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Documentary on "The Other Side of Aspen"

I didn't realize it was the first gay porn movie. It's funny that we've come such a long way, but the porn is infinitely worse than when it began; even the good stuff is terrible compared to the original Aspen movies. Now, porn stars are roided out messes who spend 18 hours a day in the gym, denying that they're 'fags'. Then, they were real men into other men and not ashamed who knew it.

Link very NSFW.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 13112/03/2016

[quote]I didn't realize it was the first gay porn movie.

That's because it's not.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 104/16/2011

Taint no mistaken, the best porn movie is The Other Side of Asshole. Just sayin.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 204/16/2011

I also didn't realize it was the first film ever set in Colorado!

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 304/16/2011

Aspen II was definitely the better film, albeit mechanistic in its sex like all the others - despite what the doco says. However there were two sequences in it with the little pistol Eddie worth watching. Amusing to see that the participants in the new film resemble a pack of burnt out tramp-stamped party gorillas compared to the lithe and fresh originals.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 404/16/2011

That ASPEN II scene with Giorgio Canali and Tony Bravo is so fucking hot. Apparently that little blond bitch Kurt Marshall rejected Canali as an on-screen sex partnet so he was paired with Bravo instead. On a cable TV interview I saw many years ago Canali said he and Bravo immediately shacked up but the relationship didn't last because Bravo wouldn't give up escort work. Bravo died from AIDS but I think Canali is still alive.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 504/16/2011

It was the first film with color and sound!

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 604/16/2011

Can someone tell me what happened to the beautiful Black man in it, O.G. Johnson I think? Did he die of AIDS also? Did he retire early? Is he still alive?

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 704/16/2011

[quote]I Miss the '70's%0D %0D OMG, the 70s are really hot here on DL at the moment. Rightly, so.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 804/17/2011

I had two seperate copies of The Other Side of Aspen and fucking lost both of them. I'm so mad. Still have the rest of the Aspen series (2-5) though.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 904/17/2011

Gay 4 pay ruined gay porn. And the saturation of cheap amateur straight guy sites on the net. Gay porn sucks donkey right now. I doubt it will ever get better, it's pretty much over.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 1004/17/2011

Gay 4 Pay existed early on. I read that back then they were mostly bottoms, because they couldn't keep their erections long enough to make filming them as top possible (or too time consuming). Jeff Stryker is probably the first and most popular gay for pay performer from that era. I remember articles about the exitement of Jeff Stryker going down on a guy for the first time or how much he must have liked his partner after all since he was hard in one particular shot.

Thanks to the internet people can "anonymously" consume porn and surprisingly or not so surprisingly most consumers prefer straight acting or masculine looking performers. Sites like Sean Cody or Corbin Fisher are so popular, because they "document" how (supposedly) total straight guys go from a solo to getting blown by a guy, fucking a guy, getting fucked, getting fucked more (by a guy with a big dick) and in the end maybe swallow cum as grande finale of their gay for pay sex experience. I don't want to call these consumers self loathing, because I am sure a great deal of members of such sites I previously mentioned sure are perfectly happy with who they are, but just like to satisfy their kind of fantasy.

What bothers me most are sites like Next Door Buddies, Fratpad, Randy Blue, etc. where models don't hide their disdain for their own paying audience and feel it's appropiate to taunt them since no matter what these hot models say, the audience keeps crawling back and beg for more. And that particular audience I call self loathing.

Thankfully there are still some studios which don't rely on Gay4Pay to sell their porn and I hope they stay in business to offer a valid alternative to the very dominant and popular gay4pay market.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 1104/17/2011

Colby Keller is in the next "other side" and he's te best and a good egg

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 1204/17/2011

It's kind of depressing--aren't all of the actors in the first Apsen movie all dead from AIDS?

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 1304/17/2011

It certainly was not the first gay porn movie by a long shot. What I do think it might have been was the first gay porn movie with live sound.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 1404/17/2011

There's no such thing as Gay4Pay reply 11. Straight guys don't fuck other guys, ON CAMERA no less. It's a marketing ploy, plain and simple.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 1504/17/2011

Colby Keller is a fucking ugly piece of trash. Why does someone infiltrate every porn thread to sing his praises?

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 1604/17/2011

The actors in the video may all be dead (although I don't know that for sure) but they certainly are not all dead from AIDS. Ricky Fitts, the actor known as "Dick Fisk" was my very close friend from 1973 until his death in a car wreck in suburban Atlanta 1983. We were classmates at Emory University in Atlanta and dated for a few months until we figured out we'd be much better friends than lovers.

If he had lived Ricky would be 55 years old now. He wanted to be a CPA (he was a math major at Emory).

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 1704/17/2011

"Dick Fisk" (upper left hand corner) was apparently hot. Was the character Ricky Fitts in "American Beauty" (written and starring gay men) some kind of homage to him? The guy was intelligent and he dropped out of good school to go into porn. Must've had issues with being gay in the south.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 1804/17/2011

As they try to explain it was the first "movie" as up until that time everyone was just filming loops and sometimes grouping them as a movie. They are saying Aspen was the first to take a story and put in 5 or 6 sex scenes.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 1904/17/2011

It was not the first gay movie (Joe Gage's Kansas City Trucking Company and El Paso Wrecking Company were out earlier). A Night at the Adonis was released at about the same time as Aspen I. However, Aspen a seminal film that changed the way movies afterward were made.

It also changed the way gay porn was marketed and sold. As reflected in the 'documentary,' before Aspen porn was sold as 'loops' for private viewing or adult bookstore booths. After Aspen, porn was placed on this new technology called video tape (VHS and beta) and sold as a full 80-minute movie with multiple scenes. This change in format likely also made Aspen the most profitable gay porn movie at that time.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 2004/17/2011

[quote]There's no such thing as Gay4Pay%0D %0D Oh, no, let's not do THIS again.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 2104/17/2011

Love Dick Fisk, he was hot. My first favorite Porn Star, I jacked myself raw as a youngster to his spread in (I think it was) TORSO. I was not aware he died in a car crash, now I'm all verklempt.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 2204/17/2011

Wasn't this also the first "talkie"?

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 2304/17/2011

Sophie Tucker's scenes ended up on the cutting room floor, but at it resulted in the world being introduced to that delightful Harold Lloyd.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 2404/17/2011

Zasu pitts was slated for te original but studio heads wouldn't allow it

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 2504/17/2011

Big muscles are just sooooo ugly and scream, gay...which would be fine except they are just so ugly.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 2604/17/2011

R26 = 15 year old eunuch.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 2704/17/2011

R21- stop the "gay4pay" bullshit and we'll stop calling it out as nonsense. It's that simple!

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 2804/17/2011

Great stuff. My copy was stolen by a friend.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 2904/17/2011

If I recall correctly, didn't Lillian Roth sing the title theme? I think it might have been her last recording.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 3004/17/2011

Oh, there's gay 4 pay alright but in 99% of the cases it's just some gay guy who has serious issues about admitting publicly he's 100% gay. I consider Mark Dalton "gay4pay". Of course he's never had sex with another man (at least on camera). In the whole of gay porn I believe there's 10 or less guys who were truly 100% straight, and not a one of them ever had full sex with another man on camera.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 3104/17/2011

watch it here

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 3204/17/2011

Can the mature/sane people in this thread PLEASE ignore the troll who wants this to devolve into yet another one-sided argument about gay for pay? Thank you.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 3304/17/2011

If you do a quick Google you can find loads of places to download the thing.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 3404/17/2011

R31 nails it. It's really "closet case 4 pay".

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 3504/17/2011

[quote]As they try to explain it was the first "movie" as up until that time everyone was just filming loops and sometimes grouping them as a movie. They are saying Aspen was the first to take a story and put in 5 or 6 sex scenes.

Which is utter bullshit as one of the stars of Aspen was in "Boys In the Sand" which played theaters in 1971. Aspen was '83.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 3604/17/2011

Hasn't it always been the case that the majority of guys in gay porn are bi/gay4pay? The idea that there was some golden era of gay porn where most of the men were actually gay seems revisionist.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 3704/17/2011

[quote]Aspen was '83.

Correction. TOSOA was released in 1978.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 3804/17/2011

At the time of his death (traffic accident), he was a bartender at Backsteet Atlanta. I always made sure to get my drinks from him. He was hot, hot, hot.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 3904/17/2011

"... until his death in a car wreck in suburban Atlanta 1983."%0D %0D AIDS suicide.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 4004/17/2011

Wasn't Kurt Marshall the real-life boyfriend of Falcon founder Chuck Holmes?

Did any of you know Chuck Holmes? What was he like, nice or sleazy? I think he died of AIDS about 10 years ago. He left behind a sizable estate, but I don't remember the exact dollar amount.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 4104/17/2011

That was the first time ever two men had sex with each other!

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 4204/17/2011

It was not the first or even close to it in any category.

There had been gay features as long as there had been straight features and there were 100's made with color and sound before aspen. Video ruined porn.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 4304/17/2011

"AIDS suicide"...Fisk and his partner were both killed in the accident and I believe it was determined to be the fault of the other driver.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 4404/17/2011

Just ran across this web site on dead porn stars; I'm late to the party probably, but it's interesting, so I thought I'd share.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 4504/17/2011

[quote]And that particular audience I call self loathing.%0D %0D %0D You can't begin to imagine what that audience calls you, r11.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 4604/17/2011

On Chuck Holmes:

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 4704/17/2011

Sex Workers should unionize and get some group health insurance!

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 4804/17/2011

How do!

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 4904/17/2011

"Sex Workers should unionize"%0D %0D Don't get me started on this!

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 5004/17/2011

Unions would never's way too easy to get SCABS to do it!!

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 5104/17/2011

Just a FEW of the many made before this film.

Jack (1974?)directed by John Stephens Unable to make it with his supposedly straight neighbor, Jack (Dano Martin) turns to the delights of Manhattan, exploring Central Park's Ramble and the famed Continental Baths. Phil D'Angelo, Robert Lamb, Les Link

The Night Before (1973) director: Arch Brown Trippy early film, with a great orgy scene, wonderful black and white sequence. Saw it at a film festival a couple years back. Produced by Jack Deveau, for Hand in Hand Films. Original score by David Ernest. With Frank Ross, Coke Hennesy, Michael Kade, Janal Jones, Nick Kastroff, Alexis Knight, Bob Plummer, Bill Yort, Jeffrey Etting, Tom Clarke, Mimmi Garth

School Daze Fox Studio's first film with a plot! Shot on 16mm film, transferred to video in the early 80's with Patrick Cowley's musical score (remember Menergy?) added. Actually 3 "shorts" - School Daze - College jock Tom LeDuc seduces fellow student Rob Schoot; at home, they are spied on, then joined by Tom's roommate Scott Pryor - many credit this scene as one of the best from this era! (approx time 50 min); All American Muscle - solo piece starring x-cop and competition body builder Dave Henderson ; scene 3 - untitled, and the 2 muscle guys are uncredited - one mustached muscle guy spots another through his window, and comes in and joins him. Actually, I was able to obtain a copy of it, and the 50-minute 3-way scene is fantastic! Alas, I needed to sell it on eBay, but still hope to get an original again someday.

Strickly Forbidden (1974) director: Jack Deveau A young man stows away in a Parisian art museum, and the statues come to life! Rumored to have been filmed secretly at one of the Paris Museums.

There are literally 100's more. Aspen was not first in anything.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 5204/17/2011

I think the docu was trying to say it was the first full-length gay porno made specifically for the home video market, as opposed to film for theater or loop on film for home.

Now can we move on?

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 5304/17/2011

R53 one more thing.

That is not true either. It was not the first full length made for the home video market specifically it was the third.

The documentary was wrong. They may have made up other facts as well.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 5404/17/2011

The guys were hot and horny.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 5504/17/2011

Return with me now to those thrilling days of yesteryear.%0D %0D "Other Side Of Aspen" has always been known as Falcon #1. Make of that what you will.%0D %0D I do believe the first so-called feature length hardcore gay porn was made by the early porn maker "J. Brian." It was more than an hour long, was in color, and had dialogue. It was called "7 In A Barn" and featured Dean Someone who was a real beauty.%0D %0D I saw it at a store-front porn theater in 1969 that was located on Melrose in L.A. just around the corner from Pink's Hot Dogs - and down the block a bit from the Red Raven.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 5604/17/2011

[quote]Seven In A Barn (1971) J. Brian 7 Young men in a game of strip poker; based on the late 6o's porn book of the same title (Black Knight series) Starring: Starring: Dean Chasson, Jerome Sanderson, Todd Taylor, Marty Storm, Jimi Gorga, Val Anderson, Christopher Gregory. I sold this one in 2002 - shouldn't have!


You are off by two years but his film is available on torrents if you want to see it again.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 5704/17/2011

R57 -%0D %0D I guess I stand corrected. I must have seen it in '71.%0D %0D Or perhaps I saw it on the Festival Circuit?

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 5804/17/2011

Sounds interesting.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 5904/17/2011

Why was Casey Donovan considered so hot back then? He looks slightly above average to me.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 6004/17/2011

It was the first time men appeared on film naked! They weren't wearing any clothes at all!

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 6104/17/2011

Why does the guy in Scene 3 have a extremely white dick head? Is it a yeast infection or what? It is almost translucent white.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 6204/17/2011

Casey Donovan was considered a superstar because he was the handsome boy next door who was sexually insatiable (both in his private and his porn life). This was the case with many of the porn stars of the day. Most of them back then were sex addicts. They made very little money per scene back then. Today many of the guys work in porn to advertise themselves for their escort/prostitution enterprises. Face it, the money in porn for 99% of them has never been great and the recession has decreased the "modeling fees" even more. They make the big money by whoring, and I hear that even those payouts have drastically decreased since the recession. I read the other day that escorts who used to have 5 clients a week a few years ago are lucky to get 3 clients a month now and they get half of what they used to get.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 6304/17/2011

Let me guess, Casey Donovan died from old age?

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 6404/17/2011

Part 4 was my favorite.

Max Grand trying to swallow Kevin Dean's massive cock whole.

Johnny Hanson fucking Chad Knight.

Eric Stone dropping his load on Chad.

That awesome orgy.

Ken Ryker sucking cock!

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 6504/17/2011

Casey Donovan/Cal Culver is one of the greatest stars of gay porn. He did everything--topped, bottomed, sucked, was fisted. One of the great pleasures of gay porn was seeing Al Parker's fist up Casey's ass in "Aspen." Cal was fisted in several other movies. Too bad he died too early of aids. He was involved in a relationship with author/actor Tom Tryon. Good bio about Casey/Cal--"Boy in the Sand" by Roger Edmonson. Another good read is "Clone," bio of Al Parker.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 6604/17/2011

R52 is correct. Aspen wasn't the first in anything. The linked short is a marketing film by Falcon so it needs to be taken with a shovel of salt.

[quote] Ricky Fitts, the actor known as "Dick Fisk"

It's amusing that his real name was the perfect porn name.

Casey Donovan/Cal Culver's last film, when he was dying of AIDS was appropriately titled Fucked Up. He has glazed eyes in it and he's used as a human receptical. A real fall for a golden boy. Never found him attractive, but he appealed to the thousands of middle class button-down gays of the period.

Kurt Marshall died of drugs.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 6704/18/2011

Are any pornstars from the early days still alive and if sio what are they up to now?

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 6804/18/2011

The link provided by R32 is not to the original "The Other Side Of Aspen", but rather to "The Other Side Of Aspen II". If memory severs me correct the only cast member from the original in version II was the always delicious Jeff Turk.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 6904/18/2011

And R62, if you're talking about Giorgio Canali's cock head I think perhaps it was a combination of him being uncut, the lighting, and his skin tone. I've seen other Italian men who had olive complexions but their cocks were a rosy pink.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 7004/18/2011

Bruno from the old colt days is still around and one hot daddy

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 7104/18/2011

Didn't one of them have a "guest" star that wore a mask and hinted that it was a mainstream star?

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 7204/18/2011

It was the first time men walked upright!

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 7304/18/2011

What's Bruno look like now?

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 7404/18/2011


by I Miss the ''70''sreply 7504/18/2011

Yup, the world is just going to heck- even porn has gotten worse. %0D %0D (I agree the roided, tatted, tanned, groomed fellas are a bit generic and unsexy.)

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 7604/18/2011


by I Miss the ''70''sreply 7704/18/2011

[quote]If I recall correctly, didn't Lillian Roth sing the title theme? I think it might have been her last recording.

I believe you're thinking of Lillian Russell.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 7804/18/2011

R77 -- perhaps no one can answer your question.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 7904/18/2011

Anyone interested in PART 6, which comes out next month?%0D %0D Previews I've seen shows predictable role players -- bottoms who don't top; tops who don't bottom.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 8004/18/2011

Considering who they've hired to be in part 6 it looks like it's going to be yet another in a LONG line of crap porn videos put out by Falcon.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 8104/18/2011

Apart from Colby Keller none of the other guys look that much interesting to me. The fifth of the series had at least a kick ass orgy and a nice fisting scene with Jackson Price and Chad Hunt (Falcon somehow managed to make fisting look kind of respectable and less demeaning).

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 8204/18/2011

If memory serves me correctly each one in the "Aspen" franchise is basically a remake of the original. Some individual one on one's (maybe a 3 way or two mixed in), culminating with a big orgy in a chalet.

I'm sure #6 will most likely not deviate from the formula, since gay porn the last 15 years is all about formula, not substance.

I assume the younger set the porn companies are marketing to are simply far too easy to please. In my day we had certain requirements in our smut. Namely that the men look like men and at least look like they were enjoying what they were doing to each other. These days most of the performers just want to get the scene over with so they can get to their next trick for an out call.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 8304/18/2011

It was soo cutting edge...we were the film underground%0D %0D there was just such a natural heat between the actor%0D %0D oh please these losers who act as though it was some cinematic tourd e force%0D %0D it was a porno...that's all it was...a porno filmed in aspen

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 8404/18/2011

Aspen 3 & 4 had a through-plot involving estranged lovers and were filmed together. I think they might have been Falcon packs 99 and 100 or something - they were certainly a special event in the porn glamor days of the 90s. They had a mega-cast of the current Falcon roster and quite a lot of production values, so were quite different from the other ones in the 'series'.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 8504/18/2011

Falcon purchased by AEBN the same company that now owns Raging Stallion studios. Falcon had been circling the drain for a few years. They got desperate towards the end with showing cum eating and their obsession with "straight" men. Chris Steele's time at Falcon and his fetish for "gay for pay", tanned, steroid muscle queens was the beginning of the end of what Falcon used to be. Steele isn't faring much better at JetSet studios now.

The only valuable thing Falcon had when they merged with AEBN was their old catalog. For the last two years they had been heavily promoting their "classic bareback series" of DVD's because that is all that sold.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 8604/18/2011

That should be Falcon was purchased by AEBN....

Falcon and Raging Stallion are now owned by a straight man in North Carolina. I expect a few more companies will shut down or merge with other studios/companies by the end of the year.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 8704/18/2011

Why are gay movies from that era so heavily edited when released on DVD? I bought 'Aapen' to see what all the fuss was about and it was only aabout half an hour long. And a lot of the most talked about scenes from the Gage trilogy were cut out as well, including the father watching his son get fucked and the climax where all the construction sites collapse during the gay orgy.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 8804/18/2011

pity that

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 8904/18/2011

worth a bump for historical value

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 9005/05/2011

[quote]I believe you're thinking of Lillian Russell.%0D %0D You're both wrong, it was Jenny Lind.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 9105/05/2011

Well then maybe Lillian Roth sang "I'll Cry Tomorrow" during the fisting scene. I get so confused these days.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 9205/05/2011


The Lumiere Brothers and Thomas Edison filmed dicks going into asses.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 9305/05/2011

Thomas Edison really?

link please.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 9405/06/2011

Am I the only person who gets "The Other Side of Aspen" mixed up with "The Other Side of the Mountain"?

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 9505/06/2011

Adelina Patti sang "I dreamt I dwelt in marble halls" while Edwin Booth climaxed at the end of the bukkake.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 9605/06/2011

I get this film mixed up with "go Tell It on the Mountain"

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 9705/06/2011

I also get it mixed up with "The Other Side of Midnight."

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 9805/06/2011

I want to see a documentary on Schoolboy Crush.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 9905/06/2011

How did Aspen Colorado become the gay pron capital of America, and the site of SIX pron movies? Did Falcon get a good deal on an Aspen ski chalet that it went back to, again and again?

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 10005/13/2011

It isn't. Everyone knows that Van Nuys is the gay pron capital of America. Aspen isn't even the gay pron capital of ski movies, since both Big Bear and Lake Tahoe have had more.%0D

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 10105/13/2011

Then why did Falcon pick Aspen as the site of its most famous series?

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 10205/13/2011

I don't know if it's still the case but I believe it was the ski vacation spot of the rich and famous back then. Very high society.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 10305/13/2011

And San Diego, Virginia Beach, and Florida have all made a run at pron capital in the new bareback and "Broke Straight Boys" era.%0D Poor Chi Chi Larue....%0D

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 10405/13/2011

I love being near the bases

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 10505/13/2011

I like the "massage" (foreplay) scenes. We need more of those, and less f*cking.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 10606/09/2011


by I Miss the ''70''sreply 10711/24/2011

R31 nailed it, if a guy is actually hetero or straight he's not going to do porn at all where he has sex with another man or another man and a woman at the same time.

The G4P models on all the sites that are out now are really just bisexual or gay but just marketed as 'straight' since they know that self loathing gay men who still pine for hetero men will watch that poorly produced porn since they're creepily obsessed with having sex with a real hetero guy or think that all men including heterosexual men somehow deep down inside want or have sex with men.

R36 is correct about 'boys in the sand' that was the first successful commercialized and at the time well made gay porn, there were other gay porns before it but they were not that well made.

The only good thing about the Aspen porns is the hotness of Al Parker.

I find a lot of porn to be boring but I have seen older porn made by Falcon and Colt that's better than anything made today. I've seen porn made today that has very horrible lighting in the scenes and you can't tell who is doing anything in it. Yeah that works well if you're actually in a dark room with someone or in a dungeon but not so well when you're viewing porn and trying to get off to it.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 10811/24/2011

Giorgio Canali, is easily in the top ten hottest men to ever do gay porn films, he was so attractive, I hope he is still alive, I loved him when I was teen just getting into porn stars. I read an interview with him in an old magazine, he used to live in London and had a shop in the Kings Road, he came to LA in about 1980. Then first worked with Nova, the studio that gave us Adam Stuart and Tige Mc Masters two more hot men. Canali was the perfect Male he had a handsome face, thick curly hair, nice large in proportion testicles and penis and nice body. I could go on about him he was stunning

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 10904/21/2013

Early pron movies were classy because they were meant to be shown in adult theaters, not on TV sets or computers.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 11005/22/2013

I loved this film. "Which one of you bitches is my boyfriend?"

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 11105/22/2013

I saw a european gay porn vid at a friend's place the other night and it stunned me: the camera work and direction were so fresh. There was a scene with a guy lying in bed and his partner sitting on his chest while kissing him passionately and it was just superb. It was shot with such sensitivity and original camera angles: the polar opposite of the mechanistic ChiChi La Rue shit or the endlessly boring and curiously sexless Bel Ami. I forgot to ask the title.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 11205/22/2013

R72, the masked guy was a guy on Dynasty.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 11301/29/2014

I found the other side of Aspen.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 11401/29/2014

In respect to reply "5" ... The other side of Aspen II ...You talk about Italian porn star "Giorgio Canali" ... His real name was Mauricio and he was a personal friend of mine. We met in London and continued our friendship for done years. I moved to the USA in 1983 around one year later I ran into Mauricio in West Hollywood, the last time I saw him was in 1988. I have been trying to find him ever since. Does anyone know where he is these days? I would live to find him.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 11501/30/2014

There is a very hot older adult gay film where the young guy goes to apply for work at a mechanics or a manufacturing place and he sees all kind of action around him. Everyone is having sex in the warehouse. He ends up giving head to the macho owner and becomes his boy. Very hot action in all scenes.

Anyone recognize this old film?

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 11601/30/2014

The scene in the garage was so hot. The guy never made it to the ski slopes. I think it was Aspen II???

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 11701/30/2014

The 'Mystery Skier' In Aspen 2 (1985) had everyone wondering for years - especially as it was promoted at the time that he was a 'Hollywood actor'. The mystery is solved in the January 1989 edition of Manshots magazine, in which there was an interview with the director of the film, Bill Clayton.

When asked about the mystery skier, Bill replied: Okay, we had a boy skiing with us who's a personal friend of mine. He's had a pretty successful modeling and sometime-acting career in Hollywood. He has a beautiful body, he's a very attractive boy. Someone had been kidding him about being in the film, and he said, "What'll you give me to be in the movie?" And I said, "A Rolex watch." And that was his ticket – a mask and a watch".

In the years that followed, there was the occasional magazine reference (usually a reader asking who IS that guy?) but no further information was to be had. Then, in the September 1997 edition of Skinflicks magazine, a reader from Dayton, OH asked once again. Here's the answer from the editor, Eric Jay: "We won't mention the guy's name here, but he passed away a few years ago from cancer. He was just a guy who wanted to do porn, but since he was a family man with kids, he elected to go incognito. That's it. Just someone who didn't want his family and friends to know what he was doing".

About two years ago, when the Falcon forum was up and running, someone asked the inevitable question and the above is, more or less, the exact wording of my reply. The following day, Falcon's John Rutherford made a post to confirm the story.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 11808/01/2016

On the DVD version of Aspen 2, there is additional footage that shows the mask coming off, though the mystery skiier still has sunglasses on, you can see the rest of his face. Also there is some additional footage of Kurt Marshal at the beginning of one of the other scenes.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 11908/01/2016

There was a lot of gay porn, some of it good, before Aspen. They used to show them in theaters on reels or even worse. In Tampa, there was the Ritz2, which was a little room with about 20 folding chairs and a super 8 projector on which they mounted the gay porn movies while the het moves in Ritz1 played on a normal big screen. I actually liked it, it was such an intimate setting.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 12008/01/2016

I have no idea where they got Super 8 gay porn movies from.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 12108/01/2016

A couple of stories from the set of TOSOA as related in the old ATKOL Forum "Ask a Porn Star" theads:

Kevin Dean and his huge cock used to show up for the company dinners at a restaurant in full drag. The persistent rumor was that he was going to have it chopped off and become the woman he thought he was meant to be. As far as I know he just returned to Canada instead and kept himself intact.

If you notice while watching the big orgy at the climax of the film, Ken Ryker is there but then he isn't there anymore. The story was that he had to leave the set before the scene was completed in order to catch a private plane that was waiting to whisk him off to a well paying assignation with a very wealthy man who fancied a bit of that curved Ryker appendage for himself.

Johnny Hanson was "strange" in that he was trying to convince himself that he was really straight in real life. He finally came to his senses and made a "comeback" of sorts many years after "Aspen." The last I read he had made a few bareback films.

The extremely hot scene with Canali and Bravo is linked.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 12208/01/2016

It was also the first gay porno movie filmed in Glorious Technicolor, Breathtaking Cinemascope, and Stereophonic Sound

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 12308/01/2016

R75. No way in hell he is "53". 63 yes I

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 12408/01/2016

Loved Tony Bravo, he died on July 25, 1990...

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 12508/01/2016

As far as I know, this documentary (" Seed Money ") has not yet been released on DVD or VOD.

I should've caught it last year when it played once at the Philadelphia QFlix.

Oh well ............

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 12608/01/2016

The totally fucked up Scott O'Hara also fell in love with the voluptuous Tony Bravo. I think the little sex pistol Eddie Marks in The Other Side Of Aspen 2 is far and away the sexiest thing in the movie. The final orgy scene is crap.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 12708/01/2016

So what is the name of the Dynasty actor/ porn star?

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 12808/01/2016

In regards to the question about the well hung black guy in Aspen 2 - his "name" was O.G. Johnson, spoke with a slight Jamaican accent and as far as can be found out - he only ever performed in 2 videos (both for Falcon). The other was FVP 51 - "Night Flight" - where played a pilot and had 3 sex scenes as opposed to only the one he had in Aspen 2. If anyone knows anything else in regards to him; please post.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 12912/02/2016

It was the first film, period. It was put together by Thomas Alva Edison and Eadward Muybridge.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 13012/02/2016

r130, I'm no film historian, but I believe the "performers" had trip-wires attached to their tallywackers. Each thrust released the shutter on the camera, just like Muybridge's horseys.

It was quite the [italic]succès de scandale[/italic] at the Paris Exposition in 1889.

by I Miss the ''70''sreply 13112/03/2016
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