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Aaron Eckhart

I find him very handsome. Seriously handsome.

by had to sharereply 6003/22/2013

Who's his bf?

by had to sharereply 112/18/2010

You're so original, OP.

by had to sharereply 212/18/2010

He's good looking, but in a very bland sort of way. He seems to be the go-to guy when casting directors are looking for someone to play the love interest of an actress over 35/under 45 (Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts...)

by had to sharereply 312/18/2010

Yeah, I agree OP. I don't usually go for the classic model/ square jaw type, but he's the exception. What's his story? Never here anything about his personal life.

by had to sharereply 412/18/2010


by had to sharereply 512/18/2010

We share a birthday. Do you think if I met him and told him that, he would let me blow him?

by had to sharereply 612/18/2010

Do we know if he has pink puffy nipples? I'm guessing they're at least pink, on account of his light features.

by had to sharereply 712/18/2010

Pink: check

Puffy: check

by had to sharereply 812/18/2010

Uh oh, appears to be Mormon ....

by had to sharereply 912/18/2010

Dating Molly Sims

by had to sharereply 1012/18/2010

So nice, R8. Thanks.

by had to sharereply 1112/18/2010

No longer with Molly. Too bad, they seem like they would make a nice couple. She's fucking gorgeous.

by had to sharereply 1212/18/2010

42, never married. Broke up with last girlfriend 12 years ago? Ping?

Hotter than hell.

Just after seeing this topic when to Netflix, and low and behold his "Conversations with Other Women" came up as a recommendation. He is so attractive in that that it hurts.

by had to sharereply 1312/18/2010

butt chin.

by had to sharereply 1412/18/2010

Love him....

by had to sharereply 1512/18/2010

He gets the roles that require more hair than Josh Lucas has.

by had to sharereply 1612/18/2010

If they ever make a movie about Neanderthals, the casting agents will know exactly who to call.

by had to sharereply 1712/18/2010

If that's what you think a neanderthal looks like, then he can drag me by the hair to his cave anytime.

by had to sharereply 1812/18/2010

hot, and rumored to be the gay.

by had to sharereply 1912/18/2010

Elaborate r19.

by had to sharereply 2012/18/2010

There was an old gossip thread here (lost in the latest purge) that said he was a misogynist with anger management issues.

No mention of gay, although he'd certainly fit in here.

by had to sharereply 2112/18/2010

I could see that about him, R21... He is a Mormon, and many of them do have issues with women.

by had to sharereply 2212/19/2010

I would still like to explore his taint though. All that musky goodness. He looks like he would be very verbal in the sack also.

Mama likeys that. Mama likeys that ALOT!!

by had to sharereply 2312/19/2010

I've been hearing what r21 says for years, since his starring role in In the Company of Men.

by had to sharereply 2412/19/2010

There have been interviews where he's indicated he still considers himself Mormon, and others where he pooh-poohs some Mormon teachings.

It was a small part, but I still remember him from the last season of Frasier where he played Laura Linney's spacey environmentalist boyfriend and Frasier's rival...he showed some flair for light comedy that i haven't seen in any of his movies.

by had to sharereply 2512/19/2010

He doesn't take his clothes off enough.

by had to sharereply 2612/19/2010

As handsome as he is, I have to admit that his very unusual eyes make him look like a CGI creation. I think that's why he worked so well for Two-Face in the last Batman.

by had to sharereply 2712/19/2010

I don't particularly like cleft chins so he does nothing for me.

by had to sharereply 2812/19/2010

Package seems promising.

by had to sharereply 2912/19/2010

He looks like an old-time movie star. Few of today's stars look like they'd fit into a '40s movie; he's one of them (while i'm not a fan, clooney is another).

by had to sharereply 3012/19/2010

I went to college with a guy who looked a lot like him. Here's an old pic.

by had to sharereply 3112/19/2010

Was he raised Mormon?

by had to sharereply 3212/19/2010

I always confuse him with Thomas Jane - who does take his clothes off.

by had to sharereply 3312/19/2010

Yeah, he's kind of like the bathed and not on drugs version of Thomas Jane. Thomas Jane looks as though he'd smell of pits and cheap wine.

by had to sharereply 3412/19/2010

Thomas Jane is a limited actor but is supposed to be a very nice guy. Yes, he's very "earthy."

Eckhart has a reputation as a complete asshole. He's alienated some of his colleagues and members of the press.

by had to sharereply 3512/19/2010

R28 sounds like a real tool.

by had to sharereply 3612/19/2010

He's not a beauty like Drew Fuller.%0D

by had to sharereply 3712/20/2010

I hope gay director John Cameron Mitchell got him to disrobe in "The Rabbit hole," albeit with bony scifitologist beard Nicole Kidman.

by had to sharereply 3812/20/2010

Mormon oh my I hope he is not FLDS or whatever those perverts are who marry 14 year olds.

by had to sharereply 3908/23/2011

Any other info on him?

by had to sharereply 4007/18/2012

This is him with his brother, Jim. Just how Mormon is his family?

by had to sharereply 4108/25/2012

I use to confuse him with Canadian-American actor Colin Ferguson from the show Eureka.

by had to sharereply 4208/25/2012

I find him excruciatingly hot. I happen to know he is straight. He rented a friends house while filming in Baton Rouge and apparently fucked the shit out of his co-star. Can't remember who she was or what movie.

by had to sharereply 4308/25/2012

There is a photographer's studio down the hall from my office in Manhattan and I once very unexpectedly ran into Aaron coming out of the men's room in our hallway.

I swooned....and became as speechless as Ethel Mertz meeting John Wayne!

by had to sharereply 4408/25/2012

I like Ed Burns better.

by had to sharereply 4508/26/2012

He "dated" Kristyn Osborn, a country singer from the group shedaisy, who is a lesbian (and dating a female, Canadian singer).

by had to sharereply 4608/26/2012

He's gay. Loved him in "No Reservations", which is an under-rated movie.

by had to sharereply 4708/26/2012

I don't like his chin.

by had to sharereply 4808/26/2012

I love his chin.

by had to sharereply 4908/26/2012

Does anyone else want him in them, quite deeply?

by had to sharereply 5008/26/2012

There was a movie he was in in the late 90s... Office guy. Who was a real dick & seduced a hard of hearing female co worker & made her cry..,

by had to sharereply 5108/26/2012

Is this the guy who is always walking around and saying thing about current stuff?

by had to sharereply 5208/26/2012

"In the Company of Men", r51. It's been said that Eckhart wasn't doing much acting in the film, since his character supposedly closely resembled his real-life personality and attitude towards women.

by had to sharereply 5308/26/2012

I've seen him jogging through the flats of Beverly Hills a few times. He's not my type, but is jaw droppingly gorgeous. The imperfections you catch on film (strange eyes) you don't see in real life. He's like a mannequin.

by had to sharereply 5408/26/2012

He and La Bute met at Bingham Young. La Bute was later thrown out of the Mormon church. He wrote tons of plays for Eckhart to star in; I think he sees Eckhart as his good looking proxy.

by had to sharereply 5508/27/2012

is he really a misogynist????

by had to sharereply 5601/04/2013

WEHT him anyway? his career is in the dumpster!

by had to sharereply 5701/05/2013

I've always found him extremely handsome and sexy. My type to a tee.

by had to sharereply 5801/05/2013

He was SO hot on Chelsea Lately the other night.

by had to sharereply 5903/21/2013

But lets face it... Sitting next to Chelsea could make Steve Buscemi look like Paul Newman.

by had to sharereply 6003/22/2013
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