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The Terri Clark/Anita Cochran thread

C'mon girls, fess up. That other country music lesbian has settled into quasi-marital bliss. What's going on with the twice wed, ever conflicted closet case that is TC?%0D %0D Maybe one day she'll wake up and realize about the only truly loyal fans she has remaining are the dykes who still swoon over the young TC, who looked like she stepped right out of a cowgirl lesbian fantasy, and she'll stop trying to appease the Bible Belt fraus and herrs.%0D %0D After all, she's fat now. She should be proud if she's hitting something as young and hot as Anita Cochran. She might even finally earn my respect.

by DL Lezreply 8008/13/2013


by DL Lezreply 112/18/2010

She's a fat ass pig in the video.

by DL Lezreply 212/18/2010

This is not a straight woman

by DL Lezreply 312/18/2010

Thanks for starting this, OP. Someone's got to know something about them.

by DL Lezreply 412/19/2010


by DL Lezreply 512/19/2010


by DL Lezreply 612/19/2010


by DL Lezreply 712/20/2010

Still trying to figure out the three way romance with Crystal Bernard and Billy Dean from the late 90s

by DL Lezreply 812/20/2010

She doesn't look "fat" to me. What am I missing?

by DL Lezreply 912/20/2010

she's not [r9] -- DL standards are weird. Think Jack calling Will fat on "Will & Grace" She has gained a bit of weight-- calling her fat like a pig is downright pathological.

by DL Lezreply 1012/20/2010

Thanks, R10. I thought y'all were seeing something I wasn't. The girl's always had a thickish neck like a football player and broad shoulders. But she's never been "fat."

by DL Lezreply 1112/20/2010

Compared to how she used to look in her prime, yeah, Terri is "fat" now - or at least thick-waisted.%0D %0D She used to be tall and slim, but with a nice rack.

by DL Lezreply 1212/27/2010

So, are they a couple? Does anyone know?

by DL Lezreply 1301/01/2011

Who is Anita Cochran?

by DL Lezreply 1401/01/2011

She is an amazing instrumentalist (I've seen her play, she is outstanding) and was a music director for at least one major theatre project. Judging by her bio , she seems to be quite accomplished and a recognized industry professional. This is where it would be good to have a Nashville insider to tell us more about her career.

by DL Lezreply 1501/02/2011

Anita has been with women as long as I can remember. (we have a mutual friend.) she dated a host on GAC for a looooong time. Bet you can guess which one. I would not doubt her and Terri were dating. Terri has always tried to hide the gay behind marriage. That's a personal choice but it's not like she has a ton to lose at this point and all of Nashville knows anyway. I always suspected Jo Dee Messina but then she went and got pregnant. Still not convinced.

by DL Lezreply 1603/01/2011

I thought Anita Cochran was a colored gal. Who is that colored female country singer with a similar name? She looked like real lezbo to.

by DL Lezreply 1703/01/2011

R16, tell us more. And thanks for posting.

by DL Lezreply 1803/01/2011

Anita Cochran had a pretty big song with Steve Warniner back in the 90's and had some other minor hits as well. She is a GREAT guitar player and very nice person all around. If they are together (which i'm sure they are) I'm sure they are happy. I just wish more country artists would come out-especially those who have been in the closet for 2 decades!

by DL Lezreply 1903/01/2011


by DL Lezreply 2003/02/2011

R16, thanks. %0D %0D Country music fans will put up with a lot of BS from country artists, but being gay or outspoken--no.

by DL Lezreply 2103/02/2011

That's so true, r21.%0D %0D Just ask Chely Wright. She's lost fans behind her coming out of the closet.

by DL Lezreply 2203/02/2011

What about Trisha Yearwood and her fag husband?

by DL Lezreply 2303/02/2011

Was that GAC host Suzanne Alexander, R16?

by DL Lezreply 2403/02/2011

I think in one of the Chely Wright threads, a "Nashville Insider" said that it was well known in Nashville that TC liked to party, drink and have sex with anyone.

by DL Lezreply 2503/02/2011

such a weird thing to put on You Tube. Why do they think anyone would care??

by DL Lezreply 2603/02/2011

So TC is omnisexual?

by DL Lezreply 2703/03/2011

Agree, r27.

by DL Lezreply 2803/03/2011

Someone knows more about them.

by DL Lezreply 2903/03/2011

[quote]So TC is omnisexual? Translation: She's a whore darlin.

by DL Lezreply 3003/03/2011


by DL Lezreply 3103/03/2011

Anita Cockring?

by DL Lezreply 3203/04/2011

I hope Anita is still with her long term partner.

by DL Lezreply 3303/06/2011

Interesting Tweet from Terri Clark a few minutes ago. You think she is watching "Pray the Gay Away?" which is on OWN right now?

"Watching something on TV that is making me wanna scream...i gotta turn it off !!. sometimes I wish I did'nt OWN one."

by DL Lezreply 3403/08/2011

[quote]"Watching something on TV that is making me wanna scream...i gotta turn it off !!. sometimes I wish I did'nt OWN one."

Probably saw an ad for a last day flannel sale and is pissed she missed it.

by DL Lezreply 3503/08/2011

r16 funny yousould say jo dee messina.%0D I don't follow country music but everytime I see her she pings like a freight train to me.

by DL Lezreply 3603/10/2011

TC looks like the vast majority of lesbians I see at Atlanta's Pride Parade. She's wearing the uniform but I don't know if she's on the team. My gaydar sucks.

by DL Lezreply 3703/10/2011

This is all the biggest crock of shit I have ever read. I live in Nashville and I can ASSURE you Anita and TC are NOT a couple. They have both had their own partners for years, and are strictly friends. TC is NOT a whore, nor is she fat, and nowadays she is out to everyone in her life the past 5 years, except the general public, and that is her own choice. She and Anita are both beautiful inside and out, and to be honest, in person, TC looks better now than she did in the 90's.. and quite a bit younger than Anita. They are both nice women and some of the shit Iv'e read on this thread is downright mean.

by DL Lezreply 3804/11/2011


by DL Lezreply 3904/12/2011

I want more gay gossip about Terri Clark. I love her!

by DL Lezreply 4004/12/2011

the ANONYMOUS person who keeps writing " Next" is obviously intrigued enough with this thread to keep checking back. I think it's pretty fucking lame and was started by someone who clearly has their own issues to contend with...

by DL Lezreply 4104/12/2011

Calm down R38 and go back and read the thread again. I don't think anything that has been said is particularly mean. If you are a regular on DL, you will know everyone is fat so just ignore those comments. Terri fluctuates, but I agree she looks prety damn good right now and better than she has in a while.

Second, I live around Nashville and I am the one that reported someone else claimed TC would sleep with anyone. Unfortunately don't know that for myself, but I have heard enough stories to believe it. I don't think they meant that as TC being a whore, but that she would sleep with men or women (especially when having drinky poos). Nothing wrong with that either.

If TC is now out to her family and friends, I think that is great. I feel bad that she has had to live in the closet for as long as she has...and that because of society, especially the country music world, she has to remain there publicly. So, were the marriages cover ups? Or, just denial?

by DL Lezreply 4204/12/2011


by DL Lezreply 4304/15/2011

Like I said before. Last I heard/saw AC was with the GAC host whom I'll leave you to decipher. (doesn't take rocket science) Don't know who is with who but I can tell what is what!

by DL Lezreply 4404/16/2011

Are you thinking of Anita Baker, r17? I know she's not country, but she fits the rest of your description. Oh, and r44 - I'm from Canada where we don't get GAC. Can you give me a couple of more clues please? TIA

by DL Lezreply 4504/16/2011

Terri's sister Tina's completely out as a lesbian..... and they resemble each other.... could your Nashville reports have been confused?? Terri has also said on youtube and in the media that she has been sober since her mom got sick.... that's 4 years ago.....%0D %0D while I do think she is "family" in a recent video chat... she mentioned being very commited to a "partner" currently she is no longer wearing her ring on THAT finger so I'm not sure she's still with her partner..... if not I'm sorry for her.... I've loved Terri since '95 and I just want her to be happy...... %0D %0D and as for being "fat" you people need to learn what fat is.... I met her twice in January.... and I'd love to be "fat" like that..... lol... she's tweeted regularly about going to the gym daily... and the woman has PIPES.... %0D and she does have a great rack..... for those who care..... ;)%0D

by DL Lezreply 4605/15/2011

r3, are you the moron who posts links to Google all over the board? Learn how to post a proper image link, dear.

I have no idea who these people are. What's with lesbians and country music anyway?

by DL Lezreply 4705/15/2011

So any news here?

by DL Lezreply 4809/24/2011


by DL Lezreply 4910/14/2011

I thought Anita Cochran was a colored gal. Who is that colored female country singer with a similar name? She looked like real lezbo to.

R17 posting from the 60's.

Colored girl?

by DL Lezreply 5010/14/2011

There are many more gay women in nashville than LA or NYC -- why do you think KD Lang broke into the music biz with country music? typical DL ignorance of the country music biz. And Garth Brooks out and proud gay sister played quite publicly in his band when he was the biggest thing around - try to move beyond your knee jerk reactions to anything country.

by DL Lezreply 5110/14/2011

I visited Nashville back in the mid 90's and I was SHOCKED at the number of gay bars there.

OTOH, when I saw the poofy hair on many of the lesbians, I wanted to lick my palm and flatten it down for them.

And not to go TOO far off-topic, but also in the 90's I did a summer in Ann Arbor and heard from some of the girls that Michelle Wright (she of the catsuit, NOT Chely) was also a lesbian, a vibe I'd felt when I met her in person at a Connecticut country fair. When I got her autograph, she kissed me on the cheek. I was red as a beet and grinnin' like a fool.

Can anyone confirm Michelle Wright?

by DL Lezreply 5210/14/2011

bump LOL here to begin with...could say sooo much of knowledge I have because, I can add 2+2 as well. Next....

by DL Lezreply 5310/29/2011

At least Terri Clark is still touring and playing without any hit records these days.

by DL Lezreply 5410/30/2011

No word about Jann Arden and her lovely lady friend?

by DL Lezreply 5511/05/2011

What's GAC, R44 ?

by DL Lezreply 5611/11/2011

all i know is she dated and lived with a friend of mine for 3 years....and my friend is a woman...and I have photos and videos of the 2 of them.

by DL Lezreply 5701/31/2012

Really people, she's absolutely a beautiful women... Wtf... Why would u call her fat.. What the hell happen to our society.. I love this women... And I'm not fat , or a lesbian..

by DL Lezreply 5803/07/2012

Lesbians, like gays, come in all shapes and sizes. Terri might not be the lipstick lez that the fangurls on L Chat want to promote, but plenty of women (& men) do find her attractive.

by DL Lezreply 5903/07/2012

If I was to ever meet TC , I would never be posting or commenting on here about her.. A women's heart is full of secrets.. Weather She's gay or not , it's no one business... she has know kids , what's wrong with drinking, having fun ...I'm still waiting to have my drink with her... Just a few bottles of wine... Lol

by DL Lezreply 6003/07/2012

I get Terri Clark confused with this gal who had a country hit in '81, Terri Gibbs.

by DL Lezreply 6103/07/2012

I always thought she was a lezzie. Non?!

by DL Lezreply 6203/07/2012

Natalie Maines? gay?

by DL Lezreply 6303/07/2012

R61 The Gibbs girls all had very severe vision problems. But I do not think Terri Gibbs was family, though, even though I understand how you can confuse her with Terri Clark.

Her alto was great. Terri Gibbs and Shelley West (who always came across as a bit BI) had the best altos in Country Music.

by DL Lezreply 6403/08/2012

I agree ... Who gives a shit if she is gay ... Some of y all's comments on here on distasteful and ugly

by DL Lezreply 6507/03/2012

i think you should watch how you talk about her and her fans are more the gays and he is not fat she is hottier then ever so go fuck yourself please and thanks TERRI CLARK RULES BITCHES

by DL Lezreply 6602/11/2013

Has TC outed herself by posting that her fave new show is "Orange is the New Black"?

by DL Lezreply 6708/10/2013

R65, maybe you're lost or something, but this is a gay message board and we can talk about someone's sexuality if we want.

In fact, we don't even have to be in a gay message board to do it because saying someone may be gay is not an insult. Gay is not distasteful or ugly.

You can call the posts about her weight and appearance distasteful and ugly, but not those wondering about her sexuality.

by DL Lezreply 6808/11/2013

Absolutely, R67...

since the flannel shirts, rolled up sleeves, boots, cowboy hat and a Harley Davidson obviously cannot be considered signs of her being gay...

by DL Lezreply 6908/11/2013

Some funny lines on this thread:

"Maybe one day she'll wake up and realize about the only truly loyal fans she has remaining are the dykes who still swoon over the young TC, who looked like she stepped right out of a cowgirl lesbian fantasy"

"when I saw the poofy hair on many of the lesbians, I wanted to lick my palm and flatten it down for them"

by DL Lezreply 7008/11/2013

Who's her GF?

by DL Lezreply 7108/11/2013

Why are we bumping ALL these old threads??? That said, Terri Clark is one of the most obviously gay closeted people ever. Yet still retails all of her redneck fans. She does have a big lesbian following too.

by DL Lezreply 7208/11/2013

[quote]Has TC outed herself by posting that her fave new show is "Orange is the New Black"?

Straight women love this show

by DL Lezreply 7308/11/2013

R72, the topics are still relevant. There's no need to start several new threads about one topic.

by DL Lezreply 7408/11/2013

R72 here. retails = retains.

by DL Lezreply 7508/11/2013

'the only truly loyal fans she has remaining are the dykes who still swoon over the young TC'

Her audience is gayer than Melissa Etheridge's. I don't think that there is a single soul out there who deeply believes she is not into women.

by DL Lezreply 7608/11/2013

I went to a concert of hers and did the CD signing/meet and greet after. It was a long line of nothing but lesbians. Pretty funny... I just wonder how she remains in the closet. Also, is she dating anyone? She is one hot amazon woman..

by DL Lezreply 7708/11/2013

There is an interview with her on youtube where she says she is in a relationship and finally happy.

see link

by DL Lezreply 7808/12/2013

Wow... she REALLY plays the pronoun game. She's so obvious!! Come on out Terri! Re 78

I actually think that interview totally outs her though.

by DL Lezreply 7908/12/2013

Nope. This one does.

Link to

by DL Lezreply 8008/13/2013
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