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Kevin Spacey

I know from a source that Kevin Spacey could be "mean" with his hook-ups. On another thread someone mentioned something similar. Does anyone have some knowledge, because I have heard some creepy things about the guy.

by PariahNoMorereply 22211/27/2017

I would love to know- I always thought he was kind of sexy- now he is leaning towards kind of repulsive. But I am still curious.

by PariahNoMorereply 106/02/2011

I had heard something like that OP, I'm trying to remember what I heard. What I do remember is that I heard it first hand from someone who was with him not a friend of friend kind of thing. So I want to get it right. If I can remember I'll post later.

by PariahNoMorereply 206/02/2011

Spacey is a predator. He likes young-ish men. He accosted an actor in a men's room. He uses roofies. I have heard from 3 actors that he is creepy and predatory from their personal experience. He drugs his prey.

by PariahNoMorereply 306/02/2011

LOL @ R2.

by PariahNoMorereply 406/02/2011

I've heard similar stories as r3. MY friends straight brother could not shake him at a party. The brother was a young guy at the time and Spacey would not leave him alone. Everyone involved was pretty disgusted with Spacey.

by PariahNoMorereply 506/02/2011

THe person I was thinking of worked as a doorman in a NYC hotel. I think KS really hurt him during a sexual encounter.

by PariahNoMorereply 606/02/2011

Oh my god - he's the recording artists (Bobby Darin) who was in a group (The Usual Suspects) who likes to beat up male prostitutes!

by PariahNoMorereply 706/02/2011

Back in the late 90s a straight male friend of mine thats a film maker met him at some industry event in NYC. He got talking to him, thought he was really cool and all. They left the party and hit some bars and got amazingly drunk. My friend thought it would be easier if they crashed at his family's place nearby rather go back home. He woke up in the middle of the night to a terrible ruckus. Seems his new "friend" sneaked into the bedroom of his 14 year old brother and was trying to remove his pants. Little bro woke up and clocked him right the face. Spacey ran out of the place. Prior to all this, when the two were drinking, he learned that Spacey was due to attend another event the next night that my friend was also invited to. Spacey was a no show the next night.

by PariahNoMorereply 806/02/2011

He's a freak judging from the r8's story. Doesn't he realize that he was a celebrity and people would talk. %0D %0D Why didn't the guy have him arrested?

by PariahNoMorereply 906/02/2011

[quote]Why didn't the guy have him arrested? Because it never happened.

by PariahNoMorereply 1006/02/2011

It's no wonder he won't claim the word "gay." He's a self loathing pervert who likes to have power over his sexual partners (or little boys if r8 is correct).

by PariahNoMorereply 1106/02/2011

I told a similar story on here before about Spacey pushing himself on my best friend's straight young (19) housemate in Savannah during Midnight in the Garden filming and people accused me of lying. He had met a group of my friends at one of the local bars and bought them all drinks. The group of them went back to my friend's place and they all smoked pot. At one point, they caught Spacey trying to steal their bag of weed and then he tried to stick his hand down his housemate's pants. He was creepy to a lot of the SCAD boys.

by PariahNoMorereply 1206/02/2011

Damn, I knew he liked them young, but not THAT young! %0D %0D I recall a few fan sites that were probably run by fraus and if you even tried to write anything concerning his sexuality, you'd be banned instantly. It was like being in FreeRepublic.

by PariahNoMorereply 1306/02/2011

R9 I dont know why they didnt press charges. Maybe they didnt want to upset the boy any further by dragging it out, maybe they were intimidated by Spacey's status, maybe because the kid punched him and they didnt want any blow back from that. Sexual assault is the most under-reported of crimes. Very often victims dont pursue justice because they are scared, ashamed and fear the repercussions should others learn about it. While most victims of a sex crime can be assured of anonymity, if the assailant is famous, their identity will most certainly be revealed at some time (despite the court's efforts to shield them, we know the names of the boys that accused Michael Jackson, we know the name of the girl Roman Polanski raped) Look at all the people that waited years to report they were molested by a priest when they were a kid. I have no reason to not believe him. Most people dont make up stories about their younger brother getting felt up by a dude.

by PariahNoMorereply 1406/02/2011

I have an experience similar to R12's. This one dates back to about 1995-- I was with friends (all early-to-mid-20s) in the bar area of the Stinking Rose restaurant on La Cienega, and La Spacey was sitting in the next booth with a few guys, ranging in age from maybe 19 to about 30. I recall that someone from their party was "drumming" along to the music on an upside-down plastic tub.%0D %0D When the bartender announced last call, Spacey got very insistent that the young guy at his table needed to give him a ride back to where he was staying. (I think he needed to go someplace on Romaine in West Hollywood, which is maybe a 10-minute ride.) %0D %0D We watched their interaction, and Spacey was a piece of work: a combination of insinuating, menacing, and very, very needy. %0D %0D It was obvious that the young guy didn't want anything to do with Spacey at that point, and my friend Drew leaned over to get in Spacey's face and said, "He told you no. Now drop it. You're embarrassing yourself."%0D %0D Spacey got enraged, but then looked deflated. He ended up meekly asking the bartender to call him a cab. %0D %0D From that point on, I've found Spacey to be utterly loathsome.%0D %0D %0D %0D

by PariahNoMorereply 1506/02/2011

It always surprised me that people thought Caftan Spacey was such a great actor. He always has that self-conscious, "I'm acting" way about him and his eyes sometimes have that "look at you fools who think I'm a magnificent actor", sarcastic thing going on. It makes it easier to believe he's an ugly person on the inside as well as the outside. Ugh.

by PariahNoMorereply 1606/02/2011

A friend who was 19 at the time, but looked maybe 15-16 worked on one of his films as gofer. Said that Spacey noticed him , kinda out of nowhere. Spacey started a conversation with him, seemed pretty cool, talking about movies and theatre stuff acting like the older guy just being cool to the young guy. Kept wanting to take him out for dinner, or have dinner in his trailer. One afternoon he had my friend to his trailer and once the door was closed he was all over my friend. He wanted him to drink some special drink KS wanted to make for him. When my friend tried to get away from him he got really mean and abusive. My friend was afraid that he might actually turn violent. Then when that didn't work he (KS) started to offer him money and drugs. My friend finally got close enough to the door to get out. The next day there some movie big wigs trying to smooth the whole thing over. My friend was really ok about it, said it's no big deal, these things happen. Thought it was all good, but an hour later he was fired and escorted of the set by huge security guys twice the size of my friends. Ruined his desire to ever work in film. Tho, about a week later he got his final paycheck, and a termination *bonus* a $10,000 bonus. %0D %0D %0D I hate it that Kevin Spacey is such a predatory assclown and gets away with this crap all the time.%0D %0D %0D Just rumor, but I heard that when he picked up and moved to London to do theatre work it was because too many people were telling the same Kevin Spacey stories and his PR people were worried some, any, most of them might come out.

by PariahNoMorereply 1706/02/2011

OMG what an ass.

by PariahNoMorereply 1806/02/2011

The pig simply sounds like a rapist from all these stories.

by PariahNoMorereply 1906/02/2011

Spacey visted Daniel Radcliffe backstage during EQUUS and was ALL OVER him. Radcliffe was very creeped out.

by PariahNoMorereply 2006/02/2011

R8's post just sounds completely far fetched & the product of a feve3r3d brain fueled by too much gossip over the years. Sorry.

by PariahNoMorereply 2106/02/2011

I have ehard KS rumors since the mid 1990's (pre-Internet) and all of these corroborated storied in here make me beleive that the ancient rumor about him stealing Bryan Singer's twink piece on the "Usual Suspects" set. He also didn't even try to explain away the pictures of him grasping some Croatian twink a few years back. Don't expect him to leave Europe anytime soon. He can chase after any dude he wants away from the tabloid glare.

by PariahNoMorereply 2206/02/2011

I know a guy whi knew a guy who was a friend of a friend of a waiter at Applebees where Kevin came in & ate one evening. He said Spacey was eyeing him from his table all evening. Anyway, this guy was taking a break, nursing his diet mountain dew, and turned his back for 1 minute. He woke up in the restroom, having blacked out, & there was Kevin arms outstretched, blocking the stall's exit. "I'm gonna rape you!" Spacey said menacingly. My friend screamed, "RAAAAAAPE!" and Kevin said, "I slipped you a roofie! It's 2:00 AM!" He then turned around, dropped his pants and said, "Besides, in Spacey no one can hear you scream!" It was terrifying to the poor guy. He never recovered. Kevin Spacey is an evil man!

by PariahNoMorereply 2306/02/2011

I remember back in 2004, I was on vacation in London and I was having a conversation with the bouncer at this one gay bar. He was telling me about all the bars/clubs he had been a bouncer at and about which celebs he had met and said that one time he'd seen KS and that his behavior is disgusting. He's also rumored to cruise parks in London. Sounds like a dirty old man who needs to grow up.

by PariahNoMorereply 2406/02/2011

"He's also rumored to cruise parks in London"%0D %0D That's where the mainstream media/geenral public first began to realize that he was not the screen idol/Oscar winner of years gone by. I don't know if it was on her eor some other gossip blog, but wasn't he also allegedly into black guys as well?

by PariahNoMorereply 2506/02/2011

Had to pry Spacey off me at a party. At one point sitting next to me on the couch he slid his hand into the back of my pants until i promptly spilled my drink on his crotch. He's fucking gross.

by PariahNoMorereply 2606/02/2011

Anyone else remember reading this somewhere? There was a blind item circulating some years back where an A-list actor kept stalking a younger co-star on the set of their movie. It got so bad that the younger actor's father, who was also around, started carrying some type of club with him in case he needed to use it as a weapon. None of the other cast and crew members objected to this because said A-lister was being so creepy. There was speculation the A-lister was Kevin Spacey.

I could've sworn I read it somewhere but can't remember where.

by PariahNoMorereply 2706/02/2011

R20, I believe the exchange went something like this:%0D %0D "Come here Danny boy, give Uncle Kevin a kiiiiisssssss!!!!!!!!"

by PariahNoMorereply 2806/02/2011

The chick in the apartment next to me used to do PR work for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and told me they were having an annual charity dinner and she had an extra ticket so I decided to go for a free meal. There were a few B-list celebs there. I go to the bathroom and step up the the 3rd urinal from the right because there was a really short person on the 1st one and a tall one at the 2nd. I try to start peeing but I get nervous when there are other men in the restroom so it was taking a while. So, I hear the person next to me say "I'll show you mine if you let me suck yours." And I look over and the guy's head is turned, and I look at the 1st person and it's a kid about 12 years old who just looked shocked. So, the 2nd guy looks at me and it's YouKnowWho who gives me his trademark smirk/chuckle, then looks back at the kid and says "Come on, let me suck the cancer out of you." The kid ran out of the bathroom - without even washing his hands!! #2 looks at me and says "Kids have no sense of humor." I still hadn't peed, but decided to leave. (We're all making these stories up, right?)

by PariahNoMorereply 2906/02/2011

Years ago, I was at an out-of-town preview for "Follies," starring Dame Joan Plowright and JoAnne Worley (it never made it to New York), because a friend of mine was in the chorus. He was a male model at one of the top Manhattan agencies, and he was 23 but looked 7.

Anyway, we all ended up back at the Hilton Garden Inn where JoAnne was staying, drinking from a case of Michelob Light that Joan had brought in, when who showed up but "K.S." himself. He immediately made a fool of himself all over my friend, who was already feeling a bit woozy from three Mickey Lights and a shot of the butterscotch schnapps Dame Joan always kept in her purse. Well, "K.S." offered to walk my friend back to his room, and that was the last we saw of him that evening!

Weeks later, I ran into my friend and he said he'd awoken with a stabbing pain in his rectum, as if he was being violated without lubricant. He attempted to scream, but realized there was a wet rag stuffed in his mouth. Groggily he rolled over on his side to find Dame Joan Plowright violently sodomizing him with a strap-on black dildo, grunting like a feral pig in heat!

It was years after that when I ran into JoAnne at the bar at "21" and she confirmed the story... La Plowright's dressers were well aware of her penchant for wearing sex toys strapped under her stage costumes. JoAnne said "Plowright" was actually a playful nickname given to her by the late great Sir John Gielgud.

So I guess this story doesn't have much to do with "K.S." after all. But I hear he can sure be mean!

by PariahNoMorereply 3006/02/2011

(R30) Are the lines sagging a little too heavy tonight?

by PariahNoMorereply 3106/02/2011

I think the worst thing that has happened to the creepy smug schmuck is that people are referring to him as KS. For anyone who has lived through the epidemic...

by PariahNoMorereply 3206/02/2011

R29/R30 = Kevin trying to deflect these all too true accounts with lame humor. I know my story to be all too true. I have another Spacey molestation incident involving an out gay stage actor when he was underage but wont post it. He reads this site and will know its me if I do.

by PariahNoMorereply 3306/03/2011

Anyone know the low-down on Spacey's London park bashing -- you know the one where he claimed to be walking his dog when someone stole his cell phone? First he claimed to be attacked and then he admitted otherwise.

by PariahNoMorereply 3406/03/2011

So Kevin, basically acts like the character he played in "Working Girl?"

by PariahNoMorereply 3506/03/2011

I rather doubt that Kevin Spacey has to twist the arms of young guys to make them hook up with him. He might be sleazy and unprepossessing but he's rich and famous and that in itself is enough to make young hustlers want to service him. I think young guys probably go after HIM, not the other way around.

by PariahNoMorereply 3606/03/2011

I don't believe any of these stories. I have met KS when he was much, much younger. We are the same age. He was quiet and almost shy. A VERY heavy drinker tho.

I am sure that on occasion he got mixed up with younger guys but I am positive that anything that happened was alcohol induced drunkeness on the part of both guys KS and the other making claims.

I think KS has a reputation but I doubt seriously if any of it is true. I heard thru the grapevine he now has a guy in his life over in London who is only slightly younger than him and is as normal as can be, also a real dog lover like he is.

Again, Shyness and aloofness that comes with it can often be mistaken I think for sleaziness especially someone so famous.

But he did come from a really bad home life situation himself and his brother was sexually abused supposedly by their dad so who knows about KS really. He is too famous to get seriously tangled up with anyone really young. KS also has a WICKED sense of humor and is extremely sarcastic which can be taken the wrong way I believe.

That is what I think.

by PariahNoMorereply 3706/03/2011

I shudder to think about that photo with Dan Radcliffe hanging out with Kevin Spacey and Stephen Fry.

Do we think he was hiding behind Fry to get away from Spacey?

by PariahNoMorereply 3806/03/2011

[quote]I rather doubt that Kevin Spacey has to twist the arms of young guys to make them hook up with him.

Christ, do you think that men that who rape men/women only do so because they couldn't get a person to be attracted to them? Do you think only UGLY men use their power (be it status or physical) to dominate and control?

Notice a lot of the (believable) stories here involve STRAIGHT young men. There is such a character that only gets off on chasing down guys/girls who don't want him. La Spacey is such a character.

by PariahNoMorereply 3906/03/2011

[quote]That is what I think. Well, congratulations on your thinking, meanwhile those of us who are in the [italic]KNOW....[/italic]

by PariahNoMorereply 4006/03/2011

r37 are you male or female? Be honest. You sound like a frau.

by PariahNoMorereply 4106/03/2011

"I rather doubt that Kevin Spacey has to twist the arms of young guys to make them hook up with him."

Your theory rather falls apart when you consider many of the legit-sounding stories in this thread are of Spacey hitting on young straight guys.

by PariahNoMorereply 4206/03/2011

[quote]I rather doubt that Kevin Spacey has to twist the arms of young guys to make them hook up with him. But that's just it. It seems that Spacey doesn't want those who will willingly jump into the sack with him. Spacey sounds like a predator and he wants what he can't have.

by PariahNoMorereply 4306/03/2011

I heard he's a pedophile from multiple sources. I'm not joking either. He's scum.

by PariahNoMorereply 4406/03/2011

He's such a scumbag he should just stop acting and become a casting director.

by PariahNoMorereply 4506/03/2011

Why is it that NO OTHER thread on the Datalounge has this many cumulative posts with people supposedly "in the know" about ANY OTHER CELEBRITY except, apparently, Kevin Spacey? Boy, what a coincidence. He sure gets around.

Or, you know, people are lying.

by PariahNoMorereply 4606/03/2011

No lying here. I know a lot of actors in NYC and Europe. Richard Johnson of Page Six knows as well. Spacey does get around. Spacey is bad news. If you are a handsome, young looking adult male stay away. One of the actors was at a bar with him. Spacey kept buying him beers and he emptied them out when KS wasn't looking and went to the other side and bought his own. An actor who was on the same show with him was cornered by Spacey in the men's room. A French TV actor was drugged by KS at a party and woke up in unfamiliar surroundings and literally had to escape.

by PariahNoMorereply 4706/03/2011

actually [r46] it gives it more credibility ...

by PariahNoMorereply 4806/03/2011

[quote]Your theory rather falls apart when you consider many of the legit-sounding stories in this thread are of Spacey hitting on young straight guys.

"Legit-sounding stories" LOL

by PariahNoMorereply 4906/03/2011

Looks like the frau who ran Spaceyland has come here to try to defend him...

by PariahNoMorereply 5006/03/2011

I've posted this before, so forgive me if you've heard it, but I worked on a production at the Old Vic a couple of years ago. It was absolutely common knowledge that Spacey always picked one or two young (not underage) actors from each production, generally actors right out of drama school playing small roles, and invited them to "share his dressing room." I never heard of anything non consensual going on, and I heard of a couple of guys who turned him down and it wasn't a problem, they just were never cast in any Old Vic productions again. It was a known thing, 'share a dressing room' and your career will progress. I didn't like working there, even though everyone else was lovely, because if you are female as I am you are basically totally invisible to him. Unless maybe you're a really big star.

I nearly got fired for taking and Facebooking a phone photo of the noticeboard (which hangs halfway up the letfhand stairwell that is just to the right when you go through the stagedoor, in case anyone's been there) because I didn't realise the noticeboard has the dressing room allocation list on it clearly showing the names of two other actors with small roles, as sharing Spacey's dressing room. I googled the names and they were both 20/21 and playing minor roles. The fact he shares his dressing room at all, much less with young supporting actors, is unusual. (Btw I took the pic because the noticeboard is where all the good luck messages to the cast are pinned and it's cool seeing all the big names who have sent cards and stuff.)

by PariahNoMorereply 5106/03/2011

r46 there are obvious reasons looking at the posts on DL and the posts that always fill up gossip forum thread about Spacey. He gets up to lots of unwanted behavior even with people he doesn't know and, unlike many celebrities, he and his behavior aren't the type people feel like protecting or respecting with discretion.

by PariahNoMorereply 5206/03/2011

No need to lie about La Spacey r46, there are far too many stories out there that are true. And Miss Kevin has been FAR from discrete too many times. He was basically run out of Hollywood for his sleaze-mongering.

by PariahNoMorereply 5306/03/2011

A few years ago by chance I met an old theatre queen outside a bar while smoking - he was on holiday in the country I lived in. We were talking theatre and I mentioned Spacey seemed to be doing well at The Old Vic. He visibly blanched but said nothing.

When I asked him he told me a story of how awful Kevin Spacey was to him in a professional sense but "understandable since I am neither his type nor his age group". Said queen was likely same age as Spacey. He didn't go into details, to his credit and had no agenda to push.

I understand Kevin Spacey had a really difficult upbringing and there were some major issues with his father. We all have stuff, though. There are just too many stories.

by PariahNoMorereply 5406/03/2011

I'm still hating on that tired old fugly bitch Kevin for winning the Oscar for AMERICAN BEAUTY over Denzel Washington's far superior performance in HURRICANE.

by PariahNoMorereply 5506/03/2011

r54, what age do you define an "old theatre queen?" Kevin Spacey is barely over 50, not some florid, pink 70 year old puffing on a cigarette holder with a martini in the other hand. Spacey may be a creepy predator but he is not YET an "old theatre queen." Your nomenclature is wrong.

by PariahNoMorereply 5606/03/2011

Did I touch a nerve r56? Okay, the old theatre queen was more of an attitude than specifically age related comment. He was drinking a martini but no cig holder though.

Is that detailed enough? Spacey is, what, 52 this year so he may not be the age but he certainly rocks the attitude. Especially in London of late.

However, I promise to stop using inappropriate nomenclature.

Carry on.

by PariahNoMorereply 5706/03/2011

Right then, that's it! I am never going to pay good money to watch another Spacey film

by PariahNoMorereply 5806/03/2011

spaced out

by PariahNoMorereply 5906/03/2011

He produced The Social Network. Did he try to get to Jesse?

by PariahNoMorereply 6006/03/2011

I'll be meeting him later this month. Jealous, bitches?

by PariahNoMorereply 6106/03/2011

While he may only be 52, he gives off the vibe of an elderly queen.

by PariahNoMorereply 6206/03/2011

Who is Dana Brunetti?

by PariahNoMorereply 6306/03/2011

oh yeah [r61] I so envy you.

by PariahNoMorereply 6406/03/2011

R60 JE here. KS did try to get very handsy with me. But after reading on the DL that I am an insatiable bottom or something I just went with it.

by PariahNoMorereply 6506/03/2011

R61, is your day care taking a field trip to his house?

by PariahNoMorereply 6606/03/2011

During TSN he was obsessed with Patrick Mapel.

by PariahNoMorereply 6706/03/2011

KS has obviously mastered Getting Away With It. Meanwhile, the social ascent: honorary CBE from Prince Charles last year, Palace banquet for Obama this year.

This thread will somehow enrich my response to his upcoming role as Richard III.

by PariahNoMorereply 6806/03/2011

R63, he's a producer at Spacey's production company, Trigger Street Productions and he developed the company's website. FWIR, opinion is divided on whether or not producer ought to be in quotes.

by PariahNoMorereply 6906/04/2011

I just got a casting email that was headed, "Kevin Spacey looking for males." It made me lol.

by PariahNoMorereply 7006/04/2011

[quote]While he may only be 52, he gives off the vibe of an elderly queen. This!

by PariahNoMorereply 7106/04/2011

"I rather doubt that Kevin Spacey has to twist the arms of young guys to make them hook up with him."

Why would you doubt that? Like most men, gay or straight, he probably hits on what's out of his league. Unless you're an actor, you can do better. He's kinda ugly.

by PariahNoMorereply 7206/04/2011

If you think all the stories abotu Kevin being a predator are made up...go talk to Rupert Graves.

by PariahNoMorereply 7306/04/2011

R37 here, I am a 52 year old man. an actor who is now retired.

by PariahNoMorereply 7406/04/2011


Details, please.

by PariahNoMorereply 7506/04/2011

I was surprised to learn that much of the general public is unaware that he is gay. I suppose he has played straight quite convincingly.

by PariahNoMorereply 7606/04/2011

"If you think all the stories abotu Kevin being a predator are made up...go talk to Rupert Graves."

Or John Barrowman. Or.. well Ian McKellan's wasn't about him being a predator, it was about him being closted. But yeah he's very unpopular with other actors.

Would love to hear more about Graves. It vaguely rings a bell.

by PariahNoMorereply 7706/04/2011

If he is so overwhelmingly loathed by actors, how on earth did he secure his position at the Old Vic?

by PariahNoMorereply 7806/04/2011

He may have been "obsessed" with Patrick Mapel because he's the son of friend and high school co-star Mare Winningham.

by PariahNoMorereply 7906/04/2011

[quote]I have another Spacey molestation incident involving an out gay stage actor when he was underage but wont post it. He reads this site and will know its me if I do.

I guess you're talking about Anthony Rapp.

"RAPP:[...] Now for some actors, being closeted may make them more interesting because that might create some sort of tension in their work.

HENSLEY: That makes me think of (a certain leading man) in (a certain award-winning film.)

RAPP: It's hard for me to evaluate his acting because I'm so angry at him. I met him when I was fourteen because we were both in plays and he invited me to a party at his house. I was bored so I was in his bedroom watching TV, and didn't know everybody had left and he came to the bedroom and he picked me up and laid down on top of me.

HENSLEY: Oh my God. What did you do?

RAPP: I squirmed away and went into the bathroom. I came out and I excused myself, and he's like "You sure you wanna go?" I always wonder if he remembers it because he was pretty drunk. And he's had so many."

by PariahNoMorereply 8006/05/2011

He "discovered" Colin Farrell in a play and introduced him to Joel Schumacher who cast him in Tigerland%0D %0D Anyway I read in some magazine years ago that Colin was a free spirit and he used to tag along with his brother to gay clubs and dance the night away..there was even a black and white pic of young Colin Farrell..

by PariahNoMorereply 8106/05/2011

I always wonder if he ever tried anything with Colin Morgan from Merlin when he was at the Old Vic in 2007 for "All about my Mother". Colin was about 20 at the time, just graduated from RSAMD, making his debut on the Westend and very young and cute looking. He never says much about it during interviews, just that Spacey was a great help and he still considers him a mentor.

by PariahNoMorereply 8206/05/2011

I wondered about the very pretty Freddie Fox, who was in the Old Vic productions of A Flea In Her Ear and Cause Celebre, but he's the latest in the Fox dynasty so wouldn't have to take any shit.%0D %0D Spacey is incredibly repulsive.%0D %0D

by PariahNoMorereply 8306/05/2011

Being famous doesn't guarantee that you have your pick of sex partners. All it guarantees is that you'll be surrounded by conniving whores trying to use you, and the more desirable they are the more they'll try to use it to leverage whatever it is they want out of you.

by PariahNoMorereply 8406/05/2011

Does he still share his dressing room at Old Vic with young apprentice actors?

by PariahNoMorereply 8506/05/2011

[quote]Colin was about 20 at the time, just graduated from RSAMD, making his debut on the Westend and very young and cute looking. He never says much about it during interviews, just that Spacey was a great help and he still considers him a mentor. I've never even heard Colin mention Spacey in any interview of his and I've read most all of them since I'm a Merlin fan. When was this? Do you have a link?

by PariahNoMorereply 8606/05/2011

Kevin is pond scum. He tried to get with me because he thought I was a teenager even though I was 21. But the real dealbreaker was when I took my pants off, and Kevin saw my ladyparts and realized I wasn't a boy. I'm strictly into girls ever since.

by PariahNoMorereply 8706/05/2011

(R87) Stop kidding, turtle face.

by PariahNoMorereply 8806/06/2011

Keyser Soze bump! Is the whole of Usual Suspects a meta on how Kev is fooling the acting world?:0

by PariahNoMorereply 8906/06/2011

Does Kevie have the hots for Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge? He was at the wedding a few weeks ago and the other day, he made a huge donation to charity in order to get an invite to a garden party at Kensington Palace.

by PariahNoMorereply 9006/10/2011

[R80] Problem is, Rapp and Spacey NEVER "were both" in ANY play. There are lots of leading men in award-winning films, and there's absolutely no evidence that Rapp is talking about Spacey here. It's just another stupid blind item.

by PariahNoMorereply 9107/19/2011

I used to do makeup for strippers at a strip bar on La Cienega- one of the strippers that I did (very pretty young brunette) told me that she was at a party with her bf (who was very good looking) and La S approached her and he would love to suck her bf off while the bf was eating her out.

She was totally skeeved out by him and they promptly left the party.

by PariahNoMorereply 9207/19/2011

[R92] How prude the strippers have become, it's just ridiculous!

by PariahNoMorereply 9307/19/2011

Oooops, I meant to say "how prudish".

by PariahNoMorereply 9407/19/2011

"Why would you doubt that? Like most men, gay or straight, he probably hits on what's out of his league. Unless you're an actor, you can do better. He's kinda ugly."%0D %0D He is RICH and FAMOUS. There are plenty of people out there, young and good-looking people, who will fuck someone rich and famous no matter what they fucking look like or how slimy they are. %0D %0D Hugh Hefner is a good example. He's a wrinkled, grotesque, creepy geezer, but never lacks for the companionship of young, nubile women. If he were Joe Shmoe, no young girl would want anything to do with him. But since he is the rich, famous Hugh Hefner they spread their legs for him. Same goes for Spacey. I'm sure he gets his share, simply because he is wealthy and famous. %0D %0D

by PariahNoMorereply 9507/19/2011

Or larry king how many time this guy has been married and he wear diapers for god sake, most people are whores is that simple.

by PariahNoMorereply 9607/19/2011

Kevin Spacey is STRAIGHT. We had a little fling back in my day that last nearly a year. The memories.

by PariahNoMorereply 9707/19/2011

So, R97... Is he as well endowed as some people claim? Ha, ha! ;-)

by PariahNoMorereply 9807/19/2011

I heard from an excellent source that Kevin Spacey fucked Tony Curtis in the ass.

by PariahNoMorereply 9907/19/2011

It's because of his genuinely creepy behavior that Spacey will never come out.

by PariahNoMorereply 10007/19/2011

Details please on the Rupert Graves incident.

by PariahNoMorereply 10107/19/2011

There's no RG incident R101, it's just an old tired piece of baseless gossip stubbornly popping up every time KS is mentioned on DL. RG and KS have always been good friends and they still are, believe me.

by PariahNoMorereply 10207/19/2011

This is on the 2nd last page, should I bump it?

by PariahNoMorereply 10309/30/2011

R24 Yes that's right he was in that notorious cruising park in London and it was very late at night and he gave some BS excuse that he was walking his dog that late at night.

by PariahNoMorereply 10409/30/2011

R80 Anthony Rapp is bisexual but yeah Spacey is a creep and a chickenhawk but I read that on other sites.

by PariahNoMorereply 10509/30/2011

Stay in the closet Kevin, the Gay community does not want people like you as a public role model.

Showbiz is predatory, young girls know this quite well too. Toughen up and deal with the creeps or get a job at Walmart.

Be damn glad if you meet somebody in Showbiz who is not one of the creeps (Ron Howard, Dolly Parton etc.). Be nice to them and realize how rare this is and how lucky you are to be working with one of them.

by PariahNoMorereply 10610/01/2011

Entertainment Tonight was on and they were talking about the premiere of "Ides of March." The reporter said, "This is the first time that George Clooney has walked the red carpet with Spacey!"

That's what I heard though it turns out the reporter actually said, "Stacey."

by PariahNoMorereply 10710/01/2011


by PariahNoMorereply 10810/30/2012

With the new stories out, it's worth revisiting this.

by PariahNoMorereply 10904/19/2014

There's even a Singer story on this thread. Interesting.

by PariahNoMorereply 11004/20/2014

Pederasts hate being called 'gay' because this implies they are attracted to grown men (i.e. any man over 20), which they are absolutely not. I think that is the reason why people like Singer and Spacey don't like to be thought of as 'gay'.

by PariahNoMorereply 11104/20/2014

Serious question: Should I watch Beyond The Sea?

by PariahNoMorereply 11204/20/2014

When will the Kevin Spacey sleaze bag storks go mainstream? I think it's about time.

by PariahNoMorereply 11304/20/2014

My only Kevin Spacey story is not a big deal. My friend and I were walking by a Japanese restaurant in NYC in the East Village in the early 90's when Spacey was just starting to be well known and we saw him in the window talking to a friend. My friend and I turned to each other and at the exact same time said "I didn't know he was gay." Our gaydar was pinging off the charts.

by PariahNoMorereply 11404/20/2014

r11 singer is out on twitter, he posts gay rights stuff frequently. he's openly gay, although there are pictures and rumors of him dating a victorias secret model a few years ago.

Spacey is straight. I think Margaret Cho even said so, she knew him personally. and she s not the type to in somebody

by PariahNoMorereply 11504/20/2014

[quote]Spacey is straight.

Why do fraus like R115 even bother?


by PariahNoMorereply 11604/20/2014

Fiona, you forgot to sign your post @ R115.

by PariahNoMorereply 11704/20/2014

R115, Spacey straight?!?! Unbelivable. I can't believe someone is this dumb. And before you say anything.. I do believe many of the actors talked about here are not gay, just wishful thinking. But Spacey?! He's gay, gay, gay. He was even caught out ffs!

by PariahNoMorereply 11804/20/2014

Someone show fiona those pictures of Spacey teasing European twink ass.

by PariahNoMorereply 11904/20/2014

[quote]Spacey straight?!?! Unbelivable. I can't believe someone is this dumb.

You have no idea how delusional the fraus and fangurls can be - just go onto the IMDB boards.

by PariahNoMorereply 12004/20/2014

I have a friend who lives in LA and he says Kevin only sleeps with hookers and stippers. he doesn't do relationships, that is why you never see him out with a woman.

by PariahNoMorereply 12104/20/2014

I'm just gonna ignore the obvious trolls/deluded fangirls/pr shrills in this thread. You know damn well who I'm talking about. It's a well established fact that Spacey is gay. If you think otherwise then you're an idiot.

by PariahNoMorereply 12204/20/2014

R121, are the strippers and hookers women or men?

by PariahNoMorereply 12304/20/2014

r123 they're women. margarget cho will tell you as well.

by PariahNoMorereply 12404/20/2014

Margaret Cho's delusional.

by PariahNoMorereply 12504/20/2014

he looks like a rapist

by PariahNoMorereply 12604/20/2014

If it is true that he was raped by his own father that explains why he is so screwd up and incapable of having normal relationships. Sad that he has to resort to being a predator.

by PariahNoMorereply 12704/20/2014

r125 google them. they were friends when they were younger. she knows what she's talking about. it's funny she tries to claim John Travolta is gay though when he has a wife and kids.

by PariahNoMorereply 12804/20/2014

The frau @R128 would be better off on iVillage trading potato salad recipes.

by PariahNoMorereply 12904/20/2014

He wasn't bad looking when he was younger.

by PariahNoMorereply 13004/20/2014

Kevin Spacey just left my place and stole my iPhone and some xanax. What a jerk. I can't believe I fingered his butthole for an hour.

by PariahNoMorereply 13111/14/2014

R131 I hope you washed your hands before you posted here.

by PariahNoMorereply 13211/14/2014

Mega post from Gawker on Spacey, Will Smith, Cruise homo rumors.

Would be great to start a new thread on this alone.

by PariahNoMorereply 13302/17/2015

[quote]You have no idea how delusional the fraus and fangurls can be -

That's how DL acquired D@vida R0chelle. She paid $18 to inform everyone that her secret boyfriend, George Clooney, is straight.

by PariahNoMorereply 13402/17/2015

Never mind the butterfly effect. I blame fan gurl frapping for the cold front on the east.

by PariahNoMorereply 13502/17/2015

BUMP because what Defamer is now reporting in 2015, Datalounge reported in 2011!

You go, bitches!

(and I bet we were right about Marcia Cross, too!)

by PariahNoMorereply 13602/17/2015

R130 this was always my favorite pic of Spacey.

by PariahNoMorereply 13702/17/2015

There are some pretty damning stories posted in comments on that Defamer piece.

by PariahNoMorereply 13802/17/2015

No way is he only 52.

by PariahNoMorereply 13902/17/2015

[quote] When that friend started to feel sick from too many drinks, we saw Kevin rubbing his back as he threw up into a plant.

Poor plant...

by PariahNoMorereply 14002/17/2015

Kevin Spacey is the gay version of Cosby.

by PariahNoMorereply 14102/17/2015

R134, My 1st posts on DL were about the Cult of Scientology. I once worked as a paralegal for a LA law firm defending LA Magazine against a suit by the Scienos.

Mr. Clooney was never my "secret boyfriend" nor did we ever have a physical relationship, as I am not his type whatsoever. Please grow up and get real.

by PariahNoMorereply 14202/17/2015

r142? Shut the fuck up and get a life alright? Just shut the fucking fuck up.

by PariahNoMorereply 14302/18/2015

Who the hell hasn't fucked Tony Curtis in the ass?!

by PariahNoMorereply 14402/18/2015

Well said R143.

While you're shutting up Cuntvida - set yourself on fire too for good measure.

by PariahNoMorereply 14502/18/2015

Is that true about Tony Curtis? Someone on another thread said he was a womanizer even when got older. I'm confused!

When Kevin Spacey was on that TV show many moons ago Wiseguy, I thought he was hot. Does anyone remember that show?I was just a kid at that time. However the other actor on that show, Ken Wahl was an Adonis. Does anyone remember Ken Wahl? For some reason he left Hollywood abruptly and moved back to Chicago and became an auto mechanic. They tracked him down some years later, and they tried to interview him asking him why did he leave Hollywood. He was acting completely nuts and he couldn't answer any questions cohesively and sit still. He lost his looks and he got a beer gut. He seemed like he didn't care about himself anymore.I wonder if Kevin Spacey made him go on the casting couch? or was responsible in anyway?

by PariahNoMorereply 14602/18/2015

Kevin Spacey got Timberlake his first movie role.

by PariahNoMorereply 14702/18/2015


He looks very gay in this pic, good looking guy, buy very gay!

by PariahNoMorereply 14802/18/2015

[quote]Mr. Clooney was never my "secret boyfriend"

Just stop with the lies, you cloying old fool. A simple Google search on your name brings up hundreds of links to the garbage you've posted and shows the names you use today and the name you used in your ONLY acting job. You've littered the internet with your failed attempts to attach your name to George Clooney and they're still available for ALL to see. It takes ten seconds to find one with ease.

[quote]Why did you delete the story, originally from the reporter, who saw me and Mr. Clooney interact at Wynn's Andreas? I believe I remember the poster's words, "Clooney was obviously trying to impress her (meaning me) and they obviously had some kind of a relationship. People were saying that he's been acting as her "Personal Manager." I'd like an answer of why you deleted that post, and didn't want my name used.

"I believe I remember the poster's words" is funny in view of the fact that every thing you every wrote about George C. has been a lie.

by PariahNoMorereply 14902/18/2015

Don't derail a potential Timberlake fap thread with your queeny tantrums r149

by PariahNoMorereply 15002/18/2015

We don't need a traffic cop Miss Thing @ R150. If R0chelle is going to post lies, she'll get replies.

by PariahNoMorereply 15102/18/2015

I dated a guy who was a Broadway theater actor/chorus boy in the 80s and 90s.

He didn't mention any harassment. But he did say he hooked up with Spacey on several occasions in NYC and that Spacey has a "huge" dick.

by PariahNoMorereply 15202/18/2015

[quote]I dated a guy who was a Broadway theater actor/chorus boy in the 80s and 90s.

Did your guy ever mention Scott Wise - "Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical" in Jerome Robbins' Broadway?

by PariahNoMorereply 15302/19/2015

Okay, so KS is a nasty, violent, narcissistic, self-centered pig.

by PariahNoMorereply 15402/19/2015

He hangs out with Jeffrey Epstein. How is any of this a surprise?

by PariahNoMorereply 15502/19/2015

He probably hangs out with a lot of sleazy people.

by PariahNoMorereply 15602/19/2015

Its odd to me. Given whats happened with Cosby, all these stories about Spacey trying to molest boys and teens ect, for gods sake, any one of these people would be rich now. I don't get it. Spacey sounds diabolical, and yet, just rumors.

by PariahNoMorereply 15704/18/2015

Spacey is Jerry Sandustry times 10

by PariahNoMorereply 15805/25/2015

R3 Now why would a famous person do this? What would stop his victims from going straight to the police, let alone the media?

by PariahNoMorereply 15905/25/2015

[quote]one who knows - he is -4 a fact! PEDO

That's schocking R158. Most think he's into young men - late teens. Tell us how you know he's into little pre-pubescent boys.

by PariahNoMorereply 16005/27/2015

R159 I ask again, why?

I'm British myself and for the last few years we've heard all about what Jimmy Savile used to get up to, but his weapon was he did a lot for charity and threatened to stop if anyone exposed him. He had friends in very high places ie. the government and so people much lower down the food chain would be threatened by their bosses if they said anything.

by PariahNoMorereply 16105/31/2015

But the thing is Savile wasn't merely a closeted actor, he was a full on sexual deviant weirdo who preyed upon anyone, including the dead.

by PariahNoMorereply 16205/31/2015

Kevin Spacey is not a fag!

... and I'm the dame who can prove it.

by PariahNoMorereply 16306/02/2015

Some of these young men are going to eventually get the courage to go public with their stories.

by PariahNoMorereply 16403/30/2016

I didn't know Kevin Spacey "discovered" Colin Farrell. Now I want to know more!

by PariahNoMorereply 16505/04/2017

Given all this, I am surprised fmr, President Clinton hangs out with him. What's in it for Clinton?

by PariahNoMorereply 16606/12/2017

Sloppy seconds R166

by PariahNoMorereply 16706/12/2017

There is no way that studio gave that kid a $10,000.00 "termination bonus" without making him sign a non-disclosure/no lawsuits agreement first.

by PariahNoMorereply 16806/12/2017

Men like Spacey in the entertainment industry are a dime a dozen. The movie business especially is a sleazefest.

by PariahNoMorereply 16906/12/2017

[quote] The movie business especially is a sleazefest.

To say the least

by PariahNoMorereply 17006/12/2017

Does anyone have additional information about Kevin Spacey doing these things?

by PariahNoMorereply 17108/29/2017

I would like to talk privately with anyone who has information about Spacey doing these awful things. Please help.

by PariahNoMorereply 17208/29/2017

"You don't get pudding after" kinda mean?

by PariahNoMorereply 17308/29/2017

He' s Keyser Soze.

by PariahNoMorereply 17408/29/2017


by PariahNoMorereply 17510/14/2017

So interesting that this thread was started in 2011 and Spacey's pedo ways are becoming more public now

by PariahNoMorereply 17610/14/2017
by PariahNoMorereply 17710/15/2017

disgusting pig

by PariahNoMorereply 17810/15/2017

Looks like a Spacey story is next-Saw a buzzfeed reporter tweeting others about their assault experiences with him

by PariahNoMorereply 17910/20/2017

His alleged victims are adults, not children. Why is this an issue? It's pure slander at this point and the "victims" are trying to gain their 15 minutes of fame at an opportune time.

by PariahNoMorereply 18010/20/2017

R180 um...

by PariahNoMorereply 18110/20/2017

Um, what, r181? Nothing happened between Rapp and Spacey. At 14, Rapp was old enough to physically stop Spacey's alleged actions anyway, so this is a non story.

by PariahNoMorereply 18210/20/2017

[quote] Years ago, I was at an out-of-town preview for "Follies," starring Dame Joan Plowright and JoAnne Worley (it never made it to New York),

It's hard to imagine why!!

by PariahNoMorereply 18310/20/2017

Joan and JoAnne! Live onstage!

by PariahNoMorereply 18410/20/2017

You (obviously...) can sexually harass adults r180, all of Harvey Weinstein's victims were adults and his life is over. You are either Spacey PR or a massive creep in need of therapy dude.

by PariahNoMorereply 18510/20/2017

Weinstein's victims were women, R185. Men are a threat to women and are not physically capable of defending themselves against male predators. Don't you get that?

by PariahNoMorereply 18610/20/2017

Man, you are clearly a fucking predator if you don't get it. Get help. Seriously.

by PariahNoMorereply 18710/20/2017

I'm not a predator. I'm a woman who is sick and tired of a female issue being stolen by a few men looking for some attention.

by PariahNoMorereply 18810/20/2017

I apologize for calling you a predator when I should have called you stupid. Anyway, why is my drunk ass playing this game when there is an ignore button.

by PariahNoMorereply 18910/20/2017

I don't care what you do, R189. I stating my opinion that these men and boys are liars. They probably enjoyed the "assault" and are now crying for attention and money.

by PariahNoMorereply 19010/20/2017

"Some of these young men are going to eventually get the courage to go public with their stories."

We have a psychic!

by PariahNoMorereply 19110/29/2017

Omg it's all come out ! Everyone was telling the truth and you guys said all this years ago!!! Never doubt the gossip on datalounge

by PariahNoMorereply 19210/30/2017

Yes we did R192

by PariahNoMorereply 19310/30/2017

His father was a predator, as is Kevin. Coming out doesn't change that. Dude is friends with Jeff Epstein!

We will be right about the T movement and its erasure of women & gays as well as its sexualizing of kids, just like we were right about Spacey. Tick tock.

by PariahNoMorereply 19410/30/2017

Kid victims are told they are the only one...

by PariahNoMorereply 19510/30/2017

I'm gay! I'm bi! Not a defense to assaulting a child.

by PariahNoMorereply 19610/30/2017

Gay is not the same as N A M B L A. Way to go, Kevin. You are as bad as your Nazi pedo father trying this pr move.

Dan Savage and his pro-N A M B L A comments should have been called out a lot more aggressively.

by PariahNoMorereply 19810/30/2017

R193 hopefully now people will stop doubting DL so much! The truth is on here. Things have been said on DL and then proven to be true.

by PariahNoMorereply 19910/30/2017

[quote]Years ago, I was at an out-of-town preview for "Follies," starring Dame Joan Plowright and JoAnne Worley (it never made it to New York),


by PariahNoMorereply 20010/30/2017

Sure about that, R91?

by PariahNoMorereply 20110/30/2017

Threads like these are the reason i LOVE the DL. You guys gave me real scoops YEARS before the shit hit the fan. Keep up the good work.

by PariahNoMorereply 20210/30/2017

Holy shit this thread made me shiver. Check out r80's response.

And I truly believe that Kevin Spacey posted at r182 not even 10 days ago.

This is one time I wish Datalounge was wrong. This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. After all the years of fighting against homosexuality equaling pedophilia, now we have an A list celebrity who is flushing this all down the toilet. I hate this, I truly hate this.

I hope he shovels shit in hell for eternity.

by PariahNoMorereply 20310/30/2017

R15 I remember you've told that story before. I believed it then and I believe you now. Too bad somebody is spamming the thread with what they think is hilarious satirical posts mocking the true stories here.

Anyone who says of a rapist or molester "But they could get anyone to sleep with them" or "They could BUY a kid to fuck" does not know what this shit is about. It's not about fucking.

by PariahNoMorereply 20410/30/2017

it's been 24 hours and nobody else's coming along with new Spacey stories. I hope this won't disappear.

by PariahNoMorereply 20510/30/2017

"He accosted an actor in a men's room. He uses roofies. I have heard from 3 actors that he is creepy and predatory from their personal experience. He drugs his prey."

Who are the actors? Are they famous or just working actors. You should tell them to come forward.

by PariahNoMorereply 20610/30/2017

What is roofies?

by PariahNoMorereply 20710/30/2017

R207 is Peggy from RHOBH

by PariahNoMorereply 20810/30/2017

NO other accusers! It's over, folks!

by PariahNoMorereply 20910/31/2017

Seriously, those of you who know people who were harassed by Kevin - tell them to expose him!

by PariahNoMorereply 21010/31/2017

#metoo reporters should just use DLs search feature and run names. DL is like a gift wrapped box of this dish.

by PariahNoMorereply 21111/25/2017

Did Spacey ever asssult females?

by PariahNoMorereply 21211/25/2017

[quote]NO other accusers! It's over, folks!

You said it, Kevin.

by PariahNoMorereply 21311/25/2017

R33, R29 and R30 aren't the same posters.

by PariahNoMorereply 21411/25/2017

R180 sounds just like Roy Moore AND his supporters.

by PariahNoMorereply 21511/25/2017

Yes, shockingly, a woman has accused him of harassment. She said she was in her late teens and he was in his 20s when he came onto her. So his story about being bisexual or having dated women in the past sounds plausible.

by PariahNoMorereply 21611/26/2017

but she wasn't a grown ass woman when Spacey harassed her she was a teen so that doesn't make Spacey bisexual.

by PariahNoMorereply 21711/26/2017

The woman Spacey harassed was 17 at the time. She rejected his advances, then he kicked her out of his apartment and acted as if she didn't exist after the incident.

by PariahNoMorereply 21811/26/2017

R217, she has a vagina and was post-pubescescent. He wanted to fuck her. That makes him bisexual.

by PariahNoMorereply 21911/26/2017
by PariahNoMorereply 22011/27/2017

Read the beginning of the threads with all the naysayers and people defending him. Wow. So you were wrong. And CDAN was right.

by PariahNoMorereply 22111/27/2017

Huh r221? DLers called out everything about Spacey's behavior in this thread and others. A pretty great example of how accurate DL gossip can be.

by PariahNoMorereply 22211/27/2017
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