04/2012

R18 So you're not gay. you are bi.

by Aunt Idareply 4503/04/2012

I like the taste of poontang in the morning

by Aunt Idareply 4603/05/2012

"It's like a foreign land to me".

by Aunt Idareply 4703/05/2012

For the 1000000000000000000000000th time - the bi parts of a person don't have to be equal!!!!!

Some men can only fall in love and have sex with guys but can fall in love with women too. Some men can only fall in love and have sex with guys but can only have sex with women and never fall in love with them. Some can do both. Some guys can have sex and fall in love with women but can only have sex with men but not love them or feel any emotional involvement.

We are different. What's so difficult to understand????

by Aunt Idareply 4803/05/2012

Many, if not most, sisters are actually married to fish, living with fish, fucking fish and making babies with fish!

sisters who are 'out and proud' are perhaps less than 1% of total sisters worldwide.

So your Lesbian fantasies, Mary OP, are perfectly common!

by Aunt Idareply 4903/05/2012

R48,NOOOO! It means that they are oppressed and they are in the cloooosssset!! For the 1000000000000th time! They are not Bi!

by Aunt Idareply 5003/05/2012

R48 What you're saying is absurd. Most of the men here in DL defines themselves as "gays", but in fact they are actually bisexuals, For example that guy that was saying I'm 100% gay but I love pussy. They need to re-define themselves. t

by Aunt Idareply 5103/05/2012

[quote]I was curious and eventually convinced a friend to let me try. It was fine. I have had sex with a few other women since then. I'm 100% gay but the sex itself with a woman is good. I'm just not drawn to them or think they're hot.

Then why did you do it?

How was the feeling of pussy?

by Aunt Idareply 5203/05/2012

Why would you?

The hole feels different though. "Unique". But it's slimy and awful.

Don't touch it!

by Aunt Idareply 5303/05/2012

We just threw up a little....

by Aunt Idareply 5403/05/2012

That's what we're here for.

by Aunt Idareply 5503/05/2012

Why don't these bisexual pain in the asses start their own website! Called Bisexual Lounge or if you want to be more honest called it what it truthfully is, called it Bullshit Lounge or User Lounge.

by Aunt Idareply 5603/05/2012

r51 If they say they are BI 90-95% of the time and fuck a woman once in a long while, people here say they are fooling themselves and they are really gay. If they define themselves as gay (because that's what they mostly are, people say they are BI.

Damned if they do, damned if they don't!

WTF is this? A "purity test"? You're not "really" gay if you ever had sex with a woman or want to try it or tried it a few times?

r51 as an owner of a vagina, I can tell you it feels exactly like the inside cheek as far as texture is concerned. It's like the inside cheek surrounded by a muscle. You sound like an 8 year old.

by Aunt Idareply 5703/05/2012

Oh, gawd, you're boring r57.

by Aunt Idareply 5803/05/2012

MPC always sounds like he's protesting too much. He can't get vag that's why he settles for asshole but he can't too much of that either.

by Aunt Idareply 5903/05/2012

ehhh... i fucked a f2m tranny with vagine in tact once. Meh

by Aunt Idareply 6003/05/2012

[quote]ehhh... i fucked a f2m tranny with vagine in tact once. Meh

I'm sure s/he/it is still in therapy.

by Aunt Idareply 6103/05/2012

Bisexual = likes both men and boys.

by Aunt Idareply 6203/05/2012

OP = Rush Limbaugh

by Aunt Idareply 6303/05/2012

Kirk Cameron would love this thread. It just prices his point over and over again.

by Aunt Idareply 6403/05/2012

[quote] Do you find yourself strangely attracted to certain parts of the female body

I do, yes. Very strangely attracted to parts.

by Aunt Idareply 6503/05/2012

Straight girl here, curious about sex with a gay guy. (Not Kirkles the Jerkles, though)

by Aunt Idareply 6603/05/2012

why would we want something that smells like purple flowers and tuna

by Aunt Idareply 6703/05/2012

Of course a gay men might be curious about sex with a woman. First, we're all socialized to see hetero sex something we're automatically supposed to engage in. Second, they're men--they're going to be curious about any kind of sex. Any straight guy who claims he's NEVER thought about sex with another guy is lying, pure and simple. Nobody is a real Kinsey 1 or 6.

by Aunt Idareply 6803/05/2012

We shouldn't be afraid of acknowledging that there is some level of flexibility to many people's sexuality.

This Kirk Cameron would agree shit is stupid. For most of human history gay men were forced to marry and procreate with women. In select cultures like Ancient Sparta straight men were forced to engage in sex with other men.

Obviously your sexual orientation is fixed but your sexuality orientation is NOT your sex life. For many people gay/straight and male/female they are capable of experimenting with a gender even if they aren't "truly" attracted to that gender.

by Aunt Idareply 6903/05/2012

"She told him that she came four times"

LOL. There's something your friend doesn't know about women.

by Aunt Idareply 7003/05/2012

something about that 'four times' story does not add up. When a fish is cumming, it is VERY evident without words.

by Aunt Idareply 7103/05/2012

No, but i get curious about having a romance with a females now, again. Gsy guys have given me the creeps.

by Aunt Idareply 7204/15/2013

I dated girls in my teens (30 years ago) and had sex with a few of them. BORING! Been there, done that, not going back.

by Aunt Idareply 7304/15/2013

God made a vagina...he also made a penis. The penis goes in the vagina and leaves sperm to produce offspring. It's only natural for any man to want sex with a women. We are sexual beings and desires are strong!

by Aunt Idareply 7406/02/2013

Google Albert Kinsey

by Aunt Idareply 7506/02/2013

[quote]"She told him that she came four times"

Not unless your friend had a Hitachi Magic Wand with him.

Women generally don't come from penetrative sex, so I am quite sure your "friend" was lied to, unless he is particular adept - as a heterosexual virgin, no less - with his tongue on her clit or his hand on her clit.

by Aunt Idareply 7606/02/2013

"Do you find yourself strangely attracted to certain parts of the female "


by Aunt Idareply 7706/02/2013

Shhh, r76. Don't tell these guys the truth about women.

OP's entire story/question sounds like the usual bullshit people post here to get the DL stirred up.

by Aunt Idareply 7806/02/2013

Pussy is wonderful. It's a much better fuck than an anus. It comes with great natural lubrication and grips the entire length of the shaft of the penis. It's made for fucking.

But being gay, the overall sexual experience was not satisfying. I prefer sex with a man.

Too bad pussy comes attached to a woman. Not a diss to women here; I just mean that sexual orientation is an emotional psychological thing not just body parts that fit together.

by Aunt Idareply 7906/02/2013

I disagree that some people think gay men see hectro sex as complex, gay and straight sex is very similar apart from the fact that women have a thing inside them that makes babies....although both have a means to an end.....which is pleasure. It also strengthens the bond between two people in a relationship including gay couples. From my point of view, being a gay guy in a relationship and also curious about popping my straight cherry and the fact that I see sex in a meaningful way, if I were confronted with the opportunity of fucking a women, I would be more concerned about making it pleasurable for her i.e: making sure she was ready and turned on before I just shoved it in. Basically, what I trying to say is that if I was gonna try, I would have to see that person as more than just another hole to fuck....

by Aunt Idareply 8007/18/2013

I know he posted last month, but R79 has to be one of those ancient gays who reminisces fondly about the days when he was 'straight'/closeted. He probably enjoys "The Facts of Life" and "The Golden Girls" too.

by Aunt Idareply 8107/18/2013

[R40] So their never a chance it smells like shit ever? You can clean a pussy but you can never get a smell out of your butt. No offense but your point is flawed.

by Aunt Idareply 8210/18/2013

[R3] So a dry poopy asshole is better? You must have never had sex with a girl before. If a guy have a vagina, I like that feeling rather than ass, but what are you gunna do. I prefer guys but I like the feeling of pussy better than ass. We only have what have. You are very ignorant and stupid to be bashing pussy.

by Aunt Idareply 8310/18/2013

[R67] Because vaginas don't smell that way, unless the girls diet is terrible. Plus, it doesn't have feces coming out of the hole, and smell like poop afterwards. Are you stupid? You must be a virgin with girls.

by Aunt Idareply 8410/18/2013

Loved pussy. Much better fucking than ass. Made for it, you know. Only problem is it comes attached to a woman. Thats the deal breaker for me .

by Aunt Idareply 8510/20/2013


by Aunt Idareply 8610/22/2013


by Aunt Idareply 8701/22/2014

OP - Latent heterosexual

by Aunt Idareply 8801/22/2014

Hi Momma/Noodles!

by Aunt Idareply 8901/22/2014

This thread is disgusting. Stop bumping it, you tards!

by Aunt Idareply 9001/22/2014

[quote]Obviously your sexual orientation is fixed but your sexuality orientation is NOT your sex life. For many people gay/straight and male/female they are capable of experimenting with a gender even if they aren't "truly" attracted to that gender.

In my own experience, party drugs turn a lot of folks bisexual, at least temporarily. Especially molly/ecstasy. Is it just because they lose their inhibitions and were repressed bisexuals all along? Or are they only bi if they identify that way? I am not sure which is true for myself, but I never would have experimented if drugs weren't involved.

by Aunt Idareply 9101/22/2014

Interesting, R91. Do you think the drugs just gave you an uninhibited "WTF, I'll try anything once" attitude? Or do you think they brought out some actual latent desire that you weren't owning up to--like a truth serum? How did you feel the next day? Disgusted? Or like you might like to do it again? That might indicate whether there are any 'true' latent bi feelings.

Some people think alcohol brings out peoples' true feelings, but I think people just say and do a lot of dumb shit when their drunk.

by Aunt Idareply 9201/22/2014

Can you imagine a straight guying saying straight, but curious about sex with a guy?

by Aunt Idareply 9301/22/2014

Yes, we can imagine it, R93.

by Aunt Idareply 9401/22/2014

"Obviously your sexual orientation is fixed but your sexuality orientation is NOT your sex life. For many people gay/straight and male/female they are capable of experimenting with a gender even if they aren't "truly" attracted to that gender."

This is really some people identify as straight while screwing people of the same gender?

by Aunt Idareply 9501/29/2014

Yeah I kinda miss straight sex. I miss the curves. Always found them intoxicating. Never really understood the guys that call them 'gross'. Now, let's not get ahead of ourselves here: getting a hot dick up the ass/down the throat is awesome, and men are just easier to get along with usually, but there are many things about women I wish I had the chance to explore more, and women that do have a high sex drive can be very awesome too. Hopefully I can get around to visiting that continent again.

I know I'm *really* bisexual though...

by Aunt Idareply 9603/07/2014

nice OP

by Aunt Idareply 9710/20/2014

I'm not attracted to women at all but last week something happened that I don't understand and now I'm curious as to what it would be like. Even worse, I'm afraid I might like it. I need to stop thinking about this.

by Aunt Idareply 9801/01/2015

What is with you guys that you only ever want to have sex in the dark? And then crying after? And sometimes even all along?

by Aunt Idareply 9901/02/2015

It's the male menopause, I read about it, there comes a point when some gay men during their mid life crisis, aspire to be bisexual.

by Aunt Idareply 10001/02/2015

Hot chicks are tempting

by Aunt Idareply 10101/27/2015

Been there, done it, was all about it at the time (even though I knew I was gay---I think it was a giant ego-boost).

Not into it anymore---thanks for asking!

by Aunt Idareply 10201/27/2015

Ok, I just read more of the thread, and it made me want to share.

I had sex with 14 girls between the ages of 19 and 25.

Before that I dated a lot of girls, and got head countless times. I was always afraid to stick it in, because I was terrified of a girl either getting pregnant or saying that she was. I lost my gay virginity when I was 17 to a good friend who I started to :date."

By the time I was 19, I was already out to myself, and a lot of people, including strangers.

So why did I have sex with women? It's a good question. Part of it had to do with the circles I ran with, and yes designer drugs. Part of it had to do with my wanting something more out of life, and being disappointed by the "gay experience." Part of it had to do with ego, and wanting to be wanted by women---a sentiment, interestingly enough, that I have heard voiced by many young, out gays.

Pussy itself---at the time it looked good! I was hugely into studio porn, both gay and straight and everything in between, and loved the look of a hairless pussy. At the time it felt good---slick, vibrating, with an insidious grip. Now, I would describe it as "responsive," and can honestly say that I have no desire to feel it around my dick ever again. It never smelled like fish---just pussy, strong or diluted (which even then I wasn't a fan of---but I like the way men smell).

Interesting fact: the girls who got around the most had the tightest gear. I had sex with several virgins---after the first few minutes, they all felt significantly looser. Still good, but kind of like shaking somebody's warm, lifeless hand. All of the other girls (with the exception of a 92-lbs Asian girl who never exercised, who really did feel like fucking a bowl of water) felt good, ranging from impressively snug to mind-blowingly tight.

by Aunt Idareply 10301/27/2015


by Aunt Idareply 10401/29/2015

The first time i ever did anything with a girl was at a Music Festival where i had popped a pill and got me rolling balls! But soon after i started feeling really horny from the ecstacy. I started grinding on everything that passed until a girl managed to like my moves . Minutes into grinding to the music we started talking about the drugs that we wanted to try and how we both had popped the same color pill as well as how horny it started making both of us. And out of no where we started making out then somehow from the main stage we ended up at the port o potty's and this girl i just met was on her knees giving me head. After she was done blowing me i was still so horny i ended up sticking my dick in her and fucking her vag with out a condom I wasn't thinking at all at the moment i just did it and She didn't ask me if i wore one either but the scariest part was the fact that i came inside her. I mean After we finished fucking she literally just walked out into one of the stages and i wasn't able to find her but since then i never knew who she was or if she got pregnant, which i hope she didn't at least not cause of me. I think the main reason i fucked the girl was because of the drug i was on usually pills get me super horny when it first hits me. I have hooked up with 3 other girls since then and i was also under the influence of drugs when it happened.

by Aunt Idareply 10512/14/2016
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