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Why Are Youngins So Turned Off By Pubic Hair

I just saw a program that documented sexuality in young people today. Inevitably, grooming became an issue. The findings: teens are turned off by hair, especially on boys. I think everyone can agree that this is due to porn, but why did porn go that direction with male porn stars to begin with? I know people say that by shaving the pubes, your cock looks bigger, but most of these porn stars already have big dicks, which is why they're in porn to begin with. They don't need to shave. Anyway, having a bush of hair, or hair period, is seen as uncleanly today. It's amazing that straight kids are doing what was considered "gay" back in the day. Kids, especially the guys, aren't even shy about the issue. It's not a big deal to shave it off, and many prefer it. It doesn't seem to stem from pressure by the girls. I guess it's like powdered wigs, and men wearing makeup. Everything changes and evolves. It's funny how gay men prefer hair now a lot of times, where the straights prefer it without.

by George W. Bushreply 10801/13/2014

I hooked up with a guy who was totally smooth. Freaked me out because I felt like I just fucked Justin Bieber or a teen chick with a dick.


by George W. Bushreply 211/19/2011

Grandpappy OP. The young people today are exposed to a lot of porn because of the internet. Not many pubes in porn.

This is all my theory. We Lesbians have the pube free thing too, 'ya know.

by George W. Bushreply 311/19/2011

R2 is also very old, but trying to act younger.

by George W. Bushreply 411/19/2011

Maybe they're German. So many of the folks at the link seem to prefer the shaved look.

by George W. Bushreply 811/19/2011

I'm 35 and male. I like pubic hair on myself and on other men. I'm not a youngin.

by George W. Bushreply 911/19/2011

I'll be the judge of this phenomenon -- let's see pictures of BEFORE and AFTER.

by George W. Bushreply 1011/19/2011

Fetishists can be interesting, but I don't usually have sexual relationships with them.

That not only includes people who pluck and wax all their hair, but the people who can't shut up about the hair waxers, too.

I've been delighted to run my hand over a smooth chest, and a hairy one.

by George W. Bushreply 1111/19/2011

Germans are fucked up people.

by George W. Bushreply 1211/19/2011

Teens are naturally uncomfortable with body hair because they've only recently developed it.

by George W. Bushreply 1311/19/2011

Gays are into body hair now so that means straights will be into it again in about 5 years.

by George W. Bushreply 1411/19/2011

If you have "hair period" do you have to go into the menstrual hut?

by George W. Bushreply 1511/19/2011

I shaved off all my pubes once, but that was because I had crabs. When I see shaved pubes on someone, "Crabs!" are all I can think about. It's not exactly a turn-on for me.

by George W. Bushreply 1611/19/2011

What r3 and r17 said. It's because of porn, and also probably influenced by the higher prevalence of oral amongst the youngins.

by George W. Bushreply 1811/20/2011

And they also expect women to cum simply from having dicks rammed into them, thanks to porn.

Porn has ruined much for many, although I do like a smooth man myself.

by George W. Bushreply 2011/20/2011

I'm with a smooth man now but he does have a hairy chest. Fantastic!!!

by George W. Bushreply 2111/20/2011

I'm not sure where it started, OP. It was never an issue until recent years.

Teenage girls and young women are so stupid today. Many of them have grown up not realizing that men have chest hair too. I remember the incident a couple of years ago when some teenage girls were shocked to see Robert Pattinson had some chest hair because they are so used to guys with shaved chests.

by George W. Bushreply 2211/20/2011

Interesting, r19.

do you mind if I ask if you're a girl or a guy? And do you mean all body hair, as in no chest hair, no leg or arm hair?

by George W. Bushreply 2311/20/2011

I've decided to grow about my pubic hair and stop manscaping. My bush has gotten so big. At first the hair on my balls and shaft was prickly, but now that it's longer, it feels softer. I'm thinking about leaving it long until I plan to have sex again.

by George W. Bushreply 2411/29/2011

I trim my dickbush lightly but I find fully shaved/waxed pubes absolutely vile. Hair is one of the primary indicators of sexual maturity. Where's the sexual appeal in depilating your body so you look like a child? It looks comical and ugly.

by George W. Bushreply 2511/29/2011

Have we ever managed to totally fuck up sex. I wonder what a teenager thinks when he sees, or feels up his first real (not inflated yet) set of tits? I would think shaving must be like, well, regular shaving. Every damn day for the rest of your life. Let it grow a little and you look worse than ever. This whole thing make me feel grampy, thought I'm not old either - 67.

by George W. Bushreply 2611/30/2011

[italic]Where's the sexual appeal in depilating your body so you look like a child?[/italic]

So women should let their body hair grow?

by George W. Bushreply 2811/30/2011

[quote]I just saw a program that documented sexuality in young people today. Inevitably, grooming became an issue. The findings: teens are turned off by hair, especially on boys.

What "program" was this? What station/network? You must have seen it on the EST Network's Troll News Today, because I can't quite fathom an actual channel airing a report on the pubic hair preferences of teenagers.

by George W. Bushreply 2911/30/2011

Doesn't pubic hair serve a natural function, as does armpit hair? Thought I read that -

by George W. Bushreply 3011/30/2011

Who wants to go down on a hairy mutha fucka

It's like flossing your teeth.

I want to lick powerful pecs, not hair. Do you all think I'm a cat?

by George W. Bushreply 3206/11/2012

43-year-old here, bi. Can't stand shaved bodies - body hair on both men and women is sexy. A shaved bush on either sex is a turn-off.

by George W. Bushreply 3306/11/2012

I am 20 and I love pubes.

by George W. Bushreply 3406/11/2012

[quote]I know people say that by shaving the pubes, your cock looks bigger, but most of these porn stars already have big dicks.

Have you heard "the bigger, the better"?

by George W. Bushreply 3506/11/2012

R29, OP might be from the UK. We get a lot of sexs ed programmes on Channel 4 over here, with BBC 3 recently having a season of documentaries about sex. Not everywhere is as prudish as the US.

by George W. Bushreply 3606/11/2012

[quote]Not everywhere is as prudish as the US.


by George W. Bushreply 3706/11/2012

Before the smooth-body fetish (it is, BTW), women did not reveal as much on the beach, because the hairline would delineate the erogenous zone. Now, nakedness is practically accepted (see the cover of Upton's Sports Illustrated).

Straight males who want this are not looking for a grown woman, IMO. But then, they also want sticks with boyish hips and perforce surgically-enhanced breasts (which is why males and/or transgendered MTF's are now being accepted as legit female models and beauty contestants).

Unless one is an Olympic swimmer, there is no need to shave chest or pubic hair.

by George W. Bushreply 3806/11/2012

[quote]I just saw a program that documented sexuality in young people today. Inevitably, grooming became an issue. The findings: teens are turned off by hair, especially on boys.

What "program" was this? What network/station/channel? Do you remember the name of the "program"?

by George W. Bushreply 3906/11/2012

Not the OP, but the UK 'The Sex Education Show' (which is about and aimed at teens - basically the presenters go around schools teaching kids all about sex and the human body) I think had something like that. I might be misremembering.

'Embarrassing Teenage Bodies' (another C4 show) did an episode about body hair, too. Could possibly have been that? OP, are you British?

by George W. Bushreply 4006/11/2012


by George W. Bushreply 4106/11/2012

I love pubic hair, OP. But while you're point about porn stars being hung enough to support pubes and show off their size is a good one. That doesn't necessarily apply to the general population who may not be as well hung.

I don't get why there is this anti-hair thing. I'm all for good grooming of all body parts (you groom the hair on your head, why not at least trim everywhere else), but hair is cool, as is natural smoothness. ?

by George W. Bushreply 4206/11/2012

Young guys are nowdays told to make themselves look prepubescent in order to appeal to the guys or girls they are into.

You want a blowjob? shave down there first!

A hairy ass? I think I'm going to vomit!

I don't want to lay in bed with a gorilla! Shave your body hair (especially on the back! - yuck!)

How can you say you take care of your body when you don't take care of your body hair situation?

In sports you have to shave or your body hair will hinder / hurt you!

How can you wear shorts with those hairy legs? People will laugh at you on the street!

I bet next stage is for them to wear some kiddie sailor uniform and carry some oversized lollipop to make them look like infants and right for the plucking by pedophiles.

by George W. Bushreply 4306/11/2012

43 posts and no one has mentioned 'uncleanly.'

by George W. Bushreply 4406/11/2012

I've never understood why this is such a big issue on DL. It is a style thing, nothing more than a trend of the times. The way sideburns were popular or the way beards and facial scruff is back in now. It is a generational thing, that you don't really have to understand or explain. At some point hair will come back in, if it hasn't already. I watch some straight, because I'm addicted to James Deen and a couple of others. I've noticed that some chick pornstars have started letting their bushes grow in. A couple of years ago, that was unheard of except of fetish sites.

by George W. Bushreply 4606/11/2012

I am in NYC and I see absolutely no evidence that young guys are shaving their crotches. Quite the reverse. Guys now are hairier than they've been in years. Hairy faces, hairy arms, hairy legs, and yes very hairy crotches and balls. No one is shaving anything anymore.

by George W. Bushreply 4706/11/2012

[quote]Body hair is gross, there is no need for it. We are not apes, I keep my body totally waxed and shaved and I expect anyone that I date to be so as well, if they are not, it's a deal breaker.

Actually, we are apes, moron; that's kinda why we still even have body hair and why you still have to wax.

Evolution disagrees with you about "need."

by George W. Bushreply 4806/11/2012

I don't know, but young women even have issues with chest hair. They've grown up so used to seeing young American men wax and shave their chests that when they see a naturally European hairy chest, they freak out.

Remember a few years ago when the Twihards saw chest hair on Robert Pattinson for the first time and couldn't understand why it was there? He was even interviewed about it and was surprised they had never seen a guy with chest hair before.

by George W. Bushreply 4906/12/2012

[quote] No one is shaving anything anymore

You don't get out much. Even arm pit hair is being taken off

by George W. Bushreply 5106/12/2012

In my 20's, I used to shave my balls and armpits - for my ex. And I didn't hate it, but it was a lot of work and took lots of time. My shins would always bleed.

Now I'm in my 30's, all I do is trim my pubic hair just so that it won't get too heated down there in summer.

by George W. Bushreply 5206/13/2012

[quote]In my 20's, I used to shave my balls and armpits.

And legs.

by George W. Bushreply 5306/13/2012

See the world naked bike ride thread. All the young ones have their hair, it is the elders who shave.

by George W. Bushreply 5406/13/2012

Elders may shave due to gray pubes..

by George W. Bushreply 5506/13/2012

For Christ's sake [R55], give the Elder gay thing a rest already! You're embarrassing yourself again.

by George W. Bushreply 5606/16/2012

[quote]I've never understood why this is such a big issue on DL.

Me neither. I think you guys have been watching too much TV and porn.

In real life, men just do not have major pubic hair trends. A vast majority guys (gay and straight) will always leave their pubic hair as it is because men just do not feel like spending the time to groom their bodies. Body hair removal for men is really time consuming because we have so much and grows back so fast.

by George W. Bushreply 5806/16/2012

When lacking sexual confidence, people choose much younger sexual partners. Lack of pubic hair infantazises (spelling?) the desired object. this is also a result of all the chemicals and other unnatural stuff in our lives.

by George W. Bushreply 5906/16/2012

[quote]Young guys are nowdays told to make themselves look prepubescent in order to appeal to the guys or girls they are into.

So girls shouldn't shave their legs or pits.

by George W. Bushreply 6006/16/2012

r51, you missed the point of my post entirely. I get out at lot. I date a lot. I sleep around quite a bit. And no. one. shaves. I'm talking about twenty-somethings. Maybe slightly older guys do, but guys in their early twenties in NYC are not shaving. I have never met one who was shaved in his crotch.

by George W. Bushreply 6106/16/2012

R56 See R54, he is right it is an elder gay thing.

by George W. Bushreply 6206/16/2012

Gay pron started it. Then straight pron. And since most people's first experience is with their hand and a movie, it became what was expected.

A quick way for a girl to discern whether her man is bi: see if he shaves his crack.

by George W. Bushreply 6306/16/2012

I am turned off by shaved off pubic hair.

by George W. Bushreply 6406/16/2012

[quote]I'm 23


by George W. Bushreply 6706/16/2012

R66 is a moron who clear did not check out the thread.

by George W. Bushreply 6806/22/2012


by George W. Bushreply 6906/22/2012


by George W. Bushreply 7007/09/2012

I'm in my mid-30s, and I worked at a casino for several years and have had conversations about this with younger straight guys who worked there. The trend seems to be that a lot of younger guys are trimming pubes because it "shows off" more of your package. I've also heard that younger guys are shaving their legs/arms/chest because it shows off their muscle definition better. And of course, I heard from the girls I worked with (and some of the guys), that girls find a full bush on a guy to be "gross". I heard this several times: "guys NEED to trim down there." 'need' to, not 'should'.

Another unnecessary hair removal trend: guybrows. See Pauly D for evidence of how this trend got mega-popular.

by George W. Bushreply 7107/09/2012

[quote]Another unnecessary hair removal trend: guybrows. See Pauly D for evidence of how this trend got mega-popular.

Absolutely awful trend. Manicured eyebrows make a guy got from a 10 to a 4 instantly. Even guys with unibrows look ridiculous with that area waxed. It's so evident and unnatural looking.

by George W. Bushreply 7207/09/2012

"Sanitization" of sex. It's very American (in the commercial American sense). And very unsexy.

Good grooming (not shaving) is hot, but big bush is hot too.

by George W. Bushreply 7307/09/2012

In Lesotho your mother shaves your pubes till you get married. Then she and your sisters untie your bride's nasty.

Women get their nasties tied up so they can be virginal when married.

by George W. Bushreply 7407/10/2012

Nothing as boner-killing for me as when a hot looking guy in his thirties or forties drops trou and reaveals a totally shaved, smooth cock and balls. As far as I'm concerned - that's really gross!

Their poor cock & balls look like a plucked chicken - or like they'd just been prepped for surgery or something...


by George W. Bushreply 7507/10/2012

[quote]"Sanitization" of sex. It's very American (in the commercial American sense). And very unsexy.

You've never been to Germany, huh?

by George W. Bushreply 7607/10/2012

OP, you sound like a pedophile.

by George W. Bushreply 7707/10/2012

r65, you're an idiot. you claim that all early twenty-somethings are shaving and then you site girls not wanting hairy guys as your example. I'm a GAY guy and I date GAY guys and I've slept with about a dozen cute hot guys in the past two months and NONE OF THEM WERE SHAVED in their crotches, their chests, their arms, or anywhere else. You must only date Chelsea queens. Moron.

by George W. Bushreply 7807/10/2012

We have an anti pubic hair troll. He makes a lot of claims. My guess is that he is some fat buddha man with no pubes who is borderline pedo.

by George W. Bushreply 7907/10/2012

No one wants to fuck a hairy hole. That's just dirty and gross.

by George W. Bushreply 8007/10/2012

[quote]n Lesotho your mother shaves your pubes till you get married. Then she and your sisters untie your bride's nasty.

Dude that's Botswana not Lesotho. It's a totally different country.

by George W. Bushreply 8107/10/2012

Body hair in general is considered gross. Most people want to have smooth bods.

by George W. Bushreply 8207/13/2012

Yeah, chicks especially finds hairiness on dudes gross. They are very vocal in their opposition to body hair.

by George W. Bushreply 8307/13/2012

I got so distracted by the word "youngin" that I couldn't even read any of the posts.

It's "young 'un," a contraction for "young one."

by George W. Bushreply 8407/13/2012

Our anti pubic hair troll hopes that by repeating his endless meme it will be seen as true.

by George W. Bushreply 8507/13/2012

[quote]Dude that's Botswana not Lesotho.

No. it's Basutoland

by George W. Bushreply 8607/13/2012

I am not shaved and like my cock hair. Yup I am gay but like my masculine look.

by George W. Bushreply 8709/05/2012

It was all a brilliant coup:

The metrosexual gays brainwashed straight guys into plucking, shaving and giving into an otherwise feminine appearance.

A year later, the hirsute, hairy, "natural" look became popular amongst gay men.

Now straight men are the overly groomed feminine ones, and gay men look more rugged.

by George W. Bushreply 8809/05/2012

The guys who like body hair are not the guys I would ever fuck any way, so it all works out.

by George W. Bushreply 8909/05/2012

Hair is just as natural for women as it is for men, which makes it odd that hairlessness is considered "feminine."

by George W. Bushreply 9009/05/2012

Recently, I met a guy who did not shave at all and it was quite refreshing.

I shave for swimming (not cool to have a big old bush sticking out) and I guess I'm just used to it on other swimmers.

It was a nice change to see a hairy guy. I will draw the line at back and shoulder hair.

by George W. Bushreply 9109/05/2012

"...and gay men look more rugged."

Until they open their mouths and god damned purses start falling out, like Richard Simmons.

by George W. Bushreply 9209/05/2012

Until Cheryl opens her legs and it's a goddamned seafood market of straight women, like Seattle's Pike Place. . .

by George W. Bushreply 9309/06/2012

There is a predominant opposition to all body hair today, not just pubic hair. It is viewed as gross, and young women really dislike hairy dudes as gross.

by George W. Bushreply 9409/06/2012

At the risk of outing myself as a frau, I'll say this: I've never cared about a guy's pubic hair. However, I had mine lasered off because sex feels better that way for me.

by George W. Bushreply 9509/06/2012

Funny you should mention this now.. I actually saw an article here in Norway recently about pubic hair, and whether to shave or not to.. it was mostly about women though. They said that more and more women let their pubic hair grow.

ETA: I found the article. They link the development to movies like the one with Michelle Williams, where she is completely nude for minutes at the time. It was an interesting read.

Well.. it is in Norwegian and contains female nudity. But I'm sure you can use google translate if you feel like.

by George W. Bushreply 9609/06/2012

My guess is a lot of the preference has to do with what you came across as you started having sex. In the 70s when I started, of course no one shaved or trimmed. (And no one was smelly or dirty- shaving has little to do with that). I imagine if you were 20 and starting out you would "imprint" on the groomed look.

All my life I have found body hair on men a big turn on. Hair on the inside of thighs, treasure trails, tan lines and pubic hair, fuzzy butts are soooo sexy, chest hair, hair on forearms. Of couse some guys are too hairy-all over their backs and sides etc... I also like naturally smooth guys- no pubic shaving however.

It is what it is. But a shaved person has a lot to overcome if I am to have sex with them. They have to have a lot of other physical attributes for me to overcome it in terms of being turned on. As I said, it is what I grew up on-

So I am one dirty old man (59) who is definitely not remotely interested in 20-40 year old men who are shaved. I guess it makes it easier for me to grow old and deal with losing my looks! (In any case I am much more interested in guys closer to my own age, although attractive ones are far a few between, and if they shave, well, it almost pathetic. C'est la vie. )

by George W. Bushreply 9709/06/2012

R94, here in the Britain just a year or two ago they did a very large poll of women and found that they overwhelmingly preferring hairy men to "groomed" ones - with numbers ranging for 85 to 97%, depending on where they were from. So maybe it's just in the States.

by George W. Bushreply 9809/06/2012

Body hair keeps away the bed bugs. They don't like hair and can't really get through it well.

On the flip side lice love body hair and don't like smooth skin.

So take your pick, have the bed bugs or be lousy

by George W. Bushreply 9909/08/2012

Because their stupid OP.

by George W. Bushreply 10009/08/2012


by George W. Bushreply 10109/08/2012

I am a 50 year old man and I can not stand pubic hair on my women, so why should they have to put up with it on me. My wife enjoys the lack of choking on hair while she is down there pleasing me. So out of respect men, at least give your lover the option. As for the stubble feeling, after shaving for a few weeks, the stubble itching will go away.

by George W. Bushreply 10211/15/2012

it's purely juvenile. no hair makes your thing appear bigger, girls don't like getting the tiny dick hairs in the mouth, also hair means musk and the delicate female olfactory senses simply cannot abide it.

by George W. Bushreply 10311/15/2012

From 1987, before the world realized that fuzz in the urogenital region was an unnatural abomination.

by George W. Bushreply 10401/13/2014

I've read recently that some boys are beginning puberty at age 10 these days. Maybe they're shaving away their pubic hair so they can at least look like boys longer.

by George W. Bushreply 10501/13/2014


by George W. Bushreply 10601/13/2014

- makes the dick look/seem bigger without a rat's nest in the way

- lets the fellatio-giver go to town without getting pube hairs in mouth

- reduce risk of catching some STDs (crabs in particular)

I'm a fan of less hair down there. I know this is a contentious topic, I wouldn't kick a hottie out of bed if he had a furry unkempt bush of pubic hair, but I do like the trimmed-down look.

by George W. Bushreply 10701/13/2014

- makes the dick look/seem bigger without a rat's nest in the way

you do realize that that isn't true, don't you, if you're small, you'll still look small

- lets the fellatio-giver go to town without getting pube hairs in mouth

lots of us don't consider that a draw back

- reduce risk of catching some STDs (crabs in particular)

ONLY crabs, as they are lice, not scabies, the clap or any other STD is related to pubic hair or not.

by George W. Bushreply 10801/13/2014
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