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What do you like best about Glory Hole Sex?

I love to get fucked through the hole deep and raw. This NSFW photo speaks a thousand words

by Craving Jizreply 3412/08/2010

I prefer sex with someone who cares enough about me to know want what I look like, thank you.

by Craving Jizreply 911/29/2010

Hmm, R8, I thought the photo was interesting because the slut is about to get bred full of cum.

Tomato, tomato.

by Craving Jizreply 1011/29/2010

I see, R9. Must have been a while then, eh?

by Craving Jizreply 1111/29/2010

R10 Presenting the cum filled ass

by Craving Jizreply 1211/30/2010

I've been going to Xpressions on E. 53rd and haven't seen anyone there whom I'd touch with a barge pole. Where are all the suits and the Euro guys from the U.N. missions?

by Craving Jizreply 1311/30/2010

I remember when they had GHs with handles.%0D %0D So convenient.

by Craving Jizreply 1411/30/2010

OP has a most unattractive ass. No wonder he has to resort to glory holes.

by Craving Jizreply 1711/30/2010

I rather it be more of a gay sex forum than a Frau posting, Log Cabin, pearl clutching forum, R16.%0D %0D Why so sex phobic? Not gettin any? Tampon a bit tight today?%0D %0D

by Craving Jizreply 1811/30/2010

Move it along toots @ R16

by Craving Jizreply 1911/30/2010


by Craving Jizreply 2012/01/2010


by Craving Jizreply 2112/01/2010


by Craving Jizreply 2212/01/2010

r20-22, you do realize you're just linking us to the home pages of sex sites, right?%0D %0D If you do, it's lame, uncreative, there's no cute joke or irony in it, and it's simply stupid, so stop!

by Craving Jizreply 2312/01/2010

We can talk about sex here, we aren't living during the Crusades are we?

by Craving Jizreply 2512/01/2010

Bump for more hot glory holes.

by Craving Jizreply 2612/02/2010

that the skeevy trash who use them distill the dating pool for more desirable men?

by Craving Jizreply 2712/02/2010

People who use them would probably not be in any "dating" pool anyway. They're not looking for dates.

by Craving Jizreply 2812/02/2010

This is Glory hole sex at its best. A nice big dick shooting a nice big load on the nose of a hot twink.


by Craving Jizreply 2912/07/2010

[quote]I like to drop a load in a gloryhole slut every now and then... it's nice breeding a hole without having to give a flying fuck about the person attached to it.

Typhoid Mary!

by Craving Jizreply 3012/07/2010

OP, you'll LOVE this home-made x-tube vid

by Craving Jizreply 3112/07/2010

F&F for the asshat at R24.%0D %0D

by Craving Jizreply 3212/08/2010

Those glory hole pics do paint a thousand words, but only one stands out: AIDS!

by Craving Jizreply 3312/08/2010

]quote] I suggest you haul your pimply ass off to an actual gay sex forum where the whole purpose is to exchange fantasies while pulling your lonely weenie

While you are certainly passionate about your chosen subject, I can't help but wonder: how hard is it to scroll past a topic you aren't interested in?

by Craving Jizreply 3412/08/2010
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