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Which celebrities are psychopaths?

Mel Gibson

by Oksana G.reply 16802/16/2015

Tammy Cruise

Taylor Lautner (though he seems to have learned to be superficially charming, as many psychopaths do.)

by Oksana G.reply 212/02/2011

Psychopaths R2 not closeted.

by Oksana G.reply 312/02/2011

I don't think bRITNEY sPEARS IS.

by Oksana G.reply 712/02/2011

I don't think that words means what you think, R6.

by Oksana G.reply 812/02/2011

Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson are the only true psychos on the list. Lindsay and Britney are just bipolar messes.

by Oksana G.reply 912/02/2011

I can't diagnose Gibson as a psychopath but I certainly think he's a sadist after watching APOCALYPTO this past weekend. It's one thing to kill off a well-liked character as he's fleeing his killer but did he have to have the arrow go right through the back of his head and out his mouth?

by Oksana G.reply 1012/02/2011

Don't think Taylor Lautner belongs on this list.

Yes, he is closeted and a bit paranoid about being outed, but what does that have to do with being a psychopath?

Mel Gibson is a true psychopath because he hates Jews, gays, women, blacks etc. and explodes in rage and fury at these various minorities whenever he is angry.

by Oksana G.reply 1112/02/2011

Tom Sizemore

Harvey Weinstein

Johnathan Rhys Meyers

O.J. Simpson

Tom Cruise

Warren Beatty

Don Simpson (dead)

by Oksana G.reply 1212/02/2011

Mel Gibson has major psychological issues concerning sexuality, homosexuality, women, religion, sex, Jews, the holocaust, his relationship with his father, the Church etc.

by Oksana G.reply 1312/02/2011


KC Armstrong

Mike Tyson

Bai Ling

Paula Abdul

by Oksana G.reply 1412/02/2011

KC Armstrong is a celebrity?

by Oksana G.reply 1512/02/2011

Suze Orman FTW

by Oksana G.reply 1612/02/2011

Why does Harvey Weinstein keep winning Oscars if he's a psychopath?

by Oksana G.reply 1712/02/2011

Taylor Lautner is too dumb to be a psychopath.

by Oksana G.reply 1912/02/2011

As far as I can tell Johnathan Rhys Meyers isn't a psychopath. He's a tortured soul and a drug addict.

I think some people don't know what a psychopath is.

by Oksana G.reply 2012/02/2011

The shorter list would be which ones are normal.

by Oksana G.reply 2212/02/2011

Charlie Sheen - charming when he needs to be, but no empathy.

by Oksana G.reply 2312/02/2011

Phil Spector owns this thread.

by Oksana G.reply 2512/02/2011

what about Christian Bale?

psycho or just asshole with rage issues? (and according to some DL posters, he also has weird S&M issues...I remember reading something about how he likes having dom women force him to clean the toilet with a dirty rag and then stuff it in his mouth?).

by Oksana G.reply 2612/02/2011

"KC Armstrong is a celebrity?"

Don't mind him, [R15]--he's just DL's resident Howard Stern troll getting his daily post in.

by Oksana G.reply 2712/02/2011

Hi! Bipolar mess here! On meds!

Work in the industry so I kinda have a feel for it (i.e., I understand crazy of all sorts). I must need my head examined (oh wait....I already have).

Paula, Harvey and Bai ring true but there are others who deal with it with drugs and alcohol who appear to be but would be fine if sober.

Just sayin'.

by Oksana G.reply 2812/02/2011

I would think psychopaths would be more likely to go into the business end of the performing arts rather than the actual performing end, since they're more interested in fraud, embezzling, etc. than in having a whole lot of attention paid to them.

by Oksana G.reply 2912/02/2011

Gwyneth Paltrow. Sounds like if she doesn't like you, she tries to turn everyone against you.

by Oksana G.reply 3012/02/2011

Mel Gibson is not a psychopath. He's a drunkard, most likely a drug addict of some sort, and a product of a screwed up upbringing which has developed into a serious personality defect.

by Oksana G.reply 3112/02/2011


by Oksana G.reply 3312/02/2011

Courtney Love may be a genuine psychopath. Suspected of murdering her husband, and of embezzling her daughter's inheritance. She may be bipolar as well, she had a public psychotic break a couple of years ago, but that may have been drugs or the sociopathy.

Most celebrities are textbook specimens of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, a disease that can include the kinds of destructive, abusive behavior that we've seen in Mel Gibson and Michael Jackson. Bipolar disorder seems pretty common too, Charlie Sheen and Britney Spears for sure.

by Oksana G.reply 3412/02/2011

Christian Bale

by Oksana G.reply 3612/02/2011

Anne Heche

by Oksana G.reply 3712/02/2011

Sharon Stone?

by Oksana G.reply 3812/03/2011

I second Phil Spector.

by Oksana G.reply 3912/03/2011

r32, you may have something there. Being a performer gives a disordered personality a lot more behavioral wiggle room than a conventional career. If you're a money-making star who delivers the goods, or just somebody with connections, a lot of tendencies are overlooked that would be serious handicaps in the workaday world, like substance addictions, temper tantrums and an inability to get along with coworkers in a sane and reasonable manner.

by Oksana G.reply 4012/03/2011

Mel is misunderstood..

by Oksana G.reply 4112/03/2011

Tom Cruise could be a psychopath. He's trying his damnest to act like he has true emotions but everything he does just seems... wrong.

by Oksana G.reply 4212/03/2011

cRusty Crowe

by Oksana G.reply 4312/03/2011

Plus, (Tom told this story to Conan O'Brien, or some other talk show host) there was the incident during which he turned off the oxygen supply to some guy he had as a passenger in some private aircraft he was flying. The guy lost consciousness because of this, and when Tom told Conan (or someone about this) he just couldn't stop laughing. Like it was the funniest thing he had ever experienced.

Gave me the chills.

by Oksana G.reply 4412/03/2011

Plus (again): The movie "The American Psycho" - The first time I saw this I though the Patrick Bateman character was just like Tom Cruise.

Christian Bale told afterwards that he actually did base the character on his image of Tom Cruise.

Another psychopath: David Miscavige. This guy has no emotions at all, except narcissism.

by Oksana G.reply 4512/03/2011

That's creepy R44. That guy should have pressed charges.

by Oksana G.reply 4612/03/2011

Nobody can top this one:

by Oksana G.reply 4712/03/2011

Captain Kangaree was a pscho. Oy vey! The way he degraded Mr. Green Jeans and Bunny Rabbit. The stories i could tell.

by Oksana G.reply 4812/03/2011

Shauna Hughes Taylor Ford Armstrong

by Oksana G.reply 4912/03/2011

It would be handy if people differentiated between psychopaths and celebrities with profound psychological disorders. As a researcher, I prefer to distinguish between psychopaths and sociopaths.

Weinstein and Spector seem to be sociopaths.

O.J. Simpson, Cruise, Madonna, Michael Jackson, perhaps Elvis Presley, perhaps Marilyn Monroe may fall into the "psychopath" category.

by Oksana G.reply 5012/03/2011

Marilyn Monroe???

I thought she was BPD or bipolar, not a psychopath.

by Oksana G.reply 5112/03/2011

Dancing Bear kited checks!

by Oksana G.reply 5212/03/2011

Britney Spears is mentally ill but seems to have proper help and guidance at this point in her life. I do not see how she is a psychopath at all, she is just mentally ill. I am not even one for her music, btw.

Courtney Love owns this thread, though. She has no sense of caring toward anyone, least of all herself.

by Oksana G.reply 5312/03/2011

Courtney Love's family have stated they believe her to be a psychopath.

I think Ray Sharkey was a psychopath. He didn't disclose his AIDS diagnosis to either his wife or his mistress, and when the mistress contracted HIV she sued him. Even as he was dying from AIDS complications, he swore he never infected her.

by Oksana G.reply 5412/03/2011

Marilyn Monroe was not a psychopath. Mental and emotional problems, yes, but she was far too caring and easily manipulated by bad men to be a psycho.

by Oksana G.reply 5512/03/2011

R50, do you classify them the way I believe Robert Hare does (as I understand it) psychopath = nature vs. sociopath = nurture?

I've felt some of the most outrageous conservatives must be one or the other, like Coulter (who once dated an FBI profiler), Limbaugh, Gingrich, and their spiritual guru, Ayn Rand.

by Oksana G.reply 5612/03/2011

Suri Cruse. She's a crazy little bitch...

by Oksana G.reply 5712/03/2011

R55, you seem to think that the term "psychopath" lends invulnerability or an incapacity to display emotion. No. It is not a value judgment. Psychopathology does not mean a person is going to eat children. Also, it is condition that can exist in conjunction with others in a complex of disordered psychology.

Monroe (and I know my suggestion is controversial and quite possibly incorrect) appeared at her core to be unreachable and detached, despite a highly developed capacity to appear connected to others. Her neediness ultimately appeared both transactional and unfulfilling. She drew people to her but there was a cunning in it; at the same time her being lost to herself in a fundamental way meant her coping strategies were ineffective. I think her early traumas gravely wounded her.

Yes, R56, something like that. I know the distinctions are glossed over by most but I see value in Lykken's approach, among others. It may be, too, that I focus on expression overmuch, but I see links between the two disorders and how they play out behaviorally.

I've wondered about Courtney Love, but I don't know much about her background - some of these people almost seem to have "acquired psychopathology" and I didn't know what her full story was. Meaning how much was related to the drug use.

by Oksana G.reply 5812/04/2011

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Kristen Wiig

Angus T. Jones

Mary-Kate Olsen

Zac Posen

by Oksana G.reply 5912/04/2011

From everything I've read, Naomi Campbell exhibits all the traits.

by Oksana G.reply 6012/04/2011

RE : 60 - No, just a nasty, entitled, freaking bitch

by Oksana G.reply 6212/05/2011

R50/58 - the nature vs. nurture comparison kinda begs the question as to when bad nurturing over generations becomes atavistic i.e. "nature."

by Oksana G.reply 6312/05/2011

probably people in the media, politics and business/wall street beat all of these people

by Oksana G.reply 6412/05/2011

"Monroe (and I know my suggestion is controversial and quite possibly incorrect) appeared at her core to be unreachable and detached, despite a highly developed capacity to appear connected to others. Her neediness ultimately appeared both transactional and unfulfilling."

But aren't people with BPD tortured by both extreme neediness, and a feeling of inner emptiness?

Really, if this is your field, could you talk about her symptoms being a better match for BPD or pschycopathy? TIA.

by Oksana G.reply 6512/05/2011

sarah paulson

by Oksana G.reply 6712/28/2011

[quote]KC Armstrong

Is this a joke? Please, tell me it is.

KC Armstrong is not a celebrity.

by Oksana G.reply 6903/20/2012

Errol Flynn.

by Oksana G.reply 7003/30/2012

Beyonce. Walking around with a doll for attention.

by Oksana G.reply 7103/30/2012

Betty Buckley takes this prize hands down!

by Oksana G.reply 7204/01/2012

Roseanne Barr

by Oksana G.reply 7304/01/2012

Why so many votes for Bale? I understand he has anger issues but I dont see any other psychotic traits...he even wanted to see some man in China who is in prison and he couldnt get in so him and a CNN team tried to talk to the guards but didnt get anywhere.

I red about him and the DOM shit, but from my personal experience ALOT of HWOOD pople are into dom games etc...I think they only do it because it seems edgy, I always thought Domination games died of in the 90´s...I was wrong.

by Oksana G.reply 7404/01/2012

There is a gross misunderstanding of personality disorders on here and in the general public. And a particular confusion between Narcissism and Sociopathology. The DSM-IV itself has been recently revised to reflect a change in how personality disorder and psychopathology is viewed.

Here are three important things to keep in mind:

1. A personality disorder is just the psychological term for "asshole".

2. Think of guilt as a line from A to B. A being too much guilt, and B being to little. Neurotics would be on the left near point A, and Psychopaths would be farthest to the right near B. With Narcissistic Personality Disorder somewhere much closer to B than A.

3. All anti social types of personality disorders are defined by a pathological inability to feel guilt or empathy. In the case of the psychopath it is not merely pathological, it is neurological. They are literally wired differently than the rest of us with inferior function in the hemispheres controlling conscientiousness.

Now, narcissism is basically a slavish adherence to appearances, self centeredness, grandiosity, lack of empathy, and other traits. Most if not all personality disorders have aspects of narcissism in them, some are more hopeless than others. All psychopaths have narcissistic traits, but some more than others. But narcissists aren't psychopaths.

Some of the people listed are addicts like Lohan, emotionally dead children of of a mother who is a Narcissist and "emotional vampire" like the Kardashians, or actual Narcissists like Kim Kardashian, her mother, or Tom Cruise. Charlie Sheen suffers/suffered from hypo mania, a situational form of bi-polar disorder. Some people listed are just people that bother us.

Narcissists are easiest found in Hollywood or Politics or anywhere fame is given without merit. Hence the only study on narcissism revealing that Reality Show contestants, especially females, are off the charts. Psychopaths are found in Wall Street, behind the scenes of politics and religion unfortunately.

A study was recently done that showed that there was a higher percentage of psychopathic personalities in CEO's than prison inmates. That is the alarming irony. In this celebrity obsessed culture we focus on narcissists, damaged addicts and sometimes just mild jerks. When the inmates are truly running the asylum of capitalism. Hence the financial crisis.

So. A more genuine list is :

Saddam Hussein

OJ Simpson

Dick Cheney

Rupert Murdoch

Angelo Mozillo (financial crisis)

Dick Fuld (financial Crisis)

Fred Phelps (Westboro Baptist Church aka "God Hates Fags" Etc)

Senator Mitch McConnell

Ayn Rand (writer)

L. Ron Hubbard (writer)

Rush Limbaugh

I'd say, for the money. You can't do any better than Grover Norquist or Rupert Murdoch for examples of how much damage a sociopath can do behind the scenes.

Narcissists :

Paris Hilton

Kim Kardashian

Tom Cruise

Ingrid Newkirk (P.E.T.A.)


Courtney Love

Axl Rose

Bill O Reilly (Malignant Narcissist)

Rush Limbaugh

by Oksana G.reply 7611/04/2012

Sean Penn

by Oksana G.reply 7711/04/2012

R59 - Jennifer Jason Leigh is the most random choice ever for a celebrity psychopath. She played a convincing nutjob in Single White Female and is known to be very quiet, private, keeps to herself on film sets, no reported tantrums or meltdowns since she started working in the early 80s. Tom Cruise, Courtney Love, Halle Berry, Mel Gibson... those are celebrity psychopaths, not JJL.

by Oksana G.reply 7811/04/2012

If you've ever met a psychopath, you know it's something completely different than narcissistic personality or bipolar disorder. You can tell right away there's something seriously wrong with them. Narcissists and bipolar people tend to be selfish and inconsiderate of others, but they come across as more or less normal most of the time. Psychopaths are much, much more reckless, impulsive and dangerous. They are actively destructive and have no conscience or empathy whatsoever.

by Oksana G.reply 7911/04/2012

I see your point R79 (and mostly agree), but how does that account for those psychopaths who are very calculating, manipulative and strategic planners, rather than reckless or impulsive?

by Oksana G.reply 8011/04/2012

I think perhaps some of these examples are sociopaths rather than psychopaths.

by Oksana G.reply 8111/04/2012

Do you think Chris Brown is a sociopath?

The entertainment business is full of narcissits, but he seems to be something very different.

by Oksana G.reply 8211/04/2012

Aretha Franklin

by Oksana G.reply 8311/04/2012

How about old comic actor Peter Sellars? He seemed wierdly disconnected offscreen, and discarded wives and children when they were no longer useful to him. He left his daughter with 70s starlet Britt Ecklund $2000 in his will, and she later became a prostitute.

by Oksana G.reply 8411/04/2012

Mel Gibson, O.J.Simpson

I'd add Mitt Romney but he's merely a sociopath.

by Oksana G.reply 8511/04/2012

Let's leave Republican politicians and Wall Street types out of this, since they're ALL psychopaths.

For actual entertainment celebrities, the ones I think who are genuinely psychopaths would be:

OJ Simpson

Robert Blake

Phil Spector

Charlie Sheen

Christian Bale

Tom Cruise

Harvey Weinstein

Russell Crowe

Chris Brown

The following, I think, have borderline personality disorder:

Courtney Love

Tom Sizemore


Winona Ryder

Joaquin Phoenix

Roseanne Barr

Faye Dunaway

Naomi Campbell

Lindsay Lohan

by Oksana G.reply 8611/04/2012

Faye Dunaway

by Oksana G.reply 8711/04/2012

As many have said people don't seem to understand the definition of a sociopath. Here are the criteria:

Glibness and superficial charm Manipulative and conning Grandiose sense of self Pathological lying Lack of remorse, shame or guilt Shallow emotions Incapacity for love Need for stimulation lack of empathy Poor impulse control Early behavior problems Criminal versatility Promiscuous sexual behavior Irresponsibility

Ted Bundy is a good example. He fooled a lot of people. Men and women both liked him. I can't think of any celebrities who fit the criteria.

by Oksana G.reply 8811/04/2012

If I'd known it was going to print out like that I'd have used commas but you can probably figure it out.

by Oksana G.reply 8911/04/2012

Andy Dick is a druggie and an alky but I think he also has some psycho floating in there too.

by Oksana G.reply 9011/04/2012

Mel Gibson, Ryan O Neal for sure

by Oksana G.reply 9111/04/2012

Jack Nicholson

by Oksana G.reply 9211/04/2012

Agree with R75, but throw in Bernie Madoff, Ken Lay, and Jeffrey Skilling. You can see it in their eyes in interviews. Dick Fuld literally looks down in his nose, and Madoff smirks.

by Oksana G.reply 9311/04/2012

Let's add poor Marie Osmond to the list

by Oksana G.reply 9411/04/2012

Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Morrissey.

by Oksana G.reply 9511/21/2012

Margot Kidder too!

by Oksana G.reply 9611/21/2012

No one has mentioned Arnold Swarzenegger??

by Oksana G.reply 9711/21/2012

[quote]Suze Orman FTW

What makes you say that, out of curiosity? Is it that crazed look emanating from behind her eyes?

by Oksana G.reply 9811/21/2012

"No one has mentioned Arnold Swarzenegger??"

I think he's a raging narcissist, not a psychopath.

by Oksana G.reply 9911/21/2012

R86, why Christian Bale?

BTW, a psychologist friend of mine says people with BPD can get better with treatment, but sociopaths almost never do, as they simply don't see a problem with the way they behave.

by Oksana G.reply 10111/22/2012

Aretha Franklin. Batshit crazy, narcissitic, psychopathic bitch cunt

by Oksana G.reply 10311/22/2012

How is Prince borderline? He has longtime work relationships, and may be as idiosyncratic as most performers, but of all the 80s stars, he seems to be the ONLY one who even appears to have their shit together.

by Oksana G.reply 10411/22/2012

Ashlee Simpson, CUNT.

by Oksana G.reply 10511/22/2012

Kate Gosselin

by Oksana G.reply 10611/22/2012

R102 - why is nicholson a rapist and a pedophile?

by Oksana G.reply 10712/04/2012

DRUNKsana Baiul...batshit you see how she DRESSES?

by Oksana G.reply 10812/04/2012


by Oksana G.reply 11012/19/2012

Definitely Errol Flynn as sociopath/malignant narcissist. Horrible childhood not often discussed.

by Oksana G.reply 11112/19/2012

Anne Heche.

by Oksana G.reply 11212/19/2012

But, R113, even experts disagree as to what constitutes a psychopath or a sociopath, etc.

Sometimes all one can do is kind of "throw around terms." Even those who work in social science fields. Hell, the DSM is most useful for insurance purposes, not because behavioral health issues are so compartmentalized and consistent.

I think we're using "psychopath" loosely and not refer to people who regularly exhibit one or more disruptive or disturbing personality traits.

by Oksana G.reply 11412/19/2012

"Live a little" says the poster who just named Madonna as an example of a psychopath.

Take your own advice dude.

by Oksana G.reply 11712/19/2012

R118, Everyone furiously labels. Perhaps no one is more guilty of that than psychiatrists.

by Oksana G.reply 11912/19/2012

Agree with R119.

by Oksana G.reply 12012/19/2012

Susan Howard

by Oksana G.reply 12112/19/2012

Quentin Tarantino. Just watch his appearance on the Graham Norton show and you'd understand.

by Oksana G.reply 12201/26/2013


by Oksana G.reply 12407/02/2013

Bill Maher

by Oksana G.reply 12507/02/2013

Interesting ... I didn't see one well known name mentioned ... what about "Queen" Oprah Winfrey?

I personally think she's a classic narcissist who has cleverly managed to fool the masses.

by Oksana G.reply 12607/13/2013

Joe Francis.

by Oksana G.reply 12707/13/2013

Frank Sinatra

by Oksana G.reply 12807/13/2013

Shirley MacLaine.

And anybody who follows $cientology.

by Oksana G.reply 12907/13/2013

Roseanne Barr

by Oksana G.reply 13007/13/2013

I've always liked Conan O'Brien, even had a little crush on him back in the day. That documentary about him was so disappointing, because he came off as a huge jerk. Still, I wouldn't say he's a psycho based on that, do you know something we don't, r4?

by Oksana G.reply 13107/13/2013


Omarosa is a psychopath.

Donald Trump is more of a textbook Narcissist.

DT keeps Omarosa around because they both feed off of the drama. She's too crazy-stupid to figure out Trump is exploiting her for ratings. Trump enjoys watching the drama she creates, just like any other narcissist. So, really, why would he get rid of her like any normal person would have done right after the first show aired. Trump is one sick pup.

Omarosa also fabricated the story about getting married to Michael Clarke Duncan. There wasn't going to be any wedding. Prior to his death he was going to end what very little they had together, but intensely feared her repercussions. She made that relationship out to be much more than it really was. But then, ... ALL socios/psychos/narcs are pathological liars.

Joe Guidice on that mindless, idiotic RHONJ Reality Show is a psychopath, and his wife Theresa Gorga-Guidice is a narcissist.

Ramona Singer on RHO of NY is a textbook psychopath. Her sycophant hubby goes along with her for the prestige, sex, fame, money.

Joan Rivers is a fame-whore narcissist who feeds of off her daughter Melissa's positive energy a typical emotional vampire.

Joan does some outrageous and nasty things to Melissa and has no respect for her daughters feelings or privacy - none. If it weren't for Joan's $$$fortune$$$, Melissa would have estranged herself from Joan long ago.

IMO, Melissa Rivers is both a sycophant and a co-dependent (redundant?) to her NPD mother, Joan. She's agitated and depleted, instead of upbeat and energized, whenever her crazy, life-sucking, energy-draining mother Joan is around her.

And, next, Larry Ellison (Oracle Corp) classic narcissist.

Oh, and IMO, Ted Turner is also a psychopath.

by Oksana G.reply 13207/13/2013

Joe Jackson is one of the world's worst, I'd say 'Top 10 Psychopaths', who should be in prison or on death-row.

Joe allowed four powerful showbiz men, who promised him big favors in return, to go ahead and have 'their way' with Michael, meaning rape Michael. He was 7 years old.

This occurred in a hotel room where they were staying when MJ and Joe were on the road, and he was 'up and coming', very early in his career.

MJ said he didn't understand why his dad was coaxing him into a hotel room with these four strange men and then left him alone with them.

He said he sensed something wasn't right and was scared and then found out after the door closed and locked. He was violently raped while Joe was relaxing in the next Hotel room. That story made me cry.

MJ had openly talked about this trauma in the 1990's, and then one of his sisters openly mentioned this crime a few years later. So, I doubt it's a vicious rumor. They also said that Joe had molested them and then lied.

Who would allow a child rape to occur?

And, what kind of a father arranges his little boy's sexual assault and rape? ... especially by 4 men in a hotel room in exchange for a few showbiz favors. Perhaps a psychopath.

by Oksana G.reply 13307/13/2013

Matt Lauer = psychopath.

by Oksana G.reply 13407/13/2013

Mel Gibson is another textbook narcissist, not a psychopath. His rants to his Russian ex should be in the textbooks under "narcissistic rage".

by Oksana G.reply 13507/14/2013

I've thought for years now that Chris Brown was a sociopath. Same with Mel Gibson. I'm sure others will come to mind later.

by Oksana G.reply 13607/15/2013

Woody Allen

by Oksana G.reply 13911/08/2013

Kanye West

by Oksana G.reply 14011/23/2013

I don't think psychopath means what you think it means. NONE of these people are true psychopaths. Sociopaths, maybe. And even that is stretching it. Extreme narcissists is more likely.

by Oksana G.reply 14111/23/2013

Abraham, Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Paul of Tarsus, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Ignatius Loyola, Helena Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, Dali Lama, L. Ron Hubbard, almost all televangelists.

by Oksana G.reply 14211/23/2013

Nancy grace , charlie sheen, lance armstrong , carl lewis, mike tyson, dennis rodman!

by Oksana G.reply 14302/06/2014

Amanda Knox.

Just kidding.

No really. Have you seen that interview???

by Oksana G.reply 14402/06/2014

Do you people know what a psychopath is? Someone on here said something to the effect "If he's a psychopath, how does he keep winning oscars?" this is the stupid question I've ever heard. Not all psychopaths are axe murders; many are highly intelligent, charming, glib, manipulative, practical, pragmatic and logical. I happen to be a psychopath, and I'm not an axe murder who goes into fully psychotic rages. Do your research people before you go labeling others.

by Oksana G.reply 14504/10/2014

Julia Roberts. She made threats to hurt people who dated someone she never met. Ouch. She is a sociopath. I almost called LAPD on her. Charlie Path. That man is nuts.

Mel Gibson. My mom is afraid of him. I am too. Everyone in Hollywood is a sociopath. Steven Speilburg, Carrie Fisher. Crazy

by Oksana G.reply 14610/04/2014

How does Gibson get work?

by Oksana G.reply 14801/04/2015

OK. OK. Since people are coming up with more and more ridiculous suggestions for psychopaths, I'm going to say Julie Andrews. Her performance in "The Sound of Music" had psychopath written all over it.

by Oksana G.reply 15001/04/2015

Weird Al Yankovic.

by Oksana G.reply 15201/04/2015

Sarah Palin

by Oksana G.reply 15301/04/2015

[quote] fellow-feeling

Haha! What's that. Seems fake.

by Oksana G.reply 15501/04/2015

It's a well known synonym for empathy, R155?

by Oksana G.reply 15601/04/2015

SO glad to see this bumped, with the revelations of Bill Cosby's startling psychopathology coming out.

by Oksana G.reply 15701/04/2015

Clive Davis....

by Oksana G.reply 15802/16/2015

"I would think psychopaths would be more likely to go into the business end of the performing arts rather than the actual performing end, since they're more interested in fraud, embezzling, etc. than in having a whole lot of attention paid to them."

This is rank speculation. No such individual could exist in the industry. Or, if such a person did exist, they would certainly not be in any responsible position.

by Oksana G.reply 16002/16/2015

Dersh isn't a psychopath, nor is he a sociopath. He's a bit of an egomaniac and has a touch of narcissism but not much more than the average highly successful person.

You should pay more attention to the comment upthread noting that "personality disorder" is a psychological term for hopeless asshole. That's what most of the people mentioned in this thread actually are, along with a number of narcissists.

by Oksana G.reply 16102/16/2015

"I would think psychopaths would be more likely to go into the business end of the performing arts rather than the actual performing "

It's true, performing has tremendous appeal to people with narcissistic personality disorder, less for psychopaths. But a famous performer can get away with anything, even decades of rapes, and the lack of conscience is a huge advantage when building a career.

by Oksana G.reply 16202/16/2015

There are psychopaths and sociopaths in EVERY field. From retail queens to the top of every industry.

Of all the industries, the financial industry has the greatest concentration of sociopaths psychopaths and personality disordered people. Wall Street is a fucking loony bin with money.

Close second are psychiatrists and surgeons followed by teachers and nurses.

Actors and Hollywood power players come in third.

by Oksana G.reply 16302/16/2015

I used to be married to a doctor, and when he was in medical school, the ones who went into psychiatry were the most f*cked up themselves. One was a woman who was still fending off inappropriate behavior from her father. Part of her training required being in analysis herself for six months and she never mentioned it in analysis. Another guy was so obviously closeted, as you say, purses flew from his mouth every time he opened it. He was engaged (to a woman) when we knew him. He became a shrink too.

by Oksana G.reply 16402/16/2015

So, not even a grunt or a nod toward the atomic bomb that R133 dropped? Even if it isn't true - the fact that it's plausible is jolting enough.

by Oksana G.reply 16502/16/2015

R165, those rumors about Michael and Joe Jackson and the music industry bigwigs have been around for years. In some versions, Joe raped little Michael himself, as well as some of the daughters. So yes, I think it's highly likely that Joe Jackson was... IS a sociopath.

And he may not be the only one in the family. Leaving out Michael's issues, there are also old rumors that one or more of the older brothers fucked Michael, as a way of maintaining their dominance over a little brother who was the big star of the act. There's also the more recent rumor that one or more of the Jackson brothers was trying to get it on with Paris Jackson, as a way of getting control over her and her money. Last I heard, she was desperate to get away from those creeps and live with her mother, and I hope that's where she is now. I mean her mother's an awful human being, but she won't rape the girl.

by Oksana G.reply 16602/16/2015

Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, OJ Simpson, Mark Wahlberg, Woody Allen, Johnny Depp, Oprah, Kanye West, Mel Gibson

by Oksana G.reply 16702/16/2015

Alec Baldwin.

Mel Gibson.

Mark Wahlberg


Kirk Cameron.

O.J. Simpson

All the Kardashians!.

by Oksana G.reply 16802/16/2015
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