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Robert Gant is shilling for Zicam.

Is this what it's come to? He looks bloated too.

by Hal S.reply 5310/19/2013

Well really, it's not like he can act.

by Hal S.reply 112/19/2010

is he gay in real life?

by Hal S.reply 212/19/2010

You're an idiot, R2. Go shove a crucifix up your cunt.

by Hal S.reply 312/19/2010

Great body, great face; can't act.

Infamous for his arrogance and attitude, though one of his friends always writes in to defend him on this site.

by Hal S.reply 412/19/2010

The one time I met him, he was rather rude.

by Hal S.reply 512/20/2010

That's disappointing R4 & R5. I love his look, think he's gorgeous. Although I don't think I've seen him in anything other than a few episodes of "Popular."

But I'm not capable of properly lusting after a man if I think he's an asshole. My heart's just not in it.

by Hal S.reply 612/20/2010

He was in some car commercial too where he didn't even have any lines.

Could be worse Montel Williams is advertising one of those pay day loans thing.

by Hal S.reply 712/20/2010

Wasn't he supposed to have a law degree or something like that? Maybe he simply realized that he's not good enough to have a genuine acting career and returned to his day job.

by Hal S.reply 812/20/2010

He was funny on Hot In Cleveland...and looked pretty good

by Hal S.reply 912/20/2010

I just saw him in a commercial for Olive Garden. He played the guy in a F/F/M group of coworkers who decided to have lunch at the local Olive Garden.

by Hal S.reply 1005/16/2011

She is old and no longer beautiful and therefore tragic.%0D %0D Next.

by Hal S.reply 1105/18/2011

His only reason for being famous was his body. His first big break was appearing on "Friends" with his shirt off. I don't know why he thought he could get away with not working out.

by Hal S.reply 1205/18/2011

I think it's actually Mike, one of the bartenders at Splash.

by Hal S.reply 1305/18/2011

Is he in a current car commercial too? It features accountant-type guys standing in a dirt field with cars circling around them, dust flying in their faces. There are 3 guys--one of them appears to be Gant. Anyone seen this ad? Is that him?

by Hal S.reply 1405/18/2011

He won't be shilling much longer, methinks. He's got himself a sugar daddy - one Bob Greenblatt who is now in charge of NBC.

Gant is a bit of a tool, really. He has a really high opinion of himself and not much of a sense of humour.

by Hal S.reply 1505/18/2011

It's a pretty thankless job to be an openly gay actor with leading man looks...%0D %0D

by Hal S.reply 1605/18/2011

hmmm...a lot of negative commentary. I can't say as I've ever had a conversation with him. We go to the same gym and exchange hellos and he seems friendly enough. I do see him talking to some people. I've never gotten an asshole vibe from him though.

by Hal S.reply 1705/18/2011

He's shilling for the Olive Garden now! Did he turn straight all of a sudden?

by Hal S.reply 1806/24/2011

I'm wish he got another series. Still has his leading man looks. If Neil Patrick Harris can play straight and be accepted,why not Robert?

by Hal S.reply 1906/25/2011

Have met him several times. Always rather abrupt.

Work as a reporter occasionally. One time I was doing red carpet arrivals for a film. He refused to be interviewed. Only interested in having his photo taken.

After he'd posed for his photos, the group of photographers I was standing beside asked, "Who was that?" I said Robert Gant. They had no idea who he was. Tried to explain he was on Queer as Folk. That still didn't mean anything to them.

by Hal S.reply 2006/25/2011

Actors (or those who call themselves such) need to eat, too. Rachel Bilson hawking ice cream, and I'm almost certain I saw Josh Duhamel in a commercial promoting some online identity protection service.

by Hal S.reply 2106/25/2011

So? Happens to everyone.

by Hal S.reply 2207/07/2011

I've just read this whole thread (because it is rather short), and everyone (well almost)here feels sorry for Robert because apparently, he has great looks.

Robert has leading man looks but he does not have leading man talent, and as a result,he has no leading man job.

Are we surprised?

And, as well, the man is weak, and has low self-esteem (I mean look at the way he gazes at people, it's sorta weak and fluttery, I feel as if you can tell alot about a person from the way he/she looks at you)but I can tell why; the only thing he has going for him is his looks, now they are fast fading.

As well, maybe that's why he's so snobbish, because it's as they say, a superiority complex is actually a mask for an underlying inferiority complex.

by Hal S.reply 2307/07/2011

"Shilling" would seem to imply he's using his Robert Gant-ness to push a product. He's an actor appearing in a commercial. That's something you're not going to see until the next time you watch a commercial.

by Hal S.reply 2407/07/2011

Is he still dating Chad Allen (or am I thinking of someone else)?

by Hal S.reply 2507/07/2011

I like this commercial of his.

by Hal S.reply 2607/07/2011

Ran into him on Anal Bleaching Tuesday down at the spa. Seemed like quite the irritated asshole.

by Hal S.reply 2707/07/2011

She's old. And getting fat.


by Hal S.reply 2807/07/2011

Don't forget, R23, he's also entirely lipless.

by Hal S.reply 2907/07/2011

Known him socially for years, and R15 is correct.

His real name is Robert Gonzales - his friends call him Bobby.

He was stunning at one time; his looks over the last 7-8 years though, have hit a wall. I suspect alcohol is the culprit.

by Hal S.reply 3007/07/2011

Please - at least he's still getting facetime on TV.

Whatever happened to us? Have you seen us on TV in ANYTHING since QAF left the air?

by Hal S.reply 3107/07/2011

His boyfriend is the head of programming for NBC.

by Hal S.reply 3207/08/2011

Is this how he got the QAF gig in the first place?

by Hal S.reply 3307/08/2011

Bob Greenblatt is one of Hollywood's tallest Jews!%0D %0D Nice catch, Robert!%0D %0D Hope you save up enough money for when Bob dumps you for Colton Haynes!

by Hal S.reply 3407/08/2011

RG sighting! I saw him in the West Village and -- brace yourselves, DL -- he was wearing flip-flops. But, contrary to those clucking that he's losing his looks, I have to say he looks great.

by Hal S.reply 3507/17/2011

He used to hit me up on connexions and then we used to talk on the phone.

The conversations were all about him, his production company, etc.

I could have put down the phone, gone for a run, taken a shower and then picked it back up and he wouldn't have known that I left

I became bored with it and stopped answering his calls

by Hal S.reply 3607/17/2011

Zicam was challenged by the FDA because users suffered a loss of sense of smell.

by Hal S.reply 3707/17/2011

A friend of mine met him on a gay cruise to England and said he was very friendly. And who gives a fuck if he can act with a bod like that? He's crazy hot!

by Hal S.reply 3807/17/2011

Yes, but has anyone fucked him?

And can they give us details, please.

by Hal S.reply 3907/17/2011

He had a very small part this week on Fran Drescher's sitcom as a guy who tries to pick up the gay ex-husband, only the gay ex doesn't realize it's a pickup until it's too late, and Gant goes off with someone else.

The "name" guest stars on this ep were Lou Diamond Philips and Renee Taylor (from "The Nanny") - Gant got billing only in the end credits, and had only about 5 lines total.

Sad, really. You'd think his bf could get him better parts than a walk-on on a basic cable sitcom.

by Hal S.reply 4008/06/2011

Wow...lots o' hate going here! I don't know Mr. Gant, and maybe everything posted here is true, but it's most of the posters who come off as bitter and cynical, in spite of Mr. Gant's alleged reputation.

by Hal S.reply 4101/15/2012

R41...Snookums, what part of "bitchy gay gossip site" did you not understand? Idiot.

Gant is certainly selling himself short with his current beau. This is where he ejaculates (prepare yourself, it aint pretty!)

by Hal S.reply 4201/15/2012

Robert Gant has done alot of national commercials since QAF wrapped. At least he is making a living.

by Hal S.reply 4301/15/2012

Gonzales? As in Speedy? He doesn't look Mexican!

by Hal S.reply 4401/15/2012

I was doing some writing for a small gay newspaper once and was invited to a Showtime party for a QAF season launch party. I forget the season, but he'd been on for a few years at this oint.

I'm used to actors at press parties knowing they're going to be approached, especially actors who've been around the block a little bit.

I asked him if it was okay if I asked him a few questions. At first he was a smidge hesitatant. I half-joked: "I'm here to promote the show, which I actually like. Trust me, your grandmother will love this story."

He chuckled, then answered my quesitons (which were all about the show and Ben, not his private life) on tape and then I was on my way.

He was perfectly fine and I appreciated his time.

by Hal S.reply 4501/15/2012

With that bod, I'll forgive him for being a cunt.

by Hal S.reply 4601/15/2012

Gant's delectible ass in that scene from QAF when Michael discovered Ben's HIV meds and chickened out on sleeping with him.

by Hal S.reply 4701/15/2012

That ass

by Hal S.reply 4801/15/2012

horrid pics, better ones please.

by Hal S.reply 4901/15/2012

Here's a gif of the scene

by Hal S.reply 5001/15/2012


by Hal S.reply 5101/15/2012

He is actually a nice guy. I had a few talks with him and he is genuine and down to earth. People who hide behind the net can write anything bad and there is no consequence. He goes to the same gym, I think he is genuine and talented in comedy. And I have a sense that people that talk badly might be the ones that asked him out here and there and he said no. Hurt ego's can become bitter. Not sure, but seems like it.

by Hal S.reply 5204/29/2012

I thought he did well and was funny this week on Sean Saves The World. I think he looks better now that he's not as muscular.

by Hal S.reply 5310/19/2013
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