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Lesbians what lesbian movie should I get?

One that has a decent story and good sex scenes.

by Thank ureply 17610/13/2016

Hannah Free

by Thank ureply 112/05/2010


by Thank ureply 212/05/2010

I've never seen it but everyone always talks about 'When Night is Falling'. If you can find it, 'Show Me Love' (aka Fucking Amal) is good, although no real sex scenes. Desert Hearts has a really good sex scene. If you haven't seen that one, you should.

by Thank ureply 312/05/2010

High Art

Butterfly Kiss

by Thank ureply 412/05/2010

Am I the only one who thought the sex scene in Bound sucked? It was so obviously shot and choreographed that I could just picture the walls come tumbling down as the camera moved in its circle around the bed. I thought the finger-fucking in the apartment on the couch was hotter but Tilly's breathy baby voice almost ruined that, too.

by Thank ureply 512/05/2010 have to wait forever for it, but Loving Annabelle has a pretty good sex scene. I don't know if it's available in the US yet, but also check Room in Rome...I hear it's chock full of sex scenes...

by Thank ureply 612/05/2010

No sex scenes in this, but Kissing Jessica Stein has always been a favorite of mine. It's very charming.

by Thank ureply 712/05/2010

What about Mulholand Dr?

by Thank ureply 812/05/2010

Lost & Delirious, Gia, All Over Me

by Thank ureply 912/05/2010

I also like Kissing Jessica Stein. My recommendation would be the German film 'Aimee & Jaguar'.

by Thank ureply 1012/05/2010

Imagine me and you

by Thank ureply 1112/05/2010

[quote]Lost & Delirious, Gia, All Over Me%0D %0D [quote]My recommendation would be the German film 'Aimee & Jaguar'.%0D %0D These only if you want to kill yourself after the most depressing movie night ever.%0D %0D %0D

by Thank ureply 1212/05/2010

Imagine me and you is good but no sex (I don't think?)

by Thank ureply 1312/05/2010

When Night is Falling has a beautiful love scene. See if you can catch the unrated version. (The scene may even be on youtube)

Mulholland Drive is weird as f*ck, but the love scene is beautiful, tender and hot.

by Thank ureply 1412/05/2010

Honey, no. These heifers don't know a pussy-popping lesbian sex scene when they see one. Watch "Chloe" tonight.

by Thank ureply 1512/05/2010

All of these can be seen on youtube if you want to see them before buying them, OP.

by Thank ureply 1612/05/2010

The Haunting (1963)

by Thank ureply 1712/05/2010

Who stars in Chloe?

by Thank ureply 1812/05/2010

Thank you r10!... Just watched a preview for Aimee and Jaguar. It combines some of my favorite things war history, and lesbianism in the early 20th century.

by Thank ureply 1912/05/2010

Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore, seriously.

by Thank ureply 2012/05/2010

It's pretty depressing.

by Thank ureply 2112/05/2010

Whats depressing, r21?

by Thank ureply 2212/05/2010

Chloe is a remake of "Nathalie..." with Fanny Ardant and Emmanuelle Beart. Is it better than Nathalie?

by Thank ureply 2312/05/2010

r22: Aimee & Jaguar

by Thank ureply 2412/05/2010

A lot of these movies are the usual bisexual fare.

by Thank ureply 2512/05/2010

[quote]It's pretty depressing.

I know and they always name the same stupid movies.

by Thank ureply 2612/05/2010

Watching You -- a compilation of many short films.

by Thank ureply 2712/05/2010

Cagey & Lacy

by Thank ureply 2812/05/2010

8 Women. There is a kiss between Fanny Ardent and Catherine Deneuve that is hot as fuck.

by Thank ureply 2912/05/2010

Cagey and Loosie

by Thank ureply 3012/05/2010

If you've got the time, get Fingersmith from Netflix. It's a mini-series so it's pretty long, but it's really got it all, great story, good performances and hawt sex scenes.

Another good one I found recently is I Can't Think Straight. It's got a decent story and the hotness of Lisa Ray as a bonus.

I bought both that one and The World Unseen recently and they drove up really high on my all time favorite lesbian movies list. TWU is a better movie (but sadly, no sex scenes), but they are both worth watching (they share the same writer/directer and both leads, playing different roles but strangely it works).

by Thank ureply 3112/05/2010

Anything with Tammy Cruise.

by Thank ureply 3212/05/2010

None. They are all horrible and boring and lousy and embarassing. Trust me, I've watched quite a few hoping for a miracle and it's never happened.

by Thank ureply 3312/05/2010

The Hunger. Deneuve and Sarandon have a very hot lesbian scene in it.

by Thank ureply 3412/05/2010

Gay rights are women's rights.

Stop the violence against women on DataLounge.

by Thank ureply 3512/05/2010

[quote]The Hunger. Deneuve and Sarandon have a very hot lesbian scene in it.%0D %0D Correction. Their body doubles have a hot scene.%0D

by Thank ureply 3612/05/2010

Hatred of women is killing you.

Gay men will not be free if women are not free.

Stop the violence.

by Thank ureply 3712/05/2010

Use of the word "frau" is rampant all over DL, and it is meant to abuse, belittle, objectify, mock, disempower, threaten, and demonize women.

Your contempt for women is killing queer teens.

by Thank ureply 3812/13/2010

r23, Natalie contains no lesbianism at all, Chloe however does. I think Natalie as a movie is better than Chloe. But Chloe is of course more daring on the lesbian theme which is a plus.%0D %0D >>>I know and they always name the same stupid movies>>>%0D %0D There aren't a great selection to begin with. And what OP opted for, well that contains in maybe a handful of films. Its's usually either a dreadful/barely decent movie with a hot love scene or a great movie but very conservative on the love making.

by Thank ureply 3912/14/2010

Dessert Hearts

by Thank ureply 4012/14/2010

Yes, Halloween is over, but these two old Lesbian Vampire movies are dark and sexy with a little soft porn.%0D %0D "Daughters Of Darkness" 1972 is kitchy and very European. It includes the classic line "Mother sends regards" (Everyone is gay, but they are not fessing up) Delphine Seyrig stars in this one. %0D %0D "The Hunger" 1982 includes the classic love scene between Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve. Instead of the entire movie, you might just want to watch the clip below, over and over. %0D %0D The other movies mentioned in this thread are good too.%0D %0D I wish movie studios could produce some really good, deeply moving, incredibly sexy lesbian films. %0D %0D In the meantime, the boxed set of the L Word and Season 1 of the Real L Word will have to do.

by Thank ureply 4112/14/2010

Dessert Hearts, still one of the best.

by Thank ureply 4212/14/2010

R42 - Especially when they smear each other with chocolate...

by Thank ureply 4312/14/2010

Dessert Hearts, starring Ina Garten.

by Thank ureply 4412/14/2010

R42, it seems R43 might be referring to your spelling. %0D %0D Many years ago, I saw a good movie called "Desert Hearts" and I remember sticky heat out west, too much iced tea (a diuretic by the way) and the line (referring to lesbian sexual activity) "I don't know what to do" sexily met with the reply "Yes you do". %0D %0D I do not recall anyone being smeared with chocolate, but I would certainly like to see THAT movie, whatever it is called.

by Thank ureply 4512/14/2010

Chloe sucked big time. I couldn't sit through the whole of it. Besides the bad acting, Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried had no chemistry together at all.

Nathalie was more interesting with subtle homoerotic currents between the two leads. But no sex scenes.

by Thank ureply 4612/14/2010

Any rough lesbian sex scenes??%0D I like it ROUGH

by Thank ureply 4704/17/2011

No such thing. It hasn't been made yet.

by Thank ureply 4804/17/2011

Born innocent has a rough lesbian sex scene, and that movie a PORTRAIT OF A MARRIAGE

by Thank ureply 4904/17/2011

Tipping the Velvet.

by Thank ureply 5004/17/2011

I thought the sex in Chloe was hot, but then, I loves me some Julianne Moore.%0D %0D %0D You might want to try to find the short-lived British series "Lip Service." It's damned hot because (at least) one of the women really IS a lesbian, and the sex scenes are great.%0D %0D %0D I last heard they were going to do another season of it...but I haven't heard anything since.

by Thank ureply 5104/17/2011

Deneuve also plays a lesbian in "Thieves" thought it's not the main story line of the movie.

Amour d'un Femme (I think is the French title)

Bound is really fantastic

by Thank ureply 5204/17/2011

A new lesbian film from Sweden will come out this summer. As far as I can tell the story looks similar to "Imagine Me & You". But with sex scenes.%0D %0D Trailer looks very good, I'm looking forward to it.

by Thank ureply 5304/17/2011

try a film called "viola de mare" it's italian and has a really nice sex scene. plus it's not a bad movie all around either. i think all the part's are up on youtube, so you can watch it there if you like.%0D %0D i also like "naissance des pieuvres"(french) it doesn't have a sex scene per se, but has a lot of sexual tension. the girl's are young so i don't recommend it if you don't like teen drama or slower paced films. this one revolves around painful homo adolescence.%0D %0D and try "je te mangerais" while it's basically a stalkerish french roommate film, it also star's isild le besco, who i find sexy. and it has some pretty hot kissing/touching scene's too. just don't watch it expecting romance and you'll be fine.%0D %0D you could also try an argentine film called "el nino pez" (the fish child) it's a lesbian film with a plot(mystery) that's not bad. it has some really nice intimate scene's with the women. also ines efron is in it and she's so cute!%0D %0D and "eloise" while the plot is pretty run of the mill as far as lesbian films go, i.e girl is straight until she meet's irresistible mysterious lesbo. the girl's aren't bad looking and they are not afraid of nudity. so some nice sex scenes.%0D %0D "saving face" two cute asian's fall in love. enjoyable & cute sex scene.%0D %0D sorry if some of these are obscure, im just trying to post some i don't hear mentioned over and over again.%0D

by Thank ureply 5404/17/2011

Celine Sciamma, who directed "Water Lillies" (Naissance des pieuvres), has just released a new film in France called "Tomboy." The trailer's up on YouTube. I think it could be good.

by Thank ureply 5504/17/2011

Someone listed Butterfly Kiss. For the love of everything holy and lesbionic, NO. Just no.

by Thank ureply 5604/17/2011

"It's in the Water".

Overall shitty movie with some truly laughable dialogue, but the actresses are pretty hot.

by Thank ureply 5704/17/2011

[quote]Dessert Hearts

by Thank ureply 5804/17/2011

Are those hearts made of chocolate and raspberry, R58?

by Thank ureply 5904/17/2011

But..but Sharon Gless in a lesbian sex scene in Hannah Free??? ick ick ick. Do. Not. Want. To. See.

I always found Amanda Seyfried to be cute.

by Thank ureply 6004/17/2011

There is a sex scene in Chloe? Natalie, the french film did not have a sex scene.

by Thank ureply 6104/17/2011

How come no one has mentioned "The Incredibly True Adventures of 2 Girls in Love"????

This is the most touching and real movie I have ever seen.

Also, it stars Laurel Hollomon (Tina on L Word) and the beautiful Nicole Ari Parker.

WATCH IT! I promise you will love!

by Thank ureply 6204/18/2011

Because it's an awful film, R62.%0D %0D OP if you want some lezzie storylines and sex scenes you can check out the British TV series "Lip Service". The storylines aren't the best, but better than the L-Word. The sex scenes are nice.

by Thank ureply 6304/18/2011

why is it awful r63?

by Thank ureply 6404/18/2011

lol, R56

by Thank ureply 6504/20/2011

"Better Than Chocolate" has hot sex secenes and is an all-around enjoyable film.

by Thank ureply 6604/20/2011

So glad no one mentioned the horrible "Clare of the Moon" , or as my friends and I call it, "Clare Stares".

I'm partial to "Desert Hearts" because I saw it when I was coming out and Patricia Charbonneau was hot back in the day.

Thanks for the recommendations for some of the foreign films I wasn't familiar with and for that British T.V. series. Going to Netflix now.

by Thank ureply 6704/20/2011

i loved 2 girls in love

by Thank ureply 6804/23/2011

I've just watched 'A Room in Rome'. It is, without doubt, the WORST lesbian movie I've ever seen.

by Thank ureply 6905/20/2011

Room in Rome is an absolute waste of film with no point and no direction. It's some tripped up acid inspired artsy mind drivel that doesn't add up to anything. This is not a film anyone should choose to see.

When Night is Falling is a bit typical in terms of plot, but the sex scene is beautiful.

Desert Hearts is cheesy as heck, but absolutely agree that it has one of the sexiest and best directed love scenes I have ever seen. Especially Charboneau's delivery of her lines, she just oozed pure sex.

The other that I liked was Je Te Mangerais, it's French and honestly at times it was hard to tell if the girl was being molested or if the feelings were reciprocated, but if you want intensity that's certainly it.

by Thank ureply 7008/13/2011

[quote]So glad no one mentioned the horrible "Clare of the Moon" , or as my friends and I call it, "Clare Stares".

The best part is the closing credits where the writer/producer/director dedicates the film to her pets

by Thank ureply 7108/13/2011

"...cheesy as heck..."??????

What a fucktard. No wonder I'm single.

by Thank ureply 7208/14/2011

r72, if the use of heck gets you this upset, it really IS no wonder you're f-in single.

by Thank ureply 7308/14/2011

Show me Love (Sweden)

Best coming-out movie, but no sex.

by Thank ureply 7408/14/2011

I'm looking forward to Kyss Mig, a Swedish film that is now in cinemas (in Sweden unfortunately).%0D %0D The trailer looks good, even though it's the classical "lesbian + straight woman who is about to get married" storyline.

by Thank ureply 7508/14/2011

R63? Didn't you read the whole thread, or are you just an idiot?

by Thank ureply 7608/14/2011

Choose me, choose me R51, R76

by Thank ureply 7708/14/2011


by Thank ureply 7808/15/2011

I love lesbian themes in movies. They can be very intense and beautiful when there is this important chemistry between the actresses and the script of the film.

I recommend to you these movies that have to do with love and passion between two women.

1. The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister' (2010)

Great scenario and story. I pity those who love to see women to love each other in a film and haven't seen that movie. It's very intense and very very interesting. It fits! A lot of lesbian or gay movies seem fake, but not this one. The story is powerful and the actresses are excellent.

2. Fingersmith (2005)

I felt it was more pure and honest than 'Tipping The Velvet'. Nice lesbian scenes, intriguing romance.

3. The Sea Purple(Viola di mare)(2009)

It's based on a true story and it is a really good movie, but don't see it if you find a heartbreaking end too soapy for your taste. I liked the lesbian scenes a lot, i loved the intensity and the intimacy.

There are several movies with great lesbian scenes, but unfortunately a few with a great script and a great chemistry between the actresses.

by Thank ureply 7907/24/2013


by Thank ureply 8007/27/2013

Meh lesb films with tons of sex...bahh!!

However I agree with the earlier post about "The Incredibly True Adventures of 2 Girls in Love." It was a nice coming out film.

by Thank ureply 8107/27/2013

Heavenly Creatures

by Thank ureply 8207/27/2013

Steel Magnolias

by Thank ureply 8307/27/2013

Yes R82, Heavenly Creatures is a very very good movie. R81, i don't think that a good lesbian movie is one that deals with coming out. I have seen a bunch of movies that had to do with coming out and they were cheap and not honest at all...

by Thank ureply 8407/27/2013

Good lord, hasn't anybody in here seen a movie since the eighties? Oh, and the best lesbian stuff is on TV these days. The world has changed, and youtube is your friend. Here's a short list.

Number 4, from Argentina: "El Elegido"

by Thank ureply 8507/27/2013

From Spain: "Los hombres de Paco"

by Thank ureply 8607/27/2013

The Swedish movie Kyss Mig--Kiss Me.

Beautifully shot, lovely sex scenes :)

by Thank ureply 8707/27/2013

From hillbilly-land: "Kill for Me"

by Thank ureply 8807/27/2013

And the best, from Italy: "L'amore e imperfetto" (scene starts at 5:14)

by Thank ureply 8907/27/2013

Nobody has mentioned The Killing of Sister George.............

by Thank ureply 9007/27/2013

Forza Italia!

Parla mi!

by Thank ureply 9107/27/2013

Orange is the New Black, of course!! No one has ever had better chemistry than Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling, male, female, gay or straight.

by Thank ureply 9207/27/2013


by Thank ureply 9307/27/2013

Come stai, R91?

Bonus From Iran, a movie that's actually good: "Circumstance" by Maryam Keshavarz

by Thank ureply 9407/27/2013


Ma vivi qua o in Italia? Sei lesbica?

Mille grazie per la notizie di "L'amore e imperfetto"!

by Thank ureply 9507/27/2013

R86, Spain-yards are so odd and odd-looking.

They seem to be a mixture of Nordic, arab, giraffe, Teutonic knight and bison.

And those are just the chicks.

by Thank ureply 9607/27/2013

Orange is the new black.

by Thank ureply 9707/27/2013

Di niente, Lovely. I'm European, but not Italian - just a big fan. The land of "Kyss mig" and "Fucking Åmål" is a lot closer to my neck of the woods...

by Thank ureply 9807/27/2013

High Art is not only my favourite lesbian movie, but the best gay movie I've seen overall.

by Thank ureply 9907/27/2013

Spain-yards, R96? Really?

by Thank ureply 10007/27/2013

In these scenes no one gives oral.


or realistic? I'm guessing most women don't do that.

by Thank ureply 10107/27/2013

Kyss Mig is great and it's in Netflix.

by Thank ureply 10207/27/2013

Forza Italia,

I have a friend in Finland!*

But first a question--in Kyss Mig, when they are on the little island, they have to wear wool sweaters and boots during the day, but the water is warm enough to go swimming in their underwear at night? How is that possible?

*But I don't know where in Finland--I have to email her to ask. I met my new friend from Finland when I was meeting my kid brother to have lunch at Aventura Mall, and she sat at our table (because she was alone) and chatted with us for an hour and a half. You Scandis speak incredible English.

by Thank ureply 10307/27/2013

The Scandinavian summers can be cold and unpredictable, and the water is almost always freezing. But we go swimming anyway, because...well, it's summer. And when we can't take it anymore, we fly down to Italy, or to the Spain-yards.

by Thank ureply 10407/27/2013

There's oral in OITNB. And, yes, most women do.

by Thank ureply 10507/27/2013

Angela Bowie:”I like kissing and the perfumed flavour of nipples, their fullness and pampered erection when touched. I am a hedonist, a pleasure lover, at home in the courts of cool, jousting or playing croquet or regaling the company with tales of adventure and conquest. I thrive in the barrios of the baroque, bizarre and burlesque – I am Bisexual.”

by Thank ureply 10607/28/2013

Forza Italia?

Now, that's a good reason to practice my Spanish!

by Thank ureply 10707/28/2013

I want to see 'Frauensee'(2012)

I liked the trailer. Have you seen it?

Where the fuck can i find this movie?

by Thank ureply 10808/24/2013

"Bumpin' Do-nuts: The Billie Jean King Story"

"Lick And A Promise: The Life & Times of Rosie O'Donnell"

"69 Lives: The Ellen & Portia Story"

"Tongue in Groove: The Gay Adventures of Madonna"

"Finger in the Dyke: The Lindsay and Samantha Story"

by Thank ureply 10908/24/2013

I'm going to throw out a recommendation for D.E.B.S. It isn't great, but it's fun when you're in the mood for a lighthearted "popcorn" movie.

Plot Summary, from IMDB: Plaid-skirted schoolgirls are groomed by a secret government agency to become the newest members of the elite national-defense group, D.E.B.S.

Also, Holland Taylor is in it.

by Thank ureply 11008/24/2013

Henry and June

by Thank ureply 11108/24/2013

Have you seen A Perfect Ending(2012)?

The leading lady, Barbara Niven is a very hot blonde cougar.

Her third husband was the son of David Niven by the way.

by Thank ureply 11208/31/2013

I need good lesbian movies with hot women in them.

My pussy and my mind need that.

by Thank ureply 11308/31/2013

Lolz R112 and R13!

Did you say cougar?

by Thank ureply 11408/31/2013

Muholland Drive- Two GORGEOUS FEMMES

by Thank ureply 11508/31/2013

Girls, i found the movie.

I'm downloading it right now!

I hope it is a good one.

by Thank ureply 11609/18/2013

From the Spanish series, 'Tierra de Lobos' and is set in the late nineteenth century. The storyline between Isabel and Cristina started in the Second Season of the show.

Isabel is a wealthy daughter of Lobo, who is the local landowner and runs the town with an iron fist. Isabel is one of four siblings. Cristina is a prostitute at the local brothel. Isabel first sees Cristina when she searches for her youngest sister and goes into the nearby brothel. She comes across Cristina taking a bath and is instantly struck by her. There their love story begins...

Here is a video of their story with English subtitles. Enjoy!

by Thank ureply 11709/26/2013

Interview with Berta Hernandez of “Tierra de Lobos”

by Thank ureply 11809/26/2013

I had no idea that Marisa Ramirez played the lesbian doctor in the series Mental(2009).

Why there are no videos of this show in YouTube? Have you ever watched any episodes?

by Thank ureply 11912/28/2013

'Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough'

Certainly, this is not a piece of art, but the lesbian scenes are very hot. I wonder how come and Serah D'Laine didn't become a star after that. She is very pretty and seducing. The other girl, Sandra McCoy, is also very hot and she dated Jared Padalecki for 4 years.

by Thank ureply 12008/14/2014

"I can't think straight" and "Kiss me"

by Thank ureply 12108/14/2014

'Truth or Drink' (Short movie)

Both of the girls are hot. Watch it. It has not a big message to send, but it could definitely tickle you, ladies.

by Thank ureply 12205/26/2015

Excellent Thread. I recommend the film Concussion (2013)

by Thank ureply 12305/26/2015

The Elizabeth Bishop one is totally depressing.

by Thank ureply 12405/26/2015

R122, that blonde girl is very cute and pretty. I found that her real name is Diane Rosser, but i couldn't find anything about her age. Anybody knows?

by Thank ureply 12505/29/2015

Hey girls, this video is yummy. It's porn, ok, but it's not too explicit, or dirty. They both have their fingernails cut and they just kiss and rub themselves. There is not ass kissing, and aggressive fingering. It's like a lesbian scene from a movie, with a lot of teasing...

by Thank ureply 12605/30/2015


by Thank ureply 12705/31/2015

[quote]The Hunger. Deneuve and Sarandon have a very hot lesbian scene in it.

[quote]Correction. Their body doubles have a hot scene.

It's definitely Deneuve you see sucking someone's nipple. Whether it's Sarandon's nipple or not I don't know, but it actually does look like her chest if you compare to other shots of her boobs where her face is visible.

Now, the shots from above of Deneuve's character where she is naked are definitely of a body double, because Deneuve was a little thick around the middle at this point but the body double wasn't.

by Thank ureply 12805/31/2015

That's a scene from the German series Verbotene Liebe. Unfortunately, the sound has been muted. You can also find this video on Youtube, but there is also no sound there (The link i send you is not from Youtube, because, in my opinion, the picture is a little more clear,here.) This scene is hot...

If you are interested in this couple, there are some scenes on Youtube with English subtitles that have sound ,so you can hear the voices of those two cute...Frauen. The couple is Rebecca (the brunette) and Miriam (the blonde)

by Thank ureply 12906/01/2015

DEBS is adorable as is Imagine Me and You. My all time favorite is Desert Hearts.

Tru Love is so damn stupid!

by Thank ureply 13006/01/2015

I liked It's In the Water. Silly but the blonde is hot.

by Thank ureply 13106/01/2015

Farewell, My Queen

by Thank ureply 13206/07/2015

Lol! R129, i love it when the brunette is going to the office of her father (after he caught her with the blonde chick in a very revealing position on the table, the other day) and she tolds him 'I'm not exactly sure what you saw'. What a line!

by Thank ureply 13306/07/2015

No retro love for "Personal Best"? Even with the brief bisexual cop out? Otherwise, pretty daring aka perfect for its time. And I loved that the women were spirited and had other goals on their mind, as well, not just morose staring-ahead sad sacks.

Another vote for "2 Girls in Love", at least at the time though I haven't seen it in years. Back in the days of True Indies that actually had theatrical releases.

by Thank ureply 13406/07/2015

Very sexy kiss. Hot couple.

It's from the Spanish series 'Hospital Central'

The couple is Maca and Vero.

by Thank ureply 13506/08/2015

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls has two yummy lesbian scenes (The BIG fingernails was a turnoff, but the scenes were gentle and sexy).

by Thank ureply 13606/08/2015

Blue is the Warmest Color

by Thank ureply 13706/08/2015

Lesbos, tell me about 'Marcy'.

by Thank ureply 13804/03/2016

Elder lesbians have you seen 'Marcy'?

by Thank ureply 13904/03/2016

Dessert Hearts? The Hunger? OK, you ladies have convinced me you are in your 70s and still fantasizing about fat acceptance, women with a Y and Michigan. You are also the same ones terrified of trans folks and losing your herstory correct?

by Thank ureply 14004/03/2016

there's a lot of really good girl-on-girl lesbian porn, or do you need a storyline?

by Thank ureply 14104/03/2016

If you want to see 'Marcy', there is on YouTube, if you don't mind watching it this way.

by Thank ureply 14204/03/2016

The 1964 Japanese film Manji should delight lesbians and gays alike.

The film is as insane as its sociopathic centerpiece, Mitsuko, who seduces multiple fools for love, but none more spectacularly than the hapless housewife who becomes entirely consumed by her erotic obsession.

by Thank ureply 14304/03/2016

R140, you're charmless and aggressive.

by Thank ureply 14404/03/2016

The horror movie A Nightmare On Dyke Street.

One...Two... A cock is coming for you,

Three... Four... Better lock your door,

Five... Six... No more strap-on dicks,

Seven... Eight... Time to procreate,

Nine... Ten... Never eat pussy again!

by Thank ureply 14504/03/2016

Another vote for Kyss Mig-Kiss Me.

by Thank ureply 14604/03/2016

How come and 'Camp Belvidere' is not easy to find, or download?

Lesbos you'll get very wet with this movie. Both females are feminine and beautiful and this film has received very good reviews.

by Thank ureply 14704/07/2016

Jeez, who bumped this?

Seasons 1&2 of Amazon's "Transparent" are one big lesbian soap opera, in a good way.

Like everybody else in the series, lesbians are given the freedom to be truly awful lovers and human beings.

by Thank ureply 14804/07/2016

I loved the trailer at R147's. However, I found out that this is a short film. It's 38 minutes. Maybe that's why there is not much noise about it. That's stupid, because if the movie was longer, it would be much talked about.

by Thank ureply 14904/08/2016


by Thank ureply 15005/25/2016

Has anyone seen the Italian movie, Me, Myself & Her?

by Thank ureply 15105/25/2016

Blue is the Warmest Color had a XXX sex scene

by Thank ureply 15205/25/2016

Apparently the Italians are doing it better, lez films, I saw Viola di mare. The sex scenes were super hot, but the film in general is depressing.

by Thank ureply 15305/25/2016

Did that Ferilli woman in Me Myself & Her have plastic surgery? Her face looks weird.

by Thank ureply 15405/26/2016

Yes, I just saw Me, Myself, and Her. The brunette has indeed gotten herself the Courtney Cox plastic surgery but the film is very film nonetheless. No big sex scenes but it was well written and acted.

by Thank ureply 15506/05/2016

We need more good lesbian scenes and movies.

by Thank ureply 15606/05/2016

R156. I agree. The new Park Chan-wook film ‘The Handmaiden’, looks promising.

by Thank ureply 15706/05/2016


If these walls could talk 2

Room in Rome

Better than chocolate

by Thank ureply 15806/05/2016

When I was in college, all the dykes were into "Bound" and "Go Fish."

I think "Go Fish" has explicit lesbian sex, but I never heard anyone say it was a great story.

by Thank ureply 15906/05/2016

I saw Camp Belvidere this week. I don't know why Ferilli went overboard with the surgery. Her face is distracting. Is the movie out in the US yet?

by Thank ureply 16006/05/2016

Hey lesbos and whoever else is this:

From 25:02 to 29:20

by Thank ureply 16107/07/2016

A Perfect Ending wasn't too bad. Despite the age difference Barbara Niven and Jessica Clark had chemistry.

by Thank ureply 16207/31/2016


Great Trailer

by Thank ureply 16307/31/2016

Summertime / La Belle Saison

by Thank ureply 16407/31/2016

La Répétition" with Emmanuelle Béart & Pascale Bussières

by Thank ureply 16507/31/2016

The Summer of Sangaile, on Netflix USA

by Thank ureply 16607/31/2016

The Duke of Burgundy

by Thank ureply 16707/31/2016

Elena Undone is a cheesy mess.

by Thank ureply 16808/02/2016

If you are not Greek, you probably won't get to see this movie. I have no idea if there are English subtitles somewhere for it. I hope, they do, because that film could be a cult.

It reminds me of David Lynch's Mulholland Dr. and the interesting thing is that 'See You In Hell, My Darling' was made in 1999, while Mulholland Dr. in 2001.

Watch the trailer of 'See You In Hell, My Darling'. Don't get confused, that's the movie, the movie title is just in Greek.

by Thank ureply 16908/09/2016

Bump lesbos. Bump!

by Thank ureply 17008/09/2016


by Thank ureply 17108/09/2016

The Zero Years by Nikos Nicolaidis has english subtitles and it's a very peculiar and good movie. It has a black humor, and lesbianism and friendship are two of the elements of this film. Just see it! You won't regret it.

by Thank ureply 17208/12/2016

Have you see 'Pusinky'?

Good thing starts from 1:23, randy lesbos.

by Thank ureply 17310/13/2016


by Thank ureply 17410/13/2016

Fried Green Tomatoes, seriously.

by Thank ureply 17510/13/2016

Aimée & Jaguar

by Thank ureply 17610/13/2016
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