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Athina Onassis

She always looks so sad in photos... What's her problem?

by HootieHooreply 2912/20/2010

Her face?

by HootieHooreply 112/20/2010

She's bored to death.

by HootieHooreply 212/20/2010

She looks angry to me. Wasn't her mother really fucked up?

by HootieHooreply 312/20/2010

I would say it's no longer a problem, OP.

by HootieHooreply 412/20/2010

She looks old for her age.

by HootieHooreply 512/20/2010

Looks like Matt Damon's tragically tragic sister.

by HootieHooreply 612/20/2010

she's not dead r4

by HootieHooreply 712/20/2010


She is 25 and alive.

by HootieHooreply 812/20/2010

Her father is supposed to be a realy slimy piece of work. And IIRC, she's basically been the family meal ticket since birth.

by HootieHooreply 912/20/2010

ooops, confused Christina (dead) with Athina.%0D %0D My bad.

by HootieHooreply 1012/20/2010

No R4, she's not dead

by HootieHooreply 1112/20/2010

she just looks dead

by HootieHooreply 1212/20/2010

She is quite a horsewoman and married someone she was dating since the age of 17 who shares that interest. %0D %0D I kinda feel for her because her family legacy might be wealthy as all get out but it is also tragic as hell. %0D %0D Poor dear. %0D %0D %0D %0D %0D %0D

by HootieHooreply 1312/20/2010

She has her mother's dark circles under her eyes. Plus, she is Greek, with a classic Greek-tragedy family history.

by HootieHooreply 1412/20/2010

How much is she worth?

At what point does such mass wealth become boredom? You've been everywhere, done everything, have access to the best of the best. Seems like you really don't have anything to work towards because it's all at your fingertips.

by HootieHooreply 1512/20/2010

Her surname is Roussel, not Onassis.

by HootieHooreply 1612/20/2010

She's depressed because she misses the company of her extraordinary step-grandmother -- Jackie Onassis.

by HootieHooreply 1712/20/2010

She's estimated to be worth anywhere between 800 million and 3 billion. Apparently her dad sold off assets of hers when she was a child that may have impacted her net worth.

Still - she be RICH!

by HootieHooreply 1812/20/2010

She's ugly and everyone's out for her money, not her.

by HootieHooreply 1912/20/2010

According to my greek aunt her grandfather killed her grandmother because she was going to or had left him. I can't remember which. He found out she was seeing someone else as flew into a rage, even though he had been seeing Maria Callas for years. This is gossip of course, although the affair with Callas is well known.%0D %0D Apparantly this affected her mother, Athena, and she had problems with drugs and her weight fluctuated from one extreme to the other. Athena died when Christina was a child. %0D %0D How sad, two generations of women that grew up without their mother.

by HootieHooreply 2012/20/2010

You got the names mixed up. Christina was Athina's mother.

by HootieHooreply 2112/20/2010

I don't think she's ugly.

by HootieHooreply 2212/20/2010

"She's depressed because she misses the company of her extraordinary step-grandmother -- Jackie Onassis."%0D %0D I guess that's a feeble attempt at a joke, because Athina Onassis Roussel was never even seen by her greedy, materialistic step-grandma Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Christina hated Jackie with a passion; no way would she have let Jackie get anywhere near Athina. %0D %0D Although obscenely wealthy from the time of her birth, Athina has not had a particularly charmed life. She was still an infant when her mother died. Her father is a slimeball; he married her mother for her money and during their marriage had a Swedish mistress with whom he had children while still married to Christina. %0D %0D Her marriage will probably end in divorce eventually. The older man she married was quite the playboy; not exactly great husband material. %0D %0D At least she has an interest she is serious about: horses. It provides a focus in her life; her mother never had that. All her mother ever did was lead the aimless, meaningless life of someone who has never had to work a day in her life.%0D %0D If Athina Onassis Roussel de Miranda doesn't look happy in a lot of her photos it's probably because she doesn't like being photographed. And she probably has a lot of crosses to bear, despite her incredible wealth.

by HootieHooreply 2312/20/2010

[quote]She is quite a horsewoman and married someone she was dating since the age of 17 who shares that interest. %0D %0D They share an interest in her fortune according to the wife he divorced to marry Athina:%0D %0D "She can buy him horses and I can't .... He exchanged me for Athina's money"

by HootieHooreply 2412/20/2010

[quote]According to my greek aunt her grandfather killed her grandmother because she was going to or had left him. %0D %0D Are you saying Aristotle Onassis had his ex-wife Tina killed? She'd had two husbands since him! He should have been over it. Besides, her death came the year after her only son died in a plane crash; maybe she really did OD.

by HootieHooreply 2512/20/2010

[quote]According to my greek aunt her grandfather killed her grandmother because she was going to or had left him.

No, her STEP-grandfather killed her grandmother.

Her grandmother (her mother Christina's mother) was Athina (Tina) Livornos (her namesake), the daughter of one of Greece's greatest shipping tycoons. Tina's first husband was the richest of all the tycoons, Aristotle Onassis, by whom she had two children, Alexander and Christina (who was Athina Onassis Roussel's mother). She divorced Onassis, and married the Marquess of Blandford (who is the current Duke of Marlborough). Then after ten years she divorced Blandford and married as her third husband Stavros Niarchos, Aristotle Onassis's arch rival and the widower of Tina Livanos's sister Eugenia.

Niarchos had a terrible temper, and it is suggested he killed both of the Livanos sisters. They both died under very mysterious circumstances of drug overdoes, as did Christina Onassis herself (though Niarchos almost certainly had no hand in Christina's death). He was officially exonerated in an inquiry into the death of Eugenia, but questions linger, and the death of Tina Livanos was never brought up before official inquiry.

Niarchos, "the Golden Greek," had affairs with or married the most beautiful and wealthiest women of his day. he also married Charlotte Ford, and had affairs with Princess Firyal of Jordan and Princess Marie Gabriella of Savoy.

by HootieHooreply 2612/20/2010

Onassis didn't have Tina killed. Christina Onassis' aunt was Eugenie Niarchos. Her husband was Stavros Niarchos. Eugenie died of an overdose, but there were bruises on her body. There was an investigation into her death and Stavros Niarchos was cleared. About a year or so after Eugenie Niarchos died, her sister, Tina Onassis (Christina's mother), married Stavros Niarchos. Tina died in 1974 of an overdose as well.%0D %0D Christina didn't like Stavros Niarchos because of the suspicions around Eugenie's death. He also apparently either slept with Christina Onassis or made a pass at her.

by HootieHooreply 2712/20/2010

R25, the rumor had nothing to do with Aristotle Onassis:%0D %0D Christina Onassis was the daughter of Aristotle Onassis and Athina "Tina" Livanos (daughter of a Greek shipping magnate). Christina named her daughter Athina in honor of her deceased mother who used the name "Tina". After divorcing Onassis, Tina had 2 more husbands. At the time of her death, Tina was married to Stavros Niarchos another Greek shipping magnate who was also Tina's sister's widower (hmmmmm). Tina's death was attributed to a drug overdose but Stavros Niarchos is long-rumored to have killed her. Aristotle Onassis had nothing to do with Tina's death. Stavros Niarchos would have been Athina Onassis Roussel's step-grandfather.

by HootieHooreply 2812/20/2010

Well, I wouldn't have alot of the details because this conversation came up when my aunt and I caught a bit of the film Italian film "Callas and Onassis". I'm not sure the actual film had all the relationships squared properly either.

by HootieHooreply 2912/20/2010
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