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British Lesbians - see inside

Sandi Toksvig - radio%0D %0D Clare Balding %E2%80%93 TV BBC%0D %0D Pam St. Clement %E2%80%93 Actress, East Enders loved up with Moira Stewart%0D %0D Jessica Clark - model%0D %0D Jane Hill %E2%80%93 BBC TV, loved up by Sarah Shepherd, BBC Camerawoman%0D %0D Carol Ann Duffy - Poet %0D %0D Rhona Cameron - Comedienne %0D %0D Sue Perkins - Comedienne%0D %0D Alex Parks - singer%0D %0D Julia Bradbury %E2%80%93 BBC Presenter TV%0D %0D Samantha Ronson %E2%80%93 DJ%0D %0D Alison Goldfrapp - SInger %0D %0D Saffron Burrows %E2%80%93 Actress, split from Fiona Shaw%0D %0D Moira Stewart %E2%80%93 Radio and TV, BBC%0D %0D Miranda Richardson - actress%0D %0D Sophie Ward - Actress%0D %0D Lady Sovereign - rapper%0D %0D Elly Jackson - model%0D %0D Fiona Shaw - actress%0D %0D Samantha Fox %E2%80%93 former page 3 and %E2%80%98singer%E2%80%99%0D %0D Mary Portas %E2%80%93 Presenter%0D %0D Melanie Rickey fashion editor Grazia Magazine%0D %0D Patricia Routledge - actress%0D %0D Leslie Joseph - actress%0D %0D Josie Lawrence %E2%80%93 comedienne %0D %0D Katie Melua - singer%0D

by ICOreply 27701/31/2017

Miranda Richardson is gay?

by ICOreply 112/28/2010

pics and stories and who is and was dating who please?

by ICOreply 212/28/2010

i hope you are so right about Julia Bradbury! WOW!

by ICOreply 312/28/2010


by ICOreply 412/28/2010

She beards constantly - or mirkins - whatever - but Kelly Brook is a Lesbian.

by ICOreply 512/28/2010

You've got to read the hilariously awful comments on the Julia Bradbury youtube link at R4. God, straight guys are such repulsive animals.

by ICOreply 612/28/2010

Who has Julia Bradbury dated?

by ICOreply 712/28/2010

Holy fuck!!! I wouldn't call those comments hilarious R6!! Saying that you want to participate in using force and holding her down while someone else "fills her with cum"? I don't own a youtube account but someone should report those perverts. %0D %0D Is it something about this particular woman or is it like that with all videos of beautiful women on youtube? It's womit inducing!!

by ICOreply 812/28/2010

You forgot Heather Peace.

by ICOreply 912/28/2010

Hold on a second. Pat Butcher and Moira Stewart?

by ICOreply 1012/28/2010

Off topic but I met Pam St Clements last yeah. She came to see the new educational centre in the museum I work in (she used to be a teacher, apparently) and was amazingly nice and interested in everything.

by ICOreply 1112/28/2010

The only one I didn't know about was Katie Melua. Wow

by ICOreply 1212/28/2010

what about Sadie frost and her "best friend" singer frances ruffelle who played the original eponine in Les Miserable?

by ICOreply 1312/28/2010

I love Katie Melua.

by ICOreply 1412/28/2010

Katie Melua is Bulgarian, not British.

by ICOreply 1512/28/2010

She's Georgian, r15

by ICOreply 1612/28/2010

Kate is Georgian - but Brit now%0D %0D Heather Pearce from recent Lip Service has a girlfriend

by ICOreply 1712/28/2010

I'm sure some of these women are bisexuals not lesbians.

by ICOreply 1812/28/2010

Don't forget: Deborah Warner - stage director (ex of Fiona Shaw) Jo Frost - comedienne and Graham Norton's hag

by ICOreply 1912/28/2010


Thank you OP.

by ICOreply 2012/28/2010

[quote]Jo Frost - comedienne Do you mean Jo Brand? Jo Frost is the nanny and she is straight as is Brand.

by ICOreply 2112/28/2010

R18 SO? I prefer bi chicks, less craziness

by ICOreply 2212/28/2010

Who is Heather Peace's GF?

by ICOreply 2312/28/2010

[quote]bi chicks, less craziness

Yeah, riiight. They're cooches smell like dried up old cum.

by ICOreply 2412/28/2010

R19 Saffron Burrows wrecked that relationship -it was really terrible for both Marina and Fiona

by ICOreply 2512/28/2010

The thread title should be renamed British straight and bi-women with a few fat lesbians thrown in.

by ICOreply 2612/28/2010

oops, I meant Warner, M is someone else entirely lol

by ICOreply 2712/28/2010

LOL, r26.

by ICOreply 2812/28/2010

R26 gets cranky when his "all lesbians are ugly cows who are bitter because they can't get a man" agenda is challenged. It's called PROJECTION.%0D %0D He also gets cranky when he winks his brown eye at some passing hot straight guy and gets laughed and pointed at. Apparently, he came up crappers again tonight and is prowling DL.%0D %0D %0D

by ICOreply 2912/28/2010

Lesbian here r29. You sound really insecure and humour-impaired.

by ICOreply 3012/28/2010

Isn't Elly Jackson actually La Roux? Or, rather, the lead singer of it?

by ICOreply 3112/28/2010

R26, I've been on DL for a long time, and I get really sick of the perpetuation of the little DL paradigm that all lesbians are fat and ugly.%0D %0D I'm not British, so I don't know most of the the women on the list, but of the dozen or so I AM familiar with, most of them are 1) very attractive, 2) out as lesbians, and 3) currently in a relationship with a women. %0D %0D That makes your statement at R26 an absurdity.%0D %0D Seriously, what and who are you? Female? Male? Straight? Gay? Because if you're a lesbian, you really need to come to terms with your on self-loathing, and if you're a straight woman or a man, then you just need to shut the fuck up.

by ICOreply 3212/28/2010

Samantha Fox is such a hot dame, but what's in a name?

by ICOreply 3312/28/2010

Jo Frost is straight? That's disappointing. She's not really my type, but I think she's hot.

by ICOreply 3412/28/2010

What about former tennis players Jo Durie and Virginia Wade?

by ICOreply 3512/28/2010

Moira Stewart is gay? Never heard that. She is such an elegant lady.

by ICOreply 3612/28/2010

When did Saffron Burrows and Fiona Shaw split?

by ICOreply 3712/28/2010

Jo Brand is straight (and married, not that being married means someone is straight), and jokes all the time about how everyone assumes she's gay.

Jo Frost, there are been a fair few rumors she's gay. I don't think anyone knows much about her personal life. She's nearly 40 and never married, no kids, and apparently lives with her father.

by ICOreply 3812/28/2010

Virginia Wade was reportedly Martina Navratilova's first female lover.

by ICOreply 3912/29/2010

Patricia Routledge is GAY?

by ICOreply 4012/29/2010

Katie Melua is a bit coy about being gay/bisexual. Kind of like the male equivalent to Mika.

by ICOreply 4112/29/2010

Most women on this list are bi. But anyway, Saffron Burrows is american now and I think, not sure, she's living with a man.

by ICOreply 4212/29/2010

Josie Lawrence is straight and has said so.

by ICOreply 4312/29/2010

[quote]Most women on this list are bi. But anyway, Saffron Burrows is american now and I think, not sure, she's living with a man.%0D %0D Saffron has been seen and photographed with a blonde woman quite often. If you look at her paparazzi pics the blonde woman is at her side at numerous different occasions. Of course both being femme they fly under the radar so no one questioned it. I don't really know if it's her girlfriend, but it could be. Or not.

by ICOreply 4412/29/2010

Is Miranda Richardson really gay? Her name always pops up on threads like this. She has always pinged for me and I think she's gorgeous but are there any rumors? Somebody must know something about her.

by ICOreply 4512/29/2010

Again with the same blonde woman:

by ICOreply 4612/29/2010

I thought Fiona Shaw was long-time partners with some famous Brit director (female) - when did she split with her? And EVERYONE knows Patricia Routledge is gay, she's open about it. IMDB even lists her long-time partner's name in her bio.

by ICOreply 4712/29/2010

I don't mean to call you a liar, r47, but your claim about Routledge's partner being listed on imdb is not borne out by the facts.

by ICOreply 4812/29/2010

Keep it up, ladies! What stories do we know about Julia Bradbury?

by ICOreply 4912/29/2010

Can anyone confirm Cat Deeley as Lesbian?

by ICOreply 5012/29/2010

Until today I had no idea that Harry's Aunt Petunia was a lesbian. I looked her up -- IMDb says "Former longtime companion of Saffron Burrows from 2002 to 2005." So "longtime" is now a mere three years?

by ICOreply 5112/29/2010

Isn't Saffron holding the woman's hand in one of the photos?

by ICOreply 5212/29/2010

[quote]Can anyone confirm Cat Deeley as Lesbian?

No, she isn't.

by ICOreply 5312/29/2010

R44, you made my day. Love you!

by ICOreply 5412/29/2010

[quote]Until today I had no idea that Harry's Aunt Petunia was a lesbian. I looked her up -- IMDb says "Former longtime companion of Saffron Burrows from 2002 to 2005." So "longtime" is now a mere three years?

When a high-profile couple is out and highly visible, you count in dog years.

by ICOreply 5512/29/2010

Any info on Sally Hawkins? She's another one who never discusses her personal life. I remember reading an interview with her a while back where she gushes about kissing a male co-star. It surprised me because I've always thought she pinged and not just because of the roles she's taken.

by ICOreply 5612/29/2010

Wow, OP, you're really good at copy and pasting. It's almost as though this information didn't come from L Chat.

by ICOreply 5712/29/2010

who else?

by ICOreply 5812/29/2010

what about sadie frost or frances ruffelle?

by ICOreply 5912/29/2010

What are the rumors about Sadie frost?

by ICOreply 6012/29/2010

Re: Julia Bradbury.%0D %0D No fucking way. No lesbian would wear heels that uncomfortable or show that much leg.

by ICOreply 6112/29/2010

Miranda Richardson has been discussed before on DL and I got the impression her lesbianitude is unconfirmed.%0D %0D What about Jean Marsh?

by ICOreply 6212/29/2010

r60 sadie frost was in a lesbian coke using affair with Kate moss. Google it

by ICOreply 6312/29/2010

You are so wrong, r61.

by ICOreply 6412/29/2010

yep. that's saffron burrows gf.

by ICOreply 6512/29/2010

Is Saffron gay or bi?

by ICOreply 6612/29/2010

66 posts and no mention of Miriam Margolyes?

by ICOreply 6712/29/2010

I heard that Tracy Chapman and Guinevere Turner are a couple.

by ICOreply 6812/29/2010

[quote][R44], you made my day. Love you!%0D %0D Really, me? In that case I love you, too, sweetie.

by ICOreply 6912/30/2010

^of course I'm R44 and not R42

by ICOreply 7012/30/2010

There was a great moment on CORONATION STREET this year when Sally found out her daughter was gay. When accused of being homophobic she replied "But I love Mary (Portas) Queen of Shops and she's gay!"

June Buckfield aka Sister George owns this thread.

by ICOreply 7112/30/2010

[quote]She beards constantly - or mirkins - whatever - but Kelly Brook is a Lesbian. No straight guy would ever believe it.

by ICOreply 7212/30/2010

[quote]She beards constantly - or mirkins - whatever - but Kelly Brook is a Lesbian.

Only in your imagination.

by ICOreply 7312/30/2010

[quote]Is Miranda Richardson really gay?


by ICOreply 7412/30/2010

gay men get defensive when femme, attractive girls are rumored to be gay or bi why?

by ICOreply 7512/30/2010

who has and is Sarah Water dating?

by ICOreply 7612/31/2010

Heard that too r68.

by ICOreply 7712/31/2010

Really, R68? Was not Tracey Chapman dating the Color Purple author?

by ICOreply 7812/31/2010

I think Sarah Waters has been with girlfriend Lucy Vaughan for a few years now. No idea who she dated before Vaughan.

by ICOreply 7912/31/2010

Since when are Chapman and/or Turner British? And yes, they are together and have been for a while.

Now please stop derailing this thread

by ICOreply 8012/31/2010

[quote[There was a great moment on CORONATION STREET this year when Sally found out her daughter was gay.

Which daughter? The slutty gorgeous one or the brainy cute one? We're like 10 months behind here in the colonies. I'm guessing it's the latter.

by ICOreply 8112/31/2010

R61 I would.

by ICOreply 8212/31/2010

Who is Lucy Vaughan?

by ICOreply 8312/31/2010

R81 the brainy cute one.

by ICOreply 8412/31/2010

Sarah waters' gf is a total non-celeb. Always with her at parties. Never really says much.

by ICOreply 8512/31/2010

Whom else girls?! This thread has stalled with just British lesbians. How about lesbians of the World? Germany, France, Australia, America..etc?

by ICOreply 8612/31/2010

British dykes disgust me, they are the most racist and ugly sacks of shit ever.

by ICOreply 8701/01/2011

Its seems this thread is closed!

by ICOreply 8801/01/2011

Damn, OP. I used to have such a thing for Josie Lawrence when I was a kid.

by ICOreply 8901/02/2011

josie lawrence has 'intense relationships with women'

by ICOreply 9001/02/2011

What do you mean by intense? they fight a lot?

by ICOreply 9101/02/2011

I'm not R90, but those relationships are the kind that closeted (or those that haven't figured it out) women tend to have. Intense friendships that last a year or two, until one moves on or some fight severs the relationship forever. Personal experience speaking here.

by ICOreply 9201/02/2011

What about Gabrielle Anwar?

by ICOreply 9301/02/2011

what about becky anderson

by ICOreply 9401/04/2011

Backy Anderson really pings right of my scale!

by ICOreply 9501/04/2011

Kelly Brook is gay. That's not even a secret.

by ICOreply 9601/06/2011

But but but but a gorgeous woman who wears lipstick and skirts can't be gay. We all know how real lesbians really look like.

by ICOreply 9701/06/2011

Is Tanita Tiakaram gay?

by ICOreply 9801/06/2011

"Is Tanita Tikaram gay?"%0D %0D I believe so.%0D %0D

by ICOreply 9901/06/2011

[QUOTE]Kelly Brook is gay. That's not even a secret.

Who has she dated?

by ICOreply 10001/06/2011

Whats Kelly Brooks type?

by ICOreply 10101/06/2011

Kelly Brook did an exercise video with a female pro dancer on Strictly Come Dancing (Flavia Cacace.) Don't know if she's her type or not.

by ICOreply 10201/06/2011

Tanita Tikaram is gay and out and proud. What's the story with Becky Anderson of CNN?

by ICOreply 10301/07/2011

Isn't Sarah Douglas (Pamela Lynch from Falcon Crest) a lesbian as well?

In a recent thread about Upstairs Downstairs a poster claims that Jean Marsh and Eileen Atkins were lovers when they came up with the Upstairs Downstairs show.

by ICOreply 10401/07/2011

Please, give some info on Becky Anderson. Insiders at cnn international!

by ICOreply 10501/07/2011

Kelly Brooke is a strange one. Long rumoured to be gay in the UK in some circles if she is she constantly beards with rugby players like Danny Cipriani. She dated Billy Zane for ages - presumably in a move to get her US career gong, which never went anywhee - and he was rumoured to be closeted too. %0D %0D Cheryl Cole is rumoured to be gay and her strange relationship with Derek Hough is rumoured to be nothing but beard friendship. %0D %0D Saffron Burrows, was bisexual but had a steady relationship with Fiona Shaw (who is a genius) for some years before they split. In the pictures someone linked further back she is holding hands with this woman on two or three of the pics and the pictures list them as 'Saffron Burrows and her girlfriend...'.%0D %0D Patricia Routledge I heard lives with ex-Commons Speaker Betty Boothroyd but don't know if that's just gossip. Both are unmarried and middle-aged.%0D %0D Miranda Richardson lives quietly almost seemingly as a semi-recluse by her own admission, and she keeps cats. She won't talk about her private life and is something of an enigma. There is nothing to suggest her sexuality is one way or another as she is so private. %0D %0D Yes, it is said (though I don't know if true) ex-newsreader Moira Stewart is gay as is BBC newsreader Jane Hill, who came out recently. %0D %0D Racing/Sports TV presenter Claire Balding is gay and lives with her longterm partner. She has just beaten thyroid cancer. %0D %0D Pam St Clement. I only ever hear nice things said about her. I don't think there's many have run into her that have a bad word to say about her. Very nice lady by all accounts I've seen.

by ICOreply 10601/07/2011

"presumably in a move to get her US career gong, which never went anywhee"%0D %0D Jeebus, sorry that should read 'going' and 'anywhere'.

by ICOreply 10701/07/2011

Eileen Atkins is a lesbian!

by ICOreply 10801/07/2011

Eileen Atkins IS A LESBIAN??

by ICOreply 10901/07/2011

What about British comedian Josie Long? She pings big time.

by ICOreply 11001/09/2011

Why do all brits have crotch rot?

by ICOreply 11101/09/2011

[quote]Saffron Burrows, was bisexual

Er, she still is. You don't stop being bisexual.

by ICOreply 11201/09/2011

Danny Cipriani is rumoured to be gay, his fav TV show is Glee and Kelly says he is always signing songs from the show. As a gay guy he always had a slight ping to him.

Tanita Tikaram is gorgeous, I thought you gay girls would be more into her.

by ICOreply 11301/09/2011

Can one view Lip Service in the U.S.? I can't figure out how-- it's not on Netflix or BBC America.

by ICOreply 11401/09/2011

Torrents r114.

by ICOreply 11501/09/2011

[quote]Can one view Lip Service in the U.S.? I can't figure out how-- it's not on Netflix or BBC America.%0D %0D With expat shield you can watch BBC iplayer.

by ICOreply 11601/09/2011

Anyone know anything about Rae Hendrie?

by ICOreply 11701/14/2011

nope, who she be?

by ICOreply 11801/15/2011

R78, that would be Joan Armatrading.

by ICOreply 11901/15/2011

Sorry my mistake, according to Wiki Chapman did date Alice Walker. Walker has a daughter who's just a bit younger than Chapman.

by ICOreply 12001/15/2011

Walker's daughter Rebecca dated Me'shell Ndegecello for quite awhile, but she seems to have erased that whole episode from her past.

by ICOreply 12101/15/2011

R118, she's a Scottish actress who appeared on anger seasons of Monarch of the Glen. She always lunges to me then, but I chalked it up to her character. Saw her again on L&O: UK tonight and she practically gonged

by ICOreply 12201/15/2011

Wow...American here. I haven't heard the name Tanita Tikaram since the early 90's. Is she doing well musically in Britain? I loved her US hit Twist In My Sobriety.

by ICOreply 12301/15/2011

What about Sally Hawkins? Does anyone know her story? Gay/Straight/Bi?

by ICOreply 12401/17/2011

I would just like to bump this thread.....

by ICOreply 12501/19/2011

%0D Bitty Kitten, Jonathon Ross' 19-year old daughter comes out - father is said to be happy%0D %0D %0D %0D %0D

by ICOreply 12601/20/2011

Eileen Atkins and |Jean Marsh are not gay.%0D %0D I've met Eileen on several occasions and apparently, before she married her present husband in 1976, she had lots of relationships and engagements with both married and unmarried men. Definitely straight as a die.

by ICOreply 12701/20/2011

i hate Jonathan Ross. unrelatedly.

by ICOreply 12801/20/2011

No one knows or cares about Sally Hawkins, I guess.....

by ICOreply 12901/21/2011

I care more about Jodhi May than Sally Hawkins, R129...but no one knows a thing about either of them.

by ICOreply 13001/21/2011

I met her once...hard to tell, but she seemed genuinely very nice, FWIW.

by ICOreply 13101/22/2011

I used to see Tanita Tikaram out in gay bars in London in the early 90s, namely The Angel in Islington.

by ICOreply 13201/22/2011

Alison Goldfrapp and her gangly girlfriend Lisa. What do we think about her voice? Better than Gaga's?

by ICOreply 13302/13/2011

Gaga is Queen!

by ICOreply 13402/19/2011

Lisa Gornick - made a couple of lesbo features, works in LA now I think. Her cartoons are very funny!

by ICOreply 13503/29/2011

Jessica Clark soon to be seen in a Perfect Ending. Did she ever marry her fitness trainer?

by ICOreply 13603/29/2011

So is jacqui brookes ex rock singer of siam

by ICOreply 13706/15/2011

agree with 130. More inrerested in Jodhi May. Or Nicola Walker. Probably neither of them is, but one can still hope...

by ICOreply 13806/16/2011

R136 yes Jessica Clark and Lacey Stone did get married. I am a friend of theirs, though I wasn't invited to their wedding. Jessica is now appearing in some sitcom on ABC Family but I haven't watched it.

by ICOreply 13907/21/2011

Good grief Mary Portas is looking old - looks about 65 wearing a 25 year old's clothes. *sigh* What is it with later in life lesbians that causes their self-respect and sense of style to just fly out the window?

I wouldn't wear her stuff if you gave it me for free.



by ICOreply 14010/11/2011

Who is Baroness Valerie Amos' girlfriend?

by ICOreply 14110/18/2011

I liked Sue Perkins (sp?) on the Great British Bake Off. Heard some rumors that she might be a lush, though.

by ICOreply 14210/18/2011

[quote]Or Nicola Walker. Probably neither of them is, but one can still hope...

Nicola Walker isn't, unfortunately.

by ICOreply 14310/18/2011

Tanita Tikaram has a new album out this year. I believe she still tours and sells albums in the Eastern Euro block.

by ICOreply 14410/18/2011

Is Fiona Shaw dating now or has she given up the scene?

by ICOreply 14512/08/2011

Amanda Barrie

by ICOreply 14612/08/2011

Where is any evidence that Kelly Brook is gay - she has one high profile boyfriend after the other...

at least Joan Armatrading never played that game, nice that my 2 favourite British singers - Joan and Dusty - are gay.

Celia Imrie always pings to me - I am sure a lot of the Victoria Wood coterie she uses ali the time in her shows could be at least bi ?????

by ICOreply 14712/09/2011

There is talk about Jacqueline Bisset in a few other threads. Does anyone know anything?

by ICOreply 14812/09/2011

Many of these woman are not lesbians. Just because you like to finger your fat twat to them doesn't make them homosexual!

by ICOreply 14912/09/2011

Do illuminate us, R149. Who is not gay?

And be sure to throw in some of your razor sharp wit.

by ICOreply 15012/09/2011

I was going to add, Amanda Barrie, R146, but most people don't really know her anymore.

I like how she's really out & open about her gayness, for someone of her generation.

by ICOreply 15112/09/2011

Has anyone mentioned Sophie Ward?

People were so shocked when she came out because she's so beautiful.

by ICOreply 15212/09/2011

Sophie Ward got mentioned in OPs post.

by ICOreply 15312/09/2011

Ward is married to a fugly woman

by ICOreply 15412/09/2011

[quote]I like how she's really out & open about her gayness, for someone of her generation.

Then someone need to edit her wikipedia page. It only mentions her marriages to men.

by ICOreply 15512/09/2011

'Amanda Barrie, ironically a woman possessed of the old Sid James "Phworr!" factor, is a lesbian - and had been for many years before the public found out. Why did she write the book, laying bare not only her professional successes and failures and her colourful upbringing but her relationships with women? "I think it was something I'd put off for years," she says. "But I'd certainly never have done it while I was in Coronation Street. Actually, I wouldn't have done it anyway because it's not the thing to be mixing your career with your private life.'

by ICOreply 15612/09/2011

Miranda Hart

by ICOreply 15712/09/2011

[quote] "She beards constantly - or mirkins - whatever - but Kelly Brook is a Lesbian." No straight guy would ever believe it.


by ICOreply 15812/09/2011

Anything on Sally Hawkins? I can't decide if she's very very straight or very very gay.

by ICOreply 15903/21/2012


by ICOreply 16004/22/2012

I am gutted to hear that Miranda Richardson & Katy Melua are gay because I have been in love with both of them for years.

by ICOreply 16105/06/2012

Does anyone know if Claire Stuart is a lesbian? or is she straight? I heard a rumour that she is gay.

by ICOreply 16205/06/2012

Is Rachel Weisz a lesbian? I have a feeling Daniel Craig is just a beard for her.

by ICOreply 16305/06/2012

Katie Melua isn't a lesbian, she's dating/engaged to a guy now.

by ICOreply 16405/06/2012

Who is Miranda Richardson gf?

by ICOreply 16505/06/2012

So, are there any more (preferably attractive) British lesbians who haven't been mentioned?

by ICOreply 16605/06/2012

Kelly Brook? Very surprised to hear this.

Anyway, she appeared in a campy shark film during her time in the US, and there are some promo pics around of her beautiful breasts being motor-boated by one of her female costars—evidently catching Kelly off-guard.

Kelly's apparent uproarious laugh and her smile—not to mention her absolutely perfect body—make the picture well worth looking for.

She has a lot of charisma for still photography, which seems not to come through on TV or movie screens.

by ICOreply 16705/06/2012

Amanda Barrie

by ICOreply 16805/06/2012

Jessie J Valerie Singleton (if you're over 50)

by ICOreply 16907/02/2012

never mind celebrities

Which city is better for lesbians? NY or London?

by ICOreply 17007/02/2012

Fiona Shaw is Irish

by ICOreply 17107/02/2012

Honorary Brit Kylie Monogue, I have on good authority.

Selena Scot newsreader on Sky News

by ICOreply 17207/02/2012

Lucy is the best.

by ICOreply 17307/02/2012

Jessie J (singer/rapper)

by ICOreply 17407/02/2012

Hermione Norris and Simone Lahbib ping off the charts but both claim to be straight. Norris' husband looks like a bossy bottom FWIW.

by ICOreply 17507/02/2012

138- you and I ahve the same taste. But Jodhy May probably isn't although she could have some issues with men since she grew up with a single mom. Not that it means anything but I think I read somewhere she doesn't know her dad so could be she's very carefull with guys not wanting to "repeat the same thing". Nicola Walker also probably isn't but she pings a little bit so who really knows.

by ICOreply 17607/04/2012

Lol! I don't think Josie Lawrence is a lesbian. I think she's just single.

by ICOreply 17707/09/2012

I'm really suprised that Katie Melua is lesbian she is so gorgeous, anyone heard anything about Claire Stuart[Argos tv presenter] being gay.

by ICOreply 17809/06/2012

Any info on CNN newsreader Becky Anderson? Now there's a lady that pings.

by ICOreply 17909/06/2012

[quote]I'm really suprised that Katie Melua is lesbian she is so gorgeous, anyone heard anything about Claire Stuart[Argos tv presenter] being gay.

Katie Melua got married to a man last weekend.

by ICOreply 18009/06/2012

bump any one know if cat deeley likes the minge?

by ICOreply 18101/10/2013

R181 no, she's not a muncher, she's recently married to Patrick Kielty.

by ICOreply 18201/10/2013

So who is Miranda Richardson dating?

by ICOreply 18301/10/2013

Is Sue Perkins dating Anna Richardson?

Known to be good friends for years and Anna is (allegedly) straight.

So are they really in a relationship or are all the rumours just BS?

by ICOreply 18401/13/2013

Yes,does anybody have some info on Miranda Richardson?

by ICOreply 18501/17/2013

Elly Jackson of La Roux is not a lez.

by ICOreply 18601/17/2013

Last I heard about Saffron Burrows is that she was pregnant. Anyone know more about it? She isn't with Fiona Shaw anymore, is she?

by ICOreply 18701/17/2013

and what about Julia Bradbury? Recently came out saying the guy she's had a baby with she wasn't in a relationship with at the time and wouldn't have called him her bf. and apparently they live in a rented house so it's neither his nor hers, but the baby house and only moved in together because of baby. She also describes him as her partner. Never pictured together. Rumours for years she's a lesbian. Oh and never wants to get married. Hmmm. Closeted? There's no smoke without fire.

by ICOreply 18809/23/2013

The baby gets its own house? Good deal.

by ICOreply 18909/23/2013

Goldfrapp is gay?? Now I like her even more!

by ICOreply 19009/23/2013

Patricia Routledge is the Queen of All Lesbians.

by ICOreply 19109/23/2013

Katie Melua is married to a man.

by ICOreply 19210/17/2013

[qoute] Patricia Routledge is the Queen of All Lesbians

Care to elaborate? Is it just because she's so old?

by ICOreply 19310/17/2013

Out of 60+ million Brits on that island, I would have bet there were many more wimmen who indulged in motorcycle sex.

by ICOreply 19410/17/2013

Yes, Celia Imrie is gay. As is Victoria Wood. Simone Lahbib definitely is not.

Lena Headey is bi. Sue Perkins is not so much a lush as a head f**k.

by ICOreply 19510/17/2013

[quote]Lena Headey is bi.

She pings to high heaven. Has she been rumored to be with any famous actress?

by ICOreply 19610/17/2013

Patricia Routledge is not gay. Just because she stayed single doesn`t make her gay... more like she has common sense.

by ICOreply 19710/17/2013

Do they allow lesbians in the better postal codes?

by ICOreply 19810/17/2013

Patricia Routledge IS most definitely gay.

Lena Headey's not had any serious celeb hook-ups to my knowledge. But unless she's reigned it in since GOT's success, she's never exactly hidden her predilections - she's pretty open.

by ICOreply 19910/17/2013

Did anyone mention Joan Armatrading?

by ICOreply 20010/17/2013

Is there any gossip about Jacqueline Bisset? There was that one rumor about her and Candice Bergen when they costarred together but that might have been because Bergen is known to be gay.

I know Bisset likes young men but she has always pinged for me.

by ICOreply 20110/17/2013

Lena Headey - no way! Only in Imagine Me and You...but if she was, she'd be a hot lesbian!

Julia Bradbury - yes way! Never seen with a man, always praising the fantastic nanny, gives off the vibe.

Patricia Routledge - nah. Hyacinth Bucket wouldn't know what to make of it all!

by ICOreply 20210/18/2013

What about a British actor gay thread? Most of the British actors are married and have a ton of kids who is gay?

by ICOreply 20310/18/2013

Katie Melua is British? Oh. And gay? Oh.

by ICOreply 20410/18/2013

I had the biggest cursh on Gabrielle Anwar in the 90s. Gosh she was pretty.

by ICOreply 20510/18/2013

London is probably more affordable than NY, I have an ex who's lived there for years and she seems happy about it.

by ICOreply 20610/18/2013

Bergen is gay?? Always found her attractive, albeit a bit rigid. Saw Bisset at Locarno this summer, and she seems to be a genuine no-nonsense lady. Like her.

by ICOreply 20710/18/2013

Fiona Shaw seems very friendly. I'd like her.

by ICOreply 20810/18/2013

[quote]Fiona Shaw is Irish

True. Yet she lives in England and seems to identify with the Brits more.

Perhaps this thread should be more "UK+ lesbians."

Fiona Shaw strikes me as a the needy dramatic type in a relationship. I'll bet she's a bit much to handle.

by ICOreply 20910/18/2013

I know an Irish woman who is a tad "British" who is a bit similar. I could have worked with her but turned it down because she seems too much to handle. Pity, cause the job would probably have been fun.

by ICOreply 21010/18/2013

I still think Fioina is hot, mind you.

IDK about her age, she has the best legs I've seen on any woman.

by ICOreply 21110/18/2013

Dorian from Birds Of A Feather is gay?!

by ICOreply 21210/18/2013

This topic has already been posted and discussed.

by ICOreply 21310/18/2013

Bite me r213.

DL can handle 300 threads of men presenting their penises, they can handle more than on BritLez thread.

by ICOreply 21410/20/2013

[199] Lena Headey was in a relationship with actor Jason Flemyng for almost a decade, so that's probably the closest she's had to a "Hollywood" relationship.

Does anybody know if she's actually dated women though irl?

by ICOreply 21510/31/2013

someone said so in another thread, R215 - a "Lena Headey" thread, I think

by ICOreply 21610/31/2013

Yes. I know some of LH's hook-ups personally.

As I say, she never used to be shy about it. Quite the opposite.

by ICOreply 21710/31/2013

Katie Melua is not gay and never was. She is married to a man. She was reasonably talented and very pretty but as dull as dishwater. I think her PR people went over board to try and make her appear more 'interesting'.

Michelle Hardwick, actress in Emmerdale and prior to that The Royal. She came out earlier this year. Has a gf not in the industry. Hardwick is femme and bloody gorgeous.

by ICOreply 21811/01/2013

Thank you R218, I've enjoyed Katie Melua's singing voice but even from her songs I could sense that she might be very, very dull. Confirmed now.

by ICOreply 21911/01/2013

Nicola Adams, Olympic Gold Medal Boxing Champion from London 2012. The very first winner of a boxing gold medal for women. She has outed herself as bi but I actually think she is gay.

by ICOreply 22011/01/2013

r195- Spill on Sue Perkins! Please?

by ICOreply 22111/01/2013

[217] Please spill! Is she into butch chicks or femmes?

by ICOreply 22211/01/2013

I saw Celia Imrie on the Underground with a group of 19 yr olds (or thereabouts). I assumed one of them was her son.

by ICOreply 22311/01/2013

Celia Imrie does have a son. But I think she's a lesbian who wanted a child and found someone to get her pregnant and that was it.

by ICOreply 22411/01/2013

What about Julia Bradbury?

There's lots of rumours on a Zeta forum called The L Chat. She has her own thread.

Quite a few things on that thread and elsewhere in the forum.

by ICOreply 22511/03/2013

No way is the actor playing "Madam Bucket" a lesbian. She's just an old Victorian style spinster.

by ICOreply 22601/28/2014

Sharleen Spiteri?

by ICOreply 22701/28/2014

What about the younger crowd, like the under 30's?

There should be plenty of 20 something year old lesbians around, especially since ~gay acceptance~ is everywhere and everyone wants to seem more liberal.

by ICOreply 22801/28/2014

Model Cara Delevingne - according to an article in todays Daily Fail. Apparently dating american actress Michelle Rodriguez. No idea who she is .

by ICOreply 22901/28/2014

There was a young out lesbian on one of those UK Idol/X-Factor shows. I think her name was Alex Parks. I suppose she's about 30 now.

by ICOreply 23001/28/2014

any updated news on Jodhi May? She really pings me and she made the lesbian oriented movies "Tipping the Velvet" and "Sister My Sister" She had dropped out of sight a good while ago and is never seen or heard dating anyone. She gave an interview a few years ago where she claimed to have a boyfriend who was not in show business but would avoid answering any questions concerning her personal life. She is going on age 39. Very, very suspect.

by ICOreply 23101/28/2014

Katie Melua isn't just straight, but her husband is the ridiculously hot James Toseland, British motorcross champion and expert pianist.

Although now I've written that, as he's a good looking sportsman she's clearly just a beard.

by ICOreply 23201/28/2014

Katherine Jenkins

by ICOreply 23301/28/2014

Is at least one of you Brits going to comment on CNN's Anderson? Is she or isn't she?

by ICOreply 23401/28/2014

[quote]Model Cara Delevingne - according to an article in todays Daily Fail. Apparently dating american actress Michelle Rodriguez. No idea who she is .

Cara must be desperate to be dating a butch 14 years older than herself. It's not like Michelle is even rich, so I don't know what's in it for Cara.

by ICOreply 23501/28/2014

Yes, she is, r234, but Brits don't really know who she is because they don't watch CNN International.

She's apparently in a relationship with a woman called Jane who is a presenter for Al Jazeera. I discovered this on DL.

by ICOreply 23601/28/2014

Maybe she finds her attractive, r235.

by ICOreply 23701/28/2014

R237 There's nothing attractive about her, I'm afraid.

by ICOreply 23801/28/2014

Katie Melua is bisexual, but yes she is married to a very sexy man.

by ICOreply 23901/29/2014

Looks like Cara has a type. Michelle Rodriguez is quite similar to Cara's rumoured previous girlfriend Rita Ora. Michelle is not unattractive.

by ICOreply 24001/29/2014

Here's Becky Anderson's gf if we are to believe the rumours.

They're nearly twins.

by ICOreply 24101/29/2014

According to her twitter, Jane Dutton has twins, so I guess Becky's a mum.

by ICOreply 24201/29/2014

Could R195 please come back and tell us about Perkins?

by ICOreply 24301/29/2014

Jane thinks Becks is phenomenal.

jane dutton ‏@janedutton Aug 6 @afinighan @JamesWorldNews Adrian & I trying to upstage the phenomenal #Becky Anderson who is in our hood in Abu Dhabi stomping on our turf

R195 doesn't have anything to say about Sue Perkins.

by ICOreply 24401/29/2014

Who is Saffron Burrows seeing now?

by ICOreply 24505/02/2014

bump, and regarding Perkins, I seem to remember her once saying something to the effect that she has "straight days", which is as close to a lesbian "coming out" as bi as I've ever heard lol

I'm also reminded of the L Chat rumours (based on a Daily Mail article) that Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark on GoT) is with Hailee Steinfeld lol

by ICOreply 24611/24/2014

Pippi Middleton

by ICOreply 24711/24/2014

Isnt Pippa married to a man?

by ICOreply 24811/25/2014

Miriam Margolyes

by ICOreply 24911/25/2014

I would kill to see a Patricia Routledge lesbian sex tape.

by ICOreply 25011/25/2014

Patricia Routledge looks very dykey in this interview clip. I didn't realize she was still alive.

by ICOreply 25111/25/2014

Wasn't Routledge supposedly shagging the former speaker of the house Betty Boothroyd at one point?

And speaking of politicians, the only two out lesbians in the House of Commons are Angela Eagle and Margot James. There were rumours about the very dykey looking Chloe Smith until she rather conveniently married a man.

by ICOreply 25211/25/2014

[quote]Who is Saffron Burrows seeing now?

She just revealed she's been married to Alison Balian for 16 months. They've been together for nearly 7 years. That's keeping your private life private!

by ICOreply 25312/03/2014

So Fiona Shaw & Deborah Warner are together now? Or does anyone know who is Fiona with? Can't figure it out.

by ICOreply 25412/26/2014

Barbara Shelley? She's about 82 now, and still has never been in a public relationship with anyone ever...Some articles have stated she kept her boyfriends a secret. That makes no sense....

by ICOreply 25512/26/2014

R251 How does she look "very dykey"? She looks like an ordinary English OAP to me (with a posh voice)

by ICOreply 25612/26/2014

I wondered that too R256

by ICOreply 25712/26/2014

R257 I suppose you could argue her appearance is slightly butch but that happens to a lot of women when they get old.

by ICOreply 25812/26/2014


by ICOreply 25912/26/2014

Exactly R257. Compared to some people she's not butch at all.

One of the butchest British celebrities I can think of is actually straight, and that would be Rebecca Adlington, although she gets something of a pass on that because she's an athlete.

Having said that Kelly Holmes is a pretty butch athlete too, and she is "well known" to be gay.

by ICOreply 26012/26/2014

I reckon nearly all the female Chief Constables (and high-ranking Met officers like Cressida Dick) are lesbians. They look butch as hell.

by ICOreply 26112/26/2014

Most female cops are pretty butch. My uncles ex is a cop and she's pretty butch (straight as far as I know too). I do agree that Cressida Dick is quite possibly gay though (as well as having a ludicrous name)

by ICOreply 26212/26/2014

R262 I suppose they have to be, really. But it is possible for a woman to be somewhat tough and still feminine and straight-looking. Not every female cop I've ever seen has screamed lesbo to me. But all the woman police chiefs do.

by ICOreply 26312/26/2014

Any news on Vicky Beeching? Who is her gf?

by ICOreply 26412/26/2014

Though funnily enough, I don't think we've ever had a female army general (or Admiral or Air Marshal even) I do know a woman has never ever held a 4-star rank in the British military (queens don't count)

by ICOreply 26512/26/2014

Who cares about British dykes. The Brits are dreadful people anyway.....

by ICOreply 26612/26/2014

Coming from a charmer like you R266, that's almost a compliment.

by ICOreply 26712/26/2014

R264, I just checked out her lchat thread. They think some butch called Amanda Hite.

by ICOreply 26812/26/2014

Re-reading my own posts in this thread, I got reminded of the rumours about Laura Robson being a lesbian (her and the Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard were allegedly an item).

by ICOreply 26912/29/2014

Miranda Richardson/Sue Perkins gossip confirmed. Well done ladies...

by ICOreply 27001/06/2015

Oh dear, I meant Anna Richardson of course.

by ICOreply 27101/06/2015

Well, Miranda Richardson is widely rumoured to be gay as well, so it's an obvious mistake. Speaking of Perkins, I'm surprised that Ruby from that previous serious of GBBO has never come out.

by ICOreply 27201/06/2015

What's up with Sue Perkins and Anna Richardson? The rumors seem to confirm their on again off again relationship that's actually been going for 3 years. Has Sue finally tired of being used as a career stepping stone from a bi-curious straight woman.

Anyone have juicy gossip on the pathetic duo?

by ICOreply 27305/05/2015

Any gossip on Miranda richardson?

by ICOreply 27405/05/2015

Georgie Okell is out and boi-ish. She used to do a lot of tv presenting and festival hosting/coverage on Channel 4 (dunno what she does now). She raves a lot about carrot cake, kitsch and costume jewellery, Azaelia Banks and vinyl records in this.

Shame her old co-host Jameela Jamil doesn't seem interested in women as well, she could get it.

by ICOreply 27512/24/2015

What do Brit lesbians like in a girl? I feel like they have different tastes than American dykes.

by ICOreply 27612/24/2015

Half of these are bi, some even straight.

by ICOreply 27701/31/2017
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