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Britain Now Officially The FATTEST European Nation!

BRITAIN is truly the 'fat man' of Europe, a damning new health report reveals.

The nation has more obese people than anywhere on the continent.

And the West Midlands and North East are the fattest regions in the whole of the EU, with almost a THIRD of adults classed as obese.

The shattering findings emerged from the esteemed Association of Public Health Observatories annual report which health checked 27 EU countries.

In the Birmingham region 29 per cent of adults are obese - double that of the EU average of 14 per cent.

The UK also had one of the highest levels of teenage pregnancy.

And the North East had the UK's largest number of gymslip mums, despite drastic measures introduced five years ago to curb the rise.

Female cancer death rates were also higher than many other European countries.

And medics said that the only positive was that many Brits had successfully quit smoking, unlike their European neighbours.

Study chief Professor John Wilkinson said the report showed Britain now faced an obesity crisis.

The previous Government poured millions of pounds into anti-obesity initiatives and into sexual health and family planning clinics.

In the North East, The Sun revealed how the NHS had funded initiatives like community nurses who gave contraceptive jabs in McDonald's restaurants to try and slash the number of teenage pregnancies.

The APHO study is one of the most comprehensive health polls in the world.

It looked at 37 different factors in each region such as causes of death, population range, risk factors and health facilities.

The UK's female cancer death rates were among Europe's worst.

South-East England fared worst with 185 deaths per 100,000, followed by Scotland at 179 per 100,000 and north-east England at 174.

The European average is 139.5 per 100,000.

Experts called the results shameful last night.

Royal College of GPs spokesman Professor Steve Field said: "I'm appalled by the figures and feel ashamed as a GP working in the West Midlands that this area has the highest percentage of obese adults in Europe.

"Obesity is a major problem and predictor of ill health throughout a patient's life, causing serious illnesses.

"I hope we will be able to do more in the future to get people to take responsibility for their own health and take more exercise."

Report author Professor John Wilkinson explained: "For some cases the UK is not doing very well.

"The obvious one is obesity where we are at the top of the league.

"The fine grading of the report shows that in areas where we think we are doing better in terms of obesity, such as the South East region, we are still actually far behind areas such as Scandinavia.

"The findings demonstrate there's a long way to go."

A spokesman for the Department of Health said: "The Government has made it clear that tackling health inequalities is a priority as part of its commitment to fairness and social justice.

"Everyone should have the same opportunity to lead a healthy life, no matter where they live or who they are.

"Action to tackle health inequalities is at the centre of our approach to public health.

"We will aim to use the least intrusive approach necessary to achieve the desired effect.

"We will seek to use approaches that focus on enabling and guiding people's

choices wherever possible."

Last night West Midlands health chiefs leapt to defend their record.

Birmingham locals now enjoy free public gym membership and swimming pool use.

But it is uncertain that the scheme has had a huge impact of the area's obesity problem.

Council spokesman Councillor Alan Rudge said: "The national headlines today show obesity is a problem across the UK and particularly in the West Midlands.

"Through the Be Active scheme we're working hard with our partners in the NHS to combat that problem in Birmingham."

by Moo!reply 2503/27/2013

Any cursory glance through the UK tabloids will back this up.

I have to hand it to ol' Maggie Thatcher. She was right. I was living in the UK in 1987 when she went on a public health rant against working-class British food, particularly the north where the food was all starch, salt, grease, sugar and fatty cuts of meat. Washed down with booze as often as not. She warned that it was all leading to a rise in ill health and obesity in particular. There was a defensive backlash against her for that, but she was totally right.

by Moo!reply 112/14/2010

29% of UK Adults are Obese? They should check out the USA, 29% of American Adults are not Obese.

by Moo!reply 212/14/2010

Sounds like she had a lot of nerve taking jobs from the people up north and then criticizing their unhealthy (but probably cost effective, except for the booze) diets.

by Moo!reply 312/14/2010

I meant Thatcher.

by Moo!reply 412/14/2010

In the East Midlands every thing that is good for you is very costly. £1.9 for broccoli while big bags of chips, M&M's and 2L cola costs £1 each.

People here in the East Midlands are the ugliest people I've ever seen in my life.

by Moo!reply 503/24/2013

I had to change planes in Manchester coming back from Paris a couple years ago and it was really stunning how unhealthy and obese most people in the airport looked. Lots of families were eating Burger King and drinking pints of beer around 9 o'clock on a Sunday morning.

by Moo!reply 603/24/2013

British people look horrible and age horribly.

by Moo!reply 703/24/2013

Add Australia to the growing obesity rate. I was watching a news clip from there and almost everyone involved in the story was fat.

by Moo!reply 803/24/2013

It's because they're the most Americanized European country.

by Moo!reply 903/24/2013

Don't you mean "curviest", OP.

by Moo!reply 1003/24/2013

Too many shepherd's pies, crumpets, Sunday roasts, and of course beer.

by Moo!reply 1103/24/2013

The South can trace most of its ancestry and culinary traditions to Scotland/North of England, hence the same reason that it's so fat.

by Moo!reply 1203/24/2013

Congratulations UK! You're tied with Kentucky, the 7th fattest state in the union.

I assume these are people whose BMIs are above 30. What other percentage is overweight? In Kentucky it's an additional 30% of adults.

However, nothing can top the U.S. lesbian population. According to the National Institutes for Health, 75% are obese.

by Moo!reply 1303/24/2013

I wonder how many are obese enough to require the services of a CPAP machine and DART?

by Moo!reply 1403/24/2013

The diet (chips in rolls/buns only?!) and bad genes are the reason why they are so fug.

by Moo!reply 1503/26/2013

The underlying problem is poverty.

by Moo!reply 1603/27/2013

Not surprising, they eat mostly junk over there. You have to pay a lot of money to find decent food in a London restaurant. The Brits are the worst when it comes to cooking. Drinking is also a big problem esp with young people. Youth culture is shockingly shallow -hence the teenage pregnancies. GB is the least European country I would want to live.

by Moo!reply 1703/27/2013

R17 In just the last 15 years, Britain has gone from classy and well-mannered to trashy and ill-mannered. I've never seen a developed country go downhill so fast. It's such a shithole now in every aspect.

by Moo!reply 1803/27/2013

I have to agree with R18. Not only ill mannered and trashy, but it's nearly impossible to find ANYONE who speaks English. And unless you pay a fortune to eat in expensive restaurants, you're stuck with either fast food or the tradtional lard that they call food. Empire indeed.

by Moo!reply 1903/27/2013

The UK can't even deport known Al Qaeda members who are living off the state. Obesity is the least of its problems.

by Moo!reply 2003/27/2013

That's only because Fergie quit weight watcher.

Put her in France, and the average weight of the UK drops hundreds of pounds.

by Moo!reply 2103/27/2013

This was featured in the new BBC documentary about the NHS which started last night.

A doctor who was to do a gastric band op noted that obesity had doubled in the last decade or so: an epidemic.

We saw the op subject at home, where the camera cut to KFC boxes in the room. The entire family of women (no man around) was plus-sized, and the daughter had already had the op on the NHS. (A Gastric Band indeed.)

It's wrong to dismiss the entire UK because of junk habits ingested from the US. Those, plus the native 'drinking culture', have certainly contributed to the health crisis. But the NHS (the biggest employer in Europe) wouldn't run at all if it weren't for excellent staff, many of whom were seen on the BBC programme.

There's definitely been a coarsening of UK society over the past 15 years or so. Cynical criminal press barons (Murdoch, Desmond) have fostered this process, celebrating stupidity and greed.

Extremes of wealth and poverty have damaged the social fabric. Plenty of triumphalism, much more despair. Whether the magical removal of every KFC and McDonald's in the UK would improve the health crisis is arguable. It's worth a try.

by Moo!reply 2203/27/2013

[quote] But the NHS (the biggest employer in Europe)

Seriously?! Wow. Yet so many of the same health problems that the US has with obesity related illnesses. At least over there, if you have a life-threatening illness, you won't go broke or die because you don't have health insurance.

by Moo!reply 2303/27/2013

This is simply a "hate Britain" troll's thread.

We Americans love out Brits, fat or trim.

Remember, the wrinkle assed conservatives here in the US or anywhere for that matter can pay 18.00 somolians and post at will.

Don't let them get our panties in a wad. They just love it.

by Moo!reply 2403/27/2013

In all fairness, R24, DL mocks all things fat.

by Moo!reply 2503/27/2013
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