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Gay Inappropriate jokes

What's the most popular pick up line in a gay bar? Can I push your stool in?

by Pink parodyreply 10505/29/2015

or, another take What does one homosexual say to another homosexual going on vacation? Can I help you pack your shit?

by Pink parodyreply 112/04/2010

What does AIDS stand for? Anally Injected Death Sentence.

by Pink parodyreply 212/04/2010

Four homosexuals are sitting in a hot tub. They notice some sperm rising to the surface. One of them says, "Ok, who farted?"

by Pink parodyreply 312/04/2010

Q: What do you call a gay bar without bar stools?%0D %0D A: A fruit stand

by Pink parodyreply 412/04/2010

Q: How do you fit 4 gay men on one bar stool at the same time?%0D %0D A: Turn it upside down.

by Pink parodyreply 512/04/2010

What does a horse say? Haay-aay

by Pink parodyreply 612/04/2010


by Pink parodyreply 712/04/2010

Why did God create gay men? So fat girls could dance.

by Pink parodyreply 812/05/2010

Promising thread. Keep them cumming!

by Pink parodyreply 912/05/2010

Bump (for research)

by Pink parodyreply 1012/05/2010

R8, I think you mean why did God create "black" men? And the answer is so fat "white" girls could dance (and get laid).

by Pink parodyreply 1112/05/2010

Why do gay men do this? *do a flipping limp wrist* Because there's never enough room to do this! *as you're saying the punchline, do a giant Las Vegas style step in with big sweeping arms and a limp wrist*

by Pink parodyreply 1212/05/2010

How do gay guys do a drive by? They pull up in a Mazda Miata, throw a bunch of Skittles and yell, TASTE THE RAINBOW, BITCHES!!!

by Pink parodyreply 1312/05/2010

I remember many of these from when idiot jocks would giggle over them in high school.%0D %0D Keep the 'wit' coming!

by Pink parodyreply 1412/05/2010

Nothing funny yet....

by Pink parodyreply 1512/05/2010

Q. What's the difference between a gay man and a refrigerator? A. Refrigerators don't fart when you pull the meat out.

by Pink parodyreply 1612/05/2010

How do you know your roommate is gay?%0D %0D His dick tastes like shit.

by Pink parodyreply 1712/05/2010

r 16, you have no ear for language. The punch line goes like this: When you pull your meat out of a refrigerator, it doesn't fart.

by Pink parodyreply 1812/05/2010

Brain Twister: A male hairdresser and a male figure skater are trapped together on a desert island. Which one is the top?

by Pink parodyreply 1912/05/2010

What happened to the other thread to cause it to be deleted?

by Pink parodyreply 2012/05/2010

Why do so many gay men have moustaches? To hide the stretch marks.

by Pink parodyreply 2112/05/2010

More! More!

by Pink parodyreply 2212/05/2010

What do you call a gay dinosaur? Mega-sore-ass.

by Pink parodyreply 2312/05/2010

I have never laughed so hard reading a joke thread.%0D %0D I love the drive-by joke.

by Pink parodyreply 2412/05/2010

R6, should that be, "what does a GAY horse say?"

by Pink parodyreply 2512/05/2010

Why do gay guys have mustaches? To hide the stretch marks.

by Pink parodyreply 2612/05/2010

Sorry, I skipped r21.

by Pink parodyreply 2712/05/2010

Why do gay guys? To hide the stretch marks.

by Pink parodyreply 2812/05/2010

A policeman yells to a gay motorist to pull over. The gay guy yells back, "It's called a CARDIGAN!"

by Pink parodyreply 2912/05/2010

What do you call a lesbian dinosaur?%0D %0D A lickalotopus

by Pink parodyreply 3012/05/2010

These are dumb.

by Pink parodyreply 3112/05/2010

Why do gay men have mustaches?

They are mean and angry and conrolling and abusive

by Pink parodyreply 3212/05/2010

how does a gay guy fake an orgasm? spit on his boyfriends back.

by Pink parodyreply 3312/05/2010

What's the difference between anal sex and a microwave? A microwave won't brown your meat.

by Pink parodyreply 3412/05/2010

What does a gay mouse say?

Can I fuck you?

by Pink parodyreply 3512/05/2010

What do you call a gay man on roller skates? Roll AIDS!

by Pink parodyreply 3612/05/2010

"I want to be frank with you, I'm a lesbian." "NO! I want to be Frank."

by Pink parodyreply 3712/05/2010

A gay man walks into a deli, sees a great big pepperoni sausage, and has plans for it. Gay man: I'll take that pepperoni that's hanging up there. Deli guy: Do you want that sliced? Gay man: Of course not! What do I look like? A piggy bank?

by Pink parodyreply 3812/05/2010

A queer caught his boyfriend masturbating into a rubber. "What do you think you are doing/" "Packing you a lunch."

by Pink parodyreply 3912/05/2010

Q. How many lesbians does it take to change a light bulb? A. That's not funny.

by Pink parodyreply 4012/05/2010


by Pink parodyreply 4112/05/2010

What about the two Scottish queers? Ben Doon and Phil McCrevis

by Pink parodyreply 4212/05/2010

What is the leading cause of death among lesbians?


by Pink parodyreply 4312/05/2010

When a man and woman get married they need a marriage license. What do Lesbians need? A licker license.

by Pink parodyreply 4412/05/2010

How did the whale get AIDS?

He got rear ended by a ferry.

by Pink parodyreply 4512/05/2010

What do you call two Irish queers? Patrick Fitzmichael and Michael Fitzpatrick.

by Pink parodyreply 4612/05/2010

Did you hear about the Australian queer that went missing? They found him in Sydney.

by Pink parodyreply 4712/05/2010

Q. Why was the queer fired from the sperm bank? A. He was caught drinking on the job.

by Pink parodyreply 4812/05/2010

How can you tell you've had gay burglars? They re-arranged all your furniture and left a note criticizing your curtains.

by Pink parodyreply 4912/05/2010

A college boy decided to tell his mother he was gay.

So pn his next visit home, he went to the kitchen where his mother was and nervously explained to her that he was gay.

Without looking up from her stew, his mother said, "You mean, homosexual?"


"Does that mean you suck penises?"


"Don't you ever complain about my cooking again!"

by Pink parodyreply 5012/05/2010

A doctor set up practice in a small, Baptist town. His sign read: "Dr. Jones, specializing in the treatment of Homosexuals and Hemorrhoids."%0D %0D The Church Ladies group objected and gave the doctor 24 hours to change the sign or get run out of town.%0D %0D Next day the sign read: "Dr. Jones, specializing in the treatment of Queers and Rears".%0D %0D The Church Ladies were not pleased, and gave the good doctor one last chance.%0D %0D Sign the next day: "Dr. Jones, Odds & Ends."

by Pink parodyreply 5112/05/2010

more more more!

by Pink parodyreply 5212/06/2010

None of these are funny.


by Pink parodyreply 5312/06/2010

Q: What do you call a gay dentist?%0D %0D A: A tooth fairy.%0D

by Pink parodyreply 5412/06/2010

Q: What did one gay dentist say to the other?%0D %0D A: You have the whitest teeth I've ever come across.%0D

by Pink parodyreply 5512/06/2010

Q: What's the hardest thing about learning to in-line skate?%0D %0D A: Telling your dad you're gay.

by Pink parodyreply 5612/06/2010

Is it horny in here or is it just me?

by Pink parodyreply 5712/06/2010

Loved 48, 49 and 50! %0D %0D R53 is an idiot who takes himself too seriously.

by Pink parodyreply 5812/06/2010

Come on, queens! More wit, please?

by Pink parodyreply 5912/10/2010

DL use of the c-word, and the word "frau," must be stopped - not just because they are offensive, but because they are making it possible for people to harm queer teens. Stop the violence.

by Pink parodyreply 6012/13/2010

R60, I agree with you but this thread is a FUN thread and your comment is not appropriate.

by Pink parodyreply 6112/13/2010


by Pink parodyreply 6212/16/2010

Did you hear about the gay muggers? %0D %0D One guy held the woman down...while the other styled her hair. %0D

by Pink parodyreply 6312/17/2010

Did you hear about the AIDS hospice in Atlanta?%0D %0D It's called Sick Fags Over Georgia.

by Pink parodyreply 6412/17/2010

Older than Vaudeville.

by Pink parodyreply 6512/19/2010

DL use of:%0D %0D fag', 'rimmer', 'ass', 'cocksucker', 'cuntface', 'poopchute', 'cunt', 'bourgeouis', 'celebrity', 'hole', 'pole', and other such words...%0D %0D is offensive to everyone and should be stopped immediately!!!

by Pink parodyreply 6612/19/2010

Why is "bourgeois" offensive?

by Pink parodyreply 6712/23/2010

And "celebrity"?

by Pink parodyreply 6812/23/2010

[quote]These are dumb. And homophobic. And the people laughing themselves sick and posting "more, more!" don't know it, but they sound like straight redneck teenagers. Ones who flunked out of high school. It's not a fun thread; it's a stupid thread. Who is on DL now that would read a bunch of AIDS jokes and call them hilarious? This place is filled with people who are every bit as unintelligent and homophobic as those we mock from freerepublic.

by Pink parodyreply 6912/23/2010

And yet you're still here, r69.

by Pink parodyreply 7012/23/2010

R69, self-derision is the core of true British humour.%0D Am I wrong in assuming that you are a thick dumb and uneducated American?

by Pink parodyreply 7112/24/2010

she is, just ignore her

by Pink parodyreply 7212/24/2010

What do you call an open can of tuna fish in a lesbian's apartment? POTPOURRI!i

by Pink parodyreply 7312/24/2010

R73, I'm not sure lesbians will take it as humourously as gay men here. Women are less capable of self-derision.%0D %0D Just sayin'.

by Pink parodyreply 7412/24/2010

Its long so bare with me To gay college roommates got bored and decided to play a game the first roommate says let's play a new game the way you play is by shoving something up the others ass and we have to guess what it is. So the other guy is like okay let's play I'm first so he goes and grabs something and shove it up the guy's ass in the first roommate says oh I know this one its its its a broom the second roommate says wow you're good at this game. now the first roommate yells my turn then turns around and goes and gets something and shoves it up the other guy's ass the second roommate says thats easy its a mop the first guy says wow your good at this game . The second guy says my turn again and goes and grabs something comes back and rams It up the guys ass. The first guy says ohh I know this its for clogged toilets up Wats It called...(if you just thought plunger then your good at this game you know who you are)

by Pink parodyreply 7506/02/2013

I assume you've all heard about the Greek man who wouldn't visit the U.S. because he couldn't bear to leave his brother's behind?

by Pink parodyreply 7606/03/2013

Well ... Most of these are groaners.

by Pink parodyreply 7706/03/2013

A lesbian goes to the gynecologist. While she's laid back with her feet in the stirrups, being examined, the gynecologist remarks, "You keep things very clean down here."

The lesbian replies, "Thanks! I have a lady who comes in twice a week."

by Pink parodyreply 7806/03/2013


by Pink parodyreply 7911/16/2013

Earrings and caftan too R66!

by Pink parodyreply 8011/16/2013

R79 = Alec Baldwin.

by Pink parodyreply 8111/16/2013

1) It's not possible to offend a real gay man; 2) I never met a lezzie without a rich sense of humor; 3) These pissy prudes are a disgrace to the cause.

by Pink parodyreply 8211/17/2013

A priest is doing sermon on all the evils in the world. He starts out calm talking about adultery, gets louder when he talks about stealing, and when he gets to homosexuality he practically brings the roof down. After the service one of the parishioners sees the priest left his notes behind and gets a little curious so he reads them. In the margins beside the gay section, the priest has written 'Argument weak here, shout very loudly'.

by Pink parodyreply 8311/17/2013

R83 is the only funny joke in this entire thread.

by Pink parodyreply 8411/17/2013

I laughed out loud at R32.

by Pink parodyreply 8511/17/2013


by Pink parodyreply 8611/17/2013

Had a snicker at r29

by Pink parodyreply 8711/17/2013

What did the Trix Rabbit kids say to the gay guy? Silly faggot, dicks are for chicks!

by Pink parodyreply 8811/28/2013

How do you make a gay man scream twice?

1. Fuck him in the ass.

2. Wipe your dick on the curtains.

by Pink parodyreply 8911/28/2013

What's the difference between a homo and a refrigerator?

The refrigerator doesn't fart when you pull the meat out.

by Pink parodyreply 9001/25/2014

Actually it is hard to believe that many gay men would have so much self hatred as to find these jokes funny. It would qualify as pathological.

by Pink parodyreply 9109/22/2014

What do you call the bouncer at a gay bar? A flame thrower.

by Pink parodyreply 9209/23/2014

What does a gay man and an ambulance have in common? They both get loaded from the rear and go whoo-whoo!!

by Pink parodyreply 9311/19/2014

What did Paul Lynde say when he found a nest of rats in his attic?

He said " I haven't seen this many shitty little rodents since my last colonoscopy!"

by Pink parodyreply 9411/23/2014

Have you heard about the gay midget?

He just came out of the cupboard.

by Pink parodyreply 9511/23/2014

What do you call a gay milkman? A dairy queen

by Pink parodyreply 9611/23/2014


by Pink parodyreply 9711/23/2014

Dammit, I actually laughed

by Pink parodyreply 9811/23/2014

Gentlemen, you have restored my belief in the wit and humour of DL posters.

by Pink parodyreply 9911/23/2014

R82 is completely right, as usual.

by Pink parodyreply 10011/24/2014

What does GAY stand for?

Got AIDS yet?

by Pink parodyreply 10111/24/2014

Reply 18. You're an idiot!!!

by Pink parodyreply 10202/03/2015

#69. You are an idiot!!! They are called jokes. Get over it.

by Pink parodyreply 10302/03/2015

One gay man says to the other straight man I want dicks! The other man says dicks sporting goods it just down the street. The gay man says. Does that street lead up your ass. The straight man says. No but it leads to Dicks sporting goods like I just said. The gay man says I'm not stupid u dick face. The straight man says. I'm not a dick face but ducks sporting goods is just up the street!

by Pink parodyreply 10404/12/2015

A gay couple decided to have a baby so the found a surrogate, played mix the semen, and 9 months later got a call that they were fathers. When they got to the hospital the nurse led them to the nursery full of screaming babies except for one lying there peacefully. The nurse pointed to the quiet one and said, "that one is you're." The new dads looked at each other and sighed, "awww, look how happy he is". The nurse just shook her head and said, "sure, but wait till we take the pacifier out of his ass."

by Pink parodyreply 10505/29/2015
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