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What is the top:bottom ratio?

I say 1:3, but is there data on this?

by Umpyreply 9004/22/2016

It's been proven there's 1 top for every 10 bottoms.

by Umpyreply 106/11/2011

Anecdotal evidence.

by Umpyreply 206/11/2011

Umpy? What's next,Py?

by Umpyreply 306/11/2011

Oh, Umpy. You'll always just be G/Rumpy to us. So how is Tammy?

by Umpyreply 406/11/2011

1 Top to 10 Bottom (oh.... sorry versatile)

by Umpyreply 506/11/2011

Honest reply to this. I have NEVER had a problem finding a top. Ever. I'm handsome, very masculine, pretty normal, actually. But tops just gravitate to me. Odd.

by Umpyreply 606/11/2011

Tammy is still perfect, although I cannot leave food out, even stale bread in a plastic bag. She even eats Brussels sprouts. Weirdest cat ever.

by Umpyreply 706/11/2011

With Top I assume we are talking about anal top? Because Oral top is kind of a ridiculous term (like any gay male has never been an oral top).

by Umpyreply 806/11/2011

I meet more tops than bottoms. Mate they are lying, but I'd say in my personal experience it's 3 to 2, tops to bottoms

by Umpyreply 906/11/2011

In 20 years, I've only met a handful of guys who insist their exclusive tops, and of those handfuls, 75% lifted their legs in the air when they saw my 8.5 inch cock.

by Umpyreply 1006/11/2011

Post two fake ads on Craigslist- one as a total top, the other as a total bottom. You'll get your answer.

by Umpyreply 1106/11/2011

Dallas - 1:25 top/bottom.%0D %0D Even the tops are bottoms.

by Umpyreply 1206/11/2011

closeted men: our new tops

by Umpyreply 1306/11/2011

There are male Tops who are very comfortable with being gay, help out and talk openly about gay rights and culture. Many closeted gay men are actually bottoms in hiding.

by Umpyreply 1406/11/2011

As you age the ratio will change. As bottoms get older it will seem like there are very few tops. I think some calculus equation probably could figure it out. %0D %0D It does not matter what the ratio is though. it matters who will be willing to top you.

by Umpyreply 1506/11/2011

R11 Real tops don't need to post on Craigslist.

by Umpyreply 1606/11/2011

I have no upper body strength, and neither do my friends. Therefore, we are bottoms.

by Umpyreply 1706/11/2011

Preference expressed: I'd say it's a three-way proportion, among American men under 40, of versatile 55%, bottoms 30%, tops 15%.

I think all men are secret bottoms or bottom-curious. Period.

Every man I've ever been with over time, including thugs - "straight" married men who had never had a blow job before, gay men who were "strictly tops," good fundie Christians who wept afterwards, macho Hispanics - ALL of them, eventually wanted to feel it.

Men like to experience intensity and powerful sensual stimulation. If they feel safe and that their manhood is not being threatened or questioned, and that it's a discreet situation, they'll let go.

Oddly, I don't find it works the other way. Men who identify as bottoms primarily usually refuse to be flexible, or prefer not to be flexible often.

There is plenty of room here for psychological research, if research designs could be conceived and developed. I don't think my experience, anecdotal as it is, misstates something fundamental.

by Umpyreply 1806/11/2011

i don't get bottoms at all: IT HURTS LIKE HELL!

by Umpyreply 1906/11/2011

I think there's only 1 top for every 20 bottoms. Gay men seem to enjoy being emasculated.

by Umpyreply 2006/11/2011


by Umpyreply 2106/12/2011

True, #20. I think many bottoms need to look into therapy for gender identity confusion. Maybe even have a sex change. I mean phrases like breeding, mangina, butt babies, etc.?%0D %0D There's absolutely no reason a gay man can't be versatile.

by Umpyreply 2206/12/2011

R23/R24, it was cute a week ago, but tiresome and you really don't add anything to the threads.

Seriously, find another board.

by Umpyreply 2306/12/2011

R20, I'm not a bottom but you need to get your head on better or get off the site.

To associate anal sex and being the bottom in anal sex with being emasculated is to perpetuate the worst stereotypes about masculinity and gay sex.

R22's discussion of extremes of camp and fetishism at least contextualizes the crap - even if she or he does misinterpret. Sure, some people use sex for their issues, but it's no more true of gay men or bottoms than it is for women who like sugar daddies or straight men who always cheat on their wives.

And you have no right to equate your menu of sex acts with with is normal for gay people. If a man wants to bottom, he's a gay man who wants to bottom. It's nothing to you, unless you're being an asshole makes you feel vulnerable when the subject of bottoming comes up. Solution - Don't be an asshole.

by Umpyreply 2406/12/2011

Bottoms up, gentlemen!

by Umpyreply 2506/13/2011

Most guys are versatile. Now, that doesn't mean that these guys don't lean one way (usually bottom but sometimes top) or another, but there are more versatile guys than exclusive tops and exclusive bottoms, definitely, that's why these one or the other questions don't really work IMO.

by Umpyreply 2606/13/2011

the OP should have added a poll to this thread, for starters >:P

by Umpyreply 2706/13/2011

In the UK it is about 1:7 (1:25 within the BBC)

by Umpyreply 2806/16/2011

If you are on broadway, I hear the closest top is in New Jersey.

by Umpyreply 2906/17/2011

If you are in NYC, the closest Top is New Jersey.

The Big Apple is actually the Big Queen!

by Umpyreply 3006/17/2011

I don;t know about older guys, but among almost all of the younger gay guys I know, very few of them are into anal sex at all, either top or bottom.

by Umpyreply 3106/17/2011

Versatile is the way to go. Total tops and total bottoms suck.

by Umpyreply 3206/17/2011


I would say the exact opposite among the gays under 30 I know, and nearly all the gays I know are under 30.

by Umpyreply 3306/17/2011

Five bottoms for every top

by Umpyreply 3403/29/2013

I think it has to do with testosterone. Tops want to pound it out, bottoms want to get pounded.

by Umpyreply 3503/29/2013

You guys should read the book A Billion Wicked Thoughts. It's a really interesting book about sex/porn preferences for both gays and straights. They did an analysis of men seeking men personal ads and found that about 1/4 were guys who wanted to top and about 3/4 were guys who wanted to bottom.

So about 1:4

by Umpyreply 3603/29/2013

Well, R38, maybe most tops don't have to advertise. Ever thought of that? Hmmmm????

by Umpyreply 3703/29/2013

No wonder it's so difficult to get double penetrated.

by Umpyreply 3803/29/2013

6 bottoms for 1 top

by Umpyreply 3904/17/2013

As a top, it seems like it must be 1,000,000:1 t:b.

by Umpyreply 4004/17/2013

We did a survey on this once and it was 2 to 1 with the versatiles screaming loudly that everyone should be versatile.

by Umpyreply 4104/17/2013

What I don't understand is if someone is a top only, then why are they even gay? Why does the hole have to be male?

And if a man is a bottom only, why doesn't he just get a vagina? It's not like he's using his penis.

by Umpyreply 4204/17/2013

In my experience there are many more bottoms than tops. 10 to 1 ratio or more is not out of the question. Personally I describe myself as versatile. I mostly like oral sex, taking turns sucking dick or 69. I do give up my ass but it is not my thing. I am fixated on asses and if you have an ass that I like I can be an animal. Play with it, suck it, eat it, rub my dick on it, admire it and fuck it all night long. My problem is, if you don't have a really nice ass, I don't want it. For that reason I am reluctant to commit to being a top when negotiating a cheap quick sexual act with a trick.

by Umpyreply 4304/17/2013

Damn I need to do more squats!

by Umpyreply 4404/17/2013

"What I don't understand is if someone is a top only, then why are they even gay? Why does the hole have to be male?"

Using that logic...why don't straight guys just fuck men instead of women? For males sexual attraction is mostly visual. Straight guys are visually drawn to females, gay guys are visually drawn to males.

by Umpyreply 4504/17/2013

r44, your view of what it means to be bisexual or gay is erroneous and twisted. It does not mean you want to be penetrated. Many bi and gay dudes do not want to be and never will be penetrated. Nothing wrong with this fact.

by Umpyreply 4604/19/2013

There are no gays at the BBC R30.

They have been banned. Didn't you read Peter Tachells article, the British Bigotry Corporation?

by Umpyreply 4704/21/2013

I have a very handsome friend who is a top but would keep his t-shirt in his back right pocket while dancing shirtless at clubs. He'd get hit on a bit during the night, but not very often. He's a little intimidating.

Once he'd decided it was time to go on the prowl before heading home, he'd move his t-shirt from his right pocket to his left.

At that point, he was literally surrounded by hot guys who wanted to bottom for him. Took him about half an hour to find a guy he wanted and off they went.

Despite his general hotness, there was a lot less interest when he put himself out there as a bottom. But once he identified himself as a top, it was like flies to honey.

by Umpyreply 4804/21/2013

Gawker is here to answer your questions! (They should do this again sometime soon. I wonder if the ratios have changed over the past few years.)

by Umpyreply 4904/21/2013

The majority of guys in NYC are tops???...yeah right... and I have a bridge to sell you...very only.

by Umpyreply 5004/23/2013

pretty much a total bottom here. 45 years old, in los angeles. good looking but no model thats for sure. have NEVER had a problem getting laid. not sure about the 10 bottoms to 1 top ratios, but have never had that problem. in fact, i probably get laid more now than i did when i was 20. and the sex is better, too!

by Umpyreply 5104/23/2013


by Umpyreply 5204/25/2013

R53, do you have any STDs, man?

by Umpyreply 5304/25/2013

I eat shit.

by Umpyreply 5404/25/2013

no stds.

by Umpyreply 5504/25/2013

r18, you must not know any real bottoms. It is not the same thing as being "bottom-curious" and willing to try it one isolated time.

by Umpyreply 5604/25/2013

I'd say 1 top to 10 bottoms. I often say that i only bottom, masculine here and bottoms come to me all the time, but i actually like to top. If i hook up with a total top, half would bottom right them and the other half only need a little push..about 90% at least

by Umpyreply 5706/07/2013

Over 90% bottoms. Truth.

by Umpyreply 5806/07/2013

The ratios you guys are putting out are a bit ridiculous. I think it's closer to 55% bottoms/45% tops but it's curious sometimes how bottoms seem to converge on Craigslist while other hookup sites are more evenly balanced. It may seem like tops are hard to find but sometimes you're not necessarily looking in the right places.

by Umpyreply 5906/07/2013

45% tops???? ... Not even at a gay truckers convention.

Dream on!

by Umpyreply 6006/07/2013

Only whores still use Craig's List.

My favortie TV quote: "you smell like Craig's List"

by Umpyreply 6106/07/2013

This is why I only date Jersey boys. Call me what you want but getting what I need. They have a thing about being macho = top.

by Umpyreply 6206/07/2013

It's an odd ratio. Tops 15%, Bottoms 100%. It's one little sub group existing within the hole/whole.

by Umpyreply 6306/07/2013

Unless these are just tired attempts at being clever, your math makes no sense. If the odds were really that stacked against tops, there would be very little sex going on. And yet the Internet is awash in tops and bottoms going at it.

I'm mostly a bottom and I don't have any trouble finding willing partners.

There seems to be a lot of shame on this board about bottoming and I think a lot of the statements imply that bottoms have somehow driven away all the tops by our insatiable behavior. I personally think that's ridiculous. Tops can be just as slutty as bottoms.

by Umpyreply 6406/07/2013

[quote] My favortie TV quote: "you smell like Craig's List"

It's Craigslist. And why are you ashamed that you watch Glee?

by Umpyreply 6506/07/2013

1/3 tops 1/3 bottoms 1/3 eww buttsex

by Umpyreply 6606/07/2013

I don't know.

What's the frequency Kenneth?

by Umpyreply 6706/07/2013


by Umpyreply 6808/06/2013

I agree that this place is awash in bottom shame, but so is everywhere else.

by Umpyreply 6908/07/2013

Five times more bottoms

by Umpyreply 7009/06/2014

Don't most bottoms love being treated like shit anyway?

by Umpyreply 7109/06/2014

As a Top, I can't stand Vers guys insisting that everyone should be Vers. I've tried bottoming and I don't like it. I like to Top. And nothing turns me on more than a Bottom who doesn't want to flip-flop.

by Umpyreply 7209/06/2014

no, r71, speak for yourself

by Umpyreply 7309/06/2014

Because we all want to be penetrated as women. There, I said it.

by Umpyreply 7409/06/2014

R74 I don't believe that. As a top, I know that most bottoms are not nelly, caftan wearing, mincing prisspots. And they don't want to be women either.

by Umpyreply 7509/06/2014

I'm a total top who has never bottomed and never will. I'm 44 and am in good shape and look a few years younger. I tend to like guys 18-25 best and have no trouble finding them. I would say the ratio of bottoms to tops seems to be 3 to 1 but that is just my opinion. One interesting observation is that a lot of the young guys I fuck identify as straight or bi and they love to bottom. I have also noticed that a lot of tops will bottom for a total top. I'm bi and prefer guys over girls.

by Umpyreply 7609/07/2014

DC lacks forever total TOP bros who don't suck dick.

by Umpyreply 7709/07/2014

i and my all friends are top....but we never see 2 or 3 bottoms its mean top ratio is more then bottom in pakistan

by Umpyreply 7801/12/2015

If it's my Tupperware we're talking about, 3 tops to every bottom.

by Umpyreply 7901/12/2015

There are no real 100% tops.

All guys have bottomed at some point. And I've noticed on dating sites, that when I post a pic of my big dick, even guys who are listed as "tops" will hit me up to either suck my dick or get fucked.

They're all full of shit.

The REAL ratio is 0 to infinity.

by Umpyreply 8001/12/2015

Based on my Grindr experiences, people think because I am 50 I am automatically a top Daddy.

I am 100% a bottom who has never had any interest in topping; I finally had to really emphasize my bottoming preference in my profile and EVEN then guys still ask me.

So based on my own experiences, I have to say there are 10 bottoms for every top in Brooklyn.

by Umpyreply 8101/12/2015


by Umpyreply 8201/13/2015


by Umpyreply 8302/20/2015

Many top gays who have pressures from his family or religions can force themself to marry a woman, while its harder for a bottom to do that. Just my own opinion.

by Umpyreply 8406/21/2015

I agree with you, R84, and many of these top gays can pass for straight so they do to make life easier. Total bottom here and for whatever reason, I have had many, many men like you describe who are tops hit on me throughout my life. I've never had any problem getting laid either. At gay bars, I'd say there were probably 5-6 bottoms for every top, which I think skews everyone's perception on this. But out in the larger world, my experience has been closer to 1 to 1.

by Umpyreply 8506/21/2015

Versatile tops are traveling the same path as the wooly mammoth....... Extinction. Makes me want to sample woman.

by Umpyreply 8604/22/2016

1:50 or so I've read. But I think it 's more around 2:5, it's just that there's a lot of closet tops still choosing the privileged bottom-path.

by Umpyreply 8704/22/2016

R86, how many of these old threads will you be dredging up today?

by Umpyreply 8804/22/2016
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