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Why Are Gay Guys Attractive, And "Gay Face"

I was actually asked by a straight woman why gay guys are "statistically", she put it that way, more attractive. I didn't have an answer. I somewhat agree with her. Yes, there are MANY ugly gay males. However, you have to admit that there are a majority of what is classified as the desired male beauty. I'm referring to facially, not body, mind you. I know that a lot of us take care of our skin, and what not, but that doesn't explain why many of us have symmetrical faces.

This brings me to the next subject: gay face. Why do so many gay men have it? Is there a link between homosexuality and what we classify as "gay face"? Many gays have it. Surely, you can create this look if you pluck your eyebrows, and put lip gloss on, but most of us don't, and many of us still have "gay face".

So, you may be wondering, what do these two subjects have to do with one another. Well, male beauty is usually defined by faces that have some feminine features. In fact, when polled, women chose men who had more feminine facial features as the ones who would be good fathers.

by uggoreply 15312/20/2014

I would agree about the idea of "desired male beauty", but I think the "desired" portion reflects what gay men want and desire, and what society dictates has a large part to do with that. Too many gay men are over-styled, which is what they think is desirable, because they see that image in popular culture and society.

As far as the "gayface" thing goes, there was a thread about this a while back, and a lot of people used words like "over-expressive" and "trying too hard" in regards to the stereotypical gayface we see in pictures. "gayface" is a combination of the "desired male beauty" as noted above, and the general over-expressiveness many gay men participate in, especially when there is a camera in front of them. I don't know if they're mocking what they see in pictures of famous women, but they tend to open their eyes widely, smile so that you can see every tooth in their head, and they will sometimes do campy poses, as well.

This is why when I go out, I'm usually not attracted to these types of men. I am usually looking at a man who gives himself at face value, and appears to be low-maintenance (or at least "reasonable maintenance"). In other words, I like to see a guy who will look basically the same when he is up on a Sunday morning having breakfast as when he goes out on a Saturday night.

by uggoreply 1411/29/2010

r18, birds of a feather flock together, sweetie.

by uggoreply 1911/29/2010

It sounds like finding out a hot guy is actually gay is a major dick wilter for a lot of men.

by uggoreply 2211/29/2010

Gay men try too hard, and the result is usually some grotesque version of true masculinity.

by uggoreply 2411/29/2010

[quote]The sad fact is straight men are much better looking. All the hottest actors, all the big uber hot models are all straight, jeez even the hottest gay porn stars are straight. Yeah, OK.

by uggoreply 2511/29/2010

[quote]Gay guys are attractive?? Are you fucking kidding me? There is not one guy in a gay bar I would want to fuck. But I would fuck every guy in a frat or baseball team. Straight guys much hotter.

Especially since there are no gay guys in a frat or baseball team, right?. Your "straight guys are much hotter", is just your insecurities about being gay

by uggoreply 2611/29/2010

IKR Ricky at r25.

by uggoreply 2711/29/2010

[quote]"gayface" is a combination of the "desired male beauty" as noted above, and the general over-expressiveness many gay men participate in, especially when there is a camera in front of them.%0D %0D You told!

by uggoreply 2811/29/2010

straight women are better than lesbians for the most part!

by uggoreply 3111/29/2010

R30, you are ruggedly good-looking. I like it.

by uggoreply 3211/29/2010

Wentworth Miller owns this thread.

by uggoreply 3311/30/2010

Totally agree, OP.

by uggoreply 3411/30/2010

I might be the only one, but doesn't Mr. Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds have a severe case of "gay face"???

by uggoreply 3511/30/2010

The gays i know are not good looking at all

by uggoreply 3611/30/2010

Yep, straight celebs are hottest!

by uggoreply 3711/30/2010

Was the picture of the guy with the long hair Armistead Maupin? It looks like him.

by uggoreply 3811/30/2010

"2. Many gay guys are pretty. Maybe it has to do with being gay or maybe it is coincidence, but many women find pretty men very attractive."%0D %0D Agreed. Well, at least 12 year old girls and the women who continue to think like them into dotage.%0D %0D

by uggoreply 3911/30/2010

"Well, male beauty is usually defined by faces that have some feminine features. In fact, when polled, women chose men who had more femin..."

that may be true, but don't a great many gay men find masculine looking faces especially attractive? I know I do, and find them much more sexually appealing than feminine looking faces.

by uggoreply 4011/30/2010

I'd say that one of the reasons is that an average gay guy over the age of 30 probably takes better care of himself in terms of fitness and grooming than his straight counterpart. I have a few straight friends who, if they went to the gym regularly, got decent clothes and realized that a nice haircut could make a world of difference would get noticeably more attractive. This way, they just look average.

by uggoreply 4111/30/2010

They did a scientific study of this. The two things considered most attractive in male faces are:

1. Androgynous features 2. Facial symmetry

And, for some reason, these two things occur most often in gay men. Perhaps it has to do with the hormones in the womb or the same genetic predisposition which also causes homosexuality? Who knows. But there it is.

To the people saying only straight guys are attractive:

Many of the most famous examples of male beauty--Rock Hudson, James Dean, Cary Grant, probably Paul Newman, Tom Cruise, et al--were also gay and/or men who had sex with men or "bi". Many were also considered to be straight by the general public.

I bet many of the queens shrieking that only frat boys and athletes and straight models and actors and "straight porn stars" (snicker) are the only attractive ones would be shocked to know how many of the most attractive ones are closeted gay/bi, just as the culture was shocked to discover in the 80s that a revered and masculine male movie star, Rock Hudson, was gay. (And before some queen shrieks "Everyone knew!" No, not everyone. It was a big shock to the culture at large, who carried around the same sorts of stereotypes that you do.)

On top of this, imho gay guys who are good-looking and masculine have an easier time hiding their sexuality and more often do.

Gay bars are not usually representative of the gay population as a whole: these are people who are out, single, live in urban or at least gay-friendly areas etc. It's a small sub-population, and as such is not representative and is likely representative of the LESS attractive among us... But even so... as such it's a relatively good-looking population imho. Compare to the population at the average Wal-Mart, not to models and movie stars (ironically, most of whom are gay!!).

by uggoreply 4211/30/2010

It makes sense in theory, R41, but I would disagree with the notion that most gay men actually do take better care of themselves.%0D %0D I live in SoMa in SF, which is "Bear Country"...I can't tell you how many gay men simply DON'T take care of themselves at all, and somehow they attract other like minded 'carefree' men.

by uggoreply 4411/30/2010

I spit out my coffee that, R43, lol.

by uggoreply 4511/30/2010

I like nellie bitches.

by uggoreply 4711/30/2010

I agree..... with some exceptions

by uggoreply 4811/30/2010

r49 you are a hypocrite

by uggoreply 5012/01/2010

And you are the homophobic cunt infesting this board right now, r50. %0D %0D

by uggoreply 5112/01/2010

So someone earlier said that gay guys have too much estrogen, uhhh.... this is not true otherwise all of them would have breasts.... lol

by uggoreply 5203/30/2012

[quote] women chose men who had more feminine facial features as the ones who would be good fathers

It's true that women are attracted to feminine features when they are on the hunt for a provider. But the type of men they want to fuck are overwhelmingly masculine.

It makes sense. You need someone stable, boring and compliant to be your sugar daddy. But when you want a hot fuck---it's the bad boys they pick every time.

by uggoreply 5303/30/2012

umm.. I can't tell you how many moobs I've seen.

by uggoreply 5403/30/2012

Many women are looking for kindess, stability, a friend, sweetness, a good loving father to their children, on top of "looks", and a lot of those studies show that women tend to find guys physically attractive if they think the attributes they have are clues to finding those guys ....

As for "gay men", if you're attractive to women, you may be attractive to many gay men, the question is -

(1) Is it a particular kind of gay men who you want to find you attractive that don't?

(2) Do you do anything that might project a sense that you're not attractive in general?

(3) Can you think of any reason why guys who reject attractive interesting women might not find you attractive?

and ultimately

(4) Regardless of your dick size, do you think you're good in bed, and that guys who you want to flirt with you sense that you might be?

by uggoreply 5703/30/2012

[quote]Great guy, great body gets dressed and looks like a complete slob. Greasy hair. Bad skin - sores they've been picking at, one half of their face shaved with patches they missed, scratching their asses and picking their noses....

None of that would deter me. I would choose that over a moisturized, skinny jeans and white belt-wearing prisspot any day.

by uggoreply 5803/30/2012

I think what we call a "gay face" is really the tendency of gay men always to maintain a "ready for my close-up" expression. You never catch us gaping, chewing, picking, slack-jawed, slumped or slouched. We always present as bright-eyed, best feature/side forward, lips/expression favorable just in case someone is checking us out, even at two in the morning, hailing a cab in the driving rain.

by uggoreply 5903/30/2012

I have to admit, there are some good looking gay guys..and I mean good looking. Great hair, chiseled face, nice body, well put together - the works. The thing that messes it up almost always, is when they open their mouth and that nasally nelly voice comes out. Aagghhhhh! It's soooo sad because they are so attractive and then this horrible whiny bitch voice that sounds like it should be coming out of somebody else kills the deal. Gay face is when a gay guy had potential to be attractive but because he's walking around with flared nostrils that look like he just smelled his own ass, and those pursed lips, he's not attractive - he just looks like a nelly queen...hence, gay face.

by uggoreply 6103/30/2012

Yes r58 those are the two possible choices.


by uggoreply 6403/30/2012

R61 you are hilarious. Why should I or anyone change the word to weirdo face, gender freak face or prissy face just to make you comfortable? Weirdo face doesn't make sense. Gender freak face sounds like you've got some self-loathing problems and prissy face is pretty much the same as gay face except now you're pretty much insulting women. Noone is demonizing homos, they're asking about gay face. Like the one you've got on you right now. Call it whatever you f***** want. Answer the question posed by OP or go away.

by uggoreply 6503/31/2012

R63=Brand new to DL.

by uggoreply 6603/31/2012


Thanks for the feedback. I think you nailed it for me.

by uggoreply 6703/31/2012

[quote]I have to admit, there are some good looking gay guys..and I mean good looking. Great hair, chiseled face, nice body, well put together - the works. The thing that messes it up almost always, is when they open their mouth and that nasally nelly voice comes out. Aagghhhhh! It's soooo sad because they are so attractive and then this horrible whiny bitch voice that sounds like it should be coming out of somebody else kills the deal.

Years ago when I lived in Germany, I frequented a bar also frequented by a then well-known male model. When he was sitting still and in the right light, he was the most handsome, most masculine-looking man you've ever seen. Stop-you-in-your-tracks gorgeous. Then he would move or talk, and he was the nelliest thing in the world, with the nasal, whiny voice and the hands flapping all over the place. It was an absolute turn-off.

by uggoreply 7010/30/2012

""""""All the hottest actors, all the big uber hot models are all straight, jeez even the hottest gay porn stars are straight."""""


by uggoreply 7210/30/2012

We call it "fag eyes." Because the giveaway is in the eyes.

by uggoreply 7310/30/2012

[quote]Gay guys are attractive?? Are you fucking kidding me? There is not one guy in a gay bar I would want to fuck. But I would fuck every guy in a frat or baseball team. Straight guys much hotter.

And then Karma rears it's head. Those "straight butch guys" would much rather top a fem guy than fuck with you. They find them less threatening.

by uggoreply 7410/30/2012

Well, I'm female and I don't find pretty men attractive. I like men looking manly not pretty. I don't understand "gay face" either. Why? That seems like something different than being gay.

by uggoreply 7510/30/2012

Eddie Murphy did a perfect gay face in Raw.

by uggoreply 7610/30/2012

I have heard about some studies - gay man are linked to good looking and attractive mothers genetics - what is why most gay man have that simmetrical face

by uggoreply 7711/06/2012

I'm sort of a gay guy - actually I'm a trans genital girl. I was cute as a little girl, but I felt forced to appear the same as my genotype. This did not change my actual appearance.

I am now 74. My appearance has come to look like what I wold call sinister. I don't know why. I'm still the loving and happy person that I was in my developmental years.

I'm not writing because I have the answers, I don't. I'm writing because I am just like you in that I don't know why things are as they are. I thought that we should know how alike we are.

by uggoreply 7901/12/2013

We are no more attractive then straights OP! Wearing a pair of Prada shoes doesn't make you pretty.

by uggoreply 8001/12/2013

r68, those pictures at your link are so true! Gayface is the face that gay men make that says, "I'm putting on a SHOW for YOOOOU!!!"

by uggoreply 8101/12/2013

I am happy to read your post r79.

by uggoreply 8201/12/2013

I know plenty of homely gay men. Why are you taking the opinion of a straight woman about this seriously? She probably doesn't know many gay men outside of movies and tv and those people are going to be more attractive than the general population.

by uggoreply 8301/12/2013

The thing about Eddie Murphy cracked me up, when he did the bit about gays, with his eyes wide, his nostrils flaring, he did gayface like an expert,... oh, wait...

by uggoreply 8401/12/2013

This thread was just begging for the frau infestation. Wonder how many posts on this thread are from fraus... it seems like the infestation has already happened.

by uggoreply 8501/12/2013

R83 is right. The whole thread is based on fag hag bullshit.

by uggoreply 8601/12/2013

I believe there was a study that showed that gay men tend to have more symmetrical faces with more androgynous features, both of which are features most people find attractive in a man's face. Add in the fact that many gay men understand how important the visual is in attracting males--they're men themselves--and gay men tend to take care of their bodies, dress well, groom etc. (And when you exercise and eat right, your face, not just your body, looks better btw).

And no one ever said ALL gay men were attractive. Think bell curve. Gay men's curve would just be ever so slightly ahead of the average imho due to the reasons above, that's all. There are still plenty of attractive straight guys and plenty of unattractive gay guys, as we all know.

by uggoreply 8701/12/2013

Surely that could have been shorter, r88. And funny.

by uggoreply 8901/12/2013

Even here in L.A, the straight guys are way hotter. Gay men here are too girly

by uggoreply 9001/12/2013

Gayface guys tend to have eyebrows that arch a bit, and like to pose with one of them arched. Their smile tends to have a smirky insincerity, almost like they are holding what they think is a big secret no one knows.

by uggoreply 9101/12/2013

[quote]Gay men try too hard, and the result is usually some grotesque version of true masculinity.

Actually, there's some truth in that. An ex of mine has fetishes of various kinds, has boxing gear in his room, army gear, leather gear etc. When he goes out in he sometimes looks like a gay guy doing drag king. Of course, most of us have 'a look', but the look for him is bordering on pastiche, although he perceives himself as very masculine... actually, that's not accurate- we talked a few times and he said the clothes and fetishes made him feel like a real guy, and not guilty, especially when having sex.

by uggoreply 9201/12/2013

[quote]This thread is so reductive. It treats complex human beings as stereotypes.

[quote] as a power bottom, my primary requirement is that my partner be a power top, not gayface, mascface, etc.

Oh dear. So reductive treating complex human beings as stereotypes.

by uggoreply 9401/12/2013

men are visual creatures, more so than females, and therefore have expectations of looks that women typically overlook for security.

Well, gay men are MEN! Therefore, the standards are higher than most straight guys. We have to attract partners by being sexually appealing: fit, dress nice, and good hygene.

Therefore, we make an effort (usually) and it shows.

Women take notice.


by uggoreply 9501/12/2013

Straight guys with gayface are the best of all!

by uggoreply 9701/15/2013

R101, you're delusional. This is kind of LA-centric, but if you get a chance, go to West Hollywood and then go to the Sunset Strip, and you'll see that while gay men (in LA, at least) are the cream of the crop, the "straight bros" are fat, out-of-shape and barely 5's on a 1-10 gay scale.

Gay men dominate straight men in all ways in LA (and in California, really). I almost feel bad for all the LA girlies having to settle . . .

by uggoreply 10301/18/2013

I feel bad for you gay guys that live in places with all of these supposed gorgeous straight guys vs. ugly, hideous gay men. Gee, that must be tough.

by uggoreply 10401/18/2013

I hear a lot of women comment on very attractive men, especially the ones with good bodies and pretty faces and say they are too good looking to be straight. What's the deal with that? Is it more often true than not?

by uggoreply 10501/18/2013


by uggoreply 10601/18/2013

This thread has rung a few bells for me. I look and sound very masculine. I'm in sales and I get---are you Shadoe Stevens? You should be in radio. Thanks. That's my voice.

Grew up in a very Italian household Don't know why, but my movements give me away as gay. We use our hands a lot. I'm a shaved head, goatee sort, tall and big. You'd never not know when I'm still. I was a bouncer for a bit. I laugh about it now, but it made me embarrassed for a while. I'm a girly big guy and I'm finally fine with that.

by uggoreply 10701/19/2013

I see more effeminate gay men than gorgeous gay men. Gay men are amazing to me because some of them are MORE feminine than a female!!! They must have triple the estrogen than we do to act like that.

However, when you run across a gorgeous, studly lookng gay man those are the ones you can't take your eyes off of. Just handsome as ever!!

by uggoreply 10801/19/2013

There are gay guys that are more attractive than even Matt Bomer and Ricky Martin all over the place. Does anyone agree with this? I can't understand why the out celebrities are usually not the best looking of the orientation.

by uggoreply 11001/29/2013

Gorgeous men are more likely to be straight, just as all men are more likely to be straight.

by uggoreply 11101/29/2013

Gays are just better looking.

by uggoreply 11201/29/2013

False, false, false. Gay men are equally likely to be gorgeous, statistically speaking. Unless you are saying that attraction has discriminating qualities that eliminate gay men from contention (which I would argue the opposite).

by uggoreply 11401/29/2013

I'm not talking about how they 'act', it's how they look. Believe me, as many straight men as gay men get ugly when they open their mouths or saunter across the hallway.

by uggoreply 11601/29/2013

Self-care is a huge part of it. Many -- not all -- gay men seem to put a little more time and effort into their personal appearance, no matter the looks they were born with.

by uggoreply 11701/29/2013

"Well, male beauty is usually defined by faces that have some feminine features."

Not quite sure I'd agree with that. Do you have statistics?

And while a woman might prejudicially believe a man with a more feminine face might be a better father, that might just indicate - whether correctly or not - that he'd be less likely to impregnate other women, and therefore make a better provider, rather than his being more sexually desirable.

Also, what is considered hot changes among people and as a fashion over time.

A lot of us prefer Tome Selleck to Taylor Lautner and think Selleck would better in bed.

by uggoreply 11801/29/2013

I think homosexuals are all across the spectrum of humanity, but the pretty boys are the ones who are most likely to do the "coming out" number and join the "gay" political and cultural movement. The so-called "gays" are only the tip of the iceberg of homosexuals, but they are who you see, making a spectacle of themselves, so it makes sense to think, "the best looking men are gay".

by uggoreply 12002/16/2013

It's hormonal. I was reading somewhere that the testostore levels in men has drop significantly in modern times and it makes sense. Men no longer go out and hunt and the killer instinct is no longer a desirable survival trait.

Look for the ranks of gays and pretty boys to increase.

by uggoreply 12102/16/2013

The pretty boys get their look from eating gluten free and organic. All that fried meat stuff gives you a more masculine look.

by uggoreply 12202/16/2013

Most people are not good looking period. But if two guys are walking down the street and one is stunningly beautiful GQ-type and the other is a bald out shape bear, chances a greater that the GQ guys will be the gay one.

It makes sense on many levels. Handsome men get hit on by other handsome men. An ugly dude is not going to have the opportunities to experiment and realize that gay sex is hot.

Handsome men may have more female hormone even if they are not flammers than the ugly beasts.

Gay men have to take better care of themselves if they want to attract a man, whereas women don't focus so much on looks.

by uggoreply 12302/16/2013

It is likely because of the younger brother phenomenon. There is scientific evidence that with each successive son the mothers body produces more feminizing hormones during pregnancy. That is why a boy is more likely to be gay the more older brothers he has, and also why younger brothers tend to be better looking than older brothers. Put those two together, and gay men will statistically be better looking than straight men.

by uggoreply 12412/09/2013

i think guys with gay face are usually the hater snippy wannabewomen types and those without gay face are happy and loving life

by uggoreply 12512/09/2013

Gay face is real, I'm not attracted to gay face at all. What does that say about me? I don't care if someone has a hot body or great personality. If they have gay face I can't be into it. Name examples of gay guys that don't have gay face. Most don't consider themselves gay. All I can think of the type of guys I like is gay for pay porn stars. The guy Tony Capucci is the perfect looking guy to me, but he's not gay- lol. Maybe wentworth miller I like his face at his peak.

by uggoreply 12612/07/2014

The not perfect gays, like myself, many times stay in the shadows and leave the limelight for the Adonises. I don't agree with gays being more attractive at all. Some probably look after themselves more than your average straight slob but I wouldn't say it's in gay genes to be more beautiful.

by uggoreply 12712/07/2014

OP, "gay face" is not attractive.

by uggoreply 12812/07/2014

R126 I think you have "Only Gay in the Room Syndrome." You like being the only gay person around. Other gay men are a threat to you. They will judge you sexually like you judge them so you reject them outright to save yourself from rejection. You can fantasize about a heterosexual male because he will never be interested therefore can never reject you. You are used to being the pet gay around heterosexuals and fear another gay person might jeopardize your role.

There are many attractive gay men.

by uggoreply 12912/07/2014

Does bi face exist? I think it does. It's like the opposite of gay face. Like hyper masculine it's kinda gay mixed with a somewhat pretty features. Ryan Reynolds has bi face.

by uggoreply 13012/07/2014

Interesting theory, but I do not want to be the only gay in the room. I'm actually not really out and I keep my sexuality vague. So actually the opposite of what you are saying is true. If I go to a gay club, gay guys with gay face will say I am hot and I will be friendly to all but would never be attracted. My friends joke that whenever I go to a gay club when I sit down eventually a guy like myself will chat me up or say that I'm not like the rest of the guys at the club. They call it th DL bench meaning down low because they see me as down low and guys like myself attracted to me. Like attracts like. I have dated a few gay for pay guys and dancers at clubs. I use to be an escort. I know all about the straight guy fantasy. I've been that fantasy before. But my sexuality and insecurities are fucked so maybe that's why I attract just as messed up guys. But we are talking about faces. Gay face is real, I do not have gay face I believe. I have bi face. I've had a long conversation with a friend about this, lol.

by uggoreply 13112/07/2014

R131 Oh, "I'm not like those other (FAGGY) gay men" mindset. Do you know how many gay men say that? You are saying that because you think of what heterosexuals will think of you if you associate with gay men especially "those other kind." You wouldn't be so fucked up if heterosexual's opinions didn't rule how you lived. Gay men are diverse. Straight people don't know that and don't want to know that, they want to easily put us as one limited group.

by uggoreply 13212/07/2014

Does Brandon have gay face?

by uggoreply 13312/07/2014

I'm not like those other faggy gay men. Some people take to gay stuff like ducks to water, others don't and are aware they are gay but uncomfortable with the out lifestyle. These types like myself associate with eachother. It's a different kind. Trust those guys dancing and fucking fir money do get down in their personal life, and it is with each other. So very clearly I'm not like the rest, and yes I'm truly being myself and I'm not going to become that to be accepted. In a way yes I do not want to be accepted by faggy guys. But like I said this is about the science of gay face. You probably have a supreme gay face crossed with resting bitch face, so no I can't relate to you. But you can hate on me all you want lol sorry my face isn't gay

by uggoreply 13412/07/2014

R134, I missed the part where you said if you're good looking or not. Also, what city do you live in?

by uggoreply 13512/07/2014

R130 Interesting thread, and I completely agree that Ryan Reynolds has bi-face. I'm not an expert on the subject, but whenever someone says "gayface" a little picture of Lance Bass lights up in my head. Although there's probably no scientific basis for it, the post which talked about each son successively receiving more estrogen as a fetus was particularly intriguing to me. My husband is the fourth son, and absolutely each brother is better looking than the one who preceded him. The eldest is basically average, and my man is unusually handsome with features which elicit envy from both men and women.

by uggoreply 13612/07/2014

R134 You are more like "those other kind of gay men" than you want to admit, your responses show that.

There are many types of gay men. Gay men are diverse. You can be yourself and find gay male friends.

by uggoreply 13712/07/2014

I make a living from my looks and live in Miami Beach.

by uggoreply 13812/07/2014

Lance Bass in person looks like a carebear. He was in a hotel playing pool during the Super Bowl. My friends came up with care near for his nickname bc he looked like he he would have rainbows shoot from his ass. He has gay face for sure, it's amazing he could even fool all those girls in the 90s. I don't know one direction very well but the blond twink one has gay face and Harry styles has bi face.

by uggoreply 13912/07/2014

Kids being more attractive in order they are born is interesting too. I think you are right. The younger ones get the better genes, in sisters and in brothers. Like the older sister being jealous the younger sister is the pretty one.

by uggoreply 14012/07/2014

Dyke face also exists, just sayin

by uggoreply 14112/07/2014

137, I'm very aware of who I am. From your initial reception from my post you are completely off about your assessment. Not everyone that isn't a faggy homo is a repressed homo. Yes I'm still a homo, and like I tried to explain to yes I'm still a gay male. But some 20 something sexual guys do not enjoy the clubs and the speedos and the life you probably do. And we find eachother. Bi face attracts bi face. Gay face usually go with gay face. I didn't create science, and I'm not repressing my inner faggy homo by not being able to relate.

by uggoreply 14212/07/2014

R142, you wanna chill with me sometime, bro?

by uggoreply 14312/07/2014

143 live in sobe?

by uggoreply 14412/07/2014

I think what makes gay men less attractive (to me) is the over grooming. The tight little haircuts. Everything perfect. Even when they grow stubble, they sort of shave it into shape. The point of stubble is to look unshaved!

If you want to look like a man...Let your fucking hair grow out and don't blow dry it! Stop pressing you chinos. Don't shave for a few days..AT ALL.

Just fucking >>> RELAX!

There are many gay men who would be [bold]horrified[/bold] to do any of the above.

& I'm right, aren't I?

There are gay guys who do all the above and they're as gay as the next one, but don't get identified as gay.

Gay guys are too self-conscious about their looks.

You see the same happen to straight guys who are over conscious about their looks. The media labels as HANDSOME. Football players in England. Look at David fucking Beckham. Cute at first...then all the fuss and attention about his looks and he's dying and streaking his hair, all the horrible expensive outfits, the eye brow tweaking, the ear rings...he turned himself into a girl.

Rod Stewart was another GREAT example of this. Sort of attractive at first...then>>>

by uggoreply 14512/07/2014

R145 ITA. When my gf and I are trying to determine of a dude is gay or not, we use the term "over-groomed" frequently. Straight men are notoriously messy/sloppy. Even those blessed with the looks of a young Brad Pitt or Ken Wahl seem to always have a streak in their shorts or a stain on their shirt. I think they just don't care about seeming perfect. The men with whom I work are so immaculately put together and groomed, I wonder how they actually can HAVE sex. It seems against their fastidious manner. Or perhaps I am mistaking analcompulsive for over-groomed?

by uggoreply 14612/07/2014

Also, men who sing in falsetto or high tenor (Smokey, "Big Lou," Frankie V.) are extremely attractive to women (yes, I know Lou C. had other traits). Decades ago, Rolling Stone did an article on this Pop phenomenon.

by uggoreply 14712/07/2014

Sorry; Lou Christie "has." He's still...performing!

Add Bobby Hatfield to the list.

by uggoreply 14812/07/2014

I like men that look like men and act like men. Gay men do not attract me whatsoever. LA is the capital of the shallow "girl" who has so effeminate traits that is best to avoid at all cost.

95-99% of the men I am attracted to are straight. The 1-5% are guys that think like I do...

Took a long time to acknowledge the true feeling and arrive to this conclusion.

by uggoreply 14912/20/2014

I just like big dicks. Anything outside of tweezed eyebrows, I can deal with.

by uggoreply 15012/20/2014

[quote] 2. Many gay guys are pretty.

Bullshit. Most non-celebrity gay guys are from meh to ugly. Some gay male celebrities are naturally good looking, some are weird looking- trying too hard to look good.

by uggoreply 15112/20/2014

A woman likes to entertain the idea that she can get every man she wants, even if it's just for a one-night stand. When she comes across a man who (genuinely) has zero interest in her, that man all of a sudden becomes very desireable, even if that man is average looking. Some straight men try to feign indifference, in order to get a woman's attention, but most women can easily see through that.

by uggoreply 15212/20/2014

[quote] Some gay male celebrities are naturally good looking


(I mean alive.)

by uggoreply 15312/20/2014
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