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Cherry Jones

Why did she and Sarah Paulson break up? Are they back together?

by gay gossipreply 25206/11/2017

It's been rumored they are back together after a twitter post from Sarah in November, that read: [quote]CONGRATS TO MY CHERRY JONES AND SALLY HAWKINS FOR THEIR BEAUTIFUL WORK IN "MRS WARREN'S PROFESSION" It closed today after a nice long run!

by gay gossipreply 101/01/2011

And a BI suggested that Sarah cheated with Julianna Margulies was supposed reason for the breakup.

by gay gossipreply 201/02/2011

I heard it had to do with discordant parenting styles when it came to raising the cats.

by gay gossipreply 301/02/2011

Julianne Moore. Seriously.

by gay gossipreply 401/02/2011

oh dear

by gay gossipreply 501/02/2011

Landed in Nashville to be with my love...pets, a fire and the most beautiful soul in the world..MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! XO 7:13 PM Dec 25th, 2010 via web

Cherry is from Paris, TN.

by gay gossipreply 601/03/2011

Sarah Paulson sounds like an immature teenager. Some celebrities just need to stay away fron twitter.

by gay gossipreply 701/03/2011

So what? Who cares?

by gay gossipreply 801/03/2011

So what has Cherry been up to lately? Any gossip?

by gay gossipreply 901/14/2011

r 8 - clearly Joy Behar on a station break.%0D %0D I think the issues that come between them will eventually split them for good but Cherry lost both parents within a year and it can't be easy being alone through that. %0D %0D And yes, Sarah Paulson expresses herself like a teenage girl. %0D

by gay gossipreply 1001/14/2011

What happened to Sarah's twitter and facebook page?!

by gay gossipreply 1103/12/2011


by gay gossipreply 1203/13/2011

There was a blind item from I cannot remember where that implied Julianna Margulies came between them. Who slept with whom I don't know.

by gay gossipreply 1303/13/2011

The BI implied that Sarah slept with Julianna, but I wonder if they are back together?

Sarah had a bunch of photos of Cherry on her facebook page a few weeks ago, but I can't find her profile anymore.

by gay gossipreply 1403/13/2011

I could never find Sarah's facebook page.She had been talking about leaving twitter for a while.

by gay gossipreply 1503/19/2011

Sarah Paulson was on Craig Ferguson's show last night and was awfully weird. She was not cute nor witty or anything. Just weird.

I could not figure out if she is still with Cherry Jones or not. I just know that she hadn't any purple on in celebration of Spirit Day and that is about it. Her upper lip has been pumped full of fillers like a mother fucker, though.

by gay gossipreply 1610/21/2011

It says a lot about Jones that she would ever have been with an immature weirdo like Paulson.

by gay gossipreply 1710/21/2011

[quote]Sarah Paulson was on Craig Ferguson's show last night and was awfully weird. She was not cute nor witty or anything. Just weird.

That doesn't surprise me. Paulson has a naked painting of herself in her apartment.

[quote]It says a lot about Jones that she would ever have been with an immature weirdo like Paulson.

Exactly. Can't figure out the worship for this broad.

by gay gossipreply 1810/21/2011

Can't handle her lisp.

by gay gossipreply 1910/21/2011

[quote]Can't figure out the worship for this broad.

Cherry Jones is to theater what Meryl Streep is to film. Maybe that works to Sarah Paulson's advantage?

Really hope that Cherry Jones has moved on from Sarah Paulson by now. Have no way of knowing if she has or not, but I really hope she has.

I like Cherry Jones. One of my uncles has worked in theater for ages now (behind the scenes) and he adores working with her a very great deal.

by gay gossipreply 2010/21/2011

I wondered if Cherry was having a mid-life crisis. Hopefully she's over it by now. Along with the lithp, Ms. Paulsen also slumps, which makes her truly annoying to watch on stage.

by gay gossipreply 2110/21/2011

"Some celebrities just need to stay away fron twitter"

Most people should stay away from twitter!

by gay gossipreply 2210/21/2011

Cherry Jones used to be a regular on the ABC soap Loving

by gay gossipreply 2310/21/2011

R23 Really? You sure? Whatever.

Love her. Hate Sarah Paulson.

by gay gossipreply 2410/21/2011

Sarah Paulson's Twitter was all about name dropping.

by gay gossipreply 2510/21/2011

Love Cherry Jones she has been a true role model for the lesbian community. Sarah Paulson you just know is a social climber and hooking up with Cherry was her way of getting closer to stardom, however, she is just a mediocre actor where as Cherry is a truly gifted thespian. I have a feeling Paulson is really trying to be a lot more hollywood with her recent move out to Cali..look for her to sleep with some director guy who can take her places.

by gay gossipreply 2610/24/2011

I saw Sarah Paulson in a "Law & Order:SVU" repeat last weekend on CLOO.

She looked repulsive. Her lips were all swollen form too much filler or whatever is put into lips which make they look bigger.

Her lips looked cartoonish! Who leaves the house like that, thinking they look good? I'm surprised she was hired for this part, though she was probably hired before she messed up her lips.

She has a weird lisp, overall she came across as a pretty bad actress.

The psycho rich sociopath murdering heiress she played was also off putting. All around, she was one hot mess.

by gay gossipreply 2710/24/2011

Sarah can't help that she has a lisp.Sarah has gotten a heap of work recently but does that have to mean she's screwing her way to the top? maybe she just got lucky. Sarah and Cherry are both in New years eve but I don't know if they're still together-I'd bet they arn't.

by gay gossipreply 2810/24/2011

R28 You do not understand. Sarah Paulson fucked the top when it comes to stage actresses. Know what I mean, jellybean?

What is The New Year's Eve you are referring to? Is that a film or something? Or do you mean the Holiday?

by gay gossipreply 2910/24/2011

Paulson is her usual, mannered, imperious, uninteresting self in Martha Marcy May Marlene. She's a strange performer.

by gay gossipreply 3010/24/2011

Paulson seems like a faux lesbian.

faux lesbian-1. (noun) fucked up chick who starts sleeping with women after a certain age because she can't figure what else to do see "Anne Heche"

by gay gossipreply 3110/24/2011

Yep (29)thanx,I should've realized what that meant about Cherry Jones.New Year's eve is a Movie that is directed By Gary Marshall.

by gay gossipreply 3210/25/2011

I love Cherry Jones as an actress as well as a Bible Belt Gay very much. It is very hard to be a Bible Belt Gay because, when you are growing up, you are literally surrounded by churches which preach against Homosexuality.

Cherry Jones is from a really small town in Tennessee and I admire how she has just plainly always been out for so very long now.

Hopefully she has found a nice enough lady friend and is no longer with Sarah Paulson.

by gay gossipreply 3310/25/2011

I really hope that Cherry has moved on from Sarah.

by gay gossipreply 3411/04/2011

[quote]Love Cherry Jones she has been a true role model for the lesbian community.

Oh for fuck sakes. LMFAO.

I don't understand why you all are giving that Jones woman such a pass? She must know Paulson is a fake and a weirdo; a blind person can see that. So what does that say about Jones and her taste in women. Not much that's what. She's no better than the dippy bitch she dates!

by gay gossipreply 3511/04/2011

Cherry is back with the architect she dumped for Sarah.

Sarah's moved to LA. Look out, Portia di Rossi!

by gay gossipreply 3611/04/2011

[quote]Cherry is back with the architect she dumped for Sarah.

The architect is a dumb, desperate twit for taking her sorry ass back.

by gay gossipreply 3711/04/2011

Didn't Mary (the architect) dump Cherry first?

by gay gossipreply 3811/04/2011

Cherry Jones is truly back with her former partner? Really?

If that is true R36 it might actually be for the better. It would kind of like be when straights divorce and remarry later on down the line. I guess?!

by gay gossipreply 3911/04/2011

I don't believe that - about Cherry and Mary. Mary is way too smart for that.

by gay gossipreply 4011/04/2011

Does anyone know anything for sure?

by gay gossipreply 4111/05/2011

Cherry Jones is to be on a t.v. show called "Awake" over on NBC and it is to air in the new year. The preview which I am linking to looks beautiful.

by gay gossipreply 4211/07/2011

Please tell me Cherry Jones is not stoned on anything harsher than weed in this one minute interview. Please.

by gay gossipreply 4312/05/2011

don't think you have to worry,cherry looks wonderful and i'm looking forward to seeing it.

by gay gossipreply 4412/06/2011

Cherry Jones bump.

"Awake" airs on NBC in March. BD Wong and Cherry Jones are in it and I am hoping that one of their characters will be out.

I am also hoping that "Awake" does not do really well because that way Cherry Jones can high tail it back to the theater. I would love to see her play "Medea" or something equally as intense as that.

by gay gossipreply 4501/01/2012

How kind of you to wish her well, R45.

by gay gossipreply 4601/01/2012

So are Mary and Cherry back together again?

by gay gossipreply 4701/01/2012

it'd be nice to get an answer to that question(r47)Since Cherry is in the show awake,I would have thought she'd get papped everytime she left her home to go shopping or whatever.

by gay gossipreply 4801/04/2012

When Sarah Paulson did the Golden Globes, Cherry Jones was in NYC.

Just felt like sharing.

"Awake" is to be on NBC starting 1 mar 12.

by gay gossipreply 4902/05/2012

Afterellen Put Sarah and Cherry On their hottest real life couples.

by gay gossipreply 5002/17/2012


They also put Amanda Heard and her former ladyfriend on there as well. So, who knows?

by gay gossipreply 5102/19/2012

I really hope and pray that Cherry Jones has moved on from that awful Sarah Paulson woman. Sarah has an elitist arrogant attitude about herself.

by gay gossipreply 5202/27/2012

[quote] I would love to see her play "Medea" or something equally as intense as that.

Why would you want to see her play a mean old black woman?

by gay gossipreply 5302/27/2012

Tyler Perry has ruined a generation, R53

by gay gossipreply 5402/28/2012

R52 Please continue.

by gay gossipreply 5502/28/2012

The pilot for Awake has been online for about a month. It's good.

by gay gossipreply 5603/01/2012

Cherry and Sarah are no longer a couple.

Sarah lives alone now.

[quote]“I couldn’t watch this show except during the day,” Sarah confesses. “I could never watch it at night — it’s too scary for me. I live by myself, and little bumpy noises in the night are not for me. I’m not into shadowy movements either… Not for me!”

My quoting might not work so I also included the link.

by gay gossipreply 5703/04/2012

Thanks (57).I'm thrilled that Sarah will be back for season 2 of American horror story.

by gay gossipreply 5803/05/2012

They could still be a couple and not live together, R57.

by gay gossipreply 5903/05/2012

Can't stand Sarah Paulson and if Cherry is rid of her it's about time.

by gay gossipreply 6003/05/2012

they could very well still be together but because they haven't been pictured together since January of last year and neither mentions the other in interviews,it is hard to tell.

by gay gossipreply 6103/05/2012

"Please tell me Cherry Jones is not stoned on anything harsher than weed in this one minute interview. Please."

All I can say is were I the first lady of the American theater having to give an interview touting "New Years Eve," I'd sure as shit get myself stoned on something a great deal harsher than weed.

by gay gossipreply 6203/05/2012

I think Cherry Jones is taking a bit of a break, eh?

"Awake" was filmed last year and is just being aired now.

No word on any stage roles.

And, thankfully she is no longer with Sarah Paulson at all.

Maybe she is just taking a break and hopefully is not in ill health or anything like that. Any rumors of an upcoming role or a new ladyfriend? Just curious.

by gay gossipreply 6304/21/2012

I have some innocent seeming gossip about Cherry Jones.

One of my cousins is doing some of the camera work on "The Untitled Christian Camargo Project" and that is to be a modern day retelling of "The Seagull."

Katie Holmes stars in it and Cherry Jones has a supporting role.

Allison Janney is also in it and she has been friends with Cherry Jones for ages.


Allison Janney and Cherry have been having a lovely time of things off set and are truly proper professionals on set. They get along like sisters or something. They have both tried to just try to see if Katie Holmes would like to join in on some of the fun because they are basically nice ladies in that regard.

Katie Holmes just cannot hang out with Allison and Cherry not because she dces not want to but because the $cieno handler Tom Cruise makes her bring along to any job she has will not let her. My cousin is a Latin gentleman and he just shared all of this with me because he finds it surreal that a grown adult wife and mother would have a babysitter of sorts. Neither Allison or Cherry understand it either and they are both being patient on how to learn more of the situation nicely.

I am linking to a nice enough picture of my cousin hanging out with Allison and Cherry off set a bit. It is from his twitter and since I do not do twitter I do not know if it will work or not.

by gay gossipreply 6405/28/2012

Thanks for the gossip, R64. KH has looked very unhappy in photos lately. OTOH, Allison and Cherry look very happy.

by gay gossipreply 6505/28/2012

Uh oh. r64's cousin, you in danger gurl!

by gay gossipreply 6605/28/2012

I hope Cherry gets a vbig part in this movie.

by gay gossipreply 6706/01/2012

Same here R67 but it does have Katie Holmes in it, sadly.

I think Cherry Jones should play President Coin in the other two "Hunger Games" movies. It would go without saying that she could play that character with no troubles at all and it would give her greater leverage in her career.

by gay gossipreply 6806/01/2012

That would be something I'd watch .Cherry is such a great actress but she gets very small movie roles.

by gay gossipreply 6906/01/2012

I was raised over in Tennessee, not all that very far from where Chery Jones is from, actually. I read this darling little local news article about her and just have to share it.

Cherry Jones always does nice things for that small town she is from but only ever publicizes it locally.

[quote]Paris, Tenn.-Thanks to the Relay for Life auction Friday night, a local woman will have the opportunity for a private coffee with Tony and Emmy-Award winning actress Cherry Jones.

[quote]Marsha Milliken was the high bidder for the one-on-one with Jones, whose home is in Paris. Jones also said she would record a cell phone message for Milliken, if she wanted. The time for Milliken’s coffee klatch with Jones hasn’t been firmed up yet, since Jones is currently filming a movie in Connecticut.

by gay gossipreply 7006/15/2012

Cherry Jones is going to be in one of Terrence Malick's upcoming projects. He has (for him) more than a few irons in the fire as of late.

by gay gossipreply 7108/12/2012

All this time there has been a Cherry Jones thread? All this time? Hardly anyone has posted in it.


Jennifer Ehle, Cherry Jones, John Slattery, and Dan Stevens are going to do the New Yorker Festival and are to discuss the art of period acting. I really wish I could go to it but I just plainly can't.

If anyone knows about the art of period acting it sure as hell would be Cherry Jones.

Is anyone going to go?

by gay gossipreply 7209/05/2012

Now that she's not with Sarah anymore, there not much gossip. Especially since she's so private.

I wish I could check out that festival. If anyone does go, I hope they post their experience.

by gay gossipreply 7309/05/2012

Hadn't a clue that there was a Cherry Jones thread! I've enjoyed every play I have ever been fortunate enough to see her in.

If I can pull it off I am going to see her at ART because I can only imagine what she will do in "The Glass Menagerie."

Why hasn't she done more overall work? Is she highly selective or something?

by gay gossipreply 7409/05/2012

Cherry works pretty consistently; she describes herself as a "farm animal" - trained to do one thing and just keep going. But, there's lots of things she doesn't want to do and she has some very nice agents that don't push her into making shit because she can. For example, she is the only NY actor of note I can think of that never did an episode in any of the L&O franchise. Not one. She just didn't want to deal with violence, and she was always doing a play somewhere anyway.

She only agreed to 24 because the President was moral, or someone who struggled with the morality of what she was doing.

I hope her Amanda is as surprising as I think it's going to be. I am not familiar with this director's work.

by gay gossipreply 7509/11/2012

was wondering if Cherry ones career took a hit after she pulled her name out of the emmy race for '24' season 8.

could elaborate on this bt would rather not. so anyway, who is Cherry Jones dating now and will that person be in Boston during the entire Glass Menagerie run?

by gay gossipreply 7609/22/2012

I have seen her several times with a blonde woman, very pretty, ver young. Don't recognize her but so young I thought are you fucking crazy?

by gay gossipreply 7709/29/2012

Good gossip R77

We're not talking underage, right? I don't get that vibe from Cherry Jones of all people.

by gay gossipreply 7809/29/2012

The last gossip I heard about her was that she was dating a young, thin actress. Never did hear or read anyone mention the actress's name.

by gay gossipreply 7909/29/2012

I would say she is in her 30's . Looks like young Blanche Baker sort of. I don't watch TV so I don't know if she is someone but I think she came from LA with Cherry.

by gay gossipreply 8009/29/2012

Pa. Younger than Sarah Paulson , who I never cared for and ever so much better looking.

by gay gossipreply 8109/29/2012

Good for Cherry! If the gal is nice and if they get along well then the hell with it.

by gay gossipreply 8209/29/2012

Cherry clearly likes the balance of power in her favor.

by gay gossipreply 8309/29/2012

Sarah went brunette.

by gay gossipreply 8409/29/2012

That's the best Sarah has looked in a long time. I wonder who she's fucking?

And we know it's not Jessica Lange or Bobby Cannavale (or whatever his name is).

by gay gossipreply 8509/29/2012

I think Sarah Paulson is quite lovely & interesting looking as the medium on American Horror Story.

by gay gossipreply 8609/29/2012

R84 - I thought Sarah looked haggard and overly skinny.

by gay gossipreply 8709/29/2012

I assume that whoever Cherry is dating now was not on "Awake" because the ladies on that series (well, all except for Cherry) were straight married ladies.

I wish her well. My aunt and I are going to see her over at ART and all because Cherry's Amanda will be worth the trip for sure.

by gay gossipreply 8809/30/2012

So was this person Cherry is now dating (who may or not be 'someone she brought from LA with her) present during May-June when they were filming that weird indie flick up in Connecticut?

PS Sarah Paulson looks much better blonde than brunette.

PS2 While we're gossiping, what is Mary O'Connor doing? She sure looks like one of the Kennedys

by gay gossipreply 8909/30/2012

R89 - I agree about Sarah looking better blonde.

by gay gossipreply 9009/30/2012

So you seem familiar with the Sarah Paulson-Cherry Jones-unanamed others situation.

Let's talk about Cherry. All the gossip says that Cherry has gotten around. So what are we talking here?

Mere "notches on a lipstick case?" or "Dresser drawers full of lipstick cases, all of them heavily notched?'

PS She has really got it wrong going "brown." And she has wretched taste in clothes.And her lips are Botoxious. And she is mean. Hard to work with.

by gay gossipreply 9109/30/2012

The above PS refers to Sarah Paulson, not Cherry Jones. Cherry Jones is supposed to be the most beautiful soul on earth.

But still Cherry is supposed to get around. Once -with older stars - like Glenda Jackson. Now Cherry might feels it is her time to get em young & hot.

Just hope Cherry doesn't tango with AJ. Heard Allison has a nude scene in the Christian Camargo Connecticut movie.

by gay gossipreply 9209/30/2012

Yes, I've always thought Mary resembled the Kennedy's. She is Irish after all. She has been doing some profession specific work in the Peace Corps of late. I think she is in Macedonia or something. I don't know if this young woman was in CT as I was not there, but I started seeing her when Cherry came back from being in LA for a long while. I live in the nabe and used to see Paulson all the time- more than Cherry. I assume they are living together, this young'un and CJ. Allison Janney is straight, and she knows she is a big lesbian fantasy object, lesbians kid her about it, she laughs but she isn't into it personally.

by gay gossipreply 9309/30/2012

PS. I don't know that Paulson is mean, but she is a big fame whore who trades on the cachet of her famous companions. In that she is not alone; so many of those actor types are that way. Cherry is quite conscious of her image. She used to not let people see her smoke, for example. She is always cheerleader ish and positive in interviews but she is much more critical and complicated up close.

by gay gossipreply 9409/30/2012

So do you live on Perry Street? I once 'Google Earth-Street viewed from 164 Perry Street (Nicole Kidman sold her condo there) over to the Rattlestick Theater. Looks boring for NYC! Really expected more "Upper East Side," locale for Cherry Jones.

"Mary O'Connor in Macedonia," sounds funny. So probably I won't believe it. Allison Janney was once engaged to a guy named Dennis Gregomiros. (sp?) and pics of him are not hard to find. He does not look straight, and since Allison Janney is a never-married woman with a very good TV/movie career, the obvious thought is: CLOSET!

But Janney is not a fantasy figure for Les Lez. Did you see her in "Liberal Arts?"

No Allison Janney is not a big lesbian fantasy figure! And furthermore, Cherry Jones could have done a lot better with that part! A lot better!

by gay gossipreply 9509/30/2012

Allison was married and had LTR's with a couple of men. She has a big lez following, believe me. No, I don't live on Perry. I live closer to Cherry than that. There are shed loads of actors and famous people everywhere, but when they're dressed down I don't notice them. I used to see Sarah Jessica Parker almost every day. And Tim Gunn and I always swap smiles.

by gay gossipreply 9609/30/2012

[quote]Cherry is quite conscious of her image. She used to not let people see her smoke, for example. She is always cheerleader ish and positive in interviews but she is much more critical and complicated up close.

She sounds fascinating and yet a wee mite bit far out all at the same time.

I saw "Mrs. Warren's Profession" and then a few days after I saw a short interview Cherry did about it (can't remember where). She said that Sally Hawkins was just 'amazing' and all of that but the thing is that if you sat through the play you sure as hell would not think that at all.

Sometimes Southerners are that way. It would be interesting if Cherry Jones just let her freak flag fly in an interview or maybe even just wrote a memoir. But, I doubt she ever will.

This thread has taken a somewhat interesting turn and that is kind of neat.

by gay gossipreply 9709/30/2012

Okay then. So you live close to Cherry. And you say you've seen her with a very young blonde (other peeps on this thread say a very thin young brunette), one that Cherry "brought back with her from California," but who was 'not someone from the AWAKE production.'

Just guessing here: could it be someone she met at the Whole Foods Market in Santa Monica, last Oct 7th? They say (if you are to believe it) that Cherry held a really wild party that night.

That was Yom Kippur! That was not a good career move! Very Disrespectful!

Never heard that Allison Janney was married. Dennis Gagomiros is the 'engaged to' dude. Just like Sarah Paulson was 'engaged to' Tracy Letts. And Sarah may have Bojangled/tangled with anyone and everyone to get ahead in her career. Allison comes from a wealthy family, she didn't have to resort to that.

by gay gossipreply 9809/30/2012

Everyone is supportive in a show because you have to get the best out of everyone, but Sally Hawkins rode on Cherry's back that entire show. Ed Hibbert kept everybody sane being so damn hilarious. It was a missed opportunity.

by gay gossipreply 9909/30/2012

I am an observer, not a stalker. The girl is blonde, trust me. I don't know anything about LA. My personal knowledge stems from time spent with the Heiress cast and crew many years ago.

by gay gossipreply 10009/30/2012

RE: Cherry Jones should let her Freak Flag fly

That is a tongue-twister. It's obvious to anyone who has watched Cherry-in-Interview that her remarks to the press are mere boosterism.

Yes, we want to hear the truth! We want some raw bitchiness!

by gay gossipreply 10109/30/2012

Hey R100:

You spent time with the Heiress Cast and Crew many years ago? And you also live very close to Cherry?

Are you one of the stage crew who messed up the scene with the Coriander cookies and Sherry? Darn you anyway! Those little plastic cups dancing around like that on the little bottles of Poland Springs water! Very distracting!

It just so happens I was in the audience that night! I paid a lot for those seats! And NOW - its going to cost me $255 for a third row seat. I really hope you're not involved in the 2012 production of 'The Heiress.' (!!)

by gay gossipreply 10209/30/2012

Alison is a big lesbian fantasy?

Yeah...I don't think so. She seems fun in a best friend way though.

by gay gossipreply 10309/30/2012

I was in an LTR with someone connected to Lincoln Center and work in a related field so I am around theater folk quite a bit although I am not one myself. I have nothing bitchy to sat at all. My impression is that being asked to fill the shoes of your idols when you really aren't sure you're that good is frightening and perhaps a bit lonely. Part of growing up is realizing that Colleen Dewhurst didn't think she was all that either, but she got on with it. You just have to keep going.

by gay gossipreply 10409/30/2012

Yes, the sad lonely life of an artist.

Now let's get back to gossip. Cherry Jones, described earlier in this thread as someone who can 'bring it on like Donkey Kong,' may have a hot young playmate, brought home in her carry-on luggage from LAX a while back.

I sure don't have any info. Plus, it is now getting late, --- must sleep, to prepare for tomorrow.

PS -- Honk if you know what tomorrow is! (hint: Eliza Doolittle, Henry Higgins.)

by gay gossipreply 10509/30/2012

I hope tomorrow is the day you get your meds adjusted.

by gay gossipreply 10609/30/2012

Put trolldar on R89

Uh huh.

I surely do believe that Cherry Jones has a stalker of sorts.

by gay gossipreply 10709/30/2012

There is a batshit troll on Cherry's IMDB forum that sounds familiar. I like that the person with the information gives no real indication where she lives.

by gay gossipreply 10809/30/2012

I'm scared of the batshit Cherry Jones troll!

Is anyone going to the New Yorker Festival? "The Art of Period Acting" portion of it is going to have a panel which will include Cherry Jones and I am sure "The Heiress" will be brought up.

I have to work so I was just wondering if anyone was to go and maybe they could post something about it here later on.

Thank you.

by gay gossipreply 10910/04/2012



Not the Cherry Jones troll, for you give me the willies baby!

Here is the gist of the whole thing.

It was a lovely and yet rather theatre nerd centric event. Everyone on the panel had their own little set of fans (if you will) and they were all different from one another.

Cherry Jones spoke of period costuming in regard to "The Heiress" a mite bit as well as for "Doubt."

For "Doubt" she spoke of how she had her bonnet tied really tight in order to drag down her neck and face because a portion of her character's backstory was that Cherry decided that she had osteoporosis. She also spoke of the really highly methodical manner in which she prepared for everything with "Doubt" and she also wrote a prayer in the voice of the good Sister every night prior to each performance.

Cherry Jones also spoke of how she feels that revivals of plays like "The Heiress" are making a comeback of sorts because she feels as though our society is just crying out or those days as such a thing pertains to the arts and how the arts can oftentimes be of benefit to humanity. She phrased all of this in a fashion which was nice and not like how Phylicia (Theatah!) Rashad would do or anything like that.

I found Cherry Jones to be the neatest member of the panel because she came across as one of those natural born Southern storytellers. She wore an all black outfit with a pair of really nice boots and (I am a big Lesbian theatre nerd) that was one of the few times I have ever seen Cherry Jones dress in a more Tomboy fashion (if you will) and not in an ultra-fem fashion. She seems to be able to carry off either look really well.

This is all I remember off hand.

by gay gossipreply 11010/11/2012

r 110

That's how she dresses most of the time I see her on the street - plain, well made clothing. Always a nice pair of shoes. She accessorizes, which I appreciate. I was away and couldn't go. How was Slattery?

I know people like to smack Phylicia, but she is a very nice woman, and I think her speech is her attempt to overcompensate for being from Texas.

by gay gossipreply 11110/11/2012

R111 Phylicia Rashad comes from a rather distinguished family but I totally do agree with you that she is a nice lady. I am linking to her infamous "Theatah" video because I am assuming that this is what R110 is making reference to.

Great that Cherry Jones is not all "theatah" about things! Really nice.

by gay gossipreply 11210/12/2012

Hi r 112 - I didn't find that pretentious at all.She was right on the money. It sounds like she just has an accent.

Cherry has her own type of snobbery but she is careful not to show it.

by gay gossipreply 11310/12/2012

[quote]Cherry has her own type of snobbery but she is careful not to show it.

Do tell!

by gay gossipreply 11410/12/2012

Cherry Jones has her own type of snobbery? Could be, but this is a gossip forum, not a country club. Now let's get down to it:

So what's with this Celia Keenan-Bolger babe? An up&coming New York actress, she's young, thin, blonde & pretty, and Celia is going to be in Boston for the entire run of the "Glass Menagerie," with Cherry. Celia's blog says that her interests include "politics," 'bike riding,' and NPR.

Gossip. Yes, its a nasty business. But somebody's got to do it.

by gay gossipreply 11510/18/2012

Celia is not Cherry's girlfriend, troll.

by gay gossipreply 11610/18/2012

Dear rapid-response responder of 4:39pm. Thanks for the info. Someone, using Cherry Jones' name, posted a review of "The Heiress," here on DL a week ago. Really torched Jessica Chastain, and Moises Kaufman, and just about everyone else in the show.

Even if it wasn't the 'real' Cherry Jones, I bet it does mirror Jones' feelings, since everyone knows Cherry is such a theater snob.

What do you have to day about that?

by gay gossipreply 11710/18/2012

Celia Keenan-Bolger is obviously not Cherry's new girlfriend, R115. Celia earned the role because of her audition and because she favors Cherry a mite bit. That's that. Celia was at least adult enough to not keep her being cast in the play to herself until ART made the public announcement about all of that casting.

Zachary Quinto way does not favor Cherry in any remote fashion at all. I think that will be remedied by the photo of Mr. Wingfield, but I am just guessing at that.

by gay gossipreply 11810/20/2012

Cherry's girlfriend is not American.

by gay gossipreply 11910/20/2012

Thank you for your kind response, R118. The reason (obsessives) might think Celia Keenan-Bolger is Cherry Jones' new GF is because of remarks R77 through R80.

R80 says “I would say she’s in her 30’s, looks like a young Blanche Baker.”

So that of course was a prompt to find out 'who is Blanche Baker?" Then on Oct 17th when an unknown (to the non-Theater crowd)named Celia Keenan-Bolger is named "Laura" in Cherry's new play. We now look up Celia's photos.

Whoa! Bells are ringing! Could this be true??!

Also, thank you to R119, "Cherry's girlfriend is not American." Girl from Ipanema, maybe?

by gay gossipreply 12010/20/2012

Celia KB is not as good looking as Cherry's GF.

by gay gossipreply 12110/20/2012

Was Cherry Jones' GF at the Michelle Obama fundraising event? (Tickets went from $500 to $5000). Celia Keenan-Bolger was there, she posted a pic of the 'former Presidents panel,' which included Cherry Jones,on her Twitter account.

This thread is going nowhere, fast. Doubt that anyone really cares who Cherry Jones is dating anyway. We do know that being 'OUT' has hurt Jones' career.

by gay gossipreply 12210/20/2012

Mail Order, then R119? Just kidding.

Can't wait to see "The Glass Menagerie" I read that investors are already interested in bringing it to Broadway and it has yet to have even been staged. Can't wait to see it.

by gay gossipreply 12310/20/2012

I'm sure plenty of people would like to know who her GF is, but she isn't famous, so even if you knew, so what?

by gay gossipreply 12410/20/2012

R121/R124... If the rumor of her new girlfriend being an actress is true then you might as well state her name so we can google her for shits and giggles.

Seriously. Why not. I'm sure the batshit as all get out Cherry Jones troll will leave if you do it.

Outside of all that silliness...

I just can't wait for "The Glass Menagerie." Just can't wait. I truly love the works of Tennessee Williams as much as I do ART so I just can't wait.

by gay gossipreply 12510/20/2012

She is not an actress.

by gay gossipreply 12610/20/2012

Celia KB is not as good looking as anyone. Fug.

by gay gossipreply 12710/20/2012

I want to know but until there's more info, that's kinda it, for now.

by gay gossipreply 12810/20/2012

Who is Cherry Jones gf? pics?

by gay gossipreply 12910/20/2012

Is Cherry's weight gain for "The Glass Menagerie" or just because?

by gay gossipreply 13010/23/2012

Cherry has a devilish side.

by gay gossipreply 13110/23/2012

She is just fat and happy I guess.

by gay gossipreply 13210/23/2012

Cherry Jones is just big boned and buxom if anything. She is built like a farmer's daughter.

I'd rather see an actress be out, cut thick, and happy rather than closeted and riddled with eating disorders and mood issues like Donna Murphy.


by gay gossipreply 13310/24/2012

Cherry Jones is not fat. You saw her pics at the Period Acting Actors' Forum, right? Cherry looks wonderful. Awesome in all-black.

There ought to be some more pics when The Heiress has its opening night. CJ wouldn't miss that would she? Cherry was just extra-skinny in "Swimmers," etc.

by gay gossipreply 13410/25/2012

Big bump for more Cherry Jones news.

Please? Somone gotta know somethin'!!

by gay gossipreply 13511/01/2012

She probably has no power if she's still in the city, that much I know. She has a fireplace - so she won't be too uncomfortable.

by gay gossipreply 13611/01/2012

Girlfriend - get thee to a treadmill.

by gay gossipreply 13711/12/2012

Hmmm, R137. Interesting. Cherry must have spent all of her time during Hurricane Sandy raiding the pantry.

by gay gossipreply 13811/15/2012

Aww dang!

I am sorry but I don't think I've ever seen Cherry Jones this heavy before.

Still a fan, but dang!

by gay gossipreply 13911/15/2012

She's somewhat tall so at least she carries her plumpness rather well. When did this happen? It seems sudden like maybe she is on a medicine or has quit smoking.

by gay gossipreply 14011/15/2012

Best guesses: Menopause (not the musical); probably quit smoking, the usual career stresses; she probably likes food.

On an unrelated note - why wasn't Zachary Quinto's honey, Jonathan Groff, cast as "Gentleman Caller?" He is CUTE. JG has a lot of stage experience - a Tony nom, and he & Jones have the same theatrical agent: David Kalodner.

by gay gossipreply 14111/16/2012

A middle aged Lesbian gained weight? As a Lesbian who is not yet middle aged, I thought my gayness precluded that. Was I wrong this whole time? Just kidding.

I'll always adore Cherry Jones. Call me when she kicks a puppy or some shit.

R141 When the play moves from ART to Broadway (which it will in no time flat) it would be nice if Groff played Tom instead of Quinto. I like Quinto but he looks nothing like Cherry Jones at all. Maybe that will be remedied by the picture of Mr. Wingfield being that of a fellow with really dark coloring?

by gay gossipreply 14211/16/2012

Cherry's birthday is coming up and it would be nice if some well-regarded playwright (JPS, Tina Howe, Paula Vogel, Ellen McGlaughlin)wrote up a new play for Cherry. [Nora Ephron is exused]

R142- you seem thrilled by the prospect of The Glass Menagerie. Cherry may be chunky right now but she will have to beef up a lot to fight off Zachary Quinto's scary eyebrows (furry fellas.)

Groff is perfect for Gentleman Caller. Too young for Tom

by gay gossipreply 14311/16/2012

I also would like to see Cherry in a new play, maybe at Playwright's or The Signature - some place that doesn't have to be quite so whorish as Broadway and need to cast her with people from Glee or wherever. I would love to see her play a character like Violet in August Osage County or Mary Tyrone; someone complicated and messed up - not noble or long suffering. Maybe even someone just evil, but I doubt she'd do it.

by gay gossipreply 14411/18/2012

I think Cherry Jones should play "Medea" and just fucking well go for it. She is at the age to play a role like that by now.

by gay gossipreply 14511/18/2012

Wow!! I used to adore her in the latter seasons of 24. I had no idea she was a lez. Shes a fantastic actress -- good for her!

by gay gossipreply 14611/18/2012

Yes, we know what we want. Cherry in something new, exciting. Why can't Cherry just write her own dang play? If Tracy Letts can write one, why can't she? PS And what was going on when they cast the movie for "August: Osage County?" Even though I fell asleep before I was able to finish reading that opus, I knew there was a great part in it for Cherry - somewhere.

Look what happened at casting - they wouldn't even let Kathy Bates have a role in that. (Evil Meryl working her wiles, no doubt.)

by gay gossipreply 14711/18/2012

I've always liked Cherry Jones. She has very few, if any, false notes. Any time I see that she's in something, I want to see it and she never disappoints me. She's just terrific.

With Paulson, I don't know. I don't hate her work as much as some DLers. She's manic and desperate and weird but that's not always a bad thing. I've known people who are manic and desperate and weird. The fact that she often makes me uncomfortable watching her performance actually raises my opinion of her work. It may, in fact, just be type-casting or type-performing but it's effective.

However, if Paulson pulled a Heche on the lovely and talented Cherry Jones or fucked her over in some other nasty way, then Ms. Paulson should be relegated to "Dancing With the Stars" for maximum humiliation as soon as possible.

by gay gossipreply 14811/18/2012

So what do you think about the Jessica Lange rumors?

by gay gossipreply 14911/18/2012

R149 Jessica Lange is as straight as the day is long. She is not a late in life Lesbian who is getting it on with Sarah Paulson. Lord. She actually has a nice enough gentleman she has been seeing for a while now. Whoops! I shouldn't have stated that but I did all the same so screw it.

With Sarah Paulson you do have to find it interesting that a fame whore of her ilk has seemingly not had another relationship since Cherry. But, whatever, they have both since moved the fuck on and so should we. I just don't quite care anymore on that end.


[quote]I think Cherry Jones should play "Medea" and just fucking well go for it.

...would be phenomenal! Great idea!

by gay gossipreply 15011/18/2012

Happy birthday to Cherry Jones! She is 56!

I hope that Cherry Jones and her young ass girlfriend had a really nice time of things upon this day.

Love Cherry Jones and I am not the "Cherry Jones" troll. I just love how she has been out her entire professional career and is a Bible Belt Lesbian who seems to live a rather full life.

I also supremely dig her work.

by gay gossipreply 15111/21/2012

I saw ART The Glass Menagerie and she is terrific in what is a very moving and creative production. Each of the actors is doing a great job. I hope it moves to Broadway. Anyone know if there are plans for it to move?

by gay gossipreply 15202/20/2013

Which role did she play?

by gay gossipreply 15302/20/2013

Cherry Jones as Michele Bachmann type senator on West Wing

by gay gossipreply 15402/20/2013

r153 The gentleman caller - WTF?!

by gay gossipreply 15502/20/2013

That's just silly, R155. I'm sure that she played one of the women.

by gay gossipreply 15602/20/2013

I hope r153 is kidding.

by gay gossipreply 15702/20/2013

I love me some Cherry pie.

by gay gossipreply 15803/13/2013

What's Cherry up to these days?

by gay gossipreply 15903/13/2013

Anyone saw The Glass Menagerie? Can't wait for it to come to Broadway soon! - Hopefully in the fall? Very jealous of everyone who's already seen (and met) her in it. Apparently she's perfectly unreal and killing it every day.

by gay gossipreply 16003/13/2013

It is a great production. Everyone in the show is great, no one steals it away.

by gay gossipreply 16103/26/2013

Has anyone seen a picture of Cherry's new girlfriend and if so could you post. Thanks

by gay gossipreply 16204/07/2013

Not a picture of her girlfriend sorry, but the cast of The Glass Menagerie put some interesting pictures of her on Instagram. v

by gay gossipreply 16304/07/2013

Quinto posted some nice ones.

by gay gossipreply 16404/07/2013

R163 Are those rolling papers on the table? Maybe she smoke "roll your own" or something?

Cherry Jones is a naturally pretty lady who seems to hardly wear any makeup. I like that.

by gay gossipreply 16504/07/2013

Agree with her looking good without makeup on.

by gay gossipreply 16604/07/2013

[163]That's Jessica Lange, not Cherry.

by gay gossipreply 16704/07/2013

Is Cherry still with the new girlfriend?

by gay gossipreply 16804/19/2013

Um.. are they back together? Just coincidence? Both are on the host committee for LGBT for BDB along with other gays/icons. (Alan Cumming, Cynthia Nixon, Lady Bunny, Michael Musto, Justin Vivian Bond, Debbie Harry, etc.)

by gay gossipreply 16904/27/2013

Doubt it. It's just a group of the usual suspects.

by gay gossipreply 17004/27/2013

That's what I thought. But since Sarah doesn't seem to go to gay related events alone (I mean when she's single), it made me go hmm for a second.

by gay gossipreply 17104/27/2013

I think Cherry will earn another Tony before too long.

She has "The Glass Menagerie" coming to Broadway from ART finally.

And, she has “When We Were Young and Unafraid" coming to the Manhattan Theatre Club next spring. That was written by Sarah Treem and they first worked together on it at a Sundance Theatre Institute workshop a while back.

Cherry seems to be in it to win it and I think it's really cool that she is soo devoted to the theatre.

by gay gossipreply 17205/09/2013

Cherry Jones as Homophobic Republican Senator on West Wing

Why would they cast her in this part?

See link below.

by gay gossipreply 17305/09/2013

R172, yes I am truly excited about both - counting the days - and happy that Cherry will be in a new play! She sooo deserve another Tony.

by gay gossipreply 17405/09/2013

I kind of love it when they cast someone totally opposite of the character. A great actress can pull it off amazingly. And Cherry could've been amused by playing this homophobe - bet she knew people like her quite well growing up.

by gay gossipreply 17505/09/2013

r 163 - That is Cherry.

by gay gossipreply 17606/12/2013

R176 Yeah, it totally is. But is it weed or the hand rolled tobacco? Just curious.

Who is going to see "The Glass Menagerie"

I am.

I saw it at ART and it was just so great that I basically feel as though I haven't a choice but to see it again. Can't wait.

by gay gossipreply 17706/15/2013

Why would anyone be smoking hand rolled tobacco? She is a cig smoker. It is ganja, my gentles.

by gay gossipreply 17806/15/2013

Last celebrity sighting: dinner last night next to Sarah Paulson and Cherry Jones. Does it count if you have to explain who they are?

by gay gossipreply 17906/17/2013

Ahh are they still friends...more?

by gay gossipreply 18006/17/2013

Googled CJ, discovered this site & read ALL the threads. For what it's worth, I'm a great admirer of CJ, NOT having the pleasure of seeing her in theater though (it's on my bucket list), only in TV/Film/You Tube, but seeing interviews & constantly reading awesome articles praising her for her work as well as her beautiful spirit. She sincerely seems like a very positive, nice, down-to-earth person of integrity. Having grown up in the Bible Belt, close to CJ's home town, & in the 80's, in a traditional family, it baffles me, in this TMZ world we live in, why we as a society, my family included, negatively single out, analyze,...use your own verb here... straight, gay, fat, skinny, illegal immigrant, black, white, etc.. Can't we just support & celebrate CJ as the gifted, talented person she is, instead of speculating about her love life & physical appearance, & who seems to commit herself everyday to being the best she can be, in whatever endeavors she pursues??? As for CJ's comments on same-sex marriage and Prop 6, I also hope the Supreme Court rules FOR gay marriage & AGAINST Prop 6, speaking as a straight, white female, as if that matters in this discussion, so that society & my family can begin to embrace the fact that every living person deserves the basic rights, that, in today's world, is afforded to only a select group of people, much like B4 the Civil Rights Era, regardless of their race, sexual orientation, genetic makeup, or physical appearance. In a perfect world, the latter would be realistic, I know, but change starts with a single voice.. YOURS and MINE. I'm starting with my own family & it's been a battle, believe me.. but...DARE TO BE DIFFERENT by living a positive life of integrity & supporting those who aim to do the same. I support CJ 100% & thank her for sharing her talent with us & being the BEST "ME" SHE CAN BE!!!

by gay gossipreply 18106/24/2013

Googled CJ, discovered this site & read ALL the threads. For what it's worth, I'm a great admirer of CJ, NOT having the pleasure of seeing her in theater though (it's on my bucket list), only in TV/Film/You Tube, but seeing interviews & constantly reading awesome articles praising her for her work as well as her beautiful spirit. She sincerely seems like a very positive, nice, down-to-earth person of integrity. Having grown up in the Bible Belt, close to CJ's home town, & in the 80's, in a traditional family, it baffles me, in this TMZ world we live in, why we as a society, my family included, negatively single out, analyze,...use your own verb here... straight, gay, fat, skinny, illegal immigrant, black, white, etc.. Can't we just support & celebrate CJ as the gifted, talented person she is, instead of speculating about her love life & physical appearance, & who seems to commit herself everyday to being the best she can be, in whatever endeavors she pursues??? As for CJ's comments on same-sex marriage and Prop 6, I also hope the Supreme Court rules FOR gay marriage & AGAINST Prop 6, speaking as a straight, white female, as if that matters in this discussion, so that society & my family can begin to embrace the fact that every living person deserves the basic rights, that, in today's world, is afforded to only a select group of people, much like B4 the Civil Rights Era, regardless of their race, sexual orientation, genetic makeup, or physical appearance. In a perfect world, the latter would be realistic, I know, but change starts with a single voice.. YOURS and MINE. I'm starting with my own family & it's been a battle, believe me.. but...DARE TO BE DIFFERENT by living a positive life of integrity & supporting those who aim to do the same. I support CJ 100% & thank her for sharing her talent with us & being the BEST "ME" SHE CAN BE!!!

by gay gossipreply 18206/24/2013

Darlin', this is not a fan site.

by gay gossipreply 18306/24/2013

Sorry..Prop 8...

by gay gossipreply 18406/24/2013

Sorry...Prop 8..

by gay gossipreply 18506/24/2013

For Point Les Bitcherais

Ok...thanks for pointing that out..

by gay gossipreply 18606/24/2013

Not saying we're not her fans - I speak only for myself - and there is much admiration for her throughout this thread - but this site is for gossip and pointless bitchery.

by gay gossipreply 18706/24/2013

"Cherry Jones as Homophobic Republican Senator on West Wing

Why would they cast her in this part?

See link below."

Because she's a great actress.

by gay gossipreply 18806/24/2013

Cherry lost 'the weight' and looks quite nice. I hope my link works.

Who's going to see "The Glass Menagerie" and who is Cherry dating?

Just curious.

by gay gossipreply 18909/07/2013

Nice Cherry Jones interview at the link. It is from the NYT.

She really opened up in this one. Talks about her weight gain and subsequent loss. Her epilepsy. And, about her late father having been gay.


The photos are horrid, though. The styling does not suit her at all.

by gay gossipreply 19009/21/2013

I cried reading this interview. What an incredibly beautiful person. Saw The Glass Menagerie twice this week and she was simply magnificent on stage and radiant in person. Her girlfriend must be one lucky woman.

by gay gossipreply 19109/22/2013

Not specific to Cherry but I will say that being in a relationship with a "star" can be very challenging and the very things that make them riveting as an artist can be hard on a relationship. Some of them are so needy and narcissistic - even the "nice" ones - that being in a healthy relationship is darn near impossible.

by gay gossipreply 19210/10/2013

Are you the one who started the thread here about secretly being in a relationship with a star?

by gay gossipreply 19310/15/2013

Oh no - you mean the 40 something woman in a r/s with an older celeb? No - that was not me. I was in a r/s with someone who was prominent in politics in another country. But - I have a friend who dated someone in show business in the US who was a total narcissistic head case, wrapped in a "new agey" facade - so I have seen it up close and show biz is for the birds.

by gay gossipreply 19410/16/2013

I think Cherry could very well win a third Tony.

I'm really curious if she is dating anyone. There are rumors upthread but who knows.

by gay gossipreply 19510/18/2013

hey all just discovered this board super shocked to read all the CJ hate she's hot like really hot if she can get away with dating a 30 year old than more power to her

by gay gossipreply 19602/17/2014

I don't see all the hate but yes, she's soooo beautiful and hot, even more in person! (very jealous of Sarah and her current girlfriend ha)

by gay gossipreply 19702/17/2014

There have been posts on DL implying that Cherry has a drinking problem. Verifacatia?

by gay gossipreply 19802/18/2014

Gf directed Harry Dean Stanton documentary.

by gay gossipreply 19904/29/2014

Really R199? Sophie Huber is hot.

by gay gossipreply 20004/29/2014

Sophie Huber is really pretty and road weary looking all at the same time.

I think Cherry will win a third Tony because her performance was a more humane and realistic interpretation of Amanda.

by gay gossipreply 20104/30/2014

Many people did not like her Amanda, although they like her very much. I will be surprised if she wins. Well - this solves the "young Blanche Baker" mystery. She does look like Blanche.

by gay gossipreply 20204/30/2014

Wow - this thread is dead. Someone even posted a link to the girlfriend and no responses. A terrible case of LTD, or Lesbian thread death.

by gay gossipreply 20307/30/2014

This thread is circling the drain, eh?

I hope Cherry lands a proper play soon. "We Were Young and Unafraid" was very Lifetime movie like. It kinda reminded me of a Reader's Digest condensed novel or something.

by gay gossipreply 20408/04/2014

Is Cherry working on anything now? Are she and Sophie still together?

by gay gossipreply 20503/15/2015

Cherry is starting filming on the 11/22/63 mini-series in May. She is laying Lee Harvey Oswald's mother.

Anyone know if she's still with Sophie? She's been spotting at a lot of NYC theatre lately with Brian J. Smith lately.

by gay gossipreply 20604/20/2015

Cherry has been looking really think lately.

Is she ill?

by gay gossipreply 20704/29/2015

She's the guest of honor at the Tennessee Williams Festival in Provincetown, MA this weekend. Anyone going?

by gay gossipreply 20805/29/2015

[R208} None of you theatre queens went to see this Goddess? Dammit!

by gay gossipreply 20905/30/2015

I am completely in love with this woman's talent. She needs to come back to Broadway soon!

by gay gossipreply 21006/27/2015

Cherry Jones got married in August, I need to know more about this!!

by gay gossipreply 21111/10/2015

Bump = anyone watch Transparent?

by gay gossipreply 21211/11/2015

Cherry's one week run in the play Dear Elizabeth began tonight at the Women's Project Theater.

by gay gossipreply 21311/16/2015

Has anyone seen her play yet?

by gay gossipreply 21411/18/2015

Happy Birthday Cherry!!

by gay gossipreply 21511/21/2015

#3 - Cherry Jones

Speaking of that professor/poet, she’s played by out actress Cherry Jones, who makes a wonderful addition to the cast. The character is based loosely on the real-life poet and writer Eileen Myles. Lesley Mackinaw is a heightened version of a lesbian icon, the kind that lesbians name their cats after. Jones brings palpable swagger to the sexually charged poet, and she’s great against Hoffmann. Ali’s involvement with Lesley leads to an episode that takes place entirely at a women’s music festival, and Transparent seizes the opportunity to criticize trans-exclusionary feminism in a smart and emotional episode that really gets into both Maura and Ali’s heads.[

by gay gossipreply 21612/05/2015

Doesn't S2 drop on Amazon tomorrow? Anyone watching that can recap?

by gay gossipreply 21712/10/2015

Ok - I'm getting Amazon Prime...

by gay gossipreply 21812/11/2015

New York Times article today

by gay gossipreply 21901/01/2016

Cherry at the Critics Choice Awards tonight - nominated for Transparent. Also, her series Mercy Street premieres on PBS tonight.

by gay gossipreply 22001/17/2016

Has anyone watched 11/22/63 ? How is Cherry as Oswald's mother? Heard she is also in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - any reviews?

by gay gossipreply 22103/05/2016

Anyone see I Saw the Light ? Heard Cherry is great in it.

by gay gossipreply 22204/08/2016

Sarah Paulson is with Holland Taylor now. She likes older women, it seems. By all accounts, they're insanely in love.

by gay gossipreply 22304/08/2016

R223 answered a 4 year old question... and Cherry is married now also, btw.

There aren't any other current threads to discuss her work in presently. She's reviving the Glass Menagerie at Edinburgh in August.

by gay gossipreply 22404/09/2016

Has anyone heard if the cast for the Glass Menagerie is the same one that was on Broadway?

by gay gossipreply 22505/22/2016

Cherry is a goddess, and should do more shows in the US!

by gay gossipreply 22606/06/2016

Can we talk about Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor here?

by gay gossipreply 22706/11/2016

^ trouble maker


by gay gossipreply 22806/11/2016

Nah... ;)

by gay gossipreply 22906/11/2016

Was Cherry at the Tony's last night?

by gay gossipreply 23006/13/2016

Her wife is young and lovely. You can get anything if you have fame and money.

by gay gossipreply 23106/21/2016

Isn't that kind of the point of fame and money R231?

by gay gossipreply 23206/21/2016

Cast of The Glass Menagerie - performing at Edinburgh next month.

by gay gossipreply 23307/14/2016

Edinburgh production

by gay gossipreply 23408/06/2016

At the Emmy's - wish she would have kissed Sarah Paulson when she won for the OJ miniseries.

by gay gossipreply 23509/18/2016

She will be excellent on that show

by gay gossipreply 23609/21/2016

Has anyone seen the latest revival of Glass Menagerie in London? The reviews are decent, and Brian J Smith is back again.

by gay gossipreply 23702/06/2017

Yes I've seen the London production. It's wonderful! Cherry shines and the three other cast members are excellent. The only gripe is that her diction needs to be clearer and she needs to time the laughs because some words got lost. I've been a CJ fan for years, and it was wonderful to see her on a London stage at last. I hope that this is the first of many appearances!

by gay gossipreply 23802/07/2017

Thanks R238 ! I keep wondering if Cherry will leave NYC for London?

by gay gossipreply 23902/09/2017

Is she half British, R239? Even well known theater actors like her cannot just move to the UK. There is a strict immigration process.

by gay gossipreply 24002/09/2017

Funny that a few years ago on this thread people were stating that Sarah wasn't very talented and weird etc. But in 2017 she is the critics darling and winning every award. IN YOUR FACE CHERRY JONES!!!

Plus I have it on good authority (Cherry's gynecologist ) that her pussy stinks.

by gay gossipreply 24102/09/2017

R240 Her wife is from the UK. Kevin Spacey moved/worked there for 10 years at the Old Vic. And R241, Cherry is vintage and Sarah is nouveau. As for the other - fuck off back to LChat.

by gay gossipreply 24202/09/2017

has the dl been surrendered to carpet munchers? who cares about these dykes?

by gay gossipreply 24302/09/2017

Go fuck yourself, r243.

by gay gossipreply 24402/21/2017

Is it awkward when Holland Taylor and Cherry Jones are in the same room together?

by gay gossipreply 24502/21/2017

[quote][R240] Her wife is from the UK.

Her wife is Swiss, which would not help her much with staying in the UK. Not with Brexit looming. But I suppose if Spacey managed a stay due to a long term job at the Old Vic, Jones could find a way to stay as well. I'm just not sure why would she move to London which is chock-fulf of amazing theater actors. She would hardly stand out.

by gay gossipreply 24602/21/2017

Not sure R244 - they've been friends a long time, and there was a rumour of a FWB thing betwerrn them at one time. I wonder how Sarah and Cherry's wife get along?

by gay gossipreply 24702/21/2017

I want to go to a dinner party with Cherry Jones, Cherry's Swiss wife, Holland Taylor, and Sarah Paulson.

by gay gossipreply 24802/21/2017

Started watching American Crime, and Cherry Jones is in this season. Popped over to IMDB to see how many episodes she is in (looking at YOU season one of Mercy Street!) and they don't even have her in the cast listing. I might have to post this on their message boards....oh wait...

by gay gossipreply 24903/12/2017

Glass Menagerie closed this last week. Anyone hear if she'll be on Broadway in the Fall?

by gay gossipreply 25005/05/2017

Why is this 5x nominee and 2x Tony Award winner not presenting at the Tony's tonight, but her ex-gf who hasn't been on stage in years is?

by gay gossipreply 25106/11/2017

R251 Ageism and Weightism

by gay gossipreply 25206/11/2017
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