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What city is the television show "Raising Hope" supposed to be set in?

When I googled "Lacey Park", it came up with San Marino, CA, Lacey Park, PA, and Lacey, WA.

by Maw-Mawreply 6702/09/2017

If you see palm trees, California.

by Maw-Mawreply 111/27/2010

Natesville, Lacey Park is the neighborhood in which they live.

by Maw-Mawreply 211/27/2010

It's the city in Washington. Burt wears a Washington Capitals t-shirt all the time.

by Maw-Mawreply 310/01/2011

The washington capitals play in DC not washington state....

by Maw-Mawreply 410/28/2011

In San Marino, Lacey Park is the town center green space, not a neighborhood.

by Maw-Mawreply 510/29/2011

Just like Camden a fictional town in Virginia from My Name is Earl, Natesville is also fictional. I assume it's in Northern Virginia as well (based on Burt's Caps shirts).

by Maw-Mawreply 612/16/2011

Gotham City.

by Maw-Mawreply 712/16/2011

San Mateo, CA

by Maw-Mawreply 812/16/2011

Dogpatch, "an average stone-age community nestled in a bleak valley, between two cheap and uninteresting hills somewhere."

by Maw-Mawreply 912/16/2011

Well so far I have heard of Lake Wheeler, and Umstead Park which is around Raleigh/Garner NC.

by Maw-Mawreply 1003/17/2012

The grandmother was also a cheerleader for the Baltimore Colts back in the day so they could be in Maryland too.

I'm a MD resident and fan of the Caps and Ravens :)

by Maw-Mawreply 1104/11/2012

I'm much too worried about global warming and the Darfur orphans to think about such things.

by Maw-Mawreply 1204/11/2012

It's halfway between Smallville and Metropolis.

by Maw-Mawreply 1304/11/2012

I am reminded of the time I attended a performance of "The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny," and the friend who was with me exclaimed with pride that Atlanta is the capital of Georgia.

by Maw-Mawreply 1404/11/2012

Lacey Washington is a charming small town with a thriving gay & lesbian community.

by Maw-Mawreply 1504/11/2012

I don't think R15 has ever been to Lacey.

Olympia is full of lesbians. Lacey is all conservative trash.

by Maw-Mawreply 1604/11/2012

either Virgina or Maryland B/C Virgina (the Character) wore a Virgina is for lovers T-shirt and Maw Maw said she used to be a Cheerleader for the B-more Colts.

by Maw-Mawreply 1705/16/2012

In "666 Park Avenue" set for ABC in the Fall starring Vanessa Williams, they don't show the real apartment house at the address. The Ansonia at 73rd and Broadway will be used for exteriors.

by Maw-Mawreply 1805/17/2012

Definitely Maryland. They have mentioned being in Baltimore and some of the local Towns.

by Maw-Mawreply 1911/08/2012

I live in the DC/VA/MD area and I took notice of all of Burts Caps and Skins Tshirts, anyway I found out that the reason for the shirts is that the creator-producer of the show (Garcia) is from the DMV (arlington VA)and is a huge Caps/Skins/Orioles fan. I think this is why the town in EARL is called Camden after the Orioles stadium -Camden Yard- which leads me to possibly believe that Natesville in RAISING HOPE is taken from Nats Stadium in DC. This could be totally wrong but I think that it makes sense.

by Maw-Mawreply 2012/08/2012

R16 is correct.

by Maw-Mawreply 2112/08/2012

From the DMV?

by Maw-Mawreply 2212/08/2012

They never do winter on he show, so it must be CA or FL.

by Maw-Mawreply 2312/08/2012

It's a fictitious town in a fictitious state. In the opening scene of season 2 episode 4 Burt receives a package and you can read their address on the envelope. It reads natesville, CC 55555. There's no state with that abbreviation.

by Maw-Mawreply 2412/20/2012

Yep, it's made-up, which can be disconcerting at times. There have been references to the D.C. area, Pacific Northwest, and CA or FL (because of the occasional palm trees and general setting).

But since Greg Garcia is from MD, I pretend it's set around MD or NoVa. I guess I need to conclude something for my own psychological satisfaction. The show definitely contradicts itself in a few ways, though. Probably on purpose, just for mindfucks.

by Maw-Mawreply 2512/20/2012

It does appear to be intentionally confusing as to what state Natesville is in, but my money is on CA. The recent episode, "Squeak Means Squeak" features an appearance by Filthy Phil of the Sons of Anarchy, caring for his sister's kids. His Redwood Original patch is clearly visible, indicating that the fictional town of Natesville must be somewhere in northern California, within a reasonable distance of the also fictional town of Charming. In the following episode (and others in the past, I believe) the radio dj takes a call from Camden County, placing Natesville near yet another fictional place. While some on this board seem sure of Camden's location, I don't think it was ever made clear on 'Earl, but clues place it in the southwest somewhere, perhaps NM. It could, of course, have been a nationally syndicated radio show, rendering this detail irrelevant. The fact remains that it never snows on either show - in fact, it never seems to get cold at all. This, along with the occasional palm tree, tells me California.

by Maw-Mawreply 2612/20/2012

I love this show.

by Maw-Mawreply 2712/20/2012

This thread reminds me of the gigantic argument going on for years on imdb about where Hooterville is located. People appear to have a hard time understanding that fictional places don't exist.

by Maw-Mawreply 2812/20/2012

Ugh, R28. Except for OP, we KNOW the place doesn't actually exist. It's just amusing (for some fans of the show who are bored) to banter about what general vicinity it could qualify for.

R26, On the other hand, there are many things that would not mean CA. A few off the top of my head: Sabrina took a drive "up" for a weekend to New York. The Chances were heading homeward on a bus and slept through their connection in Indy, and woke up in Cleveland. As I said, it's all just to fuck with our minds and probably throw a little bit of everything in there.

by Maw-Mawreply 2912/20/2012

As much as I'd love for it to be set in MD, since that's where I live, it's gotta be California. In the episode "Cultish Personality" there is a commercial on TV for Burt's brother's store, which gives an 818 area code, which puts it in LA/San Fernando Valley area.

by Maw-Mawreply 3001/28/2013

It's someplace that doesn't see snow but has plenty of vegetation.

by Maw-Mawreply 3101/29/2013

the creator of the show, greg garcia, is from the washington dc area. i assume he is paying homage to the area.

by Maw-Mawreply 3201/29/2013

Gotham City.

Next season the entire family will be killed with Joker venom, just you watch.

by Maw-Mawreply 3301/29/2013

If Natesville is supposed to be set in any real US state, it has to be a state that allows both the death penalty (as Lucy is executed in the pilot) and same-sex marriage (as Jimmy and Frank have a legally binding gay marriage in "What Happens at Howdy's Doesnt Stay at Howdy's"). As of January 2013 (when "Howdy's" aired), that would narrow it to Washington State, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, or Maryland. If I had to guess one I'd say Maryland based solely on Burt's variety of D.C. sports apparel. Natesville also has a quasi-Southern feel to it, and to me would be more believably situated in rural Maryland than New England or the Pacific Northwest.

More likely than not, however, Natesville was probably never intended to be anywhere in particular. The writers probably figured it was best to take a page The Simpsons and set their imaginary town in an unnamed, unidentified state so that they could have more creative flexibility with the setting.

by Maw-Mawreply 3401/31/2013

I think he (garcia) also attended college at frostburg state in MD a little to the west of DC--out near cumberland somewhere . . . . .

by Maw-Mawreply 3502/23/2013

The only states that allow electrocution as a form of capitol punishment are Alabama, Florida, South Carolina and Virginia. My money is on VA given the number of references to DC.

by Maw-Mawreply 3603/10/2013

well we know that it has to be in near maryland cuz they just drove to hagerstown MD.

by Maw-Mawreply 3703/28/2013

Van Nuys, CA near North Hollywood. Is the city where the Chances house is located. I don't know the exact address, but I am sure it is in Van Nys,CA.

by Maw-Mawreply 3804/01/2013

The question should be what state, because the city is mentioned over and over, which of course is fictional. The state is either VA or MD, in the last episode of season 3 Burt goes to Hagerstown, which is in MD but pretty close to VA. I'm not 100% sure but I think I have seen mountains in some episodes, so most likely they live in VA....

by Maw-Mawreply 3904/12/2013

Yeah Camden County was loosely modeled from Waldorf, MD

by Maw-Mawreply 4006/28/2013

go maw maw

by Maw-Mawreply 4107/23/2013

I think it may be in Texas. When Delilah comes over for the first time Virginia mentions Dallas and Fort Worth. As well as her mom is from Hillsburo

by Maw-Mawreply 4207/24/2013

I think its in NC in the first season his grandma lived in Hillsborough and Burt was cleaning at umstead park

by Maw-Mawreply 4307/30/2013

They moved "west" from Hagerstown, MD. There's not much in Maryland west of Hagerstown that would fit other scenes in the show.

by Maw-Mawreply 4409/26/2013

By the first season, I'd say it's set in Arizona, or somewhere else in the sw usa. It mentions pheonix and tuscon, implying they are close. Also, the weather stays generally warm year round. At christmas time people were outside in warm weather style clothing during the day, and cool weather clothing at night.

by Maw-Mawreply 4510/14/2013

They're right next to Springfield, where The Simpsons live. Not too far from Shelbyville.

by Maw-Mawreply 4610/14/2013

Jesus! It's Fiction! Natesville doesn't actually exist! The show is created here, in my house, in miniature.

by Maw-Mawreply 4710/14/2013

I might have watched more if I knew they fictionally lived near Hagerstown, MD 45 minutes away.

by Maw-Mawreply 4812/27/2013

It's clearly in the Pacific Northwest. They use Tim's chips. Not available west of Montana or south of Oregon.

by Maw-Mawreply 4901/28/2014


by Maw-Mawreply 5001/29/2014

Got to be somewhere near Ohio because the dad of the baby is wearing a Toledo Mud Hens shirwitct and I'm from Toledo,Ohio which is a minor league baseball team

by Maw-Mawreply 5102/14/2014

R51 = Cpl. Max Klinger

by Maw-Mawreply 5202/14/2014

In the Mother's Day episode in Season 3, Burt goes to Hagerstown to take pictures of Barbara June's childhood home. Really, most of the answers varying from Northern Virginia to Eastern West Virginia, and Maryland can be right since Hagerstown is ohsoveryclose to all three of those areas.

by Maw-Mawreply 5305/12/2014

Okay, but where the hell is Raytown?

by Maw-Mawreply 5405/12/2014

haha burt and virgina got married 3 diffrent times

by Maw-Mawreply 5511/04/2014

Camden County on Earl is named after Garcia ' s oldest son, Camden. Natesville is named after Garcia ' s 2nd oldest son.Being from DMV area and a big sports fan, you can see the connections...

by Maw-Mawreply 5611/06/2014

In one episode jimmy was wearing a Toledo Muddhens t shirt, that's a team in Toledo Ohio

by Maw-Mawreply 5711/10/2014

Jimmy's ass should be set on my face.

by Maw-Mawreply 5811/10/2014

It's in the Eagle State, near Port Charles.

by Maw-Mawreply 5911/11/2014

I'm thinking they are in Maryland cause mawmaws mother lives in Hagerstown

by Maw-Mawreply 6002/23/2015

Mawmaws mother lived in Hagerstown . Gotta be md

by Maw-Mawreply 6102/23/2015

Raising Hope is supposed to placed in beautiful Utica, NY.

by Maw-Mawreply 6202/23/2015

by Maw-Mawreply 6303/04/2015

He wears a 'capitalize' shirt not a 'capitals' shirt by the way guys. Idk the answer tho

by Maw-Mawreply 6405/22/2015

Here's the link for my last post just now

by Maw-Mawreply 6505/22/2015

The Capitals are based in Washington, DC

by Maw-Mawreply 6602/09/2017

It's a five hour drive from Moralton, Statesota

by Maw-Mawreply 6702/09/2017
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