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Imogen Heap here.

Any questions?

by Imogen Heapreply 711/14/2012

Where did your career go?

by Imogen Heapreply 112/23/2010

Yeah, thanks for the accompaniment on my spinout yesterday.

by Imogen Heapreply 212/23/2010


Just listening to HIDE & SEEK. And loving it.

by Imogen Heapreply 311/14/2012

WHET Frou Frou? I listened to that CD constantly when it came out?

by Imogen Heapreply 411/14/2012

Um, you're a thing, right?

by Imogen Heapreply 511/14/2012

Emmy Rossum stole your music career? Did that make you want to die?

by Imogen Heapreply 611/14/2012

What's it like being named "Imogen Heap"?

by Imogen Heapreply 711/14/2012
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