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Are all Capricorns stingy, practical tightwads? Please tell me some redeeming features of Caps.

by Age of Aquariusreply 9104/02/2017

Hardworking, patient, respectful of boundaries, and sexually enthusiastic. Good husband material.

by Age of Aquariusreply 112/25/2010

Tenacious, organized, financialy savy and a good listener.

by Age of Aquariusreply 212/25/2010


by Age of Aquariusreply 312/25/2010

"Good husband material."


One day I'll make some girl very happy!

by Age of Aquariusreply 412/25/2010

Very loyal to those they choose as friends. Often have hidden, extremely quirky senses of humor. Great lovers Good, solid people you can count on. Just a bit grumpy

by Age of Aquariusreply 512/25/2010

Jesus was a Capricorn!

by Age of Aquariusreply 612/25/2010

Those of us who are Capricorns are somewhat perfectionist, loyal,diligent, hard working, and really good fucks! %0D %0D Fuck a Capricorn today, OP! It will do you good. %0D %0D

by Age of Aquariusreply 712/25/2010

We're old goats. Stay the fuck away.

by Age of Aquariusreply 812/25/2010

R1 and R2 are right, but they have forgotten the other half of the Capricorn equation: often%0D stubborn, humor-impaired and negative. They take themselves way too seriously. The glass is always half-empty, the sky is always going to fall. Prone to black depression.

by Age of Aquariusreply 912/25/2010

Most Caps I have known have a very dry sardonic sense of humor.

by Age of Aquariusreply 1012/25/2010


by Age of Aquariusreply 1102/02/2011

David Bowie is a Capricorn and though I don't really believe in Astrology stuff, all the descriptions so far sound like a fit for his personality. Of course, I don't know him personally, I'm just a fan. But he's reportedly a tightwad/money obsessed, has been in a stable marriage for nearly 2 decades, dry sardonic sense of humor, and is definitely an old goat.

Elvis is another famous Capricorn and I don't think he exhibited any of those qualities at all.

by Age of Aquariusreply 1202/03/2011

I agree with those who say Caps have wonderful senses of humor; in my experience they do, too. But all the ones I've known have, also, been materialistic, depressive alcoholics, too.

by Age of Aquariusreply 1302/03/2011


by Age of Aquariusreply 1402/03/2011

Stick with them and you'll have a friend for life. Over the first few months, however, they'll test every nerve. Capricorns are like Virgos on a bad day.

by Age of Aquariusreply 1502/03/2011

[quote]Capricorns are like Virgos on a bad day. Best line so far today!

by Age of Aquariusreply 1602/03/2011

Do you mean Capricorns you thought were Capricorns or the real Capricorns?

by Age of Aquariusreply 1702/03/2011

I used to be a Capricorn. Now it seems I am a Sag.

by Age of Aquariusreply 1802/03/2011

You can't really tell a Cap's personality w/o knowing the ascendant for starters.

I will say this though, we do have the best bone structure in the zodiac

by Age of Aquariusreply 1902/03/2011

Obsessed with prestige and the biggest hypocrites on the planet. %0D %0D

by Age of Aquariusreply 2002/03/2011

We get younger as we get older

by Age of Aquariusreply 2102/03/2011

My former best friend was a Capricorn. She used me and gave nothing in return. She was also overly concerned with cultivating shallow relationships that made her look and feel good rather than appreciating deeper friendships. But maybe it was just her since her mother was the same way.

by Age of Aquariusreply 2202/03/2011

I really like a Capricorn man, I'm an Aquarius woman. Any advice? R they all so distant n stubborn at times?

by Age of Aquariusreply 2301/17/2013

R23, he's gay.

by Age of Aquariusreply 2401/17/2013

Faye Dunaway is a Capricorn. And I share her birthday. The rest of you can go fuck yourselves.

by Age of Aquariusreply 2501/17/2013

Control freaks!

by Age of Aquariusreply 2601/17/2013

I want advice on Capricorn men. He baffles me, so far, he s stubborn, closed off, money oriented, very funny.

by Age of Aquariusreply 2701/17/2013

[R5] and [R15] are right. I am one and I like other Capricorns, but I don't bring up the horoscope stuff because a Capricorn takes himself very seriously and will think it's all crap ;)

by Age of Aquariusreply 2801/17/2013

I'm a Capricorn and wondering if any other Caps have a problem with holding grudges. I didn't talk to my father for years after I left home, because of his horrible parenting (if you've seen the movie "The Great Santini", imagine something like that with infidelity, a dash of domestic abuse and a lot of just being afraid of the next parental fight). In the last 5 years, our relationship has gotten a little better (I made the first move after my father had serious surgery).

Now I'm not speaking to my older sister because I hate the things she does. We had a disagreement and I've frozen her out since then. I don't understand how she can rationalize things she does are OK and I don't want to associate with people with that mindset. Some people are able to get past stuff like that, but I have a really hard time forgiving and forgetting.

Is that SOP for Capricorns?

by Age of Aquariusreply 2903/09/2014

Caps are very serious about their careers. Their career is Priority #1 - always.

by Age of Aquariusreply 3003/09/2014

Witty, smart, loyal and old goats

by Age of Aquariusreply 3103/09/2014

You guys do know that astrology is as accurate as reading tea leaves, don't you?

by Age of Aquariusreply 3203/09/2014

Capricorns are most compatable with Virgos and we are damn good in bed!

by Age of Aquariusreply 3303/09/2014

Capricorns comprised a full 1 half of all financial fraud convictions in 2011, and nearly a third of all domestic violence charges.

They are prone to diabetes and athletes foot.

The gnostics originally celebrated Christmas as a ceremony to ask God for no further Dec-Jan births. They are horrible babies.

Hitler was a Capricorn.

by Age of Aquariusreply 3403/09/2014

R29 I used to be like that, but as I've gotten older, it's subsided. I'm sure it's part maturity and part trait.

In genearl, when a you brak a Capricorn's trust, they are done with you. End of story. They just leave. The don't want to know why, or how sorry you are, or whatever. They can also be as vindictive as they came. "Hell have no fury like a CAPRICORN scorned."

On the other hand, while it may take them a while to get over something, once they are... There is no reason to ever mention it again. It's like it never happened.

by Age of Aquariusreply 3503/09/2014

I can only speak to the female Caps, as I'm a woman, but I can confirm that the best lover I ever had was a Capricorn. I was surprised at first, because she seemed uptight when we first met, but as I got to know her, I found her to be intelligent, funny, and intense, yet really sweet and affectionate.

Once we took it to the bedroom, Holy God! That woman was insatiable and amazingly orally gifted.

I still think of her as the one who got away.

by Age of Aquariusreply 3603/10/2014

I was supposed to be a cappy, but then I was born almost 6 weeks early so I ended up a Sag. It seems I was in such a hurry to get here. For what reason I don't know. I'm very cerebral and lazy. All my Cap friends have been very determined and accomplished, slowly climbing their respective mountains. I just lay about and occasionally prop myself up so as to shoot an arrow into the middle distance. It takes all kinds I guess.

by Age of Aquariusreply 3703/10/2014

I'm a Capricorn

by Age of Aquariusreply 3803/10/2014

I'm a Uranus. The stinky sign. Woe to the man who has a Vagina rising, however, as the stink will only amplify. My best quality is honesty, so trust me when I tell you that astrology is for stupid cunts. Thank you.

by Age of Aquariusreply 3903/10/2014

Young fogeys who turn into old goats.

by Age of Aquariusreply 4003/10/2014

I'm a greedy, money-grubbing Cap.

by Age of Aquariusreply 4103/10/2014

My spouse is a Capricorn (born on Christmas Day) and I'm a Sagittarius. Astrologically we're not supposed to be compatible but we've been loyally together for 27 years without having wandering eyes. Sex is still in our lives as well. He brings me down to earth and I get him to socialize and get out and party. Through him we've been able to be practical and try to have some money put away and through me I've been helping him spend it by planning some cool getaway trips. You can get along with anyone you CHOOSE to.

by Age of Aquariusreply 4203/10/2014

Jan. 9th here, anyone else?

by Age of Aquariusreply 4303/10/2014

Here's another vote for the les Caps being crazy hot in bed. My Capricorn ex-gf was quiet and reserved to those who didn't know her well, but in bed was the most sensual woman I've ever met. I never thought of it as a birth sign trait until I compared notes with fellow lesbian friends and learned that the consensus was: "Capricorn Lesbians will put it on you like no other!"

Now if I could only find another one who strikes my fancy.

by Age of Aquariusreply 4403/11/2014


The most common pairings are of people who are one Sun-sign away from each other.

Generally it is the "incompatable" relationships that survive. You build a strong relationship by negotiating that incompatibility. The "compatable" relationships have less to work with and a lot less to build a long-term relationship on.

Most pop astrologers do not get this.

by Age of Aquariusreply 4503/12/2014

bump for Cappy love

by Age of Aquariusreply 4604/07/2014

I'm a Cap and used to have a Sag partner. At first we were very compatible but as time went on, it just didn't work.

However, it is true that we Caps are damn good in bed.

I was born just after New Years and my payback to my parents for their lack of family planning was to rob them of the tax break for a year. Doesn't make up for a lifetime of shitty birthdays, though.

by Age of Aquariusreply 4704/07/2014

I have two close Capricorn friends who I adore. Just all around great people. I detest most Capricorns though. The women are usually harpies.

by Age of Aquariusreply 4804/07/2014

My best partner was a Pisces.

by Age of Aquariusreply 4904/07/2014

I think the negative Capricorn traits are held by those born at the end of December/beginning of January. A childhood of shitty birthdays will do tha to you.

by Age of Aquariusreply 5004/07/2014

Not for only children with thoughtful relatives, R50.

by Age of Aquariusreply 5104/07/2014

They are teachers and appreciate the pursuit of knowledge and the finer things in life. Usually unaware or denying of their dark side.And often defensive, but smart and helpful.Salt of the earth,yet afraid of feelings.

by Age of Aquariusreply 5204/07/2014

My father is a Capricorn. Taciturn, mean, belligerent, humorless, selfish, diligent, hard-working. I know several Cap males who are carbon copies. I don't coalesce at all with Caps, just pass them by.

by Age of Aquariusreply 5304/07/2014

My brother is a capricorn and he's a disgusting slob. Never flushes the toilet, spits on my furniture (just cause he needs to spit and is too lazy to clean it up before i see it), keeps his pee in bottles because he's too lazy to walk to the toilet in the middle of the night. He is also a huge asshole and has a terrible temper. He's an all around asshole and I can't stand him. He's also extremely unorganized and not hard working.... Any explanation?

by Age of Aquariusreply 5404/07/2014

How old are you r54? How old is your brother ?

by Age of Aquariusreply 5504/07/2014

They should be scarified to Saturn at birth.

by Age of Aquariusreply 5604/11/2014

R54, no one runs absolutely true to a sun sign description. Some things will apply, some won't. There are planets, signs, houses, angles, aspects and other factors to consider in any chart.

Perhaps the easiest explanation for your brothers non-Cap behavior is that the law of duality applies in astrology just as it applies in everything else. Within every recognized Capricorn trait is its opposite and life can bring out one side or the other.

by Age of Aquariusreply 5704/11/2014

Question for all you Cappy lovers: How does one proceed in getting a Cap to open up?

I've been casually seeing this woman for a couple of months on a friendly basis, but would like to take things to another level. I think she's into me, but she has never made a move to make things physical. We talk daily, usually multiple times, and when we get together, she always seems pleased to see me and regularly compliments me.

Is this typical Cap behavior? I'm 99% sure she is not seeing anyone else.

by Age of Aquariusreply 5804/13/2014

Hitler was born in April, r34, he was on the cusp of Aries and Taurus.

by Age of Aquariusreply 5904/15/2014

Controlling, capricious, dry humor, power hungry, arrogant, loyal, serious, secretive, hardworking. In small doses I can deal with them, but too much of them and I have to resist the urge to punch them in the face. I'm sure they feel the same way about me a Gemini. I feel that way about my own sign too!

by Age of Aquariusreply 6004/15/2014

As a Cap I get the controlling part. It is what I strive most to change. That and grudges that I am too cowardly to declare. It's true what they say about us. We just have enough and cut you off. Gone,finished, liquidated.

by Age of Aquariusreply 6104/15/2014

Cappy here---Sag moon, Cancer rising.

Yes, we CAN be control freaks at times, but it's mostly about our money. I'm what my grandma would call "thrifty" or "frugal". I get kidded about my tightwad ways, but when friends / family need a loan, who do they turn to? I buy quality goods that last a long time. For example, I have a London Fog Trench coat I bought over twenty years ago and still wear. My vacuum cleaner is an old Rainbow--that I bought used at an estate sale-- that works better after 30+ years then most of the crappy ones made today.

Most Cappys--as well as Taurus and Virgo, the other earth signs--tend to have a very dry, sardonic sense of humor, often bordering on the morbid. Gallows humor is our forte.

We are extremely faithful and loyal. Cappys are your friends for life, unless you cross us. But, we WILL get revenge. It may take decades, but paybacks are a bitch.

If I love you, I will spoil you and you will be treated like a king. Yes, I work hard, but if you are my loved one, you will be reaping the benefits--nice vacations, fine food,etc. All I ask is that you be faithful to me and love me as I am.

by Age of Aquariusreply 6204/15/2014

lol same r60. I'm Gemini Mercury & Venus.

by Age of Aquariusreply 6304/15/2014

I'm a Cap and both my rising sign and my moon is in Leo. Or so I've been told, not really sure what it means. Anyone know?

by Age of Aquariusreply 6404/15/2014

R42, it's quite likely you and your partner have complementary personal planets. Mercury, Venus and Mars are all closer to the earth than say, Neptune so in the natal chart they are usually 1-2 signs removed from the sun sign. In other words, your partner may be a Cap but may have Mercury (communication) in Saggitarius or Venus (love, pleasure) in that too, or you may have some personal Capricorn planets.

by Age of Aquariusreply 6504/15/2014

I'm a cap and I WILL cut a bitch

by Age of Aquariusreply 6604/15/2014

R66 I got your back *shines brass knuckles*

by Age of Aquariusreply 6704/15/2014

I am a Saggie married to a Cap. Yes, they will spoil you financially. Will buy you anything. I do like his gallows humour.

But , the grumpiness wears thin. and not wanting to have fun at all. not that sexual. not affectionate.

they do provide security. and are loyal. not demanding. But - as far as a fun companion- look elsewhere.

So Caps are a mixed bag.

by Age of Aquariusreply 6804/15/2014

Lol- now that I am reading the thread- several Saggies have paired w/Caps.

And yes, he is moody , career focused. prone to angered outbursts. not surprised that a third of domestic violence offenders are Caps!

And he is secretive w/money

Frankly I am getting tired of him. We just don't mesh

by Age of Aquariusreply 6904/15/2014

r69 we're frequently driven to violence by perky, ultra social Sags who insist on entertaining into the early hours and wasting money on frivolous things like hors d'oeuvres and French wines when squeeze cheese, ritz crackers and wine in a box would do, preferably at someone else's house so as not to disturb me when I go over my ledgers every night.

(This is a sarcastic passive-agressive poke at my Sag ex, who would get drunk and pass out on my side of the bed. Fucker.)

by Age of Aquariusreply 7004/15/2014

Yes, I am a Saggie. And I know I am a flighty pain in the ass. SO I can see where we trigger our Cappies to get grumpy.

We are not good w/money. We are are here, there, and everywhere. We are flirty. I have a husband and a boyfriend. I dont think things through.

by Age of Aquariusreply 7104/15/2014

Sags and Caps are damn near opposites in temperament and behavior. I'm surprised to see so many Sag/Cap pairings here.

I'm an Aries with Libra moon and Virgo rising. I generally like Caps but sometimes I feel like they come on too strongly. And the ones I've met are surprisingly nosy. But in general I like that they work hard and are goal-oriented and have a great sense of humor.

by Age of Aquariusreply 7204/15/2014

I'm a Capriquarius (1/19). An astrologer I had met at an event told me straight off the bat that I have a conventional background and a straight-laced exterior but I am drawn to the weirdos. I was astonished since I'm in a profession that commands a lot of respect and requires the appearance of respectability, yet my social circle is almost entirely filled with people on the fringe of the society.

by Age of Aquariusreply 7304/15/2014

I just don't like them overall. I find they're killjoys and just plain nasty at times. They can treat you like shit but demand you are always attentive. I lost one Capricorn work friend because I was going through a very difficult time and when he asked me what was wrong I said it was a personal painful thing. He had over shared about relationship issues in the past but that's his problem not mine. After that he completely cut me out and would just glare when ever he saw me.

by Age of Aquariusreply 7404/15/2014

[quote]I was going through a very difficult time and when he asked me what was wrong I said it was a personal painful thing.


Sorry, I couldn't resist. But he, the Cap, over-shared his relationship issues? He must have trusted you deeply enough that he'd share something that private and he felt betrayed that you wouldn't do the same. That cuts pretty deep to a Cap.

by Age of Aquariusreply 7504/15/2014

I'm a Cappy who can't hold a grudge. I have Atticus Finch syndrome. I'm also very easy going and never cheap. I am career obsessed and a good lover if I want to fuck you. I can't fake that.

I will always stay away from Leos, friend or sexual. I'm attracted to them like mad, but, for whatever reason, they always break my heart, or I theirs.

by Age of Aquariusreply 7604/15/2014

Something positive? Well, they aren't Scorpios.

by Age of Aquariusreply 7704/15/2014

Cr a z y CAPS knew 2 born on the 22nd narcissistic. Demanding despicable

by Age of Aquariusreply 7804/16/2014

Cancers are my kryptonite, R76. I've fallen for three in my life, and it has always ended badly for me. Trying to get over one right now who has four planets in Cancer. Those planets sit in my eighth house and I feel exposed. I'm turned on but also self protective. I was aroused for three days straight after our first meeting.

I also avoid Scorpio and Pisces for similar reasons. My chart is mostly fire-air and anytime I get involved with heavy water types, things go haywire in my life. They make me too emotional. I share too much. I want to merge with them. It's hard to keep my cool.

I'm looking for a steady Taurus now because I've read they're supposed to be good for me. I'm in my 30s and have somehow managed to avoid ever dating one. I think I need a earthy-air type (responsible/intelligent). A guy with lots of Taurus/Libra/Aquarius sounds about right.

by Age of Aquariusreply 7904/16/2014

R34 Hitler was an Aries / Taurus.

by Age of Aquariusreply 8007/04/2014

Love them in bed. Hate them at parties. lol.

I hear you, r79. The 8th house represents sex, death and other people's money. When someone has a planet there or on your descendant, you are compelled to merge with them. It can drive you mad.

I'm going thru the same thing. Capricorn dude with his Venus in my 8th and I'm going stark-raving MAD trying to have him again. It's completely irrational and I know it so I'm trying to fight it.

by Age of Aquariusreply 8107/04/2014

Loyal. Stubborn. Self-motivated. Private. Careful with money but not a tightwad. Stable, serious, shy. I married one, and he's a keeper.

by Age of Aquariusreply 8207/04/2014

In my life I find Capricorns are a lot like con artists they suck up to or in some cases fuck their bosses and walk around acting like they work harder then everyone. Meanwhile they take constant breaks are often downright lazy and rat out co workers. Lovely people.

by Age of Aquariusreply 8307/04/2014

Oh, and if you admit to them that you LIKE Capricorns, they are very pleased but they won't show it. They will, however, get that "aw, shucks" look and a slight blush out of them.

Everyone thinks they're so coldly ambitious and they can be but they can also be surprisingly sweet.

by Age of Aquariusreply 8407/04/2014

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Age of Aquariusreply 8507/04/2014

[all posts by racist flame-bait shit-stain removed.]

by Age of Aquariusreply 8607/04/2014

Whatever you do, NEVER date a Cancer! Talk about a sign that's an emotional basket case. They will sulk over everything and have no sense of humor. Also, they expect you to be a mind reader because they are passive aggressive and won't show their true feelings.

by Age of Aquariusreply 8707/04/2014

Jan 9th here along with Richard Nixon and Gypsy Rose Lee, I got her traits, not his.

by Age of Aquariusreply 8807/05/2014

Tough exterior, demure and quiet--but will do anything sexually for love.Anything. Passionate. And very practical too. Generous. Excellent mates.

by Age of Aquariusreply 8907/05/2014

The sex is actually very hot.

by Age of Aquariusreply 9004/02/2017

The men at least

by Age of Aquariusreply 9104/02/2017
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